How to change the clock on the iPhone lock screen

How to get Analog Clock Always on Display for iPhone. No jailbreak

Customize the lock screen on iPhone

To make the iPhone lock screen more informative, Apple should be bringing the watchOS concept to iOS. This will significantly expand the functionality of the company’s smartphones in a locked state, making life easier for users.

Checking the weather forecast, daily steps, calories burned, to-do list, and the ability to connect with your favorite contacts without having to go to the desktop are just a few of what the watch allows you to do. So why can’t you do the same on iPhone??

I admit that someone is satisfied with the iPhone lock screen in the form in which it exists now. But, you must agree that the ability to customize it the way the user wants is better than deciding for him and fixing inconveniences.

Are you a cryptocurrency investor waking up in the middle of the night to check the bitcoin price? With a customizable lock screen, you don’t need to unlock your smartphone and go to the Promotions app or CoinMarketCap. Traveling frequently across countries with different time zones? The ability to bring a couple, or even three, dials to the lock screen will definitely come in handy. Or maybe you prefer minimalism and want to see the current time in full screen? This is also possible. All that’s left is to transfer custom lock screens to iOS.

How do you feel about the ability to customize the iPhone lock screen? You can thoroughly discuss this topic in our Telegram chat.

How to change the color of the clock on the iphone lock screen

Apple Watch and Activity

Owners of Apple smartwatches will surely note the improvement in the application for controlling the watch from a smartphone. You can now comprehensively customize the watch faces from here. A frankly incomprehensible menu item with a set of promo videos was removed. Now everything has become much more logical and more convenient for the owner of the watch, and not for their potential buyer.

Apple Watch needs to be updated to watchOS 3 for full functionality.

New achievements have appeared in the Activity application, as well as the opportunity to share your successes with friends, and this will happen automatically.

How to remove clock from iPhone lock screen

Over the years, all Apple mobile users have not been empowered to change the iPhone lock screen interface in any way. That is, the owner of the smartphone could not help but add the gadget he needed, or vice versa, remove it from the locked screen. For example, change the color of the unlock icon or hide it altogether, and at the same time, a big boring clock, which makes it impossible to see the colorful splash screen.

It is important to note that the method below is relevant only for iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, this function is not provided on new smartphones.

For the above smartphones there is the possibility of additional Clock Hide settings for iPhone mobile devices.

Such functions became available thanks to the efforts of other developers, who solved the problem of data that is familiar and inconvenient for some watches.

In order to remove the clock from the smartphone lock screen, you must do the following:

  • In the main menu, go to the settings section.
  • Enter the special tab “Clock H

Over the years of using Apple’s wondrous smartphone, it could be pretty annoying not to be able to change the look of the lock screen. Change the color of the “unlock” slider in iPhone, make it transparent, or remove it altogether, along with a huge clock that obscures a beautiful picture that looks so good on a Retina display.

Additional customization Clock Hide for iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPod Touch, the fruit of the labors of third-party developers, will solve the problem of a hefty clock in the bud. Now, by going to the main menu “Settings” in the special tab Clock Hide, by moving the slider to the “Enabled” position, we will disable the display of the clock on the lock screen, and the slider “StatusBar Time” will enable the demonstration of the clock in the “Status Bar” panel, next to the operator logo and battery indicator.

The innovation is available only for unlocked phones.


The application itself has not undergone changes, but the contact cards have been seriously modified. Now any person in your address book is presented much more conveniently: right below the photo and name there is a set of buttons for communication in all available ways. Below is a familiar list of numbers and other information.


Safari mobile browser has finally got a simple but useful ability to close all tabs at the same time. Also, the browser has support for Apple Pay, because the payment system of the American company will now be presented on the Internet.

IPad owners will be delighted to be able to use dual-window mode to launch Safari. Thus, you can view two pages at once or transfer information from one to another. This is an important step for Apple tablets in an effort to replace computers.

How to put clock on iPhone lock screen

In this article, we asked the wizard to answer the question: “How to put the clock on the iPhone lock screen?”, And also give useful recommendations for our readers. What came of it,

There are a huge number of ways to increase the battery life of iOS devices, ranging from the simplest to radical ones that will limit the functionality of the iPhone and iPad. Today we will talk about the time after which the automatic blocking of apple gadgets occurs, we will tell you how to change it and what can affect it.

The display of iPhone, iPad and any other gadgets, regardless of manufacturer, is one of the most energy-consuming components. Its brightness and operating time significantly affect the operating time of devices on a single charge.

To save energy, you can dim the brightness and activate the Auto Brightness function by going to Settings → Display and brightness.

Starting with iOS 11, this switch has been moved under Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Adaptation.

An equally important parameter is the time after which the iPhone and iPad will be automatically locked and, accordingly, the display will go out. All this indicator is initially set to one minute.

You can adjust this parameter by going to Settings → Display and brightness → Auto-lock.

The time interval can vary from 30 seconds to five minutes, and there is also an option that allows you to completely disable automatic blocking, however, we recommend using it only in exceptional cases (by the way, the minimum threshold of 30 seconds appeared only in iOS 9, in previous versions iOS it was not there).

A no less popular feature in iOS 9 is the power saving mode, thanks to which the operating system partially restricts the operation of some services. So, in the case when it is activated (you can do this by going to Settings → Battery or from the Control Center), the ability to change the display lock time will be disabled, and the indicator will automatically be set for 30 seconds.

After turning off the power saving mode, the parameter will return to its original value (for example, for one minute).

The iPhone X is the first smartphone in Apple’s lineup to feature an OLED display. Despite this, the manufacturer chose not to notice one of the main features of organic matrices, which allows displaying clocks, notifications and other important information on the screen of even a locked device. That is why this responsibility was assumed by third-party developers.

For Always On Display to work on iPhone X (as well as any other device running iOS 11), you need to install the OLEDX app and activate guided access. To do this, go to Settings. General. Universal Access and turn on Guided Access. It is he who ensures the background work of the program even when blocked.

Now launch the OLEDX app and press the power key three times. Your iPhone X should lock and a clock should appear on the screen. Since organic matrices do not waste energy to display black, the constant activity of the monochrome watch will not affect battery life in any way. But it will affect the convenience of its use, because now you have to lock and unlock your smartphone by triple pressing the power key.

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You can discuss the prospects of the OLEDX application in the official Telegram chat

Title: OLEDX
Publisher / Developer: Ronan Stark
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal
Link: Install

Android smartphones with OLED displays often have a pre-installed Always On Display feature that allows you to keep the clock, notifications, weather, and other information on the locked screen at all times. Due to the peculiarities of OLED, on devices with such matrices, the function consumes very little power.

The iPhone X has an OLED screen, but the smartphone doesn’t have Always On Display by default. The developer Ronan Stark took care of the owners of the gadget and released a free OLEDX application that allows you to add the cherished function to the device.

For the program to work properly, you need to turn on the guide access mode on the iPhone X. Go to “Settings” → “General” → “Accessibility”, scroll to the bottom of the menu and activate the “Guided access” mode. At this point, you may need to enter a password.

Now open OLEDX and press the side button three times, after which the iPhone X will lock, while displaying the current time, battery level and a note that you can enter yourself in the program settings. To unlock the smartphone, you need to press the side button three times again.

Of course, the OLEDX application can be installed on other iPhone models, but the program does not work well on LCD displays (and will entail a much higher battery consumption):

Please note that AMOLED displays have an unpleasant feature. pixel burnout in places that constantly show some kind of static information. for example, a clock. We described this problem in detail in the article “Personal experience: why it is impossible to install an application with a clock on a smartphone”.

In November 2017, Apple revealed that the company’s engineers designed the iPhone X display to minimize the burn-in effect inherent in OLEDs.

Perhaps you have your own opinion on the topic “How to put the clock on the iPhone lock screen”? Write about it in the comments.

Change the clock on the Android lock screen

We have been looking at the lock screen of an Android device for much longer than it might seem. Fortunately, you don’t have to use the default lock screen. You can independently customize the display of new notifications, available information, and completely change the appearance of the lock screen.

In this article, we will tell you about several ways to change the lock screen on Android.

How to install widgets on the lock screen

As we said above, there is no way to set lock screen widgets in any version of Android. You can do this from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to Android 4.4 KitKat.

Here’s how to install widgets on Android

Apps to change the lock screen on Android

Also, you can use various apps to change the lock screen on Android. Many third-party apps offer additional features that are not available in the Android settings menu.

One such application is Defumblr, which displays the most useful information on the lock screen.

The Start app lets you place shortcuts to your favorite apps and services on the lock screen. Weather, news, social media, and whatever else you might need.

CM Locker adds several additional security features to the lock screen. This app gives you more control over notifications. Plus, CM Locker increases the battery life of your smartphone, so be sure to try it out.

The lock screen doesn’t have to be complicated and dull. Using special Android settings, as well as additional applications, you can change the lock screen on Android to suit your preferences.

Despite the fact that new versions of Android contain a number of different innovations, it can be difficult to forget information about older versions of this “operating system”. In this article, we will show you how to install widgets on the lock screen of your Android smartphone. We will use this procedure for an older version of Android, as this functionality was degraded with the advent of the Lollipop version.

So, we present you with a guide on how you can install widgets on your Android lock screen.

Basic lock screen settings

Let’s start with the basics: Open the Settings menu and go to the Security section. Here you will find the basic settings for your lock screen. Please note: on some Android devices, this option is located in the “Lock screen and fingerprint” or “Privacy”.

The Android operating system allows you to hide confidential information so that a casual eye does not see from whom and what message came to your device.

User interfaces from Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony and other mobile manufacturers offer some additional features for the lock screen.

Lock Screen Tips: Locking the screen on the latest versions of Android makes it much easier to operate your smartphone. For example, in the lower corners of the lock screen is the camera and voice assistant Google Now. The user just needs to click on the corresponding icon and swipe to the right or left to open the application.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the lock screen on the latest Android versions is the Smart Lock. If you enable this feature in Settings, you can assign Trusted Locations (for example, if you are at home) to disable the standard PIN protection.

A few tips before starting the installation

In order to install one or more widgets on the lock screen, we recommend that you first set up a screen lock with or without a PIN code. To do this, go to the system settings, and open the security menu in them. In it, then you should click on the “Screen lock” option and select the appropriate lock method for you.

Android widgets can enhance your smartphone experience

Note: Whichever blocking method you choose, any of them work, with the exception of the option called “None”. If this is your first time installing a widget, then we would venture to assume that you prefer the “Swipe unlock” option, as it will allow you to try all your widgets without any problems, without bothering you to enter a pin code or unlock a template.

Installing one or more widgets on the lock screen

In order for you to add one or more widgets, you must:

Turn off the display of your smartphone or tablet;
After that, make a swipe left or right;
When the “” icon appears, click on it;
A list of widgets will appear in front of you, and you will be asked to choose from it.

This is what lock screen widgets look like in Android 4.0

That’s all. Now you know how to add a widget to the lock screen of your Android smartphone. Plus, you can also interact with such a widget. you just put your finger on it and drag down to zoom in. This procedure will allow you to see additional information.

Best lock screen widget

For us, the best widget is DashClock. In addition to the cool core functionality, the developer of this app provides API access to other developers so they can contribute new functionality to the DashClock.

Have you tried adding widgets to your lock screen? Let us know in the comments what you think of them.

In this article, we asked the wizard to answer the question: “How can I change the look of the clock on the Android lock screen?”, And also give useful recommendations for our readers. What came of it,

Screen lock has appeared in phones for a long time. This feature is automatically enabled when the device goes into sleep mode and ensures that the user does not accidentally touch the display without making a call, sending an SMS or changing settings.

In the Android operating system, the standard lock screen is very simple and can quickly get bored over time. If you want to change the wallpaper on the screensaver, get quick access to programs and even make your smartphone look like an iPhone, it’s time to think about an alternative. Vesti compiled a selection of the most elegant, fun and practical screens.

GOTO Lockscreen

One of the best screensavers on Google Play. Unlocking is carried out by sliding the slider from left to right to the end. over, if the slider along the way is stopped at one of the “serifs” (SMS, calls or Gmail mail), a preview of the desired application will open. The number of unread SMS, letters (with the sender’s name and title) and missed calls will also be shown there. Release the switch to start the program.

Instead of Gmail, you can choose any other application installed on your smartphone, but after replacing the icon on the slider will remain the same. Unfortunately, the utility does not replace the standard blocker, but is displayed after it. You cannot add your own sliders, like icons. No Russian language support.

Google Play rating: 4/5 (5,231 ratings);
License: 46 rubles.


Another advanced (albeit the most expensive) utility in its category, it gives almost complete control over the lock screen. On custom sliders, you can “hang” a widget, a shortcut or launch of an application, a camera or a call to a specific number.

In addition, WidgetLocker allows you to make the lock screen in a regular Google phone look like an iPhone, Motorola or HTC smartphone with the Sense shell. The program can be supplemented with the ADWNotifier utility (link in Google Play), which, like in iOS, shows next to the icon the number of missed calls, new SMS or messages in Gmail.

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Rating in Google Play: 4,3 / 5 (17 818 estimates);
License: 92 rubles.


Like WidgetLocker, LockMenu allows you to customize custom sliders. There are eight of them in this program, and each can be assigned its own function: launch an application, open a shortcut, mute the sound, go to the home screen, send an SMS or make a call. Switching to the second screen, where there is another row of switches, occurs through the lower right corner. By pulling the desired slider, from here you can go to the settings menu, dial the number to call the emergency service, turn on / off “airplane mode”, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS modules.

LockMenu has a lot of settings. For example, it is possible to choose the design of the text and clock, set your picture as a background, adjust the length of the path that the slider should go through, or hide the top notification bar when the screensaver is active.

Disadvantages of LockMenu are annoying ads, lack of Russian localization and an indicator of missed calls. In addition, in Android 4.0, sliders periodically “fly away” upward outside the screen, sometimes the lock screen native to “Google phones” still crawls through. Also, the developers admit that their program may not work correctly with the preinstalled clock in HTC smartphones.

Google Play rating: 4.1 / 5 (2,464 ratings);
License: free, there is a premium version without ads (63 rubles).

Screen Off and Lock

The best utility when you just need to turn off and lock the screen without unnecessary animation and sound effects. In this case, you do not need to press the hardware button. To put the smartphone into hibernation, just click on the shortcut in the notification bar or on the icon with the application.

There are many settings: different sounds, animations when switching off (effects of noise and old TV, flickering, curtain, etc.), vibration. In the paid version, you can add widgets to the splash screen and resize them (only works for devices with Android 4.0 and higher).

If you have firmware version 4.0.4, you can disable the system screen lock. Russian localization available.

Rating in Google Play: 4.2 / 5 (16 055 assessments);
License: free, there is a premium version (40 rubles).

Lock Screen 7

Simple screensaver in the style of Windows Phone 7. To unlock the screen, you need to pull the picture up. To mute the sound, you need to pull it to the other side and hold it. Replaces the “native” locker in Android. Can show battery level, number of unread SMS and enable vibration.

Google Play rating: 3.8 / 5 (1,251 ratings);
License: Free.

Quick Launch Lock Screen

A blocker with launcher functions. Adds widgets to the screensaver (, Gmail, SMS, YouTube, and others), a list of recently launched applications, a search bar, notifies about incoming SMS and missed calls in iPhone style.

There are not many built-in themes, only three, but you can put your own photo as a background. Doesn’t replace the main Android locker.

Google Play rating: 3.9 / 5 (779 ratings);
License: Free.

myLock Utitiles

myLock will come to the rescue if the built-in locker in Android is not needed at all, and you need to disable it. If you need to temporarily (and quickly) hang the “lock” back, you can put the widget button on the desktop (in the screenshot on the right). The program can also make the phone “fall asleep” during the call (useful for those who accidentally touch the display during a telephone conversation and hang up).

Utilina is not suitable for those whose screen is protected by a PIN or password. HTC smartphones with the Sense shell may have problems with the standard alarm clock (solved by disabling the quick lock mode in myLock).

Google Play rating: 4.2 / 5 (655 ratings);
License: Free.

What else?
Some utilities completely replace the system lock screen, while others do not, or miss it from time to time (this largely depends on the specific version of Android or shell). Another program, No Lock, will help you completely disable the standard screen saver.

Some utilities require administrator rights to work correctly. If you no longer need the application, then before uninstalling it, you need to go to Settings → Security → Device Administrators and uncheck the program.

Delayed Lock (60 rubles) allows you to postpone the lock. After a certain time, it will turn on automatically. The program will help if you are tired of entering a PIN, password or pattern (pattern) every time you turn on your smartphone. There is a free version for the test. Android 4.0 owners must be rooted.

Unlock with Wi-Fi (75 rubles). detects whether the smartphone is connected to a wireless network, and unlocks (including password-protected) when you are at home. Integrated with WidgetLocker. The utility can itself turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and auto-sync if the connection to the home network is lost.

Android’s built-in lock screen is pretty boring. It debuted with Android 4.2.

I didn’t like the built-in ones, so I decided to add an Android lock screen widget from outside enthusiasts.

They are more functional and more than just locking the device: you can immediately see the calendar of upcoming events, alarms, calls, SMS and mail, and so on.

The openness of the Android platform allows you to install other options, although even the manufacturers themselves are trying to outdo each other, offering their own strange solutions.

How To Remove Lockscreen Clock On Any iPhone

Now I decided to share my findings. There are several of them, with different functionality, but since the descriptions are attached, you must quickly determine the best option for yourself.

NOTE: during the experiments, I used Android 6 and Android 5. I did not notice any problems.

If you decide to apply a Cover-based lock screen, then in the endless depths of the Internet you will not have to search for it. the free download link is a little below.

Once added, a vertical list will automatically launch to navigate directly to the specific application.

In addition, Cover can detect a moving vehicle and automatically switch to another mode.

Thus, we can say that the program learns what we are doing in order to offer us quick access to what you use most often.

To be honest, after using it for a little over a week, I have to admit that it behaves very well. I will not describe how to install. it is not difficult, you will figure it out.

  • DashClock is much better and more functional than the default widget. The graphic clock is nice to see on the screen. There is also a calendar of upcoming events, alarms, missed calls, unread SMS and unread messages in Gmail.
  • Dialer. used mainly for calls. You can put a numeric keypad to dial contacts without unlocking your phone. This widget adds phone keyboard and contact list on lock screen.
  • RSS is a way to read blogs, newspapers or news headlines from your Android lock screen without going into other apps. It is a small RSS reader that imports posts from several sources of information.
  • 1Weather is the best weather app for Android and it provides a lock screen. With a modern and elegant design, the widget shows the current temperature and weather conditions.
  • Google Keep is a note-taking app that also provides a lock screen widget where you can easily take and write notes.
  • Widget Locker is a paid app that completely replaces the screen lock, through which you can add all the widgets that are in a personalized way.
  • Nils. lock screen with notifications. The display will show missed calls, SMS, Gmail or WhatsApp emails. There are many more widgets that can be installed in Android, so if you find new beautiful ones, share them in the comments.

Personally, I liked the widget most of all, or rather the “Galaxy Space Lock Screen” application (you can download it right here. link below)

The name Galaxy does not come from the Samsung Galaxy phone, but from the word galaxy. He has about eight space themes.

I will not describe how to install and use. Open settings, select a wallpaper and the screen lock will start working.

Automatic phone lock is an extremely useful thing. It allows you to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your personal information stored on your phone. A modern telephone, which is always with us, establishes a connection with the world around us, brings us a lot of useful things and simplifies the solution of many issues. Now we trust our “smartphone friend” with the most intimate things. access to bank accounts, personal photos and confidential correspondence with people dear to us.

The lock screen is the first outpost that meets anyone who tries to turn on your locked phone. Therefore, it is both strict and, at the same time, reflects your own style and character. It reflects the current time, a greeting for the curious, and can provide access to urgently needed phone functions.

In general, it expresses your lifestyle and, at the same time, should be convenient for you personally.

Here is a case from life: Please tell me if it is possible to move the clock with the date on the lock screen, from bottom to top on Honor 7X, otherwise it is not convenient to use?

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It is possible to create a lock screen yourself, but this requires the use of a special constructor and certain skills, including artistic taste. Here you can place the clock in a place convenient for you, weather forecast widgets and much more that the lock screen designer can provide.

But at the same time, you can use ready-made lock screen options.

The lock screen is an integral part of the Theme installed on every smartphone. Any Theme includes the design of all pages of the phone screen, the order and style of placing icons and icons on the screen, and much more. And this is all masterfully done by highly professional designers. There are a lot of ready-made Themes on the Internet and everyone can choose them to their liking, taking into account personal requirements.

It turned out that in order to change the style of the lock screen, it is not necessary to reinstall the entire Theme, it is enough to install only the lock screen from this Theme on your phone. The only condition is that this Theme must already be downloaded to your phone using the Themes application.

How to change the lock screen style on HUAWEI (honor) phone

Launch the Phone Settings application.

We enter the section “Security and privacy”.

Smartphone screen. launch Phone Settings. Smartphone screen. enter the “Security and Privacy” section.

Next, select the item “Screen lock and passwords”.

Select the item “Lock screen style”.

Smartphone screen. select the item “Screen lock and passwords”. Smartphone screen. select the item “Lock screen style”.

The next Lock Screen Style page will show you sample lock screens from the Themes previously downloaded to your phone. Choose one of the lock screen options (in our case, we chose the lock screen from the “Love lights” theme).

Further on the next page, we confirm the change of the lock screen by clicking on the “APPLY” icon.

Smartphone screen. choose the style of the lock screen from the themes downloaded to your phone. Smartphone screen. confirm the style change by clicking on the “APPLY” icon.

From now on you have a new lock screen.

Unlike the previously installed version, now the background is a photograph of Mount Fujiyama, the clock is already at the top of the screen, the greeting (“Hello friend!”) Is located in the center, there is no “Camera” icon on the screen and there is no information from the pedometer.

Smartphone screen. view of the installed lock screen from the “Love lights” theme.

And if we swipe up from the bottom of the screen, we will see only the “Quick Menu” icons, and there are no more icons for managing the Unlock Journal. This version of the lock screen does not have the “Unlock Magazine” function and, as evidenced by the fact that now there is no “Unlock Magazine” item on the “Screen lock and passwords” page.

Smartphone screen. a view of the lock screen with the “Quick Menu”. Smartphone screen. view of the “Screen lock and passwords” page without the “Unlock Magazine” item.

You can also change the style of the lock screen through the “Theme” application. In this application, you can pick up Themes from the Internet and download them to your phone.

Perhaps you have any opinions on the topic “How to change the look of the clock on the Android lock screen”? Write about it in the comments.

How to return the clock through the settings

If the clock still does not appear where it is needed, then most likely you need to turn on the screensaver. This can be done through the settings. How to set the clock on the lock screen:

Open the “Settings” menu and in the “Device” section select “Display”.

Click on the “Screensaver” item. If necessary, move the slider to the “Enabled” state.

Make sure “Clock” is selected in the screen saver settings. If you are using a third-party application, then specify the required.

In the screensaver settings, click on the “Show more” button in the form of three dots and in the menu that appears, select “When to start the screensaver”.

Tap Always to keep the clock on the lock screen all the time. Or specify the required parameter.

After that, the clock will appear not only when locked, but also when the screen is off. To conserve battery power, this setting can be turned off at any time. If you want to set the clock to your lock screen, then you don’t have to use the official app. Try to download any other one through the Play Store.

After buying a smartphone, the first thing on the screen is the widgets supplied with the device. Usually this is a calendar, clock, notes, google or Apple assistants, a search bar (in Russia, Yandex) and some icons. The first thing you want to do is to clean the cluttered desktop for a more pleasant perception of the device.

In this article, we will look at the most problematic place. the clock on the screen. They interfere with everyone, tk. in standard form are huge for a small display.

Turning off the time

The lock screen clock in Android OS is disabled through the settings. But since manufacturers modernize the system and release their own shells, this operation is not always carried out according to the standard scheme.

No such feature was found in EMUI. The clock cannot be removed from the lock screen, the developers did not add such an option. Perhaps it is present in custom firmware for these devices.

How to remove time from the lock screen?

The ability to completely remove the clock also raises many questions. Can this be done at all? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

How to Move Time on Honor Lock Screen?

Huawei and Honor smartphones enjoy a certain popularity. In fact, these phones are produced by one company, only under different brands and they are designed for different market segments. The smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer use their own shell. It has a stylish interface and features. One of the features of the shell is beautiful and unique date and time widgets.

Many users have a question: “How to set the time on the lock screen, move it to another place”? It is important to know that the shell of these smartphones does not allow moving widgets in this area. You can only use the style and placement of elements provided by the developer.

Is there really no way to change the layout of the widgets? The only option is to set a different style for the lock screen. Would need:

  • Go to settings.
  • In the menu, find the item “Security and privacy”.
  • Click on the section “Screen lock and passwords”.
  • Go to “Lock screen style”.
  • This section offers several options for further selection. Click on one of the styles, then click on “Apply”.
  • Now your smartphone has a different lock screen with a different design and placement of the clock. But you can always return the previous option according to the described scheme.

There is a Themes application on the desktop. It contains additional options for the design of the shell and lock screen. For smartphones from this Chinese manufacturer, there are many different themes available for every taste.

Why is the lock screen wrong time?

Is the time on the lock screen wrong? There are many reasons for this. lost settings, software errors, problems on the developer’s servers, etc. What the user needs to do:

  • Visit Settings.
  • Open the date and time options.
  • Activate receiving data from the network for automatic configuration.
  • Check your time zone and location.
  • Does not help? Try restarting your device, performing a full system reset.

Method one. built-in tools

Why is there no clock on the a50 screen? Because they need to be set up first. Let’s take a look at how to put on an included phone. Built-in widgets will help us with this.

To go to widgets, hold your finger on the screen where there is nothing (on an empty spot) and click on the “Widgets” icon.

Now, by moving the screen (left-right), find simply “Clock” (there will also be an alarm clock, weather, radio.

After clicking, you will see 4 different widgets. I chose analog for installation, you can choose electronic. just press and hold your finger on them, and they will move to the phone display.

If you still want to display on the lock screen or set when the phone is off, then go to the menu options.

There, find the “Lock screen” category and move the switch opposite the “Always On Display” line, then they will be displayed when the Samsung a50 is off and on the locked.

Click done. Below you can set almost any color. choose your favorite and confirm your wish.

How to put time on the lock screen?

The clock on the lock display is available immediately after activating a new device. This widget is included in the operating system at the software level. Therefore, the owner does not need to manually activate the watch.