How to change the screensaver on your computer screen

How to change the startup screen saver for PC or desktop in Windows 10

It is rare for some of the users to see a purely black screen on a computer or laptop. Most often these are beautiful landscapes, favorite heroes of games, comics, cartoons, cars, food, and more. But not everyone knows how to change the screensaver on Windows 10. We will deal with this issue in this article.

Since when users ask such a question in a search, they mean completely different concepts, we will deal with all of them. First, I’ll tell you how to change the wallpaper on your desktop. they are also sometimes called a screensaver. Secondly, let’s figure out how to change the background for the lock screen. And the last one. it will be a screen saver that appears on the screen when you are not working at the computer.

Change the picture on the desktop

To change the screensaver on the desktop in Windows 10, you need to go to “Settings”. This is done either through the “Start”. the gear icon, or using the WinI key combination. Then choose the section “Personalization”.

In the menu on the left, select the “Background” tab (1). At the very top there will be a preview window (2). That is, you can see how this or that background will look.

You can select “Photo” as the background. Solid Color or Slideshow. Let’s deal with the first item. “Photo” (3).

You can choose an image either one of the presented ones (4), or you can set any of your own picture or snapshot. If you want to put your own picture, then click “Browse” (5), and then, through the opened explorer window, find it on your computer.

The item “Select position” (6) will allow you to choose how the picture will be displayed on the screen. It can be tiled, stretched, filled the entire screen, etc.

To make the photo look beautiful, not enlarged in the center, or there are no black bars on the sides, select it in accordance with the resolution selected on your PC or laptop.

If you want to change the desktop background and make it a solid color, then select “Solid color” from the list (1). From the presented tiles, click on the one you like (2). If you want to define your color, then use the button “Additional color” (3).

A slideshow can be used as a background on the desktop (1). Select this item, and then specify the folder where the pictures that will be used during the slide show are stored. To do this, click on the “Browse” button (2), find the folder and select it. Note that it is the folder, but not the individual images. All folders that are specified in the “Select albums for slideshow” block (3) will be used. That is, the images will be taken from everyone, and not from any specific.

Scroll down the page and specify the options you want for the slideshow. There is time for changing pictures, shuffle, playback, when the laptop is powered by battery, the position of the pictures.

For those who just want to change the screensaver on the desktop to another picture, and you are not interested in changing them or a solid background, you can use the “Photos” application. which is built in by default in Windows 10. Open your image in it, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, and select “Set as”. “Set as background”.

Change the image on the lock screen

When you turn on your computer or laptop, after loading the operating system, a lock screen appears on the screen. This is a picture that displays a date with a clock and important notifications. Press any button and a field for entering a password appears, or just the “Login” button to enter the operating system, if there is no password.

So, if you want to change the splash screen when entering Windows 10, then go to “Settings”. “Personalization”. as written above. Next, go to the “Lock Screen” tab and choose what you want to use as the background. Pictures can be selected automatically by the system, you can choose your own image or put a slide show.

You can learn more about all these options and other settings about Honor in the article: customizing the lock screen in Windows 10. To see how the installed image will look, press the WinL combination. As a result, the computer will be locked and the image of your choice will appear. Then you will need to enter the password and you can continue working on the PC.

Where the images are stored

The standard pictures are very good and many people like it. Therefore, in this paragraph we will answer the question: where are the pictures for the desktop stored in Windows 10.

Before starting, go to explorer. WinE combination. Next, on the “View” tab, select the “Show or hide” block and check the “File name extensions” and “Hidden items” items with the checkboxes.

This folder contains a picture that is set as the background for the desktop at the moment. Change the background. the picture in the folder will change.

change, screensaver, computer, screen

Now go to the path: C: \ Windows \ Web. In the “4K” folder. there will be different sizes of the standard dozens image. In the “Screen” folder there are pictures of the lock screen, which we will talk about further. Come to the daddy “Wallpaper”.

In it you will find images that can be selected by default as the background for the desktop, or that are used for themes saved on the computer.

If the OS is not activated

If for some reason Windows 10 is not activated for you, then you will not be able to change the desktop screensaver through the “Options” window. The item we need will simply be inactive. So try to do everything through the “Photos” application. as written above.

You can also use the context menu of the picture. Find it either on the desktop, or through the explorer in some folder and right-click on it. Then from the context menu select “Set as Desktop Image”.

Please note that the next time you turn on your computer, the desktop will turn black again. Therefore, it is most convenient to store the picture for the phono directly on the table. Then, after turning on the PC, it will be convenient to install it.

Screen saver activation

And finally, let’s deal with another version of the screensaver, which, in my opinion, is the most accurate if we talk about the definition of the word. this is a screensaver. A picture or animation of the screensaver appears after the computer has been inactive for a certain period of time. Then you move the mouse and the screen shows where you left off again.

To enable it, in the “Personalization” section go to the “Lock screen” tab. Then click on “Screen saver options”.

A window will open, which was in XP and in the seven. In it, select a screensaver from the list of available ones and set the parameters for it. Then save your changes.

If you check the box next to “Start at the login screen”. then after the splash screen you will not have a desktop, but a lock screen (which was discussed above). This can come in handy if you are moving away from PC. We returned, moved the mouse, entered the password on the lock screen and continued working. This way you can be sure that no stranger will enter your system.

All available screensavers are stored in the path: C: \ Windows \ System32. In order not to search for them in a large list, enter “.scr” into the search bar. All files shown with this extension are screensavers. If they are not enough for you, you can download screensavers from the Internet. Be sure to check them for viruses.

If you just downloaded a file, then move it to this folder, and the splash screen will appear in the drop-down list. If you have an installer file, just run it and everything will be ready.

I tried to analyze all the options that can be understood when talking about the screensaver in Windows 10. Now you can change the background on the desktop, change the picture that appears when the computer boots and when you enter the password, or install a suitable screensaver.

Using W10 Logon BG changer to change background on password input screen

Very important: it is reported that on Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update) the program causes problems and inability to log in. At the office. the developer’s site also indicates that it does not work on builds 14279 and later. Better use the standard login screen customization options in Settings. Personalization. Lock Screen.

The described program does not require installation on a computer. Immediately after downloading the zip archive and unpacking it, you need to run the W10 Logon BG Changer executable file from the GUI folder. The program requires administrator rights to work.

The first thing that you will see after launch is a warning that you assume all responsibility for using the program (which I also warned about at the beginning). And after your consent, the main window of the program will start in Russian (provided that in Windows 10 it is used as the interface language).

Using the utility should not cause any difficulties even for novice users: in order to change the background of the login screen in Windows 10, click on the image of the picture in the “Background file name” field and select a new background image from your computer (I recommend that it be in that same resolution as your screen).

Immediately after selection, on the left side you will see how it will look when you log in (in my case, everything was displayed somewhat flattened). And, if the result suits you, you can click the “Apply changes” button.

After receiving the notification that the background has been successfully changed, you can close the program and then log out (or lock it with the Windows L keys) to see if everything worked.

Additionally, it is possible to set a one-color lock background without a picture (in the corresponding section of the program) or return all parameters to their default values ​​(the “Restore factory settings” button below).

How to change the background of the login screen in Windows 10

In Windows 10, there is no easy way to change the background of the login screen (the screen with a choice of user and password), there is only the ability to change the background image of the lock screen, while the standard picture continues to be used for the login screen.

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Also, at the moment, I do not know of a way to change the background at the entrance, without using third-party programs. Therefore, in the current article at the moment there is only one way: using the free Windows 10 Logon Background Changer program (Russian interface language is present). There is also a way to just turn off the background image without using programs, which I will also describe.

Note: this kind of programs that change system parameters can, in theory, lead to problems with the operation of the operating system. Therefore, be careful: everything went well in my test, but I cannot guarantee that it will also work without problems for you.

Update 2018: in the latest versions of Windows 10, the lock screen background can be changed in Settings. Personalization. Lock screen, i.e. the methods described below are no longer relevant.

Additional Information

There is a way to turn off the background image on the Windows 10 login screen using Registry Editor. In this case, the background color will be used “Primary color”, which is set in the personalization settings. The essence of the method comes down to the following steps:

  • In Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ System
  • Create a DWORD parameter named DisableLogonBackgroundImage and value 00000001 in this section.

When changing the last one to zero, the standard background of the password entry screen returns again.

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Hello. When starting 8ki after loading, you can do something to immediately open the working table, and not the initial screen. In 10ke, in the properties of the task manager in the Navigation section, there is no such function anymore, maybe you know another way or it is impossible to change it. Thank you.

Hello. You can do this in the start menu settings (type start menu in the search box). Disable or enable Open Start Full Screen.

You should use this (W10 Logon BG changer) program very carefully. After the reboot, the monitor began to blink. it would show a blank screen, or the initial splash screen (lock). It was not possible to reboot into safe mode (I read that there was such a mode, but doubted). On a nearby PC, I created a bootable USB flash drive and rolled back to the checkpoint. Perhaps the point is that the new picture was of a different resolution.

I know an easy way to change the greeting picture without programs.
1. In the start menu, enter WinR “regedit” and press Enter. the registry editor opens;
2. Right-click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click “Find”;
3. In the window, enter OEMBackground and click “Find Next”;
4. Right-click on the OEMBackground, then “Change” and in a new window, in the “Values” section, change 0 to 1;
5. Close everything and go to C: \ Windows \ System32 \ oobe and create a new “info” folder there, and in this folder create a backgrounds folder;
6. This is where we insert the background image.
The size of the picture is no more than 245 kb, and the name of the picture must be backgroundDefault

Search does not work. precisely, this key is not in the registry. Here’s what you need:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrenTVersion \ Authentication \ LogonUI \ Background
“OEMBackground” = dword: 00000001

Everything is much simpler. Account Settings / Login Options / Lock Screen.
And change what you want to what you want.

This method does not work with the registry. And he made the folders and reduced the photo. NEA.

When I change the background, I write an error there was an error while executing the application and it will be shutdown how to fix?

Perhaps the application does not want to work in new versions of Win 10. In any case, there is some kind of malfunction of the program, but I don’t know exactly how to fix it, you need to try.

After this, the thresholds are black screen and do not log in. The most recent 10ka. Don’t put it it.

It’s strange. Although I did not test it myself on the latest version.

if it’s the latest Windows 10? and when changing logon after reboot, a black screen and only the mouse cursor, then the solution to the problem is simple:
1) you must have WinPE 10 on hand
2) boot from WinPe 10 disk
3) go to the disk with Windows 10 installed
4) here is the path Windows \ SystemResources \ Windows.UI.Logon \
5) delete the Windows.UI.Logon.pri file, and rename the Windows.UI.Logon.pri.bak file to Windows.UI.Logon.pri
6) Reboot

ATTENTION ALL ALL ALL! Who has black screen problems after using this program:
I just also had a problem with a black screen, and following the instructions on the video. IT WORKED OUT!

Thank. The essence of the video, for those who find it easier this way:

Generally. but I do not have this file it says that the specified file cannot be found

Thank you, Tarenochka! Words cannot express my gratitude! I already thought everything

I learned a lot of useful things on your site, but at the moment this article is not entirely correct.
I don’t know how in other versions, but in 1703 and 1709, you can now change the background of the login screen in Windows 10 using Windows tools.
It is necessary on the “lock screen” tab from the “background” drop-down menu to select (instead of “Windows: interesting”) the “Photo” option.
Then choose any photo.
In this case, the switch “Show the background image of the lock screen on the login screen” should be in the “on” position
Himself 2 years lived with a picture from the cave. finally removed it! Good luck!

Vadim, thanks, everything worked. Zadolbala cave!

Is it possible to find out what is shown in the Windows 10 welcome photo?

Thank you so much! RepairPro PROFESSIONAL.

Hello Dmitry! Problem with selecting a picture on the Lock screen (W10 2004): the Background button is inactive, you cannot select a photo or slide show. The rest of the buttons in this window work. At the top of the window there is an inscription: “some of these parameters are hidden or controlled by your organization.” What other org-her? There is no need for it. not under me, I am a lonely and elderly user (86 years old). Where did this problem come from, I did not keep track of, I tried to intervene. I used gpedit.msc on and off the prohibition of the EB image, nothing has changed, the button does not work. In the internet, I also did not find an answer on what to do with an inactive button, all hope is for you, Dmitry. Please, give good advice on how to get rid of this byaki. Do not be lazy to write, it is better to my e-mail. Respectfully, Isaac.

Such a message (about organization) appears when some settings have been changed in the local group policy editor or the registry (or using third-party programs that change these settings there).
I recommend going to the local group policy editor (gpedit.msc) in the computer configuration. administrative templates. control panel. personalization. And see what happened to the politicians. By default, all should be “not set”.

I listened to you, looked at the RLGP, what I experimented with (I had to modify the Home Windows for the gpedit.msc installation), and there remained “disabled”, changed to “not assigned”, rebooted, and voila, everything came to life, including the button Background in EB. Victory! Thank you for the tip and I will not bother you again. Glory to you, glory to Remontka! Isaac.

I looked in the RLGP-ke, there the prohibition of the EB image was “disabled”, changed it to “not set” to reboot and was delighted. the Background button came to life! But not for long, reopening the window brought everything back to its former inactivity. I don’t know what else to do. Isaac.

And this is already strange. Do you have any third-party programs installed to change the design of the system? Maybe they somehow influence and prescribe their policies?

Hello Dmitry! I unsubscribe a second time (a debt of honor after my appeal to you, I don’t see yesterday’s comment, disappeared, or did you read it?) Briefly: the problem was solved with the help of the author of the article on this topic, in two stages, first resetting the RLGP settings by a command from the admin lines, then changing the value 1 to 0 of the NoLockScreen parameter in the registry. Everything came to life and worked correctly, even the message “controlled by your org” disappeared. Thank you for your advice and participation, I wish you health and success, Isaac.

How to change the screensaver on the Windows desktop

Sometimes you want to change the desktop background on the main OS screen. This is often referred to as a splash screen. In this article, we will tell you how you can change the desktop background, as well as what kind of screensavers there are.

How to change your desktop wallpaper in Windows 10

In Windows 10, changing the wallpaper is also easy. Here it is also possible to set the background by right-clicking on the image, with the selection in the context menu of the item “Set as desktop background”.

To change the wallpaper through the personalization settings, you need to click on any free space on the desktop with the right mouse button, select the required context menu item (as described above for Windows 7) and select the “Background” section in the left pane

In the right pane, standard background images are available, the ability to specify a folder (the “Browse” button) with custom pictures or photos, and you can also select a slideshow mode to periodically switch the desktop wallpaper.

As you can see, changing the wallpaper in the Windows operating system is very easy.

Good time, friends! In today’s release, there will be a topic known to most, but relevant, because some significant part of users periodically have questions. We are getting used to our computer, we want to make our workplace beautiful and comfortable.

There are points to be aware of when you want to change the look of folders, desktop, and windows. Sometimes it works, sometimes not very well. We read further and find out how this is done.

How to change the screensaver on the Windows7 desktop if there is no personalization (Windows7 Starter, Windows7 Basic, Home)

Many users, after reinstalling Windows 7, cannot change their desktop themes due to the lack of this functionality. This was done on purpose. Windows 7 was released in several editions and you have to pay extra for beauty. Therefore, in the lower editions (“Initial” and “Home Basic”) there is no personalization setting as such.

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But this can be easily fixed by upgrading your edition to, for example, “Home Premium”. This is done very simply. It is necessary to go to the properties of the computer (through the “Start” menu)

Next, the wizard will ask you to specify the update key:

Each edition of Windows 7 has its own key. Choose any below from the list. It is necessary to take into account the performance of the computer when installing the “Maximum” edition. I wrote about this in great detail in the article, which is referenced at the beginning of this chapter. Here is a list of codes:




Paste the code into the form and follow the instructions of the Update Wizard.

To avoid receiving a large list of updates from the Microsoft website, you can disconnect your Internet connection. The promotion process then takes ten to fifteen minutes.

on types of screensavers

This method will fill the entire screen with a monotone color. Suitable for undemanding users, or if for some reason there is no user image library.

After choosing “Color” you just need to choose the color you like from the suggested ones. This method does not consume a lot of system resources, almost does not load the video card and is very suitable for weak computers (meaning a configuration that still “pulls” Windows 10).

Slide show

Allows you to create rotating images from system or your own. Suitable if you are not satisfied with solid fill or static photography, and the image library is rich enough.

After selecting this item in the menu, you need to select the folder where the images are located, then. set the frequency of changing the images. This method loads the video card somewhat more due to the dynamics. Also, frequent image changes tire the eyes and is not recommended for people with or predisposed to epilepsy. It is better to set if the computer is slightly higher than the configuration required for the system, at least for the video card.

A static photo that occupies the entire desktop or part of it. Suitable if you just want a better monotonous screensaver, but you don’t want to use a slideshow. There are two ways to set a photo as wallpaper:

  • Select the “Photo” option through the personalization menu and specify the storage location for the image.
  • Call the context menu on the image and select “Set as desktop photon” in it

Such a background loads the video card slightly more than a solid background, but over time it can get boring. Good if your computer has few images. In addition, the OS has a good selection of its own wallpapers.

Where to find screen savers

There are a large assortment of screensavers on the Web. There you can find static, animated screensavers. Fans of computer games will be able to find something for themselves, more mundane users will choose something neutral for themselves.

IMPORTANT! In fact, screen savers are executable files, so a virus can be introduced with them and under the guise of them. To prevent this from happening, check the downloaded files with an antivirus or a special Internet service.

How to change the screensaver on the computer screen in Windows7 maximum?

Windows 7 is still in the lead! than 50% of users still use it. It is stable, reliable and familiar. With the advent of the “seven” we learned about the themes of the desktop. This is a special software package of several beautiful photographs of a certain subject. After being installed on a computer, the images are replaced by each other. To change the theme yourself, you need to go to the “Control Panel”

Next, go to “Change theme”. The default themes are frankly about nothing, they are simplistic and shouldn’t be dwelt on. We are interested in “Other topics on the Internet”

You will be taken to the Microsoft website, where you can download your favorite theme of your favorite topic. For example, you have selected the one you need; after downloading the theme file you need to run:

You can download many themes at once; they will all appear in the My Themes category. By choosing any there, you thus change the selected design theme:

If you are not interested in topics, you can use any photo you like as a desktop screen saver. To do this, simply right-click on the open photo and select the option “Set as desktop background”. This is probably familiar to everyone:

Download the wallpaper here; or we use any digital photos from our personal archive. Everything should be beautiful and just the way you want.

How to change the lock screen background in Windows 10?

The lock screen should be distinguished from the welcome screen. The first is activated when the device is locked, when the system is rebooted, or when it wakes up from sleep mode. It is a kind of prototype of the lock screen that we often use on touchscreen phones. In Windows 10, you can change the background of this lock screen. To do this, just follow these steps:

  • Click “Start”, select “Options”. Here we select the section “Personalization”.
  • In the left menu, select the subsection “Lock screen”.
  • Here you can choose as a screensaver both a standard Windows theme and your own photo, picture.
  • You can also specify the activation time for the lock screen.

If you want to disable the background on the login screen, you need to edit the registry key.

  • The Registry Editor will open. Go to the branch “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ System”. Here you need to create a DWORD parameter with the name “DisableLogonBackgroundImage” and the value “00000001”. To do this, right-click on the “System” section and select “Create”, then “DWORD Parameter”.
  • If you set this parameter to “0”, the previously set background for the lock screen will return.

It should be noted that the background will still be displayed, only the standard one from Windows 10.

Change the background image

The deep blue color in which the welcome screen is painted is boring to many very quickly. And if the lock screen picture is extremely easy to change by means of the system, then with the login screen everything is not so simple. Microsoft did not provide such an opportunity when creating Windows 10.

By the way, it is quite easy to change the boring image on the blocking panel. You just need to go through the “Settings” to “Personalization” and find the appropriate item there.

Fortunately, this need has been taken care of by third-party developers. They created a special utility called Windows 10 Login Background Changer. This program is easily searchable on the Internet and does not even require downloading. You just need to start it and select a new image on the screen.

Installing a slideshow

We figured out how to change the screensaver on the Windows 10 desktop, but there is a more detailed and interesting feature of the system. this is the creation of a slideshow. Thus, on the lock screen you will enjoy not just one, single picture, but they will gradually change.

How do I remove the second Windows from my computer? Optimizing Windows 10

To install such a special effect, in the same section of the menu, in the “Background” drop-down list, select “Slide Show” instead of “Photo”. After that, you can specify the folder where the target images are located, and they will be broadcast to the desired screen.

There is also a link “Advanced options”, in it you can more subtly specify which screensaver you are interested in when you turn on your Windows 10 computer and its behavior. You can set the transition to blocking mode when there is no activity, set filtering images by a suitable size and tell the system whether there is a need to take photos from the “Film” folder. You can also specify whether to turn off the monitor when playing a slideshow.

Such a simple function will help diversify the work with your system, so the Windows 10 screen saver will change at a certain interval. Nevertheless, this move will not increase the productivity of using a PC, but setting up broadcast applications can do it.

How to use the utility

You need to find and download this application to your device. Preferably from trusted sources to avoid virus infection of your computer. After that, the downloaded archive is unpacked into a convenient directory.

Important! Using the utility can lead to errors in the operating system, since it changes the initial parameters. Although the probability is small, it is worth considering.

To run the application, you need to find the GUI folder in the selected directory and open it. It contains the executable file W10 Logon BG Changer. It is required to run the utility and work with it. For it to work correctly, you need to use administrator rights.

As soon as you start the program, an information window with a warning will appear. If you agree to the risk, just click Yes and continue working.

So, we come to the most important thing. directly changing the image on the welcome screen. After starting the program, a gray window will appear on the right. It is necessary to select the file that will serve as a new background screen saver, which can be done by clicking on “Background file name” (in the Russian and English versions it is located in the same place). There you find your file and then apply the changes.

Important! Find out in advance what screen resolution you have and resize the corresponding image. Otherwise, problems may arise. At the same time, remember that too light an image will not let you see what username is spelled out. Of course, for a PC with one owner, this is not critical, but for multi-profile devices it is very important.

After completing the procedure, a notification will appear that the utility was able to replace the image in the background. And now you can see it every time you turn on Windows 10.

How to change the welcome picture in the Windows 10 operating system?

Changing the welcome picture in Windows 10 is tricky. This is primarily due to the fact that Microsoft developers do not provide such a function. However, there are two programs for this purpose:

  • Windows 10 BG Logon Changer;
  • Windows 10 Logon ChangerLogin Background Changer.

Let’s consider the principle of operation of each separately.

How to change the screensaver in Windows 10?

To complete the procedure, you need to perform a simple setup:

  • Click on the “Start” menu;
  • In the left part of the working window, click on “Parameters”;
  • Select the “Personalization” tile in the window;
  • On the left in the menu, go to the “Lock screen” tab;
  • To replace a picture, you need to click on one of the standard images or use the Browse button and the Explorer to select a pre-prepared photo.
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How to Change the Screensaver on Windows 10

Now, if you go to the corresponding screen, then you will be able to see the installed image. If you were unable to replace the screensaver, then you most likely have an old version of the system. You just need to update it to its current state. As an alternative to installing the screensaver, you can use the Logon Background Changer program, but it does not work correctly in modern Windows 10.

The functionality of this window does not end there, because there are additional customization options with bringing some applications to it or installing a slideshow.

Placing extensions on the lock screen

The function of placing additional information in the appropriate place is present in the standard system tools and does not require the installation of an additional program. To complete the procedure, you should:

  • Go to the same menu “Advanced slideshow options” where the application settings are located;
  • You can choose a single program that will show detailed information about your work. To do this, click on the extension icon in the first column and install one of the proposed applications;
  • A large number of auxiliary applications are also available for installation. They will be shown in a smaller and more compressed form, the information is incomplete, but may be sufficient. It is possible to install up to 7 add-ons here. The selection is made by clicking on the corresponding button with the plus icon.

With such modest, but at the same time, useful information, you can reduce the need for unnecessary system startup. A more functional and beautiful computer menu will also appear.

How to fix error 0xc000000f when starting Windows? How do I install a theme on Windows 10? What is dark theme?

So, we figured out how to put a screensaver on Windows 10 and how to give it a unique look using a slideshow, but not everyone wants to bother with these settings, so some simply turn off this menu.

change, screensaver, computer, screen

How to set or change the Windows 10 screensaver

By default, in Windows 10, the screen saver (screensaver) is disabled, while entering the screensaver settings has become unclear, especially for users who have previously worked in Windows 7 or XP. Nevertheless, the ability to put (or change) the splash screen remains and it is done very simply, which will be shown later in the instructions.

Note: some users understand the screen saver as the wallpaper (background) of the desktop. If you are interested in changing the desktop background, then this is even easier: right-click on the desktop, select the “Personalization” menu item, and then set “Photo” in the background settings and specify the image that you want to use as wallpaper.

Change the Windows 10 screen saver

There are several ways to enter the Windows 10 screensaver settings. The simplest of them is to start typing the word “Screensaver” in the search on the taskbar (in the latest versions of Windows 10 it is not there, but if you use the search in Settings, then the desired result is there).

Another option is to go to the Control Panel (enter “Control Panel” in the search). and enter “Screensaver” in the search.

The third way to open screensaver options is to press the WinR keys on your keyboard and type

You will see the same screen saver settings window that was present in previous versions of Windows. here you can select one of the installed screen savers, set its parameters, set the time after which it will start.

Note: By default, Windows 10 is set to turn off the screen after some time of inactivity. If you want the screen not to turn off, but to show the screensaver, in the same screen saver settings window, click “Change power settings”, and in the next window, select “Configure display off”.

How to download screensavers

Screensavers for Windows 10 are the same.scr files as for previous OS versions. So presumably all screensavers from previous systems (XP, 7, 8) should work as well. The screensaver files are located in the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ folder. this is where you should copy the screensavers downloaded somewhere that do not have their own installer.

I will not name specific download sites, but there are plenty of them on the Internet, and they are easy to find. And the installation of the screensaver should not present any problems: if it is an installer, run it, if it is just a.scr file, then copy it to System32, after that, the next time you open the screensaver settings window, a new screensaver should appear there.

Very important:.scr screensaver files are regular Windows programs (that is, essentially the same as.exe files), with some additional functions (for integration, setting parameters, exiting the splash screen). That is, these files can also have malicious functions and in fact, on some sites, under the guise of a screen saver, you can download a virus. What to do: after downloading the file, before copying it to system32 or running it with a double click of the mouse, be sure to check it using the service and see if the antiviruses consider it malicious.

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Hello. I checked it with myself (plus I installed the synthesis and recognition of English). it also does not work. It worked on early builds. Apparently, somehow else they check.

And why is Alice worse than Cortana? I installed Alice from Yandex for myself both on my computer and on my smartphone. A good thing and an application! Can do a lot, you can’t list everything. Even if you ask her: “Alice! What can you do?” I also want to note that for android smartphones there is an assistant not only for Google and Alice. developed for Android and its voice assistant-Marusya. Compared to Alisa, Marusya is still far from her, but Marusya can also do a lot of things.

Yes, everything is the same as in previous versions (7, 8, 8.1). You just need to set the power supply in the “settings” a little higher. Sometimes settings fail. And it is better to adjust the diet, and then decorate. And Dmitry, you pushed me to find an option to disable server 2008 updates, aka 2000 in MS. Which, by the way, partially manages the wallpaper and some HF. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you!

Dmitry, hello! I have a screen for 2-3 seconds. turns off, that is, turns black, and turns on again, as if nothing had happened and so constantly with a frequency of 3 to 5 minutes in the interval. It doesn’t seem to interfere, but it feels like someone is about to die. I don’t remember when it started, I didn’t pay attention before. What is the reason?

Windows 10 Tips & Tricks. How to Set Screen Savers

Hello. And check the cables monitor-video card, socket-monitor. Reconnect even if everything looks fine, don’t just check.
In general, in general it looks like a problem with a monitor and not a computer. For the test, you can also connect the monitor not to a separate video card, but to an integrated one (output on the motherboard itself). If the same thing happens there. another argument in favor of hardware problems with the monitor.

Hello. Dmitry said everything right. But, there are moments, Eugene. If you do not have the screen hibernation mode turned on after 5 seconds, then everything seems to be about the power supply. Monitor check. connect to another PC \ laptop \ smartphone. Preferably with a different video cable. If the monitor is in order, it is worth checking the “pilot” and the power supply of the computer, the “tablet” BIOS. If you have a TV instead of a monitor, in the LG settings, for example, there is a threshold for turning on the configured port. about 10 seconds, and then, if the computer / video card does not have time to send data to the screen, the monitor (TV) “goes” into the receive mode from another available input such as TV or USB. Configurable in TV. And I also had a couple of cases when the electrical network of an apartment could not withstand the power of the equipment. For example, you turn on the vacuum cleaner for 3 KWatt in the “pilot” and the light blinks. the heating relay in the switchboard turns off periodically. The monitor also turns off periodically, and the PC does not keep pace. The solution is to test the power supply in the apartment, check the sockets \ start the PC in another room.

Good day! Help me figure out how to enable the screensaver. As expected, it does not turn on, as you set it in the settings, but turns on at the time of work when viewing pages. By the way, at the time of writing this letter to you, it suddenly popped up again and had to watch the rotating Windows 10. Disconnect the mouse, as some advised, but to no avail. What do you recommend to do? thank.

Unfortunately, I have no clue about the reasons for this situation

Or maybe someone knows how to enter the splash screen, which immediately after the BIOS, a black screen with a little blue window, change?

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