How to connect Huawei headphones to iPhone

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Doesn’t connect

The device may appear in the list of connections, but not connect. An error may appear on the display or the connection may take too long. more than 1-2 minutes. Then it is necessary:

  • Remove all devices from the “My devices” list that are no longer in use. click on the exclamation mark on the right and tap on “Forget this device”
  • Restart wireless headphones and turn off / turn on Bluetooth on smartphone.

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One Airpod is quieter than the other

Reference! If the sound quality remains poor, you hear clicks, whistles, creaks, we recommend that you take the headset to a service center for repair.

Possible difficulties

Even though the wireless device is comfortable to use, connection problems may occur. It is important to note that there are almost no difficulties with the original Airpods headset, but it will be useful to know the solution to standard problems.

Only one earphone works

If the user encounters this problem, you need to try to fix it in different ways.

  • First option. Put the earplug in the case and wait at least 10-15 seconds. Reconnect to smartphone.
  • Second option. You need to turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone and start it again. If the action does not help, you can restart the headset.
  • The third option. It happens that one of the headphones does not see the phone. You need to select “Forget device” in the settings, and then connect both as a new pair.
  • Fourth way. In the main menu of the iPhone, in the equalizer, set the slider to the center position. It happens that the indicator moves to the extreme left or right position.

Simple ways

There are two ways to pair any wireless headset with an iPhone:

  • Bluetooth settings,
  • Automatically.

The process of connecting Airpods does not take much time and comes down to simple instructions:

  • First, the user must turn on Bluetooth. To do this, you need to slide your finger across the screen from bottom to top (in the locked state),
  • Click on the pictogram of the same name,
  • Turn on the device,
  • Airpods will be automatically connected to the smartphone.

If the wireless headphones are not from Apple, then the device should be connected via the settings:

  • You need to get the “plugs” out of the case and, if necessary, turn on.
  • Wait for them to connect to each other.
  • Then on the phone go to “Settings” and select “Bluetooth”.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Start searching for other devices.
  • Find the name of the gadget in the list of available devices, and start the connection.

After the headset is connected, the user can exit the settings and play music. If the device was connected correctly, the corresponding icon will be in the upper right corner of the screen. Some models transmit information about battery charging.

Headset runs out of battery quickly

Li-ion battery has a limited shelf life, usually 300-400 charge-discharge cycles or 3-4 years of active use. Over time, the autonomy of Airpods is greatly reduced. For old technology, there is only one way out, contacting the service to replace the built-in battery.

If the user has Airpods, then you can try to increase the battery life. Those. enable the auto-detect ear function. With the help of an infrared sensor, the headphones will understand when the user takes them out of their ears, they will automatically turn off. This will help conserve battery power. To activate the function, you need:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select “Bluetooth”.
  • Then “Airpods”.
  • Turn on the toggle switch “Auto-detect ear”.

If the headset is not native, then it can be returned under warranty or taken to a service center to replace the battery.

Before connecting accessories, with the section “Questions and Answers”.

NFC. it is a wireless technology that helps to exchange data between different devices.

The algorithm for connecting headphones with an NFC chip to an iPhone is quite simple and includes several steps. This feature is present on all iPhone models older than 5.

  • If the option is not activated, you need to go to the settings and, opposite NFC, move the slider to the right.
  • Then you need to touch the back of the phone to the NFC icon on the wireless headset.
  • Allow the connection. There will be a connection between the devices.

This function works on gadgets with iOs above 13.1. As for the headset, not only Airpods are supported, but also some models.

The first option for simultaneous connection using the “Share audio” option.

Instructions on how to output sound to the second set in a case:

  • Connect one Airpods to iPhone. The second should be in the case.
  • When listening to music on Airpods, you need to bring the phone to an open case with another set.
  • A menu will open where you need to select “Temporarily share audio”. Confirm action.

Connecting second headphones without case:

  • Connect some “plugs” to the iPhone and put them on.
  • Open AirPlay from the lock screen and share audio.
  • Bring your phone to another device and click “Share Audio”.
  • Confirm connection on the second gadget.

The second way to bind with manual configuration.

  • Connect one headset to iOs.
  • Launch settings and then go to Bluetooth.
  • Open the case with the second set and hold the connect button until the indicator starts flashing.
  • Wait for the headset to appear in the “Other devices” section.

Bluetooth has a maximum transmission range of about twenty meters. But do not exclude the influence of interference from other objects, which can reduce the range of Bluetooth operation.

If the headphones are working properly, but there is a problem with the volume control. In Airpods, all default settings, including changing the volume, were transferred to the voice assistant Siri. To control the sound level, just tell Siri to turn down or turn up the volume.

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You can just say, “Siri, volume at maximum.” You can also adjust the sound as a percentage. You need to name a specific number and the command will be executed. It is important to remember that the system will pause the music before turning up the volume.

Reference! Sound control available through Apple Watch.

Cheap Chinese knockoffs refuse to work

The phone can see the headset, but recognize them as two different devices. Sound quality issues very often occur, or the iPhone does not pair with the Chinese counterfeit at all.

  • First, you need to connect the headphones to each other (each model has its own instructions. read the manual), and only after that to the smartphone.
  • Reboot both devices.
  • Reset Bluetooth settings.

How to connect wireless headphones to iPhone?

Using iPhone to set up Airpods

  • Go to the Home screen.
  • Open the case that contains the Airpods and place it next to the iPhone.
  • The iPhone displays a setup animation.
  • Click “Connect”.

How to Connect Sony Wireless Headphones to iPhone?

Pairing a third-party Bluetooth accessory with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • On your device, go to the Bluetooth Settings menu and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Put the accessory in discoverable mode and wait for it to appear on the device’s screen.

How to sync wireless headphones?

  • Hold the button on the headphones and hold until blinking
  • When one of the headphones stops blinking, turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone and search for headphones through the device search, the name should be the same as the model
  • Select headphones in the search for Bluetooth devices of your smartphone
  • Confirm sync
  • Done

How to connect Sony wireless headphones to your phone?

Activate pairing mode on the Bluetooth headphones. Press and hold the power button or ID SET button. When the indicator starts flashing quickly, release the button. Bluetooth headphones enter pairing mode.

Why iPhone doesn’t see wireless headphones?

Make sure the Bluetooth accessory and the iOS or iPadOS device are close to each other. Turn off and then turn on the Bluetooth accessory. Make sure the Bluetooth accessory is turned on and fully charged or connected to a power source. If the accessory uses batteries, check to see if they need to be replaced.


How to connect the earphone to the phone?

  • Turn on the headphones and Bluetooth module on your smartphone.
  • Go to the phone menu, find the Bluetooth tab, enter it.
  • You will see a list of devices that are within range of the signal.
  • Click on the device name. the smartphone will try to establish a connection with it.

How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to your phone?

  • Make sure the audio cable is not connected to the headphones.
  • Turn on the power of the headphones. The Bluetooth LED on the left earbud will start flashing.
  • Connect to headphones from your phone or player.
  • The Bluetooth LED will blink four times to confirm the connection is established.

Huawei smartphone does not find headphones

Restart your gadgets first, and then repeat the connection procedure. Usually the reason lies in a system crash in Android.

If your phone does not see the headset, then a mistake has been made. Check the distance between the devices, it should not exceed 10 meters. Remember that obstructions and thick walls will reduce the distance.

One of the reasons for the impossibility of pairing may be the disabled Bluetooth module on the smartphone. It is recommended to check the option in the notification panel and, if necessary, make the settings.

If your device does not want to pair with your phone, you should check the charge level. Do not try to connect discharged headphones to your smartphone. As a rule, the described problems are the main ones at the time of pairing devices. They are eliminated quickly and easily.

Flypods lite

FlyPods Lite activation is carried out in the same way as in the description of FreeBuds Lite. That is, without removing the gadget from the case, press the power button and wait for the indicator to turn white.

Connection rules without errors

Wireless headphones are not always capable of high-quality wireless communication. If you properly calibrate the headset, even the most budget model can get good voice and sound transmission. For stable operation, you will need to perform a number of simple steps.

one Fully charge your wireless headphones, turn them on
2 Adjust headphone audio and microphone volume
3 Connect headphones and phone via Bluetooth
four Evaluate the audibility of music and telephone conversations in headphones
five If necessary, re-adjust the volume of the gadget
6 Save optimal settings if automatic sync is not provided

Important! These instructions contain general tips on how to connect wireless headphones to your phone quickly and correctly. Special applications have been developed for many devices. They allow you to fine-tune your wireless headset and smartphone.


The main feature of the FreeLace is a hidden USB that you get near the volume controls. Thus, they can be recharged not only with the help of a case, but, for example, through a laptop or the smartphone itself.

Activation is not difficult. It is enough to hold down the power button and wait for the indicator to blink. A blinking light means that the gadget is ready to be detected. Check the list of visible devices on your phone and select the one you want.

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless earbuds to your phone via Bluetooth

How to connect Huawei and Honor wireless headphones to your phone. This article will show you how to connect to your phone, PC or tablet via Bluetooth.

  • Algorithm of actions
  • Before connecting wireless headphones to a smartphone, you need to follow the general recommendations
  • Huawei FreeBuds Bluetooth Headphone Package
  • How to connect wireless headphones via Bluetooth. detailed instructions
  • How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless earbuds to your phone via bluetooth
  • Enabling Bluetooth on your phone
  • Preparing a Bluetooth device for pairing
  • FreeLace
  • FreeBuds Lite
  • Flypods lite
  • Pairing the device with a smartphone for the first time
  • Reconnecting after disconnecting Bluetooth connection
  • Connecting a Bluetooth device to a phone that has already been connected
  • Re-pairing
  • Connection rules without errors
  • Possible connection problems
  • Headset is plugged in but sound quality is poor
  • Mono and poor quality sound
  • Huawei smartphone does not find headphones
  • How to solve the problem with connecting Bluetooth headphones
  • Which wireless earbuds to use with your Huawei phone
  • Setting up the TWS IS series headphones
  • Sony Bluetooth headphone connection
  • JBL headset
  • Freebuds headset
  • Video instruction

Headset is plugged in but sound quality is poor

Another important problem when connecting headphones wirelessly is poor sound quality. Most often this happens due to the large distance between the headphones and the smartphone. It is enough to bring the devices closer to each other and the problem will be eliminated by itself.

Unfortunately, things are not always that simple. Poor sound quality both when listening to music and during phone calls can be due to software errors. In this case, you will have to perform a hard reset of the device, in other words, reset the headset settings to factory settings.

Possible connection problems

Enabling Bluetooth on your phone

First of all, activate the wireless function on your smartphone. For this:

  • Swipe to open the top notification panel.
  • Find Bluetooth among the icons (shown as B).
  • Pinch your finger on the icon to launch settings.
  • In the same window, you will see the detected gadgets.

Connecting a Bluetooth device to a phone that has already been connected

Re-pairing is done in much the same way, but without the extra steps of detecting and entering a password. Let’s say you want to connect Honor Sport AM61 from Huawei. just turn on Bluetooth on two gadgets.

Possible problems

Basically the problem is with the simple discharge of the accessory. Usually, when the battery is low, the indicator starts flashing red, notifying the user that the battery is low. Sometimes users forget to put their headphones in a case or plug them in via USB. But, also the problem may be hidden in something else. For example, the phone does not detect the headset or the sound quality deteriorates dramatically.

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FreeBuds Lite

FreeBuds Lite must be put in the case, open the lid and hold down the button located near the USB. When you select a detected gadget on your phone, you can take them out of the case.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Flypods lite

FlyPods Lite are connected in the same way as the model presented above. Insert them into the case, hold down the power key until the light turns white. Then in the phone in the Bluetooth setting, select the detected wireless accessory and you can enjoy listening.

Apple Fan unbox Huawei FreeBuds 3 headphones in black and pairs them with an iPhone �� ��

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless earbuds to your phone via bluetooth

Bluetooth is a special technology for wireless communication. The function is available in all modern smartphones. If earlier it was used exclusively for file exchange, today it allows you to connect devices with each other. That is, technology is the only way to connect headphones.

The connection procedure itself is straightforward. It is divided into three steps:

  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Detection.
  • Pairing.

Connection to PC or laptop

A wireless headset is connected to a laptop or computer in the same way. As noted, the main thing is Bluetooth. Activate the function on the PC and then search for gadgets. Select a headset from the list and you can use.

Pairing the device with a smartphone for the first time

The final step is to select the discovered device in your phone and enjoy music. When the light starts blinking, look into your smartphone and select the desired gadget in the Bluetooth menu.

Please note that some headset models require a pairing password. By default, 0000 is set as the code that the system will ask for when trying to connect.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Preparing a Bluetooth device for pairing

The second stage involves enabling this option on the headset itself. Instructions:

  • Turn on the headphones.
  • When the power button is pressed, Bluetooth is automatically activated.
  • A blinking indicator will notify you of readiness for connection.

The presented algorithm is suitable not only for Huawei wireless models, but also for Xiaomi or Samsung. Basically, the wireless accessory comes with a charger in the form of a case with a separate charger, but some models provide for a different type of recharging. Do not remove them from the case when trying to connect.

How to connect Honor and Huawei Bluetooth headphones to your phone

If previously a wired headset was the only choice for users, today wireless devices have already gained immense popularity. The connection is via Bluetooth. In the article, we will look at how to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to the phone.

Possible problems

Among the common problems, the obvious discharge of the gadget is distinguished. Often, users forget to put the device in a case or put it on recharging, which later causes false thoughts about a problem. The headphones should only be stored in a special case, and despite the long operating time, do not forget about the battery charge. Below we will explore other possible problems.

How to connect Huawei and Honor wireless earbuds to other devices

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless earbuds to iPhone or other smartphone? The Chinese manufacturer takes into account many nuances when developing useful gadgets. So, he provided for the use of the headset not only in Huawei smartphones, but also in other models.

Enabling Bluetooth on your phone

Initially, you need to enable Bluetooth on your phone:

  • Pull out the top curtain.
  • Pinch your finger on the Bluetooth icon.
  • In the window that opens, drag the slider to the “On” position.
  • Devices detected by wireless technology will also be presented there.

The smartphone does not see the headphones

If the smartphone does not see the headset, then try manual pairing. With Bluetooth turned on, start a search, and then select the headset model name from the list provided. The presented solution did not bring any results? Often the reason is a system failure of Android. Reboot your mobile and repeat the procedure.

FreeBuds Lite

Place the FreeBuds Lite in the case and open the lid. Then you need to hold down the key near USB, which will start the Bluetooth connection. Once paired, they can be removed from the case.

Possible problems

Difficulties with connection are most often associated with incorrect actions of the owners of the equipment, therefore, in order for pairing to go smoothly, it is recommended to follow the above tips and, in addition, in advance about the Honor included with the Bluetooth headset (included).

How to connect Honor and Huawei Bluetooth headphones to your phone

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to the phone. this question worries all owners of a new headset. Fortunately. It is not difficult to understand the peculiarities of pairing the equipment with a smartphone, it is enough to follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.

Preparing a Bluetooth device for pairing

The next step is to prepare the Bluetooth headset for connection. Usually, this process does not contain anything unusual and does not require unusual actions. At the same time, it is undesirable to ignore the recommendations below, since otherwise it may be difficult to establish communication and the correct operation of the equipment.


FreeLace owners will have to perform a few simple steps, after which they can proceed to the connection:

  • make sure the headphones are fully charged;
  • open the cover that hides the device;
  • but do not remove the headset from the case.

That is, only the part of the headphones where the control buttons are located should be in the user’s hands, the rest should remain packed.

The smartphone does not see the headphones

If the smartphone does not see the headphones, you should:

  • make sure that the distance between the devices allows you to establish a connection;
  • check if wireless is enabled on Android;
  • make sure the headset is charged.

Usually the listed actions are enough to establish a connection.

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless earbuds to your phone via Bluetooth ?

If a person does not want to read the entire review and expects to get by with a short instruction, he should do the following to pair a Huawei headset:

  • turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone;
  • turn on the headphones by holding down the main button for a few seconds;
  • find your Sports AM 61 on your phone in the list of available devices for connection and establish a connection.

Enabling Bluetooth on your phone

The first step towards establishing a connection between your headphones and your smartphone is to turn on Bluetooth. For this you will need:

  • lower the top curtain of the smartphone;
  • click on the icon with the image of the desired type of connection;
  • wait until it lights up blue.

It is important to emphasize that the described approach is universal and works on various equipment, including Xiaomi and Samsung.

Connecting a Bluetooth device to a phone that has already been connected

If you re-pair your Huawei with your headphones, you do not need to repeat the above procedure. Users just need to turn on the wireless connection and the headset, the rest will happen automatically, without their active participation, since the equipment saves old contacts and re-establishes them when such an opportunity arises.

How to connect headphones to your phone?

  • Turn on the headphones and Bluetooth module on your smartphone.
  • Go to the phone menu, find the Bluetooth tab, enter it.
  • You will see a list of devices that are within range of the signal.
  • Click on the device name. the smartphone will try to establish a connection with it.

Why iPhone headphone jack isn’t working?

If the iPhone does not see the headphones, most likely there are three reasons for this. First, there are problems with the operating system. Sometimes this problem can be fixed by simply rebooting the device, but more often than not, flashing will help fix this. Secondly, the connector may be dirty.

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How to turn off the headphone mode on Xiaomi?

Open the settings, then go to the “All applications” section; Find “Radio”, click on the name of the application; Select “Clear All” and turn off the headphones. The icon should go out.

How to connect wireless headphones to iPhone 6?

Using iPhone to set up Airpods

  • Go to the Home screen.
  • Open the case that contains the Airpods and place it next to the iPhone.
  • The iPhone displays a setup animation.
  • Click “Connect”.

How to connect Galaxy BUDS to PlayStation 4?

Connect your USB Bluetooth adapter directly to the USB port of the set-top box. Then put it into headphone pairing mode. Now you need to configure your PlayStation 4 to send audio to your USB device.

How to connect a headset to an iPhone 6?

Do you know the answer to this question? To connect wireless headphones, you need to go to “Settings”. “Bluetooth” and turn on Bluetooth. Stay on this screen, put the headphones into discoverable mode and click on the name of the accessory when it appears on the screen.

Why isn’t the headphone jack on my phone working??

If your headphones don’t work with your phone, make sure they are in good working order at all. Try to enable them. If they do not turn on, put it on charge. If after that the headphones do not turn on and the phone does not see them, most likely they are broken and need to be repaired or replaced.

Connecting Xiaomi Wireless Headphones to iPhone

The Chinese brand Xiaomi has become well known all over the world for its quality and affordable smartphones. In addition to this, no less high-quality accessories are now produced under this brand. smart watches, fitness bracelets, wired and wireless headphones.

Wireless earplugs from “Xiaomi” are very popular. They are stylish, fairly simple and reliable devices to use. Any of the models, be it Redmi AirDots, AirDots Pro, AirDots Pro 2, etc., can be a worthy replacement for more expensive headphones of this type. For example, the functionality of the Xiaomi Pro is comparable to that of the Apple Airpods.

The Pros boast attractive design, great sound, long battery life and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The value of ANC lies in the fact that the surrounding noise becomes inaudible, and the user can fully immerse themselves in the world of music or focus their attention on telephone conversations. Another huge advantage of the inexpensive AirDots Pro headphones over Airpods is the IPX4 waterproof rating and advanced touch controls. Taking into account the affordable price and impressive technical characteristics, many owners of iPhones instead of Airpods choose Airdots for themselves.

In order for the connection of a Xiaomi headset to an iPhone to be successful, you need to know that it supports a Bluetooth version of at least 4.2. That is, the pairing will be possible with the models of iPhones and iPads that were released in 2014-2015. At least iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and up, and iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and newer tablets will work. If you have an iPhone 5s, then “ears” from “Xiaomi” do not fit it.

Pairing Xiaomi AirDots with an Apple Phone or Tablet

Charge the batteries of these devices before pairing TWS headphones and Apple smartphone. Working Bluetooth modules, especially in search and pairing mode, require extra power. It is enough to put “dots” in a case for this, and put the iPhone on a wired or wireless charger. You do not need to strive for the battery indicator to show 100%, half of the maximum level is enough for connection. Pairing AirDots with an Apple phone is almost as easy as connecting Airpods to an iPhone, although the process has its own quirks. To make everything work out the first time, follow the step-by-step steps that are described in the instructions.

Take the earbuds out of the charging case. They will turn on automatically.

Before pairing with an iPhone, AirDots must first establish a connection with each other. Therefore, turn off the headphones by pressing the touch or physical button (depending on the model) on each of the “dots”. When turning off, do not release the buttons for 3 seconds.

Turn AirDots back on. Press and hold the buttons at the same time for about 30 seconds. The LED indicators should flash first red, then white. Wait for two series of such signals to pass. This will mean that both earbuds are in pairing mode. You need to put them back in the charging case for about 5 seconds, and then take them out in order to connect them directly to the iPhone.

At this stage, you need a phone. Since AirDots are already prepared for pairing, open Settings, then Bluetooth on your iPhone and activate the wireless module. The smartphone starts searching for devices. Compatibility is the most decisive factor for successful detection, but we have already indicated above which models of Apple smartphones Xiaomi headphones work with. The line “Mi AirDots BASIC_R” or “Mi AirDots BASIC_L” will appear in the list of detected devices. Select her.

Perhaps such an entry will not be found in the list. Then the headphones need to be placed closer to the phone and the list of devices should be updated. In a pair of AirDots, the right earbud is the main one, so the new item in the list will be “Mi AirDots BASIC_R” (in fact, the device name may be different, not the same as in this example, it all depends on the headphone model). Click on it to start the connection. The indicator on the earbud will flash white while pairing is being established. Sometimes you need to enter a code to confirm the connection. Enter 0000.

When the process is complete, the indicator will turn white again and turn off. You can now use your headphones. Check the quality and, if necessary, adjust the sound settings.

After you manually connect the dots to your smartphone for the first time, they will automatically connect to it every time you take them out of the case. If you have problems with pairing, you will need to remove Mi AirDots BASIC_R from the list: click on the name, and then select “Forget this device” and repeat the steps described in the instructions.

By the way, “Airdots” are connected not only in stereo, but also in mono mode, when only one earphone from a pair will be paired with the phone. This method of connection can be convenient in cases where complete isolation from ambient noise is not required. For example, on a busy street for greater safety, it is better to hear what is happening around. Another way of using AirDots significantly increases the battery life of the headphones: while one of them is in operation, the second is charged in the case, then the plugs are swapped. To pair only one of the two headphones, take out only the left Airdots from the charging case. Let the right one remain in the case.

Situations when the pairing between the headphones and the iPhone, as well as between the right and left dots, disappears from time to time. Then you have to do a reset and pair it again, in the order recommended in the detailed instructions given above.

In general, the compact budget earplugs “Xiaomi” or “Redmi” are a good choice for those who want to take advantage of modern wireless technology in their daily life, but do not yet decide to buy Apple Airpods of the first or second generation or more expensive Airpods Pro.