How to clean iPhone 5s memory from junk

Restore smartphone

You can also check the amount of “garbage” on the iPhone through iTunes. go to the device section and pay attention to the scale below:

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Hover over “Other” (yellow part). this is the data in the cache, unfinished downloads, saved browser pages.

As an example, you can see that “garbage” files take 554 MB out of 8 total GB. a very impressive share, the same space could be occupied by 5 music albums of your favorite artists.

To get rid of “junk” files, it is recommended to back up your data and then click “Restore iPhone”.

This method of cleaning the system does not pose a threat to notes, calendars, SMS messages that were stored on the device, but multimedia files will be deleted.

Using special applications

A wonderful utility called Battery Doctor can be downloaded from the AppStore. The main function of this program is to take care of the smartphone battery, however, and it can free memory from unnecessary junk without problems. Run the program and in the “Junk” tab click “Clean Up Cache”:

This will run a check, which will take a few minutes:

Battery Doctor will automatically find temporary files and clean up disk space. At the end of the work, the program will inform you that there are no more “junk” files, and will recommend checking as often as possible.

Battery Doctor is not the only program of this kind; if for some reason this software did not suit you, try using the Chinese utility Tongbu or the Phone Clean desktop application.

Clearing Safari Browser History

Clearing browsing history and clearing cookies are operations that should start clearing up on iPhone. To clean your browser, follow the instructions:

Follow the path “Settings”. “Safari” and find the items “Clear history” and “Delete cookies and data”.

Click “Clear history” and confirm the operation.

Click on “Delete cookies and data” and confirm as well. Let’s clarify that cookies are text files that make the use of the browser more convenient and personalized. It is thanks to cookies that we, for example, have access to auto-complete logins and passwords. However, for the sake of the correct operation of the gadget, cookies can be sacrificed.

In the Safari submenu, go to Add-ons, then Site Data. If the data is null (as in the picture below), you can be sure that the browser is cleared.

The more an iPhone user surfs the Web, the more memory they can free up by simply clearing the browser.

The listed operations will not affect the performance of Safari in any way.

How to clear memory on iPhone?

Young users of mobile technology sometimes cannot imagine how the owners of cell phones used to get by with 10-20 MB of built-in memory. Rapid technical progress makes measuring the memory of gadgets in completely different categories. iPhone owners do not have time to blink when their 16 built-in gigabytes (!) turn out to be filled. Android owners are gloatingly rubbing their palms: they are capable of expanding memory with a flash card, which iPhone is not available.

Fortunately, you can quickly clear the memory of an Apple device without even resorting to deleting data. here are the most effective methods.

“Cleaning” the cache

Even if the application itself is lightweight, it can accumulate an impressive amount of data over the entire period of use. How to clarify statistics was discussed at the beginning of the article. you can check the cache in the same way: in the “Storage” click on the application of interest.

Using the example of the application, we see that the program itself weighs only 23 MB, and another 18 MB is occupied by various documents and data.

There are three ways to clean iPhone from such “garbage”:

Uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Do a hard reset. go to “Settings”. “General”. “Reset” and click “Erase content and settings”.

Using this method, you will not only delete the “garbage” accumulated by applications, but also lose all media content, so before proceeding with the reset, take the trouble to make a backup copy of your data.

Clear the cache in the settings of the program itself. Not all applications provide such an opportunity, but, for example, Tweetbot, whose temporary files take up a lot of space, does not leave the user any other choice. it will be possible to clear the cache of this program only through the “Reset Account Caсhe” button in the settings.

How to clean iPhone from “trash”: 7 effective ways

Deleting music and photos is an effective, but still the most common way to clear memory. There are others:

Deactivation of “Photostream

The meaning of the “Photo Stream” is as follows: when activated, all photos taken on the user’s iPhone are sent to iCloud via Wi-Fi. therefore, the user’s friends can view and comment on his pictures without social networks and MMS messages (of course, only with the permission of the owner account). The technology is quite useful, however, many owners of “apple” gadgets do not even know about its existence. at the same time, the program “eats” megabytes of memory.

Follow the path “Settings”. “iCloud”. “Photos”.

Deactivate the toggle switch opposite “My Photo Stream”.

Turn off podcast auto-updates

With the release of iOS 8, the podcast listening app also became part of the iPhone system, which means it also began to take up memory. Users very rarely return to listening to old podcasts, however, sometimes they do not even think about deleting them. And in vain. one podcast weighs an average of 25 MB, and there can be hundreds of them on the iPhone.!

Disable auto-update and podcast downloads like this:

Go to “Settings” and find the subsection “Podcasts”.

In this subsection, in the “Default podcast settings” block, turn off “Download episodes” and activate the slider next to “Delete playback.”.

How to uninstall unnecessary apps

If your iPhone is low on free space, try uninstalling unnecessary games and applications. Some programs use up more and more memory over time due to the use of temporary files. To uninstall an unwanted application:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone and find the General section.
  • Select “Statistics” and go to the “Storage” block.
  • After that, a list of installed programs will be displayed. Opposite the name will be written how much memory the application takes (for example, telegram or instagram).
  • Choose the most resource-intensive programs. To do this, click on its name to gain access to additional documents and data.
  • Here click on the red inscription “Uninstall the program”.

After that, the application will be unavailable for use. In this way, you can separately delete temporary files and reinstall the desired program again. The total application memory will be displayed at the very top of the list.

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How to clear “other” on iPhone

After syncing iPhone with iTunes on the status bar, you will see how much space is occupied by a particular content (media files, applications, etc.). The “other” section includes various temporary files, cache and “unnecessary” information. To clean it up and free up space, follow these steps:

  • Clear your app cache. The memory of WhatsApp or other messenger is freed up through the “Settings” menu. You can get rid of temporary data of other programs by reinstalling.
  • Disable iCloud Drive through the Settings menu. Move other data to cloud storage.
  • To free up memory in Viber, delete your chat history, unwanted sticker packs, saved voice messages, and other temporary files. All this data also refers to the section “Other”.
  • Use special software to optimize free space and delete temporary files.
  • Delete history in Safari browser, saved passwords, bookmarks.

This will clear the cache memory and free up additional space. You can check the volume of the “Other” section through the “Settings” menu or by synchronizing the device with iTunes.

How to adjust iCloud settings

Photos and other media take up a significant portion of the free space. If you get a message that your iPhone is full, use the following tips to save space:

  • Disable Photo Stream. It is a service that automatically collects the latest photos from your library and copies them to all connected iOS devices. To free up space and turn off the photo stream, go to the “Settings” menu and find the section “iCloud”. “Photos” here. Move the My Photo Stream slider to off.
  • Turn on iCloud Music Library. After that, photos and videos will be uploaded to the cloud storage, and not take up space in the device’s memory. To turn on the library, go to the “iCloud” menu through “Settings”. After that, in the “Photos” section, move the slider opposite the item “iCloud Media Library” to the on state.

Using the methods described above, you will clean the device memory and allocate additional space for storing other files and documents.

How to clean iPhone 5s memory from junk

Everyone has faced the problem of lack of free space on the iPhone, especially when using a device with a storage capacity of less than 32GB. Below we will show you how to clear memory on iPhone 5s (and other models) so as not to damage system files and data of other important applications.

How to delete temporary files in the browser

Safari automatically saves the data of the websites you visit. These are passwords, cookies and other temporary files. To remove them, do the following:

  • Go to the “Preferences” menu and at the very bottom of the list, find the item “Safari”.
  • A new page will open with all available options. Click on the blue inscription “Clear history and site data”.
  • If you want to delete other data, including bookmarks and saved pages, then in the “Safari” section, click on the “Add-ons” button (located at the very bottom of the list).
  • After that, select “Site data”. “Delete all data”.

This method allows you to get rid of “junk” files and free up memory on the iPhone. For faster device operation, it is recommended to clean your browser history at least once a month. If you use Safari too often, then you need to destroy history every week.

If you want to clear the RAM, then close all unnecessary applications, prevent them from running in the background. This can be done through the “Settings” menu or using special programs to optimize the device.

How to reset iPhone

If you want to completely wipe your iPhone, then do a factory reset. After that, all user data, temporary files and other information will be deleted from the device. Therefore, please make a backup copy of important documents before starting the reset. Procedure:

  • Go to iPhone settings and find the “General” section here.
  • A page with available options will be displayed. At the very bottom, find and select “Reset”.
  • A list of possible options will appear. Select “Erase Content and Settings” to delete all user files.
  • A system notification will appear. Confirm the action and, if necessary, enter the password for your Apple ID account.

After that, the smartphone screen will turn off and after a few seconds the Apple logo will appear. Depending on the device model and the amount of information stored on the iPhone, the process takes from two to twenty minutes. Then set up your phone like new. The method helps to clean up internal and system memory.

To clean up iPhone memory and free up space, uninstall unnecessary programs, temporary files manually or using special software. If necessary, reset to factory settings, give up offline content in favor of online listening to music, storing photos in the cloud storage.

Disable HDR duplicate saving

When you shoot in HDR mode, the iPhone stores two photos. the processed one and the original one. In the settings it is possible to disable this function, thereby freeing up some memory.

  • to do this, go to the iPhone in Settings. Photo and Camera
  • turn the “Leave original” toggle switch to the off position

Clear Safari Cache

Safari cache files and history can also take up a lot of space on the iPhone. To delete them, go to the iPhone in Settings → Safari and click on the button “Clear history and site data”.

Update iPhone firmware only through iTunes

When you update iPhone “over the air”, a large number of temporary files are created, and after installing the update, some of them are not deleted.

To avoid this kind of software junk, it’s best to update your iPhone through iTunes. She first downloads the firmware to the computer, and then uploads it to the iPhone.

How to clean iPhone 5s memory from junk?

Remove apps you don’t use

Follow the simple rule. don’t use the app. uninstall it. Thus, you “kill two birds with one stone”, put things in order in the iPhone and free up space.

Disable iCloud Photo Sharing

Sharing iCloud photos is quite convenient when you need to collect all photos from a corporate party or other holiday from different devices, different users. In this case, an album is created, and users are invited to it. If you have a lot of old albums or you just don’t use the function, it’s better to turn it off.

  • go to iPhone Settings. iCloud. Photos
  • turn the “iCloud Photo Sharing” toggle switch to off

Don’t use Photo Stream

Photo Stream syncs photos between iMac, Macbook, iPhone and iPad taken in the last month. If the function is not really needed, it makes sense to turn it off so as not to clog the iPhone with unnecessary images and pictures.

  • to do this, go to the iPhone in Settings. iCloud. Photos
  • turn the “Upload to My Photostream” toggle switch to the off position
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Use iCloud Music Library

ICloud Music Library stores all your photos and videos and syncs them to Apple devices. You have the opportunity to choose the option where to store the originals of photos on the iPhone or their optimized versions in the cloud. With a large number of photos and a small amount of memory (8 GB or 16 GB), it is better to choose the second option.

  • to do this, go to iPhone Settings. Photo & Camera
  • select the item “Optimize storage on iPhone”

Checking the state of memory

First you need to find out what takes up the most memory in the device. To do this, go to settings and follow the path main / statistics / storage. All the information we are interested in necessary to clear the memory is located here. Pay attention to the positions that eat up most of your memory. These can be apps, videos, or music. It remains to determine that from this we will no longer be useful and clean the memory of the debris in the iPhone 5s.

Easy steps to get rid of trash

Simple and obvious actions can significantly increase performance and clean up memory:

How to clean out your iPhone’s memory: Delete junk files, recover lost storage space and empty t

  • Regular reboot. when performing this action, the device clears the cache, which significantly improves performance and frees up a decent amount of memory.
  • Removing unused applications. You may have forgotten about some applications altogether, this is a sure sign that they should be removed first. Such dead games and programs that you do not use often constitute the main garbage in the iPhone memory, if necessary, you can download them from the Internet at any time, and until then, deleting them can save memory in the iPhone 5s.
  • Deleting old messages. if you like to correspond, messages will eat up the free space of the iPhone little by little. If you don’t care about old correspondence, in the message settings, select the option to store messages for 30 days. Older emails will be automatically deleted and free up some memory.

How to clean iPhone 5s memory from junk

All owners of gadgets sooner or later face a lack of free space on the device. The iPhone 5s is no exception, and it doesn’t matter how big your device is, 16GB or 64GB. If you do not keep order inside the phone, you will come across the inscription “not enough free space”. A larger volume will only delay this moment further into the future, and the amount of garbage in this case will make you sweat, cleaning the device. Let’s figure out how to clean iPhone 5s memory from junk.

Large amount of important information

A mobile device is designed to make life easier, and helps to always have the necessary information at hand, but most likely some baggage of unnecessary data has accumulated on the device. Perhaps you think that all your data is important and useful. These steps will help you understand your data.

  • Think about what you can delete without further hesitation? If a file or application has been dead weight for months, you better get rid of it.
  • What information do you not have to keep with you, but can you save it on your computer? Important data that you do not need to have with you at all times will be safer to store on a stationary device.
  • Perhaps you have cloud storage that will help offload storage on iPhone 5s. Cloud storage combines the ability to access it virtually anywhere with a stable connection and doesn’t take up any space on your mobile device.

If you regularly get rid of junk on iPhone 5s, then most likely the problem of insufficient volume will not affect you. Remember that if you don’t use something for months, then this data has no place on your device.

Perform a hard reset iPhone

If you are still wondering “How to free up space on iPhone?”, Then this method will help you get rid of junk for a long time. Be sure to back up your device to iTunes or iCloud and then do a full iPhone reset to delete the content. After a full reset of the iPhone, you will need to go through the device activation procedure again, and then restore the settings and data from the backup.

Take advantage of iOS capabilities

You can also configure iOS to save memory, below is a list of actions:

  • Turn off Enhanced Quality for VoiceOver
  • Disable and re-enable Siri to clear function cache
  • Disable iCloud sync for unnecessary data
  • Disable Photo Stream
  • Removing or rebuilding mail accounts
  • Turn off unwanted apps in Spotlight
  • Disable custom dictionary
  • Don’t store video and photo attachments in the Messages app
  • Clean up the album with recently deleted photos
  • Disable saving originals of photos and videos on iPhone
  • Disable background refresh for maximum number of apps
  • Shoot FullHD videos instead of 4K
  • Getting rid of system languages ​​that are not used
  • Sync your device with iTunes

Checking memory usage

The first thing to do is find out what exactly is taking up the most storage space on your iPhone. To do this, open the settings = Basic = Statistics = Storage.

Above shows how much memory on the disk has already been used and how much is still free. Below you can see how much memory is occupied by applications installed on the iPhone.

We clear the cache in the settings

How to clear cache on iPhone? You need to go to the “General” section in the settings, and then select Storage and iCloud. On the “Storage” tab, click on Manage. Next, we clear the cache on the iPhone and delete data that takes up a lot of space. Let’s delete unnecessary data using Safari as an example.

How do I clean my iPhone? Several easy ways

There are six ways to clean up unnecessary junk on iPhone:

  • Full device recovery in iTunes.
  • Delete iPhone in iCloud.
  • Deleting settings and all content on the device itself.
  • Partial removal of applications from the desktop.
  • Removing applications in the “Storage” menu.
  • Removing apps via iTunes.

Before you clean your iPhone, it’s worth deciding how radical the cleaning should be. If you plan to sell a gadget, then you need to delete absolutely all information from it. If you want to free only part of the memory, then the last three options are suitable for this.

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How to clear junk iPhone memory

Did you get a message stating that you can no longer save the photo, because there is no free space and you need to delete some of the data? So, for those who have seen this message, there are several ways how to free up space on the iPhone and not delete your favorite music or video files. How to clear memory on iPhone?

The longer your iPhone runs, the more junk accumulates. Garbage is all sorts of data, temporary files that are not useful to you. Over time, such files accumulate a lot and they can take up several gigabytes on the device. How to free up space on iPhone, very easy, remove this junk.

Delete iPhone in iCloud

If you don’t know how to clean an iPhone, but really want to get rid of content, settings and personal data in one fell swoop, then you can delete your gadget in iCloud. This can be done from any computer or mobile device. So:

Go to the iCloud website and log in with your ID.

Open the “All devices” menu and select the one from which we are going to delete content.

In the window that opens on the right, click on the “Erase iPhone” button. We confirm the action.

The item with the entry of the phone number can be skipped.

Click on the “Finish” button and wait for the device to clear of unnecessary files and information.

This method of cleaning iPhone can be used even for those devices that are not currently connected to the Internet. Files and settings will be deleted after the device appears on the network.

Effective Ways to Clean iPhone

Clean your iPhone? Hmm why? This is exactly the answer to a question a few years ago. A couple of years ago, 16GB of internal storage on the iPhone was completely satisfying for their users. Already in 2015, everything became a little different. all built-in programs, photos, music, became not only better quality, but also began to take up more and more disk space. And at some point it becomes clear that there is very little memory left on the disk.

And the question immediately arises. how to clean the iPhone from unnecessary garbage? We have tried to collect for you the most practical questions that will help you not only clean your iPhone, but also not clog it up with garbage in the future.

Sources:, /,

Add mail again

With the active use of mail, the client saves the attachment and junk files (company logos, images in letters, etc.). To get rid of this content, delete your account from iPhone and add it again.

We clear the cache in the settings

How to clear cache on iPhone? You need to go to the “General” section in the settings, and then select Storage and iCloud. On the “Storage” tab, click on Manage. Next, we clear the cache on the iPhone and delete data that takes up a lot of space. Let’s delete unnecessary data using Safari as an example.

5 way

PhoneClean is another good assistant, the main purpose of which is to clean your iPhone of junk and unnecessary files. A distinctive feature is the presence of two cleaning modes (regular and deep). In addition, the program automatically backs up all data. This means that even if you accidentally delete your data, you can get it back.

We hope each of you has found a suitable way to clean up junk files on iPhone 8/8 Plus.

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Install iPhone cache cleaner apps

Although Apple itself is against the use of such applications, they can be quite convenient. To find similar apps, use a search engine like Google.

Use system capabilities

Fortunately, Apple’s system solutions can also help solve iPhone low memory issues. You can clean up and save a significant amount of memory by turning off Photo Stream, clearing the user dictionary, or deleting system languages ​​that you never plan to use. Also, you often delete messages with photos and videos, empty the folder with recently deleted photos, turn off unnecessary applications in Spotlight search and periodically sync your smartphone with iTunes, since the media combine deletes application data directly from the device by transferring it to your computer.

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Turn off podcast auto-updates

With the release of iOS 8, the podcast listening app also became part of the iPhone system, which means it also began to take up memory. Users very rarely return to listening to old podcasts, however, sometimes they do not even think about deleting them. And in vain. one podcast weighs an average of 25 MB, and there can be hundreds of them on the iPhone.!

Disable auto-update and podcast downloads like this:

Go to “Settings” and find the subsection “Podcasts”.

In this subsection, in the “Default podcast settings” section, turn off “Download episodes” and activate the slider opposite “Delete playback.”.

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