How to connect HDMI to macbook air

How to Cast Mac Screen to Smart TV?

Duplicate or extend your Mac display

  • Connect your Mac to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV.
  • On a Mac, click the icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Select an Apple TV or an AirPlay 2 compatible Smart TV.

How to turn on AirPlay monitor on MacBook?

  • Make sure the external monitor is turned on and connected to your Mac.
  • Choose Apple menu  System Preferences, click Displays, then click the Layout tab.
  • Check the box next to Enable Monitor Mirroring.

How to connect Sony Playstation 4 to MacBook?

On the PlayStation 4, select [Settings] [Remote Play Connection Settings] [Add Device].…

  • Click on the link to download the installation file [PlayStation 4 Remote Play].
  • Run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Connect controller to PC or Mac.

How to connect your MacBook Air to a TV over Wi-Fi?

How to display an image from a MacBook on a TV via Wi-Fi?

  • connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • on a laptop, open system settings and go to the Displays tab;
  • in the AirPlay Display row, select Apple TV;
  • then click on the “apply” button.

How to connect a MacBook to a TV?

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Today, many owners of MacBooks and modern TV models combine these devices with each other. However, not everyone knows how to do this. Today in our material we will talk about how and why to make this connection correctly.

Wireless connection

First of all, it should be noted that the connection between a TV and a laptop (MacBook Air or MacBook Pro) is most often done via Wi-Fi wireless technology. There are several ways to connect your MacBook to your TV over Wi-Fi. Today in our article we will look at the main ones.

So, this procedure can be carried out through a specially designed official application. AirPlay. However, it’s worth noting right away that this feature is only available to those users who own a dedicated Apple TV set-top box. In order to use this feature, you must first make sure that your MacBook is equipped with a video replay function. This can be done in several simple ways:

  • check if both devices (both TV and laptop) are connected to the same network;
  • click on the AirPlay icon (it should be in the corresponding menu bar) and select the appropriate device. your TV.

Thus, the process of connecting 2 devices in this way will require a minimum amount of time and effort.

The second option for wireless connection of MacBook to TV is suitable for owners of Smart TV.

So, first you need to download a special program designed to display the screen. This can be done through a special service on the Mac App Store. The author and developer of this program is AirBeamTV BV. It should be borne in mind that you must download the exact version of the application that will match your TV model. AirBeamTV BV employees create different programming options that are specifically designed for TVs from companies such as Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony and Panasonic.

The program for displaying the screen is paid, its

After that, you must make sure that your device supports the Apple TV function. This can be done in a special section of Smart TV. If this function is not available, then you need to contact the manufacturer directly. Once everything is set up, prepare your personal Apple ID. You will need it to use Apple TV. Only after completing all these preparatory steps can you start setting up the program.

Connection reasons

If we talk about the specific reasons for connecting a MacBook to a TV, then there are several main points.

  • Firstly, this procedure is performed in order to be able to carry out their work through a large screen when using a laptop. Thus, your TV acts as a computer screen, although you still perform all the functions directly on the MacBook.
  • Second, with a connection, you can perform multiple tasks at the same time, such as watching a movie and performing work functions. Thus, the TV becomes an additional screen and increases user comfort.
  • Thirdly, on the TV screen, you can view photos or videos in higher resolution. This can be done with the whole family (for example, viewing photos from a vacation). However, please note that for this your computer must have the appropriate functionality.

So the decision to connect your MacBook to your TV can be of great practical benefit. The main thing is to correctly carry out the procedure itself.

How to connect via cable?

Connecting your MacBook to a TV using a cable is the easiest way to connect these 2 devices. So, today almost every modern TV model is equipped with a special HDMI connector.

It should be borne in mind that, depending on the specific TV model, this procedure can take place in different ways. So, devices that were released before 2015 have a special DisplayPort connector, for which you will have to purchase a special cable. 2016 and above TVs have a Thunderbolt (or USB-C) port, which also requires a dedicated wire. You can also connect using a 1.4b HDMI cable.

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That being said, connecting your MacBook to your TV via cable has several key benefits. Firstly, it is much cheaper, since you will need very few resources. Secondly, there will be no slowdowns of any kind, since the quality of the connection does not in any way depend on whether the network is currently active or not.

Possible problems

There are a number of problems that can arise when connecting your MacBook to a TV. You need to familiarize yourself with them in advance, as well as analyze how to correctly eliminate them. Let’s consider several possible difficulties.

So, if during the connection process the laptop lid is closed, and it itself functions in sleep mode, then you will not be able to use additional accessories (namely, a mouse or keyboard) that work thanks to the Bluetooth function. The thing is that this parameter is disabled by default in the operating system. If you want to change this, then you need to go to the MacBook settings.

If the video adapter of the device connected to the laptop has a high resolution, but low performance, then this will affect the correct operation of the device.

So, you will not be able to play games with maximum settings. Use may be limited in some other areas as well.

Another common problem is the incorrect display of the image from the MacBook on the TV screen. It can often happen that a picture is displayed, but it does not completely fill the entire display. In order to eliminate this, you need to select the “Overscan” option in the MacBook settings. This way you can quickly and easily fix the problem, and you will be able to display the image perfectly.

Thus, the process of connecting a MacBook to a TV is a fairly simple task that everyone can handle (even those who do not have the necessary amount of technical data). At the same time, you should carefully and scrupulously follow the instructions, and also avoid malfunctions.

How to connect a TV to MacBookPro, see below.


The method most readily available to most users is to use an HDMI connection. It is implemented through a special cable that differs for different MacBook models. For example, in the case of the latest MacBook models, where some connectors have been removed for the sake of portability, an additional USB-C adapter, official or third-party, may be required.

Older models will need a Mini DisplayPort adapter.

After receiving the adapter, proceed with the following instructions.

  • Connect the cable and adapter to the corresponding connectors on the laptop and TV.
  • Use your TV remote control to select the image source, in our case HDMI.

The procedure is different for different TV models. usually the instructions for the device show the procedure for selecting source. Go to MacBook. First, open System Preferences from the Apple menu.

Go to the “Extension” tab. It has three options for displaying an image:

    Video Replay. what is happening on the MacBook display is simply duplicated on the TV screen. To enable this option, check the corresponding item.

“Expansion”. the TV is simply used as a second monitor: for example, you can open a web browser on the built-in MacBook screen, and a video player or image viewer on the TV. This option is activated automatically if you uncheck the box “Enable video replay”;

“Output to the first or second monitor”. the name of the function speaks for itself: in this case, the image is either on the built-in monitor or on a connected TV, at the user’s choice. To launch this feature, in the main window of the “Monitor” tool, drag the white bar to the very top.

Go to the “Output” tab in the snap-in and select your TV in it.

Done. now you can use your chosen laptop solution.

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Why these crutches, which will inevitably lead to delays? For a couple of years I don’t know the troubles with the minidisplayport adapter and HDMI cable (10m for 300r with AliExpress)

@ This is if the computer is in the same room with the TV, and you are lucky with a normal 10-meter cable. Often there is interference at this length.

@ Artyom Surovtsev. why why connect a laptop to TV from another room?

@VsG. I use it not to carry around the house.

@Vladim. why would a laptop connect to a TV from another room?. did you imagine that? laptop. in one room, TV. in another, and why connect them?

@MAXiDROME. sii? Mac in one room, TV in another, meaning to connect them?

@ Artyom Surovtsev. at the factory in the workshop, the projector was connected with a 15-meter HDMI cable. There was no interference)))

@Iuri. iPad, iPhone as keyboard, touchpad, remote control to Sony TVs over the network, there are no other TVs to check, the application is free, the chrome browser with a plug-in over the network displays the image on the TV, there are many solutions.

“Applications are under development”, “possible delays” in short, in our opinion. glitches. Why fence a garden when Apple TV and the Home Sharing function have long been invented if you need to watch a movie. And the output of the image from the computer via AirPlay. Including Video Replay. The meaning of all the manipulations, the 3rd generation Apple TV on Avito 3000 costs

@Anton Romanoff. for 3 years now, with the help of this set-top box, I made a very educated bitch Apple-Samsung out of my stupid TV, and I’m not worried

@ alexcopsssr1978. yes, all normal people have done this a long time ago and only some restless cripples from Airbeam-there they are all trying to reinvent the bicycle)))))

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Nuuu, I tried it, buggy software, cursor delay somewhere 3.5 seconds, it’s unrealistic to use.

I am using PS3 MEDIA SERVER. In the settings, you share what folder or disk you want and watch the contents on the TV and you don’t need any cables or set-top boxes. It works perfectly, although if you watch a movie in ooooooooo good quality, there may be delays, but this is if, for example, a movie weighs more than 15 gigs.

@Rostislav Kovalevskiy. but I liked Servio more, the brakes were gone when I bought a router with WI-FI 5G

@Rostislav Kovalevskiy. yeah, dlna server

@MAXiDROME. need to try. What’s the difference?

@Rostislav Kovalevskiy. I use plex, I like the menu and loading information about the movie (screensaver, year). everything is beautiful, there is no such thing on PS3 media before. I’ll try servio too, but I advise plex myself 🙂 plus support and applications for Android, iOS

@MAXiDROME plus serviio has plugins for online sites

@Rostislav Kovalevskiy. I tried several servers, stopped at ArkMS Works for days, distributes 30G films to different TVs simultaneously without delays. I just switched from WI-FI to twisted pair, otherwise the router did not pull. I tried Serviio. it loads Mac mini with something incomprehensible, even when it’s just streaming. Plex. too expensive.

The Macbook Air picture lags and slows down. I read that everyone has this problem. How to solve and did not figure it out.

If you stream from the iPhone, then everything is ok with the picture. But wild glitches when launching vidos in the browser. Rewinding works crookedly and not always correctly. Sometimes vidos freezes or streaming falls off, you have to reload the page in the browser.

In short, appleTV streams 3 out of 5 for me. Expected better.

As far as this app is concerned, sounds tempting. But who knows how it works there, if it is written that the application is under development.

And the price tag scares away. I would give 700r for this if I knew that everything works for sure. But the problem is I have an LG in my bedroom. There is an old Philips in the living room. And I recently bought a Sumsung for the kitchen. Well, what can be done here?) I don’t want to pay 2.5k.

Everything is even easier for me. NAS he distributes content via DLNA, uploaded. I chose what I want on the telly and go ahead)

Plex, nas this is good. But Apple TV with a different dns is even better. Just turned it on (no need to download, search) and watch any movie. Very comfortably!

@ 1gun. and about the “other dns” you can read more ?

@awoland. make a request in Yandex Apple TV dns, a bunch of instructions and options for video streaming services will fly out. The essence is simple, in the Apple TV settings we prescribe the DNS service that you want to use. It can be either paid or free. After simple settings, you can watch movies and TV shows in good quality right in the Apple TV menu. Personally, I’ve been using SOAP4 for many years now. For 4pd, everything is also detailed.

@ 1gun. said “A”, say “B” otherwise as a cheap show-off? what other “dns”?

@ 1gun. yes, I use dns (I chopped up, and the rest of the content is my own: I download mostly blue images, and I rummage through them through plex

Apple TV is a shit of a rare suit. The image is not transmitted by the TV with a delay! 4 years can’t fix fagots.

@ Maxim Ivanovich. Why repair something that is not broken? Videos are ideally streamed via AirPlay from browser / iTunes / other_player. Using a TV set as a second monitor via atv is just a pointless undertaking. Mirroring is an auxiliary function: which presentation to show, pictures, etc. Use devices within the declared functions, take care of your nerves, and be healthy

SofaPlay is the most simple and minimalistic program that catches a smarttv TV set connected to the same network with a mac, then just drag the files on the mac into the program window with the mouse, it outputs video and sound to the TV

@ 7iktor. Oh yeah. This is perhaps the most-very program. Nothing slows down, does not stutter, does not lose the quality of the picture and sound. Even on large files. I was surprised by this program.

I will describe here my perverted way There is a stationary always connected via HDMI to a Mac mini TV. Continue further? Mac mini is controlled with a Magic Trackpad (Magic mouse needs a surface, and the trackpad can be held in the palm of one hand and poked with a finger of the other hand over the canopy) and a wireless keyboard. Plus, the Mac mini comes with Rowmote Pro, which lets your iPhone and iPad act as a trackpad and keyboard. The same Mac mini, being turned on around the clock, downloads and distributes torrents. And from it you can watch downloaded films. And the question of supporting video formats is to choose a software player. For example, VLC, in addition to the regular iTunes and QuickTime, allows you to play even Blu-Ray images. Well, the last thing, in fact, is the mirroring of the picture from any device: there is AirServer, which takes over the AirPlay Mirror functions. That is, MacBook, iPhone and iPad see Mac mini as Apple TV. And they can transmit a picture to it (and, therefore, to the TV). This feature is no different from Apple TV. I also have an Apple TV in the kitchen. And she, through the extended Home Collection, plays movies from the same Mac mini. Recently I installed Mac OS Server on this Mac mini, set up a VPN (with a little tweaking of AirPort Extreme), and now I can connect to my computer from anywhere in the world.

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I bought synology. I don’t know the troubles. If you want, you want a Servio, there is a native ldna. Then in 2 days I wrote a plugin on it that parses popular sites and produces only playlists with videos without ads. Satisfied like an elephant. The only problem is when third-party services either change the layout or the encryption keys. have to be redone consistently once every six months, at least one but will differ.

1 to synology !! One-stop solution for all devices at home. Once spent on a normal apparatus and screws and that’s it. On SSD computers, everything is stored on synology. Access from the Internet, you can always get from home what is urgently needed. The TV hawala everything that is on it in any format. 2 EvGeniyLell share the plugin, or set the right path.

I also use Synology NAS, it streams perfectly to my Samsung TV via dlna / upnp protocol. For streaming from Mac mini I use ArkMS, also a dlna server, it works for days. I manage all this household with ArkMC on iPhone / iPad Pro. On iPad Pro, you can also watch movies directly from servers without copying in cool quality with Dolby sound. Like a cherry on a cake in ArkMC, you can browse channels from YouTube to TV, it’s very convenient, the son of the Barboskins looks like this, you don’t need to bother with searching on TV through the remote control.

Synchronizing laptop and TV will allow you to view content on the big screen. It will not be difficult to connect a regular laptop running on Windows OS to the TV. However, we are talking about a device from Apple. Therefore, the synchronization process will be significantly different. Few of the users know how to connect a MacBook to a TV.

Now let’s analyze the specifics of connecting Apple laptops to TV. The suggested options are suitable for MacBook Air and other devices. Follow the instructions carefully to get your picture on the big screen. Many users face certain problems. we will analyze them, and also offer effective solutions.

How to link TV and MacBook

Technically, Apple laptops are almost indistinguishable from regular laptops, so the available methods for connecting to a TV for this device can be divided into two large groups: wired and wireless. Wired methods are limited to HDMI connection, while wireless connection is possible only with AppleTV set-top box using AirPlay technology. Let’s consider these methods in order.

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Solving Potential Problems

Often, when connecting a MacBook to a TV, two very annoying problems arise. Let’s consider them and suggest solutions.

Black bars on TV after plugging in Black bars are an obvious sign of scaling problems. Eliminating them is easy enough.

    Open “System Preferences” and go to the “Accessibility” snap-in.

In the menu on the left, click on the “Increase” option. Check the options “Use keyboard shortcuts to enlarge” and “Smoothing images”.

Now the image scale can be adjusted with the specified key combinations.

The MacBook goes into sleep mode and the TV turns off the reception of the image. One of the most annoying problems. You can solve it as follows:

    Launch the Terminal application. it is located in the Utilities folder.

Enter the command pmset noidle in it and press Return.

Done. now go to sleep mode is completely disabled and will no longer bother.

Extended desktop

Not enough space on your laptop to accommodate all the tabs you need? The problem can be solved very easily by expanding it by connecting an external monitor. When the desktop mode is activated, you can work on two monitors at the same time. In this case, the main screen is set in the settings, on which the menu bar will be located.

Now the additional monitor will become a continuation of the main one and you can simply drag objects between them with the mouse. In any of the options for selecting the main monitor, you can use the trackpad or laptop keyboard to enter information.

How to connect 2 monitors to Macbook Air

If one additional monitor is not enough for you and you need to connect two to your MacBook, then problems will not arise only with new models that have Thunderbolt and an HDMI port. Some MacBooks Air have 2 Thunderbolt at once, so theoretically you can connect not 2, but 3 additional monitors to it at once, although the performance will drop dramatically, which will be very noticeable when you start different videos on each. For old models, you will have to come up with “collective farm” solutions, and if you manage to connect two monitors, then in the video replay mode, and not the desktop extension.

Why connect a monitor to a MacBook

Convenience of work and mobility are great, but there are many situations when it is necessary to display information on a classic monitor or several.

  • for a more comfortable viewing of movies and cartoons;
  • when conducting presentations and conferences;
  • for the simultaneous solution of several tasks. For example, tracking information in several tables at once.

Now that it is clear why you need to connect a monitor to a MacBook, it remains to figure out how to do it correctly.

Using video replay

In replay mode, all displays show the same windows and programs.

Modes of operation

It’s not enough just to connect the monitor to your MacBook Air, you also need to choose the right operating mode for it.

  • video replay of monitors;
  • extended desktop;
  • closed lid mode (system unit).