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How to fix the time on iPhone 8

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If the question is how to change the time and date on the iPhone 8 model, you need to refer to the phone settings. In the menu, find “Settings”, then select “General”, “Date and time”. When you click on this option, a screen with settings opens.

Additional Information! By default, the iPhone has automatic time zone selection, which is corrected if necessary.

If you change the auto-tuning, you can adjust the timing yourself. They are entered manually or a suitable time zone is selected from the list. Changes are saved automatically, so you can immediately switch to the main screen.

How to Change Time on iPhone. Transfer Time on iPhone

All novice users of Apple technology make the same mistake: if they want to change the time and date, they go into the “Clock” application and begin to research it for a suitable section. The search for ways to set the time through this program will not bear fruit. without visiting the “Settings” of the device, such an adjustment is impossible.

How to “kill” an iPhone with a watch?

“Forum users” of the blog have discovered an interesting vulnerability of Apple devices with 64-bit processors (these are iPhone 5S and newer models).

If you set the date on the gadget to January 1, 1970 and the time until 3 am, after rebooting the device will turn into a “brick”, and no software will be able to bring it back to life. even through the DFU mode.

What is remarkable about the named date? It is with her that the so-called UNIX era begins, which is also called computer time.

From midnight on the 1st day of 1970 to the present UNIX time is counted in seconds without breaking into days, months and years.

The “capriciousness” of Apple technology can be explained simply: if you set, for example, 2 am in the UTC 3 time zone (Moscow time), the UNIX counter will go “into the minus”.

There are several ways to protect against this security breach. Owners of gadgets with a jailbreak are advised to download the BrickingDate tweak, which blocks the ability to put a “death” date. Other iPhone owners should simply update their gadgets to iOS 9.3.1, after which only dates from January 01, 2001 will be available.

App time does not match device

Most applications take time data from the Internet and do not take into account what is manually installed on the iPhone. This applies both to games and to various messengers.

Therefore, the time in the application will differ from that set on the smartphone.

For example, messengers can use both the current time and the time zone of the MSC, or by the application server.

A selection of applications that support 3D Touch

In order for these data to match, it is necessary to set the correct information. Sometimes it is necessary to change the time zone, for example, while traveling, if this did not happen automatically. It is better to check what time it is on the Internet before manually changing this data.

Why does the clock go astray

There are times when the time on the iPhone is constantly displayed incorrectly, it shows either an hour more, or an hour less. Most likely, the user has simply deactivated automatic time synchronization via the Internet or the location of the gadget.

Why is it malfunctioning? There are two main reasons.

If you need more help

If the product still displays the incorrect date, time, or time zone 2. Change each setting instead of using the Automatic feature. Let’s say your device is running iOS 9 or earlier, and the government of your country or region has decided to change the time zone or enter daylight saving time. In this case, do the following.

Can I move the clock on the lock screen?

You can do so many things on your iPhone 7, which is why some people are starting to wonder if they can also move the clock on the lock screen. Some want to move the clock down, and some even want to hide it from the lock screen. If you are a perfectionist, this can ruin your ideal background.

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Some people contacted Apple because they couldn’t find this feature anywhere. It turned out that there is no such function. You cannot move your watch around the lock screen.

However, this does not mean that you will never get this feature. Apple may decide to introduce it in a future update. You are not the only one who asked for this, many others want this feature and it seems reasonable enough to us.

How to change the clock on the iPhone lock screen

There are also a certain number of people who really need a clock on their home screen, but are not happy with its size. For such users, there is special software located in the AppStore. Depending on the author and popularity, such software can be either paid or free.

How to remove iPhone clock from lock screen

After purchasing an “apple” smartphone, the buyer immediately discovers on the lock screen the factory default widgets at the factory. Each user has their own interests and preferences, for example, to display only a personal or family photo instead of the time on the screen. In this article, we will talk about how to set up iPhone and how to remove the clock from the lock screen.

Inconvenient watch

Let’s take a look at how to remove iPhone clock from screen lock. As a rule, when you first start a smartphone from Apple, a person sees a standard “iPhone” screensaver and a huge clock that bothers more than half of the users.

In order to solve this problem and put your own avatar, a photo of a child or a loved one, by simply swiping or clicking on the time widget, the user will not be able to remove the clock and unnecessary information he does not need (weather, traffic jams, etc.). To do this, you need to go to the settings section of your own device and start working from there.

The algorithm of actions for how to remove the watch from the iPhone from the lock:

You need to go to the control section on the first tab of the Apple device by clicking on the gear icon.

Since iOS versions are regularly updated, the menu items can be different, it all depends on the specific smartphone model and its firmware. In the menu that appears, you need to find the icon, the name of which contains the words “Screen lock” or “Lock screen”.

The next step is to find an item related to time (“Time setting”, “Clock setting”, etc.). It is worth noting that on some models the menu items may be in English.

The final step. A green slider should be visible opposite the found “temporary” item. In order to remove an unnecessary widget from the main screen, you need to transfer this slider to inactive mode.

Old and new firmware for Apple products

How to unlock iPhone clock in other ways?

As mentioned in our article, the way to remove widgets depends on the version of the installed software. If the user was unable to remove unnecessary clock from the screen in the above way, he needs to do the following:

Pinch your finger on the home screen of your iPhone not on icons or widgets, but just from scratch. This action should bring up a settings menu that will help the user get rid of the annoying clock.

After carrying out these manipulations, a red cross should appear next to the clock (in the upper right corner). To delete, you need to click on this cross.

Obsolete method of getting rid of clocks

To use this method, you need to repeat the same manipulations as indicated above, but you will not have to press the cross, it will be enough just to drag the clock to the basket located on the main screen. Most likely, this method is no longer relevant, since it was used on long-obsolete (3rd and 4th generation) Apple smartphones.

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Summing up “How to remove a watch from an iPhone from the lock”, we see several simple solutions at once that even a new lover of Apple technology, who has never used it before, can cope with it. It is worth paying attention to the fact that when using additional “temporary” widgets, you need to download them only from the AppStore, since software introduced from external sources can disrupt the work of the best smartphone according to statistics.

Is it possible to remove the clock from the lock screen on iPhone?

In the main menu, go to the settings section. Enter the special tab “Clock Hide”. In the tab menu, move the slider to the position called “Enabled”, then the lock clock will be deactivated.

How to change the time on the computer screen?

  • Click on the time and date in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Click “Change date and time settings”.
  • In the window that appears, click “Change date and time”.
  • To find out the exact time and date, use the search.
  • Change the data to correct and click OK.

How to display a widget on the lock screen?

Open Settings Security & Lock and check Enable Widgets.Adding widgets to the lock screen

  • Swipe from left to right across the lock screen to reveal a large plus sign.
  • Tap the plus sign.
  • Tap the widget you want.

How to set the time?

How to set the time, date and time zone

change, clock, iphone, screen
  • On your phone, open the Clock app.
  • Click Settings.
  • In the Clock section, select your home time zone or change the date and time. If you are outside your home time zone and want to show or hide the time in it, click Show time at home.

How to display a large clock on a computer screen?

  • Tap and hold an empty area on the home screen.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Widgets.
  • Press and hold the widget.
  • You will see images of the main screens. Drag the clock to the home screen.

How to set the date on the Windows 10 taskbar?

Adding the day of the week and other information to the clock on the taskbar

  • Go to the Windows Control Panel and select the “Regional Standards” item (if necessary, switch the control panel view from “Categories” to “Icons”.
  • On the Formats tab, click the Options button.
  • Go to the “Date” tab.

Enabling user geolocation mode

Go to your iPhone’s settings and click on the privacy section. You will be taken to the user security management menu as shown in the figure below.

Select the first tab to enable geolocation as shown in the picture.

In models with newer versions of the IOS operating system, the geological location parameters are located in the system services tab (an example is shown in the figure). In this case, check if compass calibration is enabled. Also, make sure the correct time zone is selected. Often, inconsistencies in geolocation and time zone parameters lead to software errors and the Weather application cannot access network data.

Enabling required system services for the device

After completing all the above steps, restart your iPhone, the application should receive the weather data and display it on the screen after connecting to the Internet.

It should be noted that the low speed of the Internet connection can also be the reason for the incorrect display of the weather, because the application is not able to regularly download data. For normal operation of the widget, you must connect to the network W
i-Fi or 3

How to set the time and date on your iPhone?

The time in the apps does not match the time on the device

This problem is again related to time zones, however, it is becoming less and less relevant. Most applications that show the time, in one way or another, require the enabled automatic time setting in the phone and simply refuse to work if the specified time does not match the time zone set. However, if the automatic time and date check is disabled on your device, but it is enabled in the application, a discrepancy may occur. The solution here remains the same. You just need to set the correct time zone or the time zone that will show you the correct time, if the discrepancy arose due to the translation of the clock.

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An example of a problem in a whatsapp app

Dear expert, imagine the situation: you are on a ship in the UTC time zone. 2 there is no Internet, find a city for this zone without using search engines (there is no Internet!). For zones 1 and 3 this will be the same punishment, because there are very few cities that match the list in the iPhone. You can configure it manually, as in Step 7, but then there will be a shift in the list of World cities, and this is unacceptable. Really, the developers of such a cool device could not stupidly make a list of zones from 12 to 12 with a choice. After all, by and large, no matter what city there is, it is necessary that the clock shows correctly in this time zone.

Yes, there is no standard solution for such situations. Perhaps there are applications that, using GPS, can determine the time zone and show the correct time.

How the iPhone is “killed”?

Not all Apple device users are aware of the vulnerability of gadgets with 64-bit processors (this includes iPhones of the 5S series and newer models). If you decide to set the date on your smartphone to January 1, 1970 and set the time to three o’clock in the morning, after the reboot the device will become an ordinary “brick”, and none of the software, not even the DFU mode, will help to revive it.

Why exactly this date? It was with her that the UNIX era began, called by many as computer time. From midnight on the first day of the specified year to the present day, UNIX time is counted in seconds, there is no division into day, month, year. The strange behavior of the “apple” technology is easy to explain: if you set, for example, one o’clock in the morning Moscow time. in UTC 3, the counter will go “into minus”.

There are several ways to protect against such a nuisance. Owners of jailbroken devices should download a tweak called BrickingDate, which is blocking the possibility of setting a “death” date. The rest of iPhone users need to update their devices to iOS 9.3.1, after that they will only have access to dates from January 1, 2001, so this does not threaten iOS10 versions.

Manual setting

The recommended way to set the time, as this does not consume phone resources (battery power), and the watch will always be accurate anywhere in the world.

Scroll down and find the item “Date and Time” in the list.

Remove automatic time setting by moving the toggle switch to the left. This will set the date and time manually.

Click on the line indicated in the screenshot and change the time according to your country and city. To do this, swipe your finger down or up on each column to select. You can also change the date here.

How to Change an iPhone’s Clock Display

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