How to connect NFC in Samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy M51 : How To Use NFC Stickers

How to set up SMS on Samsung Galaxy phone

Hey! Today I will show you how to set up SMS messages on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can very simply and quickly set up the SMS function on your smartphone. See the instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if something is not clear to you. Go!

On the home screen, find the Messages app and tap on its shortcut.

On the messages page, at the top right, click on the Properties button (three dots).

In the window that opens, click on the Settings tab.

Here you will be shown what functions you can configure.

In notifications, you can completely disable SMS messages on your phone. Or, on the contrary, enable them if they have been disabled. You can turn off indicators on icons. You can enable or disable SMS for an individual SIM card.

You can change the background of the posts page.

You can create quick replies to quickly insert them into SMS messages.

You can block messages. You can specify phrases, in the presence of which in the message, the SMS number will be blocked.

Also you can customize the font of the text in SMS, etc.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

After updating to Android 9, I can’t change the background in messages. Android 8 had the word background in the settings. And where to find it in 9k?

How to use NFC on Android

I myself have the 8th version so far. Look in the settings carefully, somewhere there must be.

how to use instant messages in Samsung A50? I created the text in the settings, but how to pick them up in the current message is unclear. in the previous phone, when writing an SMS, it entered the menu (three dots) and selected the line “quick messages”. there is no such line in A50

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So the A50 is somewhere else. You definitely looked at everything carefully?

The same thing. after the update, I have a white font on a white background and cannot be changed in any way.

You definitely looked at everything carefully in the settings?

I have g7. I have not found it anywhere. Rummaged through the entire phone. The problem is that there are white letters on a white background and SMS cannot be read. I had to delete all themes and put the original built-in wallpaper. Then the background turned gray. But I would like to change the color.

Put on a different theme, with the color you need.

Yes. And so I had to do it. It’s just not clear why the background and font settings function has disappeared. And the appearance itself has now become uncomfortable. And the signatures of the shortcuts on the main screen disappeared. only pictures. All in all, a stupid update.


If you looked at everything very carefully and did not find it, then your phone does not have such a function.


I want to change the background in messages. I don’t like the white background. Previously, you go into messages, settings and there was the word background and you change it, you could also change the message frame, but now there is no such thing. Updates not completed.

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How to configure messages to be written with verification

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Hello, please tell me how to turn on Samsung a10 when writing SMS so that the number of displayed characters is displayed (I need this to send SMS to the village when I can not get through) and the Internet is not caught there

Good day. There are no such settings in the smartphone. Open any site that shows the number of characters in the text, for example Write a message there, copy it and paste it into an SMS on your phone.

i can’t delete messages. the button is there but it is transparent

Who is transparent? You need to press and hold on the message, then the “Delete” trash can icon will appear. What version of Android do you have?

Sends 20 pieces, on another nokia 100, how to set up a mailing for 100?

Very simple. On the compose page, first add one recipient. Then, at the bottom, click on the “4 squares” icon. A window will open at the bottom, click on the “Contacts” icon there. Now you can select all contacts by clicking on the “All” circle at the top left. If you have 100-200-300, at least 1000 in your contacts, they will all be added as recipients of your message. Do you understand? It is necessary that all recipients are in contacts, otherwise you will have to manually add. What is your smartphone model? Android version?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy 7 (2018) Android 9 sends 20 SMS, you need up to 100 SMS at a time. I dial manually, the numbers are not from the phone book, but I do not send more than 20 SMS at a time, I need more than 70 SMS. I don’t want to clog up the SMS program with third-party mailing. Rooms not with telephone. manually

What mobile operator do you have? Maybe it’s him, not the phone. On the smartphone I did not find such settings at all, it looks like they are not at all.

I have a smartphone Samsung Galaxy A 01 SMS is duplicated one SMS comes at the same time 2 times also if I send SMS they withdraw money from me 2 times called the megaphone they said everything is fine with them everything is in the phone, and now I don’t know where to look for the error and how everything is fix so that SMS are not duplicated. Thank you.

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How old is the phone and SIM card? To any numbers or only certain?

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the phone was given to me by the children in August, 2 months ago, it is completely new, the SIM card is from 2013, but it was old, large, we changed it to a new small one, I don’t know what it’s called, operator MEGAFON.

you need to try first with another sim card on the same phone, and then with your sim card but on another smartphone, then it will be clear where the jamb is, in the phone or mobile operator

did not add. So far, SMS was sent to me from a megaphone, Sberbank, and from my husband’s number, that is, from different numbers.

Messages vived with symbols and background not visible? Aka will fix

you can give a link to the screenshot to make it clear, you tried to change the settings?

All-Ravono SMS is not sent. Failure to send SMS is displayed. What to do in this case?

Check the balance so that the money is in the account and restart the smartphone