How to connect bluetooth to Samsung TV

Connecting Wireless Headphones to LG TVs

LG TVs operate on the webOS operating system. Therefore, the process of connecting headphones via Bluetooth will be significantly different. The synchronization process is quite complex. Especially if we draw parallels with TV from other manufacturers. There is very little information on this topic on the Internet.

To begin with, you can only connect an LG headset. This means that TVs from this South Korean brand only work with branded devices. Take your remote and then go to settings. Select “Sound” and then “LG Sound Sync (Wireless)”.

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Please note that even if the TV supports Bluetooth technology, then it is primarily aimed at connecting the Magic Remote, as well as other branded devices. It is possible that you will need a Bluetooth headphone adapter.

There is also an alternative connection scheme for the headset:

  • Open the Bluetooth settings menu.
  • Select “Bluetooth headset”.
  • Click “OK”.
  • Hold down the green button to start the search.
  • Select your headphones and click “OK”.
  • Enter the PIN code, it is indicated in the instructions.

This instruction is published on the official website of LG. According to this scheme, branded devices are connected.

Some users prefer to set up their connection through the TV Plus program. You can download this utility from branded markets. Google Play and Apple Store. These apps have been specially designed to control LG TVs. They operate under the webOS operating system. Setting up a connection through a proprietary application is possible on models with webOS 3.0 and higher firmware installed.

Everything is done in an elementary way. First, download the LG TV Plus app to your smartphone or tablet. We go into the program and set up synchronization with the TV. There is a special section in the application settings. “Bluetooth Agent”. Headphones are connected through this agent.

Instructions for connecting Bluetooth headphones to the TV

Not all modern TV models are equipped with high-quality speakers. Therefore, the clarity and naturalness of the sound can leave the best. Mostly this kind of problem is solved by connecting acoustics. However, this option is not suitable for all users. Now we will look at how to connect wireless headphones to your TV to enjoy high quality and clear sound. Synchronization of these devices will provide maximum immersion in the movie, game, and also ideal for listening to your favorite music.

Connecting wireless headphones to an Android TV

The Android operating system is mainly used by Philips and Sony TVs. These manufacturers did not make any restrictions on connecting Bluetooth devices. Therefore, the sync instruction will be identical. There is nothing complicated about it. The main thing is to set the appropriate parameters in the menu.

Connecting wireless headphones begins with the fact that the user enters the main Android TV menu, and then selects the “Wired and wireless networks” section at the bottom. Activate Bluetooth wireless technology, and then select Search for Bluetooth device. A notification will appear on the TV screen that it is necessary to activate this wireless technology on the device. Important! Headphones must be within 5 meters of TV.

Turn on the headphones, and then click on the “Search” button. Connection mode is automatically activated. This will be indicated by a flickering blue indicator. What if it doesn’t blink? Press and hold the power button or the key on which the corresponding icon is drawn.

A list of devices available for connection appears on the TV screen. Select the name of your headphones, and then click on the “Connect” button. The device is connected, but now you need to set its type. Select “Headphones”. A new notification will appear “Connected to Headphone Model Name”.

Now the sound from the TV is played through the headphones. Sound parameters are controlled through the TV settings. Go to the section “Removing a device”. Here you will find the necessary commands to turn off the wireless headset and operate the TV in standard mode.

Now you know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Sony, Philips TVs, as well as devices from other companies running on Android TV. Synchronization setup process takes no more than 2-3 minutes. Practice shows that users do not have any difficulties. It is enough to adhere to the instructions.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to Samsung TVs

Samsung Smart TVs are extremely popular. This is not surprising, because the products from the South Korean brand have proven themselves from the best side. Therefore, many users prefer this particular technique. However, not everyone succeeds in connecting headphones to a Samsung TV.

Most of the difficulties in the synchronization process arise from compatibility issues. Therefore, it is desirable that the headphones are also from Samsung. However, the latest TV models from the South Korean brand support connecting devices from other manufacturers. In theory, compatibility shouldn’t be an issue.

How to make sure that the sound is reproduced not through the built-in TV speakers, but through the headphones? Much depends on the model, TV line, and Smart TV firmware. Open your TV settings. Go to the “Sound” section, and then “Speaker Settings”. Turn on Bluetooth headphones. They should be located as close to the TV as possible. The blue light will start blinking to indicate that the device is entering pairing mode. Select the “Bluetooth Headphone List” tab.

What if “Bluetooth headphone list” is grayed out and cannot be selected? In this case, you should go to the service menu, and there activate this option.

The menu interface may vary according to your TV model. However, in general, the connection algorithm is the same. A list of devices available for connection will appear on the screen. Select the model of your headphones from the list provided. The sound will be broadcast through the headset.

To connect wireless headphones to a Samsung K series TV, you need to act a little differently. Go to TV settings, and then select the “Sound” section. In the menu that appears, select the “Select Speaker” tab, and then the “Audio Bluetooth” item.

What you need to connect

Wireless headphones for TV are connected via Bluetooth. Therefore, to set up synchronization, it is enough to set the appropriate parameters in the TV settings. No additional devices are required. It is much more difficult to pair headphones with a TV if it does not support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In this case, the list of required equipment will look like this:

  • TV;
  • Bluetooth transmitter;
  • wireless headphones.

The specifics of connecting television headphones directly depends on the device of which company you are using. For example, LG TVs have a dedicated sync app. The customization features are also determined by the Smart TV operating system. We will carefully analyze how headphones are connected to TVs from various companies so that users do not have absolutely any problems.

Connecting to other brands of TVs

Not every TV can connect headphones. Some devices do not support this wireless technology. However, the problem can be easily solved by purchasing a special transmitter. What are the criteria for choosing this device? The main parameter is the number of simultaneously connected devices.

Any transmitter is capable of connecting Bluetooth headphones to a TV. Simultaneously, two headsets can be connected to premium devices. Modern adapters are unable to connect more than two headphones.

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To listen to music via Bluetooth headphones, buy the Mpow Streambot adapter. The cost of this device is 30. For one headset, high-quality sound is guaranteed. The basic configuration of the device includes a rechargeable battery. The adapter allows connection of various devices. Even without preliminary setup, you can listen to the sound that is transmitted to the wireless speakers.

To connect two headphones at once, you will have to purchase a more expensive device. For example, Avantree Priva. This device costs about 60. Miccus Mini Jack would be a good solution. These transmitters allow you to connect your headset to your TV without any hassle. So that users absolutely do not have any difficulties, we have developed a step-by-step algorithm:

  • Connect the previously purchased transmitter to the network. The specifics of the connection will depend on whether it has a separate power supply.
  • Plug the transmitter into the TV’s RCA (cinch) jack. If your model is not equipped with this interface, then you must first purchase a special adapter.
  • Mostly the transmitters start automatically, immediately after they have been connected to the network. Some models need to be activated manually by pressing a special button. If the corresponding indicator is on, it means that the device is connected.
  • Synchronization between the transmitter and the headphones is automatically established. This is because both devices operate at the same frequency.

What if the sound is still coming through the TV speakers or the headphones cannot be seen? Reset the settings. After restarting, the adapter will automatically connect to the headset.

Absolutely all users are interested in the question of how the sound is regulated, as well as in what radius do you need to be from the TV? This aspect directly depends on the adapter model. Mainly, the power source should be within a radius of 10 meters. If you go beyond this limit, then the signal quality will noticeably decrease. It is possible that synchronization will be broken.

How to turn on Bluetooth on a Samsung TV?

Transferring content from your phone or other device is made possible by a variety of TV connectivity options. One of the most common ways is to transfer data via Bluetooth. In this case, it is worth considering this type of connection on Samsung TVs. How to enable Bluetooth on Samsung models, how to choose and connect an adapter and how to set up. that’s the topic of this article.

Determine connectivity

Connecting via Bluetooth allows you to do more than just view files from other devices. Many modern wireless headphones are equipped with Bluetooth functionality, which allows you to connect to a TV and play sound through speakers. Therefore, the presence of this interface in TVs is considered mandatory for modern users. In order to enable Bluetooth on your Samsung TV, you need to do the following.

  • First you need to go to the settings menu.
  • Then you need to select the “Sound” section and click “OK”.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on a paired device.
  • After that, you need to open “Speaker Settings” or “Headset Connection”.
  • Select the item “Search for devices”.

If there are no connected devices, you need to bring the headphones, phone or tablet closer to the TV receiver and press the “Refresh” button.

If in the window that opens there is no inscription “Search for devices”, then this means that the TV is not equipped with the module. In this case, a special adapter is required to connect and transfer data.

How to choose an adapter?

First, you need to figure out what a Bluetooth adapter is. This device is capable of receiving and translating the signal into read format for any gadget with Bluetooth. The signal is sent via radio frequencies, thereby pairing and transferring data. It is advisable to choose a device with two or three connectors for connecting several devices at once. The Dual Link function is responsible for connecting several gadgets at once.

The choice of a Bluetooth adapter for Samsung TVs is also based on the presence of a battery and a charging socket. Some devices operate on batteries or completely on mains power. Devices for signal transmission are distinguished by the reception of audio. this is a mini jack 3.5, RCA or fiber optic.

Standards support is taken into account when choosing a transmitter. Support parameters for AVRCP, A2DP and A2DP 1, SBC, APT-X, HFP differ in coverage area and audio bit rate. The presence of standards in adapters significantly increases the cost of the device. However, some users advise against buying too cheap models. An inexpensive gadget often delays the transmission of sound or completely interrupts the signal.

There are adapter models that are a separate attachment with a powerful battery. Such devices can work up to several days without charging.

Thanks to the 5.0 adapter standard, the device significantly increases the data transmission speed range. Several gadgets can be connected to such an adapter.

When buying a transmitter, consider the compatibility of the device with your TV, as well as the Bluetooth version. For 2019, the current version is 4.2 and higher. The higher the version, the better the sound quality. Stable connection contributes to less power consumption for both the adapter and connected gadgets. It should be noted that when purchasing an adapter of version 5.0 and Bluetooth version 4.0 of the connected device, incompatibility may occur.

There are transmitter models with the ability to switch tracks and control the volume. Such models are expensive. But for those who love fully stocked gadgets, this device will be to their liking. Some adapter models have several ways of working:

Connecting bluetooth headphones with Samsung Smart Tv without any adapters; secret menu; EXCLUSIVE!

How to connect?

Before turning on the module to the TV, you need to install it. Find the Audio input on the back of your TV. To this connector you need to connect the wire that goes from the transmitter. To power the device, a USB flash drive is inserted into the USB connector. You also need to turn on Bluetooth on the paired gadget (on your phone, tablet, PC).

Next, you need to press the device search key on the transmitter. Typically, these adapters are equipped with an indicator light. The search key must be held down for a few seconds. During the search process, the adapter light will blink. You need to wait a little while the devices find each other. After connecting, you can hear a beep in the TV speakers. After that, go to the menu, select the “Sound” section and activate the paired device in the item “Connection devices”,

If the adapter looks like a large battery pack, it must be charged via a separate cable before connecting. A charging cable is included. After charging, you need to choose the optimal connection method: RCA, mini jack or fiber optic. After the cable is connected to the transmitter, its other end is connected to the TV. After all these steps, you need to check the pairing of devices.


Setting up the transmitter is very simple. Usually, the Bluetooth adapter is connected to the TV via the “Audio” (RCA) input. Modern Samsung models have this connector. But if there is no such input, you need to purchase a special additional RCA to USB / HDMI adapter.

After connecting the adapter, the device to be paired automatically connects to the TV without any settings. It is also worth noting that the TV receiver is able to recognize the connected transmitter. This can be seen by first going to the settings menu. In the menu, select the “Connected devices” item. After that, the presence of connected devices will be displayed in a separate window. If the synchronization between the gadget and the TV has not been completed, the user must restart both devices.

When connecting a gadget to a TV via a Bluetooth adapter, you need to properly adjust the sound and volume.

When adjusting the volume, it is worth considering the distance at which the paired gadget is from the TV. At a great distance from the TV receiver, sound may be reproduced with interference or partial loss of signal. Because of this, it will be problematic for the user to adjust the desired volume level.

Connecting devices via Bluetooth is the best option for connecting to a TV. If the manufacturer does not provide this interface, then you can connect via Bluetooth using a special transmitter. These devices are very compact and easy to use.

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The recommendations in this article will help you connect the adapter to Samsung TVs. Please note that the above settings for checking and connecting Bluetooth refer specifically to Samsung models. The choice of adapter depends on personal preference and convenience. You can choose the cheapest model with minimal functionality. Expensive adapters have advanced options and more advanced “stuffing”.

See below for what a Bluetooth transmitter is.

Enabling Bluetooth on your LG TV

As you know, LG Smart TVs use their own operating system “WebOS”, which previously supported only branded sound devices from LG. Starting with the third version of webOS, you can connect devices from other manufacturers to your TV.

You can activate Bluetooth module on LG Smart TV as follows:

  • Press the “Menu” or “Setting s” button on your TV remote control;
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Sound” section;
  • Check the box next to the “LG Sound Sync / Bluetooth” option;

If full work with Bluetooth on your TV is blocked, we recommend using the capabilities of the engineering menu.

To call it, press and hold the OK buttons on the remote control, as well as on the TV panel for a few seconds, and the service menu will appear on the screen.

For some TV models, you may need to press the “Menu” buttons on the remote control and on the TV panel at the same time for a few seconds to access the service menu. On some TV models, both methods work and open different service menus.

If a password is requested in the service menu, enter 0000 (four zeros). If 0000 doesn’t work, try 7777 or 0413 or 8741 or 8743 or 8878.

Then you can make changes to the desired settings. Press the button on the remote control to save the changes.

How to turn on Bluetooth on a Samsung TV

To connect the desired Bluetooth audio device to your Samsung TV, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the settings menu of your Samsung TV;
  • In the menu, select the “Sound” section and click on “OK”;

This procedure is generally similar for most Samsung Smart TVs, differing only in details.

What you need to know about turning on Bluetooth on your Smart TV?

As you know, not all Samsung and LG TVs support Bluetooth. Therefore, it will not be possible to turn on Bluetooth on all TVs. Usually, this requires the presence of a Smart TV and a hardware module responsible for the operation of the specified technology.

You can find out if your TV supports Bluetooth connection by examining the specifications of your TV. To do this, type in the full model name of your TV into a search engine, and study the technical characteristics of the device. Specialized web resources like can also help.

If you have a Smart TV of the brands “Samsung”, “Sony”, “LG”, “Philips” with Bluetooth support, then it is likely that your device will not allow you to connect via Bluetooth from other manufacturers. For example, many Samsung models only allow you to connect soundbars from the same manufacturer. And do not interface with other brands of audio devices.

However, on many TVs, you can activate a special system menu that allows you to unlock the Bluetooth functions and connect the desired device to your TV. Below we give options for a set of buttons on the remote. allowing access to the specified menu.

Let’s figure out how to enable Bluetooth on your home TV from Samsung and LG.

How to enable Bluetooth on Samsung and LG TV

Modern TVs are not just TV sets. These are entertainment media centers that allow you to surf the Internet, play various games, connect various media devices. In the latter case, the operation is performed using a Bluetooth connection that pairs the TV with the desired device. Many users do not know how to activate this option. In this article, we will analyze how to enable Bluetooth on LG and Samsung Smart TVs. And also we will describe the steps that we need for this.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Samsung TV

How to activate the engineering menu on Samsung TV

As we wrote above, Bluetooth connectivity may be blocked for devices from other manufacturers. To resolve this issue, it will be necessary to activate the engineering menu in Samsung TV, and configure it to activate Bluetooth and support for third-party devices.

To activate the engineering menu on TV, do not turn off your TV. Leave it on, then quickly press the following buttons on the remote:

The OK / Select button is located in the center of the Left, Right, Up, Down buttons. After dialing this sequence, a secret menu will open that will allow you to turn on / off the desired Bluetooth mode (for example, “BT Audio ON”).

Why do I need a Bluetooth connection feature on a TV

The main reason is usability. Now, to connect a laptop, you do not need to pull kilometers of wires. Also, connecting Bluetooth headphones helps you watch movies on the big screen without disturbing anyone in the household. Such a function is a more reliable and durable way to comfortably operate a TV receiver than using wires that can break, disconnect or simply stop working.

How to turn on Bluetooth on your TV

  • Press the “setting” or “menu” key on the remote control.
  • A window will appear on the screen, in it click on the “sound” button (speaker image).
  • In the next section, click on the “audio output” icon.
  • We see the section “external acoustics” and go to it.
  • Click “ok”, after which the search for available headsets begins. Select the required gadget from the list.
  • If you require a pin code, then you should look for it in the documents of the connected equipment.

IMPORTANT! Remember to turn on Bluetooth on the headset you want to connect!

How to connect laptop to TV using Bluetooth

  • Turn on TV and laptop.
  • In the bluetooth settings of both devices, enable discoverable mode.
  • Search for a nearby Bluetooth device via your computer.
  • Select your TV from the list of detected devices.
  • If necessary, you need to allow the computer connection on the TV (a window will appear).
  • Go to the Bluetooth menu, click “ok”.
  • Switch to “on”, the technique will start the connection.
  • Install PIN-CODE. We find our device in the list of detected ones and connect it.
  • Enter the same pin code on the computer.

ATTENTION! Turn on bluetooth on your devices in advance so that the TV can immediately see them and connect.

How to turn on Bluetooth on your TV

We are all familiar with the Bluetooth function on the phone and we know what it is for. Not so long ago, she appeared on televisions. In this article we will analyze why it is needed, and how to connect various devices to the TV.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones

When connecting the headphones, a lot of nuances were revealed, so we will write about each manufacturer separately.

ATTENTION! If you have an LG or Samsung technique, then there may be problems when connecting bluetooth headphones. Problems may also arise when connecting a non-original headset.

  • Open the menu, then select “Wired and Wireless Networks”.
  • Next, turn on “Bluetooth“, mark “device search”.
  • TV will notify you to turn on the device.
  • Then we set up the headphones. We press the button “search”.
  • Make sure the headset is in pairing mode, i.e. blue is blinking. If the indicator is dark, then hold down the bluetooth / power button.
  • If the TV saw your device, choose a suitable name on the screen and click “connect”.
  • When the “Device Type” window is displayed, check “Headphones”.
  • Open the “Bluetooth menu”.
  • We mark “bluetooth headset”. Click “ok”.
  • Then press the green search key.
  • We are looking for the desired device, then click “ok”.
  • If necessary, enter the pin-code that is indicated in the documents from the headset.

IMPORTANT! Only ORIGINAL headsets can be connected to TVs of this brand!

Alternatively, you can use the LG TV PLUS phone app and try to connect headphones using it. The only thing that this app is only for LG on webOS:

  • Download the application to your phone and open.
  • Then we set up the connection to the device.
  • We are looking for application settings and click “Bluetooth Agent”.
  • We use it to connect headphones.
  • Open TV settings. Find the section “sound”.
  • Click on “Speaker Settings”.
  • We select the necessary headphones, first placing them nearby. We put in connection mode.
  • Selecting “List of Bluetooth headphones”.
  • As soon as TV finds the headset, you need to mark your device.
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The above recommendations should help in solving bluetooth connection problems. If not, we advise you to contact the service center.

Connecting to TV from other manufacturers with Android OS

If we have already started writing about how to connect bluetooth headphones to TV, it is worth touching on TVs from other companies running on Android. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  • In the main menu “Android TV” look for the section “Wired and Wireless Networks”.
  • We activate the module and turn on the search for devices. In this case, the headset must be in connection mode.
  • The TV will find the headphones and we need to click “Connect”.
  • Then we determine the type of device and use.

These are indicative instructions. There may be differences on different TV models, but the connection principle will be identical.

Types of wireless headphones

The principle of operation of wireless headphones, as well as the methods of their connection, depend on the type of equipment.

What headphones to choose for a TV. the following about this

A compact and convenient headphone option that allows you to enjoy content sound without wires. The connection method and connection settings depend on the TV model (the headset used is selected in the Wi-Fi settings of the TV menu). If you use additional routers (working as an amplifier), then the signal coverage area will expand up to 100 m.

Connecting to a Samsung TV

For clarity, we suggest watching the connection process in video format:

Samsung TVs have a number of problematic points when activating the connection, since not all TV models are capable of pairing Bluetooth headphones (from any manufacturer) with Samsung. We will determine step by step how to connect headphones to Samsung TV.

The proposed connection diagram is the same for all models of this company (regardless of the series and software):

  • Go to TV settings.
  • Go to the “Sound” section and then. “Speaker settings”.
  • Activating the Bluetooth headset.
  • Leave the headphones next to the TV (they must be turned on).
  • We select the option “List of Bluetooth headphones” (if there is no such option in the settings, or it is not active, you should go to the service parameters of the TV).
  • After the TV detects the headphones, activate them and establish a connection.

The connection activation scheme in TVs of the “K” series is somewhat different from the previous one:

  • In the menu, select the “Sound” section.
  • Next, go to the options: “Select speaker” and “Audio Bluetooth”.

Connecting to an LG TV

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to LG TV? It is somewhat more difficult to figure it out here than in the case of Samsung, since connection is possible only when using original devices.

The connection diagram itself is simple and looks like this:

  • In the TV menu, go to the “Sound” section.
  • Next, go to the option “LG Sound Sync (wireless)”.

To set up a wireless connection, it is also recommended to use the LG TV Plus mobile application (Android and iOS). The application allows you to control LG TVs running on the webOS platform.

To create a connection, download LG TV Plus to your smartphone and establish a connection with the TV. Next, in the “Bluetooth Agent” section (in the application), connect the headphones to the TV.


The operation of headphones with an optical jack is considered to be the highest quality type of connection. For connection, a coaxial S / PDIF connector is used (on the TV panel).

This type of device pairing is recommended for transferring audio signal to home theaters.

We will tell you exactly about Bluetooth headphones and their connection on different TV models.


Bluetooth headphones with built-in speakers are versatile and connect to most modern devices. Unlike headphones paired using Wi-Fi technology, the signal coverage area does not exceed 10 m (in a straight line).

Connection activation is carried out in two ways:

  • Through the built-in TV adapter. Here you will need to turn on the headset in advance and select the Bluetooth option (in wireless connections) in the TV settings. After detecting the device, we synchronize it with the TV and confirm with the code 0000 (or 1234).
  • Via an external transmitter. This method involves the use of a special transmitter to synchronize and transmit the signal to the device. The transmitter connects to the TV via USB (or HDMI). Powered by an additional power supply.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Samsung and LG TV

Wireless headphones are the optimal output when watching movies and listening to songs in an environment of external silence. The ability to connect headphones to TV depends on the model range of devices, software version, individual instructions and a number of other factors.

Before plugging in headphones, it is recommended that you make sure your TV has built-in Bluetooth. If it is absent, you will have to use a separate Bluetooth adapter and connect headphones to it.

In our article, we will show and tell you how to connect wireless headphones to Samsung and LG TVs, depending on the individual characteristics and types of connected devices.

If your TV does not have a built-in Bluetooth module?

If the TV is not equipped with bluetooth or there are difficulties with connection, the only solution to the problem in such a situation is to use transmitters / receivers. They are recommended to be used not only when pairing headphones with TVs, but also with other types of devices.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a TV and listen to it wirelessly, even when using old models of devices, let’s take a look at the example of using transmitters / receivers. Here it is enough to connect the wire from the transmitter to the headphone output (on TV) and connect the Bluetooth headset to the transmitter.

The device usually has its own battery, designed for 10 hours of continuous operation. If the TV has a USB port, it is recommended to connect the power adapter of the transmitter to it.

Charge the equipment before using it.

  • Choose the best type of wire for connection (3.5mm audio cable or “tulip”). If there are outputs only for “tulips”, an additional adapter is required (from “tulip” to 3.5 mm).
  • Connect receiver to TV.
  • Set headphone pairing mode.
  • Set the receiver to search for new equipment.

If this algorithm is followed, communication between the devices will be established within a few seconds. The signal reception radius with this method of connection does not exceed 10 m (from the transmitter).

Updated June 10, 2020.

Friends, one of our readers Talgat sent instructions for new generation LG TVs that do not have Bluetooth modules. It is suggested to use your phone connected via Wi-Fi as a Bluetooth transmitter. The method is interesting, but it will go without fish. Here is his manual:

Read an article on your website about connecting bluetooth headphones to a TV that doesn’t have a bluetooth transmitter.

LG models can be connected via smartphone. The idea is not mine, but I propose to add it as one of the options.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to LG TV without Bluetooth Transmitter.

  • Press the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control. (editor’s note. In fact, you can skip the first two steps and just download the “LG TV Plus” application from the Play Market)
  • Scan the appeared code with your smartphone, download and install the application “LG TV Plus”.
  • Run the application. Select your TV model from the list that appears.
  • Enter the PIN code in the smartphone, which will be displayed on the TV screen.
  • After activating the application, the remote control interface will appear on the smartphone, and the icon with your account from the smartphone will appear on the TV.
  • Go to the application menu on your smartphone, select “Bluetooth Agent”.
  • Turn your wireless headphones into search mode.
  • On your smartphone, click on the “Select device” button, select your headphones and connect them. Done!
  • To disconnect the headphones, select “Connect to TV Speaker”.