How to clean up space on iPad

How to free up space on iPad (iPhone or iPod Touch)

I continue to delight readers of the site with instructions for all occasions. Now I will tell you how to solve the problem of free space on the iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch. On the Internet, I found dozens of similar instructions, both in Russian and in English, but they are all amazingly incompetent. They tell you how to free up space, but forget to tell about the consequences of these actions. over, it is sometimes more important to know about the consequences than to know the actions themselves. I will correct this misunderstanding. After reading this article, you should have much less questions and problems.

How to free up space on iPad

Remove unnecessary apps

This is the first thing to consider. Each has its own removal principle. I try to remove:

b) games and programs that I have not run for more than six months. If the application is not used for six months. do I need it?

The most convenient way to delete is from the settings. You can also see how much free space is available on the iPad: Settings-Basic-Statistics. See item Available.

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Go to Settings-Basic-Statistics-Storage (Storage Location). We see a list of installed applications sorted by the occupied space on the tablet. Conveniently! The list can be formed in a few seconds (depending on the number of installed applications).

We poke on an unnecessary application and delete it. It’s simple.

Consequences: if you uninstall the application, you will lose all save to it, you will lose all documents and data in it. Exceptions: Some applications store data in the cloud. Some game progress is linked to a social network account.

A good option not to lose data is to make a backup of the application with all data to your computer before deleting it. For example, iTools allows you to do this.

So you free up space on your iPad and your data will remain safe and sound.

Delete app data

Sometimes the application itself “weighs” a little, but its documents and data a lot. I would like to leave the application, but delete its data. Below is a great example. The Maps.Me application is 52 megabytes in size, but its data is 644 megabytes. In this case, these are previously downloaded maps. I would like to leave the application, but delete unnecessary cards.

Option 1. Reinstall the application. Remove the application and reinstall it from the App Store.

Option 2. Delete data from the program itself.

Option 3. Delete data via iTunes. Having connected the device to the computer, you need to go to Programs and there in Shared files. As a rule, this method is equivalent to option 2 But this way you can quickly go through the applications and see what is superfluous in them.

Clear browser cache (Safari, Chrome and others).

When you visit sites, some data from them is saved on the device for further quick access to them.

Preferences-Safari-Clear History and Site Data.

Effects. You will lose your history, cookies and other data that speed up access to the site. I.e:

  • sites, forums where you were previously logged in will be logged out
  • images that were saved in the iPad cache (for example, the site logo) will be reloaded again when the site is opened
  • data in the form of a comment (name, e-mail), etc. removed
  • the site will forget that you like the computer version, not the mobile one.

Passwords that you saved in Keychain Access will not be deleted.

Removing music. Freeing up space with music

For music lovers, music takes up a lot of space. Is it always necessary on the device? If you want to have a huge collection of music on your iOS device and at the same time do not want it to take up space, then you have a great chance to get acquainted with iTunes Match (subscription 799 rubles per year).

The essence of iTunes Match: All your music goes to the cloud, stored in the cloud, and played straight from the cloud. On all your devices.

Otherwise, there is only one opportunity to save space at the expense of music: when syncing with iTunes, you need to check the box “Reduce bitrate for high quality songs to”. And to indicate the quality: the smaller, the worse the quality, but also the smaller the size of the songs. For example, most people will not hear the difference between quality 256 and 320 But if you can feel the difference, then congratulations. do not use the last advice!

7 TRICKS to FREE UP Space On iPhone and iPad ��

Free up space with photos and videos

Media files tend to take up a lot of space too. How to save space by using photos and videos?

Option 1. Remove from iPad / iPhone. You just need to remember that in iOS 8 there was a folder “Recently Deleted”. Analogous to the “Trash” in Windows or OS X. Therefore, unnecessary pictures and videos must be deleted twice: from the album and from the folder “Recently Deleted”.

Before deleting, you can make a backup. Use the cloud or just export media files to your computer and delete from iDevice.

Option 2. In iOS 8, it became possible to store pictures in the iCloud Photo Library. At the same time, only the optimized versions are stored on the iPad / iPhone. Settings-iCloud-Photos.

The disadvantage of this option is that Internet access is required to access the full version of the image. A big plus is that the need for a photo stream disappears (minus 1000 pictures on the device!)

Also a small life hack for the future. You need to uncheck the box: Settings-Photo and Camera-Leave original. Why keep the original HDR image?

Deleting media files in messages

Forwarding media files (photos and videos) in messages can serve as an additional source of saving free space. We go into the Messages program. Then we open a dialogue. Click the Details button. Attached files will appear at the very bottom. Hold your finger on the unnecessary media file and select Delete from the menu.

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My sister loves to shoot a video on my iPhone and send it to herself. Imagine how much space I just saved?

Various utilities are being promoted on the network that are designed to quickly delete unnecessary data from the iPhone and iPad. The most mentioned PhoneClean I personally don’t recommend using them. Why? You run the risk of running into various problems: someone’s programs delete the necessary documents, someone forgets to uncheck the necessary box, and then it turns out that, along with the junk, the application deleted his Safari data.

Instead of using such apps, I would prefer to back up and restore the device again. This method also helps to free up space, since it destroys temporary files and application caches (in fact, PhoneClean does this).

But this is my opinion. If PhoneClean and its analogues help you, then good luck in the future! I recommend everyone else to blindly trust such programs at their own peril and risk, and in the last place.

Conclusion: In this article, I have provided the main ways to free up space on the iPad / iPhone or iPod Touch. If you have any questions or wishes, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Good luck to all!

How to free up space on iPhone and iPad and speed up their work?

Many Apple device users notice that the iPhone and iPad are incredibly fast right out of the box, but over time, the speed performance becomes less and less impressive. It is not surprising, because you yourself install tens and hundreds of applications, store gigabytes of photos, correspondence in instant messengers, and so on. The consequence of this is an overflowing cache, due to which devices can “slow down”.

Almost all iOS applications store cache files. in Safari, this is information about the sites visited: thanks to this, you can open your browser at any time and go to the page that you visited a couple of hours ago. Much faster than retyping the site in the address bar and then looking for the page you want.

Full of corresponding files and other applications. To see how much space is occupied by the cache, go to “Settings”. “General”. “Storage and iCloud”. Select “Manage” and go to any application. For me, for example, Spotify takes one and a half gigabytes, and this despite the fact that the application itself “weighs” 104 megabytes. Instagram, with its size of 22 megabytes, takes an additional 203 megabytes.

The easiest way to get rid of these “documents and data” is to reinstall the applications. In this case, you do not need third-party solutions, however, user data will be deleted: offline music in Spotify, gameplay (if the game does not upload everything to iCloud), and so on.

The best place to start clearing your cache is with Safari. This is done in a couple of clicks: go to “Settings”. Safari, where you select “Clear history and site data”.

If you didn’t feel the effect as such, it’s time to use third-party applications. There are quite a few of them in the App Store, mostly such programs are monetized using advertising banners and therefore are distributed free of charge. For example, Battery Saver. you can clean both the RAM (Boost Memory) and temporary files (Disk. Clean Junk). We recommend using the last function only if the space on the iPhone or iPad is really small, since user files in applications may be affected.

For cleaning, you can also use applications for Windows or OS X. the same PhoneClean. The utility will clear the device cache, remove unnecessary files and programs that you do not use. You will have to pay for this pleasure (however, there is a free version), but in the future you will be able to clean your Apple gadgets without any problems.

Name: Battery Saver Publisher / Developer: lin tongtong Price: Free In-App Purchases: No Compatibility: For iPhone Link: Install

Name: PhoneClean Publisher / Developer: iMobie Price: Free (29.99) In-App Purchases: No Compatibility: OS X Link: Install

Name: PhoneClean Publisher / Developer: iMobie Price: Free (29.99) In-App Purchases: No Compatibility: Windows Link: Install

How to free up space on your iPhone or iPad

How to clear cache on iPhone and iPad

I’ll try to tell you about the cache in an accessible language. What it is eaten with and how to clean it in iOS. This will free up hundreds of megabytes (or even several gigabytes) of memory space. I will tell you how to clear the cache in Safari, the general cache of the system, as well as application data.

What is cache? Let’s take a look at the definition:

Cash (from English. cache). a special area on the disk or in the computer’s operating memory intended for temporary storage of information and for frequently used data and commands for faster access.

That is, the system (or applications in the system) saves some of the data to disk in order to get faster access to them in the future. Even our site uses a cache system. over, the cache is used twice.

  • The first user opens the article. The page is formed and added to a special file on the server. Then all other users no longer load the database and, when accessing the same article, receive the generated file.
  • Also, some of the files (which are constantly loaded: for example, a CSS file with styles) from our site are saved on your computer, iPad, iPhone. It is your browser that stores this data in order to load it faster in the future. Such caching allows, firstly, to open the site faster, and secondly, to save traffic.

Most sites on the Internet work on the same principles. How many do you visit them? How many of them do you return to? But the data is still stored on your disk (maybe half a year, maybe a year, maybe indefinitely).

This is why the Safari cache gets clogged in the iPhone and iPad in the first place. If you haven’t cleaned it for a long time and the browser slows down:

How to clear cache on iPad in Safari?

  • Go to Preferences-Safari.
  • Find the item “Clear history and site data”. Click on this button.
  • In the new window, read the message and click “Clear”

How to clear cache with Battery Doctor

I am skeptical about many of these utilities. But what cannot be taken away from Battery Doctor is that it cleans memory, it is quite noticeable to itself.

Before cleaning, there was 6.8 gigabytes of free space, and after 8.3. Wonders?

The app is absolutely free. Monetized by advertising that appears at the bottom of the screen.

How to Free Up Space on your iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air

We go into the program. Go to the Junk section. We see the amount of free space on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Click the Clean Up Cache button.

The program warns that the program deletes some temporary files, which may include game progress and some cached data. In fact, you should not be afraid of deleting the progress of games. all normal toys have progress stored inside the application folder and Battery Doctor will not affect it.

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After a while, the program shows you the final result. As a rule, the bill goes to hundreds of megabytes, and even to gigabytes.

I do not recommend overusing the program. It is just one way to free up memory and optimize system performance. The greatest effect is seen when you have not used the program for a long time or never.

But Battery Doctor can be said to be a radical remedy. It should be used if you like one-click solutions and your system slows down. But that’s not all

How to clear program data

Even Battery Doctor does not touch, and cannot touch program data.

Settings-General-Storage and iCloud. Click Manage in the Storage section. Now we manually view how much the data of various applications is taking.

You don’t have to go far. Instagram and I use almost 500 megabytes. Previously, flash drives 256 megabytes were considered happiness, but here What for is this cached data to me now?

What can be done? Remove the program and reinstall. Documents and data will accumulate again over time, but it will be later, and we cleared the application cache here and now.

Have a nice day everyone and a lot of memory in your iPhone and iPad!

How to clear cache on iPhone and iPad: 45 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

I always clear the cache and stuff, resetting and restoring from a backup. 20 minutes and the iPad is clean 🙂

This is the most radical way, and not suitable for everyone)

There is another way: go to iTunes and rent a movie in HD. which takes up more space than you have left. For example Godfather 2 (6-7 Gb). The money will not be withdrawn then, but you will be offered to be transferred to the settings to free up memory. This can be repeated several times, and eventually clean up to several gigabytes. ONLY! You need to make sure that memory is always NOT enough

I mean, you don’t delete anything yourself, everything happens by itself

Remove attachments in Messages (iMessage)

Attachments in messages can also take up a lot of device space. In order to get rid of excess cargo, you should go to the Messages application, open any conversation and click on the “Details” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you need to click on any attachment and hold until the “” menu item appears. select it and decide on the materials to be deleted. After that we press “Remove attachment“And all unnecessary files will be erased from the gadget’s memory.

Disable saving by default HDR originals

The Camera application, by default, saves the original photos to the device when you take HDR shots. This, of course, also affects the amount of memory. To disable the saving of originals, you need to open the “Settings”, then go to the “Camera” section and there move the slider opposite the item “Keep original” to the OFF position.

Prevent downloading iOS updates

You can also cancel the download of platform updates so that you do not have to manually remove them later. To do this, you need to follow this link from your gadget and install the tvOS 11 Beta Software Profile on your iPhone or iPad. Then you will need to reboot the device.

After these steps, the system will stop downloading updates to the iPhone or iPad. If the user needs a fresh firmware, then to install it, you will need to first delete the tvOS 11 Beta Software Profile.

Delete unnecessary books from iBooks

Even the contents of a standard iBooks reader can negatively affect the free memory space of the gadget. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to check if there are any materials in the application to be removed. To do this, start the reader, click on the “Change” button in the window that opens, look for unnecessary books and magazines, mark them and erase them from the database.

Use cloud services

Photos and videos can also be stored in the “cloud” on third-party resources: Google Photos, Yandex.Disk, Dropbox and others. All of these services provide free storage to which you can transfer content loading iPhone or iPad memory. It is only important to make sure before deleting photos and videos from the device that they have been completely copied to the “cloud”.

A clever way to clear your memory you might not know about

If the device is catastrophically small, it can be quickly freed up in one tricky way, described in detail here. You need to select a large application, game or movie and download it to your gadget. The system will record that there is not enough space on the iPhone or iPad for downloading, and will begin to independently get rid of unnecessary temporary files, which are virtually impossible to reach on your own.

First, you should find out how much free memory on the device, and select an application or game, the size of which exceeds this memory. It goes without saying that after installing such software, it will immediately need to be removed.

It happens that the selected application does not want to download to the device. this means that there is extremely little space left on the gadget. In this case, you should select a program with a smaller size.

Deleting the photo correctly

Immediately after deleting photos, they go to the “Deleted Items” folder and still take up space for 30 days, so go into it and clean it, for this:

Open photos on your smartphone, then go to the “Search” tab, at the very bottom you will see the necessary directory.

They move there in case you suddenly change your mind about getting rid of the photo. But this is not always necessary, and if you nevertheless decide to remove some pictures. do it in this folder too.

Disable HDR duplication

In the camera settings, you can uncheck the box for saving the original photo during HDR shooting, while the space for the pictures will start to take up about half as much.

Interesting! By default, this option is always on, always check it, especially on newer devices.

Cleaning iPhone from trash. complete

It will help to completely clean all the tails and all the debris that is in the system. We will do a full reset, so all tails from applications and left by the system will be removed. After cleaning, we will restore the settings from a backup.

Go to settings, open your account. Apple ID, go to iCloud and open the “Backup” option. Create a new copy. methods of making a copy in the material. how to backup iPhone.

Next, you need to reset your iPhone to factory settings to remove all files and applications. In the settings go to “General” and then to “Reset”. Do exactly “Erase content and settings”.

When you turn on the iPhone and set it up for the first time, click on “Recover from iCloud Copy” and specify the last created version to restore all contacts, settings and applications will also be downloaded again.

Interesting! This is probably the most effective method of all to clean your Apple device of all junk, tails of old programs and free up precious megabytes and gigabytes.

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How to free up memory and clean up iPhone

Cleaning up unused files

Go to the “Files” program, here you will see the folders that other programs have created to store their files and two directories: iCloud Drive and iPhone.

Go to these folders and delete those files that you do not use. Old documents, pictures and other elements that take up the device’s memory can be stored there.

How to check memory on iPhone

The memory can always be quickly viewed in the device settings. Go to them, go to the “Basic” group and open the information “About this device”.

All capacity and available memory will be shown here, if you need to update the iPhone or other operations that require a lot of free space. always see the information here first.

Safari Browser Cleaning

The browser saves all passwords and page data, which negatively affects the speed of the “iPad”. How to clean a device in seconds by deleting browser cache? You just need to reset all the data that was saved in the main settings.

Removing unnecessary garbage

We often download applications and, having installed, forget about them. If you do not use this or that program, it is worth removing it from the device.

Photos and videos are best stored in the cloud. The quality of shooting is improving every day, multimedia files are becoming more bulky, which does not affect the speed of the iPad in the best way. Apple’s iCloud service is very easy to use: it can be configured to automatically save files.

A software called PhoneClean cleans the tablet well from unnecessary files and debris. The program is paid, but it can be hacked using a key generator.

iCleaner Pro. one of the most effective applications for clearing iPad memory, but it has one big drawback. installation is possible only with Jailbreak. The advantage of the program is that it can be used to manage the entire file system. The utility carefully removes unnecessary elements from the bowels of the tablet and increases memory by an average of 30%.

How to clean “iPad”: all the secrets

Users of “apple” gadgets note that recently purchased “iPads” or “iPhones” work incredibly fast, but over time the device starts to “freeze”. A few years ago, 32 gigabytes of memory was enough to watch videos and play games. But now apps are taking up a lot more space. Correspondence in messengers, millions of photos. all this consumes memory at an incredible rate. And one fine day, each user is faced with the question of how to clear the memory of “Aypad” so that the device works as quickly as after purchase? This will be discussed in this article.

How to get rid of useless apps

How to clean iPad is easy, just by uninstalling programs that are not used or have lost their relevance:

  • Select it with a long press on the application icon. After that, click on the cross to delete. It is worth considering the fact that Apple’s built-in applications cannot be removed.
  • You can go to the basic settings, then to the “Cloud”. The “Manage” option will appear. You will see all the programs that can be removed.
  • Finally, you need to reboot the device.

The best programs for cleaning iPad memory

Some of the programs are paid, but with their help you can not only speed up the operation of the gadget, but also protect it from viruses.

  • PhoneClean. Available for free download. After the program is installed on your computer, you should connect your tablet to it. Run the cleaning application and click on “Start Scanning”. You can delete both temporary files and saved passwords. The information will be processed in a few minutes. When the scan is complete, you need to click on “Clear”. and all unnecessary files will be deleted. At the same time, important data does not disappear anywhere.
  • Battery Doctor. The program will not only delete unnecessary content on the tablet, but also save the battery from fast discharge. The software is lightweight and easy to use: in the “Memory” tab, click on “Clear cache”. A scan will begin and identify temporary files to be deleted. After removing the garbage, the program will show how much free space has appeared on the “iPad”.
  • iMyfone Umate. The program safely deletes from the tablet system the information that you decided to part with. You can delete both temporary files and thoroughly clean the “iPad” in case the device is resold to another person, and you are afraid that your photos and videos are being used for questionable purposes.

“iPad” slows down: how to clean the device to return it to its previous speed?

Lightning computer connector and iTunes can quickly and efficiently clean your gadget.

Before you can clean your iPad, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Install iTunes on a computer or MacBook.
  • Buy Lightning Cable.

So how do you clean your iPad from debris? Let’s analyze in stages:

  • Use a Lightning cable to connect your device to your computer. Log in to the iTunes installed on the PC.
  • You need to come up with a password for the files that have been copied. To do this, you must select the option “Encrypt local copy”.
  • After the password is set, iTunes will automatically create a backup. If the copy creation process does not start automatically, you can simply click on the “Create a copy now” option. It will take some time.
  • You may need to turn off Find iPad. It is very simple to do this: you need to go to the settings, then turn off the “Find iPad” option in iCloud. To do this, you will need to enter a password from “Cloud”. Then you need to click on “Finish” in the iTunes window and again click on “Create a copy now”.
  • You will be prompted to select the backup you just created. You need to click on “Restore”, and then enter the password for access to the backup.
  • iTunes will immediately start the restore process. After the operation is completed, all files and information will be in the same form as before the recovery, and there will be more memory.

Before you clean the iPad in this way, it is recommended to check the amount of temporary files, because it depends on how much disk space will be freed up after the update. The procedure should be carried out approximately once every six months, since during this time garbage will reappear on the device, which will adversely affect the operation of the iPad.

Now you know how to clean iPad and speed up your tablet. But it should be remembered that the browser cache must be cleaned every few months, otherwise the next garbage in the system cannot be avoided.