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How to connect Mi Band 2 to iPhone?

Xiaomi Mi Band is a series of popular fitness trackers that allows you to keep track of steps taken, calories burned, as well as measure heart rate and set a smart alarm. The advantage of this device over some other analogs is not only the price, but also the ability to connect it to both Android devices and iOS smartphones from Apple.

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How to connect Mi Band to iPhone?

In general, the connection of the Mi Band to the iPhone is almost the same as the pairing with Xiaomi smartphones.

After authorization in the application, you need to tie the bracelet to your smartphone and start using it.

Ideally, following the instructions in the program, everything should go smoothly, but sometimes situations may arise in which the iPhone does not see the Mi Band 2. This may be for several reasons:

  • Mi Band is not unlinked from another account;
  • your fitness tracker has communication problems;
  • devices are far from each other;
  • you bought a fake on Mi Band 2.

details about the problems that arise during connection can be found in the article:

For the Mi Band fitness bracelet, the iPhone application exactly repeats its Android version and is almost completely translated into Russian, with the exception of some points that you can easily figure out on your own.

29 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Will it be indicated from whom the call is or only that the call is in progress or an SMS has been received? Thank you.

If you select English as the main language on the smartphone (the entire menu will be in English), then Mi Fit will display the option to display the caller’s name (at least on Android, this is exactly what is solved. by installing a modified version of the application, which is not available for the iPhone).

Hello. The smartphone connects to the bracelet via Bluetooth, but the MiFit program does not see it. What could be the problem?

Good day. What is the smartphone model? The MiFit app currently supports smartphones no older than iPhone 5S (iPhone 5 is not supported) with an operating system of at least iOS 9.0 installed. Another problem, if the Mi Band is not new, may be that the bracelet is already tied to some other account.

MiFit app is not compatible with this device. iPhone 5 what to do? Please tell me.

Unfortunately, now you can install MiFit on smartphones not older than iPhone 5s with an operating system not lower than iOS 9.0.

Hello, I can not install the program on the iPhone 5. Writes: “does not match the device”.

Good day. You need to install the MiFit app from the App Store by clicking here.

Hello. Please tell me what to do if the iPhone 5s says “could not find the bracelet”, but it finds a pair in the Bluetooth settings.

Good day. There are two options: 1. In the Bluetooth settings, he really does not find it, but simply shows the previously saved device. You can check it by searching with another smartphone that has not yet “seen” this bracelet. 2. If he really finds a bracelet, but the program is buggy and does not want to connect to it, then there is only one solution. try to look more carefully around the Mi Band apartment yourself.

Is it possible to connect this bracelet to iPhone 6s with iOS 12?

Can i connect to iPhone 5? Thank you ?

Hello! I can’t pair Mi Band 3 with iPhone 6s Plus. Bluetooth does not see it. What to do?

Good day! MiBand 2 is new from DNS, there are no signs of a fake. I tried to create an account through the application, does not give after selecting the country. “No connection.” Created an account on the site. When entering the application, it says “Failed to sign in”. Tried it on three different iOS and Android devices. All the same and also “Failed to sign in”. Within 6 hours.

Good day. Try installing some kind of VPN on your smartphone. Recently, due to the actions of Roskomnadzor, such problems have arisen when authorizing in MiFit.

Dmitry, thanks! Installed Thunder VPN on Android, the app is working. How much time is lost because of them!

I also have the same problem with dns. I’m thinking of going to talk to them so that they can connect or change them.

Please tell me what to do if I did everything correctly on all points, that is, I downloaded the Mi Fit application, registered and as soon as it comes to connecting the bracelet itself, I get an error and writes “check if the bracelet is not discharged or that it is far away located”.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with IPhone MiFit IOS App

It looks like the phone can’t see the bracelet. What is your smartphone? Requires at least iPhone 4S. Is the bracelet new? If not, it must be unlinked from the old account. And, of course, when pairing, the bracelet must be charged and close to the phone.

Why won’t the MiFit app download on my iPhone 5?

Judging by the description in the AppStore, the iPhone 5 is no longer supported by the program. To install the application, you need an iPhone 5s or newer, as well as iOS version 9.0 or higher.

Help me please. I downloaded the program for myself on the iPhone 5SE, created an account, but for the second day I can not enter the program, writes “I could not log in. Send error logs and help us find the problem? ” and another window pops up “Authorization error”. What am I doing wrong?

It’s hard to say, but an authorization error means that the username or password is entered incorrectly.

Vpn will help you. But this is not enough for connecting a bracelet. I went to the program using vpn and then

Good day. Can you tell me if it will work with the iPhone 4? I want to buy it, but I’m afraid that they won’t make friends with the device! Very worried!

Hello. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet will not work with the iPhone 4, since the phone has an outdated modification of the Bluetooth 2.1 wireless communication module, but the iPhone 4s already has version 4.0 installed and the bracelet will work with it.

Good day! Tell me, good people, to synchronize the Mi Band 2 bracelet with the iPhone 6 (I also tried it with the iPhone 5 and Samsung). The problem is that the phone simply does not see this unfortunate bracelet through Mi FIT and through another application. I created a new account, but if there was a link to the account of the previous owner, as far as I understand, a message would be displayed, like “the device is already synchronized with another phone”. And Bluetooth itself does not see it. OK, read the tips! I downloaded the nRF connect application. it finds the bracelet and connects to it. At this time, using Mi FIT, I also try to connect with the bracelet, but he still does not see it! At the same time, through the settings in the phone and on the bracelet screen itself, you can see that the connection is established (via nRF connect), but there is no sense in this. There is also no way to enter the bracelet through the Bluetooth settings. it just writes that it is connected and that’s it. If you turn off Bluetooth on the phone, the bracelet will sadly vibrate 3 times and show a bluetooth icon with a cross on the screen, saying the connection is broken, but don’t worry. I have not tried all these operations on other phones, since they are not mine, but it seems to me that everything will be the same. On the advice on some site I almost pressed the tracker itself into the phone screen when trying to synchronize. the effect is zero! Question! Maybe this is due to an update of some kind of application, or maybe something with the firmware of the gadget itself? Or just throw this damn bracelet away?

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Good day. In the event that the bracelet is tied to another account (via Mi Fit), you simply cannot tie it to your own, since it will not appear in the list of available devices, and therefore will not report that it has already been tied to another owner. But the fact that it is not on the Bluetooth list is another question. Maybe this is not a Mi Band, but a copy of it, and in the list of devices it is displayed somehow differently? Check out this article, in which I tested the original and the fake. For the “copy” it was required to use another application.

Garmin Vivosmart HR

Differs in high durability and build quality. Able to work offline for 5 days. There is a function that allows you to constantly monitor your heart rate.

The only drawback that can be distinguished in this model is the screen with a diagonal of 1.08 inches. Although for some users, on the contrary, it is convenient. Date and time information is constantly highlighted on the main menu.


Has a large touchscreen display. Constantly monitors the heartbeat. It has the function of recognizing exercises. Waterproof. Differs in high build quality, and, according to users, confidently takes the third place in the top. Syncs seamlessly with devices running iOS 8 and Android 4.4.

Honor band 4 connection and iOS app

  • activation of Bluetooth version 4.2;
  • launching the Huawei Health app.

It is worth noting that the Huawei Health app works seamlessly with Android and iOS operating systems. This program is free and can be easily found on the App Store.

Honor band connection via Bluetooth

To connect to the device, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the Huawei Health program and select “add device”. Looks like a plus sign in the upper right corner.
  • Select subsection “Smart bracelet”.
  • Check box Honor band.
  • Connect the bracelet by clicking the “Pair” button.
  • Confirm consent to connection.
  • A list with devices appears. You must select the model you want.
  • Click on the bracelet screen to confirm the communication.

If everything is done correctly, the message “Completed” will appear.

Translation into the required language and local time is automatic. The user will need to complete the process of updating the application on the bracelet.

If the connection did not occur, then you can take the following actions:

  • Define a different location in the VPN app.
  • Install other software that matches the IP address.
  • Check using the correct app.

Mi band 4 does not receive iOS notifications

The most common problem users encounter when trying to register and sync devices is that they fail to receive appropriate notifications. It can also happen after an iOS update. The phone just stops seeing notifications.

To troubleshoot the problem, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Go to Mi Fit and open the item “Run in the background”.
  • Select the operating system that is installed on the user’s phone.
  • Set permission to autorun.
  • Remove restrictions from background activity.
  • Go to your desktop and see which applications are in active mode. Mi Fit needs to be fixed in the lock.

If the device does not display incoming calls and SMS messages, you need to make sure that the software can see access to contacts and calls.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Sufficiently lightweight bracelet weighing only 7 g. The pedometer has been improved, now it shows more accurate data. There is an ADI sensor that allows you to monitor your heart rate. There is protection against dust and moisture.

It can work for 20 days without recharging. At the moment, the device occupies a leading position in the “wearable electronics” market. At the same time, Xiaomi is distinguished by its affordability and wide functionality. Build quality is also pleasing, as noted by most users.

How to connect Mi Band 3 to iPhone

Miband 3 is a fully interoperable smart phone device. The important point is that you need a modern iOS to use it. Accordingly, if a person wants to use this particular device, a firmware update may be required.

It is quite simple to connect the iPhone bracelet to the arm of the Mi Band 3 version. Option how you can connect:

  • Register on the manufacturer’s website. You will definitely need to confirm your phone number.
  • Download the Mi Fit app on the App Store.
  • Launch the application. The menu item “Profile” is selected, through which the registration data from the site is entered. At the end, from the list of presented devices, the desired one is selected.
  • Synchronize with your watch. This notification appears automatically.

It is enough to connect only once. Subsequently, the device will be configured automatically.

Important! It is not recommended to move the phone away from the fitness bracelet. Otherwise, the second device will not work correctly.

According to the manufacturer’s statement, the Mi Band 3 device has 100% compatibility with iPhones. This is partly true. However, there is a small problem for phones below the fifth version. For some reason, the application appears only in English and is not fixed.

How to set up a bracelet on iPhone

The owner of the iPhone (for example, the 6th model) is faced with the task of synchronizing the devices and understanding how to connect Mi Band 4 to the iPhone. Upon completion of the installation of Mi Fit, the user is immediately prompted to determine the daily rate of steps. The application independently sets the value based on the entered data, but the user can make changes.

Setting up the bracelet on the iPhone is carried out by first disconnecting the previous models from Xiaomi:

  • Open profile settings in Mi Fit.
  • Select the bracelet and click “Disable”.

Next, we connect Bluetooth to connect the Gang and the iPhone:

  • In the Mi Fit application, open the “Status” section.
  • We select “The device is not connected” and in the list we mark “Bracelet”.
  • We approve the requested accesses.
  • Place the Band as close as possible to the iPhone and wait for the vibration of the tracker.
  • If vibrations occur, you must press the button on the bracelet located under the screen.

Confirmation of successful synchronization will be shown on the screen of Mi Band 4.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with iPhone MI Fit ios app iphone Smart Watch

How to connect a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to an iPhone: step by step instructions

The newest fitness bracelet Mi Band 4 from Xiaomi is an improved model of the current line. The band has a number of functions that allow you to monitor the state of the body, observance of rhythms, coordinate work with a smartphone and household appliances. The functionality of the bracelet is largely tied to the interaction with Xiaomi technology, which has not yet become widespread in the Russian market.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to iPhone is the question that faces iPhone owners when buying a Band bracelet. This is possible with the help of a special Mi Fit application, which is installed on the iPhone and in it the bracelet is configured to the phone. The functionality of Mi Band 4 is not limited in any way when using the iOS system instead of Android on the head smartphone.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to iPhone

A series of simple steps on how to connect a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to an iPhone:

  • Download the Mi Fit app in the App Store and install it.
  • Pass authorization in the program: log in with an existing account or register a new one.
  • We indicate the data for the correct operation of the program: region, name, date of birth, gender, physical characteristics (height, weight).
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The indication of physical characteristics is necessary because the application is aimed at analyzing indicators of health and athletic performance. It also allows you to synchronize the work of a clock, alarm clock, music player, using all the capabilities of a smart bracelet.

How to set up Mi Band 4 smart alarm on iPhone

Setting up a Gang smart alarm clock via iPhone is possible with the Mi Heart Rate application installed. After syncing Mi Band 4 and iPhone, you need to do a few things:

  • Enter the MAC address is the same as the Bluetooth address listed at the bottom of the profile in the Mi Fit app.
  • Return to Mi Heart Rate and adjust the rise time there.
  • Additionally, for greater data coverage, other parameters are configured: hours of work, breaks, pauses.

After setting the parameters, the bracelet will vibrate at certain hours, helping to wake up and acting as an alarm clock.

Why Mi Band 4 does not connect to iPhone?

Sometimes the Mi Band 4 tracker does not connect to the iPhone and the smartphone does not see it when the Bluetooth connection is on. There are several ways to fix the situation:

  • restart Bluetooth and check if there is no connection to another phone;
  • restart iPhone;
  • repeat the procedure for setting up the bracelet on the iPhone.

The reason for the synchronization problem may be a non-original Gang. it cannot be connected to the official Mi Fit app from Xiaomi. The fixable reason is the low charge of the fitness bracelet, so you need to charge it and try to reconnect.

How to connect a fitness bracelet Mi Band 2, 3, 4, 5 to an iPhone

Popular Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelets are traditionally paired with phones from the same manufacturer or many others that produce smartphones running Android. But what about iPhone owners who also want to use an inexpensive functional bracelet? The answer is simple. read our instructions and get complete information on how to connect Mi Band of any generation. 2, 3, 4, 5 to the iPhone, set everything up and enjoy your work.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

The fitness tracker of this generation has captured the interest of many owners of Android and iPhone smartphones. The device retains the functions of all previous generations, in particular the 4th version. Now it is possible to plan walks and trips, thanks to built-in maps and GPS navigator, PAI indicator, and others. From the technical characteristics, we can note an increase in the screen and improved fonts, as well as a more convenient connection of the charger. It is also useful to know how to distinguish the original Mi Band 5 from a fake.

Possible problems

Basically, the process of connection and identification is quick and error-free, but if problems still arise, check the following parameters:

  • The application must be unlinked from your previous account, if any.
  • Devices are far away from each other, making Bluetooth unable to communicate.
  • The gadget from Xiaomi was not original.

Connection algorithm

In order for the synchronization to be successful, the bracelet must be charged to 50% or more, and the iPhone must be updated to iOS version at least 10.0.

Nuances in use

  • Siri and incoming calls cannot be controlled, despite the fact that the bracelet of this version has a built-in microphone.
  • Volume level is not adjustable and there is no access to music.
  • The alarm does not work through the built-in Clock app on the iPhone. All settings must be carried out through the Mi Fit program.
  • Data is not recorded in “Health”.

How to Connect Honor Band 4 to iPhone: Basic Method

Smart watches work in conjunction with the iOS operating system. version not earlier than 9.0. As noted above, when activating the connection, proceed to the settings of the Huawei Health software. The product has a clear interface and stores information about the nature of sleep, training cycles, heart rate and the number of steps taken. The utility sets the maximum heart rate bar in different modes of the owner’s activity. The results of running, cycling or other sports are recorded in programs of a similar purpose, for example, Google Fit or Jawbone.

It is interesting to note the ability of the Honor Band 4 to enable the wake-up reminder mode when the REM phase begins. The perceptible vibration immediately makes a person forget about lying in bed. The device reads information about the night’s rest based on the developments of the Harvard educational medical institution:

connect, band, iphone
  • the vital activity of the organism is monitored during periods of deep and superficial dreams;
  • displays a morning report on the nature of your sleep and recommendations for increasing its effectiveness.

Connecting Honor Band 4 to the phone: iPhone and other phones

Connecting Honor Band 4 to the phone is of interest to many users of modern gadgets. Since the bracelet is able to compete with other devices of a similar orientation. The band is in demand among the audience following health and new products in the world of digital technology.

The article is intended to consider aspects of the communication of the watch with mobile devices and how to troubleshoot if there are difficulties with the connection.

What to do if Honor Band 4 won’t connect to the phone

How to deal with a situation when there are problems when switching devices?

Check out the following solutions to problems:

  • Provide a different location in the VPN app in case of an unsuccessful update attempt.
  • Install other software responsible for changing the IP address.
  • Disconnect the tracker from the smartphone if there is an error while updating the watch. The image of the firmware progress will take a strikethrough and turn red. After ten seconds, the sports accessory will be reloaded. Now let’s get down to communication and upgrade again.
  • Please make sure you are using the correct app before pairing your Honor Band 4. The device in question is focused on interaction with the only utility. Huawei Health. Otherwise, Bluetooth is unable to detect the bracelet in other software products.
  • No guarantee of correct operation of the SmartLock option when using third-party software development.

Honor Band 4 Running. how to connect

First of all, two things are important for the communication of Smart-watches with cellular devices:

  • activation of Bluetooth version 4.2;
  • launching the Huawei Health app (works with Android and iOS operating systems). The program is free, downloaded from Epp Store (for iOS users) and Play Store (for Android);
  • VPN for upgrade installation.

Below is a list of steps to pair the Running Edition with mobile devices.

Connection instructions

  • In the Huawei Health program, click on the item “Add device” (the image of the “plus” sign in the upper right part of the frame).
  • Tap on the inscription “Smart bracelet”.
  • Check Honor Band.
  • Connect the gadget by clicking on the “Pair” button.
  • Agree to connect without using a cable.
  • In the “Select device” list, click on the name of the model that claims to be tied to the phone.
  • Click on the icon on the bracelet screen, confirming the communication.
  • After touching the “Done” button, the procedure is completed.

You will have to go through the process of updating the application on the fitness tracker, as well as pay attention to the configuration of the device. As soon as the connection is made, the language settings of the smartphone are automatically transferred to the watch.

Can I connect to other phones

If you follow the instructions described in the article, it will not be difficult to connect the gadget to all mobile devices. But in addition to the Huawei Health software, you may need to install Huawei Wear. Application download is available from the Play Store; install and open the product.

  • Further, after opening the utility, we confirm the agreements that have appeared.
  • We go through registration with the indication of anthropometric data (number of full years, weight and height).
  • Activating wireless communication.
  • Click on the item that searches for the device.
  • Select “Honor Band 4” (connection to Health will take place when you complete the next step).
  • Press the button on the bracelet, allowing communication with Health.

Honor Band 4 connection instructions

This can be done by performing the following steps in stages:

  • turn on the Bluetooth option on your Android or iOS phone;
  • add a new device by clicking the “” sign located at the top of the screen;
  • from the list of devices available for connection, select “Smart bracelet”, and then its brand. Honor Band 4;
  • when the “Pair” button appears, click on it for further synchronization and transmission of geolocation data;
  • in the end, confirm the operation by clicking on the “Done” button and at the same time allowing access on the bracelet itself.
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If the name of the clock is missing when establishing a connection, you must update the list.

When carrying out the initial configuration of the gadget, the user may see a message asking to allow the connection to Chinese servers. It is recommended to fulfill this requirement for normal operation of the device in the future.

How to connect to iPhone

After establishing a Bluetooth connection, you need to install the Huawei Health app and open it on your iPhone or iPad. From the list that appears on the screen, select the name of the connected gadget. If it is not there, restart the iPhone and go to the tracker name, and then click the “Connect” button.

To complete the pairing, you need to configure the Smart-bracelet, after which you will have access to the following functions:

How To Connect XIAOMI Mi Smart Band 4 With IOS | IpadOS iPhone | iPad

  • pedometer;
  • sleep control options;
  • different training modes.

Connecting Honor band 4 to the phone

Smart watches are an indispensable assistant for people who go in for sports and take care of their health. Anyone who purchased this smart gadget wonders what to do with the Honor Band 4, how to connect this device to the phone and start using it. Following the instructions, you can connect the fitness watch to your smartphone and display all the basic information on its screen.

Can I connect to other phones

Following the instructions, you can connect the Smart bracelet to any phone. But to work with such smartphones, you will also need to download and install the Huawei Wear utility. You can find it in the Google Play market.

After installing Huawei Wear, you need to open the program and follow the further instructions: confirm the user agreement, register and enter your own data, including weight and height. Then you need to connect wirelessly and find Honor Band 4 in the list that opens. To complete pairing, press the corresponding button on the bracelet.

Huawei Health App

This application is specially designed for athletes. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play. To immediately install the software on his device, the user can, after unpacking the smart watch, scan the QR code in the manual using a special application downloaded to the smartphone in advance. Finally, you must agree to the terms of use, read the privacy requirements and optionally open access to the device’s location data.

  • draw up a training schedule and track your results;
  • receive information about the quality of sleep;
  • share data with other users.

What to do if Honor Band 4 won’t connect to the phone

If the smartphone does not see the watch, then the following should be done:

  • reboot all gadgets;
  • update the main software used.

After that, you need to try pairing again. The gadget will connect after a while.

What features don’t work

Most often, problems arise with finding a phone. Instead of a beep, iPhone only gives you a vibration that may not be heard. Also, the smartphone must be running Mi Fit, which makes the “Find My Phone” function impractical and useless.

There is still no “smart” unlock and notifications about the disconnection. Sometimes it is not possible to configure the correct display of notifications. they do not arrive at all on the bracelet, or the custom filter is not supported.

We figured out how to sync Mi Band 5 (Smart) and iPhone. As you can see, the procedure is simple and fast. Which device do you use: iPhone or Android?

How to set up a bracelet on iPhone

The owner of the iPhone (for example, the 6th model) is faced with the task of synchronizing the devices and understanding how to connect Mi Band 4 to the iPhone. Upon completion of the installation of Mi Fit, the user is immediately prompted to determine the daily rate of steps. The application independently sets the value based on the entered data, but the user can make changes.

Setting up the bracelet on the iPhone is carried out by first disconnecting the previous models from Xiaomi:

  • Open profile settings in Mi Fit.
  • Select the bracelet and click “Disable”.

Next, we connect Bluetooth to connect the Gang and the iPhone:

  • In the Mi Fit application, open the “Status” section.
  • We select “The device is not connected” and in the list we mark “Bracelet”.
  • We approve the requested accesses.
  • Place the Band as close as possible to the iPhone and wait for the vibration of the tracker.
  • If vibrations occur, you must press the button on the bracelet located under the screen.

Confirmation of successful synchronization will be shown on the screen of Mi Band 4.

Installing Mi Fit

The QR code contains a link to the Mi Fit app. You need to download and install it on your phone.

  • Open “App Store”.
  • Write Mi Fit or Mi Band.
  • Open by clicking on the icon labeled Mi Fit.
  • Download.
  • Click “Open”.

After installing Mi Fit on the phone, you will need to open it and step by step follow the steps described below.

What is Mi Band?

Xiaomi Mi Band. a miniature device resembling a stylish electronic watch, enclosed in a soft, silicone case-strap.

The device can do the following things:

  • measure your heart rate;
  • count the number of steps taken and calories burned;
  • take into account the total distance that was covered on foot;
  • analyze the sleep process of its owner;
  • report missed calls, messages and other events on the phone through notifications;
  • unlock connected smartphone or tablet.

The bracelet is able to work from one charge up to 20 days at operating temperatures from 20 to 70 degrees.

The body of the device capsule is made of polycarbonate and has an IP 67 protection class, which allows it to be used not only in dry weather, but also in extreme conditions.

Fitness bracelet works with Apple phones and tablets running iOS 7 or higher.

The bracelet is available in several colors:

  • the black;
  • Orange;
  • green;
  • blue.

And if the standard color scheme does not suit, our old friends from the Middle Kingdom can provide straps in literally all colors and shades of the rainbow.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band. how to connect to iPhone?

IOS Apps

Most of the programs are focused on Android, but iPhone owners can also pick up some great tools. One of the best options is Mi Fit. This is the official app developed by Xiaomi. It has a minimum of lags. Using Mi Fit, you can:

  • view detailed statistics on heart rate, steps taken, sleep and calories;
  • configure the display of notifications and calls on the Band’s screen;
  • turn on the alarm;
  • set activity goals;
  • start heart rate monitoring.

Mi Band Master is also an excellent program with advanced functionality. It is paid: the cost is 229 rubles.

Of the free options, AmazTools should be highlighted. In addition to the standard options, this tool allows you to turn your fitness tracker into a remote control for your iPhone’s camera, player and flashlight.

Is it possible to sync the bracelet with iPhone

Trackers from the Mi Band line are paired with IOS. The minimum connection parameters are Bluetooth 4.2 and iOS 10.0 or higher. On such models as iPhone 4, 4S, 5C (S), 6, there will be significant problems during synchronization. It is recommended to update your phone software.

The iPhones SE, 7, 8, 10, 11 support the improved wireless specification, so the connection is stable and fast. However, some features may not work as they are for Android only.

Calorie counter

Don’t be under any illusion about the accuracy of your lost calorie data. The fact is that this indicator is calculated on the basis of several indicators: weight, height, age, number of steps, distance traveled, heart rate monitor data.

However, you can use this data to get approximate information on calorie consumption.