How to connect a flashlight on your phone

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Turning on in the notification curtain

You will need to activate the flashlight using the notification curtain when the phone is unlocked and you need to light up: the table, the floor, where the necessary thing fell in the dark or for other tasks.

Swipe down from the top edge of the screen, a notification curtain will appear with icons for quick access to regular phone functions, including a flashlight drawing. Click on it and the Xiaomi flash will start working in illuminator mode. By clicking on the icon a second time, it will turn off.

ways to turn on flashlight on Xiaomi phone

The flashlight on Xiaomi can be turned on in three ways:

Let’s analyze each of the inclusion methods separately.

Turning off the flashlight, no matter how it is turned on, is done by pressing the “Power” button a second time. The first will block the phone, the second will turn off the light.

Programming buttons

There is another way, which is designed to turn on the flashlight when Xiaomi is locked. To get into this menu, go to the general settings, find the item “Advanced settings”. Now we need the “Buttons and gestures” menu item. Then find the item “Flashlight”, inside which the list contains all kinds of combinations of buttons to activate it. Choose the option that seems convenient to you, click on it and that’s it, no more actions are required.

Creating a widget on the desktop

Unlock the phone, press the “Menu” button and hold it for 2 seconds, a list will appear at the bottom of the screen, where one of the icons will be called “Widgets”. Click on it. After that, at the top of the list of available “Quick Access” widgets, the total number of which depends on the installed applications, find the icon with a flashlight and click on it. An icon for quickly turning on the flashlight will appear among the application icons; you can drag it to any desktop, wherever its location will be convenient.

This can be helpful:

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How to turn on the flashlight on Lenovo, Samsung A3 and Duos

  • Swipe on the home screen to display the widget
  • Find the Flashlight application in the menu. If not, the icon at the end of the widget menu list.
  • Turn on the flashlight by clicking on the corresponding flashlight icon in the widget.

Before turning on the flashlight: how to use the flashlight program on Android?

All mobile applications that emulate a flashlight programmatically can harm a smartphone or tablet. You need to use the flash of the device’s camera as urgently needed and for a strictly limited time. We do not recommend putting a flashlight on the bell and wasting the battery. Why?

Firstly, such applications for lighting with a flash very quickly drain the phone: the gadget’s flash is used, and it is not intended for intensive and long-term work as a “lighting device” on Android. A camera is a camera, its main functionality. take photos and videos and not be a flashlight to call.

Secondly, without exception, all free flashlight applications downloaded from Google Play heat up the Android mobile device and can disable it if the smartphone is used inadequately, irregularly.

However, don’t worry: the software flashlights on Android discussed in this review are quite configurable and easy to use, so they are relatively safe. In any case, do not be too lazy to download a flashlight to your gadget, test your phone with a flashlight and leave your favorite application in Android OS for a long time.

Turning on the flashlight on Android

IPhone owners may be a little more fortunate as the Flashlight app is built into the operating system. If you have iOS, then we have selected the best flashlights for iPhone especially for you. If you have Android. read the review further :).

Samsung phones have a built-in flashlight. How do I enable it on Android? To do this, you need to activate the application through the widget on the home screen.

How to turn the flashlight on and off on an Android smartphone (Samsung, Lenovo)

You will learn how to turn on the flashlight in different ways. If your phone has a built-in camera, you can most likely turn on the flashlight. On some models of Android smartphones and tablets, however, turning on the flashlight is not easy. We have prepared a selection of the best flashlight apps for you. They can be enabled on smartphones Samsung A3, LG, as well as Lenovo.

Turn on the flashlight on your phone and walk calmly in the dark. Gateways are not scary!

How to turn on the flash on your phone when you call

Not everyone uses a flashlight for backlighting. Another utilitarian feature of the built-in phone camera is an additional ring signaling.

If the flashlight blinks when they call. this is more noticeable than vibration mode, the phone buzzes like a tractor. Many people like this signaling method more. Flashlights have drawbacks (wasteful battery consumption), but given the short operating time, you can close your eyes to them.

connect, flashlight, your, phone

Trailtrek XTAR T1 and T1 UV review keychain flashlight

It lists the apps and I show you how to turn on the flashlight when you call. You cannot turn on the flash using standard Android OS tools. For this, the FlashonCall add-in and its analogs are used. All of them are available for download on and Google Play.

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Downloading a flashlight to your phone (self-installation of a flashlight)

The Samsung flashlight is not satisfactory, and its capabilities are enough to illuminate the path, use in emergency situations, and more. However, if the flashlight is not built into the phone. no problem, you can find many alternatives on Google Play. Download the best flashlights for Android through my website. Install the application on your phone and turn it on as needed.

  • Open Play Store on your desktop.
  • Enter the word “Fanarik” or “Flashlight on Samsung phone” in the search bar.
  • Find an application in the list provided or open several options to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of flashlights.
  • Press the Install button and download the flashlight to your phone.
  • Start Flashlight on Samsung Phone

Note. Don’t forget that using the flashlight for too long can quickly drain the battery of your mobile device.!

The second way how to turn on the flashlight on Samsung

  • Tap any free area on the phone screen with your finger
  • Select “Widgets” from the menu that appears
  • You need to select the Flashlight widget by scrolling the menu in different directions.
  • Without lifting your finger, drag the widget to the Android home screen.
  • To turn on the Samsung (Lenovo) flashlight, click on the widget icon.

How to turn on the flashlight on an Android smartphone?

A flashlight is an extremely useful thing. The only problem is that it is almost never at hand. But it doesn’t matter, because you can use a flashlight in your smartphone. How to do this, you will learn from our article today.

In the vast majority of modern smartphones, there is a separate button for turning the flashlight on and off and it is located in the shutter, which can be called if you slide your finger from the upper frame to the lower one. This is for ease of access. This is what a button like this looks like:

In the same Android 5, the flashlight is located under the curtain. However, let’s not forget that there are many different shells where the flashlight may not be. What to do? It’s okay, you can use a third-party application. Open the Play Market, enter the word “flashlight” into the search and see a lot of results.

Select the desired application and install it on your smartphone. We start, turn on the flashlight with the touch button and, voila, everything works: the flash is shining.

The screenshot shows the Super-Bright Flashlight app from Suprax Inc.

By the way, some applications support non-standard functions. For example, you can turn on the function when the flashlight is on intermittently.

How to turn on the flashlight on Samsung?

Next, we will show an example on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

We go to the list of widgets. Find a flashlight here.

Add a widget to the desktop by dragging it. Now, in order to turn on the flashlight, you just need to tap on the widget once.

In the same way, you can turn it off.

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The article contains instructions for Android 9.0, but the algorithm of actions is universal for any version of the operating system starting from Android 4. Let’s figure out how and where to find a flashlight on Android.

Alternative way

Adding to the curtain

Occasionally, the standard settings and arrangement of functions on a smartphone may be changed. To add a flashlight to the curtain, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen twice, after which the extended panel will open. Click on the pencil icon.

A window will appear with the change. We go down and find the lantern icon, drag it up by pinching our finger in the picture. It will appear in quick access.

How to turn on the flashlight on Android

It might seem like a flashlight is the simplest function you can find on a mobile phone. But this is not entirely true, on some smartphones it is hidden or missing. For starters, you should check for an LED or flash on the back of the case. Let’s look at how to find and turn on the flashlight on Android.

Standard way

By default, the developers have placed the feature in the notification bar. To enter it, you need to pull the shutter down at the top of the screen. A panel will appear with quick access to some features, among which is a flashlight. We activate it by clicking once on the icon.

If it is not among the presented elements, drag your finger from top to bottom again. This will expand the working panel, click on the desired icon.

How to turn on the flashlight on an Android or iOS cell phone

Using a flashlight on a mobile phone can be something that, on more than one occasion, can help us get out of trouble. Since mobile phones are the “Swiss army knives” of the 21st century, you need to know how to activate them. Whether we use Android or iPhone devices, the vast majority of computers today (if not all) have this capability.

However, it may not be as obvious how to do this, as the required steps differ from device to device. Therefore, in this article, we will explain how to turn on the flashlight on Android or iOS mobile. It covers both new and old iPhones, as well as the vast majority of smartphones with the Google operating system, including the OnePlus team’s dedicated mode.

How to turn on the flashlight on iOS

If you have an iPhone with Face ID (i.e. iPhone X or later, but not an iPhone 8 or SE 2020), you can turn on the flashlight on iOS by following these steps:

  • Swipe down from the top-right corner of the touchscreen. This opens the iPhone Control Center.
  • Once in the Control Center, find the flashlight icon. This is usually found in the bottom half of the options, although its exact position may vary from iPhone to iPhone.
  • Click on the flashlight icon

On the other hand, if your Apple phone has a Home button (for example, iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 8 or earlier), the process is almost identical, instead of swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen. Tap, swipe up from the bottom of the touchscreen. Then follow the first two steps as described above.

To turn off the flashlight from iOS, repeat the above process. Touching the flashlight icon turns off.

But be careful, you can also ask Siri to turn on his light. Just say, “Hey Siri, turn on the flashlight”.

If that’s not enough, there are several third-party apps in the Apple Store such as iHandy’s Flashlight and Lemondo’s Flashlight.

How to turn on the flashlight on Android

Turning on the lights on your Android device is easy too. Assuming you have OS version 5.0 or newer, you should do the following:

  • Swipe down from the top of the touchscreen. This opens the notification panel.
  • After opening the notification panel, find and tap the flashlight icon.

It is so simple. As with the iPhone, you can also use the Google Assistant to turn on the lights on your Android device. To activate the voice assistant, press and hold the start button. Then say out loud: “Ok Google, turn on the flashlight.”.

If the two quick processes above don’t suit you, you can also find various third-party flashlight apps on Google Games Store. These programs don’t actually make your phone turn on faster, but they can offer many different functions for the flashlight. Among the most popular. Tiny Flashlight LED and Brightest Flashlight Free.

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Finally, if you are using a One Plus phone, there is a special gesture you can make to quickly turn on the flashlight. Here’s how it gets activated:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click on Gestures.
  • Enter Toggle Flashlight.
  • With the Toogle flashlight on, you can now draw the letter “V” on the touchscreen. This turns on the mobile light. You just have to repeat the action to turn it off.

How to turn on the flashlight

On almost all Android devices, the flashlight turns on the same way. As a rule, this is done using a special button in the notification panel or a separate application. How to turn on the flashlight on Android:

Swipe down from the top of the screen and bring up the notification panel. Click on the “Flashlight” icon to turn it on.

You can use widgets to set the flashlight on your home screen. To do this, make a long press on a free area on the screen and select “Widgets”. On the page that opens, find “Flashlight”.

Drag the “Flashlight” icon to any free spot on the screen. Now you can turn on the flashlight by clicking on this icon, and not through the notification panel.

On some smartphones, the flashlight is turned on through a separate application. Therefore, for a more comfortable work, it is recommended to use widgets.

Why does the flashlight not turn on

On Android smartphones, the flashlight uses a flash located in the camera module to work. It may stop working due to system failure or mechanical damage. Possible causes and solutions to the problem:

  • On some smartphones, the flashlight does not work because the battery is too low (usually 10%). In order for it to turn on and in power saving mode, you need to get root (superuser) rights.
  • If the flashlight stopped working after flashing or installing drivers, then the breakdown may be of a systemic nature. In this case, you can try to do a factory reset.

If the flash or flashlight stopped working after a fall or any other mechanical impact, then you will have to contact a service center to fix it.

How to turn on the flashlight on your phone

There is a flashlight on almost all modern Android smartphones. Typically, the application is launched through the notification bar or a dedicated application.

If you can’t find the right button and turn on the flashlight, then most likely your smartphone is missing the required application. Since it uses a camera flash for its operation, you can simply download the flashlight through the Play Store. Next, we will tell you how to turn it on and what to do if the flashlight in your phone does not work.

Third party applications

If for some reason your Android does not have a flashlight, then you can download it through the Play Store. A wide variety of applications are available for free download, and below we will briefly talk about the most popular.

How to turn on the flashlight on Huawei?

The option is easy to use. On any Android, the light is powered by a camera flash. It is possible to put the function into operation as follows:

How To Turn On LED Flash Notifications iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro

  • through the Android desktop;
  • when the screen is locked;
  • using the control panel.

The big advantage is customizing the light to suit your needs. Set the necessary parameters and turn on the flashlight with one click of the button.

How to turn on the flashlight when calling Huawei?

Faced the question “How to turn on the flashlight on a call on Honor?” Use short instructions. The flash alert function will help you not to miss a call, even in vibration mode. For this:

  • open “Settings” Honor or Huawei;
  • look for the section “Accessibility” in the list;
  • in the item “Hearing” put a mark “On” next to “Notify with flash”.

How to turn off the flashlight on your Honor phone?

It is possible to disable the option on an Honor device using the Menu or Control Panel. Regardless of the model, the principle is the same. Just as you turned it on, you turn it off. Click on the icon and the light disappears. Flip the phone over and check if it is turned off.

Android Flashlight Hidden Trick

How to turn on / off the flashlight on Huawei and Honor phones?

How to turn flashlight on or off on Huawei and Honor phones? Modern devices are equipped with many useful features. In the 21st century, the telephone is used not only as a method of communication. it is a laptop, tablet and even a TV. In addition, there are many useful, albeit at first glance, nondescript functions. For example, a built-in flashlight. The mobile phone is always at hand, so you can use the additional light in any situation. Huawei and Honor devices are equipped with this feature. Activate the option by lightly pressing the keys. A quick guide will help you quickly learn how to turn on.

From the desktop

In order to use the function directly from the desktop, you need:

  • go to the mobile menu;
  • find the “flashlight” icon among the list;
  • drag the icon to the desktop.

Now, with one click, the option is connected. No need to look for a function and waste time. Click on the icon and highlight your path or look for fallen keys.

Second way

Implies installing a third-party application.

In the search, write a flashlight and click “Search”.

Install the application at your discretion, for example:

Run the application. Pull the switch up.

Turning on the flashlight from the desktop

You can also turn on the flashlight from the desktop. By default, it is most often located in the “Tools” folder.

If you want, you can drag the shortcut from the folder to the main home screen for quick access. You can read about how to work with folders in this article.

Method two

If you do not have the necessary application, but your phone has a flash, you can download the Flashlight program and install it on your smartphone. This requires an internet connection.

Go to the phone menu and open the Play Store. Next, you may need to log into your Google account (you need to enter your Gmail email details).

In the search form, write “Flashlight without ads”. Why no ads? You don’t want to see ads when you need a flashlight.?

You can find the icon of the installed program in the phone menu.

For more convenience, you can click on the program icon and hold your finger on it and move it up or down the screen. The desktop will open, select a convenient location and release this shortcut.

By doing this, you can always quickly turn on the flashlight on your phone, and you do not have to look for it in the menu.

Standard way through the “curtain”

Having a modern “stuffed” smartphone, you don’t have to worry about how to turn on the flashlight on your Samsung Galaxy phone, since the button responsible for launching a convenient function is located in the quick access menu:

  • Unlock the screen.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen, pulling out the “curtain”.
  • Find the characteristic flashlight icon and click on it.

As soon as the gray icon changes color to green, the LEDs become active, and you can illuminate the path in the dark with a bright flashlight built into your smartphone.

Why does the flashlight not work on the phone / Smartphones

To begin with, let’s clarify the main point. your flashlight on a smartphone is not literally one. This is a camera flash. Of course, we don’t need a smartphone flashlight so often, but you must admit that any problem is very annoying. Accordingly, if you know that your camera is broken, then the flashlight will not work either.

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If you are sure that there is no damage to the camera, then read our instructions:

Just Flashlight: Super Bright Flashlight for Android

Among hundreds of mobile flashlights, you will rarely find an application with an original name. So Just Flashlight is not much different from other candidates on Google Play. But let’s see if this free flashlight has any features.

Just Flashlight conveniently separates the brightness settings of the mobile device screen and the options responsible for the operation of the flash. In addition to the common SOS mode, there is also a Strobe. The stroboscope is a bright, flickering backlight through the screen or tablet flash.

Just Flashlight. ordinary flashlight with convenient settings

It is not clear why Just Flashlight is slow to launch (compared to other applications), and this is clearly not the best side of the flashlight. No matter how simple or complex it is, I would like to turn on the application without a three second delay.

Bright flashlight Pony Mobile for smartphone

Probably one of the brightest and most versatile flashlights for Android with support for strobe mode and SOS distress signals. It will be useful for fishermen, hunters, sportsmen.

Also, this program will be useful for ordinary users if they cannot turn on the flashlight on Samsung, Lenovo or another Android phone due to software restrictions or on an outdated device.

The flashlight can also be turned on through a widget added to the desktop. When it is activated, the light comes on, and the user does not understand where the light on / off button is, where is the brightness setting, and so on. Fortunately, there is a menu with settings, and here you can adjust the sound, timer.

  • no ads
  • fast start-up and no lags
  • works when the screen is off
  • SOS indicators
  • work in stroboscope mode (10 blinking modes)
  • low battery consumption

Flashlight LED. Universe: screen color change, SOS mode

Flashlight LED. Universe for Android is relatively new in the Google Play market. Unlike other flashlight applications, it contains several unique options:

  • Supports automatic shutdown of lighting on the tablet in the interval from 15 seconds to 30 minutes.
  • Flashlight LED Torch Light can be controlled through a special widget: turn on, adjust the intensity (power) and glow mode
  • There is an SOS mode.
  • Timer operation.
  • adjusting the color of the screen of a mobile device in floor lamp mode. Flashlight app: maximum flexibility, customizable brightness and lockout

Free must have app for Android. Allows you to adjust not only the brightness of the flashlight, but also adjust other parameters directly related to the lighting functions. for phone screen and camera flash. The developers have added features to the widget that are missing in other mobile flashlights.

After downloading from Google Play and installing a portable flashlight on Android, go to the settings and see the following parameters:

  • Lighting at startup: you can enable or disable the option to turn on the light at startup (we advise you to disable it to avoid accidental activation)
  • Auto power off: accordingly, the interval for turning off the flashlight on the phone / tablet (we recommend enabling the option)
  • Sound: beep when the flashlight is activated
  • Flash-to-ringer and ringer-flashlight use
  • Flashlight control via widget, from the Android home screen
  • Smooth brightness adjustment
  • Change screen orientation with active flash / flashlight
  • ROOT (Use Rooted Mode): If Android OS blocks developer options, activate Android extended rights.
  • App Button Lock: Prevent accidental button presses while the flash is on (the flashlight will not turn off at an important moment).

Although the flashlight works stably, when a white screen appears, a false impression is formed: it is not clear whether the problem is in the device or in the application. However, this is just the background of the screen in the floor lamp mode, customizable in “Flashlight” for taste and color.

In “Flashlight” ads are traditionally displayed, as an option, on Google Play there is an ad-free version of the same program for Android. However, the application is worthy of being installed on a smartphone and a symbolic payment. We advise you to download this particular flashlight for Android from the Market (1 MB APK).

Svitlana Dev flashlight: off by default

There are 3 key positions in the Flashlight mobile app by Svitlana Dev:

  • flashlight activation via on / off button;
  • turning on the stroboscope;
  • setting the flashing frequency.

The advantage is that the app is disabled by default and does not drain your battery without your knowledge (whereas other Android flashlights have to be turned off at startup). You will not turn on the light by accident by touching the button on the phone, it will not discharge your smartphone, it will not overheat the rear camera, even if the program is launched in your when you accidentally press the Power button.

The only drawback of this small applet is that an ad block is displayed at the bottom of the window (although for using the simplest functionality you least want to view banners).

Flashlight by Splend Apps

Recently, another app with flashlight functions has appeared on the Play Store. Flashlight, developed by the Polish Splend Apps team. It can stay on your smartphone for a long time, since it differs from other flashlights with a beautiful and thoughtful interface.

Conveniently, you can activate the flashlight through a button in the notification area or through a widget.

“Analog” button for turning on the flashlight. large and comfortable enough to feel in the dark. All actions are carried out smoothly, the animation of the application is not annoying.

Two main lighting modes are supported: phone LED flash and screen flashlight (floor lamp mode, white light).

  • reading books in the dark,
  • road illumination in country trips,
  • alarms for help in unknown terrain or difficult weather conditions.
  • signal transmission in Morse code (in SOS mode)
  • GPS-COMPASS. for orientation in unfamiliar areas if you get lost.

Download Free Flashlights for Android: Best Apps. 2020

Short description: An overview of free flashlights for the mobile platform. How to download and install applications on Android (smartphone, tablet), what settings to pay attention to.

  • If you want an unobtrusive yet ad-free free flashlight, use Flashlight for Android, Pony Mobile Flashlight or
  • For older phones, the Flashlight app is fine. LED Torch Light. It is compatible with Android version 2 and above.
  • In the Frequently Asked Questions, you will find answers to questions about using a flashlight on a mobile device, as well as other recommendations.
application developer appraisal advertising Android version
Flashlight for Android ArtLine 4.7 no Depends on the device
Flashlight 2 4.4 there is Depends on the device
“Flashlight” Pony Mobile Pony mobile 4.7 no 4.3 and up
Bright flashlight Abc Apps 4.4 there is 4.0 and up 4.6 no 4.0.3 and up
Sane flashlight LexaUA 4.8 there is 4.1 and up
Flashlight. LED Torch GOMO Limited 4.4 there is 2.2 and up
Just flashlight Svitlana dev 4.8 there is 4.0 and up
Flashlight Flashlight Splend Apps 4.7 there is 4.1 and up