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How to set up the front camera on Samsung a50

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Nevertheless, by default, photos are taken at 12 megapixels, but if the camera is set up correctly, you can get even better quality photos.

You will not find the buttons for the maximum resolution in the settings. How do you set up the camera then? You can adjust, but not through the resolution settings, but through the aspect ratio.

The fact is that the sensor is designed for 4: 3, and photos are taken in 16: 9. If this configuration is changed in the settings, the ratio. in the settings, select 4: 3, then the camera will work in the maximum possible.

As soon as you do this simple procedure, then immediately, just by eye, you will notice the best quality.

NOTE: you can also install this application instead of the built-in one, then you can turn on HDR by 25 pixels to improve the quality of your photo or video.

Other camera settings on Samsung a50

ISO is a standard that expresses the sensitivity of a camera to light. In modern phones, the value of this parameter ranges from 50 to 3200 points. The higher the ISO, the more the exposure.

Lower sensitivities provide better color reproduction and higher image quality, while higher sensitivities are useful when taking photos in low light conditions.

When shooting in the sun, it is best to set the minimum ISO level. for example, 50 or 100. On cloudy days or indoors, you can use a higher sensitivity, such as 400 or 600, but it is better not to exceed 800 as this may cause noise.

White balance. determines the color temperature, that is, the light source that falls on the camera matrix.

This parameter is expressed in Kelvin. Each smartphone software describes white balance types according to light source and prevailing conditions, making it much easier to select them.

Flash. in low light conditions, it is impossible to take a properly lit photo even at maximum shutter speed and ISO settings.

Under these circumstances, you will need to use a flash or other light source (such as LED phone lights).

Digital zoom. enlarging photos will significantly reduce the quality of photos, so using digital zoom is not recommended.

If you want to take a close-up photo, we should go to the photographed object or put the lens on the phone.

Selfie from the camera Samsung a50

How do you photograph yourself with the front cameras on the A50? This is not a philosophy, but make sure your face is in the center. if you want to show yourself and your friends first.

Remember and don’t overdo it with face retouching and don’t blur the background of your photos too much.

If you want to use these features, set the sliders to half maximum and allow the background to blur, i.e. LIVE FOCUS mode. release. The effect of this type of treatment always manifests itself only in the best case.

Be sure to also wipe the lens thoroughly with a damp cloth to clean it before shooting. Oily fingerprints on the lens glass certainly won’t improve the quality of the pictures you take. Success.

Configure modes in Samsung a50 camera

Let’s start with the main problem. Should you use modes? Samsung a50 has 5 of them: Live Focus, Hyperlapse, Panorama, Time Lapse and Professional.

If you want to have complete control over the scene being photographed, then do not use the Night Mode options.

Then every day you just need camera automation, and on holidays you will play with the settings in professional mode.

If you want to get a beautiful photo, which immediately after taking a photo directly from your phone is suitable for posting on social networks, then the modes are an excellent solution.

Panorama works correctly if you are not photographing moving objects and nothing stands out from the background.

Likewise, Hyperlapse, which records a movie and then converts it to accelerated animation, is a very correct effect.

Night mode allows you to paint the remaining light when shooting in low light conditions, at night, or in dark rooms.

Works satisfactorily, although the lack of optical image stabilization somewhat limits its capabilities.

How to set date and time in Samsung Android a50 | s8 | s7 | a5 | a7 | j6 | a7 | a9 | a30

You Samsung Android can use Photo Stamper Lite app. This is a free tool that extracts the date and time a photo was taken from the file properties and then places it in the corner of the photo.

Once launched, the screen will be divided into three tabs. Before choosing a photo to apply markers, let’s first go to the middle tab with settings.

By default, the marker is set in such a format that, for example, December 9, 2014 is saved as September 9, 2014.

If you prefer a different date format, luckily you can quickly change it using the template.

In the “Stamp text” field, replace the letter order instead of y-m-d “enter, for example, d-m-y”.

In the preview below, notice that the date will now display as 9-12-2014. In addition, we can set the position of the marker on the photo using the option “Change text position”.

Then go to the first tab and select Import from Gallery. Specify the photos from the smartphone memory, on which you want to set the date and time. They will be added to the list.

Finally, go to the last tab, make sure the “Use data stored in EXIF” option is selected (this option is responsible for loading the correct shooting dates for individual photos) and click the “Start Print Images” button.

Tags will be added and our photos will be saved again in a separate album in the gallery.

Like on Samsung a50 | s8 | s7 | a30 | a7 | j6 | a7 | a9 enable date from phone camera

To include the date on the photo from the camera, you need to install the “Data Camera” application, it can add the current date and time to you.

Alternatively, you can add a note on the day the line is added.

You can enter anywhere in the note to display the city name, latitude and longitude. (You need to turn on internet or GPS to get location information).

You can drag the date time off the screen and restore the default position.

When finished, save the photo or share it with your friends by directly clicking the share icon.

You can also hide the date or time information by setting the format to make it invisible.

How to change date and time in Samsung Galaxy A50s

How to set date and time on photo in Android Samsung a50 or others

Do you remember when you took a photo with the camera of the Samsung phone a50, s8, s7, a5 2017, a7, j6, a7, a9, a30 and others with Android OS.

In fact, the date and time on the pictures taken by digital cameras in the phone is placed in the so-called EXIF ​​tags available when displaying image properties.

If you want to put tags directly on the photo, then just install one of the programs below

There are many applications. There are those that can be set right away when photographing, there are those that will add them later.

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This is what will be discussed now. Now I am holding a Samsung a50 phone in my hands, so if there are pictures, they will be taken on it.

You, of course, have another Android device in your hands, but the provided applications will not pay attention to this, you can not install and use.

NOTE: if your phone has the ability to enable a watermark in the camera settings, then it usually displays the time at the time of shooting.

This is certainly not the best solution, but you do not need to install additional programs.

Add Date & Time to Photo app on Samsung phone

If you want to automatically add the current date stamp and time stamp on your photos taken from the built-in Samsung camera a50, s8, a5, s7, a7, j6, a9, a7, a30 and others, use the application that is called.

Then get beautiful styles and colors. You do not need to dig into the settings. this is a one-time action.

Each time, time and date, they will automatically appear on them. Now, when viewing an image from trips, you no longer need to rack your brains when it was.

Adding a date and time stamp to your precious memories is a question of when you won’t be disturbed. Success.

How to change date and time on Samsung?

How to set Samsung time and date? This will require:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open the section “General settings”.
  • Find the item “Date and time”.
  • Disable automatic syncing.
  • Click on the item to set the time.
  • Set it manually and confirm.
  • Open the item “Set date”.
  • Select a day from the virtual calendar and confirm.
  • In this section, you can change the belt. You need to tap on the item “Choose a time zone”, find the desired option in the list and confirm.

It is recommended to activate auto time detection by pressing the dedicated lever. The device will receive data from the Samsung server and sync the settings with it. You no longer have to manually adjust the clock on a regular basis.

How to Change Date and Time on Samsung

How to Change Date and Time on Samsung? This operation is incredibly simple, you need to spend no more than a minute on it. In our article, we will consider the procedure for changing the date and time on Samsung devices.

Why change the date and time on a smartphone?

Android is an open source operating system. Google provides developers with ample opportunity to change it, so all major manufacturers release their own skins. The interface for different Android firmware is different, and it becomes problematic for users to independently find the desired menu item on a new device.

But why might you need to change the date and time on the lock screen?

  • The data on the smartphone is lost.
  • You have moved to a different time zone.
  • In some states, there is a seasonal time change. The phone does not always take into account regional peculiarities, you have to manually change the parameters.

How to change the style of the clock on the lock screen?

On Galaxy devices, you can change the clock style on the lock screen. This will require:

  • Open settings.
  • Click on the item “Lock screen”.
  • Go to the section “Clock style”.

Choose the appropriate style, color and confirm the changes.

Missing keyboard on Android (Samsung). what to do?

What to do if your Android keyboard is missing (and this application is mega-important for many)? You can quickly return the keyboard on Samsung and other models to its place in one of the ways.

  • To do this, go to Settings. Applications. All.
  • Find the keyboard in the list
  • Clear data. Clear cache and stop app
  • Reboot your phone
  • Settings Language
  • Input. keyboard
  • Input methods (Select input method): turn on the keyboard here (put a checkmark)

The third way is to download another (not standard) keyboard for the phone.

There are dozens of great keyboards for tablets and smartphones on Google Play. Each of them can be a complete replacement for a standard keyboard. Many of them are free to download, but require symbolic money for add-ons. We advise you to read our review if you want to change the keyboard on Android.

How to change the Clock Style (Size) on Samsung Galaxy A30, A40, A50, A70 & A80 (2019)

How to install the keyboard on Android

Not all users are satisfied with the standard Android keyboard. Although it improves with each new version of the OS (in terms of ergonomics, that is, ease of use), in terms of customization, the standard keyboard is very limited. So, you will not be able to download additional skins, change the sound of the keys, select stickers and numerous emoticons.

In order to install an additional keyboard, you need:

  • Download the desired application from Google Play
  • Run the installer (this usually happens immediately after downloading)
  • Launch the installed application by finding it by name on the Android start screen.
  • All further actions (changing the standard keyboard and activating another through the Android settings) will be described in the application window.

How to Customize or Change Keyboard on Android Samsung

  • how to customize the keyboard on android
  • disable phone vibration
  • what to do if the keyboard on a Samsung smartphone is missing
  • how to install a replacement for the standard keyboard (change the keyboard shell).

How to change date and time in Samsung Galaxy A50

How to remove vibration on an Android keyboard

The phone vibrates when you enter text. At first it is comfortable, then it starts to irritate you on the sly. It is also annoying that it cannot be disabled directly in the keyboard layout settings. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to quickly turn off vibration on your Android keyboard:

  • Go to Settings. General Settings. section “Language and input”.
  • On the page that appears, select the keyboard you are using
  • Scroll through the list of keyboard options and uncheck the box next to “Vibration as you type”.

If you are using Samsung, you can turn off vibration as follows:

  • Settings. General settings. See Language and Input
  • Screen keyboard. Samsung keyboard. Feedback when clicked. Vibration
  • Slide the Vibration switch to the left

This is how you can turn off vibration on most devices with the latest versions of Android. In older versions, some settings may differ, but we suppose you can easily find them.

How to change the keyboard on Android

If you have several alternative keyboards installed on your tablet or smartphone and you would like to switch from the current keyboard add-on to another, there are two ways to do this.

1) You can change the keyboard to Android through the standard settings in the Android OS. To change the current keyboard, follow the steps:

  • Go to Settings. General Settings. Language and input
  • Default keyboard
  • In the Select Keyboard window, select the keyboard that you want to display when you enter text. It is enough to set the switch in front of its name.

Change keyboard on Android (Samsung Galaxy S8)

2) You can also change the skin directly through the settings of the installed Android keyboard. when starting the application. For this

  • Install a new keyboard by downloading it from Google Play or another resource
  • Follow the instructions of the step-by-step configuration wizard built into the keyboard shell (as a rule, the developers provide this option)
  • Agree to access permissions
  • Activate the keyboard add-on

How to customize the clock on the Samsung Galaxy lock screen?

If Samsung is your first Android smartphone, then you’re probably overwhelmed by the number of features the phone has. One of the frequent questions asked by many new users is how to change (remove) the clock on the Samsung Galaxy lock screen.

Use other themes

Some users managed to get rid of the unusual clock by replacing the default theme with an alternative one. This, of course, is not an option, but only a workaround, which will not be to everyone’s taste.

However, the choice is limited at the moment, so it’s worth giving it a try. There are also several paid themes, but until we are sure that after installing them the steps will not remain the same format, we do not recommend spending your money.

On the other hand, you can use free themes and fix the clock this way. Just follow the instructions:

  • Open the settings.
  • Item “Wallpapers and Themes”.
  • Item “Topics” below.
  • Find a theme called “Simple Line Black”.
  • Install the theme and click “Apply”.

If you do not like the changed appearance of the icons and background, you can always change the wallpaper and restore the default appearance of the icons. Be sure to check the instructions below to change your home screen wallpaper, lock screen and restore icons.

  • Open the Gallery and choose your preferred photo for the lock screen and home screen.
  • Open the menu in the form of 3 dots and select “Set as wallpaper”.
  • Then open the settings.
  • Item “Wallpapers and Themes”.
  • Item “Icons”.
  • Select default view and save changes.
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On the other hand, many users are happy with the pre-installed theme, but they all want to change that silly and annoying Samsung lock screen clock. Or rather, make them vertical like on all Android devices.

How to Remove Clock from Samsung Galaxy Lock Screen?

To remove the clock from the Samsung lock screen. Open the settings on your smartphone and scroll to the item “Lock screen and protection”

Tap on “Always On Display” to remove the clock from the Samsung lock screen. If you want to change the look, then open “Digital Clock”. Different styles of clocks will be shown here. Use the option on the bottom left called “Clock Style” to change the look of the clock on the lock screen and try out different styles.

How to Change Clock on Samsung Galaxy Lock Screen?

There are many ways to change the clock on the lock screen, but there are so many ways to get confused. Now we will provide you with several ways to change the clock on the Samsung lock screen.

Changing the clock using notifications

But until Samsung fixes and adds the option to choose the look of the watch (as in the Always On Display functions), there is one, so to speak, loophole that can be used. Namely, if notifications on the lock screen are enabled, you can pin something like a weather widget there.

Due to its location, the watch changes its format to a standard horizontal one. If this method suits you, then it is quite easy to do. For example, let’s take a weather app called 1Weather. Small and pleasant to look at, it will change your clock to horizontal.

  • Install 1Weather from Play Store.
  • Open the settings.
  • Item “Lock screen and protection”.
  • Punt “Notifications”.
  • Find 1Weather.
  • Turn on notifications for 1Weather.

As long as notifications remain on the lock screen, the annoying row position should not be displayed.

Parallel Space Testing

Unlike App Cloner, Parallel Space coped with cloning the fifth version of the client. No functional limitations or glitches were found.

There were no problems with WhatsApp either, the clone works correctly. Google account backup is supported. As with App Cloner, contacts open the original version of WhatsApp.

Google apps can be cloned without any problems, in particular: YouTube, Google Keep, Gmail, Google Drive. I think that there will be no problems with other programs. The main advantage of Parallel Space is full-fledged work with Google services, the sandbox allows you to add additional Google accounts regardless of the main environment. Accounts added to Parallel Space are not visible in device settings and original applications. A full-fledged Google Play is also available, an application for working with Android Wear and Google Play Games. If Google services are not needed, I recommend activating the “Speed ​​Mode”.

The utility coped with cloning SimCity Buildit without an additional cache. For unknown reasons, authorization through Google Play Games does not work, the service swears about problems with the Internet, although the network is in perfect order.

Asphalt 8 also launched, the clone cache had to be downloaded separately. Unlike SimCity Buildit, authorization via Google Play Games was successful.

Like App Cloner, there were problems with cloning the Sberbank Online client. The copy does not pass the check by the antivirus built into the personal account and only opens the limited mode. VTB24 client started up, no functional limitations were noticed.

The compatibility level of Parallel Space is much higher than that of App Cloner. The utility coped with cloning a similar set of applications: Telegram, Tumblr. Skype, Periscope. The main advantage is full support for the Google account and all services. The disadvantages include the dependence of clones on the Parallel Space environment, which is constantly in the device’s RAM.

In addition to useful cloning capabilities, Parallel Space is filled with questionable features. The application has a built-in RAM optimizer and a third-party lock screen, we talked about the dangers of such functions in a separate article, we strongly recommend that you ignore them. over, the built-in lock screen is used to display ads, which are enough in the free version of Parallel Space. So, a news aggregator is built into the main menu, and when clones are launched, from time to time, full-screen advertising banners are shown. For 50 rubles, advertising can be turned off for a month, the Pro version “forever” will cost 249 rubles.

2Accounts or Multiple Accounts is an alternative utility for creating clones of applications. The principle of operation is similar to Parallel Space, the utility also creates a special sandbox. a second space for clones. 2Accounts is constantly in RAM, in addition, a notification is fixed in the status bar, which prevents accidental closing of the utility. Superuser rights are not required.

The main menu also resembles the application menu, shortcuts can be moved and renamed. Applications are added in one click, batch cloning is supported. It is not possible to create multiple copies of the same application. Clones are not shown in the manager and in the application menu. Favorite clone shortcuts can be masked and brought to the desktop for quick launch.

Unlike the competition, 2Accounts lacks additional features. For example, the developers did not provide for the private mode and password locking of the application. Notifications work as expected, but cannot be controlled.

Like Parallel Space, 2Accounts resides in RAM, which is required to keep the sandbox up and running. Also, some users complain about increased battery consumption. In a short period of testing on the OnePlus 3T, no negative dynamics was noticed. The utility requires many permissions, among them: access to the phone, SMS, location, camera, contacts and others.

App Cloner Testing

To test the utilities, we have selected the most likely formats for using clones and recommended applications:

  • Client of the social network
  • Messenger WhatsApp.
  • Google Apps.
  • SimCity Buildit and Asphalt 8. games with and without cache.
  • Banking applications Sberbank Online and VTB24.

The utility did not cope with cloning the version 5.0 application. After installation, the authorization window does not work. I had to be content with the outdated fourth version, but without the music cache, which was recently blocked. Otherwise, the clone works stably, however, a bug was noticed, to send a message, you must close the chat screen.

WhatsApp cloning is only available in the premium version. List of known issues: inability to launch clone from contacts and inoperability of backup via Google account.

Successful cloning of apps that use Google Play services is not guaranteed. In fact, all cloned applications crash at the stage of choosing an account. Among them: Google Maps, Google Keep, YouTube, Google Music. Also, in clones of applications from third-party developers, the functionality associated with the Google account does not work.

SimCity Buildit is an example of a game without additional cache on the internal storage. The original and the copy work without conflicts. Authorization via Google Play Games, as expected, does not work, you can synchronize the gameplay through

Games with cache can also be copied, for example, Asphalt 8 works without conflicts with the original version. It should be borne in mind that for each clone you have to re-download additional files. For Asphalt 8, that’s just over 1 GB of data. Synchronization via Google Play is also not available.

With banking applications, everything is ambiguous, the Sberbank Online clone freezes at the stage of checking the device, apparently due to a mismatch in the name of the application package. The VTB24 client works as expected, with the help of clones, several personal accounts can be simultaneously used on one smartphone. Unlike modified versions that are published on third-party sites, clones made in App Cloner can be considered safe.

At this point, you might get the impression that the utility does a poor job of cloning applications, but it is not. App Cloner seamlessly creates copies of applications that do not use a Google account and do not verify the package name. For example: Telegram, Tumblr. Skype and many others. I think there will be more than one application without a multi-account that can be cloned.

The free version of the app has no ads. For the premium version, the developers ask 352 rubles. The purchase significantly expands the functionality of the utility:

  • Creating multiple clones of one application.
  • Batch clone mode.
  • Backing up and migrating cloned app data.
  • Cloning WhatsApp and Messenger.
  • Cloning Android Wear watch faces.
  • Transferring clones and their data to a memory card.
  • The ability to modify more than 100 parameters of cloned applications.
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Parallel Space offers an alternative approach to cloning applications. The utility creates a virtual sandbox, inside which copies of applications are launched. This approach provides better compatibility, at the same time, clones do not work without the Parallel Space environment, the utility is constantly in the device’s RAM. Superuser rights are not required for Parallel Space to work.

The main screen resembles a regular application menu, where already cloned programs are collected. Application shortcuts can be swapped. To create new new copies, you need to click on the “Add application” button and select the required programs. APK files are not required to be installed, all clones are in the Parallel Space environment, they are not in the general list of applications. Copies of applications and their data can be deleted by simply clearing Parallel Space data, or by completely uninstalling the utility. Shortcuts of frequently used clones can be brought to the desktop for quick launch without opening the utility interface. The ability to create multiple copies of the same application is not provided.

Particularly noteworthy is the private installation of applications from Google Play into the Parallel Space environment. APK files cannot be installed from the device memory. The original privately installed clone is deleted, the application remains only in the sandbox. In addition, Parallel Space and clones can be protected with a pattern or a fingerprint. As a result, the utility allows you to configure the protected space with applications that are not in the general list.

Each clone’s notifications are controlled separately. The Parallel Space environment is responsible for their receipt and demonstration, which is why after each reboot of the device, clones have to be started manually, autostart is not provided.

Some users report increased battery drain and overall decreased device performance. In the case of the OnePlus 3T, the negative impact was not noticed, at the same time, Paralell Space is a third-party application that is constantly in RAM, which cannot but affect the smartphone. I will also note the impressive list of required permissions: from calendar and contacts to camera and location. The developers claim that access is necessary for the sandboxing and cloning of applications to work correctly.

How to create a clone of any Android application

You probably had a situation when you needed several accounts in a messenger or banking application. Multi-account in the official client is a rare exception, Instagram is one of them. For some services, third-party clients are available with support for multiple accounts, but, as a rule, their quality and stability is far from ideal. Creating a clone of the desired application is one of the ways out in this situation. For example, there are no alternatives for gaming applications! In addition, cloning allows you to install different versions of the program at the same time. About the best utilities for creating clones in automatic mode, today in a selection.

The principle of cloning App Cloner is based on creating a copy of the desired application with a changed package name and signature. Superuser rights are not required. Cloned apps are completely self-contained and will continue to work even after you uninstall App Cloner.

The main menu contains a list of applications available for cloning. The utility allows you to change the name of the application and modify the icon: change color, flip, rotate, add a number. in order to avoid confusion in the application menu. In addition, you can modify some parameters of the cloned application, for example: change the appearance, assign a password to open, deny access to device data, disable autostart, change notification settings, transfer all data to a memory card, and much more. There are about a hundred parameters in total, but most of them are available only in the premium version.

After preparation, the clone is installed as a normal application in normal mode. You must first enable the installation of APK files from unknown sources in the Security section of the device settings. The original application and its clone can function simultaneously, independently of each other. The installation file with the changed package name and signature is stored separately and is ready for installation at any time. Therefore, cloned applications in the form of APK files can be transferred to any other device without App Cloner.

You can clone including not installed APK files downloaded to the device’s memory. By default, the mode is hidden; to activate it, you need to click on the stylized folder on the section panel of the main menu. The function can be useful for the simultaneous use of different versions of the same application: old-new, original-modified.

App Cloner automatically tracks updates to the original and notifies you to re-clone the corresponding application. The data and settings of the clone app are not erased after the update. Optionally, the update notification can be turned off.

Testing 2Accounts

The clone of the official client of the fifth version works fine, notifications arrive on time. But the control panel of music players in the database status is displayed incorrectly and does not function. Music playback is interrupted from time to time.

There were no problems with cloning WhatsApp. The clone does not conflict with the original version, synchronization via Google account works.

2Accounts is fully compatible with Google Play services. Accounts added to the sandbox are not visible in the device settings and do not affect the main account and sync. Google sandbox services are enabled by default, and cannot be disabled. All tested applications: Google Keep, Google Chrome, YouTube, Play Music. fully work with Google account.

SimCity Buildit has started, authorization via Google Play games is working.

Apshalt 8 traditionally required loading the cache. Authorization via Google Play Games was successful, the application immediately synchronized the game progress.

The clone of Sberbank Online, created with the help of 2Accounts, passed the built-in antivirus check, the personal account opened its full functionality. There were no problems with the VTB24 client either.

There were no problems with other applications from the test suite: Telegram, Tumblr. Skype, Periscope. launched. Overall performance is faster than Parallel Space, despite the fact that both utilities allow full use of independent Google accounts inside the sandbox.

Washing modes and times in the Samsung washing machine

The home appliance market offers a huge selection of washing machines. And often buyers choose this technique based on a certain list of modes. Not only the modes themselves are important, but also the ease of their selection, the clarity of the icons, the ease of launching the program.

We usually remember what the main modes mean, and when we have to select a new wash cycle that has not been used before, it is not clear: what these functions mean and how to use them.

In this article, we will look at the main washing modes of your Samsung machine, as well as descriptions and meanings of icons on the display panel.

Samsung software table: description and notation

Samsung’s high-tech machines don’t need complex icons at all. The manufacturer has taken care of simple navigation, so the icons usually accompany only standard programs.

Therefore, in order to understand the modes, it is worth remembering the names of the main functions, and not the designations. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the table in which you will find descriptions and designations of the main washing modes in Samsung machines.

“Cotton” is suitable for you if you need to wash clothes with medium or light dirt.

The Hand Wash Wool only allows you to wash woolen items. over, you can send things to the drum only if there are no prohibitive signs on the tag. most woolen products cannot be machine washed.

The cycle runs at high temperatures and includes several additional rinses.

Cotton products with heavy dirt and difficult stains are the main “clients” of this regime.

The table shows approximate indicators, see the exact instructions for your model.

How to choose a mode in a Samsung washing machine

If you are interested in how to choose, configure and set a specific washing mode in a Samsung washing machine, we can hardly give an unambiguous answer to this question. The point is that the models are different. For example, in some you need to press the button once to start rinsing, in other models. twice.

Usually, the program is selected like this: you select the required cycle, set the required wash time, if it is not provided for by the program, and that’s all. press the “Start” button. It’s simple!

For more information on modes, see the user manual (instructions) for your Samsung washing machine model.