How to completely remove WhatsApp from iPhone

How to completely delete all data from iPhone

Hello. Did you know that iPhone stops working promptly when there is a lack of free memory? If you start to notice that the device “thinks” for a long time, freezes. it’s time to clean it. In this article, I would like to talk about how to remove everything from the iPhone correctly so that the device can continue to work more efficiently.

Phone storage

What to do with apps on iPhone? Some users delete them manually, it is not very convenient and takes a long time. This will require a phone storage. It can be found on all Apple products. The following steps are performed here;

  • turn on the device;
  • go to the settings, then the main ones. statistics and storage;
  • click on the program that you do not need;
  • a menu with operations will pop up;
  • click delete.

All erased applications can only be restored by reinstalling. If your device has few programs, you can use this option. Otherwise, you need global formatting.

After you have got rid of unnecessary software, cleaned the phone book, you can erase your browser data. There is also a sequence of steps for this:

  • download the updated Opera;
  • you clear the cache of Safari, for this you do not need to download additional software, only standard tools are used;
  • go to the Safari settings;
  • click on clear history;
  • confirm actions;
  • press clear cookie, confirm action.

This procedure allows you to delete all information that was entered and saved in the browser. Here, too, you cannot return everything that was erased.

We use iTunes

For the second method of cleaning the device from everything unnecessary, you will need the iTunes application. It can not only help in formatting, but also restore the operating system of the smartphone. First of all, you should select the current software version. It is downloaded to your computer. It all depends on the version of iOS installed on the iPhone. After that, you can use the sequence of actions described below:

  • enter the “iTunes” program on the PC;
  • connect your smartphone to a computer via a cable;
  • waiting for the definition of equipment in the program;
  • click on the inscription “iPhone”;
  • go to the “Information” section. “Synchronize contacts”. “All”;
  • from below, select the “Advanced” item;
  • put a mark next to the “Contacts” item;
  • confirm your actions.

Thanks to this instruction, you will be able to clean your “Contacts”. You will not be able to restore deleted numbers in the “apple” device if you have not done a backup before.

Working with the interface

To begin with, you should take a closer look at the interface. The iPhone has a special setting that allows you to make backups of information, as well as format it. How do I remove unnecessary items? The procedure is performed in several steps, it is better to follow the following sequence:

  • turn on your gadget;
  • wait until the operating system is fully loaded;
  • go to the main settings;
  • look for the information reset sub-item;
  • click “Erase.”;
  • if you had a protective combination on your iPhone, enter it;
  • confirm the desire to delete the data, two windows with notifications will pop up. You need to give your consent.

Further, when the “Find iPhone” function is enabled in iCloud, it is worth entering the Apple ID. This must be done, otherwise the device will reboot. After that, the iPhone is cleared of user-generated content.

Preparing to Delete Data from iPhone

Before proceeding with the procedure itself, it is worth recalling one feature developed by Apple. This was done in order to maximize the protection of user information. Make sure your smartphone is unlocked before formatting.

In this case, after cleaning, you will again use your device, but if the iPhone is unlocked, you need to delete the information very carefully. This happens because the unlocked device becomes an analogue of the iPad. It will be just a multifunctional device, but you will no longer be able to call from it. Do not forget about it.

ICloud Help

Any iPhone owner who wants to remove everything from it can use another software. iCloud. You can also work with this program remotely, for example, if your device is stolen or lost. How to quickly erase? I will note right away that it will not be possible to reanimate the erased information from the phone book and other information. Formatting is done like this:

  • you turn on the PC, it must have an Internet connection;
  • go to;
  • in the window that opens, log in using your AppleID;
  • click “Find devices”, the map comes out;
  • select the iPhone model from above;
  • in the panel that opens, press “Erase”;
  • there is a warning that the process is irreversible, again press “Erase”;
  • enter the AppleIdy password, so you can prove that you are the owner of the formatted device;
  • click “Next” and “Finish”.

This will start the uninstallation process. Thanks to this option, you can protect yourself and delete all data remotely.

  • If there are a lot of photos, and they take up the bulk of the space, just start the “iCloud Media Library”, it automatically sends the pictures to the “Cloud” and clears the space.
  • You can clear the accumulated music cache by deactivating the “iCloud Music Library”, you need to wait for the deletion and then turn it back on, while the tracks remain, and the offline files are erased.
  • If the bulk of the space is occupied by Safari data, you can also get rid of it without dropping the device. For example, you can delete a reading list.

Want to resell?

If you decide to sell your iPhone, you should prepare in advance. All remote information can be stored in backups of the operating system. So the connection with Ayklud will have to be interrupted in order to delete all the copied information. I can give you some tips to help you get rid of all the unnecessary things:

  • deactivate any connections with various devices, such as iWatch;
  • exit the iCloud program, to do this, go to the settings and the application itself, click the exit button;
  • if your OS is lower than iOS7, you need to delete the account;
  • disconnect from iTunes and AppStore, these options can also be deactivated in the device parameters.

Deleted programs, settings and contacts cannot be restored after all these procedures, and it is quite easy to connect to an existing profile in the AppStore and other applications.

Another option that you can take advantage of is to activate DFU mode, which makes it easy to perform a clean stop. IPhone cleansing occurs through recovery mode. Just connect your smartphone to your PC and press the Lock / Power and Home buttons. Wait ten seconds and lower the ON key, and hold “Home” for now. So iTunes will understand that the device has entered DFU and will ask you if you need to do a recovery.

Now you know how to delete everything from iPhone, so you can use one of these methods if necessary. If you have any questions, ask in the comments, I will try to answer them.

From android

How to remove WhatsApp from Android (for example, smartphones from Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Honor or others): step by step instructions:

  • Find the application icon on the desktop,
  • We transfer it up or down (depending on the brand of smartphone) to the basket.

This method is simple but doesn’t always work.

Before deleting an application (if you are going to erase it permanently), it is important to know about security, so it is advisable to delete the account, for this:

  • Open messenger,
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner,
  • Open the “settings” item,
  • In the field that opens, click on “account”,
  • At the very bottom of the list, click on the item “delete account”,
  • To delete your account, enter your phone number and confirm the action.
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After that, your account will be deleted, all correspondence will be erased, so it will be safer. Now you can go to the application.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

Further, all actions with applications are best done in Google Play for Android. Sequencing:

  • Open Google Play by tapping on the application icon, not through the browser,
  • Go to the menu item “my applications and games”,
  • Open the “installed” tab and find WhatsApp in the list that opens,
  • Click on it, a detailed menu with whatsapp will open,
  • Click on the “delete” button,
  • Wait for the removal procedure.

There is another option, no less popular. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Go to the smartphone settings,
  • Go to the menu item called “applications”,
  • Find whatsapp, open settings and delete applications.

Note. In this case, the entire program will be erased from the device, including backups, data and updates.


You need to press almost the same buttons, but there are nuances in the sequence of actions. First, let’s delete the account:

  • Open whatsapp app and go to settings (top menu),
  • Click on “account”,
  • At the bottom of the page, tap on the “delete account” button,
  • Confirm your phone number and this action.
  • Open your desktop,
  • Find the application icon, click on the cross on the icon.
  • If there is no desire to use WhatsApp, then it is better to start the deletion procedure by deleting the account. However, later on the same number it is possible to register a new account.
  • If you delete for a while, it is better to save your account.

How to understand if a person has deleted WhatsApp from their phone

Often a person disappears from WhatsApp, most likely due to the fact that he erased the application. How to understand that a person has deleted an application? User activity is no longer displayed in the chat, he does not read the message, or his name is not displayed. In addition, if a person does not have the application installed, but he is in your contacts, it will not work to add him, since his account is absent. You can open a contact, and if he does not display the WhatsApp icon, then he does not have the application installed. So there is an opportunity to find out that a person does not have a WhatsApp.

How to remove Whatsapp from your phone or computer: step by step instructions

How to uninstall WhatsApp if you suddenly experience difficulties in the uninstallation process or it appears again. Usually, the procedure does not take much time and is easy, but there are some nuances.

Sometimes WhatsApp is no longer needed and you want to remove it from your smartphone or personal computer. However, it is mostly just installed, because the service is very convenient for communication. WhatsApp allows you to:

  • Attach phone contacts to conversations just by phone number (unless, of course, your interlocutor goes through the registration procedure). If one of your contacts has registered in the messenger and logged in by phone number, then it will be displayed in WhatsApp.
  • Conduct personal correspondence, conversations with several people, conferences (useful for educational activities, work, parents for school conversations, travel).
  • Send and receive photos, videos in messages,
  • Record voice messages, send them. Voice messages significantly save time compared to plain text,
  • Add emoticons, stickers to text messages to increase the attractiveness of messages,
  • Create and delete chats, assign administrators.
  • Delete correspondence, if after all someone may not want to communicate, erase messages.
  • The user has the ability to customize notifications on the smartphone. It is convenient and simple. Notifications can open important messages and communities.
  • Create backup copies of correspondence and files so as not to completely lose photos, videos and correspondence.

Vostap as a messenger is very convenient to use, since you correspond with whoever you need, the service does not contain ads, spam and annoying publics.

The service was created specifically for communication with close friends, relatives, colleagues at school and work. Nothing superfluous, besides the hedgehog encryption algorithms will help protect data from theft and hacking.

How to remove WhatsApp web from computer

When using BlueStacks on a personal computer, you need to deactivate Vostap there, and then remove the emulator from the computer as a normal program.

When using the browser web version, it is enough to close the browser page.

How to remove WhatsApp from phone completely

The procedure is not that complicated, just a few clicks are needed. There are two ways to delete:

  • The first is directly from the desktop,
  • Second, if you did not manage to delete it directly, you will have to go to the application manager or to the gadget settings.

Consider the methods on the iPhone and smartphones on the Android operating system. There are slight differences.

What happens if you delete WhatsApp from your phone

Anything that happens after you delete your account and app:

  • The account and correspondence will disappear, as well as other sent data,
  • The application will be erased, memory will be freed,
  • Backups and updates will be erased.

Now you know how to delete WhatsApp easily and safely.

Remove from Android

It is recommended to use the Play Store for users who work with the specified OS. After all, the procedure takes place in a fast mode and does not require looking into the device configuration:

Let’s start considering another uninstallation option. installing a mobile gadget. But the given calculations are suitable for Android 5.1.1 and may differ from the configuration of a particular phone:

  • go to the device menu and click on the “Settings” icon;
  • tap on “Applications” in the list and mark the name of the messenger being discussed;
  • the Vatsap page opens, where you also click on the delete inscription.

Delete from iPhone

To remove a client from an iOS gadget, follow these steps:

  • run the application;
  • open the “Settings” of the smartphone;
  • select the line “Account”;
  • indicate the contact number to which the profile was drawn up;
  • dial the confirmation code sent by SMS;
  • again in the menu, press and hold your finger on the Whatsapp icon for a few seconds;
  • a cross will be displayed, which is enough to click and the utility is no longer on the smartphone.

Consider ways to uninstall Whatsapp

When you do decide to remove the application, rely solely on yourself. In the sense that technical support has nothing to do with uninstallation. Unless we are talking about a violation of the service use policy.

Before proceeding with the procedure, pay attention to the type of OS that is on the device. Since the delete instruction is not the same for different platforms.

Removing WhatsApp from your phone

In principle, the sequence of actions for Android and iOS is not very different. the logic is the same everywhere. But we will go through each of the systems in more detail.

Reasons for deletion

But why do some fans of the service want to erase data from their smartphones and computers? Before deleting Whatsapp from your phone, let’s figure out the reasons for this decision:

  • presence of spam;
  • outdated external design of the system;
  • incorrect action of the messenger;
  • just a desire to “bury” all messages printed during the use of the program.

Possible problems when uninstalling the messenger

Basically, there is no particular difficulty about how to remove Whatsapp from your phone. However, the system has set a time limit for the availability of erasing messages. This means that within 1 hour and 8 minutes you can remove the printed message from the addressee. then the program does not allow you to delete unwanted content.

How To Delete WhatsApp Account. Uninstall WhatsApp (iOS & Android)

Introducing a way to avoid the restrictions imposed by the developers of the social network. Just be aware that a prerequisite for the effectiveness of this life hack is that the interlocutor does not have time to send the news to Honor, otherwise “boss, everything is lost!”

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Perform a number of manipulations to gain access to editing the “left” record:

  • deactivate the wireless network and transport of information on the phone;
  • go to the configuration of the cellular device and set the calendar day yesterday;
  • open the app with the correspondence;
  • for a couple of seconds, hold your finger on the news of interest and click on the words “Delete from everyone”.
completely, remove, whatsapp, iphone

The main thing is to correct only the date. You do not need to touch the time, otherwise the system will change the time of sending the publication and then it will not be possible to delete anything.

How to remove Whatsapp from phone or computer

How to remove Whatsapp from a phone or PC, we will consider in the framework of the current material. In fact, there are many reasons for erasing a popular application. we will also touch on this aspect.

We will warn unlucky users about the dangers of uncompromising removal of WhatsApp traces on a mobile device and not only. Here are the necessary instructions for Android and iPhone users.

How to delete a WhatsApp account

Above, we discussed how to remove Whatsapp from your phone and computer. But following the above algorithms, you cannot “bury” information about your own person, personally entered by the user. To place the created profile in the virtual trash bin before erasing the program:

  • open the messenger;
  • go to the utility settings;
  • tap on the word “Account”;
  • in the frame that opens, click on the “Delete account” button;
  • write down the number specified when registering an account and also click “Delete account”;
  • enter the confirmation code received via SMS to complete the procedure.


Hold your finger on the WhatsApp shortcut until all the icons start to “shake”.

Click the “cross” that appears in the shortcut field.

How to uninstall WhatsApp on iOS and Android

WhatsApp is a super-convenient assistant for virtual correspondence on your phone. And most importantly, very economical. Whether to rally for each SMS-ku to the mobile operator, or spend only on Internet traffic (take, for example, some unlimited package)? Agree, there is still a difference, and what a difference!

However, since you are reading this article: “a”. you are no longer attracted by the benefits of such communication; “B”. you decided to create another account; “C”. we decided to use another messenger. In general, some of these situations prompted you to delete WhatsApp from your phone.

Well, the decision has been made. Read the instructions for your device and proceed.


To completely remove the profile, activate the “Delete” command with a touch of your finger.

Set your country code, type your mobile number.

Specify the reason why you are leaving your account (for example, “I am changing device”).

IOS devices (iPad, iPhone)


On the home screen of the device, tap the application icon.

Run the command “Delete my” to delete from the messenger system.

Select your country in the list, dial the phone number (from your iPhone, to which the account is registered).


Open: Settings (icon in the device menu) → Applications.

Before uninstalling WhatsApp, in its panel, click “Stop”, and then. “Clear cache” and “Erase data”.

Confirm the action: in the panel with the request, select the answer “OK”.

How to remove WhatsApp from a smartphone using standard Android tools

The second stage of uninstalling the program is performed through the Android “Settings” The algorithm does not depend on what kind of smartphone you are using. Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo, etc.

Click the Delete button. Confirm deletion.

Removing an app from iPhone

  • Press the HOME button and use it to go to the main menu;
  • Hold the WhatsApp Messenger icon for a few seconds. At the top left you will see an “X”;
  • To uninstall the program, click on the cross.

System App Remover

You can delete and move regular services, as well as system ones. In order to uninstall system programs, you need to get root rights.

Removing WhatsApp from Computer

If you have the application installed in the Bluestacks emulator, you just need to uninstall the messenger from the emulator. The account will be disabled just like on the phone. If you have used the WEB version of WhatsApp, you just need to exit it directly in the browser.

After you delete the WhatsApp application, your account will be deleted, you will be removed from the friends list, as well as from all groups of the WhatsApp application, the notification history from your mobile device and payment information will also be deleted.

There are all sorts of reasons why a user might want to delete their WhatsApp from their phone. Nevertheless, it happens, and this is provided by the creators of the messenger. In this article, we will provide instructions on how to remove it.

How to permanently delete a WhatsApp account

The user may find himself in a situation where he has to remove the account. The need for this arises in the case when the SIM card is lost or the phone number changes, including the need to delete the page arises when moving to another place of residence.

Deleting an account leads to the fact that the data is completely erased. Even backups cannot be restored. Removal instructions may vary on different platforms.

Root App Delete

You can uninstall or freeze any app in a rooted device.

How to remove WhatsApp from your phone

First, you need to understand that you can remove the WhatsApp messenger in different ways. The first method is simpler, when only the program itself is removed from the phone (for example, if you bought a new device), and the account remains untouched. The second way is when the account is deleted too. In the first case, you can always restore all your correspondence from an archive copy. The second case deletes your account forever, along with all dialogs, with a list of contacts and received files, without the possibility of recovery. It happens, after all, that someone decides to start life from scratch, including completely changing the circle of acquaintances. Although, of course, you can always register a new account, only it will be completely empty.

How to completely uninstall apps via iTunes?

You can also erase applications from the iPhone through iTunes, even if this is not the most convenient and fastest way. You need to act like this:

Connect the gadget to PC via USB cable or Wi-Fi and launch iTunes.

completely, remove, whatsapp, iphone

Select the connected device in the sidebar on the left. If there is no panel, you can call it by pressing CTRLS.

On the device control screen, select the “Programs” tab.

You can delete it in one of two ways. The first method: find the unnecessary program in the list and click “Remove”.

The second way: scroll through the home screens, select the one on which the unnecessary application is located, and double-click on the screen with the left mouse button. Then just click on the “cross” located above the unnecessary application.

Click “Apply”, and after synchronization, the program will be removed from the iPhone.

Applications are not deleted: what is the reason?

If the icons “tremble” after a long press, but the cross in the upper corner does not appear, this means that the settings are prohibited from uninstalling programs. You can remove this prohibition like this:

Follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Restrictions”.

Enter the security password (the same one that you always enter when unlocking the gadget). Be careful: there are only two attempts!

Switch the toggle switch opposite to “Remove Programs” in the active position.

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Then you can uninstall applications as usual.

Remove unnecessary applications through the “Settings

You can uninstall programs through the built-in Settings application only from those gadgets on which iOS version higher than 5.0 (inclusive) is installed. This method is more informative. users can see how much memory a particular program takes up, and it is on this that they base the decision on the advisability of deleting.

To completely remove the program through the “Settings”, proceed as follows:

Follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Statistics”, and you will see a list of programs installed on the gadget. Initially, only the most “weighty” applications will be shown. if you want to view the full list, click on the “Show all programs” button.

On the right, you can see the weight of the application.

Select an unnecessary application, click on its icon and on the next page, click on the “Uninstall program” button. Then confirm the deletion in the window that appears.

Can I Erase Game Data on iPhone?

Progress in games from the AppStore is tied to an account, so if the user wants to start the game over, he has two options:

  • Create a new account on initial launch of the app.
  • Delete game achievements via iCloud. To do this, on the device you need to go along the path “Settings”. “iCloud”. “Storage and copies”. “Storage” and switch the toggle switch opposite the application name to the “OFF” mode.

It is after deleting game data from iCloud that the user can be sure that he erased the application completely.

Removing programs from the desktop

Removing games and applications from the desktop (this method is also called the 5-touch method) is the simplest option. Follow these instructions:

Press the “Home” button to return to the desktop.

Touch the icon of the application that you would like to delete with your finger and hold for 2-3 seconds until all the icons begin to shake. Then you can remove your finger.

You will see “crosses” appear in the upper left corners of the icons.

Click on the “cross”. the iPhone will ask for confirmation of the delete operation and warn that all data stored in the program will be erased.

Click “Delete” and the icon will disappear from the desktop. this means that the program has been removed from the iPhone.

Press the “Home” button again so that the icons stop “shaking” and you can again fully use the gadget.

Please note that the icons of built-in applications also “shake” when pressed for a long time, but the “cross” above them does not appear.

It is impossible to delete any standard applications from iPhone.

How to uninstall an app from an iPhone?

An important advantage available to Apple technology owners is that even after deleting from the iPhone, any application can be restored, because the programs are not tied to a specific device, but to an iTunes account. Users of paid software do not need to worry: they will not have to pay again for re-downloading a remote application.

How to uninstall WhatsApp completely on iOS

To completely remove WhatsApp from their device, the developers suggest the following solution:

  • In the device used, for example, a smartphone or tablet, the user opens a section with installed applications.
  • Next, you need to select WhatsApp from the list.
  • After that, the option to remove software from the portable gadget is activated.
  • Receive a notification on the display that the operation has been completed successfully.

In general, the procedure is simple and takes no more than 2 minutes of free time.

How to Delete WhatsApp Data on iPhone

In order to not only remove WhatsApp from iPhone, but also personal information from your account, you must adhere to a clearly developed plan, in particular:

  • Launching the application on a portable gadget (tablet, smartphone), which is used for messaging and organizing calls.
  • Next, you have to go to the category of making changes to the initial settings.
  • At the next stage, the user must select the account information option from the options offered.
  • Opening the clipboard is activated.
  • At the end, it is necessary to activate the function of clearing the buffer with information about the performed user actions within the software.

Please note, users can also erase data from WhatsApp mobile messenger as follows:

Please note that the owners of portable gadgets that run iOS have the right to independently determine the best course of action for themselves, based on personal preferences and the availability of free space in the device.

How to Delete WhatsApp Account on iPhone

To initiate the process of deleting an account from WhatsApp, you must adhere to a certain algorithm. It includes performing the following actions:

  • It is required to launch a mobile messenger on a portable gadget.
  • Next, you need to go to the category of making settings that operated by default.
  • From the list generated by the system, the user selects “Applications”.
  • After that, you immediately need to go to “Application Management”.
  • From the newly opened form in the presented list, you need to find the mobile messenger of interest, which is installed on the portable device.
  • The option to remove previously downloaded and installed software is activated.
  • Intentions are confirmed by pressing the button of the same name.

Immediately after that, the system sends the received request for processing. After completing the procedure, it is recommended that you reboot your device. Please note that it is additionally worth clearing the information clipboard as follows:

The procedure under consideration does not require a rich store of knowledge. Intuitive interface eliminates the possibility of errors and typos.

Wipe WhatsApp Completely on iPhone Phone

Users of the WhatsApp mobile application who use it on their iOS gadgets often face a lack of clear understanding in terms of deleting the messenger. The procedure is simple, but certain features are required.

How to get back WhatsApp if you deleted it on iPhone

To restore WhatsApp on a mobile phone, a user needs:

  • Re-download and install the utility on the phone.
  • At the first start, confirm the desire to perform the data recovery process.
  • The system automatically executes the procedure and a notification is displayed. Please note that for the process you need to use a previously linked mobile phone number. Otherwise, a system error will be indicated.

To perform data recovery, the user needs to have a backup available. You can do it through the settings section of the WhatsApp software.

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