How to connect a PlayStation 4 controller to an ipad

How to Connect a DualSense Gamepad to Your iPhone | iPad?

This is done very simply, literally in a few clicks.

  • Open Settings.
  • Click Bluetooth.
  • On a DualSense controller, hold down the center PS button and the upper left share button until the controller blinks.
  • Listed Bluetooth Devices on Your iPhone | iPad at the very end a gamepad will appear. tap it, and then pairing will take place.

As you can see, Apple implemented this without any difficulties and connecting a DualSense gamepad for PS5 to an iPhone on iOS 14.5 does not differ from pairing regular wireless headphones.

How to Connect a PS5 Gamepad to an iPhone | iPad on iOS 14.5

In today’s step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to connect a Playstation 5 DualSense controller to an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14.5. Go!

recently, the first beta version of the new operating system iOS 14.5 has been released. We have already written about the changes and innovations in the OS, and one of those was the support for DualSense gamepads for PS5. That is, Apple made it possible to play games on an iPhone or iPad using a joystick from a console, and it’s cool that Cupertino also cares about mobile gaming.

But let’s figure out how to connect and use a Playstation 5 DualSense gamepad on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5. By the way, the controller for Xbox Series X can now also be connected to mobile devices thanks to a new update. I want to note that it will go with the first beta version of iOS 14.5 and to install it you need to be a developer or participate in the beta testing program. We do not recommend installing an update yet. all actions are at your own peril and risk.

How to Use a DualSense Gamepad on an iPhone | iPad?

Once you’ve paired your Playstation 5 controller, you can use it like any other MFi-certified gamepad in a variety of games. All Apple Arcade games and other well-known mobile games support joysticks such as Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG or Madden NFL 21, which are easier to play thanks to the controller.

Each game displays the buttons differently. The developers are deciding how to map the controls of the game itself to the buttons of the physical gamepad. However, the Share button works everywhere.

  • Hold Share for a second to take a screenshot.
  • Double-clicking the Share button starts screen recording.

By the way, the DualSense gamepad now works with Apple TV running the new TVOS 14.5 operating system. It connects to the set-top box in the same way: we enter the joystick into pairing mode, and on the Apple TV itself, in the Bluetooth settings, select our gamepad and pair.

How to Customize Gamepad Buttons on iPhone | iPad?

You can customize the PS5 controller buttons for different functions and games. This requires:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Basic.
  • Click on Game Controller.
  • Select an application to make changes.
  • Customize each button to perform specific functions in the game.

As you can see, you can reassign the function for any button. This is very convenient, because everyone plays with their own individual control settings. This option works not only with DualSense, but with DualShock 4 and Xbox controllers.

Thus, you can connect the DualSense gamepad for the new Sony Playstation 5 game console to an iPhone or iPad running the first beta version of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. Have you already upgraded to the new OS version? Write about it in the comments here and in our Telegram channel. All the best!

How to connect a PlayStation 4 gamepad to a PC. 3 working ways

If you have ever wondered if it is possible, and even more so how to connect a gamepad from the PlayStation 4 to a PC, then we immediately want to inform you the good news. you can

Today we will consider two connection options. wired and wireless, via Bluetooth.

connect, playstation, controller, ipad

We connect via cable:

Everything is extremely simple here. we connect the gamepad (joystick) to the computer using the cable that comes with the set-top box. Yes, yes, this is the cable you use to charge your gamepad

The system will independently detect the device and install the drivers, you only need to connect to the Internet. You can make sure that the system has correctly identified the device as follows: go to “All parameters”. “Devices”. “Bluetooth and other devices” and look there. In the list of devices you will find “Wireless Controller”. This is if you have Windows 10, if Windows 7, then open “Start”, then “Devices and Printers”, there look for the same “Wireless Controller”:

Do not be confused by the fact that the gamepad has been added to the list of audio devices, it will work as expected.

This completes the wired setup. If you want to play wirelessly, read on

How to connect a PlayStation 4 gamepad to a PC via Bluetooth:

For wireless connection, you need a proprietary Sony Bluetooh module, or any other Bluetooth receiver. If you have a laptop with built-in Bluetooth, then this will work too.

In order to connect the gamepad via Bluetooth to a computer, you first need to put the gamepad into pairing mode, for this you need to simultaneously hold down the PS and Share buttons:

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We hold for a few seconds, until the backlight starts flashing white, 2 short flashes at intervals of about a second.

You can then search for wireless devices on the computer itself. We connect the Bluetooth module to the computer, if Bluetooth is already connected, then you should have the following icon in the system tray:

Right-click on it and select “Add Bluetooth device”.

A window for searching and adding Bluetooth devices will open. Click the “Add Bluetooth or Other Device” button:

In the new window that opens, click “Bluetooth”:

Wait for the computer to find the “Wireless Controller” and click on it:

After successful pairing, you will see the appeared “Wireless Controller” in the devices:

By the way, the Steam client recognizes the Playstation 4 gamepad, and even prompts you to configure it when you first turn it on:

Pressing the PS button launches the Steam client if it hangs in the tray. It is best to use Big Picture mode when connecting a gamepad. it is optimized for just this.

We’ve covered two relatively simple ways to connect a PlayStation 4 gamepad to a PC. But let’s also consider the third method.

Advanced way:

If you’re not ready to be content with little, you can go further and make vibration and touchpad work. For this we need a special DS4Windows driver. The touchpad will be used instead of the mouse, which is very convenient.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to iPad iPhone iOS 13

Go to the official website: There we press the green Download button. Then on the next page we find the latest driver and download

After downloading, unpack the contents of the archive into a folder convenient for you and run DS4Windows.exe. A window like this appears:

When you click on the left button, the program settings will be stored in the folder with the file DS4Windows.exe, when you click on the right button, the program will store its settings in the folders of the operating system. For best compatibility, it is recommended to use the right button.

For Windows 10, only the first one. this will install a special driver into the system, and this completes the gamepad configuration. Click “Finish”.

For Windows 7, first the first, and after the driver is installed, click the second. After installing the second driver, click “Finish”.

If you did everything correctly, in the program window on the Controllers tab you will see the following line:

Further, you can customize the program itself a little more for more convenience, for example, add it to startup, and also force it to run in a minimized state. To do this, on the Settings tab, activate the following checkboxes:

The first is responsible for automatically loading the program at computer startup, and the second will launch the program minimized.

However, it is not necessary to do this, just do not forget then every time before the game run DS4Windows.exe and do not close it while using the gamepad.

We’ve covered three ways to connect your PlayStation 4 controller to your PC, from simple to advanced. Which one you use is up to you. Write in the comments if you managed to connect the dualshock to your computer or not. Enjoy your games and great victories

Connect the PlayStation 4 joystick to the iPhone / iPad

For beginners, it may seem that this process of connecting a joystick to a gadget is very difficult. In fact, Apple developers made it so that it takes a minimum of time to connect DualShock 4.

There is a third way to disable the DualShock 4:

  • Open the “Bluetooth” tab.
  • In “My devices” we find the joystick, click on the icon next to its name.
  • A page will open in which we click “Disable”.
  • The controller will be disabled.
  • after.-

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    Have questions? Ask in the comments to the article.

    How to connect Apple Pencil to iPad

    Are you the proud owner of an iPad? Make your tablet even easier to use with the Apple Pencil. Learn how to connect Apple Pencil to iPad in this article.

    Key features of using a mouse on iPad

    To open Control Center, tap on the battery icon in the menu bar and drag down.

    To open the Action Center, click on the time display in the menu bar and drag down. To hide the Notification Center, tap at the bottom of the screen and drag up.

    To activate the icon editing mode on the home screen, press and hold the icon of any application.

    The right mouse button does not work in iPadOS or iOS, the context menu, for example, in the Files application, is invoked by pressing and holding the file.

    Calling the context menu in text applications (copy, paste, etc.) using the mouse is not available.

    Which mice work with iPad or iPhone

    Roughly speaking, all wireless mice work with the iPad or iPhone. We were able to easily connect Apple’s Magic Mouse. In addition, Logitech Bluetooth mice connect perfectly, for example, models: MX Master 2S, M535, M557, M720, etc. Even a mouse with a USB receiver (dongle) can be connected to an iPhone or iPad. In this case, a Lightning to USB adapter cable is required to connect the camera.

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    How to connect a gamepad to an iPhone

    To connect the controller to your iPhone, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions below:

    • Go to the main menu of the phone and open the “Settings” application.
    • Find the item “Bluetooth enable settings” in it and enable the module.
    • Make sure the wireless controller has sufficient charge.
    • Pick up the gamepad without closing the settings menu on your smartphone.
    • Press the “Playstation” button and the “Share” button at the same time and hold them for 10 seconds.
    • Subsequently, the indicator light on the back of the wireless controller will blink.
    • On your phone, in the list of “Other devices” in the “Bluetooth” section, you will see a pop-up window “DualShock 4 Wireless Controller”.
    • You must press the indicator on the back of the controller. It should start glowing reddish pink.

    After these actions, the joystick will be ready for use.

    Pairing an iPad controller is easy: just hold down two buttons

    How to disconnect a DualShock 4 from an iPhone or iPad

    Disconnection is done as follows: press and hold the “Playstation” button on the gamepad for several seconds. You can disconnect the controller using the phone in another way:

    • Open the “Control Center” by swiping from the upper right to the lower left corner if Face ID is installed on the smartphone. If the phone is older and has Touch ID on it, then you just need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
    • Press and hold the “Bluetooth” icon.
    • Wait until the context menu appears, in which you must also press and hold the “Bluetooth: on” option.
    • When you see the inscription “Wireless controller DUALSHOCK 4”, you must click on it.
    • The controller will be disconnected from the phone.
    • Go to the menu and select “Settings”.
    • Turn on Bluetooth.
    • In the section “My devices” find your joystick and click on the icon with the letter “i”.
    • Among all the available actions, select “Disable”.

    Thus, it was considered how to connect Dualshok 4 to an iPhone and what is a joystick for an iPhone or iPad for. With this gamepad, you can play games on your phone or tablet, and also control your Apple TV.

    Stylus compatibility.

    There are currently two tablet stylus models available. Which one is right for your gadget is described below.

    Apple Pencil 1 is suitable for these devices:

    • iPad Air 3.
    • iPad mini 5.
    • Models Pro 12.9 “(1st or 2nd generation); 10.5 ″; 9.7 ″.
    • iPad (6th and 7th generation)

    The 2nd generation stylus is suitable for the following devices:

    • 12.9-inch Pro Models (3rd Generation) 11 inch.

    Connect the stylus to your device and enjoy your work. Draw, adjust, write notes, color in pictures, and more with Apple Pencil.

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    • It’s fast: you don’t have to search YouTube for setup instructions.
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    How to connect an Xbox One controller to iPad and iPhone

    Make sure your Bluetooth-enabled iPhone or iPad is nearby before proceeding. Also make sure your Xbox One controller is turned off.

    • Hold the Xbox button on your controller to turn it on.
    • Hold down the connect button on your controller for a few seconds.
    • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and select the Bluetooth section.
    • Find the name of your Xbox One gamepad and select it. He will be in the section with “other devices”.
    connect, playstation, controller, ipad

    That’s it, the gamepad is connected, and you can start playing games on your iPhone or iPad.

    Most games will automatically detect the connected gamepad so you don’t have to do anything.

    In some games, you can even customize your controller by changing the button actions. For example, Fortnite and PUBG. Some games do not have this option.

    How to disconnect your Xbox One controller from iPad and iPhone

    If you want to use your controller with another device, you must first disconnect it from your iPad or iPhone.

    To do this, follow the steps above, but click the “i” icon next to the name of the gamepad and select “Forget this device”.

    By connecting the controller to your iPhone or iPad, you can use it in a variety of games, including Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, Fortnite, and more. There are many controller-enabled games on the App Store. And the Xbox One controller is arguably the most comfortable of them all.

    To connect an Xbox One controller, your device must be running iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 or later. Older versions do not support Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers.

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    In addition, now you can even connect a mouse to your device.

    Not all Xbox One controllers work with iPhones and iPads, only newer wireless ones.

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    All iOS devices will work with Xbox and Playstation controllers

    The next versions of Apple’s operating systems. mobile iOS 13 and TVOS 13 for Apple TV set-top boxes. will be compatible with Bluetooth controllers for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. The company made such a statement at the WWDC 2019 developer conference in San Jose.

    With gamepads of third-party production, i-devices, including the iPhone and iPad, will also “make friends”. It will be possible to connect them directly. without installing any additional software. The release of new OS versions is expected in the fall, in September-October.

    Update from today’s #WWDC: official DualShock 4 support will be coming to iOS, iPadOS, and TVOS this fall. We’ll keep you posted! piccom / yqrd9Yx2vq

    The update will coincide with the launch of Arcade, Apple’s new gaming service that allows you to stream games to iOS, macOS and Apple TV. By the time it kicks off. this will happen in the fall in more than 150 countries. it will have about 100 games available. The service will function as a separate tab in the App Store application.

    It will be possible to play on the Internet and offline by downloading the game to the device’s memory. “Games from Apple Arcade will be playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, and a game paused on one device can always be continued on another,” Apple said. “New games will appear on the service regularly.” How much will it cost to subscribe to Apple Arcade?

    Re-pairing The Xbox One Controller With The Xbox

    Most of us probably dont ’have an Xbox One controller lying around that is specifically dedicated to the iPhone, so if you want to use it on the Xbox again after using it on your mobile device you’ll need to re-pair it.

    The process is similar to how you connect an Xbox One controller to iPhone.

    Press the Xbox button on the controller while holding the syncing button while you have the console switched on. Then, press and hold the connect button on the console itself until the connection is reestablished.

    How to connect Xbox One Controller to iPhone and iPad

    Unfortunately, you can’t use any old Xbox One controller. You will need a Bluetooth compatible model made for the Xbox One S (Model 1708) or an Elite 2 controller.

    Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone or iPad, stay in this tab;
    Step 2: Turn on your controller, press and hold the connect button on the back until the light on the Xbox button starts flashing rapidly;
    Step 3: Xbox Wireless Controller will appear in the list of available BT device, click on it and connect.

    How to connect an Xbox One controller to an iPhone and iPad

    Did you know you can use an Xbox One controller to play games on your iPhone and iPad? Some Bluetooth controllers have been used before, but none compare to the classic Xbox One controller. They are not only comfortable, but also very familiar to many gamers.

    Together with the Xbox One Wireless Controller, your iPhone or iPad becomes a powerful gaming device. There are many games on the App Store with easy-to-use touch-based controls, but the gamepad takes control to the next level.

    How to connect DualShock 4 to iPhone and iPad

    Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone or iPad, stay in this tab;
    Step 2: Press and hold the Playstation button and the Share button at the same time for a few seconds. The LED on the back of the DualShock 4 should start flashing intermittently;
    Step 3: The DualShock 4 Wireless Controller will appear in the list of available BT devices, click on it and connect.

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