How to change the language on your LG TV

.5 Working with SS IP-TV application

This application allows you to “take” channels from their website ( SS IPTV itself does not provide pay TV services to the user. The application only provides access to content supplied by an IPTV operator (usually an Internet provider, for example, Rostelecom). The distribution method of such television is called OTT OTT (Over-The-Top) or Internet TV.

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Step-by-step instruction

The original is taken from the Russian-language forum Webos

Insert the Tricolor TV Smart-card into the CAM-module (usually CAM WEST CI is used)

We insert the CAM module into your turned off TV.

When you turn on the TV, it will show information about the card and the module, if there is no information or error code 17, check the correct installation and register the equipment on the Tricolor website.

In the settings of the Tricolor satellite dish converter, specify the Eutelsat 36A / 36B satellite. The converter type is single. LNB power supply. on.LNB 10750. Transponder frequency. 12226 MHz (default settings). We look at the signal quality.

We go into the channel setting and turn on automatic search (in new generation TVs) transponder frequencies from 12190 to 12418 will be registered automatically.

If everything went well and the channels were found, go to the sound settings on the TV and set the MPEG parameter in the “Digital TV sound settings” section. This is done so that the sound on the channels does not disappear when watching. Go to the module settings and select the “Reset to factory settings” item. Turn off the TV completely.

No sound from Flash drive

If you do not have sound on a video that is launched from an external source (HDMI or USB), then you need to understand that the TV does not read all file formats and not all types of USB drives. USB must be at least 2.0. It is known that some LG TVs have sound problems when playing mkv files. it is better to recode the file to another video format.

Every day asks for an update! How to remove a notification?

Updating the TV’s firmware and software is an important part of its stable operation. At least that’s how it should be. But, often, when releasing a new release, the developers are not always able to improve the existing situation. Therefore, some advanced users deliberately do not go for the TV upgrade, working on the old version, sometimes for the sake of compatibility with any applications.

[LG WebOS TV]. How to change language in LG Smart TVs

In general, everyone has their own goal not to update, but everyone has one question. how to remove the constant notification about the need to update the software. First, uncheck “Allow automatic updates” in the “TV Details” category

But this may not always help. updates will not be installed automatically, but a reminder about this will keep popping up. The method used to block ads will help here. It is necessary to block the URL in the router (see the very beginning of the article)

change, language, your

Sound problems

Many webOS users have been complaining about various audio problems. The most common problems are sound distortion on certain audio tracks, or out of sync between sound and image. What to do in such cases?


The current version is 4.x. New 4K and OLED TVs run on version 4.5 (updated 05/15/2019)

A new application from Rostelecom is running on webOS. Wink, where you can watch over a hundred channels for free throughout the year. All recommendations, settings and description of solutions in this article refer to the version of WebOS 3.0 and higher.

How to change the language in Netflix to Russian

For a long time, users with a subscription could only watch Netflix in English. Since 2020, the situation has changed slightly and one of the largest online cinemas offered users a localized interface and a wider selection of dubbed shows. There is no way to automatically translate content yet. But you can find a lot of interesting projects with subtitles. To figure out how to change the language in the Netflix settings to Russian, just read the recommendations below.

A way to change the language in the Netflix app settings

To translate the profile language into Russian, or if your account settings have changed for any reason, just do the following:

  • Register or sign in to a Netflix account on a PC or mobile phone.
  • Go to the “Manage Profiles” section. If there are several of them (for example, you also use your friends account), then choose your.
  • In the “Edit Profile” click on “Language” and select the “Russian” we need from the drop-down list.
  • Click “Save”, thereby saving the new settings.
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Some users complain that sometimes the service settings get confused and a foreign language starts to be displayed again. This happens when Netflix returns to its original settings after an update. If this happens, then it is enough to repeat the procedure.

Why some films may disappear when switching to Russian

If you change the current language for audio or video files to Russian, then some of the films will no longer be displayed after clicking on “Search”. This is due to the fact that some films on the Netflix platform are not suitable for changing into Russian. That is, no translation was made for them. However, more and more content is localized on Netflix every year, so in the future the problem will not be so relevant.

To watch the video without translation, just go back to the main page of the site and set the search parameters again, specifying only the name of the movie or series.

How to watch movies with Russian voice acting or subtitles on Netflix

For Russian-speaking users, films and series are available in dubbed translation or with subtitles. But there is also a lot of content in a foreign language on the platform.

To enable movie search in your native language, you must:

  • Find the section “Audio and Subtitles” at the bottom of the service page.
  • Go to the search filter at the top and choose by which parameter you want to search for movies (with audio or video subtitles).
  • In the next drop-down list, change the current setting to “Russian”.

After that, you can turn on any film from the selected parameters and enjoy Russian-language voice acting or subtitles on Netflix.

Subtitles can be connected or changed directly while watching a video.

Setting the language in Netflix from PC using Charles Proxy

If for some reason you cannot change the profile settings and you want to slightly expand the capabilities of the service, then you can use Charles Proxy. This small utility allows you not only to customize the Russian language, but also translate almost all covers and movie titles into your native language. It will also allow you to see genres of films in Russian, which is also very convenient.

  • Install Charles Proxy on your computer.
  • Open the plugin and go to the official Netflix website in the browser.
  • will appear on the left side of the program panel. You need to click on this link with the right mouse button and select “Enable SSL proxying”.
  • At the top, where “proxy” is indicated, click “Start SSL proxying”.
  • Go to the website at At this stage, the antivirus may start to swear. Therefore, it is enough to allow the selected site to work.
  • In the Charles Proxy program, select Netflix (there will be a blue ball symbol on the left) and double-click on the inscription, select nq.
  • When several packages appear, you need to click on the one above which is written “callpath” and “callpath”.
  • Right click in the right area and select “compose”.
  • In the “form” tab, change the language to RU and click “execute” at the top.

If everything worked, then you can uninstall the program. This is a rather complicated method, but if there is an urgent need to get the maximum translation into the native language on the resource, then this is one of the most effective solutions.

There will be no more films in Russian from this, but still. It should be borne in mind that the Netflix platform adjusts to each user and tries to deliver the most relevant content.

How to change the language on your LG TV

LG is one of the world leaders in the production of household appliances, including TVs. LG’s TV lineup is very wide and includes OLED TVs, Nanocell TVs, UHD (4K) and LED / LCD TVs. For users who prefer to enjoy content on the big screen, LG offers LG Ultra-Large TVs from 75 ”.

In addition, all modern LG TVs support the Smart TV option, which allows owners to not only watch digital and cable TV, but also download content from the Internet.

When connecting an LG TV for the first time, the owner needs to do the initial setup of your TV. (How to set up your new LG TV, read more here.

One of the important steps in setting up a new TV is setting the language. You need to do this the first time you connect, without delay.

The need to change the language for the TV is caused by the complexity of its use due to the lack of knowledge of the language set by the manufacturer by default. It takes a long time to find and launch the desired applications. It is not possible to fully configure the key parameters. to set the clock and date, to correct the picture quality. Connect to Wi-Fi router and much more.

Another language on the TV menu creates a lot of other difficulties. But do not rush to seek help from specialists (they will take money for such help, unless of course they are your friends or relatives). You can change the interface language yourself. It is more convenient and faster.

You can change the language on your LG TV through the main menu. Anyone can cope with such a task, the main thing is to follow the proposed instructions.

change, language, your

The owner does not have to randomly go through the menu items, as is usually the case when setting up devices with a foreign interface language. This approach can only harm the TV, since there is a possibility of choosing the wrong options and commands in the settings.

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If your LG TV is preinstalled with English and you need to change it to Russian, here’s what to do.

  • To get into the TV settings, you need to press the Settings button on the remote control (Icon “Gear”).
  • Next, go to the Language section and find your native language. This procedure must be performed if at the time of the first turning on of the TV the menu was not Russified.

LG Smart TV: How to Change Language for Menu, Keyboard, Audio & Voice Recognition)

When you want to change the language on your TV?

There may be several reasons to change the language on an LG TV. The main and most common one: there is no Internet connection. This may be due to the fact that the wrong region is set in the settings.

  • various customizable elements in applications are changing due to the incorrect setting of the country of residence (for example, in YouTube, when you select a US country, additional options appear, and when Russified, the list of available functions changes, but not significantly);
  • lack of knowledge of the language installed on the TV;
  • inability to use paid services through the convenient Cl module;
  • DTV function does not work well.

To get rid of these difficulties, you can change the interface language yourself. If you follow the instructions below, then this procedure will go quickly and without problems. You do not have to pay the masters and wait a long time for their arrival.

Changing the language on your LG TV: step-by-step guide

First, the language of the main menu of the TV is always set, and only then the language of audio, subtitles, teletext. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Press the “Settings” button on the remote control or the gear button.
  • Select “Option”.
  • Further sub-item “Language”.
  • Go to “Menu Language”.
  • On the remote control, press the “left” or “right” buttons.
  • Select the language “Russian” and click “OK”.
  • Close the settings menu.

This procedure will take a maximum of 5 minutes. If you need another language, then follow the same instructions, only in the “Menu Language” section, select the language that suits you best.

Set up Smart-TV on your Philips TV

The Smart-TV option turns a modern TV into a minicomputer. which makes it possible to view videos and web pages from a plasma screen. In the configuration for a specific model, there is always an instruction, which usually describes the way to connect Smart-TV.

  • The first thing to do is to connect the device to the network via a cable or through a router via Wi-Fi.
  • Next, on the control panel, press the “Home” button, go to the “Configuration” menu.
  • Here go to “Connect to the network” and choose the most appropriate method. If your device is connected to the Internet via a cable, then “Wired”, if through a router, then “Wireless”.
  • If the connection is via Wi-Fi, then you will need to enter the password to the connected network.
  • After connecting the TV-panel to the Internet, you need to update the software, or, more simply, the “firmware” of the TV. It will check and search for updates and, if necessary, update the system.
  • At this stage, the Smart-TV setup can be considered complete. now for further work you need to do the following: press “Home” on the remote control and go to the “Browse Net TV” tab.

Setting up modern TVs is easy enough. Almost the entire Philips lineup has a simple and intuitive interface. The above algorithms for setting up TV channels and connecting the Internet are suitable for almost all Philips models.

Digital television has undoubted advantages over analog: this is the quality of the transmitted picture, greater immunity to interference, as well as other, less important advantages.

However, in order to appreciate the quality of digital television, you must have a television of the latest generation. As an example, let’s try to tune digital channels on a Philips TV.

change, language, your

Installing and updating channels

The next step is that you need to choose whether you will use the reinstallation of channels on the TV or will only update.

  • If you choose to reinstall, then all already installed channels are removed and reinstalled. For the initial setup, of course, this mode is selected. Digital channels will be tuned in the first hundred, followed by analog.
  • The update is best used when reconfiguring. In this mode, all installed channels will remain, and the new ones found will go to the end of the channel list.

Russification and flashing of European Samsung LG TVs in Minsk, flashing the TV unlocking setting up activating and removing the geoblock region change Smart Hub TV Smart TV Samsung LG specialist. Departure at home in Minsk.

TV LG: price from 35 BYN

Why does Smart-TV not work on Samsung or ELGIE? YouTube not working on Samsung Smart-TV? Why does not Smart HUB (Smart-Hub) TV Samsung APPS LG STORE work or start? YouTube Smart HUB TV not working on Samsung LG TV? Samsung Smart TV Internet not working? Samsung Smart TV Stopped Working? How and where to flash activate and unlock Samsung Smart TV? What if Samsung TV says “Terms and Privacy Policy: Since Samsung Smart Hub is locked based on the geographic location of this product, Samsung Smart Hub TV may not be available in your current location or region”? Samsung Smart TV HUB Not Working? Smart-TV Samsung ELGIE has stopped working? Does your Samsung LG Smart TV work poorly? Where and how to flash and unlock Samsung TV? How and what to do so that the Samsung TV has a Russian menu (language) and Smart-TV HUB Smart Hub TV in Russian? How to change the region for TVs Samsung LG Smart-TV (Samsung Smart-Hub)? Or is it written on the Samsung TV screen (Samsung TV writes): “THIS TV IS NOT FULLY FUNKTIONAL IN THIS REGION”? What to do if Samsung Smart-TV app gets blocked? How to activate Samsung Smart TV and install Russian language on Samsung Smart TV TV series 4 5 6 7 8 9? I bought and brought a Samsung TV set Samsung in Europe Poland Lithuania Latvia Estonia Germany Czech Republic Slovakia Finland Britain, and he swears at Samsung Smart TV Samsung Smart TV LG? Will there be problems? What to do to avoid taking your Samsung TV to any place and who can help with this problem? How to watch IPTV digital TV channels on Samsung LG TV and install Player? You ask yourself the question: “How to enter and get into the extended service menu of a Samsung or LG TV (Samsung. LG LG)”? Are you sure you can do it yourself yourself? Firmware for TV Samsung Samsung LG LG LG LV, how to open the extended service menu of TV Samsung Samsung LG LG LG LV?

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You bought and became the owner of a TV Samsung Samsung LG LV European, Polish, Slovak or Hungarian assembly in Minsk, brought from Europe, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, the Baltic States and in it there is no Russian language. Or there is. But for some reason there are problems with Smart-TV. We connected the TV to the Internet, and after a while the Smart-Hub (Smart TV) stopped working or stopped working via WI-FI or via an Internet cable. Or it seems that there are no problems with Smart-TV, but it is impossible to register a Samsung account. Or (as practice shows) the telly sees files and folders from the USB drive, but does not read anything. This suggests that the manufacturer is already putting a lock on your wonderful device (blocks the use of various applications and files).

If you buy a Samsung or LG TV in Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia), then with a high probability you will have to face the need to unlock the TV and adjust it to the regional parameters of Belarus and Russia.

Well, you have a regular Samsung remote control, and you can use the sequential and sequential pressing of certain buttons or keys on the remote to enter the service menu. Perhaps you will have a question: “Why should I, an ordinary user, go to the service menu? It’s very dangerous, you can even kill the TV tightly”.

And here it is difficult to disagree. Indeed, unless absolutely necessary, it is categorically not worth “rummaging” through the settings of the engineering menu. If you break the wood without a clue, then maybe the service center will not take it later. Rather, it will take. you will pay for the Russian TV fee and for its replacement.

We will help you to correctly install the Russian menu and remove the geoblock to unblock Smart-TV, (it used to be a Smart-hub) on the European Samsung TV, change the region on the Samsung TV so that you enjoy BOTH WORLD AND DOMESTIC applications. and registered in the manufacturer’s account without any problems. I. without errors. Any series and model of Samsung TV: UE and QE series :. H, HU, J, JU, JS, K, KU, KS, M, MU, N, NU, Q, QF, FN, FAM, DN, RU, TU, LS, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q60R, Q70R, Q80R, Q90R, Q900 series. Any year of manufacture: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. Any model and diagonal (32 ’43’, 49 ‘, 50’, 55 ‘, 60’, 65 ‘, 75’, 82 ‘, 85 ‘) TV Samsung (Samsung): 5102, 5172, 5142, 6172, 6102, 6142, 6152, 7092, 7102, 7142, 7152, 7172, 7302, 7372, 7442, 7452, 7462, 7472, 7672, 8002, 8009, 8042, 8052, 8072, 8502, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q60, Q70, Q80, Q90, Q900.

Any LG TV model (LG LV): UH. UJ. UK. K. SK. SM, UM. LM. 6200.6300.6400.6450.7100.7500.8100.8500.9500. OLED. B8. C8. C9, CX

And a little more information for users of Samsung and LG TVs with Smart TVs older than the lineup up to 2013 inclusive. It should be borne in mind and keep in mind the simple fact that your TV model currently has relatively little RAM. It’s like taking an old smartphone of the same year and installing some modern application on it, for example, Viber. We all know perfectly well what will happen with this smartphone. So, the same will happen with your old TV set. It will “hang, throw or slow down”. What to do? There is an exit. And this exit. external IPTV. set-top box or media player. But do not forget: the more RAM this console has, the absolutely no worse. At the same time, the issue with your old TV set will be resolved, and there will be no need to buy a new TV set. Media players are also available on our website and presented HERE.