How to clear cloud on iPhone 6

How to create a cloud on an iPhone using a PC or phone?

The process of registering or creating a storage account on the Internet on iPhone does not take much of your time. Let’s take a closer look at the situation using the example of registering a cloud of iCloud and Yandex Disk from start to finish.

Create Apple ID and register iCloud for iPhone

Go to the official cloud storage website: Register by clicking on the “Create” button opposite the Apple ID, as shown in the screenshot below.

Fill in the personal information that is required to register the icloud cloud.

We recommend that you write down your new Apple ID and password to sign in to your account. The registered data of the cloud service is required for the correct setup of the iPhone for your account. If the iPhone is sold or transferred to third parties, be sure to log out of your account so that your personal data will not be transferred to other users.

It is possible to create an icloud cloud not only from a computer, but also directly from an iPhone. To do this, go to “Settings”, etc.

Registering Yandex Disk cloud in iPhone

We need to download the official app from the App Store.

The registration process is pretty straightforward. Open the app and click

If you already have a login from the mail or Yandex Music listening service, it is not necessary to register. Enter your account details and log in to the application.

Correct configuration of Yandex Disk and iCloud will allow you to use the services in automatic mode. We will tell you a little later how to configure cloud services without errors.

How to save a photo in the cloud of iPhone or Yandex Disk?

To upload a photo from iPhone to the cloud, go to the “Settings” section. Click on your Apple ID account. Next is “iCloud”. “A photo”. Make active the checkbox next to “Media Library”.

Apple cares about its users and leaves detailed descriptions of functions to the most popular menu items in iPhone settings.

As you could already understand, by activating this menu item in the settings, you can upload a photo to the cloud on the iPhone. Next, set optional additional settings for saving the originals of photos or vice versa, optimizing the storage of the device.

If you are not sure about syncing and transferring photos to iCloud from iPhone, we advise you to check the downloaded files through your personal computer storage program.

The simplest and most affordable option for storing photos in the device cloud is using the Yandex Disk service. The main advantage of this program is comfort and ease of use, and also, in comparison with iCloud, you are provided with much more free space to save photos.

Open the disk program and try to customize it according to our instructions. Go to the settings section by tapping on the gear in the upper left corner of the display. Pay attention to the menu item “Upload photos”. We advise you to actively upload photos only via Wi-Fi in order to save money if your telecom operator does not provide an unlimited tariff.

Uploading photos and videos to Yandex Drive is automatic. On some devices and firmware, users have reported minor problems with automatic loading. They have to leave the screen of the gadget in an active state while the data is being downloaded to the server.

You can see the current state of the uploaded photos and video files in the “Camera” section. A running line with the amount of loaded material will be displayed in the upper status bar of the program. With Yandex Disk you will forever forget about such a question, “How to save a photo to the cloud on the iPhone?” The application will automatically do everything for you.

Also, do not forget that Disk has a separate program not only for the iPhone, but also for the computer. Therefore, it will be a pleasure to download photos and video files from the cloud to your computer.

To transfer a separately taken photo to the cloud on the iPhone from Yandex, click on “Photo”. Select the photo you would like to upload to the server. Click on the sharing button in the lower left corner. A pop-up window will appear with additional information on copying or slideshow. Scroll the program bar to the end until you find “Disk”. Select or create the desired folder in which you would like to store photos from iPhone.

Which cloud is best for iPhone at present?

The task of choosing cloud storage for the iPhone comes down to several competitors in this area. We will try to tell you in more detail about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

The assessment of cloud storage services for the iPhone will consist of the following criteria:

iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service

Aycloud. a powerful and high-tech cloud service that is able to keep your personal media files safe and sound from unauthorized persons. In addition to storing photos and data, it is able to: track the location of your iPhone computer or other phone; quick and remote setup of iPhone, calendar events and more.

There is no point in talking about the convenience of using the iCloud service, which was specially developed by Apple for buyers and users of iPhone or iPad. Quite simple.

By purchasing a new iPhone, you create an iCloud cloud account that is tied to one or more devices, if you have more than one.

To access the cloud on iPhone, you need to be authorized in the device settings, and all previously saved photos or personal data, such as contacts, calendar entries or notes, are automatically downloaded to the iPhone. This adds the maximum number of points to the ease of use of the Icloud service, because You don’t need to install additional software on your phone.

When registering an Apple cloud storage account, the user is given 5 GB of free storage for the most important files on the iPhone cloud. To expand the amount of storage in the cloud, you are offered a choice of three subscription options, which are presented in the screenshot below. The cost is indicated in rubles per month of use.

Yandex Disk is one of the ways to choose cloud storage for photos and videos on iPhone

Recently, we described in detail one of the processes of downloading music to the iPhone using the Yandex Disk cloud storage. You can read about it here.

In addition to downloading music, this service will allow you to store in your cloud spaces all the photos and video files that are on the iPhone.

Many iPhone buyers use the cloud storage service. This is primarily due to the small amount of memory in the device. Yandex Disk for free offers about 20 GB for uploading media files to the cloud from the iPhone. This space is more than enough to understand all the features of the service in free mode.

The usability of Yandex Drive on iPhone doesn’t seem as promising as in the case of iCloud. Autoload YAD will allow you to automatically upload only photo and video files from iPhone to cloud storage.

As for the cost. Yandex offers, as we said earlier, about 20 GB of permanent space in the cloud for free, as well as the ability to expand memory for an additional fee. You can familiarize yourself with the current tariffs (at the end of 2017) in the screenshot below.

clear, cloud, iphone

Attention! Yandex Disk constantly conducts free promotions with Partners, which will allow you to significantly increase your iPhone cloud storage space. The price and cost of these services may differ from the presented on the official website of the software product.

A Brief Summary of Choosing Cloud Storage for iPhone

We have considered just a few options for the most popular services for storing photos and videos from iPhone on the Internet. There are a huge number of competitors who can offer you the most favorable terms for renting a storage facility. The main thing is not to forget that proven and popular services have reliable data protection against hacking, which will prevent the leakage of personal files to the Internet. Choose the most convenient way to store your data in the iPhone cloud, based on our summary table of advantages and disadvantages.

How does the cloud work on iPhone? Principle of operation in general terms

The principle of cloud storage is built on streaming files to local server storage Apple.

When an iPhone user takes a new photo, records a video file, or works with bookmarks on the gadget, the built-in iOS monitoring system records and saves the results of new or previously changed files to the device’s internal cache. By connecting to Wi-Fi, you are automatically connected to the iCloud cloud storage. iOS sends a command to the server about changed or new documents, and they are automatically uploaded to Apple’s local storage.

The file, at the time of uploading from the iPhone to the cloud, is divided into equal parts and distributed among the storage servers. Each document or photo has several backups that allow you to store information in different places. In case of loss of data about the downloaded file or equipment malfunction, the backup will instantly get information about the previously uploaded media content to the cloud.

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When an iPhone user enters the cloud storage and downloads the file he needs, it is automatically assembled by means of powerful computing equipment and transmitted through secure encryption to the owner’s phone.

How to go to the cloud on iPhone and which cloud storage service to choose

After reading this manual, you can deal with the popular issue of transferring and saving photos to the cloud on the iPhone, additional phone settings, as well as choosing the most convenient data storage service.

Every year, the development of cloud storage for saving personal photos or documents is more popular among iPhone users. This may be due to the small amount of memory of the device, or vice versa, with the conveniences that are offered to us by data storage services on the Internet.

How to quickly access the cloud using an iPhone or computer?

If you need to download photos or videos to your computer from the iPhone cloud storage, we recommend using the official and free program from Apple for Windows operating systems. ICloud for PC

Install the downloaded program and make the minimum settings that will be requested in automatic mode.

After installation, go through authorization and check the boxes in the menu items of the sections with the files that you want to synchronize and transfer from the Internet storage iPhone to your computer.

To access the Apple cloud directly from your iPhone, we advise you to perform additional phone settings, which will allow you to view files without using additional software. Go to “Settings”. Choose the section “iCloud”.

After you have entered the general iCloud menu, scroll to the very bottom to the optional checkbox with permission to store documents and data in the iPhone cloud. Activate it.

After confirming the storage of data from programs that use the icloud service, the necessary files and backup copies of applications will be automatically copied to the storage service from the iPhone.

To view files in Apple storage from iPhone, go to your phone’s home screen or desktop. The installed “iCloud Drive” app will appear as shown in the screenshot.

The program will allow you to view files in iCloud from the iPhone as a file manager. For the most detailed view of not only files and documents from the cloud storage iCloud, we recommend using the data synchronization program for your computer.

It is important to know! Try to learn all the functions and settings of your iPhone’s cloud storage device. “How do I use the cloud on my iPhone?” There is nothing difficult. Just follow each step in our instructions, and she will answer all your questions in more detail.


In this detailed guide, we tried to talk about the main advantages and disadvantages of the most popular cloud storage services for the iPhone. We advise you to use iCloud to store notes, calendar data, as well as contacts that are present on your phone.

In the case of Yandex Disk, you greatly facilitate the process of uploading not only photos of photos, but also videos from iPhone to cloud storage.

Do not forget to sync or urgently download photos from the iCloud cloud storage, you will need to install an additional program on your PC. Yandex Disk allows you to download any files up to 2GB in size from the cloud without installing software.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them in the comments to this article.

How to erase iPhone to iCloud

Another way to completely clean the iPhone “in one fell swoop”, you can do it remotely from any computer, tablet or smartphone (the operating system does not matter). The only thing is that the device must be connected to the Internet.

    Go to, log in with your Apple ID and launch the Find My iPhone web application. You can just follow this link and log in.

In the “All devices” menu, find the required (if there is more than one) and click on it.

In the window that appears on the right, click on “Erase iPhone”.

Confirm the request by clicking on “Erase”.

Activation Lock will prevent you from erasing data from your device until you enter your Apple ID password.

There is no need to enter a phone number and a text message, just click on “Next” and then on “Finish”.

  • Immediately after you click on “Done”, the procedure for erasing iPhone will begin.
  • You can also erase an iPhone that is not (currently) connected to the Internet in iCloud. The request will be queued and executed as soon as the device appears on the network.

    My iPhone 5s had Find My iPhone turned on and, as a result, after erasing the Activation Lock, it locked it. To activate it, you had to enter your Apple ID and password, if you don’t, you will have a “brick” at your disposal.

    The radical methods of cleaning the contents of the iPhone are over, now we will focus on more liberal ones, or rather, on deleting applications and their files.

    How to Clean iPhone: Erase in iCloud, Delete Content & Factory Reset

    Oftentimes, the reason why iPhones and iPads start to perform significantly worse than usual lies in the lack of free space in the device’s memory. If you notice that your device has become “brooding”, often freezes, involuntarily reboots without a command, then it’s time for a “general cleaning”. It’s time to clear the device memory from extra megabytes, or even GB of software junk. Agree, it is not professional to delete each application and its files by “handles”.

    Today I will tell you how to quickly clear the device memory in whole or in part, as well as how to reset the iPhone to factory settings.

    How To Delete iCloud Storage / Free Up iCloud Space on iPhone

    In the settings of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in the menu “General. Statistics ”there is an interesting section.“ Storage ”. This menu contains information about how much and what the device’s memory is busy with. Take a look, you may be very surprised that even the most harmless, at first glance, applications, such as social network managers, can store gigabytes of useless data.

    Recently we were contacted by the owner of an iPhone who faced the problem of insufficient memory. When updating iOS over Wi-Fi, this caused the device to get caught in a recovery loop. Restoring iPhone was not considered a solution to the problem. the user did not want to lose data from the device. Fortunately, everything ended well, the person still had to restore the iPhone via iTunes, and the information was restored from an iCloud backup, which he did not even know existed.

    This precedent pushes to always keep the device memory “clean”, or at least periodically clean it of information “trash”.

    Ways to Clean iPhone

    • Recovering your device in iTunes.
    • Erase Content and Settings on iPhone.
    • Erase iPhone to iCloud.
    • Removing an application from the desktop.
    • Removing an application in iPhone settings in the “Storage” menu.
    • Removing App from iPhone via iTunes.

    The first 3 methods allow you to completely “zero” the device’s memory, as a result of which you will have an iPhone with “clean” iOS at your disposal. After cleaning, you will need to re-configure it and restore the necessary data from a backup to iTunes or iCloud.

    The last 3 are classic, allow you to manually delete individual applications and all their data.

    We have already written about restoring the iPhone and in sufficient detail, I see no reason to repeat myself. Let’s try to erase content and settings on the iPhone and see what it threatens.

    How to remove an app and all its files from an iPhone

    Above, I have already noted that there are several ways to delete an application from the memory of an iOS device: from the desktop, through iTunes, from the settings.

    There is nothing easier than removing an installed application (programs or games) from your desktop. To do this, just hold your finger on the iPhone screen anywhere for at least 2 seconds.

    At the top left of the icons (icons) of applications that can be deleted (downloaded from the App Store), a cross icon will appear, the icons themselves will begin to “dance”.

    Tap on the cross and confirm the deletion.

    The same can be done from the iPhone settings in the “Storage” menu.

      Go to Settings. Basic. Statistics. Storage “.

    Tap on the desired application. A window will open with information about its aggregate (including data) size.

    Tap on “Remove program” and confirm. Done, the application and all its files will be deleted.

    The third and final method to uninstall via iTunes is to de-sync it between the PC and the iOS device. I talked about this in the article “3 ways to install applications from the App Store on an iPhone or iPad” (link).

      Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable or Wi-Fi and launch iTunes.

    Select the device in the menu located next to the “iTunes Store” button (top right).

    Go to the “Programs” tab.

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    Opposite the application to be removed in the list of downloaded programs, click on the “Remove” button. If the application is not installed in the device memory, instead of the “Remove” button, “Install” will be displayed. Then click “Sync”.

    The app you marked demolished will be removed from the iPhone. Similarly, it can be reinstalled.

    In addition to applications, free space in an iOS device is consumed by photos, videos, music, contacts, notes and other important information. But there is another secret (for many) memory eater. Safari.

    The mobile web browser from Apple works like any other: when the site is loaded, it loads its content into temporary storage (cache). This is done in order to speed up the loading of pages when re-accessing them.

    When re-accessing the web pages loaded into the cache, the cached data is not downloaded from the servers again, but is retrieved from the cache. On the one hand, this allows you to save on traffic and get fast loading of web pages, on the other hand, you have to put up with the fact that the cache “eats” memory.

    So, if you actively use your iPhone or iPad for “surfing the Internet”, be prepared for the fact that the Safari cache can take up a lot of memory space. This amount depends on how much data the server hosting the site has allowed to be cached. The iPhone owner cannot limit this size, all that remains is to periodically clean.

    How to clean iPhone

    You can clean up your iPhone drastically, i.e. completely, or partially, by removing individual applications and their files. It is quite simple to do this in several ways at once.

    clear, cloud, iphone

    How to erase content and settings on iPhone

    This procedure is carried out very simply, in just 5 “taps”.

    Select “Erase content and settings” and if you set a lock password, you must enter it.

    Confirm the request by double-tapping on “Erase iPhone”. Do not be surprised that you need to confirm the erasure 2 times, the action is not reversible and can lead to the loss of important data, you must be sure of what you are doing.

    How to Free Up iCloud Storage (& Never Worry About It Again)

    If Find My iPhone is enabled in iCloud settings on iPhone, you need to enter your Apple ID password. You cannot erase content and reset settings without this (this is how activation lock works).

  • After you turn off Find My iPhone, the iPhone screen will go blank, then the Apple logo and progress bar will appear. Depending on the device model and the amount of space occupied in its memory, the reset can take from 2 to 15 minutes.
  • To erase content and settings on an iPhone, it does not need to be connected to a power source, but make sure that the battery level is at least 25%. Otherwise, if the battery is completely discharged during the wiping process, you may need to restore iPhone using iTunes.

    This is what happened with my iPhone 5s jailbreak with Pangu. It’s good that the backup in iTunes and iCloud remained. I had to restore the device from Recovery Mode, or from DFU mode, there is no difference.

    How to clear the Safari cache on iPhone

    To delete all temporary files, tap on “Delete cookies and data”.

    If you want to delete cached data for a specific site, go to the Add-ons menu. Site data “.

    This menu provides information about all sites using the Safari cache: the total space they occupy and the size of the data for each site. To delete data for one site, tap on “Change”, and then on the red icon in front of its name.

    Confirm the deletion by tapping on “Delete”. All data for the selected site will be deleted and the next time you visit it, they will be downloaded from the server again, and not unloaded from the cache.

    Here you can also delete the cached data of all sites. To do this, tap on “Delete all data”.

    So, in fact, everything is simple. Now you know how to remove the “problem” application from the iPhone or completely clear its memory.

    If you have any difficulties or questions about the article, welcome to the comments.

    How to delete photos from iCloud storage?

    On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings [your name] iCloud Manage Storage Photos, then click Disconnect & Remove.

    How to clear storage on your phone?

    • Launch the “Play Music” or “Play Movies” application.
    • Click on the menu icon Settings Manage Downloaded Files.
    • Tap the Downloaded icon Delete.

    How to remove apps from the cloud?

    • Connect your device to your computer.
    • Launch iTunes and log in under the Apple ID on which the application was downloaded.
    • Click on the user icon and go to the “Shopping” section.
    • Find the app you want to hide.
    • Click on the cross.

    What happens if you delete a photo from iCloud?

    What happens if you delete a photo from iCloud (or from your phone)

    If you delete a photo from your phone while syncing with iCloud is enabled, it will disappear from the cloud too. If, in the same case, you delete a photo from the cloud, then it will also disappear from the phone.

    How to remove programs from the Appstore cloud?

    Go to Settings, then select General and click on Statistics. On the screen you will see a list of all applications on the device, you need to select the one that you want to remove. Click on the application icon, select Uninstall program and confirm. The third method is deletion via iTunes.

    How to upload all photos to Iclaud?

    Download photos and videos from

    On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to, tap Photos, Select. Then select the photos and videos you want to download and click Select “Upload” and the photos and videos will be uploaded as a file.

    How to clear the cloud on Xiaomi?

    How to delete a photo from Mi Cloud, but leave it on the phone

    After that, click on the “Gallery” shortcut on the desktop, enter the settings, select the “Cloud” item, mark all files with a checkbox and delete them. This procedure will allow you to remove photos only from the cloud service, everything on the phone will remain unchanged.

    How to free up space on your phone without deleting anything?

    You can easily find out which apps are taking up the most space on your device. You need to go to “Settings” “General” “Storage and iCloud” “Manage”.Android

    • Clear your cache
    • Download the dedicated application
    • Purchase a MicroSD card.
    • Take advantage of cloud services
    • Delete SMS and Emails

    How to transfer photos from iCloud storage to iPhone?

    To upload your photos and videos to your iOS device, select Settings [Your Name] iCloud Photos and select Keep Originals. On a Mac, open the Photos menu, choose Photos Preferences, and then choose Upload Originals to This Mac.

    What can be removed from the phone to free up memory?

    5 quick ways to free up extra space on Android

    • Delete Cached Maps Most modern mapping programs can save maps for later offline access.
    • Erase saved playlists
    • Get rid of unnecessary photos and videos
    • Delete browser cache
    • Get rid of forgotten games

    How to clear your Gmail storage?

    • In the search box enter has: attachment larger: 10M.
    • Click Search. Note. Replace 10 with a larger number to find larger letters.
    • Select unwanted emails and click on the trash can icon.
    • On the left side of the page, click “” Cart.
    • At the top of the page, click Empty Trash.

    How to clean up Google Drive storage?

    Go to on your computer. In the left pane, click Trash. Make sure there are no files in it that you may need in the future. In the upper right corner, click Empty Trash.

    How to free up memory on iPhone 6s?

    MacDigger offers 10 tips to free up storage space on iPhone and iPad.

    • Clear Safari History and Website Data
    • Disable Photo Stream
    • Turn on iCloud Music Library.
    • Remove and reinstall applications
    • Delete tracks and stream music
    • Delete large messages in iMessage.
    • Upgrade to the latest iOS version.

    How to Recover Photos from iCloud on iPhone?

    On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

    • Select “Settings” [your name] iCloud.
    • Click the “Photos” icon.
    • Turn on iCloud Photos.

    How to Delete Old iCloud Backups from iPhone?

    How to Delete Backups from iCloud Using iPhone or iPad

    • Go to your iPhone or iPad in “Settings”
    • Click on your Apple ID.
    • Select “iCloud”
    • Select “Manage storage”
    • Click on “Backup”
    • Select the device you want to delete the backup

    How to clear the cloud on Google?

    Go to on your computer. In the left pane, click Trash. Make sure there are no files in it that you may need in the future. In the upper right corner, click Empty Trash.

    How to delete from cloud on iPhone?

    One way to free up Apple cloud space is to delete old or unneeded backups from iCloud.

    • Go to iOS device settings.
    • Go to iCloud. Storage & Copies. Storage.
    • Select the backup you want to delete.
    • Click “Delete Copy”.

    How to remove programs from the Appstore cloud?

    Go to Settings, then select General and click on Statistics. On the screen you will see a list of all applications on the device, you need to select the one that you want to remove. Click on the application icon, select Uninstall program and confirm. The third method is deletion via iTunes.

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    How to remove apps from the cloud?

    Open the Files app and click Browse. Under Locations, click iCloud Drive Select. Select the folders or files you want to delete, then click the trash can icon. Go to the “Places” “Recently Deleted” “Select”.

    How to Delete Data from Huawei Cloud?

    You can also click on an album and expand the menu at the top of the screen, then select the Cloud option. Select one or more photos or videos, then click Download or Delete. Note.

    How to avoid running out of space anymore?

    • Smartly configure the operation of virtual storage on the iPhone.
    • Timely discard unused files and documents to the trash.
    • Do not store photos and videos in the cloud. It is easier to accustom yourself to regularly upload the captured pictures to the computer than to clear the memory and cloud of the device every time before the next photo session in a hurry.
    • Increase the volume of the virtual cloud. In the “Storage” menu, go to the “Buy more space” or “Change tariff plan” button. Paid service.
    clear, cloud, iphone

    Freeing up memory

    How do I free up cloud storage space? If there is no more free space, you need to do the following:

    • Find the “Settings” menu and go;
    • Wait until the list of all options opens;
    • Find and go to iCloud;
    • Select the “Storage” menu. Using this instruction, you can control the size of the free space. If the user does not know how to see how much virtual memory is already occupied, you need to pay attention to the number opposite the menu;
    • Find and select the “Manage” menu;
    • Find unnecessary documents in the opened list of data.

    Initially, it is worth deciding whether the user needs iCloud backups stored from the first days of using a smartphone or tablet. They are not needed, since applications and the phone have been updated many times during this period, so older versions only clog up the space. In the opened list of data, these files will be the very first.

    It remains to figure out how to delete old backups from the folder. This is not difficult to do. You need to click on the list menu, its parameters will open, at the bottom of which it is easy to see the “Delete copy” button. Click on the link provided.

    But this procedure will free up some space. We must continue cleaning.

    What should the owner of a smartphone or tablet do next if he does not know how to clear the iCloud storage of unnecessary documents and applications.

    You must strictly follow the recommendations below:

    • Return to point 3;
    • Assess what is no longer needed in the list of data;
    • .Select this item;
    • Click on the blue “Change” button that appears in the upper right corner;
    • Find red buttons against games, documents, etc.;
    • Press the red button against unnecessary files;
    • Click “Finish”.

    Knowing how to clean a space doesn’t make it easy. After all, you cannot delete all files from the Media Library with one click of a button. Cleaning will have to be done separately for each file, manually select each fragment and destroy it. The procedure will take too long.

    What will happen if you do not clean Ayclaud?

    Automatically, not only archived copies of the phone, messages, notes, contacts, but also photos, downloaded (downloaded) videos from the “iCloud Media Library” folder are sent to the cloud. It stores file syncs that were done through iCloudDrive. Quite an impressive amount of information, increased by the owner on a daily and regular basis. It’s no surprise that after 6-10 months of using a smartphone, cloud storage is 99.9% full.

    Many users do not attach importance to the message that appears on the screen about the lack of space. For them, it is more “annoying” than warning. Only 32% of Apple users think about cleaning up cloud storage space. What happens if the contents of a virtual folder are not cleaned up in time?

    • The device is no longer backed up. This threatens, in the event of malfunctions and malfunctions in the operation of the smartphone, the loss of all information.
    • New graphics, videos and photos will not be sent to the Cloud Media Library.
    • The services of the device will stop automatically updating data on the smartphone.
    • Sending / receiving messages to iCloud e-mail will become unavailable.

    All this will lead to uncomfortable and incorrect operation of the device, to unsafe use and storage of data. Therefore, Apple experts recommend that if there is no space on the cloud or on the phone, delete unnecessary files and clear the folder reserved for the user.

    We clean the icloud storage from unnecessary information, only working methods

    Adherents of Apple devices, by registering the device ID, automatically become the owners of icloud or iCloud. a virtual, assigned to a specific smartphone, free space on the Apple server with a capacity of 5 GB. It is hosted on Apple servers and is designed for permanent and secure storage of personal information and backups. At first glance, 5 GB is a colossal amount.

    But in practice, every iPhone and iPad user soon realizes that 5GB space isn’t enough. The phone more and more often displays a message about the lack of space, and applications and games start to open with a delay or incorrectly. What actions should be taken if the iCloud storage is full, how to configure it to work in order to avoid constant cleaning. Can I leave a folder littered?

    How to properly configure the cloud?

    To prevent the space from clogging up so quickly, it is necessary to adjust its work. To do this, go to the “Settings” → “iCloud” → “Storage” → “Management” menu. At this stage, it is easy for the user to get ahead of which folders “eat up” the maximum amount of space. Media Library and archives.

    In order not to manually delete duplicated photos each time and not to wait for the service to synchronize, copying files from the Library can be canceled permanently. We do this:

    • In “Backup”, click on the economy of your smartphone or tablet.
    • In “Selecting data to create” disable the item Media Library.
    • Click Delete Copy. Located at the bottom of the page.
    • Return to “Backup”.
    • Click “Create backup”.

    After the procedure, you will need to wait a little while the device deletes the old backups from memory and creates a new one, where the storage of the Media Library files will already be excluded. Now the information will be stored in the phone’s memory, so you should figure out in advance how to throw important documents onto your home computer.

    If the procedure for deleting information from the cloud took place before the owner had time to throw the photo from the cloud onto another medium, nothing bad happened to them. You just need to go with your ID to the site and use your personal information.

    You have already been convinced many times that there are not many problems with the equipment of an American company, you need a little perseverance and patience, and everything will work out. This instruction will be useful to absolutely everyone, because sooner or later, there is a need to clear the occupied space in the account. If something was not clear from the article, be sure to watch the video instruction, where each item is analyzed in detail. See you on the site pages!

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