How to change the lock screen on your phone

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How to change the image on the Windows 10 lock screen

In Windows 10, when you turn on and when you lock the computer, a splash screen appears with a random image. You can change the image shown on the lock screen and in today’s article we will tell you how.

Previously, we looked at how to turn off the lock screen and make Windows 10 automatically log in, and we also described how to find images that appear automatically on the lock screen. Today we will describe how to set your own images on the lock screen. The article will contain a couple of ways that will not take you much time # 128578;

Change the background image of the lock screen in settings

Go to “Start” = Options;

3.On the left side, select “Lock Screen”, and on the right next to “Background” you can choose three options for the background image: Windows Interesting, Photos, Slideshow.

  • Fun with Windows as a lock screen background

Windows Fun is available in all editions of Windows 10. It’s a feature that gives you a controlled flow of information. For example, “Windows Interesting” will show various images (not from your computer, downloaded from the Internet), and you can mark which of them you like and what you don’t, thereby training this service so that it will show more images that you like in the future. The images loaded in this way can be found in the% LocalAppData% \ Packages \ Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy \ LocalState \ Assets folder in more detail in the instructions.

If you want images on the lock screen to be downloaded from the Internet and changed automatically. next to “Background” select “Windows interesting” and close the settings.

  • Use a photo as your lock screen background

If you have a photo and want to set it as your lock screen background permanently. next to “Background” select “Photo”, and also turn off the “Show fun facts, jokes, tips and other information on the lock screen.” Below you are offered to choose a photo from the existing ones (by the way, they are located on your computer in the C: \ Windows \ Web \ Screen folder). To choose your photo. click “Browse”

find and select the desired photo = press “Select picture”

  • Slideshow as your lock screen background

You can also choose to show the photos (images) from a folder in turn on the lock screen. That is, for example, I have a folder with a selection of the best family photos, I install a slideshow, and then all the photos from this folder appear on the lock screen alternately changing each other.

Next to “Background” select “Slide Show” and click “Add Folder”

Find the folder with the images that we want to set for alternate display on the lock screen, select it and click “Select this folder”. Also turn off the “Show fun facts, jokes, tips and other information on lock screen” feature.

If the list contains folders from which you do not want to watch the slideshow on the lock screen. click on the unnecessary folder = left-click on the “Delete” button that appears

On the same screen below, select “Advanced Slideshow Options” and customize the slideshow display to your preference. When set the required parameters. just close the settings.

Change the lock screen background image in Photos

By default, all images in Windows 10 open through the Photos app. Open the image you want = click on the three dots in the upper right = select “Set as” = Set to lock screen.

That’s it, we looked at several ways to change the images on the lock screen and they should be enough for you. If there are additions. write comments! Good luck # 128578;

Locker master

Those who are interested in how to change the lock screen on Android and download their own photo, live wallpaper or theme instead of the usual background will love this application. You can customize the new image as you wish by setting a greeting, clock, unlock method, etc. The locked display displays alerts from user-assigned applications. You can view messages immediately, without wasting time on entering a password or pattern. The program is completely free.

How to change the lock screen

The owner of an Android smartphone sees the lock screen all the time. It appears when you turn on the phone and, in its standard form, contains a request to disable the lock (picture of a pattern, a field for entering a PIN code, an image of a lock that needs to be moved to the side, etc.), date and time, as well as a notification information panel at the top of the display and network status. At the request of the user, it can be customized to your liking, for this you need to know how to change the lock screen on a smartphone with Android OS. How to do this using the built-in capabilities of the operating system, as well as through special utilities, will tell

Special utilities

In addition to the capabilities of the operating system, you can use special programs to change the lock screen.

Next Lock Screen

Convenient and popular utility with a wide range of functions. Supports multiple lock screen modes, allows you to change the background by setting a daily wallpaper from Bing, one of the templates or a custom image. The application allows you to turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from the locked display, displays messages, notifications about missed calls and SMS, weather data, etc. The interface is SIMple and comfortable, the utility will be understandable even for inexperienced users.

Echo Notification Lockscreen

This program helps to change the background of the locked screen, set a picture password, and also displays the received messages. They can be viewed without removing the lock. The utility allows you to create reminders and displays them at the appointed time on the display.

Hi locker

Convenient to use, beautiful and functional utility. For the lock screen, you can set a greeting for the user by name, add the display of weather, events from the calendar, notifications. The background image can be changed to a template picture or a photo from the phone memory. The application allows you to unlock the device with a pin code, pattern or fingerprint.

The disadvantage of the utility is the large number of advertisements. You can find out how to disable it in the corresponding article.

How to change the lock screen

There are several ways to change your phone‘s lock screen using its system capabilities.

You need to open the main display of the smartphone, touch an empty space with your finger and hold it for a long time. A list of available functions will appear, among them. “Wallpaper”. You must click on this button.

A page with many template images will open, as well as a button for choosing your own image in the gallery.

You need to click on the image you like, click “Apply”. The system will offer to install it on the lock screen, desktop, or both, after which a notification will appear that the wallpaper is installed. It only remains to check how the picture was posted.

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The second way to put a new image on the lock screen is to use the gadget’s settings. You need to go to the section of the same name, find the “Screen” tab and select “Wallpaper”. Further actions are the same: pick up an image, click on it and set it as a replacement for the standard background.

If the phone memory contains your own images or beautiful pictures downloaded from the Internet, you can put them on the lock screen immediately when viewing. You need to open a graphic file, click on the button with three dots to select additional functions and click on the “Set as wallpaper”.

It is worth knowing how to change the lock screen on Android for anyone who wants to personalize their phone and change a boring template background to their own photo or a beautiful picture from the Web. This can be done using the internal capabilities of the operating system or by installing special applications, most of which are completely free.

And how to change the lock screen style on HUAWEI (honor) smartphones?

Here is a case from life: Please tell me if it is possible to move the clock with the date on the lock screen from bottom to top on Honor 7X, otherwise it is not convenient to use?

It is possible to create a lock screen yourself, but this requires the use of a special constructor and certain skills, including artistic taste. Here you can place the clock in a place convenient for you, weather forecast widgets and much more that the lock screen designer can provide.

But at the same time, you can use ready-made lock screen options.

The lock screen is an integral part of the Theme installed on every smartphone. Any Theme includes the design of all pages of the phone screen, the order and style of placing icons and icons on the screen, and much more. And this is all masterfully done by highly professional designers. There are a lot of ready-made Themes on the Internet and everyone can choose them to their liking, taking into account personal requirements.

It turned out that in order to change the style of the lock screen, it is not necessary to reinstall the entire Theme, it is enough to install only the lock screen from this Theme on your phone. The only condition is that this Theme must already be downloaded to your phone using the Themes application.

How to change the lock screen style on HUAWEI (honor) phone

Launch the Phone Settings application.

We enter the section “Security and privacy”.

Smartphone screen. launch Phone Settings. Smartphone screen. enter the “Security and Privacy” section.

Next, select the item “Screen lock and passwords”.

Select the item “Lock screen style”.

Smartphone screen. select the item “Screen lock and passwords”. Smartphone screen. select the item “Lock screen style”.

The next page, “Lock Screen Style”, will show you sample lock screens from the Themes previously downloaded to your phone. Choose one of the lock screen options (in our case, we chose the lock screen from the “Love lights” theme).

Then on the next page we confirm the change of the lock screen by clicking on the “APPLY” icon.

Smartphone screen. choose the style of the lock screen from the themes downloaded to your phone. Smartphone screen. confirm the style change by clicking on the “APPLY” icon.

From now on you have a new lock screen.

Unlike the previously installed version, now the background is a photograph of Mount Fujiyama, the clock is already at the top of the screen, the greeting (“Hello friend!”) Is located in the center, the “Camera” icon is missing on the screen and there is no information from the pedometer.

Smartphone screen. view of the installed lock screen from the “Love lights” theme.

And if we swipe up from the bottom of the screen, we will see only the “Quick Menu” icons, and there are no more icons for managing the Unlock Journal. This version of the lock screen does not have the “Unlock Magazine” function and, as evidenced by the fact that now there is no “Unlock Magazine” item on the “Screen lock and passwords” page.

Smartphone screen. a view of the lock screen with the “Quick Menu”. Smartphone screen. view of the “Screen lock and passwords” page without the “Unlock Magazine” item.

You can also change the style of the lock screen through the “Theme” application. In this application, you can pick up Themes from the Internet and download them to your phone.

Huawei’s Chinese smartphones are the perfect combination of superior quality and affordable price. Huawei mobile phones can boast of: high performance, which is ensured by the use of modern technologies, including our own development; stylish design that allows the devices to stand out from the devices of other manufacturers; build quality that is in no way inferior to the build quality of smartphones from well-known manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and others; adequate price, which is lower than the price for SIMilar devices of famous brands.

When buying a Huawei smartphone, you are buying not just a mobile phone, but a high-tech gadget that can satisfy all the needs of a modern person, not only in communication, but also in entertainment.

Below is a complete catalog of Huawei smartphone models, excluding devices up to 2013 and some branded phone models for telecom operators, as well as local versions of devices for the Chinese market. The line of Honor smartphones is presented in a separate section.

Huawei G Series and Huawei Nova smartphones

Mid-range smartphones from the Huawei G and Huawei Nova line (depending on the market), which were previously called Huawei Ascend Gold.

Huawei P Series smartphones

All models of the flagship line of smartphones Huawei P, which were previously called Huawei Ascend Platinum.

Huawei Y Series Smartphones

All models of youth smartphones from the Huawei Y series, which was previously called Huawei Ascend Youth.

How to change the lock screen on your phone

Automatic phone lock is an extremely useful thing. It allows you to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your personal information stored on your phone. A modern telephone, which is always with us, establishes a connection with the outside world, brings us a lot of useful things and SIMplifies the solution of many issues. Now we trust our “smartphone friend” with the most intimate things. access to bank accounts, personal photos and confidential correspondence with people dear to us.

change, lock, screen, phone

The lock screen is the first outpost that greets anyone who tries to turn on your locked phone. Therefore, it is both strict and, at the same time, reflects your own style and character. It reflects the current time, a greeting for the curious, and can provide access to urgently needed phone functions.

In general, it expresses your lifestyle and, at the same time, should be convenient for you personally.

Huawei Mate smartphones

All models of phablets from the Huawei Mate line, previously Huawei Ascend Mate.

How to get rid of blocking using computer and ADB Run?

This method will be relevant for those smartphones that have USB debugging enabled. This option is configured to an unpleasant case. You can enable it in the section “For Developers”.

To remove the lock using a desktop computer, download the ADB Run program and connect the locked Android phone to the computer using USB.

  • Go to the program on your computer;
  • Select the sixth item “Unlock Gesture Key” in the menu;
  • ADB Run will offer a choice of two methods, one of which will delete the “gesture.key” file, and the second will delete information from the “system.db” file.
  • It remains to reboot the phone.

If everything is done correctly, the device will be unlocked.

How to unlock a device with SMS Bypass

This option will be relevant for consumers who are in advance of a possible problem with blocking. Those. in advance, before the incident with the loss of the existing password.

Download SMS Bypass application to your Android phone and give it root access. Thus, when the device is locked, send an SMS to it with the text “1234 reset”.

If the smartphone is locked, you can install this application remotely using your Google account.

How to unlock your device using Google Play

One of the SIMplest ways is to sync your device with your Google account. The proposed option is relevant only if the phone has access to the Internet, be it Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

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Enter the password incorrectly 5 times, after which a 30-second lockout window will pop up. Here you need to tap on “Forgot your pattern?” In the window that appears, enter your Google account details. If they are also forgotten, you can restore them on the official website In case of successful authorization, your device will be unlocked.

Disabling the lock through the Recovery menu (reset to factory settings)

You can also delete the “gesture.key” file manually. To do this, the device must have a Recovery menu. By itself, this process means rolling back to factory settings and deleting all information from your device. When starting this method, you must be aware that the files cannot be restored.

The first step is to turn off your phone. When your smartphone is off, hold down the volume and power buttons at the same time, this combination will bring up the Android bootloader menu. Now you need to press the lower volume button twice, thereby highlighting the “Recovery Mode” function, and then press the power button again, selecting it.

While pressing the power button, press the upper volume button once, after which the device will start the recovery process. In the menu that appears, select “Wipe data / factory reset” and tap the power button again. After completing the process, click on “Reboot system now” and the device will be unlocked.

Consider also brands of mobile phones, the reboot of which may be partially different.

Samsung “Find My Mobile” service

If you are a happy owner of a Samsung smartphone, you probably know about this service.

To use it, you need to follow the link and enter your account with your data. If you do not have a Samsung account, this method will not work.

Otherwise, after logging into your account, click the “Lock my screen” button, which is located on the left. The system will ask for a new PIN, and then click the “Block” tab located at the bottom of the screen. After a few minutes, the forgotten password will be changed to the PIN that you just entered.

How to unlock your phone screen if you forgot your Android password

If you forgot the password for unlocking your smartphone, do not panic ahead of time. Today, there are several effective ways to solve this problem. The proposed material contains “working” aLGorithms of actions, thanks to which it will be possible to unlock a device based on Android. In case one of the proposed options did not fit. do not despair and try the next.

How to avoid blocking using Safe Mode?

If a third-party application displays your lock screen, booting your device using Safe Mode can help.

To boot into safe mode, press and hold the power button on the lock screen. In the window that appears, hold down the “Power off” button for a few seconds. By clicking “Ok”, the process of starting safe mode will begin, when third-party applications will be temporarily disabled. In the settings, disable the locks and restart the device again, after which the third-party software lock screen will disappear.

How to reset a lock using a dead battery?

This method is suitable for both mobile devices and tablets. After waiting for the device to display a low battery alert, enter the power status menu, from where you can go to the settings and reset the lock by entering the pattern.

How to unblock using a call?

This option is suitable for smartphones with Android version no higher than 2.3. Call the locked device, minimize the call menu and go to settings, where you can easily reset the lock using the pattern.

What is the lock screen on Xiaomi?

lock screen. information that is available to any user, even if the phone is completely locked using a password, PIN or fingerprint.

This screen on Xiaomi phones has some settings that will allow you to flexibly manage the information that is displayed on it.

In the article below I will give all the basic settings so that you can change the picture, clock, access to the curtain, camera and much more.

basic settings

When the Xiaomi phone is new, just unpacked, all functions are available, because blocking is disabled. For it to appear, it must be enabled using one of the three user authentication methods.

In order to protect your phone and enable the lock, you need to go to the Xiaomi settings. Find the item “Lock and Protection” and configure protection in any way convenient for you: fingerprint, PIN-code or password. Sleep mode. set the time after which the phone is automatically locked.
Wake up to show notifications. if you enable this item, then when any notification appears, the phone will turn on the screen and will work for a while. If you do not like to be distracted, or do not want to demonstrate to others about network activity, I recommend disabling this menu.
Wake up with volume buttons. if it is convenient for you to wake up the phone using the hardware volume buttons located on the side of the case, then enable this item. But you still have to authenticate with the method you configured.
Quick launch of the camera. when this item is turned on, it is possible to activate the camera without unlocking the phone completely by pressing the volume down button twice. If situations happen to you when you need to access the camera instantly, turn on this function.

Change the wallpaper on the lock screen from the gallery

Let’s assume that you have already found the image you want to use and it is in the phone gallery.

Go to the gallery, find the picture and select it to open it in full screen. On the bottom panel, click the rightmost ellipsis icon.
Select the menu item “Set as wallpaper”.
Adjust the position of the image on the phone screen and click on the “Apply” button. Then choose a location where this image will be used. Back to content

Changing the background image (wallpaper)

The picture on when the phone is locked is not static, it changes in several ways, and do not forget that the base image depends on the design theme. Each theme has its own picture for a locked phone. You can also install a special application that will automatically change the wallpaper.

Access to the curtain from the quick action menu

In the usual case, if no additional settings have been made, it is always possible to call the shutter with notifications and the quick action menu.

If your phone rarely has the ability to fall into the wrong hands, this is not a problem, but for you, as the owner, it is very convenient, because using the shutter, you can enable or disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without the need to completely unlock the device.

But if on duty you often have to leave the phone unattended, then it makes sense to disable access to the shutter.

To do this, you need to find the “Notifications” item in the settings, inside which find the “Access from the lock screen” item and disable it. That’s it, now your phone is safe.

How to enable or disable the display of the name of the cellular operator

There is one more setting, which is not important, however, it exists and therefore it is impossible to keep silent about it. displaying the name of the mobile operator on the locked device.

To enable or disable the operator’s name, go to the settings, find the “Notifications” item and find the “Operator name” item. Back to content

How to change clock and sound

When using MIUI 10 and previous versions, changing the clock is only possible by applying a different theme. Within one theme, you cannot change the location or appearance of the clock.

However, if you are not at all satisfied with the look of the watch, download one of the many apps from Google Play that will replace the standard watch, while possibly adding additional functions.

You cannot change the smartphone lock sound without choosing a different theme. he is tightly attached to her. However, it can be turned on or off. Back to content

For Lenovo smartphone

As statistics show, smartphones of this brand are popular with a wide range of buyers. This is explained by a large number of models, among which there are ultra-budget devices or flagships offering a wide range of functions.

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To change the background image of the blocker on Lenovo smartphones, you need to do the following:

  • Go to gallery.
  • Select the desired picture or photo.
  • Press the key to call the context menu. It is made in the form of a pictogram of three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Use”.
  • The system will offer a choice of what you want to do with the image. You need to tap on the line “Wallpaper”.
  • Next, the user is prompted to crop the snapshot or select a specific area for placement on the lock screen.
  • Completion will be pressing the “Apply” button.

That’s it, you can try to put the phone into sleep mode and when activated, a new picture will flaunt on the lock screen.

Change the wallpaper on the lock screen. step by step instructions

The desire to personalize your own phone is not only about changing the ringtone or setting an interesting picture on the home screen, it also manifests itself in the form of changing the wallpaper on the lock screen. This allows for a variety of boring default choices. On Android, you can install not only stock images offered by the system, but also use your own photos or pictures downloaded from the Internet. Many users who, after purchasing a new device, want to uniqueize it, the question arises “how to change the wallpaper on the lock screen?”.

It would seem that a SIMple operation to change the background can cause difficulties, since the solution to this issue is not on the surface. But in reality, there is nothing difficult in setting your own pictures, you just need to learn the aLGorithm of actions.

Every Android smartphone manufacturer allows for background replacement as standard. There are only slight changes in the overall scheme depending on the specific brand

Change the wallpaper on the lock screen of other brands?

There are several different ways to change the background while the smartphone is locked. They vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but follow the general principle.

So, the most SIMple and common ways to change the wallpaper on the lock screen on Android:

Through settings. This will require:

  • go to phone settings;
  • find the menu “Display” or “Wallpaper”;
  • select the “Home screen” option;
  • then you will be asked to decide on a picture from the gallery;
  • having selected the desired picture, press the button “Set wallpaper”.

Through the screen. To change the image, you first need to

    with a long tap on a clean place of the screen, display the settings context menu;

then select the item “Lock screen”;

  • the next step will be to repeat the steps of the previous method for selecting an image and setting it.

Using a browser. This method allows you to install an image without directly copying it to the internal memory of the device. To make changes, you should:

  • open the browser;
  • decide on the background that will decorate the locked screen;
  • a long tap on the picture will lead to the appearance of a context menu;
  • select “Save As” and then “Wallpaper”.
  • confirmation of the operation will change the background.

Changing the default blocker

Changing your wallpaper isn’t the only change you can make to your lock screen. It can be completely changed. To do this, you need to install a special utility from the Play Market or a program that will replace the standard default background image. Actions have the following order:

  • Download and install the application of interest.
  • After the installation is complete, you need to start the program and allow it to be used as a lock screen by ticking the box next to the desired item.

The most popular apps are Echo Notification Lockscreen, Next Lock Screen, Locker Master. The use of third-party software does not lead to slowdown of the smartphone or its excessive load, but allows you to get a truly unique device.

How to change the lock screen on Android

The lock screen is what we see on a smartphone most often. It is displayed every time the phone is switched on. The standard blocking image is not very informative: it contains only a request to remove an installed block (a regular drag-and-drop lock, a field for entering a pattern, a request for a pin code, or another option used) and an upper status line that displays network connection parameters and event information icons. Let’s consider options for how to change the lock screen on Android devices.

Special utilities

Unlike most utilities designed to make changes to the system settings, software to work with the display does not require root access (root-rights). In addition, there is no need to restart the mobile device after the user has changed the lock screen settings on Android.

Let’s dwell on the most common applications and briefly highlight their main features.

System functions

The operating system does not provide very diverse options for setting up the blocking information on the display. The most you can do with Android is change the background of the lock screen.

Depending on the manufacturer of the smartphone, the methods for performing such actions are slightly different.

Lenovo device owners can usually change the lock screen on Android using the following aLGorithm:

  • go to the standard “Gallery” containing photos, drawings and other graphic files, and select the desired image;
  • tap on the context menu button located above the picture in the upper right corner of the screen;

Owners of mobile devices from other manufacturers make changes to the background image of the lock screen in a different way:

    Go to the “Settings” menu and select the “Lock screen” item. If there is no such item, open the “Themes” menu.

Go to the “Lock screen wallpaper” tab. In the selection menu that appears, we are looking for the picture of interest and confirm our actions by clicking “Install” at the top of the screen.

When working in the latest versions of the operating system, there is another option for changing the background image:

  • touch your finger anywhere on the desktop, free of icons, and hold the touch until a pop-up menu appears;
  • select the item “Set wallpaper”;

In some OS modifications, the last point is performed in the reverse order: first, it is indicated where the graphic object will be used, and only then the required file is selected.

It should be borne in mind that earlier versions of Android did not always provide for the possibility of separately changing the background of the lock screen. In devices running such operating system modifications, the wallpaper for the desktop and the lock display is common. Accordingly, setting a new image will change both screens at the same time.

From the standard features of the OS, we can also note the function of enabling notifications on the lock screen. If you accept this setting, the icons for missed calls, received messages and events in applications will not only be displayed as a small icon in the upper status bar, but also appear as a larger image on the lock display. You can set this option in the “Lock screen” menu or in the “Security” section.

Changing your smartphone lock screen. a practical guide. Echo Notification Lockscreen

The priority of the program is to provide convenient notification on the lock display. An internal analysis and processing aLGorithm allows Echo to sort notifications by severity, as well as convert them into reminders at a specified time.

Viewing important messages is carried out directly in the lock mode. The program supports not only unlocking by moving the blocking lock, but also pattern keys.

Next Lock Screen

Surprisingly, this Android program was developed by Microsoft. This explains its popularity and rich functionality. The application allows you to perform the following actions without leaving the lock mode:

  • selected programs are launched with one click, and a call to phone numbers is made with one swipe;
  • activation of network connections is available: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and others;
  • the screen displays the current weather information and the upcoming events entered in the “Calendar”;
  • you can use a flashlight.

Next Lock Screen supports lock swipe, pattern and PIN.