How to change the screen on iPhone 6

How to bring your iPhone back to life?

There is only one way to fix an iPhone on your own. when the problem is in the software. If the display malfunction is associated with mechanical damage, then, alas, you cannot do without specialists.

Often when the software hangs, the screen does not respond to user actions or a white screen appears. If this is your case, repairs can be carried out by restarting the iPhone or updating the firmware.

To restart, hold down the Power and Home button for about 10-15 seconds, as a result of which the phone should turn off. Turn on the gadget as usual.

To update the software, you must connect the gadget to your computer and update via iTunes. Open the “Overview” section and select “Update software”.

If the problem persists, then the cause of the breakdown is mechanical damage or moisture ingress. We do not recommend that you yourself try to replace the display on the iPhone 6 or 6 s model in this case. Better entrust this work to specialists!

Apple Service Center Locations

Restore iPhone display after damage

Display not working or not responding to touch? A fall, shock or other mechanical impact is a common cause of such damage. Usually such damage is accompanied by visible signs. broken glass, cracks on the case, etc. But it happens that there are no visible signs. In the event of a mechanical “injury” to the iPhone, there is only one solution. you need to replace the display module with a new one. Models 6 and 6s differ from each other in the presence of 3D touch function and screen size. In this regard, the cost of repairing the display module varies. If you need to replace the iPhone 6 display, then look at the cost and all the details of repairing this particular model.

Replacement cost

IPhone 6s, 6 display replacement

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Look for a trusted Apple service center?

90 days
repair warranty Free diagnostics
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IPhone 6 or 6s display not working? There is an exit!

IPhone display. one of the main advantages of the phone. Apple tried to make it as rich, bright as possible, add high resolution and an oleophobic coating. But with such excellent characteristics, the display is still prone to breakage. Common signs of display malfunction: does not show an image, does not respond to touch, crashed after being hit or dropped. Typically, if you find one of these reasons on your iPhone. You need a replacement display on your iPhone 6 / 6s.

Self-repair risks

Having seen that the service takes no more than 40 minutes, most iPhone owners think that it is very easy and decide to change the display on their own. As a rule, after one such decision, the user spends a lot of nerve cells, time, and then money on repeated repairs.

The fact is that Apple reliably protected its products from unwanted intrusion of an ordinary user.

First of all. the front of the iPhone is a single hermetically glued module that includes a display, touchscreen and glass. Therefore, during repairs, it is not necessary to remove the back panel, as in other phones, but the entire front module.

Secondly. the display module is connected to the main body by three types of loops and if at least one of them is damaged, you are already doomed to replace one more component.

Thirdly. all parts inside the iPhone 6c or 6 are tightly covered with special protective stickers and films. If one of them is damaged, the manufacturer voids the owner of the warranty for the device.

And finally, self-repair always carries the risk of damaging any other part. If you are faced with such a problem, on our website you can find out how much it costs to repair the iPhone 6.

If you have problems with your gadget, it is better to immediately contact the service center.

IPhone repair after water ingress

Another reason for the breakdown of the display can be water ingress. Problems usually do not start immediately, but after some time. As soon as water gets into the phone, it must be urgently dried, and then immediately contact the service center. The faster you do this, the less corrosion will damage the insides of the gadget and you will be able to make cheaper repairs.

We will help you!

Come to InApple! We will replace your display with an original and high-quality one, stick a protective film as a gift and offer the best price. You will also receive an official guarantee for the repair of your smartphone.

Why is it important to replace the screen on the iPhone 6 plus in a timely manner?

The appearance of cracks on the display leads not only to discomfort and partial refusal of the touchscreen to touch, but also to mechanical damage to the gadget system. Dust and water get through small cracks, which negatively affects the performance of the device.

When a web of cracks appears on the iPhone glass, it is important to immediately contact the service center masters in order to avoid additional problems that will result in expensive repairs.

Replacing the glass (sensor), separately from the phone screen:

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The most asked question. need to repair the screen (sensor replacement) of the phone or replace the phone screen.

This question will be professionally answered by the masters of our service center for repairing phones after a short diagnostics. As a result of diagnosing the phone, the service center wizard will determine whether replacing the touch screen or the phone’s body glass will help, or if the phone’s display module assembly needs to be replaced. By repairing the phone screen, we mean the separation of a broken touch glass or cracked body glass of the phone (stratification of the display module) with the further replacement of the glass of the phone screen with a new one, by using the OCA technology.

Symptoms in which it is possible to repair and replace a broken sensor (glass) of the phone:

Symptoms for which you need to replace the phone screen assembly:

IPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

Want to quickly and efficiently change the screen on the IPhone 6 Plus? Multiservice experts will install the original part, providing a guarantee for both the spare part and the service. Screen repair on iPhone 6 plus is performed at the service center office in order to comply with technological standards.

The cost of replacing the IPhone 6 Plus screen. from 500 UAH.

The order is completed within one working day, but the process can be accelerated if the client orders a prompt repair service. Ask all your questions to the consultant of our company.

What are the guarantees for the replacement of the IPhone 6 Plus display provided by the service?

Multiservice is changing the display using a tried and tested technology. This allows you to restore the integrity of the display without damaging the gadget system. By contacting Multiservice, the client receives a number of advantages:

  • IPhone 6 Plus Display Replacement Made Using High Quality Replicas
  • The client saves on repairs, since only the display is changed, and not the entire module
  • The device retains its factory qualities, color rendition does not deteriorate

For work and installed parts, a warranty is issued for a period of 1 year.

If you’re looking for a quality iPhone 6 screen replacement, come to Multiservice. Experts will carry out the work quickly and inexpensively.

Moisture in iPhone

The most dangerous type of damage to your phone is water ingress. After your gadget has “drowned”, it takes only 2-3 hours to start the process of destruction of internal components. If the proper measures are not taken right away, the chances of survival of your gadget will be significantly reduced. Corrosion will affect every single part of the iPhone 6c or 6. This will cause smudges, streaks, streaks or other signs of breakage to appear on the phone. Find out what to do if iPhone 6 has streaks after interacting with water.

We do not recommend trying to dry the phone yourself, it is better to immediately contact the service center!

Apple service center addresses. Replacement cost

Replacing the screen may be required if your gadget is broken, multi-colored stripes appear on it, the picture disappears or the touchscreen does not work. InApple will repair your phone in your presence in just 20 minutes! Save your time and trust our service specialists.

IPhone 6, 6s screen replacement

The iPhone screen, starting from the fourth model, is glued with a touchscreen and glass in order to avoid the accumulation of dust, moisture and make the screen more reliable. Therefore, if your screen is broken, a SIMple replacement for an iPhone 6 or 6s model is indispensable, you need to change the entire display module.

Replace Screen on iPhone 6 After Impact

Crashed iPhone after impact? We can fix this easily. we will replace the faulty screen and your gadget will work like new!

Look for a trusted Apple service center?

90 days
repair warranty Free diagnostics
devices Repair price
Will not change

Service network
next to the metro Repair at the client
100% quality in 25 minutes,
new parts

Mechanical damage to iPhone

Mechanical damage. biggest threat to iPhone 6s screen. Problems usually start after a fall or hit. Surely you have heard more than once from your friends that the iPhone fell from a height, onto a hard surface or got into other unpleasant situations and remained intact. But such falls do not always end well. In 50% of cases, the phone breaks and then you need to replace the screen with an iPhone 6 or 6s.

After a breakdown, you may notice an incorrect reaction of the touchscreen, stripes or the absence of an image. But the most fragile part, of course, is the display module. Check iPhone 6 Screen Replacement on InApple.

There are also more complex cases of mechanical malfunctions, when no visible signs appear during damage, but the insides of the gadget suffer. In addition to the screen, many components can break, including cables, battery and other parts. For this reason, it is imperative to carry out preliminary diagnostics of the phone and determine which components are faulty.

Why you can’t replace the flog yourself?

Replacing the screen is a rather complicated process and it is practically impossible to make it efficiently at home.

First of all. You will not be able to make a preliminary diagnosis on your own in order to understand the real causes of the breakdown. This requires staff experience and equipment.

Secondly. the design of the display module mounts is rather complicated, and independent attempts to remove the module can end in disastrous results. When disconnecting, you can damage the cables, which are a kind of bridge between the motherboard and the display. Surely you do not need additional and not cheap costs for changing loops.

Thirdly. It is practically impossible for an ordinary user of a gadget to distinguish a high-quality original display from a fake, so there is a risk of changing the screen to an even worse one and again running into the cost of repeated repairs.

Repairing an iPhone 6 in a service center will not take long, will not cost much and will not require additional costs for fixing errors. Therefore, weigh the pros and cons before you want to replace the screen yourself.

We will fix your iPhone!

You should not take the risks of self-repair, it is better to come to InApple. We will make free diagnostics, give a guarantee and present a protective film for your phone. The cost of work includes details and work of the master. If the problem is hidden not only in the screen, we will identify the rest of the reasons for the breakdown and repair them. Trust your iPhone to InApple!

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Required set of tools

Very often, after self-repair, unpleasant consequences remain. Some of them are chips and scratches that SIMply spoil the appearance, while others, like ruptured loops, can lead to the need for re-repair. This happens not only due to negligence during the repair, but also due to the lack of the necessary tools. In order to replace the screen with 6 “iPhone” without such consequences, you need to acquire the following set:

Preparing for repair

Replacing the screen with an “iPhone 6”, as with any other phone, should be done on a flat, clean and well-lit surface. It is necessary to free the workplace from other things. It is also recommended to use small boxes to collect fasteners in them. The repairman’s hands should be clean and dry, preferably wearing gloves. Before starting repairs, turn off the phone and remove the cable and headphones from it. If the voltage is not enough to harm a person, then it is enough for a short circuit in the phone. In this case, replacing the screen with 6 “iPhone” will not be the last repair operation for its owner. Most likely, expensive motherboard repairs will be required.

So, all preparatory operations are completed. You can start directly replacing the screen.

remove the protective screen panel

Repair “iPhone 6” (screen replacement) is completed by removing the metal panel that protects the inside of the display. To do this, unscrew the seven screws that are located around the perimeter of the front panel.

Now lift the display connector with tweezers.

disconnect the main function key

Now you need to remove the protective cover of the Home button. To do this, unscrew the three screws located on it using a screwdriver.

Next, remove the protective panel with tweezers and disconnect the home button loop with an opener or spatula. Before removing the key itself, it must be heated with a special hair dryer or a SIMple light bulb. This is because the home button is factory-taped for tightness.

remove the protective panel of the loops

Having lifted up the screen, you can see the front panel cables, which are located next to the main camera. Further screen replacement “iPhone 6″ cannot proceed without disconnecting them. First you need to remove the protective metal panel that blocks access to them. This can be done by unscrewing the five screws. These screws have different diameters, so do not mix them up when reassembling.

After removing the screws, lift the protective panel with tweezers. A number of trains will open before us.

open the phone case

You need to find two slots on the bottom of the phone near the lightning connector. These slots contain the star head screws. Unscrew them using a pentalobe screwdriver. We place the screws in a separate box.

Now carefully remove the display cover. To do this, you need a screen sucker. This is to prevent damage to the seal between the glass and the body. Such damage often occurs when replacing the screen “iPhone 6″ is done using improvised items. As a result, you can get a leaky phone case after reassembly. In this case, replacing the iPhone 6 screen will impair the protective properties of the phone.

The suction cup must be located next to the Home button. Now you should pull it a little. This caution is explained by the fact that the cover, in addition to screws, is fastened with a series of latches that are located along the perimeter of the phone case. You should carefully pull each of them one by one.

Replacing the screen with 6 “iPhone”: instruction. IPhone 6 repair: screen replacement. IPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

The display of any phone is its most fragile and vulnerable spot. The iPhone 6 screen is no exception. Since its screen was enlarged to 5.5 inches, the likelihood of breaking the phone has also increased. If you break the screen, it will be very expensive to officially replace the screen with 6 “iPhone” and will take several weeks. So, if you have the necessary knowledge and care when performing all the actions, replacing the screen on 6 “iPhone” yourself is the best choice.

Previously, it was impossible to independently repair the iPhone, so it was difficult to do all the required operations without the use of specialized equipment. Therefore, self-repair ability was low. But for the latest smartphone models, this figure is an acceptable seven out of ten points.

This article describes how to replace the iPhone 6 screen. The instructions, if followed exactly, will help you do the repair yourself. In this case, it will take you from 10 minutes to half an hour.

However, it should be warned that self-repair of the phone leads to the loss of the warranty for the device. Also, with careless repairs, you can run into a number of troubles as a result. Therefore, the owner, repairing the device on his own, does it at his own peril and risk and must strictly follow the entire procedure described in this article. So, self-replacement of the screen for 6 “iPhone”: step by step instructions.

disconnect the front panel cables

We sequentially disconnect the cables of the front camera, speaker, main function key and display. It is recommended to do this using special bottle openers. The procedure must be carried out with extreme caution, as careless execution can damage loops or connectors and, therefore, possible interruptions in operation or expensive repairs. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, then replacing the screen on the iPhone 6 plus should be carried out in official service centers.

If only the glass of the phone is broken

Quite often, when the phone is damaged, only glass is broken, while the screen matrix remains functional. In this case, it would be reasonable to SIMply replace the glass with a new one, which will allow the owner to save money. However, in this case, you still have to turn to experienced craftsmen for help, since replacing glass on your own can hardly be done correctly. This is due to the fact that the glass itself is firmly attached with glue, and it is impossible to remove it without using special equipment. To do this, you will need a special hair dryer to heat the screen, a glue remover, the specialized glue itself and an ultraviolet lamp. All this is quite expensive, so it would be more reasonable to contact a specialized workshop. Otherwise, there is a great risk of spoiling the screen matrix. So if you are replacing the iPhone 6 (original) screen yourself, it is better to replace the entire screen unit by following the instructions given.

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How to make WhatsApp dark theme on iPhone?

There are three ways to enable Dark Theme in WhatsApp (after updating the app to the latest version):

  • Open your iOS Settings, go to the “Display & Brightness” section and check the box under “Dark”.
  • Press and hold the brightness slider in Control Center, in the menu that appears, press the Dark button.

How to enable dark theme on iOS 12?

The appearance of a full-fledged dark theme is hinted at by the “Smart-inversion” mode, which is available in the “General” settings menu, “Accessibility”, “Display adaptation”, “Color inversion”. Apple is improving it with the release of each new version of the operating system, and it began to work much better on iOS 12.

How to change screen color on iPhone?

You can do this on any iPhone or iPad, just go to Settings. General. Accessibility. Display adaptation. Light filters. Here you need to turn on the filters with the main switch, select the Tint mode and adjust the intensity and hue with the sliders below.

What to do if iPhone has a black screen but it works?

You can reboot the black screen on a running iPhone. When the device freezes, restart usually helps. Press the power button and the Home button at the same time and hold for 20 seconds until the corporate logo appears. If the dark screen does not disappear after that, then the problem should be looked for in another.

How to remove black screen on iPhone?

Tap Accessibility VoiceOver Screen Curtain. This option activates screen dimming when VoiceOver is turned on. To turn off Screen Curtain, repeat these steps. May 13, 2020.

How to make a dark theme on iPhone 6?

Using Dark Mode on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Go to the “Settings” “Display and brightness”.
  • Select “Dark” to enable dark mode.

How to change the background on iPhone to white?

You can switch between dark and light themes through the Settings app. Go to the “Display and brightness” section and choose the appropriate design.

How to change the background on iPhone 6? How to turn off dark theme?

If you are using Android OS 10 and above:

  • Open the Settings section on your device.
  • Click Display.
  • Turn off the Dark Theme option.

IPhone 6 Repair

The price depends on the degree of damage to the device by moisture.

The price depends on the complexity of the work in each specific case.

The price depends on the amount of information.

IPhone 6 breakdowns and repair features

iPhone has taken first place in the market for its quality and performance. But even first-class equipment needs repair after certain situations or long-term service.

Often the reasons for the incorrect operation of the iPhone 6 are:

ingress of moisture or dust into the case;

Diagnostics iPhone 6 will help determine the breakdown and solve the problem.

What are the breakdowns of iPhone 6?

Malfunctions can occur in different ways:

speaker or sound does not work;

the phone does not charge or runs out of power quickly;

the display does not work correctly;

Wi-Fi does not pick up a signal;

the sensor and the Home button do not respond to commands;

the camera does not focus and takes poor-quality pictures;

the phone does not turn on.

You do not hear the interlocutor or he you. speaker problems. Most often this happens if dust has accumulated on the speaker and the iPhone has been used for a long time in this state.

Can’t charge your phone or charging is enough for a short time. You need to replace the battery on your iPhone 6. The battery problem may be due to the use of low-quality chargers. If the phone gets very hot or only works on the mains. the breakdown must be looked for on the motherboard in the power controller.

Stripes, pixels appeared on the screen, the image is deformed, the touchscreen does not work. the reason is in the display. The problem usually occurs after being hit / dropped or damp. The sensor does not respond to pressing, executes spontaneous commands. faulty touch controller.

Home button stops working if dropped, hit, or got wet.

You want to call someone, but the phone cannot see the network. the reason may be either in the SIM card itself or in the communication modem.

Problems with Wi-Fi may occur through a poor signal or incorrect operation of the Wi-Fi module.

You decide to take a great photo, but the camera does not focus or the image is blurry. the reason may be software failures, mechanical damage or moisture in the case.

And the worst problem. iPhone 6 won’t turn on. In this case, we advise you to SIMultaneously press the Home and Power buttons and hold them for 10 seconds. If it does not help, the reason may be:

a failed battery or power controller;

short circuit on the system board;

problems with the battery cable.

IPhone 6 repair

Our service center will conduct a free diagnosis of the iPhone 6 and establish the cause of the breakdown. As soon as possible, specialists will fix the problem, and you will be able to continue to fully use your iPhone.

In case of incorrect battery operation, we suggest:

replacing the battery (if you often charged the phone in the car or used a non-original charger);

unsoldering the power controller chip on the system board (if the reason is in the controller).

Replacing the glass iРhone 6 consists of several stages. With the help of special equipment, we remove the remains of broken glass. After that, we glue a new one, according to factory technologies.

In case of display problems. we install the original screen taken from the donor phone or a high quality copy (at your request).

Network problems are corrected by replacing the non-working microcircuit on the motherboard using the exact desoldering method.

We start Bluetooth repair with correct flashing. If after that the phone does not work correctly. we replace the faulty antenna or microcircuit.

If you’re having sound or speaker problems, there are two repair options: cleaning your iPhone or replacing the flex cable. It all depends on the degree of pollution. In the case when the phone has been working with dust on the speaker for a long time, we will replace the cable.

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