How to choose your primary Windows 10 monitor

How to split screen on Windows 10?

Simply press and hold the Windows key and press the LEFT ARROW followed by the UP ARROW to dock the window, for example, in the upper left quadrant. That’s it, easy and simple! Docking windows by dividing the screen into two or four equal parts is undoubtedly convenient.

How to make a second monitor your primary Windows 10?

  • Make sure cables are properly connected to new monitors.
  • Choose how the desktop is displayed.
  • Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Display Settings to open the Display page.

How to set up work on two monitors?

Expanding the Desktop Area with Monitor Settings in Windows 7.

  • Click the Start button and select Control Panel.
  • Under Appearance and Personalization, select Adjust Screen Resolution.
  • From the Multiple Displays drop-down list, select one of the following:

How to choose the default monitor?

How to change the primary monitor in Windows 7

  • Go to the screen resolution settings: Control Panel All Control Panel Items Screen Screen Resolution or right-click on the desktop and desktop and select “Screen Resolution”:
  • Select the second monitor by clicking on the picture with the number “2”
  • Check the box “Set as the main monitor”

How to make a second monitor your primary Mac OS?

Alternatively, you can select a different monitor as the primary.Repositioning monitors and selecting a different primary monitor

  • Choose Apple () System Preferences, then click Displays.
  • Go to the “Location” tab.
  • To reposition the display, drag it to the desired position.

How to swap Xiaomi screens?

Changing the home screen on Xiaomi phones is easy, but inexperienced users may not know. To change the display, you need to go to one of the desktops, slide three fingers across the screen, making a pinch. The display should show the icons of all desktops that are on the phone at the moment.

How to customize the screen on Windows 10?

View display settings in Windows 10

  • Select Start Settings System Display.
  • If you want to change the size of text and attachments, use the option in the drop-down menu under Scale and layout.
  • To change the screen resolution, use the drop-down menu under Screen resolution.

Is the graphics card / motherboard ok??

Make sure the video output on the motherboard (for computers with integrated graphics) or video card is working. Connect your primary monitor (the one that most likely works and is recognized by the computer) to the port where you are trying to connect another monitor. Connecting a second monitor to another computer can also help determine the hardware malfunction of the computer.

Desktop wallpaper when using two or more monitors

  • By installing the DisplayFusion_Pro 3.3 program, you can set a different desktop wallpaper for each monitor. over, several pictures with a specified frequency of their change, and control the windows with TitleBar-buttons, which make it possible to switch windows on two monitors. These additional control buttons are located in the same way as the main window control buttons. The program settings are easy to understand intuitively.

For example, for two monitors it is possible to select a different wallpaper mode and customize the wallpaper:

  • on this desktop;
  • for each monitor separately;
  • if desired, set a time for changing pictures.

In this DisplayFusion window, you can set these parameters.

Wallpapers for 2 monitors of various resolutions can be downloaded here

If you use a laptop as a home computer that has an output for connecting a monitor, and there is no image on the connected monitor, then for it to work, you need to install the latest version of your video card drivers.

Using DisplayFusion makes it much easier to work on two monitors.!
With powerful features like Taskbar Multi-Monitor, TitleBar Buttons, and fully customizable hotkeys, DisplayFusion makes multi-monitor control very easy.
Using the DisplaySwitch applet, switching between monitors, as well as turning them on or off, can be done with just two mouse clicks, and with a wireless mouse this can be done without going to the computer desk.

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And for such a configuration. one computer (system unit), two monitors, two independent mice (two mice, two cursors) and two keyboards. there is the Aster program. Everything is simple and clear. 1, 2.

With Aster, you can create two independent desktops on two different monitors using one computer.

That is, if you connect a second monitor, a second keyboard and mouse to the computer and install the Aster program on Windows 7, then one computer can be used by two people

This version of the program is designed to work in 32- and 64-bit Windows 7. Aster download:
ASTER.rar Yandex.Disk
ASTER.rar Google Drive

The analogue of the Aster program is QEMU. This program emulates the processor and I / O devices for Linux, MacOS, Windows.

The computer must have two outputs on the video card (or just two video cards) to connect two monitors, the ability to connect two mice and two keyboards.
It follows from Honor that when installing Aster on Windows 7:

Attention! Since in 64-bit systems mandatory verification of Microsoft digital signature is performed for all installed drivers, and the ASTER driver does not currently have such a signature, to enable ASTER, you need to import a test certificate into the system and enable test mode. The utility that performs these actions, as well as their cancellation, is included in ASTER (shortcuts TESTSIGNING ON and TESTSIGNING OFF in the Program Files \ ASTER-V7 folder).

The launch of this utility (TESTSIGNING ON) must be done manually before turning on ASTER and do not cancel the installation of the certificate and do not turn off the test mode while ASTER is in the on state. Otherwise, the operating system will not boot at all with a link to the unsigned mutenx.sys driver (I strongly recommend that you provide for the possibility of manually removing this driver from Windows \ System32 \ Drivers from the System Restore Console or from a parallel installed system).

For ASTER V7 x32 (v7x32setup.MSI), the above steps for installing the certificate DO NOT NECESSARY.

General tab :: Start on computer startup, restart and disable Aster

Numbers 1 and 2 designate workplaces when using Aster.

monitor selection tab for each user

input tab: mouse and keyboard selection for users 1 and 2

sound tab for selecting microphone and speakers for each workstation

Aster control is simple and with sufficient computer power it can be used by two users.

Choosing the right cable

important than the size of your new monitor is the correct type of cable required to connect the monitor to the correct port. Many people confuse one type of cable for another, which can be a serious problem. To set up multiple monitors, you first need to ensure that your graphics card supports multiple monitors.

There are several types of cables you will usually find when connecting a monitor to a computer: DVI, VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort.

HDMI and DisplayPort are newer connection types for monitors, while DVI and VGA are much older. There are many benefits to these newer cable types, newer cable types offer better display of images, and DisplayPorts adapts to all of the mentioned connection types.

Make sure you know the exact type of cable required to connect your monitor to your computer. Acer monitor suggested above allows VGA, DVI and HDMI connections.

Monitors and displays are connected to a PC through a graphics card, otherwise called a video card. the card handles graphics on a PC, so you naturally have to connect your monitor to the GPU component. Make sure you connect your monitor to the main graphics card used on your PC.

I will compare the possible connection types of the aforementioned monitor with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card.

Above are the following cable connector types, top to bottom and left to right: 2 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, and 1 DVI. This means that with this graphics card, you can use a total of five monitors with different types of cables. This way you will be able to use a DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort connection.

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If you have multiple monitors with the same connection type, but there is only one place on your graphics card for that connection type, you will have to use devices called splitters.

Splitters divide an individual connection into two separate connections. For example, if you want to connect two different monitors to the same HDMI port, you will need an HDMI splitter.

It is not recommended to use a splitter if you have a matching connector on your graphics card, but if not, a splitter will certainly come in handy.

How to use multiple desktops

Usually, after two monitors appear on the same Windows 10 computer, you don’t need to do anything else. the system will automatically recognize them. But if this does not happen, the problem is easily fixed:

  • Through “Windows P” go to the “Projection” menu.
  • First, you need the option “Duplicate”. Windows will turn on the desktop on 2 monitors by copying it.
  • Then you need to click “Extend”. an empty desktop will appear on the second monitor.

After that, you can move Windows 10 apps between tables using your mouse. We also recommend updating your Nvidia drivers for correct operation.

Monitor selection

Assuming you’re already viewing this with a PC monitor, choosing a second monitor might be easier. This is due to the fact that most modern monitors on the market are both flat screen and high resolution (aspect ratio 16: 9). For example, a simple 23.8-inch Acer monitor can give you crisp 1080p resolution in vibrant color.

What to look for when buying a monitor

Higher price points are usually determined by larger screen sizes and screen resolutions. However, the setup for an expensive or budget monitor is exactly the same. You can even use your laptop as a second monitor.!

And what about the drivers?

Your system may be running your main monitor through a standard VGA graphics adapter. This is a primitive driver that allows you to render an image on any video card without drivers. He is able to conduct a picture even through damaged video cards. On some computers, these drivers allow you to display the image in a high enough resolution, which makes inexperienced users believe that the driver is installed on the video. In this case, an attempt to connect a second monitor will end in nothing, since the video card simply does not use its capabilities through the software.

It’s also worth noting here that there are times when the second monitor worked, but after updating the driver, the video suddenly stopped working. There may be a bug in the new driver that caused the second monitor to disconnect. In this case, roll back the driver to a previous version and see if your problem goes away.

Selecting a Primary Monitor

When using two, three or more monitors, set the primary monitor. This display will open all your applications. Windows windows, browser, programs, games.

  • Windows tools,
  • use the TVGameLauncher program.
  • In the first case, in Windows 10, press RMB on the screen, select Display Settings. Display. mark the selected monitor by clicking the mouse and put a checkbox in the Make the main display checkbox, select the main screen in the multi-monitor configuration of Windows 10.
  • The second option: using TVGameLauncher (download and watch the review). a very convenient program for changing the main monitor. When using TVGL, all shortcuts remain in their original locations. Just one click of the mouse on the shortcut “TVGL to TV”. and the main monitor changes instantly (and vice versa. “TVGL to monitor“)!

How to make multiple displays on Windows 10. How to connect a second monitor on a computer. Is the cable ok?

choose, primary, windows, monitor

Many people use an additional monitor (screen) to expand their workspace in order to work with a large number of open applications. In this article I will tell you how to connect a laptop with a second monitor, which is done very simply and quickly, since the function is available by default.

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Miracast technology in Windows 10 (8.1)

Miracast is a data exchange technology that appeared in 2012, based on the Wi-Fi Direct standard. With its help, you can give a presentation or play your favorite game on the second screen. According to Microsoft support, if your devices are running Windows 10 (8.1) and have Wi-Fi adapters, you will most likely connect to a wireless display (laptop) and start projecting. Of course, the laptop must be no older than 2013 and be within the wireless range (the closer, the better).

If the connection fails, i.e. the message “PC or mobile device does not support Miracast“, The problem can be solved by updating the drivers, and above all the Wi-Fi adapter.

Setting up a second monitor in Windows 10

  • To enable Miracast, on the connected laptop via the hot combination “Win I“Open” Options “→ next,”System“→ section”Projecting to this computer“. Then, referring to the screenshot, make available wireless data transmission.
  • On your primary PC, click “Win P“And in the appeared panel” Project “select”Expand“(A Windows desktop will be created where you can move objects with the mouse) or”Repetitive“(The same image on two screens).
  • Finally, at the bottom of all projection options, click on the link “Connecting to a wireless display”And“ Searching for wireless displays / audio devices ”starts → when the desired one is found, select the device in the list. By the way, in the same panel there is “Projection to this computer”, which opens the already familiar section of the OS settings of the same name.

To turn off the second monitor, close the lid of the laptop, putting it into hibernation (sleep) mode, or move it outside the Wi-Fi zone, taking it to another room.

If you needed to connect two monitors to a computer or a second monitor to a laptop, this is usually not difficult at all, except in rare cases (when you have a PC with an integrated video adapter and only one monitor output).

After turning on the computer with two monitors connected to it, they, after booting, are usually detected by the system automatically. However, it may turn out that the first time you load the image will not be on the monitor on which it is usually displayed.

After the first launch, it remains only to configure the mode of operation of two monitors, while Windows supports the following modes:

  • Screen mirroring. the same image is displayed on both monitors. In this case, if the physical resolution of the monitors is different, there may be problems in the form of image blur on one of them, since when the screen is duplicated for both monitors, the system sets the same resolution (and this cannot be changed).
  • Displaying an image only on one of the monitors.
  • Expand screens. when you select this option for two monitors, the Windows desktop “expands” to two screens, ie. the second monitor is the continuation of the desktop.

The operating modes are configured in the Windows screen parameters:

In all cases, if you have problems with the clarity of the image, make sure that each of the monitors is set to its physical screen resolution (cm).

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