How to change the photo format on iPhone

How to change the photo format

Why would you want to change the photo format at all? The “lightest” image, be it a picture or a photograph, is obtained by saving it in jpg format. Easy means with a minimum amount of MB. This format represents the optimal balance between price, weight and image quality. A kind of “golden mean”. Therefore, it is best to use jpg for storing and sending images. What, in fact, many are practicing. Even the most popular social network nowadays, Instagram, uses this format. There is an article about this, What is the format of a photo on Instagram, which is also useful in that it shows how to find out which photo format a particular site is using.

The easiest way to change the photo format is in any photo editor. You just need to open the photo in the program, and immediately save it by choosing the desired format. Let’s look at the most affordable ways.

How to find out what photo format

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Find out which photo format can be changed by changing the file name display settings
Let me remind you that if the photo format is not displayed in the file name, then you can view it in the properties of this file. Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Properties”. In the properties window that opens, we see that the selected photo is in png format.

Find out which photo format can be found in the properties of the file itself

Change photo format to jpg in Paint

Paint is a pre-installed application in Windows, free, and probably the simplest of all editors in which you can change the photo format to jpg.

Open Paint. Let me remind you that this can be done in three clicks:

  • Click the Start button.
  • In the list of programs, select the line Accessories-Windows.
  • Select Paint from the standard list.

If you do not have Windows 10, but an earlier version of the operating system, then the interface, of course, will not be the same as in the picture below, but the steps are exactly the same.

Now open the desired image in the program.

  • Click File. A window with commands will open.
  • Select “Open”. A standard file selection window will open.
  • Select the file you want.

Open file in Paint

Now that you have opened the file, you need to save it in jpg format.

  • Click “File”
  • In the command window that opens, select “Save As”.
  • Select jpg from the list of available formats and click OK.

Save the file in paint with the “Save As” command to change the photo format to jpg

That’s all. For everyday use it is enough.

There are difficult options for changing the photo format

  • Convert pdf to jpg. The program “Aiskrim”, which you can use for this, is well described in the article Convert jpeg to pdf, look, everything is clear there.
  • Convert photoshop format to jpg. Or, for example, a rather “exotic” format like xcf, used by the free Photoshop counterpart, the GIMP photo editor. By the way, as they say, don’t pass by! Great program, easier to learn than Photoshop. In such cases, you need to use the following life hack:
  • Open the photo in the program in which this format is supported.
  • Select the image and save it to the clipboard using the “Copy” command or the universal keyboard shortcut CTRLC.
  • Create a new file in Paint.
  • Paste an image from the clipboard into Paint using the CTRLV keyboard shortcut or the “Paste” command.
  • Save the photo in jpg format.


In general, this program is designed (first of all) for convenient viewing of media files: pictures, photos, videos, etc. But, of course, in its arsenal there are also tools for relatively simple editing of these files.

As for converting, everything here is not that “simple”, but “very simple”! It is enough to right-click (right-click) on the desired picture, and in the menu you can select the format in which XnView will convert it. See example below.

Home Photo Studio

This program is a complete and functional photo editor for beginners. Allows you not only to convert images, but also to improve them (for example, increase clarity, make a photo lighter / darker, richer, etc.).

Image Processing / Home Photo Studio

As for our task: pay attention to the “File” menu. There is both a quick export option (to BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF), and the ability to save an image for publishing it on the Internet.

Fast export, save for internet (Photo studio)

If you choose to save a picture for the Internet, the editor will allow you to seriously compress it (here you will be able to manually adjust the quality, anti-aliasing, sharpness, color depth, etc.). Often, by adjusting all these parameters, it is possible to compress the image by 70-90%!


An excellent free program for working with photos and pictures. Combines dozens of options and functions (pay attention to the round desktop, which will appear immediately after launching the installed Photoscape ).

To convert a dozen (hundreds) of pictures from one format to another. you need to select the “Batch Editor” option.

Next, transfer pictures to be converted into specials. window (see arrows 1 and 2 in the screenshot below). and click the “Convert” button.

After that, specify the folder where the converted files will be saved, and set a new format (for example, JPG). Then it remains to press the “Save” button.

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Next, the conversion of all files added to the project will begin. The running time of the program depends on the power of your PC, the quality of the source files, the selected format for conversion.

Upon completion of the operation, you will have an “Output” folder (if you did everything as in my example). which will contain the new converted images.

Ways to convert images

multi-conversion (dozens of pictures at the same time)

Multi-conversion (or as it is called “batch”) is sometimes necessary when you are dealing with dozens (or even hundreds) of pictures and photos. You will not open each of them manually in the editor, and then re-save in the desired format. It is long and ineffective.

But if you use the special. programs that can automatically run any number of images (for example, from BMP to PNG) is another matter!

Online services

Recently, they are gaining high popularity. On the one hand, it seems to be convenient: there is no need to install and configure anything on the PC. On the other hand, not every photo and picture should be sent to the network (you never know.).

As a rule, the services are very simple to use: just upload your image to them and select the format into which you want to convert it. After 5-10 sec. they give you a link to download the converted file. Conveniently?!

Reduced weight and resolution of photos

Third-party applications and standard functions will help to reduce the weight of photos on iPhone. The size of the images and their resolution are closely related to each other. The higher the resolution, the larger the size of the photos in the phone memory.

The finished picture, which has a lot of weight, cannot be changed by standard means of adjustment. But third-party applications can easily free up memory by saving the file.

How to reduce photo size on iPhone while maintaining quality

In iPhones of all generations, working with photos is not a priority, so the functionality of the standard editor is significantly limited. This is why users are asking the question: How to reduce photo size on iPhone. This article will finally solve the problem of editing in all models of Apple devices.

Image Resizer Free

With this application it is possible to compress the size of the picture. It is known that the worse the quality, the lower the resolution of the photos. This means a small amount of memory is required to store them.

So, to work with the program, we perform the following actions:

How to convert RAW Photo into JPEG/JPG in any iPhone Devices ?

  • Download Image Resizer Free application from AppStore and run.
  • Press the plus sign and define a photo to zoom out.
  • After selecting the snapshot, mark the tool called Resize.
  • Set from the list of templates the resolution obtained for the photo after processing. It is important to know that the list only provides the most popular values.
  • You will need to confirm the current changes, and then click on the OK button to change the resolution. This action confirms all photo operations and applies them.

Now, for the changes to apply, you need to upload the edited image to the phone’s memory. This can be done by clicking on the circled arrow sign. Then, in the window that appears, press the Save Image key, or “Save Image”. Procedure completed.

It is possible to resize and compress photos using third-party applications. It is worth noting that the AppStore has other applications that can change the photo quality on the iPhone. The presented program was considered only as an example.

How to change the wallpaper on iPhone

IPhone screensavers are called wallpapers. These are pictures that are displayed in the background of application icons and system labels. You can install them both for the device unlock screen and for the desktop. There are several ways to change your iPhone wallpaper. You can do this both through the phone settings and with the help of special applications available for download.

How to change the wallpaper on iPhone

The updated screen saver on the iPhone is installed using the “Settings” menu item. It is necessary to select the sub-item “Wallpaper” in it. In this section, both a screensaver for the desktop and a picture for the gadget’s lock screen are installed.

The phone comes with factory settings, that is, with a preset ringtone, volume, applications and desktop pictures. The default iPhone wallpaper can be easily changed to any other image. The only peculiarity of iPhones is that they do not provide the ability to save information to a separate drive, that is, you cannot connect a flash card to the iPhone.

How to change the desktop and lock screen saver on iPhone:

  • In the “Settings” menu, select the “Wallpaper and brightness” item, in it go to the “Wallpaper selection” section.
  • Choose

    How to change the default wallpaper picture to your own

    There are several ways to change the desktop background on the iPhone:

    IOS also uses Apple’s dynamic splash screen. It is located both through the browser (it is better to use the Safari browser), and in specialized applications for finding pictures for the display. There are also standard dynamic screensavers, they can be found in the settings menu.

    When placing an image on the display, the mode of displaying it on the screen is selected, it can be “Screensaver” or “Perspective”. When choosing the second effect, the screensaver will move relative to the inscriptions on the screen when the position of the device in space.

    Where to download new iPhone wallpapers

    A large number of iPhone wallpapers can be downloaded for free. They are available both through a global search and with the help of special programs for iOS, which offer a good selection of high quality images for the screen saver. There are several such applications, they are available in the AppStore. Examples:

    • Retina Wallpapers HD,
    • Backgrounds,
    • Kuvva Wallpapers.

    The difference between these programs is that they immediately offer images of the desired resolution and quality that look good on a Retina display. The content of these applications is often updated, so the screen saver on the iPhone can also be changed periodically.

    How to Change HEIC to JPEG on iPhone, Why My iPhone Photo Won’t open on Mac or PC [Fixed]

    There are special bots of the Telegram messenger that can quickly find high-quality images on any request.

    The iCloud cloud service has the ability to save pictures uploaded to it on the iPhone to Photo Stream. From there, it’s easy to set them as your screen wallpaper.

    Change the format of several photos at once with Easy Image Modifier

    If you have serious intentions and you want to put your entire photo archive in order, that is, change the photo format of many tens or hundreds of files at once, then it is better to use a special program.

    Be careful! There are many similar programs, including free ones. But do not accidentally fall for such “happiness” as Movavi.

    The supposedly free version is actually not free, but a temporary trial version of an expensive program. But you will find out about this only after installation! Take the time to find out that after processing 100 photos, you will have to pay money. In addition, during the installation itself, it is compulsively offered to install everything that only happens in nature from Yandex, to register, it is not clear for what purpose, and when you try to close the program, it imposes the purchase of the full version. The program is very intrusive, from the “deleted-crossed” series.

    Good day to you, my dear friends. How is your mood? I seem to have nothing. Although it has been better. But today is not about that. I remembered here one case, how one employee came with the fact that her picture was not uploaded to some site. She says that she did everything as said, and when she wants to select a file, it seems as if it is not in this folder. She was there, almost in convulsions, looked for this picture, made several copies, deleted everything except this file in the folder. It turned out to be simple. This downloader required uploading files only in the graphic format JPEG (JPG) and in no other.

    Usually, most pictures and photos are in this format, but this is not always the case. Well, then I explained to her how to change the image format to jpg so that everything would meet the requirements.

    In general, the procedure is simple. Quite the opposite, even a very simple one. Therefore, I will show you today 3 different options, with which you can convert an image to jpeg or any other format.

    Crunch your fingers. Come on, come on! Fingers need to knead. Now let’s go!

    Change photo format in paint

    It’s as simple as the previous editor. And their names are consonant. Here, look at the image below, one picture is enough to display the whole simple way of how to change the format of a photo.

    • Open the file in paint editor
    • Save it via “Save As” in the desired format.

    How to change photo format in paint editor

    Using image editing software

    • Before changing the image format to jpg. select “File” from the main menu. A drop-down menu of options for the image should appear on the screen:
    • Save or export the image file. The format change will occur simultaneously with the saving of the new version of the file. This is useful: the original file remains unchanged, and if something goes wrong, you can always return to it. On a Mac, you need to select “Save As” or “Export” to continue the process:
    • In some versions of the software, you will need to first “Duplicate” the file (that is, make a copy of it) and then “Save”. This will save the file in the new format:
    • Change the name and extension of the file. In the window that appears, you can change the name as well as the extension (format) of the file. In the drop-down menu “Format” or “Save as” there should be about 12 options, including “.jpeg”:
    • Before changing the image format to png, change the file name or location if necessary. For example, you can place it on your desktop for quick access;
    • If the extension you want is missing from the dropdown menu, try another image editing software (like Photoshop):
    • Save the file. After you specify the desired name, extension and location of the file, click the “Save” button. Thus, you will convert the file to the new format, keeping the original:
    • Software such as Preview can batch process file conversions. To do this, select the files to be converted and right-click on them to see the available options.

    Changing the file extension manually

    • Find the file. For graphic files, you can change the extension manually by changing the file name using the keyboard. This is the correct solution if, due to the current file extension, its contents cannot be accessed (an error message “Invalid file format” is displayed):
    • The computer uses file extensions to figure out which software to open the file with. Be careful when modifying extensions manually and always save a backup before doing so;
    • Before you change the aspect ratio, you need to understand that this method can lead to a decrease in image quality. Using image editing software is generally a more appropriate method.
    • Make the file extension visible. Depending on the specific settings, the file extensions (three letters after the period in the file name) may not be visible for the standard way of viewing files. For Windows operating systems, you can configure the appropriate options on the View tab under Folder Options. It’s in the “Appearance and Personalization Options” section. On a Mac, these options are set in the Advanced Search Preferences section:
    • Rename the file. Right-click on the image file and select Rename. Remove the old extension and add a new one.

    For example, if the file name is “myimage.png”, you can rename it to “myimage.jpg”, and from now on your computer will see it as a “.jpg” file.

    How to change photo format to jpg

    Why change the photo format to JPG at all? There are many formats or types of images, the most popular of them are: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF. It would seem that what’s the difference in which of them the file is written?

    The truth is that with the same image quality, the “weight” of pictures of different formats can differ several times!

    How to change the photo format

    How can I convert.avi to.jpeg?

    .avi is a video format and jpeg is an image format. First you need to take a snapshot of the video frame during playback and then save the image in jpeg format.


    • The.jpg and.jpeg extensions mean the same and can be used interchangeably on modern operating systems. This distinction stems from early standards for some systems, which only allowed a three-letter extension;
    • File extensions are not case sensitive, although it is generally accepted convention to use lowercase.

    Online conversion

    Some of the features of Photo Converter can be tried online. Select files or ZIP archives to convert:

    What is the photo format on iPhone?

    With the iPhone 7, Apple smartphones capture HEIF photos. The new extension reduced the size of the files while maintaining the original quality. The disadvantage of the iPhone photo format is the inability to view the image on previous iPhone models or on computers with a different OS. When uploading pictures to social networks, the photo automatically changes the format to compatible with the service program.

    Command line interface

    Professional users can use the command line to convert and edit in manual or automatic mode. For additional advice on using the cmd interface, contact User Support.

    Imagine that you decide to write an application for converting from JPG, BMP, WEBP and PNG to PDF, in your opinion, useful for users, and wrote it.

    Nice feature and sometimes useful, why? For example, banks sometimes ask for PDF instead of pictures, and try to collect 5 pieces of images, for example, JPG to PDF, this is the goal they set themselves.

    Next, you still make an application, and the question arises about its promotion on Google Play.

    Search and find. It turns out that there are analogues of your application, and there are 120 of them. Try typing “Image to PDF” in Google Play and see for yourself. 95% of applications have the same design, the only difference is in colors, icons and whoever released it. It looks like a whole village of Indians had a task to release an application and upload it to Google Play and get 100 installs per year, because no one in their right mind would post an app or try to promote it. By the way, it’s a good idea to publish an application template and sell templates. you will earn much more.

    The second trouble is that after a month the application has not appeared on Google Play, perhaps for the same reason. that the niche is 1000% occupied and how to rise is not clear. That is why we decided to tell you about it here.

    Here are some tips for a successful conversion:

    Select files to convert. If you have a whole list of images that you want to save as jpg, use batch conversion. With it, you can convert 100 or even 1000 photos at once.

    Select the editing tools. With this option you can (crop, rotate your image, adjust brightness, contrast and much more).

    Select the format for conversion, in our case it is JPG.

    It remains to press the Start button and in a few seconds you will receive your files converted to JPG format.

    Other functions of the application

    • Sorted by name: A-Z, Z-A, by file creation time.
    • Change the order of saving (long press on the image and then drag to a new location)
    • To delete one image (swipe right) or all images (in the “Clear List” menu).
    • Color (as is, grayscale, black and white).
    • Setting the maximum image size (proportions are maintained).
    • Set password
    • Renaming the file after generation (by default, a file is created with the current date and time).
    • Make a choice of the image format saved to PDF, for example, so that all files are saved in JPG format with the specified compression ratio, then the output will be a PDF file, in which you can say a full-fledged JPG to PDF converter is activated, or let’s say you know that your images will look better if you use PNG format, then you just select it from the list and get a PNG to PDF converter.
    • The next step is to specify the page format and fit the image exactly to the page size, in this case it will be ideal for printing.

    JPG is a photo and picture format known to all users of digital devices and computers. JPG has long foreshadowed imminent extinction, but the expansion is still popular and in demand today. Apple is famous for its desire to make all the tools for its devices on its own, but the photo format on the iPhone is not like everyone else.

    If you exclusively use Apple products, there are no problems. Other platforms, however, do not recognize the HEIF or HEIC extension. Therefore, the question arises, how to change the photo format to jpg in iPhone.

    PNG Converter

    Convert your image to PNG with the free online PNG converter. Upload your image and select the appropriate filters.

    Error: the amount of incoming data exceeded the limit of 3.

    To continue, you need to update your account:

    Error: total file size exceeded 100 MB limit.

    To continue, you need to update your account:

    Error: Total file size exceeded the absolute 8GB limit.

      Up to 8GB of total file size in one conversion session 200 files per conversion High priority and conversion speed Complete absence of ads on the page Money back guarantee
      Up to 100 MB of total file size in one conversion session 5 files per conversion Normal priority and conversion speed Presence of ads

    The converter allows you to convert files of over 120 formats to PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.

    PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

    PNG files (commonly referred to as “pings”). these are files in a format that contains bitmap images. The PNG image format was originally created to transition from GIF, since. What is PNG?

    Convert to PNG

    Get unlimited access to the file converter

      Unlimited access to all tools Unlimited file size (up to 8 GB) than 1000 tools to convert your files No ads on the website Two weeks money back guarantee, no questions asked

    JPG Converter

    Convert your images of various formats (including PDF) to JPG format. Upload files to the converter and change settings.

    Error: the amount of incoming data exceeded the limit of 3.

    To continue, you need to update your account:

    Error: total file size exceeded 100 MB limit.

    How to Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone

    To continue, you need to update your account:

    Error: Total file size exceeded the absolute 8GB limit.

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    The free online converter allows you to convert files in over 120 formats. Download file size is limited to 100 MB / image.

    JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format)

    Photos and images that need to be sent by e-mail or posted on the Internet should be compressed in order to reduce the time of their upload and download, as well as in order to save resources. What is JPG?

    Convert to JPG

    Get unlimited access to the file converter

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