How to connect a wireless mouse to a Samsung TV

How to connect a mouse to a TV

A mouse for Smart TV is connected in the same way as a keyboard. If you are using a wireless mouse, then plug the adapter into the USB connector. The connection of wired devices is carried out in the same way.

If the user did everything correctly, a notification will appear on the TV screen that the new device is connected correctly and ready to use. You can scroll through web pages or TV menus with the wheel. Launching applications and playing files is carried out by clicking the left mouse button for the TV.

How to connect an Air mouse? First, let’s figure out what it is. Air mice allow you to change the position of the cursor by moving your hand. However, you only need to move the hand, not the entire arm. Response to user commands is carried out by reading information from the built-in gyroscopic sensor. Air Mouse is ideal for TV control.

There are two modes of air mouse operation speed. There is a keyboard on the back of such a device. The power source is two AAA batteries. In order to save power, the air mouse turns off automatically after 15 seconds of inactivity. Connection is carried out according to the same principle as connecting a conventional computer mouse.

The process of connecting the keyboard to the TV

How do I set up a wireless keyboard? There are no fundamental differences from connecting wired devices. For peripheral devices to function correctly, you do not need to install additional drivers or any other software. To connect the keyboard to your LG Smart TV, you need to follow a simple step-by-step instruction, which we will now consider.

Algorithm for turning on the Bluetooth keyboard on the TV:

  • Insert the keyboard adapter into the USB connector. The interface is on the side or back of the TV.
  • Activate your peripheral and then turn on Bluetooth to start syncing.
  • A notification will appear on the TV screen that a new device has been detected. Wait until the connection is complete.

What if the keyboard doesn’t appear? Some TV models require a few additional steps to complete the sync process. Open Device Manager and then select the keyboard. After that, a dialog box with the name of your device will appear on the screen.

Take the remote control and click on the “OK” button in the “Manager” window. As a result, the inscription “Needs pairing” will disappear, and a new status will appear instead. “Connected”. If you have a Russian-language interface, the message “Connection established” will appear.

The procedure for connecting a keyboard is carried out in just a few steps. Therefore, there should be no problems with synchronization. If the proposed instruction did not help, then there are problems with the compatibility of the peripheral device with the TV.

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Instructions for connecting a keyboard and mouse to the TV

The remote control is not multifunctional. Owners of modern TVs solve this problem by connecting peripheral devices. However, few people know how to connect a keyboard to a TV so that the device identifies the connected device.

To begin with, the synchronization of wireless computer mice, keyboards and TVs is relevant if your device supports Smart TV. To control an ordinary TV, the remote control included in the basic package is quite enough. What is it for, and how to set up the connection? These are the questions we will answer now.

What is it for

To answer this question, you need to remember the main advantages of TVs with support for the Smart TV platform:

  • watching movies and TV series online;
  • Internet surfing;
  • playback of content from streaming services;
  • listening to music;
  • viewing clips.

It is not very convenient to enter queries into the Google or Yandex search engine using the remote control. Not to mention that it takes up a lot of nerves and forces. It is much easier to connect the keyboard to a Smart TV, which will allow you to quickly type text.

If you do not plan to browse sites too often, and you will play movies and music through special applications, then you should connect the mouse to the TV. The presence of this device will make working with all applications more convenient and comfortable. The remote control is more for channel switching and volume control. It’s better to connect a mouse and keyboard to Smart TV.

Possible connection problems

Compatibility issues are the main reason why the TV cannot see the connected device. To avoid such problems, select the appropriate peripheral manufacturer. For example, if you use a TV from LG, then it is more advisable to buy additional gadgets from this manufacturer. However, practice shows that compatibility problems are extremely rare.

What should I do if the keyboard is connected to the Samsung Smart TV correctly, and you are using a device of the correct brand, but the synchronization still fails? Such problems are solved by updating the firmware. Download the latest updates from the manufacturer’s official website. The operating system is updated via a USB flash drive or over the Internet.

Wi-Fi mouse

  • If you are not sure if Wi-Fi is working on your computer, check if your PC has an appropriate Wi-Fi receiver in the Device Manager (using the method described above for Bluetooth).
  • Similarly, activate the Wi-Fi module at the bottom right on the desktop, only not through the Bluetooth icon, but through the corresponding Wi-Fi icon.
  • Find the mouse in the proposed list of detected devices and point to it.

Why the wireless mouse won’t connect and what to do?

After completing the operations, most mice will immediately start working, but sometimes a simple connection is not enough. In this case, it is worth considering the possible reasons why the mouse may not work, as well as how to troubleshoot the problem.

    The most common reason is that the batteries have simply run out, so even with a successful connection, the mouse does not work. This can be a problem if it’s already late at night, and the mouse is not working and there are no spare batteries.

What to do? Take care of this issue beforehand. Buy a battery pack and don’t forget to renew your stock. In addition, some mice do not have ordinary batteries inside, but rechargeable batteries, and they come with a USB to mini-USB cable. Such mice can be recharged by plugging the cable into the USB connector (the mouse works normally at the same time), and after recharging, you can remove the cord and use such a wireless mouse for a long time. Perhaps this is the best solution.

Another easy option is to have a spare regular wired mouse, which will help you out in case the wireless fails.

  • Your mouse may require a driver installation to work. If there is a small disc in the package with the mouse, insert it into the disc drive and follow the instructions. Sometimes there is no disk, but the manufacturer of the mouse prints a link to the site with the drivers on the package in large print. Enter the link into the address bar of your browser and search for your model. If you cannot cope with the driver installation yourself, contact a specialist or service center.
  • There are also models where the mouse and adapter need to be synchronized. Until this operation is done, the mouse will not work. This is done so that the signals of several mice in the same room do not overlap, interfering with each other.
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    What to do? The adapter usually has a well-defined sync button, sometimes a tiny indicator light. And a small hole is made in the mouse, inside which there is a small button. The button can be pressed with a match or paper clip. So, first press and do not release the button on the adapter (if there is an indicator, it will light up). Now click the sync button on the mouse. Both described buttons must be pressed at the same time, hold them down for a few seconds.

    I have been using exclusively wireless mice for quite some time now. They are very convenient to use both with a laptop and with a stationary computer. Probably changed about five. True, I had to spend money on batteries, but I took the last model with the ability to charge and I’m very pleased. Today the article is not about my gadgets, but about how to connect a wireless mouse to a PC or laptop on Windows. The connection process itself is not very complicated, but since people ask, it means that it is not always possible to connect. I will try to make a universal instruction that is suitable for different mice (Logitech, Rapoo, Trust, Microsoft, Maxxter, Defender, HP, A4Tech, Razer, Speedlink, etc.). with a different connection interface. Wireless, of course.

    Today, the market is mainly represented by wireless mice with the following wireless interfaces:

    • Radio interface (Wireless) are those mice that are connected via a special USB adapter (receiver). It comes with a mouse. The connection itself most often operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and often suffers from interference (from the same Wi-Fi routers). The connection is very simple: plug the receiver into the USB port of your computer / laptop, turn on the mouse and everything works. This is the most popular interface for connecting wireless keypads.
    • Bluetooth mice with this interest in connectivity are much smaller compared to conventional radio interfaces (which have a receiver). These are mostly more expensive models. They are very convenient to use with laptops, as they have a built-in Bluetooth module. And such a mouse connects without a receiver. But for a PC you will have to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter.
    • Wireless Bluetooth is when the mouse supports two connection options. Via a regular USB radio adapter and via Bluetooth (no adapter on laptops). To choose.

    I think you know which connection interface your wireless mouse supports. If not, see the instructions and information on the official website.

    We will separately consider the process of connecting via a radio interface (USB adapter) and separately via Bluetooth using the example of a laptop with Windows 10. There are differences. I have to enter when connected via bluetooth.

    Is it possible to connect a wireless mouse without an adapter?

    Yes, if the mouse was originally designed to work without an adapter. If your mouse must have an adapter (USB mouse), but for one reason or another it does not, then, most likely, the problem cannot be easily solved. There are several ways to exit:

    If none of the proposed options fit, the conclusion is not fun. you will have to buy a new set of “mouse adapter”.

    How to connect a wireless mouse without an adapter

    A wireless mouse is purchased for a laptop, but many desktop PC users also prefer the “wireless” option. For example, if the PC is connected to a TV, it can be used as a kind of remote control. Next, let’s look at how it connects, what errors can occur, and how to deal with them.

    Bluetooth mouse

    To connect a Bluetooth mouse on the laptop, the Bluetooth signal receiving mode must be enabled. You can first check if the Bluetooth module is present and if it is working properly (if you are sure that it is, then the continuation of the paragraph can be skipped). Check its status in Device Manager. For example, for Windows 7, this is done in one of the following ways:

    • Right-click on “Computer”, then “Properties”. Select “Device Manager” in the left column;
    • Press the combination “WinR” on the keyboard, enter the command “devmgmt.msc”, “Enter”.

    This means that your computer is ready to work with Bluetooth devices, so you can follow these steps to connect your mouse:

    Activate Bluetooth signal reception. Most laptops have a special key for this (with a drawn Bluetooth symbol) or a combination, most often with the “Fn” key. If the manufacturers did not provide for such a separate key, find the icon in the form of a stylized letter “B” at the bottom right of the “Desktop”, right-click on it and select “Enable adapter”:

    So the Bluetooth receiver is activated. Now let’s connect a mouse to it. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon again and select “Add device”:

    The video below will help you turn on Bluetooth if you have any difficulties:

    We connect a wireless radio mouse via a USB adapter

    If your mouse comes with a USB receiver, and this is the only connection interface (or Bluetooth does not / does not work on your computer). then you need to connect this receiver to the USB port of a laptop, or a stationary computer.

    After connecting, Windows should install the drivers. I have connected many wireless mice already, I have never encountered a problem when Windows cannot find or install the required driver. If it so happens that the system does not recognize the device, then you can try to download the driver or software from the manufacturer’s website. We write in the search the name and model of our mouse. For example, “Logitech M185” and in the search results go to the official Logitech website. There we are already looking for a section with downloads and downloading the necessary driver. But you hardly have to do it.

    Insert the battery into the mouse, or charge it and turn it on. Perhaps the indicator will light up after that (but it may not be).

    After that, the mouse should work immediately. If it turns out that after connecting the wireless mouse does not work, then the first thing to do is:

    • Make sure the battery is not dead (by replacing it) and is installed correctly.
    • Disconnect and reconnect the USB receiver.
    • Reboot your computer.
    • You can go to Device Manager and see if the adapter appears in the “HID Devices” section. If we connect the adapter from the Logitech mouse, then the “Logitech USB Input Device” adapter should appear there. Name may be different.
    • You can test the adapter and mouse on another computer / laptop. Perhaps you got married. This also happens.

    In most cases, these devices connect and work without any problems at all. Especially in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.

    Connecting a wireless mouse via Bluetooth (no receiver / adapter)

    I want to clarify right away that connecting a mouse to a stationary computer without an adapter most likely will not work. Since the PC usually does not have a built-in Bluetooth module. Therefore, first we need to select a Bluetooth adapter for the computer, then connect and configure Bluetooth and only after that we can connect the Bluetooth mouse according to the instructions. Or use the included Wireless adapter (if your model supports this interface).

    It’s easier with laptops, there is built-in Bluetooth. True, it does not always work, since the necessary drivers are not installed. If your laptop does not have a Bluetooth icon in the tray and there is no adapter in the device manager corresponding to the settings in the parameters, then you must first configure and enable Bluetooth (for example, Windows 10). And this article contains instructions for Windows 7.

    To connect, right-click on the Bluetooth icon and select “Add device”.

    Turn on your mouse. Next, you need to activate the connection mode. There must be a button for this. It is labeled “Connect” on my mouse. You need to press it (perhaps press and hold). The indicator should start flashing actively. The process of activating the connection mode of course may differ depending on the manufacturer and model of the mouse. See instructions.

    On the computer, in the window that has already opened, select the “Add Bluetooth or other device” item. Then click on the “Bluetooth” item. When our mouse appears in the list, just click on it. In Windows 7, a window will immediately open in which the devices available for connection will be displayed.

    A message should appear that the device is ready to use.

    The mouse should already be working. Click “Finish”. Connection completed.

    In Windows 7, everything is about the same, only the windows and menu items themselves look different.

    This is a program with which you can configure additional functions. For example, assign actions to additional buttons, adjust the pointer speed, etc. It all depends on what kind of mouse you have. If the simplest, then you may not need this program.

    If the computer does not find a Bluetooth mouse, first of all make sure that it is turned on and the connection mode is activated. Try connecting it to another device. You can even connect to your phone or tablet (on Android).

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    How to connect a wireless mouse without an adapter?

    Wireless mice without an adapter are designed to have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi receiver in your laptop. What type of transmitter is built into your mouse should be indicated in the description and also written on the packaging. Instead of Bluetooth, an abbreviation can be written, for example, BT 5.0. Your laptop must have the correct type of receiving device. The advantage of such mice is that the adapter will not be lost, because it simply does not exist.

    How to get the keyboard back on a Samsung TV if it’s missing

    If your equipment has ceased to “see” the connected devices, then first try to restart it. If this measure did not help, then you should check the ports for operability. To do this, connect other devices through them. If they are not visible either, then you should contact the repairman.

    How to connect Bluetooth Headphones, USB or Wireless Mouse and Keyboard to your Samsung Smart TV

    Determine connectivity

    First you need to make sure the hardware is compatible with each other. We emphasize that not every technique will interact perfectly, so be sure to test the connection before buying. Among the mice and keyboards that will definitely match Samsung:

    • Logitech;
    • A4tech;
    • Genius;
    • CBR;
    • Apple;
    • Samsung;
    • Gembird and some other Chinese products.

    How to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your Samsung Smart TV?

    The procedure is quite simple, and does not require special knowledge in the field of technology. First, inspect your TV case to make sure there is a USB input. If you plan to connect both add-ons at the same time, then you will need two such connectors.

    Choosing a keyboard

    We connect the keyboard

    Insert the plug from the mouse or keys into the USB connector of the TV. If Connect succeeds, the TV will make a distinctive new device detection sound. A system notification will appear on the screen in the corner stating that not all applications support the new connected device.

    If you want to make a setting, then go to “Menu”. “System”. “Device Manager”. This section has all the tools that will help you set up input devices to work with TV.

    If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

    • changing button commands;
    • manual debugging;
    • pointer size;
    • pointer speed.

    But there is also an alternative connection method. via Bluetooth. It will be needed for those users who have wireless technology. In this case, turn on this module on Smart TB, and insert the radio sensor into the USB slot.

    Wait for a sound confirmation and start using.

    Connect the mouse

    Here the connection method depends on what kind of hardware you are using. If it is wired, then simply plug it into the appropriate port. If this is a Bluetooth device, then turn on the power on it, insert the radio sensor into the port and use.

    How to connect a keyboard and mouse to Samsung Smart TV: methods, instructions

    How to connect wireless keyboard and mouse to Samsung Smart TV? Owners often use a remote control to administer settings and menu options on a TV. However, it does not always meet expectations for multifunctionality. Even the universal remote control is not as comfortable as the portable mouse and keys that we are used to using for PCs and laptops. Modern Smart TVs allow you to use these gadgets to improve your work, but not everyone knows how to do it. We will tell you more in our instructions.

    Possible problems and solutions

    One of the most common problems is the incompatibility of equipment with each other. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, be sure to check the pairing option before buying.

    We connect the keyboard

    There is no need to install drivers or other special programs. Follow the simple instructions.

    • Insert the adapter into the USB port.
    • Turn on Bluetooth.

    The TV will indicate that a new device is launched. Wait for the process to complete. If the keyboard does not appear, you need to perform special steps that differ depending on the model. Go to “Device Manager”, click on the name of the purchased device. Press “OK” on the remote control in the “Manager” window. The success of the task is confirmed by the appearance of “Connected”.

    How to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your Samsung Smart TV?

    It won’t take long to connect. It is noteworthy that even if the selected keyboard or mouse does not fit the TV model, the user will also be notified about this. The information will be displayed on the screen. The connection algorithm is described in detail below.

    Connect the mouse

    The mouse connection process is similar. Just plug the adapter into the USB port. At the end, an inscription will appear that the device is connected correctly and can be freely operated. Next, scroll through the pages by simply scrolling the wheel. And select the desired program by clicking the left mouse button.

    An interesting new device called Air Mouse. Outwardly it looks like a remote control. But inside the device is a built-in three-axis gyroscope that reads movements in the air. The controls are as simple as a mouse. There are buttons that execute specific commands. Connects to Smart TV just like a regular mouse.

    Determine connectivity

    Please note that both wired and wireless keyboard and mouse are connected to the Samsung Smart TV. Wireless work on the basis of Bluetooth or USB. Bluetooth connection is available if this function is provided by the developers. And wireless devices with USB do not need Bluetooth. Keep in mind that according to the assurances of Samsung experts, not all wireless models work on their Smart TVs. But they assure that you can easily connect Logitech, A4tech, Genius, CBR, Apple and, of course, models produced by the company itself. But only on condition that the TV is modern. released after 2012.

    The developers have made this task easier as well. They suggest to clarify the information in the settings in the “Devices” section.

    How to connect keyboard and mouse to Samsung Smart TV: instruction

    “How do I connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to my Samsung Smart TV?”. a serious question for owners of a complete set of comfortable TV viewing. We talk about connection methods in detail in this article.

    Choosing a keyboard

    Additional accessories will improve the quality of your Smart TV experience. The remote control is not the most convenient way to operate a smart TV. For this, a special keypad is produced. The keyboard allows you to quickly enter text, chat on social networks, use familiar applications. As a result, it simplifies the use of the Internet on TV. Agree that the name of the movie or the name of your favorite actor is easier to enter by clicking on the buttons. If you know the hotkeys, you can do without a mouse altogether. There are also models with a touchpad.

    It is noteworthy that the luxury models are equipped with wireless mice in the form of a small remote control. At the time of choosing wireless devices, this device perfectly fulfills the tasks of searching and entering information. Their lineup is extensive. There is a keyboard with cursor control, which allows you not to buy a mouse, but this model costs more. But there will be a voice command option. A large assortment will also allow you to choose a model that will emphasize the design of the room, will look great in a set with TV.

    How to get the keyboard back on a Samsung TV if it’s missing

    If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

    Additional devices

    Sometimes you have to use the typing features on your TV. This can be done by calling the virtual button bar, but it is inconvenient and time-consuming to press the controller with each typing. The problem will be solved by connecting a keyboard for Smart TV.

    Users are rarely interested in this issue, since connecting a keyboard to a TV is quite simple. It is enough to insert the USB output of the device into a specially designated socket on the monitor and wait for the devices to sync.

    Connecting a mouse to a Samsung TV

    It’s no secret that you can connect various additional devices to modern TVs, and in this publication we will talk about how to connect a keyboard and mouse to a Samsung Smart TV. It should be said that both wired and wireless input devices that work via Bluetooth technology or with a USB transceiver can be connected to the TV panel. However, you can connect a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth if the TV provides this function, but wireless input devices with a miniature USB transceiver do not need this.

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    I must say that, according to Samsung developers, not all manufacturers are compatible with keyboards and mice. But most models from 2012 (read here about Samsung Smart TV 2012 and 2013 labeling) will work with input device manufacturers such as Logitech, A4tech, Genius, CBR, Apple and of course Samsung, but I will mention their creations below.

    I can confidently say that the Samsung TV will also work with a keyboard and mouse from Gembird and some manipulators from Chinese friends. Well, let’s get down to business and connect a keyboard and mouse to the Smasung TV. I will demonstrate the whole process on a model from the 2012 line. In the following series, only the interface is different, but the process of connecting input devices is fundamentally similar.

    USB connection process

    Now directly on how to connect the mouse to the TV. This requires a USB cable. If there is such an output on the controller, then no additional wires are required. If the computer mouse is of the old model and there is a specific tip at the end of the wire, then you will have to purchase an adapter or another device, depending on what seems cheaper.

    • Insert the end of the wire into the USB connector located at the back or side of the monitor.
    • Give the TV time to identify the device and pair it.
    • At the end of these steps, a message will appear on the screen about the successful connection of the device.

    Now you can use the controller to move the cursor around the screen. Scrolling the slider is done with the wheel and the middle button, and the selection is made with the left.

    Problems and Notes

    Things don’t always work as smoothly as they could. The most common problem is the rejection or inability of the system to detect the inserted mouse. This happens because Smart TV developers cannot ensure full compatibility of their product with each of the TV mouse models.

    To find out which devices are supported and which ones are not, you need to proHonor instructions from the manufacturer and recommendations. Installing a supported mouse will resolve the issue by itself.

    Sometimes the TV refuses to perceive old models of mice or keyboards. In this situation, only the purchase of a newer device will help, or be content with the remote control.

    It can also happen the other way around. the software on a smart TV is outdated, which will prevent a new mouse from connecting to it. Try updating the receiver software.

    We hope that our readers will not have any problems connecting control devices. If something did not work out, or you need advice on choosing a mouse for TV, write to us!

    A certain category of people believes that by 2019 the TV, as a device for receiving information, will become obsolete. It is being replaced by a computer with unlimited internet. But actually it is not. People continue to use TVs, which developers add new features to keep consumers interested.

    Smart TV manufacturers have provided viewers with the ability to connect a keyboard and mouse to devices. Therefore, the answer to the question “Is it possible to connect a mouse to a Smart TV?”, You must always give an affirmative. This feature is supported and actively used for a long time.

    Bluetooth connection

    Connecting a control device via a standard USB input does not always give the desired result. In addition, there is a category of users who prefer to issue commands with mice that work via a Bluetooth wireless network. Smart TV also supports this function.

    To connect a Bluetooth mouse, you need to insert a special adapter into the monitor. Smart TV will install the necessary drivers by itself to provide wireless mouse control.

    Additional devices

    Sometimes you have to use the typing features on your TV. This can be done by calling the virtual button bar, but it is inconvenient and time-consuming to press the controller with each typing. The problem will be solved by connecting a keyboard for Smart TV.

    Users are rarely interested in this issue, since connecting a keyboard to a TV is quite simple. It is enough to insert the USB output of the device into a specially designated socket on the monitor and wait for the devices to sync.

    Features of the mouse, standard and branded keyboard.

    I have already mentioned that the functionality of a regular computer mouse and keyboard in conjunction with a Samsung TV has some limitations, but they fulfill their main purpose. Primarily the classic keyboard and mouse are designed for the web browser.

    They work flawlessly with a built-in Internet browser and, unlike a standard remote control, make it possible to comfortably search for the necessary information on the Internet and at the same time you can watch a channel.

    Actually, all controls in the browser are identical to those on the computer. While watching TV channels, some functions can be performed using the mouse. For example, double-clicking the left mouse button anywhere on the screen will bring up a kind of menu from which you can go to the “Smart Hub” or open the “Menu” of the TV. One click with the right mouse button will open the “Tools” window.

    With the help of the manipulator in the “Smart Hub” you are free only to select the required application, but the keyboard and mouse will not work with it. As for the “Menu” itself, you can freely perform all the settings in it using the mouse.

    On this, the possibilities of computer input devices are exhausted, but it is likely that in future models of Samsung TVs these manipulators will be given more freedom. If you are already familiar with such TV panels today, then share their capabilities in collaboration with computer input devices in the comments.

    Now let’s talk a little about the capabilities of Samsung’s proprietary VG-KBD1000 wireless keyboard. Compared to classic input devices, it simply has no boundaries and also harmoniously combines ergonomics and style. This model has rich functionality and everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

    It allows you to conveniently control your TV and replaces not only a conventional keyboard and mouse, but also a remote control. For example, the built-in touchpad allows you to literally slide the cursor over the Smart Hub interface, and the keyboard input field allows you to type messages on social networks. In addition, you can use it in services and, of course, fully surf the Internet.

    However, do not flatter yourself, because not all applications support it. This is due to the fact that keyboard support in applications is determined by the program developer, and not by Samsung.

    On board, it has hotkeys that allow you to access the functional control of the TV. Also with its help you can switch channels and adjust the volume in the TV panel. In addition, it is compatible with Samsung tablets and smartphones with the Android operating system. You can connect the keyboard to the TV using Bluetooth wireless technology.

    According to the developers, this keyboard is compatible with 2012 TVs (LED ES6100 and above, PDP E550 and above) and 2013 (LED F6400 and above, PDP F5500 and above), as well as Samsung mobile devices with Android OS 3.0 and above.

    I must say that the keyboard is compatible with Samsung Smart TV models that only have a built-in Bluetooth adapter. Therefore, if your TV series E (2012), F (2013), H (2014) and the developers have endowed it with a Bluetooth adapter, then this keyboard will be supported by your TV panel. If your Smart TV does not support a proprietary keyboard, then try connecting a keyboard with a radio module to it.

    In conclusion, I suggest you watch a thematic video.

    I would be grateful if you can supplement the article and share your experience in connecting a keyboard or mouse to a specific Samsung Smart TV model with other readers. Until!

    If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

    A certain category of people believes that by 2019 the TV, as a device for receiving information, will become obsolete. It is being replaced by a computer with unlimited internet. But actually it is not. People continue to use TVs, which developers add new features to keep consumers interested.

    Smart TV manufacturers have provided viewers with the ability to connect a keyboard and mouse to devices. Therefore, the answer to the question “Is it possible to connect a mouse to a Smart TV?”, You must always give an affirmative. This feature is supported and actively used for a long time.

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