How to connect a smartphone to an LG TV

Using Apple TV

For a TV without airplay support, streaming video content from an Apple smartphone is carried out using the Apple TV set-top box.

Attention! This equipment is compatible with iPhone version 4 and below.

Specialist services are not required to connect an Apple TV set-top box, but you should make sure that the iPhone is running the latest version of iOS. To start using the set-top box, you must complete the following steps:

  • Following the attached instructions, connect the equipment to the TV (connect the HDMI cable to the set-top box and TV; plug the Apple TV into a power outlet).
  • Make sure that the phone and the set-top box are connected to the same wireless network (Wi-Fi).
  • Using the remote control or phone, select the HDMI signal type in the TV menu.
  • Further settings are simple and straightforward and are also carried out using the remote control or iPhone.

The undoubted advantage of the “apple” set-top box is the ability to equate not a new TV with Smart TV.

With a cable

Cable connection of the “apple” phone to LG TV will require the purchase of an appropriate adapter, since the iPhone has only one connector for connecting with other devices and the same connector for charging the smartphone.

Connecting to a TV via a USB port is not easy, but very simple: one end of the USB cable is inserted into the smartphone, and the other into the corresponding port of the TV.

  • IPhone version 4 and later requires a dedicated Apple USB cable.
  • Starting from the 5th version of the iPhone, a special Apple Lightning to USB Adapter is used.

The final step is to select the USB mode in the TV settings (“Signal Source”).

connect, smartphone

When you connect your smartphone to your TV via USB, the iPhone acts as a storage medium. Simply put: it is possible to view only photos and / or videos loaded into the permanent memory of the device. Streaming directly from YouTube, for example, is not possible.

Connecting iPhone to TV via HDMI is the best option for high quality (Full HD) video.

To connect two devices, you need adapters:

  • iPhone version 4 and later. AV Adapter Digital.
  • iPhone 5 and above. AV Adapter Lightning.

Such a connection does not require any special settings and looks exactly the same as a USB connection step by step:

[LG WebOS TV]. How to Connect Smart Phone with LG Smart TV

  • The adapter connects to the smartphone.
  • HDMI cable one end connects to the adapter, the other to the TV.
  • The device is read and configured automatically.
  • In the TV settings, HDMI is indicated as the signal source. If there are several HDMI ports on the TV, specify the one to which the smartphone is connected.

The only drawback of this connection is the short HDMI cable. The limitation is caused by the impossibility of transmission over a long signal “cord” without loss of quality.

Wireless connection

The wireless method of connection is attractive, first of all, by the absence of wires, which means that there are no strict restrictions on the range of placing a smartphone from TV.

The ability to connect iPhone and TV without the use of awkward cords varies by TV model. As a rule, LG Smart TVs have a built-in wireless data transfer module.

Connection options

When choosing a method to connect an iPhone to an LG TV, you need to find out if the TV has a Wi-Fi module. If the device is old enough, then the wireless module may not be in it, but it probably has USB, HDMI or analog input ports.

It is also possible to connect iPhone to TV via Apple TV, AirPlay and Google Chromecast.

Analog cable

Owners of “obsolete” LG TVs should not be upset and images from smartphones from Apple can also be viewed on the TV screen. Older TVs have a composite video and audio input. In order to connect a phone to a TV, you will need one of three types of cable:

  • USB AV. for smartphones from Apple version 4s and older. Three tulip plugs connect to TV, 30-pin plug to smartphone.
  • AV HDTV from Apple. for phones version 4 and 4s. The signal quality of this cable is improved thanks to the sync plugs.
  • Lightning VGA Adapter. For iPhone 5 and up. In addition to the adapter, you will need a VGA cable.

Reference! Connection through the analog input does not require special settings, it is only important to pay attention to the correspondence of the colors of the plugs “tulips” and the inputs of the TV.

After connecting in the settings, you need to select the appropriate “Signal source”.

ways to connect iPhone to LG TV

Often, you really want to show your friends or family an interesting video from YouTube, your own video or photos from the iPhone, films available to subscribers of some services, and you never know what else. It happens that there is a need to organize a video conference, communication via Skype and other business events.

But how to connect iPhone to LG TV? There are several ways to suit a particular hardware configuration.

Broadcast using AirPlay

For the happy owners of Apple and iPhone TVs, connecting a smartphone to a TV was literally a matter of two touches. The technology of “air data transmission” from “apple” allows you to duplicate the iPhone screen on a TV or start broadcasting videos, photos, presentations, games directly from the running application.

  • Connect your smartphone and TV to a shared Wi-Fi network.
  • Select the AirPlay icon on the smartphone screen (for the “Photos” folder. the “Transfer” icon).
  • Select Smart TV, if there are several such TVs. select the one you need.
  • We connect to a common Wi-Fi network for the smartphone and TV.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the smartphone screen (for iPhone 8 and below) and from the top right corner for later versions to open Control Center.
  • Click the Screen mirroring icon.
  • Select an AirPlay TV from the list.
  • If necessary. enter the password.

To stop broadcasting and mirroring the screen in the same smartphone menus there are corresponding “buttons”.

Important! Unfortunately, not all TVs support airplay technology. Many manufacturers, including LG, launched AirPlay-enabled models in 2019. But there are TVs on sale that will get a new feature when the software is updated.!

All LG Smart TVs have Wi-Fi connectivity via a built-in module. To start viewing photo and video content from iPhone on LG TV, you need to:

  • Make sure both iPhone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On the official LG website, download the Smart Share program, which is completely free and is located in the “Support”. “Hardware and Software” section.
  • Install the required application on the iPhone by downloading it from the App Store. There are many such applications, they can be free, or they can cost money (iMediaShare, TV Assist, Twonky Beam).
  • Launch the program on your smartphone. Further actions may be different, depending on the selected application. So, in Twonky Beam you need to check the box “Show or hide show”; select the desired photo or video; wait for the start of playback.

Media Player Google Chromecast

There is another way to play videos and photos from the iPhone on the large screen of the television panel. for this, a Google Chromecast device is used.

The device from Google allows you to broadcast streaming video, photo and audio content to TV, even if the TV does not have a Wi-Fi module.

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Connecting the player will require just a few steps:

  • Miniature player plugs into the HDMI connector of the TV.
  • Both devices connect to a common Wi-Fi network, in general this happens automatically, however, you may need to enter a password from the wireless network.
  • Download in GooglPlay and install the Google Home program. Launch the application. Create a google account or log into an existing one.
  • A list of all devices connected and ready to start appears on the smartphone screen. Select LG TV.
  • Next, a code will appear on the TV screen, which must be entered into the application field on the iPhone.

How to connect iPhone to LG TV?

In recent years, mobile technology has been developing at a fairly rapid pace. Many gadgets have not only become affordable, but also boast a large number of technical capabilities. Of course, the sales leader is Apple, which offers its customers sophisticated smartphones. One of the advantages of the devices of the American company is the ability to easily and quickly synchronize with other devices. For example, a user can easily set up a connection between a phone and a set-top box or TV. Many people wonder if it is possible to connect an iPhone to a TV, for example, of the popular LG brand.?

Wired methods

By far the most reliable way to connect an iPhone to an LG TV is wired. It provides a stable connection that does not drop and is characterized by high speed.

This method of synchronization is one of the simplest and most accessible for most users. The main advantage of the method is that immediately after connection, the smartphone can be charged, which is extremely convenient. In addition, this interface is present in almost any modern technology. However, there are also some disadvantages of such a connection. After syncing, the iPhone screen will no longer be able to play any files, as the smartphone will be used as a storage device.

How To CAST Android Phone to LG TV using SCREEN SHARE

The connection cable will need to be selected depending on which smartphone model is used.

You can also connect an American smartphone to a Korean TV using the digital HDMI interface. It should be noted that mobile phones, including iPhones, are usually not equipped with such connectors, so a special adapter will need to be used. Today on the market there are a huge number of such adapters, which greatly simplify the connection process. When choosing a cable, it is imperative to take into account the smartphone model, since it is crucial in this matter.

One of the advantages of HDMI connection is that all parameters are automatically adjusted.

If an error pops up, then it will be necessary to carry out some program manipulations in order to achieve a positive result. First of all, you need to make sure that the appropriate interface is activated on the TV. In addition, you will need to select it as the main source for the signal. Only then will the image appear on the big screen. Thus, connecting via HDMI requires minimal manipulation, which makes this method one of the most optimal.

You can also connect an iPhone to an LG TV using an analog cable, also referred to as AV or tulip. Usually, this method is resorted to in cases where the TV model is outdated, and there are no modern interfaces in it. The use of adapters and an analog cable makes it possible to carry out synchronization. The main disadvantage is that the output image cannot boast of high quality, since the analog cable does not allow viewing media files in modern formats.

Several types of cables can be used for connection.

  • Composite, the distinctive feature of which is the presence of 3 plugs and one USB output. This cable can be used by owners of iPhone 4s and earlier models of the company.
  • Component, which in its appearance is quite similar to the first option. A distinctive feature in the presence of additional plugs, which are needed in order to broadcast the image with maximum quality.
  • VGA. used to sync TV and modern iPhone versions.

Why is it necessary?

Why bother trying to set up a smartphone to connect to a Korean brand’s TV? Such synchronization will be of interest only to those users who have ordinary TVs without Smart functions. Among the main possibilities of such a connection are the following.

  • View multimedia files, including movies and TV shows in real time.
  • Conducting presentations and multimedia presentations.
  • Listening to music, communication via social networks.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should connect your smartphone to your TV.

For synchronization, you will need to select the type of connection, since not all TVs provide this opportunity. That is why you should pay close attention at this point when trying to synchronize.


The AirPlay protocol is a proprietary development of the apple company and provides the ability to directly connect a smartphone to a TV. To do this, you need to go to the appropriate settings, then select the appropriate device in the list and synchronize.

It should be noted that not all TVs from the Korean company can boast of the presence of a module for wireless connection. Such devices are available only in Smart models. They allow you to access the global network without pre-connecting a cable or any other equipment. That is why Wi-Fi connection is considered the most comfortable and practical way.

How To Mirror Your iPhone to a LG TV

Before you can fully synchronize the Apple smartphone and the TV, you need to install a special application. LG has developed an app to solve this problem called Smart Share.

For a smartphone, you will also need to install a special program. There are a huge number of them today, and the most popular and easy to use is the Twonky Beam.

To configure and connect, you need to adhere to the following recommendations.

  • Open the program and check the box in the menu, this allows you to display the image on the screen.
  • Select the media file you want to play on the screen, and then find the available devices in the list. Here you need to select the TV to which you want to display images and videos.
  • To start playback, click on “Bearning”.

This method of air connection is not the only one. Recently, the iMediaShare application has been popular, in which synchronization is carried out in almost the same way. The only difference is that the user will need to enter the password for the wireless network. The Korean company makes some TVs that are equipped with Wi-Fi Direct. A distinctive feature of the function is that it allows you to connect without using a router. However, to use, you must first configure the system in the “Network” section. There you can select the iPhone, after which both devices are immediately synchronized.

One of the most popular and fastest growing technologies in the world today is Google Chromecast, which is also used to wirelessly connect iPhones. The main feature of the device is that it should be inserted into the HDMI connector, after which it acts as a router. Usually, users resort to using such a module in cases where their TV is not equipped with a Wi-Fi module.

How to connect wirelessly?

If you have a Smart TV, then you can try to make the connection over the air, without using any wires or cables at all.

Using Wi-Fi Direct

This option is suitable for TV panels with a built-in wireless adapter and support for the Wi-Fi Direct function, which is responsible for finding networks to connect. On mobile gadgets with Android OS, this function is supported from version 4 and higher.

Connecting devices over the air does not require a connection to a router. All manipulations are performed in the settings of the TV receiver and smartphone. The order is as follows.

  • Activate the desired command in the settings of the mobile gadget in the “Wireless networks” section (Wi-Fi Direct or additional settings).
  • On the TV in the “Network” section, enable the network search function.
  • After the Smart-TV system determines the devices available for connection, a list of them will appear on the screen. You need to select the name of the smartphone and initiate the connection.
  • Wait for the signals from the paired smartphone to start playing on the TV.

Technology does not work on older TV models and mobile devices.

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Wireless connection

Synchronization of the smartphone and TV receiver wirelessly is carried out via a Wi-Fi adapter. Modern LG Smart TV panels and Android smartphones support this technology. You can sync your phone with your TV using different Wi-Fi connection options.

Via Miracast

The Miracast connection assumes that the TV panel and mobile gadget are connected via a router to the home network. To connect to your LG TV using this option, follow the steps below.

Smart Share (LG phones only)

For wireless communication of LG brand technology, there is a proprietary Screen Share / Smart Share technology. For synchronous operation, the TV and LG smartphone must be part of the same Wi-Fi network. Making a connection is simple: just activate the Screen Share function on both devices, wait for the phone to be identified and confirm the connection.

Wired connection

The main condition for the implementation of such a solution is that the devices have the necessary connectors and support the selected connection technology. HDMI connection provides complete duplication of images and sound from a smartphone on a TV-panel. USB connection makes it possible to connect your smartphone to TV as a USB flash drive.

How to connect a smartphone to an LG TV

Modern electronic technology allows devices to be connected to each other. So the owners of the equipment, if necessary, can connect the phone to the LG TV. Pairing these devices opens up the following possibilities.

  • You can watch photos and videos from the smartphone camera on the big screen of the TV panel.
  • Project a movie found on the Internet from a smartphone to a TV screen for more convenient viewing.
  • Play mobile online games on the big screen.
  • Browse the web on the big screen.
  • Read ebooks from a mobile app.
  • Demonstrate various presentations from your mobile phone.
  • Skype communication.
  • Use a smartphone instead of a remote control.

The developers have provided several options for connecting the phone to an LG TV. At the same time, various signal exchange technologies are used: via cable interfaces and wireless. How you can connect your smartphone to an LG TV, we will describe below.


Slimport was offered to users of smart devices by Analogix, based on the development of DisplayPort.

This standard works on almost the same principle as the well-known MHL: support for 7.1 multichannel sound, UltraHD and 4K playback. DisplayPort or HDMI is used to connect to external image sources, USB microslot on the user’s gadget.

Important: direct connection of a mobile phone to the TV screen is not possible in all cases, so the user is advised to stock up on an additional adapter.

  • Lack of external power supply.
  • USB host capability: connecting additional devices to the adapter.
  • free of any patent fees unlike HDMI.

MHL cable

This cord is another option that makes it possible to synchronize a smartphone with a TV screen. MHL is a combination of a function performed by HDMI (such as Dell DA200 USB-C), which is responsible for transferring high quality audio and video signals, and micro USB, which powers the smartphone battery.

  • Classic. involves the use of an adapter cable with three wires: HDMI-in. for connecting to a TV screen, USB-in in microformat. for connecting to a power source and USB-out “micro” type. for a mobile phone. The flaw in this synchronization method is the extra wire.
  • Direct Connecting. HDMI-out on TV MHL-out on mobile phone. This method of connection is convenient, however, it is not compatible with every TV.
  • Exclusive. created by Samsung, which is available to users as a separate adapter or as an add-on to some products. Exclusive. there are additional contacts with an indicator of 11 pins, while the standard has only five. It is important to take into account that the number of pins in devices must be the same, otherwise you will need an additional adapter to connect the devices.

How to connect your phone to your TV: 10 ways

Do you want to show photos or video footage from your smartphone to friends and family, but do not want to huddle in front of the small screen of your mobile phone? Connect your Smart device to your TV and enjoy a high-quality picture on a large display. How to do this. read the article. We looked at 10 popular ways to connect a mobile phone to a TV screen.

Some methods are suitable for android gadgets, some for iPhones. Read on to find the one that suits you best. The article describes both connection methods that involve the use of cables and USB wires, and wireless options.

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Two devices in one. as, for example, the Lightning Digital AV Adapter (adapter with cable). will suit the owners of Apple phones. This adapter allows you to synchronize your iPhone or iPad with almost any device that has an HDMI input: connect your mobile phone or tablet to the projector, as well as a monitor and a TV. any device will be able to simultaneously broadcast everything that happens on the user’s smartphone to an external source. Watching videos, slideshows, surfing the web. these processes will not be limited by the size of the device display.


Chromecast is a development from Google that allows you to display an image on a TV screen from a mobile gadget, for example, from the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016.

  • connect the phone to the HDMI connector located on the TV;
  • provide power supply through the network or USB port;
  • install the appropriate extension on the phone;
  • specify the code (it will appear on the screen after installing the extension);
  • allow network access.

The advantages of using a Chromecast service are to increase the speed of interaction with the host of “smart” TVs.

DLANA is a technology for exchanging media data (between devices supporting this technology), provided that the interacting devices are united by a network connection.

Attention! To owners of smartphones released by LG, DLNA is known as “Smart SHARE”. Samsung calls this technology AllShare, and SONY calls this shell VAIO Media Server.

How to synchronize a DLNA service with a smartphone (for example HTC): You need to make sure that all devices have an Internet signal Launch “Gallery” Select any of the available files Press “more” Select a player corresponding to the brand or specific model of TV.

After the actions performed by the user, the selected photo will appear on the TV display automatically. This applies to any files stored in the smartphone gallery.

Note: if the task failed, then the user will need to download a shell that is compatible with the brand of the device. As a rule, the name of the shell is identical to the additional software.

MHL 3.0 (for 4K)

Adapters (as an option, DIGITUS MHL 3.0) have become available to users since 2013, expanding the horizons of smartphone owners:

  • 4K 30Hz image transmission.
  • High quality audio. Dolby TrueHD. for 7.1 and DTS-HD.
  • Battery charging up to 10W.

Interesting: the first gadgets to support the 3.0 standard were Sony’s technology: a Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone and a tablet PC of the same series.


MicroHDMI is one of three high definition multimedia interfaces. This “wire” facilitates the task of connecting smartphones to an external display (or TV), which allows you to display an image on it.

  • USB microformat remains “free”: some smartphones have “embedded” HDMI-input in “micro” format.
  • No additional “recharge” is needed.
  • Fully compatible with classic HDMI type.
  • Easy to connect: the user can use several connection methods using a combination cable (classic “full Size” “micro”) or a normal full-size HDMI adapter suitable for him. In the case of a mini-format HDMI cable, the option with an adapter is also relevant.

How to connect your phone to your LG TV

There are at least three ways to connect your phone to your LG TV. Choose the connection method that suits you:

  • Connect your phone with a cable to the USB input of your LG TV.
  • Select “Connect as USB storage” on the smartphone screen.
  • In the LG TV menu, select “USB Devices”, and in the drop-down menu, select your phone model.

Done! You can now watch vacation photos and videos captured with your smartphone on your TV screen. This method is suitable for any TV with USB input, and almost any phone.

  • Turn on the “Wi-Fi Direct” function on the phone in the “Wireless Connections” section.
  • In the TV settings, go to the “Network” tab and activate “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • Now the name of your phone should appear in the list of devices available for connection.
  • Select your phone and connect to it, confirming the choice.
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Done! Now you can control your TV using LG’s proprietary Wi-Fi Remote technology or stream content from your phone to your TV. In addition, connecting your Smart TV to your phone via Wi-Fi Direct becomes a good way out when there is no other way to connect your TV to the Internet.

LG Smartphone is best connected to LG Smart TV using Smart Share.

  • Connect your TV and phone to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Activate Smart LG TV.
  • Activate Smart LG Phone.

Done! Now you can use all the features of Smart Share. for example, display the image from your phone on the big screen.

You can connect your phone to your LG TV in other ways, but most of them require the purchase of additional devices. For example, iOS smartphones can connect to a TV via an AirPlay set-top box or Lightning Digital AV adapter. Smartphones with separate HDMI output (eg LG 2X) can be connected directly with HDMI cable. Smartphones supporting MHL or SlimPort standards can be connected via a dedicated Micro USB to HDMI adapter.

Finally, the phone can be connected to the TV via the Chromecast media player. Just follow the instructions!

We connect the smartphone to the LG TV via Wi-Fi and not only

There are several ways to connect your mobile phone and TV. Some options transform the smartphone into a real Smart set-top box, while others, on the contrary, only allow you to play media content stored on the cellular device.

If you do not know how to connect mobile phone to LG TV, then this article will be helpful for you. Now let’s get acquainted with the instructions for synchronizing mobile and television equipment. As a result, each user will be able to choose the option that suits him.

What will connect the phone to the TV

First of all, connecting the phone to the TV will significantly expand the functionality of the equipment. The smartphone transforms into a kind of projector, since a signal is transmitted from it, and the image is broadcast on a large screen. Thus, each user will be able to:

  • play videos, view photos and open other media content from your phone, and then project it onto a large screen;
  • launch video games, instant messengers and all kinds of other applications downloaded from the market;
  • surf the Internet, that is, open various websites;
  • conduct all kinds of presentations, demonstrations, read literature in electronic format.

Controlling your TV from your phone is a convenient and practical solution. However, if you plan to play games, then it is better to connect a joystick.

If the user connects via Wi-Fi, the image from the phone is transmitted over the air. In all other cases, it is necessary to use special cables, interfaces, which, in fact, will be discussed below.

You can also download an app that turns your smartphone into a remote control. This is very convenient, especially in cases where the old remote control is lost or broken. For LG TVs, it is called LG TV Remote (link in Android Google Play, Apple AppStore).

HDMI connection

This method is considered to be the simplest. It is desirable that the mobile phone or tablet is equipped with a mini HDMI interface, which will provide a direct connection to a TV. However, this is very rare, so most likely the user will have to buy a special adapter.

How to connect a smartphone to LV TV? Follow the step by step algorithm:

  • One end of the cable needs to be inserted into the connector located on the back of the TV, and the other into the port on the smartphone. Insert the adapter into the micro USB interface first. Remember the HDMI port number where the cable was inserted.
  • Turn on the TV and go to the main menu, and then open the tab to select the signal source (or press the Input button on the remote control). It is necessary to select the HDMI input with the same number into which the cable was inserted in the previous step. Usually he is the only one active and available for selection.
  • This will automatically adjust the picture to the screen resolution. That is, this is done so that the image is displayed in full screen.

When the devices are connected by cable, the cellular desktop will appear on the TV screen. Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo smartphones are connected to the TV using the same algorithm, there are certain differences in the process of setting up the iPhone (requires a Lightning to HDMI adapter).

  • you can ensure uninterrupted operation of the cellular by connecting a charger via USB (if there is a direct mini HDMI output);
  • the TV will work as a monitor, that is, the image is duplicated.
  • not all smartphones support HDMI connection;
  • often you have to buy an adapter.

Convenient and simplest way to synchronize your mobile device and TV.

Via Wi-Fi using Miracast

We are talking about a modern data transmission standard, the essence lies in the use of wireless channels. If the TV supports this interface, then you can broadcast various content to the big screen. You can also play games, run applications.

The main requirement is that the TV and smartphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (router).

  • Turn on the TV and go to the main menu.
  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the subsection “Network”.
  • Take your smartphone and lower the curtain to start the broadcast.

Not all versions of the Android operating system support this functionality. The name of the function in question may vary depending on the device model, but the essence is always the same. If you cannot find this command, install an application from Google Play, for example, Miracast. WI-FI Display. Launch it and activate the image transfer function.

Immediately after starting the Miracast function, it will automatically search for devices available for connection, select your TV. Then you need to confirm the synchronization using the remote control. This will start transferring the image. If the picture is not displayed in full screen, then just turn the mobile phone over, i.e. it should be horizontal.

Connecting via Wi-Fi Direct

This type of connection is suitable for owners of modern TV models that are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter and Wi-Fi Direct function. This type of connection does not need to be connected to a router. As a rule, Wi-Fi can only be connected to smart Smart TVs. You also need to have Android 4.0 or higher installed on your mobile phone.

To connect your smartphone to your LG TV, follow this simple step-by-step guide:

  • Take your smartphone, open the main menu, and then go to the “Settings” section. Go to the subsection “Wireless networks”, and then select “Wi-Fi”. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right and select “Wi-Fi Direct”. If there is no such command, then select “Advanced settings”.
  • As a result, an automatic search for networks will be launched for subsequent connection using Wi-Fi Direct technology.
  • Take the remote control and open the main menu. Go to the “Network” section. As in the previous case, you need to click on the “Wi-Fi Direct” command.
  • This will search for devices available for synchronization. To connect a TV and a smartphone, you just need to select a mobile phone model from the list. A connection confirmation request will be sent to the device, it must be approved.
  • After a few seconds, the smartphone and TV are synchronized. The signal from the mobile will be broadcast to the big screen, the sound will also be transmitted.
  • there is no need to pull a wire across the room;
  • does not require a Wi-Fi router;
  • you can reproduce medical content in various formats;
  • all connectors and inputs are free, so the phone can be charged;
  • implemented the possibility of Internet surfing.
  • “Wi-Fi Direct” technology is not implemented on old smartphones and TVs;
  • mobile phone battery runs out quickly.

If the cellular is configured to the TV via Wi-Fi, then the user will be able not only to play content, but also to open applications. this is a big plus.