How to connect iPhone to PC

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How to use iPhone as a modem

Unfortunately, access to free Wi-Fi is not available everywhere, and this often leads to serious problems. If a 3G modem is not at hand, then it would seem it’s time to start to despair. However, not many people know that using their iPhone, any user can create an Internet access point and distribute Wi-Fi to other devices.

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You can use this opportunity as you like: help out friends who have run out of traffic on their smartphones, access the Internet with iPad Wi-Fi only, or connect the same laptop while on the train. The best part is that setting up an access point, unlike routers of various models, on an iPhone will take you less than a minute.

How to use iPhone as a modem

Make sure the Settings menu. Cellular enabled Cellular Data and Enable 3G switches

Go back to the Settings menu and go to Modem Mode

Activate the Modem mode slider. If Bluetooth is turned off, the system will give you a pop-up message asking you to activate it. If your computer has a Bluetooth adapter, then select Turn on Bluetooth for further connection

Enter the desired Wi-Fi connection password

After completing these simple manipulations, you can connect to the Internet from another device or directly from your computer. And if the situation with Wi-Fi connection is clear. you just need to scan the space for the presence of active wireless networks from any device with Wi-Fi, then the case with a USB connection needs to be analyzed in more detail.

In order to access the Internet from a PC using an iPhone as a modem using a USB cable, you need to:

  • Connect iPhone to Computer
  • Go to Control Panel. Network and Internet. View network status and tasks and make sure the connection is activated
  • If this connection is not displayed, restart your computer and reconnect your iPhone

Attention: you may need to reinstall iTunes (it is advisable to use the current version).

We recommend to iPhone owners:

How to use iPhone as a webcam (via WI-FI or USB)

The iPhone is equipped with high-definition cameras that can surprise even the most sophisticated user with the quality of the video stream. It takes a little tweaking to use your iPhone as a webcam, but the results are well worth it. Apple’s gadget completely replaces the “WEB-camera”: audio transmission, high-definition video are available, as they say, by default.

Setting up your computer to receive streaming video from an iPhone

To connect iPhone as a webcam, you need to download the desktop version of the iVCam program for a personal computer. To do this, go to the official website at the link, select the Download button. If you cannot download the program from the official website, you can follow the link

We confirm the terms of the license agreement for using the application. We select the Russian language, as well as the directory where you want to install the program.

IOS setup for video transfer

The whole setup will take place in two stages: installing programs into a smartphone and into a personal computer with their subsequent connection. So, the steps to perform on the iPhone:

The mobile client is ready to go. Next, let’s start configuring the receiver for Windows environment.

Firewall settings

After installing the program on your computer, you need to remove the ban on iVCam in the Firewall settings. Let’s see how to do it on Windows 10.

Go to the “Windows Defender Security Center”:

Next, we allow the application to work through the firewall by ticking the appropriate checkboxes:

The setup is complete, now let’s move on to connecting the smartphone and computer to one network.

iPhone as a webcam over Wi-Fi

If your computer and iPhone are connected to the same WI-FI wireless network, setup is fairly straightforward. First, open the iVCam application, the smartphone will automatically detect an active wireless connection with the program on the computer.

The iPhone will ask for permission to use the camera and microphone. It is necessary to click “Allow”, after that the image from the main camera, as well as sound, will appear on the screen:

Please note that in this mode, you cannot switch between applications on the iPhone, otherwise the video stream will be interrupted.

If various networks are used, for example, mobile LTE and a regular Ethernet connection on a PC, the iPhone must first be connected with a proprietary cable to an available USB port of the system unit. Then allow access to the computer and run the iVCam program on the smartphone.

Why can’t I connect to iTunes?

If your device is connected to a network and you are unable to download or update programs, pause and restart the download of the program, or restart your device. … Use iTunes for Windows to check if you have third-party security software or Windows Firewall enabled.

How to connect iPad to computer via iTunes?

  • Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable, then open iTunes and select your device.
  • Click Browse on the left side of the iTunes window.
  • Select “Sync with this [device] over Wi-Fi”.
  • Click the Apply button.
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How to connect iPhone 11 to computer?

USB-C to Lightning Cable (iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max) Use this cable to connect your iPhone to a USB-C power adapter or to your computer. Lightning to USB cable (other models) Use this cable to connect your iPhone to a USB power adapter or to your computer.

Why iPhone won’t connect to Mac?

As above, check the USB connection: check the connector for dust, try a different USB port or a different USB cable. Reboot your smartphone. Restart your Mac. Check for updates to iTunes software on Mac. May 4, 2018.

Why iPhone won’t connect to PC?

Reasons why iPhone won’t connect to computer

Physical damage to the lightning connector; Using a third party cable; Defective built-in USB ports; Using an older version of iTunes.

How to connect iPad to Windows 10?

How to Connect iPhone to Windows 10 PC: Install iTunes

How To Mirror iPhone Screen to Windows PC (No Mac Required) 2020

Open your web browser (click the Microsoft Edge icon in the task manager). Click Download iTunes. You will be asked if you want to subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter. Click Download Now.

Connecting iPhone to PC via USB

Despite the booming wireless technology, USB cables are still used in all iPhones today. They allow you to charge the device from adapters with different power, as well as synchronize with a computer. The wire can even be used to transfer internet connection.

All about local area networks and network equipment

To connect an iPhone to a computer via a USB port, you will need the gadget itself, the USB cable that comes with the device, and, of course, a computer. USB cables come in several modifications (depending on your iPhone model):

It works with models such as iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4G and iPhone 4S (iPad, iPad2, iPad3 and iPod Touch are also supported).

The second option is the Lightning 8-pin connector:

It fits more modern models such as iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S (iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5G are also supported).

There is also a USB Type-C cable. Unlike Lightning, it can be inserted by either side and has a huge bandwidth. up to 10 Gb / s.

How to Transfer Files from iOS to PC (and iTunes File Share)

Connect without iTunes

You can manage files on your iPhone using a computer without using the standard iTunes program. Windows Explorer will help us with this.

Using this method, you can only view photos and videos on your iPhone through Explorer, as well as copy the data to your PC. You cannot delete and edit files.

After that, the iPhone will appear in the “Devices and Disks” section in File Explorer.

To view the necessary files, the user needs to go to a specific folder. Click “Internal Storage”.

Click on “100APPLE”. In this folder, you can sort files by creation or modification date for more comfortable work.

Data transfer algorithm

How to connect iPhone to computer via USB? You can use step by step instructions.

  • Connect USB cable to computer.
  • Connect the other end of the wire to the device.
  • Open the “My Computer” tab on the monitor desktop
  • In the folder that opens, find the shortcut of the digital camera.
  • Double click on the shortcut. This should open the contents of the iPhone.
  • After that, you can copy folders from the device to the hard disk by dragging them with the mouse to the specified address on the hard disk. You can also right-click, select the “Send” line and specify the location where you want to move the selected multimedia files.

After performing this algorithm, the question of how to connect the iPhone to the computer via USB should not arise. But it may turn out that the USB is of the correct version, the connection was also correct, but there is no connection. What could be the problem? ITunes (“iTunes”) can help solve the problem.

Basic knowledge of connecting this device to a computer

This method of transferring information is quite simple in terms of performing operations, the process occurs at high speed and allows you to simultaneously charge the device.

  • Allows you to install or uninstall applications.
  • You can upload various files in both directions.
  • If necessary, you can restore information from a backup saved on your computer.

How to connect iPhone to computer via Wi-Fi

For the convenience of connecting iPhone to a computer, you can use the Wi-Fi function, which is distributed by the router. This feature became available in October 2011. Prior to this, synchronization took place only using a USB cable. An important mandatory point is the connection of both the iPhone and the computer to the same Wi-Fi point. Otherwise, synchronization will not occur.

You can see if there is a connection to the router of interest on your computer through Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network and Sharing Center. An active internet connection will be displayed in the corresponding section.

In order to set up synchronization between iPhone and computer via Wi-Fi, you need to connect from these devices to one Wi-Fi point.

Then connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable (it is useful only for the initial setup).

Open iTunes and go to the main overview page by clicking on the button at the top of the page.

Here you will see information about your iPhone, you will be able to create a backup copy to iCloud or to your computer, as well as configure the connection settings.

To work with an iPhone over Wi-Fi, find the Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi option and check the box and click Apply.

After setting up the functionality, the iPhone will automatically connect to iTunes and the use of a USB cable is no longer needed, but only in the case of using the same Wi-Fi network. This should also not be forgotten.

How to connect iPhone to computer or laptop?

There are several options for connecting an iPhone. But in order to take full advantage of the possibilities of transferring data from a smartphone, creating a backup that will come in handy when replacing, losing or damaging an iPhone, it is best to install the iTunes program on your computer.

If there is no aytyuns on the PC, then the iPhone is recognized as a flash drive or memory card. In this case, only photo and video files can be copied. It is impossible to create a backup copy, add audio files to a smartphone. About possible options and subtleties, how to connect an iPhone to a computer

How to connect iPhone to MacBook

To connect your iPhone to your MacBook, you also need to install iTunes on your macbook. Here, too, synchronization options are possible via USB cable or Wi-Fi.

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If you set up automatic synchronization in iTunes, then all media data from the iPhone will be uploaded to the macbook when it is connected. If you choose to sync the marked songs and videos, then the user will be able to independently select the files to download to the iPhone. Also, as in the option of synchronizing iPhone and Windows, it is possible to create a backup copy of the smartphone and update it.

An additional function of transferring data between iPhone and macbook is the ability to transfer via airdrop. It allows you to transfer images and videos from your smartphone to your macbook by storing the files in the Downloads folder. To do this, you need to select one or more images on your iPhone, click send and select the AirDrop function. At the same time, AirDrop must be visible for all devices on the MacBook.

Comparison of methods for connecting iPhone to computer

All types of iPhone to PC connection have their pros and cons. Each user chooses what suits him best.

Comparative characteristics of ways to connect iPhone to PC:

  • Connecting iPhone without using iTunes.

Doesn’t require iTunes to be installed on your computer, but only allows you to copy photos and videos from iPhone to PC. In this case, it is impossible to create a backup copy. Connection is via a USB cable.

  • Connecting iPhone using iTunes software via USB cable.
  • restore from backup;
  • the ability to charge a smartphone;
  • faster data transfer rate than when connected via Wi-Fi;
  • the ability to reset to the original settings.
  • occupies USB ports of a computer, which there may be few on a PC or laptop;
  • short range.
  • Connecting iPhone using iTunes, via Wi-Fi network.
  • large radius of action;
  • no need to use a USB cable, which excludes the possibility of accidentally touching and disconnecting it;
  • does not occupy free USB ports of the PC.
  • discharges the phone;
  • lower data transfer rate than when connected via cable;
  • inability to restore and update the firmware, and restore from a backup.

How to connect iPhone to computer via USB cable

A proprietary USB cable that comes with an iPhone of any model is used both for charging the iPhone and for pairing it with external devices.

To connect your iPhone to your computer, take a USB cable, and connect one end to your smartphone to the Lightning connector, and the other to the USB output on your computer.

If iTunes is not installed on the computer, then the offer to open the device will automatically be displayed, if the device autorun is enabled on the computer.

At the same time, a proposal will appear on the iPhone itself to allow or deny access to the files of the smartphone, but for this it is necessary to unlock the phone, otherwise the notification will not be displayed.

If the iPhone user denies access to files, then the computer will see the connection of the phone, but the folder with the photo will become inaccessible.

If you allow access to the iPhone without iTunes installed, you can only transfer photo and video files from the phone, but you cannot transfer images from the PC itself to the iPhone.

To transfer audio, photo, and video files, you need to install iTunes. It can be found on the Internet and is free to download for Windows.

When installing iTunes, a menu for selecting additional program functions will be displayed, you can select or refuse them. You also need to specify the installation folder.

After selecting all the functions, the installation of iTunes will begin.

Upon completion of the installation of the program, it will open. If not the latest version of iTunes is installed, then it will notify the user about this and offer to download the new version.

After installing the latest version of iTunes, the system will prompt you to restart your PC.

To connect iPhone to iTunes, connect the USB cable to your computer and launch iTunes. Here, too, you must allow access to both iTunes and iPhone.

Then iTunes will open with the iPhone connected, where the smartphone files will be on the left in the menu.

iTunes is a special program developed by Apple that is designed to sync the contents of Apple devices. Therefore, for high-quality operation of the iPhone or ipad, you need to install iTunes on your computer, since there is no other way to upload audio, photo, video files, films to the gadget. It is also worth remembering that iTunes has a set of standard drivers for the correct recognition of the iPhone by the computer.

How to play music in the car via iPhone?

You can also listen to music from your iPhone in your car by connecting your smartphone via the AUX-AUX cable (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, alas, will not work). The connection process is the most straightforward. Plug one end of the cable into the 3.5mm audio jack on your iPhone and the other into the same jack on your car system.

How to connect to a radio tape recorder via Bluetooth?

  • You need to switch the radio to Bluetooth mode (BT AUDIO).
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on the phone and select our radio tape recorder there.
  • On the radio, you will most likely need to confirm the connection.
  • Everything connected!

Why iPhone won’t connect to Mac?

As above, check the USB connection: check the connector for dust, try a different USB port or a different USB cable. Reboot your smartphone. Restart your Mac. Check for updates to iTunes software on Mac. May 4, 2018.

How to pair your phone and computer?

On a Windows computer, click the Bluetooth icon in the notification area and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Select “Add Bluetooth Device” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Why can’t my computer see my iPhone via USB?

If the device is not recognized when you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer using a USB cable, use the following instructions. Try connecting your device to other USB ports. Then try using a different Apple USB cable

How to pair two Airpods?

Press and hold the pairing button on the second Airpods or Beats until their indicator light pulses white. When the headphones appear in the Other Devices section of the menu, select them and wait until they are connected. Your iPhone now has two pairs of Airpods or Beats headphones connected.

Is it possible to connect 2 Airpods?

Now, thanks to iOS 13, users will be able to use a second set of Airpods or PowerBeats Pro headphones. This will allow two people to fully listen to the same audio from an Apple mobile device at the same time. And this is how it works.

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How to sync phone with laptop?

Read the help center article How to use Google search.

  • Open device settings.
  • Click Users & Accounts.
  • Select an account.
  • Click Sync Account.
  • Click Sync.

Wi-Fi connection

You can also connect your iPhone to your computer via iTunes using a wireless network. Before that, it is desirable that both devices be connected to the same Wi-Fi router.

  • We launch the program and connect the phone to the PC via USB using a cable. Don’t worry, you only need to do this once to sync.
  • Click on the icon of your device on the left, then go to “Summary” and select the checkbox for Wi-Fi synchronization.
  • After that, you can disconnect the device from the computer. If the computer and the phone are on the same WI-FI network, then the iTunes application will see your iPhone.

Tenorshare iCareFone

This utility allows you to fix iPhone problems with one click. Thanks to its small functionality, it is very convenient to use it. For example, you can quickly transfer music, videos, apps, games, etc. to your device. It can also be used to erase unnecessary information from your iPhone, create iOS backups, and restore it when it freezes and malfunctions. Therefore, we can say with confidence that Tenorshare iCareFone is a good alternative to iTunes, while it is simple and convenient to use.

  • Transfer of various files: text documents, music, video programs and games.
  • Optimizing device memory for faster performance.
  • Removing temporary files and garbage.
  • Fixing system crashes.
  • Removing banners and ads.
  • Backup to restore important information.
  • Automatic recognition of connected gadgets.
  • Detection of unnecessary and malicious files.
  • Compress images without loss of quality.
  • Russian language interface.
  • Convenient and simple navigation.

Benefits of connecting iPhone to computer via Wi-Fi:

  • The device is “not tied” to the computer and can be located from it within the range of the network.
  • The USB port of the computer is freed.
  • The iFunbox file manager “knows how” to work with iOS devices connected via Wi-Fi, which means you can download content and install applications from the App Store to devices via a wireless network.

What can replace iTunes

iTunes works great with Apple gadgets on Windows, but many users still prefer alternative programs due to the difficulty of working with iTunes. There are many programs for synchronizing iPhone with PC, so it is worth mentioning the most popular.

What to do if iPhone fails to connect to computer?

Hey! But really. what to do? Run for a new phone? Hand over the phone for repair? Throw out the computer? The options, of course, are interesting and almost certainly effective, but too expensive 🙂

And you shouldn’t get so excited, because the problem with connecting the iPhone to the computer can almost always be solved without resorting to drastic measures.

We try to synchronize with him, if everything works out here, then

iPhone won’t connect to computer. Reason. PC

Yes, in most cases it is the cause of the connection problems. In order to exclude them, we perform the following actions:

  • First of all, we reboot both devices. So to speak, for prevention.
  • We try various USB ports and check, for example, with a USB flash drive, their performance. After all, one of them may burn out or simply not work.
  • We do not use adapters, splitters, extension cords and other devices for USB ports. We plug the cable directly into the system unit.
  • Updating iTunes. The ideal option would be to completely uninstall, and then install the most recent version from the Apple website.
  • Disable third-party software (antiviruses, firewalls). Do not forget to turn them on after checking!
  • The most radical step. reinstalling the operating system, will most likely help, but it will take time

If the iPhone cannot connect to another computer, then the matter is clearly in the device

Why the computer can’t see the iPhone. The reason is the phone

No matter how reliable and stable Apple products are, they can also become the cause of connection hiccups.

Although most often, the owners of these devices are to blame, having brought them to such a state that it becomes surprising how they can still turn on, and not just sync. I got distracted by something 🙂

Returning to the topic, we try to follow these steps:

  • After connecting, unlock the phone, it is quite possible that you will see a pop-up window with the question: “Trust this computer?”. Without an affirmative answer, no synchronization will take place, only charging.
  • Change cable. Even if there is no visible damage, the wire may be defective. Or it is quite possible that it is not original. but in this case, it is possible to make the device work with an “unsupported” accessory.
  • Reset content and device settings. If you decide on such a desperate step, remember to back up your information (using iCloud or iTunes), otherwise you will lose all your data irrevocably.
  • Jailbreak, or rather the so-called tweaks installed with its help, can also contribute to synchronization problems.
  • Update software. It’s always helpful!
  • Clean the connector on the phone (possibly oxidized or dirty). Important! Clean very carefully, ideally entrust it to a professional. If you undertake to do this yourself, look for information on the Internet, otherwise you can aggravate the situation.
  • The last point we have is the saddest thing. the connector for charging and synchronization is broken or out of order. There is only one way. to the service center! If possible, contact only the official workshops listed on the company’s website.

By the way, there is another win-win option. contact Support Apple. And torture them with the question: “Why doesn’t my iPhone connect to my computer using USB?” Frankly, I have not tried it. but I think I will not hear anything new from them, and the conversation will take a lot of time.

As you can see, in most cases, you can get by with “little blood” and troubleshoot at home.

The main thing is to be careful, consistent, take your time and check absolutely all possible reasons that can lead to connection problems.

We tried everything, but the situation has not changed for the better. the iPhone still does not connect to the computer? Be sure to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. we will try to figure it out and solve your problem all together!