How to change the password on an iPhone phone

How to change iCloud on iPhone

Since iCloud is a more important account (here is the “Find iPhone” function, backups, iCloud Drive, etc.), we’ll start with it.

  • Open Settings.
  • At the very top we see your name (account name). click on it.
  • Scroll the screen to the very bottom and see the line “Exit”.
  • Click and meet the first warning: “If you sign out of your account, all photos in Photo Stream and iCloud Drive stored in iCloud will be deleted from this iPhone.” What does it mean? This means that when you change your iCloud account, the above data associated with it will be deleted from the iPhone. No need to worry, they will remain in the “cloud” itself and you can access them from the website. We agree with this.
  • The second warning pops up. “All iCloud notes will be deleted from the iPhone.” Relevant for those who have used the notes application and synchronized its contents with cloud storage, computer, etc. Again, you need to understand that they are not completely deleted, access to them will remain using the site.
  • Another question. “What do you want to do with calendars, Safari data, contacts and reminders?” I choose to leave it on this iPhone. In which case, you can remove them yourself later.
  • We are offered to enter the password from iCloud. we do it. Everyone, we’re signed out on this iPhone.
  • Entering new data. iCloud changed.

How to change Apple ID and iCloud account on iPhone

Greetings! Today’s article is from the series “every owner of a smartphone from Apple should know this.” I would even say, I just have to. Why? Because knowing how to correctly change the Apple ID or iCloud account on the iPhone can be useful to you almost always. And even if it is not needed now, then someday it will be needed Believe me, my little personal experience. Believe me, believe me, it will not be superfluous! 🙂

In general, as a rule, for the time being, the user does not even think about this operation. Doesn’t the smartphone work? Working! Are there any problems? It seems to be not! Then why bother with any settings at all? But nothing lasts forever and all sorts of things can happen. What kind? Lots of examples.

  • Selling the device.
  • Buying a new or correct purchase of a non-new gadget.
  • Someone knows your Apple ID, password, iCloud. the surest way to protect yourself, completely change your account.
  • Just start your iPhone life from scratch 🙂

In general, it is clear that the job is necessary. So let’s learn how to completely log out of the Apple ID and iCloud accounts linked to the iPhone, and log in with new data. Forward!:)

Important! It is necessary to understand that for those people who, for some reason, do not know (do not remember) the password and username of the identifier, this method will not work, they should do this.

2 ways to change Apple ID

Now you can change the second identifier on the iPhone. Apple ID. There are two ways here:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open the menu item. iTunes Store and App Store.
  • Click on the name of the account.
  • Go out.
  • Linking a new Apple ID to replace the old one.

As you can see, all manipulations take place exclusively in the settings and do not take much time.

Finally, it is worth noting one important thing. despite the fact that I tried to describe the process of replacing accounts on the iPhone in as much detail as possible, it may well be that something remained incomprehensible.

Therefore, we are not shy and write our own in the comments:

  • Observations, notes, incomprehensible situations and other stories (personal experience is cool!).
  • Questions. I will try to answer and help absolutely everyone!

How to change the Wi-Fi password on your phone: step by step instructions

I welcome you, dear reader, to our most wifi portal In this article, I will show you how to change the Wi-Fi password from your phone. It is clear, in pictures, step by step, without water. Begin!

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If something didn’t work out for you or you have something to supplement. feel free to write in the comments to this article. We are always happy to ask the right questions and personal experience.

Step 2. Enter Settings

Attention! Some routers do not allow entering settings via Wi-Fi. If everything does not work out at all, there is a small chance that your device belongs to this class.

  • We turn the router over again and look for just such a sticker (there will be something like that). If you have a modem, you can open the lid for it, and the data with access will be there. If you don’t find anything, look for your model on our website, you will be taken to detailed instructions. There are a lot of router models. it makes no sense to list everything in this article.
  • Found it? Open the Chrome browser on your phone and go to this address. Common addresses are or You can try to click on one of these addresses, most likely, an authorization window will open in the router’s customizer.
  • Here we enter the login and password to access the router. DO NOT BE CONFUSED WITH WAIFA. By default, they are written on the same sticker (admin). If they do not fit, most likely you have already changed this password during the first setup. Ask the person who set it up. Otherwise, only resetting to factory settings will help with the complete removal of the current settings (perform at your own peril and risk, the Internet will be lost).

Step 3. Change the password

  • A little uncomfortable? We will survive! We go to the Wi-Fi network settings (if it’s hard, look for instructions on our website specifically for your router model). In my case. “Wireless Mode. Wireless Security”:
  • For convenience, the screen is turned upside down. In this section, a password is waiting for us (it is always in clear text). We replace it with a new one, do not forget to save:

That’s all! Everything will be very similar on your router. So go into the settings and change. It is almost impossible to do this on the phone itself or by another method, except for mobile applications and special utilities for some rare models of routers.

Add-on. Change hotspot password on Android

There were separate requests to change the password on the hotspot created on Android. This is done in the same place where the point itself is created.

  • On the phone, go to “Settings. Wireless Networks”. Click on “” and go to “Modem mode. Wi-Fi hotspot”.
  • And after turning it on (is it already turned on for you?), Select another item below. “Configure an access point”:


Well, just a little bit of theory. So that everyone understands what we are going to do. I would like to say here that you need to understand that the Wi-Fi password is stored not on the phone itself, but on the router. Therefore, to change it, you need to go to the router and change it there. Here’s our plan of action:

  • We connect via Wi-Fi to the router.
  • Go to the customizer.
  • Change password.

There are only 3 steps, but a beginner may have problems here too. So everything is consistent and with my explanations. Begin.

In fact, there is no difference between changing your password on a computer or on a phone. the procedure is the same for a wired connection and for Wi-Fi.

Step 1. Connect to Wi-Fi

Many people make a big mistake. they try to change the password from the mobile Internet. It won’t work that way! You need to have a direct connection to the router. via wire or Wi-Fi. In the case of a phone, only Wi-Fi.

In total, at this step, it is very important to connect to the Wi-Fi router. Find the access point in the list, connect. Everything is as usual, there should be no problems at this stage.

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If you reset the router and do not know the default password of the access point, turn the router over, find the sticker with the access data. Usually, the name of the network is written there and the password. If there is nothing, most likely the connection will occur without a password.

Add-on. Change the password of the memorized network

Nothing more than an alternative addition. It happens that the phone remembered the access point, and as a result, the password was changed on it. As a result, the phone beats with the wrong password to nothing. Need to change!

  • We go on the phone to “Settings. Wi-Fi”. Here a list of access points surrounding us opens, including the one to which we are connected. Here she is what we need. We tap on it and in the drop-down menu select “Change config. networks “:

On this we will finish. If you have any special case. write in the comments, we will figure it out together. But I strongly recommend that you re-read the article again, it is difficult to work with lazy people. Have a nice day!

What is an Incoming Mail Server Hostname?

Outgoing mail server: hostname:; username: email address (eg [email protected]) ;; password: password from email.

Sign out of your Gmail inbox?

  • Open Gmail.
  • In the upper right corner, click on your photo.
  • Click Sign Out.

How to change mail password on iPhone?

Automatic email account setup

  • Go to the “Settings” “Passwords and Accounts”.
  • Click “Add Account” and select a mail service.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Click “Next” and wait until the account is checked by the “Mail” application.

How to set up mail ru on iPhone?

How to set up mail on iPhone through the standard Mail app

  • Open Settings and select the item “Mail, addresses, calendars”
  • Click “Add Account”.
  • Next, select the item “Other”.
  • Feel free to click “New Account”
  • In the window that appears, we fill in all the fields.
  • In the window that appears, click “Save”

How to enable mail ru notifications on iPhone?

→ “Application operation” → “Notifications”. Click Enable. To change the sound, click “Notification Sound” and select the appropriate option.

How to find out the password from mail on iPhone?

Passwords saved in the Keychain (iCloud Keychain) can also be viewed through the Settings of the iOS device.

  • Launch iOS Settings;
  • Go to the Passwords & Accounts section and select Site & Software Passwords.
  • Enter your lock passcode or use Face ID (Touch ID) to sign in;

How To Change Password On Iphone 7 / Iphone 7 Plus.

How to hack a phone with a password using software

Another program is designed to alternatively reset user settings. But you don’t need to delve into the engineering menu. Install the Adb Run program and use it to roll back to factory settings. This way of solving the question of how to remove the password from the phone can replace contacting the service center.

After starting the program in the main window, type the command 6, and then enter 1 or 2 to select the rollback method. If unlocking does not help, then you need to do manual debugging or use another method.

Secret code from the manufacturer

In order to enter the engineering menu, to which only developers and service center specialists have access, you must enter a special combination. You can remove the password from your Samsung phone using the 27673855 # command. It is worth preparing in advance for the fact that in this case you will lose all personal information that was stored in the device’s memory. over, it will be possible to make calls and write messages from the phone again. The attractiveness of this method is that you do not need to have special knowledge and spend a lot of effort and money to restore the device’s performance.

Mobile phone user account

Models of the latest generation, in the event that the password is forgotten, allow the possibility of unlocking using a proprietary support service, for which you need to establish an Internet connection. In advance, in this service, you must create an account and enter the necessary characters. So you can remove the graphic password from the phone (or ordinary).

  • If you realized that the combination is hopelessly forgotten, but you have an account, then you must enter any data arbitrarily.
  • After several attempts, a message will appear prompting you to restore using the ID.
  • In a special form, enter the data for access to your personal account and confirm.
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The manufacturer’s server will check the entered combination, and if there is a match, the device will be unlocked.

How to remove the password from the phone? Removing and restoring password on your phone

To protect their information, they install graphic keys and digital passwords on the phone. But if you often change the combinations, then there is a possibility of forgetting which one was installed last. In this case, questions about how to remove the password from the phone and whether it is possible to restore access to the mobile phone in a short time become acute. Let’s consider the problem of access to a smartphone using the example of Samsung products.

change, password, iphone, phone

How to remove a password from a phone using Android features

If you urgently need to restore the performance of your phone, then by donating data, you can get access to it in a short time. To do this, you need to carry out the system recovery procedure.

You will receive your phone exactly as you purchased it. In order not to lose data permanently, for such cases it is recommended to make backups on cloud services. You can set the frequency of this procedure yourself, for example, after entering important data into memory.

Next, we will consider the option of how to recover the password using the phone. If you have another device at hand, for example, a city or mobile (say, another person), then you can use it. This is a very easy way to hack your phone with a password. You just need to know his number and call. In most cases, when a call comes in, the blocking stops working.

After answering, you need to put the call on hold and go to the menu. There you need to get to the point responsible for protection and remove the marker from the password request column. Then you can “hang up”, and the device will remain unlocked.

Google account

Some models may use your Google account information after entering an incorrect password several times. This method of how to remove a password from a phone is suitable for all users of Android devices. Account data, login (in the form of e-mail) and password, must be additionally saved in a notebook or desktop computer.

Restoring access will take a few seconds. In order for it to be successful, you need to have an active connection to the network using Wi-Fi or mobile. If you forgot your password from mail, then you can combine both processes and restore access to mail and the device at the same time.

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