How to connect Samsung A 10 to a TV

MHL connection

Later, manufacturers of even inexpensive models of smartphones and tablets on MTK processors began to implement the MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) standard in their devices, which allows you to take a video signal directly from the data transfer port and Micro USB charging. True, for this a special MHL adapter was needed. Thus, the user was able to watch any video content from his smartphone, including photos and videos taken on vacation, as well as play games on a large TV screen.

The downside of such an adapter was that in order to transmit the signal, it was necessary to connect a separate 5 V power cable to it in order to amplify the signal transmitted to the large screen. But at the same time, the smartphone did not receive recharge and was discharged rather quickly. In addition, lags are observed at the maximum image quality of 1080p during the broadcast.

Currently, inexpensive mobile devices. smartphones and tablets with support for MHL technology. are practically not available for sale. If this function is vital for you, you should choose a device from very ancient models, including the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has the function of transferring content to TV via MHL

Samsung Galaxy A10e How to Mirror Your Screen to a TV

Some older flagships, such as the Sony Xperia Z2 and Z2 Tablet, implement the MHL 3.0 standard, which allows you to broadcast an image from a smartphone to a TV in 4K format (3840 × 2160 pixels) at 30 frames per second. MHL 3.0 is compatible with Blu-Ray audio formats. True HD and DTS HD MA.

Alas, the latest Samsung flagships, starting with the Galaxy S6, do not support the MHL standard.

7 Chromecast: Simple But Expensive Streaming

Those who want to wirelessly stream media files from an Android mobile phone to a TV in the easiest way should use a streaming Chromecast or Chromecast 2 flash drive from Google.

In this case, you are also upgrading your TV device if it did not have the function of connecting to the network.

By default, Chromecast adds a lot of media content to the TV, YouTube and the Chrome browser.

4 Stream content wirelessly to TV via Wi-Fi and apps

Alas, manufacturers did not see the prospects for cable connectivity and focused on wireless standards for transferring content to TVs. Its main advantage is the absence of the need to fiddle with wires. to send a photo or video to a large TV screen, you just need to organize their pairing via Wi-Fi. For example, YouTube allows you to display videos from your smartphone on your smart TV screen directly through its application.

The disadvantages of such a connection: the impossibility of broadcasting everything that happens on the smartphone display. only video. However, manufacturers did not completely deprive the user of the opportunity to watch videos from a smartphone and offered special wireless adapters. more about them.

So, what is there for a wireless connection to TV today??

8 Lightning Digital AV Adapter: for iPhone and iPad

To connect Apple mobile devices to your TV, you need a special adapter. It comes in both the new Lightning connector and the old 30-pin connector. According to the results of a study by the portal, it turned out that the Lightning adapter does not transmit a native image in 1080p format, but converts it from a lower quality HD. Because of this, artifacts sometimes appear on the image when transferring data.

connect, samsung

May have HDMI, VGA, mini jack 3.5 mm.

3 Connection via SlimPort

Among the minuses, we note the high quality requirements for the HDMI cable. If you have one that is cheap, then noise and even no signal may appear.

The only thing is that your device has no alternative to support it instead of MHL (as did the Galaxy Nexus smartphones). You can find out if your smartphone can be connected to a TV via SlimPort here:

6 DLNA: a classic for Android

DLNA is one of the most widely used wireless standards. Most TVs that can connect to wireless networks support it. Android users will need a dedicated BubbleUPnP app to transfer music and photos from their smartphone to their TV.

The image resolution in this case depends on the receiving device, for new TVs this is usually HD or Full HD. Unlike Miracast and AirPlay (we’ll talk about them below), DLNA does not provide the versatility of displaying content. it only transfers music, photos and some video file formats.

9 Streaming Data Wirelessly with Apple TV. AirPlay

Apple’s third-generation TV set-top box is currently the most convenient solution to display content from a mobile iOS device on a TV. Connecting the iPhone / iPad to the streaming device is quick and easy, and the picture quality is very good thanks to support for 1080p. The latency is about half a second, so sometimes you can even play not very lively games.

Is it possible to duplicate the screen via Bluetooth?

The smartphone allows screen mirroring via Bluetooth. The user will need to open the App Store and download the desired application. After opening, go to sync.

Analog cable connection

To use this method, you need to connect both devices with a separate cable. This wire is popularly called “tulip”. The only caveat is that with such a connection, you cannot watch videos in high quality, resolution. It is possible to connect to TV using the following cables:

  • Composite. Insert the wire into your TV and smartphone. You do not need to set parameters. It is enough to turn on the AV button and click on the “Mirroring” button.
  • Component. The instructions for execution are the same as in the previous version. This method is suitable for users with an operating system higher than version 4.
  • VGA wires. Purchase the appropriate cable to use this method. Remember that this option is suitable for all mobiles above 5S.

DLNA connection

Wireless synchronization to the network makes it possible to watch videos live. Thus, users listen to music online and watch various videos. The method is considered the most convenient. Since, the iPhone owner will need to press several keys. Despite this, not all TV models are suitable for this type of operation. If the device does not have a special module, then buy a separate adapter. To open your own network according to DLNA technology you need:

  • TV, which displays video and is equipped with a separate module or adapter;
  • Router and mobile phone connected via the same internet of the mowing line.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

After installing the software, complete the settings. Run the application and select the menu in the required line. Click next to the TV model. Most often, you need to press near the TV series.

How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV via WI-FI?

Most TVs use the Wi-Fi connection option. The connection is needed to display video from a smartphone on the “big screen”. The method is easy to use. There is no need for additional cables, plugs. Brief instruction:

Another way is to purchase an adapter from Google. It plugs into a separate slot, allows you to change parameters with a wireless connection.

Samsung Smart View

This utility is used to display video from the IPhone on all models of the Samsung brand. In addition, there is no need to buy additional plugs or cables.

  • Connect your gadget and TV to your home internet. Launch the “Settings” folder and go to the “General” section. Then click on “Network” and select “Internet network settings”. Activate in the system.
  • Download the Samsung Smart Vive program to your mobile phone. Run the widget.
  • Turn on search engine for Samsung.
  • Click and sync it to your TV.
  • Confirm the operation and enter the code.

Special programs for connecting iPhone to Samsung TV

To accomplish this task, special software has been created from different companies. In fact, they work the same way, however, each of them has some nuances.

How to do screen mirroring in Samsung Galaxy A10

How to connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV via Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, programs

Faced the question of how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV? Despite the size of mobile screens, watching movies and TV shows on gadgets is inconvenient. Modern gadgets are connected to TV players. They play any files on the screen. This option shows slides with photos, interesting videos and episodes of your favorite TV series. In the article we will tell you how to connect a mobile phone to a TV, turn on a video. Follow Basic Tips for Getting Results.

Image output via HDMI

Many users resort to HDMI interface. It is necessary to connect various devices with each other. The cable allows you to transfer images with high fidelity. It is ideal for watching movies, TV series with maximum resolution. Apple mobiles have a unique connector that doesn‘t match most devices. To solve the problem, it is recommended to use a special adapter. Now follow these steps:

  • Insert the wire into the IPhone.
  • The other end of the cable connects to the adapter and the TV. This connector is located on newer TV models.
  • We define the correct connector in the settings. Be careful! There are several identical inputs on the set-top box. Specify the required.
  • Wait until the mobile screen is duplicated on the TV. Turn on your favorite movie, watch it in good quality.

Smart TV control from a computer

The control method depends on how you connect your Samsung Smart TV to your computer. If we are talking about a wired connection, then all data from the PC monitor is automatically transmitted to the TV (if the playback mode is HDMI). In the case of a wireless connection, the algorithm is slightly different.

How to play a file on a TV from a computer:

  • We open the program in which the DNLA server was created.
  • Select the folder where movies or videos are stored.
  • Click RMB on a file of a suitable format and select “Play on”.
  • We indicate the TV, which should have previously been synchronized with the PC.
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How to connect PC to Samsung Smart TV via:

We can connect a computer to a TV in two main ways: wireless and wired. The advantage of the first is ease of use, since there is no need to buy a cable and conduct it. But in the wired version, the signal is more stable and reaches the TV faster. If response time is important, we recommend that you prefer this option.

All modern TVs from Samsung support DLNA, which makes it possible to set up PC synchronization with the TV. Of the necessary tools for the implementation of the idea: the All Share application (it is already preinstalled on the TV) and a high-quality Wi-Fi network.

How to connect Samsung Smart TV to computer via Wi-Fi:

  • Right-click (RMB) on the connection and go to “Network Control Center”.
  • Select additional parameters from the left menu.
  • We activate the sections “Enable Network Discovery” and “Enable Sharing”.
  • Click on the “Save changes” button.
  • Installing the All Share application.
  • We launch it and register the device (button on the main screen).
  • Turn on the TV and press the “Smart Hub” remote control button.
  • Launch the AllShare Play application (it should be available on the home screen).
  • Select a file from a computer or switch to wireless screen mode.

Important! All Share is currently not actively supported on PC, so it is appropriate to use alternative programs for creating DLNA servers. Here are some good options: Home Media Server, Plex. Serviio.

Another proprietary application has similar functions. Smart View. With its help, we can transfer the image from the work screen to the TV, as well as control TV from mobile devices.

This is a simpler in concept, but difficult to implement method, how to connect Samsung Smart TV to a computer. All there is to it. connect TV to PC via HDMI cable.

Tips on how to connect your computer to Smart TV:

  • The computer must have a free HDMI slot. Not all PCs have an additional port, if there is only one and you also need to connect a monitor, you will have to constantly rearrange the cables, which is very inconvenient.
  • Make sure the computer can handle image processing. The disadvantage of this method is that work with a picture is performed on a PC, and a ready signal comes to the TV. Thus, the TV hardware is practically not used, and the computer works under greater load.
  • A cable connection is inconvenient for a TV set in another room. Better to use the wireless option.
  • It is better not to buy a cable longer than 5-10 m, as the signal may be lost.

How to connect a computer to a Samsung Smart TV?

A television can perform many more functions than broadcasting TV channels. One of the possible modes of operation is as a device for duplicating an image from a computer. This will allow you to quickly turn on any movie from the Internet, hard drive and simply display the picture from the monitor, improving the user’s gaming experience. There are many more situations for synchronizing TV with a PC, but our material is not devoted to researching the reasons, but how to connect a computer to a Samsung Smart TV.

What is All Samsung TV?

We have already mentioned the All Share application, but now we will only tell you more about its functionality. The main task of the program is to provide easy interaction between smartphones, tablets, computers and TV. With its help, we can play video on a large screen, as well as include music. File exchange between a number of devices is also available.

The TV does not see the computer, what to do?

The question is how to connect Smart TV to a computer. there are pitfalls that can interfere with synchronization.

  • If a wired connection is established, we check the health of the cable and connector on the computer.
  • Switch the TV to HDMI playback mode. In the “Source” section, set “HDMI”, the option can also be moved to the main screen or available using the button on the remote control “Source”.
  • Updating drivers for your computer.
  • Install another DNLA server. Replacing a program often helps.

Unfortunately, sometimes the program for transferring the picture gets update curves that prevent communication between the PC and TV. For example, the crooked update from March 3, 2020 to Samsung Smart View broke many functions, including the detection of external devices.

Connecting a TV to a computer is not a difficult task, but you also need to figure it out, otherwise it is easy to make a mistake. We have shown the main methods for transferring images that really work and do not require unnecessary adjustment manipulations. The reader only needs to choose a wired or wireless connection option.

Why is it necessary?

Thanks to the Wi-Fi wireless network, modern users have the ability to connect a variety of technical devices to each other. These include televisions and smartphones. This synchronization option when using home equipment provides many interesting and useful functions.

When you connect a smartphone to a Samsung TV, its characteristics and options will remain the same, but a number of certain actions will be much more convenient and interesting.

  • You can connect your phone to a Samsung TV if you want to play your favorite games on the big screen of media technology. You can optionally connect a keyboard or joystick to the TV using the Bluetooth network for the most convenient game.
  • By connecting the phone to a Samsung TV via a Wi-Fi network, users can play their favorite movies, video clips, photos and other necessary content on the gadget and transfer them to the big screen, which is very convenient.
  • Often the need for this type of connection arises when you need to organize an impressive presentation on a large screen diagonal.
  • It is very convenient to browse interesting Internet pages by connecting your phone to a Samsung TV.
  • If you correctly connect the phone to the television equipment of the South Korean brand, it will be possible to control the latter using a smartphone, instead of a remote control. This is a very convenient solution, which is used by many owners of such devices.

The level of functionality of the considered technique increases if you correctly synchronize it via a Wi-Fi network. Such solutions make media devices not only multitasking, but also easy to use.

Connection diagram

If you decide to connect your phone to a Samsung TV, there is a certain pattern you should follow. There are several effective ways to transfer an image from a smartphone to a TV screen using Wi-Fi.

Using a router

This is an easy way that many users turn to. To use the router as a connecting device, you will need to carry out the following procedures:

  • you need to open the menu of your Samsung TV;
  • then you need to click on the “Network” item and go to an additional subsection;
  • select “Wireless network”.

You should choose the required network, depending on its name. By clicking on the correct item, you will need to enter a security password (the security code of your Wi-Fi network). After that, it will turn out to connect the mobile phone to the home network.

How to connect your phone to a Samsung TV over Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi network opens up wide boundaries for its operation for users of modern media technology. Nowadays, a variety of devices can be synchronized with each other. Often there is a need to connect a smartphone to a TV. We will learn how to do it correctly, using the example of Samsung technology.

Wi-Fi Direct

Let’s start with the most popular option. Pairing two devices can be done using modern technology Wi-Fi Direct. It is provided on almost all Smart TV models produced today.

This option is also supported on most modern smartphones.

The main task is to connect devices to each other without the need to get an access point. A smartphone is recognized by a TV in the form of a multimedia device.

To pair your phone with Smart TV using Wi-Fi Direct, you need a certain algorithm of actions.

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Select the section that contains the parameters of the wireless connection
  • Activate the Wi-Fi Direct function.
  • Next, you need to open the Samsung TV settings. Run the specified function and on this device.
  • A notification about the start of scanning will be displayed on the TV screen.
  • The television equipment will show the entire list of devices available for connection.
  • Find the name of your smartphone in the list.
  • A corresponding notification will be displayed on the display of the mobile phone with a request to synchronize devices.
  • You will need to confirm the connection.
  • Now you can start playing any selected files on your smartphone. everything will be broadcast from your phone to the large screen of your Samsung TV.

Broadcast via YouTube

Video files from a mobile phone can be streamed to a TV screen through a popular service. Let’s consider in stages how you can do this.

  • Before you start syncing your TV and smartphone, you need to make sure that the YouTube app is installed on the latter. If it is not in the device menu, you need to download the program from the market.
  • Launch the installed YouTube app on your smartphone. Open the settings menu. Activate the Watch on TV option. If you did everything right, an instruction will be displayed on the Samsung TV screen with prompts for all subsequent actions.
  • Launch YouTube on your TV. Go to settings. Designate the connection type. “In manual mode”.
  • A special code will appear on the screen of the South Korean TV, which must be entered in the corresponding field on the screen of your smartphone. After that, you need to click on the “Add” button.
  • In the list of detected devices, you need to find your Samsung TV. Once you find the equipment you need, agree to broadcast. After that, you will be able to watch the video not on the small display of the phone, but on the big screen of the TV.
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Modern models of mobile phones with Android operating system support Miracast technology. This wireless standard is released by Intel.

It is necessary for Honor that when working in this way, certain delays can occur. This applies only to those cases when the image is broadcast from the smartphone directly to the TV screen.

To connect the phone to the TV in this way, you will need to open the settings of both the TV and the smartphone. Activate Miracast function on both devices.

Transferring media from phone to TV

The method is similar to the cable connection, but the files are transferred directly by the media. What is the storage medium in a smartphone? Portable flash cards micro and mini-SD, they are mounted in the same way as SIM cards, but they have a different function.

TVs are also equipped with slots for reading memory cards.

Instructions for transferring information from a smartphone to a TV using a carrier:

  • The media is being removed from the smartphone. To do this, open the rear panel or remove the slide-out slot using a key plug.
  • The media is mounted on the TV, directly or with an adapter.

After that, one of two possible options occurs: the TV itself automatically opens the directory with the location of the files, or the directory is opened by the user manually.

  • A cursor mouse is connected to the TV or all operations will be performed using the joystick on the remote control.
  • All files are copied from the media and transferred to the media in the TV successor.

Important! In the absence of the required slot in the TV, you can use a “card reader” to read memory cards with a USB connection.

Cable connection

Each original smartphone is equipped with an individual cable for charging and transferring data from laptops and PCs. The same cable can be used to connect to the TV.

  • The cable connects to a smartphone and TV via flash. Technically, two devices are connected by one cable.

A context menu should appear on the smartphone in automatic mode, which offers the user various options for using the connection.

  • You must select the item. “data transfer”. The TV and smartphone are now interactively connected.
  • A section should appear in the “explorer” of the smartphone, which denotes the individual carrier of the TV.
  • All necessary files are transferred from the smartphone to this section.

Important! The TV does not always go to the connection with the phone with standard software equipment. Additional downloads of applications may be required. The most popular is iTunes, which works for both iOs and Android.

After the video files are transferred from the smartphone to the TV directory, they can be viewed on any “codec” that is used in the TV receiver.

Transfer video from phone to TV

Let’s make a reservation right away that the era of “video twos” has passed, the ability to transmit and watch video from a phone is available only for digital TVs with various methods of connecting external devices. File transfer is only possible if the TV is equipped with an internal memory for storing files.

Now there are several typical ways to connect a smartphone to a TV for transferring files:

  • Cable connection.
  • Transferring media from phone to TV, micro-SD card (mini-SD).
  • Via Wi-Fi and the Internet.
  • Via bluetooth.

Each method has its own nuances, advantages and disadvantages, which must be considered separately.


File transfer using Bluetooth is gradually dying out, as methods have been replaced by the ability to transfer information using various instant messengers.

Now Bluetooh is mainly used to connect various external devices. But the method is not devoid of relevance, since its application is possible in the absence of other methods.

What is Bluetooth? It is a closed channel between two digital devices that allows the transfer of media files using encryption. Transmission occurs over a digital wireless channel for a period of time, which depends on the size of the files.

How to transfer video using Bluetooth, instructions:

  • “Bluetooth” is turned on on the TV and smartphone.

Important! File transfer is only available if the TV is equipped with a Bluetooth module.

  • The smartphone opens a section. “Search for Bloetooth devices”.
  • The name is a television receiver.
  • The channel is being connected.

In order for the devices to “make sure” of the mutual connection, you will need to enter a password. It is generated by the Bluetooth network and must be entered on the receiving device. A context menu for entering the password will appear on the TV screen, and the digital code itself will be generated in the smartphone.

Once the transfer channel is complete, you can move files along it.

  • Highlight the desired track on the smartphone and select the transmission method using Bluetooth.
  • In the list of proposed devices, select a TV and transfer files.

All media files will be transferred to a folder on the internal media, this folder is called Bloetooth. They can be opened directly in the folder and viewed using the player installed on the TV.

How to transfer video from a phone to a TV

Our entire media life takes place in smartphones: we watch tracks, listen to music, regularly visit Internet portals, and it is not even worth talking about the fact that we take photos and videos ourselves. this is an indisputable fact.

A modern phone is not an old push-button monster, but an interactive device that allows you not only to perform several simultaneous tasks, but also connect to other digital devices.

In this article, we will consider all the main methods of transferring video files from a smartphone to a TV, as well as the nuances associated with each of the methods.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The ability to transfer any amount of information without the use of additional accessories.
  • Ability to preview before download.
  • Not all TVs are equipped with the ability to browse the Internet from browsers with the ability to download.
  • A large amount of information will be transmitted for a long time.
  • The slightest glitch with the internet broadcast will cause the file transfer to fail. The procedure will need to be resumed.

Using the Internet

Files can be transferred to any directory on the TV’s internal media using the Internet. To do this, it is necessary to use various portals with the ability to share files, and social networks can also serve to resolve this issue.

  • A browser opens on the TV.
  • Portal with file hosting is loading.
  • A message is sent from the phone using any messenger with the required file attached.
  • The file opens in a browser on the TV and downloads.

Important! You need to choose a download location. any convenient directory on the internal media of the TV.

An alternative way to transfer files over the Internet is to stream files using a Wi-Fi network. It makes it possible to use the network to transfer small video files (up to 10 MB) similar to the Ethernet network.

  • Connect your phone and TV with a Wi-Fi network. The phone is the hotspot and the TV is the hotspot.
  • Find “Wi-Fi and Ethernet file transfer” in the smartphone settings. This section is in the menu. “Network and Connections”.
  • Transfer files over a private channel.

Via iPhone

It’s the same on iPhones and iPads. The conditions are the same: devices in a single Wi-Fi network. Image transmission:

  • Open YouTube on TV and play video from iPhone.
  • Click on the broadcast button and select the device.
  • Keep watching this video on the big screen.

How to watch YouTube on TV: 10 options from the Hamster

Hello everyone! Everyone knows YouTube. It contains so much content that you will not revisit it in your entire life. According to statistics from “SimilarWeb”. this video hosting takes the second place in the world in terms of traffic. There is no point in talking about the convenience of consuming the platform’s content, so the article discusses ways to watch YouTube on TV.

With Smart-TV

Smart-TV is an important characteristic when buying a new TV model. It is a kind of TV operating system that gives the big screen the functions of a computer. It has: Internet access, various programs and applications for working with services.

And without fail, YouTube is preinstalled in each such system. It looks different on different platforms:

You can identify the site by name. Usually it is brought to the main panel.

  • Connect it to the internet.
  • Open the “YouTube” tile with the mouse or remote control.
  • Choose videos from the recommended ones or use the search.
  • If you log in to the site using your own “Google account”, all the channels to which you are subscribed, as well as the entire browsing history, will be pulled along with it.

Watching YouTube on TV

In 2020, almost every smart internet gadget has a built-in client for watching YouTube. YouTube TV is simply “Must-Hev”. It has been in Smart TV models for at least 8 years. It makes no sense to talk about the presence of a video hosting client on new models. Plus, there are tons of ways to watch YouTube on your TV, no matter how old it is. The only wish is for his screen to be in color.

Via Android phone

TVs with Smart functions allow you to broadcast the display to them from the smartphone screen itself. For these purposes, the “Screen Mirroring” function is used in the “Google” services themselves.

What you need for this: TV and Android device must be on the same Wi-Fi network.

To relay from phone to TV:

  • Launch any video from video hosting on your smartphone.
  • If the TV is turned on and is in the same network with the Android device, then the button “Display to another device” will appear on the smartphone screen.
  • Click it, select TV. The video will start on another screen.
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Using a laptop

The method is similar to displaying a YouTube image on a TV from a phone, with only one caveat. the function works only in the Google Chrome browser. The conditions are exactly the same. both devices must be in the same Wi-Fi network.

There is another way that allows you to display not only video, but fully duplicate the interaction with the Windows 10 operating system of a laptop through a large display:

  • Click in the lower right corner on the “Notifications” icon and click “Send to Screen”.
  • Select “Loop” projection mode.
  • Wait for the laptop to detect the display. Click on it to duplicate the picture on TV.

Without Smart-TV

How to connect YouTube to a TV if it is not equipped with its own operating system?. There are ways and they consist in connecting the TV to the computer directly, using an HDMI or VGA cable. The connection principle is similar:

  • Turn off both devices from the mains.
  • If an analog antenna is connected to the TV, pull out the plug for a while so as not to burn the ports.
  • Use the correct cable or adapter to connect both devices.
  • Start PC and TV. On the computer, click “WinI”, select: “System”. “Display”. “Multiple Screens”. Customize the desired image output “Expansion” or “Duplication”.
  • Then open YouTube through the browser and watch the video on the old TV.

If the computer is inconvenient to use on a permanent basis, there is an alternative. “TV-box”. Basically, it is a mini-computer specially designed to connect to a TV. It gives the display all the smart-TV features. There are such varieties:

  • An Android set-top box is a full-fledged smart gadget based on the Android operating system, tailored for performing the functions of Smart-TV and more. With it, you can watch videos on YouTube, surf pages, play mobile games. Good models are Xiaomi Mi Box S, Beelink GT1. Quality. “Dune HD Pro 4K Plus”.
  • AppleTV. This device is paired with many Apple services. By connecting it to a TV via HDMI, you can watch both YouTube and Apple TV. Also, the device is interfaced with any Apple device, allowing you to display the image on the display from the gadget.
  • Chromecast is a media center from Google. With it, you can display images on TV directly from the YouTube client, as it was done on Smart-TV.
  • Xbox and SonyPlaystation. game consoles from Microsoft and Sony, which allow, in addition to games, to run YouTube in the application and through the browser.
  • DVB-T2 set-top box. in addition to the standard functions of a digital set-top box, some models are equipped with a Wi-Fi module and a built-in YouTube client. For example, “DVS-T2 HOBBIT UNIT II”. You can watch videos directly through the tuner.

DLNA network connection

If you want to connect your smartphone to TV as a storage device, that is, you do not need to broadcast the screen, but only need to run certain content, then you can create a local network using DLNA technology. In this case, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, you need to install on TV or phone the application through which the launch will be carried out. If you plan to watch videos or display photos, then a VLC player for your smartphone would be a good solution.

To fully exchange files or access them, you can use the DLNA Server utility. this is a kind of file manager for working in a local network via a mobile device.

Some TVs with DLNA local connection support already have a built-in media server in Smart TV functions. LG calls it Smart Share. having connected to one Wi-Fi connection, you need to launch the Smart functions of the TV panel and go to the tab of the same name. Now, through the LG webOS interface, you can manage files on your mobile phone. open photos and videos or copy to a drive connected to the TV.

Wi-Fi Direct technology

Since the introduction of Smart TV functions into televisions and the installation of a wireless module, manufacturers have begun to work on technology that could allow content to be transmitted wirelessly, that is, via Wi-Fi. The first development was Wi-Fi Direct, which evolved over time into Miracast and the interchangeable WiDi technology. With it, you can effortlessly cast your phone screen to your TV display.

The first thing to do is find out if the TV has support for the option. All modern models with Wi-Fi have either WiDi or Miracast, that is, they can be synchronized with the phone. Older TVs may not have it. You can clarify by looking at the device specifications, or in the settings, the network section. there must be an on / off switch for the option.

If there is one or Smart TV is modern (the option is always on), then you need to lower the shutter down in your Samsung phone and find the “Screen Mirroring” icon. By tapping on it, a window with available TVs will open, it remains to pair and the screen of the device will immediately be displayed on TV. As a rule, there are no difficulties when connecting, but some devices may be prompted to enter a password, or you will need to confirm the synchronization using the remote control.

If the application icon is not on the quick access bar, then the application is probably not installed by default on the smartphone. You can download it from the Play Market or find an alternative for it. just enter the query “broadcast” in the application search bar.

Screen Mirroring is convenient because you do not need the Internet to work. the network is established between two devices.


For those for whom the above methods are not suitable, since they just want to watch YouTube videos on a big TV, they will like the built-in function in the service client on their smartphone. After launching the application on your phone, open its settings and go to the “view on TV” menu item. In a standard situation, you will see a list of TVs on which you can display content. If this does not happen, then forcibly turn on YouTube on TV and go to the settings. Click “connect manually”. the code will be displayed, which should be entered in the “specify the code” window on your mobile phone.

Now the applications are synchronized, and you can now control them through your mobile gadget, which is much more convenient than entering requests with the remote control in the TV version.

Now we will connect a Samsung phone to the TV via Wi-Fi in order to broadcast the desired one. How, I’ll explain now

Good afternoon, dear readers of my blog! Anyone sometimes comes across the fact that, having come to visit friends, he wants to show them photos from the trip or a funny video shot on a smartphone. This can be done on the device’s screen, but even the largest diagonals can turn out to be small for a large company. In this case, a decision appears to display the picture on the TV, and then the thought of the need to look for wires, to adjust something. The idea seems difficult to implement, but nothing prevents you from using a wireless network. Today I will show you how to connect your Samsung phone to a TV via Wi-Fi.

If TV is not Smart

If you are the owner of an old TV or it does not provide Internet access, then you still do not need to use wires to broadcast content. Having bought a Smart Box with Android, you can make a Smart out of your usual panel. Such consoles have a built-in Wi-Fi module with support for Mirakast and Wai Dai technologies. The setting in this case is no different. the set-top box is connected via HDMI, on the TV we turn on the signal source of the selected connector, and then everything is similar to the usual Smart TV.

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