How to change the screen lock time on Honor

Where are the display options on Honor?

The work area in the Honor 10 smartphone can be changed beyond recognition. Themes and widgets that can be installed from the standard smartphone application will help you with this.

To find it, you need to open the settings and go to the “Home screen and wallpaper” section:

    In this window, you will have the opportunity to change the theme, desktop wallpaper, and also set up the screen with applications and the lock screen separately;

Start customizing your screen by choosing a theme for your lock screen. It can be specified for each of the three screens. In the “Themes” section, you can select dynamic images to be installed on all screens. Or those that you specify in the settings of the theme itself. There are different options here: with a clock in the middle, above or below. Each theme or wallpaper must be selected, then click on the “Apply” button. Only then will it be activated.

How to set up on Honor 10: screen, NFC, time, camera, fingerprint, keyboard, notifications

It’s been a while since Huawei unveiled the Honor 10, a great budget smartphone. He has not lost his popularity today. In this article, we will look at ways to set the correct time, screen display, NFC technology, keyboard, camera, notifications, fingerprint on the Honor 10 smartphone.

Features of notifications in Honor 10 phone

In newer smartphones, developers allow you to customize notifications for each individual application. This is very convenient, you can turn off those of them whose notifications you do not need.

You can find these parameters in the Honor 10 settings:

  • Selecting the gear icon on the Android desktop;
  • Click in the settings on the item “Notifications”;

In the settings above, you can cancel all notifications at once.

And also set up the curtain on the smartphone: activate the standard one from the Android system or select the modified one. Each application can be configured separately.

To do this, select it from the list and in the window click on the desired section.

Clock and date in Chinese phone settings

If you need to move the clock widget on the home screen of Honor 10 to a different location, then we described how to do it in the previous chapter. Now we will talk about how to change the date and time on your mobile phone. As a rule, these settings come to us over the network automatically when we specify our region in the primary settings. And for the first time we connect a smartphone to a home Wi-Fi network. Or activate the transmission of mobile data.

In order to set the date manually, you need to open the settings and select the “Advanced settings” section. Where to choose “Date and Time“. In this section, remove the slider from the item “Date and time of the network”.

Specify the desired settings below. Now you know how to properly set up NFC, screen, fingerprint, notifications, keyboard, time and camera in your Honor 10 phone. We hope these instructions will help you better cope with the parameters of your mobile device.

Honor 10 camera setup manual

Manual setup of a photo and video camera on a smartphone is a task for professionals. The developers at Honor know this, so they equipped the device with an intelligent camera.

It automatically adjusts to the environment, and itself activates the necessary modes and settings for maximum image quality. The Honor 10’s camera has a ton of presets ready to go. One has only to choose them by name. If you are photographing food, then select the appropriate settings in the list.

A “smart camera” based on a neural network works. When pointing it, the phone determines what is in front of it. And automatically turns on the mode that is most suitable in this situation.

Setting up the keyboard on a smartphone

By default, Honor 10 comes with the popular Android keyboard. Swiftkey. It has flexible settings, any of its elements can be changed if you don’t like it. You can choose the type of keyboard, change the location of additional buttons or the background of the keyboard. In the settings you need to select the “System” section, then “Language and Input”, “Swiftkey Keyboard”.

In this section, you can create a new profile in which you can select the desired parameters.

They will be saved and can be applied at any time if the current settings fail. Or you will quickly want to change them. You can create multiple keyboard profiles. And use them in turn. Select the desired section from the menu to customize the keyboard elements. The Honor 10 smartphone allows us to customize any of its tools: time, camera, NFC, screen, notifications, fingerprint.

How to enable fingerprint on Honoré

On the Honor 10 smartphone, users have the option to choose how to lock the screen. You can set a regular numeric password, pattern, or activate a fingerprint. In this case, you will not need to drive across the screen to repeat the key, and even more so to remember it. Touch your finger to the area on the back of the smartphone and the screen is unlocked.

This method is so good that no one except you can enter the smartphone system. Honor 10 key in the form of a fingerprint always with you.

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To activate this feature:

  • Open your smartphone settings;
  • Select “Security”;

Now try locking the screen to unlock using your fingerprint. You can remove it using the same settings that were required to activate the fingerprint.

How to set up NFC technology on Honor 10

NFC wireless technology has become one of the most popular in smartphones for several reasons. The most important is its ability to transmit data over a short distance. This prevents intruders from intercepting sensitive information. After all, the range of the chip is only about 10 cm. In the Honor 10 smartphone, it acts as a contactless payment method. But you need to configure it before using it.

You can find NFC in Honor in the quick access menu. Pull down the Android shade and you will see the signed technology icon. If it is not visible on the start screen, expand the entire list of smartphone features.

  • Select the icon and click on the “Device Connection” item;
  • In the next window, click on the “NFC” block;

Video instruction

The video shows all the subtleties of setting up the NFC chip on the Honor 10 smartphone. As well as linking a bank card to Google Pay.

How to set up sleep mode on Honor 9 and SIMilar Android smartphones and tablets.

Sleep mode on Honor. On this page you will find instructions on how to set up the sleep mode of Huawei Honor 9 and SIMilar Android smartphones and tablets. This function allows you to save battery power by automatically turning off the phone screen after a specified time when you are not using the device.

To adjust the sleep mode of the Honor screen, that is, set the time for the screen to turn off automatically when idle.
Open the “Settings” on the smartphone.
In the settings, select the item “Screen“. Look at the attached pictures below.
In the screen menu that opens, select the “Sleep mode” item.
Now we set the sleep time of the screen when idle, choose from “15 seconds to 10 minutes” or “never” so that the screen does not turn off at all. In other smartphones and tablets, the time to automatically turn off the screen when not using the phone may be different.

What to do if you cannot change the sleep mode time in the screen settings, although there is such an item and there, for example, 30 seconds are set without the ability to change.

Yes, this also happens when the sleep mode on Huawei Honor is not active and the time is set to 30 seconds of inactivity after which the screen turns off. Sometimes the screen can automatically turn off after 30 seconds even when watching a video, which can cause inconvenience to the user.
And so if you cannot change the sleep mode time, then most likely the “Power Saving Mode” is enabled on the Huawei Honor phone or tablet.
To turn off the power saving mode, open “Settings” then “Battery” and in the menu that opens, select the item “Power saving mode” opposite which we disable this function.
Now you can change the sleep time as shown above.

Why is the lock screen wrong time

The wrong time appears on the lock screen for a number of reasons:

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  • errors that occur in the program;
  • server problems.

For troubleshooting, the user opens “Settings” / “Date and time options”. You can set a different time in the same headings.

You can also try restarting your gadget or performing a hard reset.

  • hold down the shutdown and volume up buttons at the same time;
  • a choice of several actions will appear on the mobile;
  • reboot, restore the operation of the device.

Do not try to restart your phone by removing the battery. Modern mobile devices use built-in batteries. To reset phone data, you can use:

  • device menu;
  • Recovery;
  • special buttons;
  • One Click.

Copy important information to a flash drive. After the reset, the device returns to the factory settings.

Dial on displays greatly SIMplifies time control. But if the standard display on the main page is enough, SIMple methods allow you to move it as it is convenient for the user.

How to Change Honor and Huawei Lock Screen Time

The shell of Honor and Huawei smartphones does not imply a shift of widgets. Change the subject to move them. Changing the setting of the time on the lock screen involves performing the following actions:

  • open “Settings” / “Screen lock and passwords” / “Style”;
  • select a style from the list, click on “Confirm”.

Upon completion of the points, a new style is applied. But if desired, using this aLGorithm, you can set its previous form. A special label “Themes” is located at the workplace. There are different options in this section. Keep in mind that the new theme changes not only the look of the clock, but also the rest of the shortcuts.

You can also use the second method. Download and install a new small widget from the Google Play Store.

Turning off time

Use the settings to disable. But keep in mind that some models do not have this option. For example, this option is not available in the EMUI line.

How to remove double time on the lock screen

Some models include a double dial. But if desired, this function can be disabled.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Click on “Date and Time Options”.
  • Select “Dual Clock” and deactivate.
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This is a great solution when you want the watch face to disappear from the Android display. You can return the image in exactly the same way.

You can also change the size of the dial:

  • press and hold the watch image;
  • special markers will appear around them, which adjust the size.

Possibly smaller footprint will make it easier to eliminate time display.

How to put time on the lock screen

The clock after blocking appears automatically, after the operation of the gadget. User does not do it manually.

How to remove time from the lock screen

Manufacturers also offer to completely remove the display of the dial on smartphone displays. There are several ways to do this.

How to move, remove and reset the time on the Honor and Huawei lock screen

“How do I change the time on the lock screen?”. a question that often arises among owners of Honor and Huawei gadgets. Chinese mobile devices have an individual skin characterized by an interesting and colorful interface. original date and time widgets. But sometimes they are not satisfied with their location or appearance. Then you need to move them or eliminate them. How to do it in this article.

Anatoly Bogdanov (Articles written: 106)

Everything was perfect new huawei. I didn’t even understand how it happened, but the double clock ended up on the lock screen below. I don’t know how to get them back to the desktop. Can I reset it to factory settings? thanks!

Hello, on the home screen, press your finger on the display for two or three seconds, the inscriptions will appear below, select widgets, from the list, click on the clock widget.

The position of the clock on the lock screen does not change, I put different themes, nothing works, I did everything they write, I set up my phone myself, everything is beautiful for me, except for the location of the Huawei clock

Hello, maybe this is a crash after the update.

How to remove time from the lock screen?

The developers of Honor and Huawei smartphones did not provide a full opportunity to customize the desktop and lock screen, so there is no convenient way to completely remove time from the display (although sometimes such a function is still present in the settings). over, after updating Android to the latest version, users have lost the ability to install third-party launchers that change the appearance of the screen, and therefore it is better to immediately leave the venture and accept the presence of the clock. But the most stubborn individuals can try to make changes to the device.

change, screen, lock, time

How to put time on the lock screen?

Usually, phone owners do not have to set the lock screen time on their own, since it is already present by default, but if for some reason the clock is missing, you can return it:

  • changing the monitor style in the gadget settings and choosing a theme with a clock;
  • by downloading and installing the widget for the desktop.

Each of these approaches is equally effective, therefore, in order to once again be able to keep track of time, it is enough to choose the most convenient method and use it.

Turning off time

The easiest way to turn off the date display is to flash your phone. But users should take into account that such actions do not always lead to the desired result, and the manufacturer does not allow changing the software. That is, in the event of a mistake, the owner of the gadget will no longer have the right to warranty service, so the possible repair of the device will be paid. In addition, the installation of third-party programs and firmware requires certain knowledge and skills; inexperienced users are not recommended to take risks and make serious changes to the software.

How to Move, Remove and Reset Time on Huawei and Honor Lock Screen

Moving the time on the lock screen is not as easy as it seems to most users, since the EMUI shell used by Huawei and Honor has certain limitations. They can be called positive, since they bring order to the operation of the smartphone, but some features of the operating system make using the phone inconvenient. This also applies to the user’s self-placement of icons and time.

How to Move Time on Honor and Huawei Lock Screen?

To move or move the widget to a different location over time, you will need to re-configure the desktop theme. For this you need:

  • go to the smartphone settings;
  • open the security section and switch to the lock screen subsection;
  • go to the “screen style” tab and choose the most suitable from the proposed options, focusing on the location of the icons and icons suggested by the developers;
  • save the changes made.

There are no other ways to move, but phone owners have the opportunity to expand the number of styles available for use in the “themes” application.

How to remove double time on the lock screen?

To make double clocks disappear, showing different times, you can:

  • remove the widget that is responsible for displaying the time to the basket;
  • change the theme in the settings and install the option without additional, unnecessary information;
  • find the “double clock” item in the settings and deactivate it;
  • use the theme designer, independently creating the optimal screen view (for advanced users).
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There are no other methods to cope with the problem and achieve the desired result. Therefore, smartphone owners will have to choose from the above methods.

Why is the lock screen wrong time?

The most common reason the lock screen has the wrong time is due to out of order smartphone settings. Also, sometimes this happens due to the rash actions of device owners. To restore the watch to work properly, it is recommended:

  • find the section on the time and time zone in the phone menu and check the correctness of the settings;
  • activate automatic retrieval of information for the watch.

As a result, a different time will appear on the display, which will fully correspond to reality.

How to Customize Screen Lock Time on Huawei via Android Settings

The first method is to change the lock screen time on Android through the classic settings. In Android, the “Lock” item is responsible for this parameter.

There it is possible to adjust the time period of inactivity, after which the display fades and stops responding to your touch. The default is 30 seconds. However, it is possible to choose the following time frames:

  • 5/15/30 seconds;
  • 1/2/5/10/30 minutes.

Just put a tick in front of the indicator of interest, click “Save at the bottom” and reboot the device.

So that the display backlight does not turn off too quickly, it is better to immediately set the indicator that is right for you. If you want to turn off the display backlight faster, just press the power button on your Huawei or Honor.

Screen Lock Timer Delay App

Screen Lock Timer Delay software is a custom addition to smartphone functionality. Its main goal is to set a time period during which the auto-blocking will not work. You can download the software for free in the Play Store or any other source.

If a password, pattern or other Smart Owner Recognition is enabled in the Security section, you will have to enter it to access the desktop.

Benefits of automatic blocking

For experienced smartphone or tablet users, the advantages are obvious:

  • it is not pressed in a or bag;
  • the battery does not waste energy;
  • the gadget will not be used by those who do not know the password;
  • the device does not heat up due to operating for too long.

That is, after a certain time of inactivity, the tablet or phone goes into sleep mode.

How to increase screen lock time on Honor and Huawei smartphones

How to increase screen lock time? There are two options: through system settings and additional applications. Blocking is a reliable method to keep your information from others. It prevents accidental pressing and touching the display in your or bag. Quick hibernation is convenient on the one hand, but not on the other. For example, when you are reading or playing, it is inconvenient to constantly touch the sensor so that it does not go out. For such purposes, it is better to use the extension of active time.

Delayed Lock app

The Delayed Lock program settings also allow you to set the report before automatic locking. However, the software is downloaded in English and is not installed on all smartphones. For example, it doesn’t always work on HTC. Huawei and Honor models support it, but not all, but those with Android 5.0 and higher. It is also possible to download it from Google Play or another source on the Internet. The software is freely available and free.

Comparing these two options, it is possible to say that the first software is more convenient and understandable for beginners. The second is also functional, but the interface is less adapted for people who have not previously used such applications.

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