How to connect a USB flash drive to ipad pro

IDragon USB-OTG-flash drive (64Gb, USB2.0, Lightning): for iPhone and iPad

How to use USB drives with an iPad/iPhone

A small overview on the OTG-drive for iPhone and iPad.
This is an inexpensive and simple i-stick in a metal case with USB2.0 and honest capacity and speed.

IDragon USB OTG drive (64Gb capacity, USB2.0, Lightning) is convenient for connecting to iPhone and iPad. you can temporarily “increase” the device’s memory. movies and music are played from the flash drive, you can make a backup and transfer documents. No unnecessary troubles, especially somewhere on the run, without a computer, iCloud, and other things. Here is such an uncomplicated flash drive-dragon (iDragon) in a metal case.
A distinctive feature of such flash drives is the presence of a Lightning connector for connecting directly to the device.
Compatibility with the following models is declared: iPhone 6s / 6s Plus / 6 Plus / 5 / 5s / 5c / iPod4 / iPad4 / iPad mini / iPad Air / iPad pro / Mac Appearance of the iDragon flash drive. Pay attention to the small protrusion around the connector. you can use the USB flash drive without removing the case from the smartphone. In the position with the Lightning connector In the position with the USB connector. Only USB2.0 is provided The size of the flash drive is small, about 55 mm in the position with USB, in the position with Lightning 50 mm
The U-shaped metal case protects only one of the connectors. Can be locked in the middle position.
The flash drive is small, convenient, there is an eyelet for the key fob ring The marking of the model and capacity is made with a laser Weight of only 15 g There were instruction files on the flash drive Example from the instructions for use Connect to the smartphone A special protrusion next to the Lightning allows you to use the flash drive without removing the case iUSB PRO application Download, install.
There are quite detailed settings in the menu. For correct operation, you must allow the application to access the file system. The application supports encryption, backup, etc. By use. the memory is divided (external, internal, there is a separate camera application icon).
Just go to your photos, select (change. select), copy (bottom right. copy).

We connect to the computer (in the system it is displayed as iUSB)
Disk properties

connect, flash, drive, ipad

File Explorer Copy (speeds from 27 MB / s to 29 MB / s).

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ChipGenius_v4 gives the following information:
USB Device ID: VID = 2BA3 PID = 1220
Serial Number: 500000000000393B
Device Name: iUSB
Device Revision: 0100

Atto benchmark CrystalDiskMark benchmarks show a maximum speed of 41MB / s
H2testw test shows full capacity

In general, everything, the flash drive turned out to be honest, moderately convenient.
The metal swivel case has a fixing position and an eyelet attachment allows you to carry it with you without fear of damage or loss.
Access speeds are not very high (

40MB / s), but these are honest USB2.0, which allows you to comfortably work with data both on a flash drive and on a device. I would even highlight this as a plus for the drive.

Surprisingly, the application turned out to be easy to use.
Basic operations. transferring photo and video from a smartphone to a drive is simple and done in 2-3 clicks (go to the folder. select. copy).

Until June 20, 2018, a coupon is valid for the iDragon (64 GB) AMC45 drive, the price of which becomes 29.99.

Is it possible and how to effectively connect a USB flash drive to an iPad

Is it possible to connect a USB flash drive to an Ipad, Iphone device?

The need to quickly transfer files from one device to another using a flash drive appears for many iPad and iPhone owners. To solve this problem of connecting third-party devices. make it possible to special devices.

Using docking port adapters, you can free up memory on your ipad by moving the captured video footage to a USB flash drive.

Connection process

So how do you connect a USB flash drive to an ipad? One of the main reasons why the iPad cannot replace a laptop is the inability to connect a USB flash drive. Apple does not approve of the data acts and tries in every possible way to discourage users from connecting peripheral devices to their products. But, despite this, the Camera Connection Kit is sold on the company’s shelves.

At the very beginning, this set of two adapters was designed to connect a camera or memory card to the iPod. As planned by Apple, using this device, you will be able to transfer supported photo and video formats to the tablet. The following limitations come from standard positioning:

connect, flash, drive, ipad
  • Files can only be copied to a tablet.
  • Video and photo files are supported (i.e. those that the iPad reads without jailbreak).
  • During copying. photos are “cropped” (this process may be familiar to everyone who wanted to import content to gadgets with iOS.
  • Of course, you can connect a USB flash drive to an ipod, however, with such shortcomings, the product does not look very attractive, but the great Jailbreak can work wonders. A tweak from Cydia called iFile can be used to achieve a much better effect.
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So, let’s start connecting the USB flash drive from the iPad:

In Cydia, download iFile (available in many repositories, for example
After respring and installation, connect the Camera Connection Kit to your iPad device and insert the USB flash drive there. It should be noted that recently there have been many copies of this device, which sometimes surpass the original.

Then you can wait a little until the message “The attached USB device is not supported.” then click “Dismiss”.

Run the iFile program and wait until it appears on the screen as a new removable storage.

Remember that through the Camera Connection Kit you can connect more than just flash drives. Also, you can connect a keyboard and other devices (if supported by the iPad) USB. It is difficult to say something about compatibility, since the method is considered unofficial and each individual device must be tried.

Charging other devices

The new generation iPad Pro allows you to charge other devices. You can even recharge your iPhone if you have the right cable. Port output power is 7.5W.

Importing photos and videos from external media

You can connect an external storage device to the iPad, but you won’t be able to view the contents of the drive due to operating system limitations. At the moment, the following scenario is possible. importing photos and videos using the “Photos” application. However, there is full support for cameras and memory cards. captured images and videos can be viewed on a larger screen.

Connecting external displays

iPad Pro (2018) can be directly connected to monitors with DisplayPort and USB-C connectors. Most importantly, the tablet is fully compatible with monitors supporting HDR10 high dynamic range.

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After connecting the device, the image from the tablet will be transmitted to the monitor. Some applications have a special mode of operation. For example, while you are showing a presentation via Keynote, you can display subtitles on your tablet. The only drawback is that the bundled USB-C cable is not suitable for connecting external displays due to low bandwidth, and as a result, users will have to buy a separate wire.

Connecting adapters

Thanks to the high bandwidth of the USB-C connector, it has become possible to use adapters and splitters by connecting several devices at once. Of course, their simultaneous work is supported.

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What can be connected to iPad Pro with USB-C?

The updated iPad Pro line is interesting not only for its design, performance and functions, but also because the company for the first time decided to abandon its own proprietary Lightning connector in favor of USB-C. The transition to a universal standard was only a matter of time. after all, tablets were initially positioned as portable solutions for working on a variety of tasks. So, what can be connected to the new iPad Pro?

The USB-C connector itself carries a large number of modifications. For example, the latest MacBook Pro models come with USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 3 support, which provide very high bandwidth, so you can connect a large number of peripherals, and even multiple monitors to your computer.

Unfortunately, newer iPad Pro versions do not support Thunderbolt 3. According to the given specifications, the connector complies with the USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 standard. This means that data can be transferred at speeds up to 10 Gbps, which is enough to connect 5K monitor with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. But there are nuances.

Connecting audio devices: speakers, microphones, MIDI equipment

Audio devices do not require special conditions to work. in the overwhelming majority of cases, they will work without any problems.

connect, flash, drive, ipad

Connecting keyboard and wired internet

IOS supports a wide variety of USB accessory manufacturers by default. Therefore, a connected external wired keyboard will work 99% of the time. The same rule applies to wired Internet, but this requires a special adapter.

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