How to connect the remote to your LG TV

How to set up a universal remote for an LG TV

A universal remote control is a device with which you can remotely control several devices at once, for example, a TV, an audio system, a set-top box, etc. This is very convenient, since one remote control replaces several, saves time and eliminates the blockages of unnecessary equipment.

Universal remotes are produced by many manufacturers, and they all differ not only in price, but also in the set of functions and types of devices that can be connected to them. Therefore, carefully read the datasheet before buying.

Setting up a universal remote: steps and instructions

  • Before you start setting up the universal remote control for your LG TV, turn on the TV (with the original remote control from the device or using the Power button on the case).
  • Point the remote at the TV, press the TV (TV) button. Hold it for a few minutes. The indicator on the front of the device should light up.
  • Press a combination of programming buttons on the remote (they differ depending on the manufacturer, so read the instructions carefully. This may be a combination of Power and Set, Setup and C, etc.
  • The field for entering the code appears on the TV screen. For different models of LG TVs, this can be 025, 164, 161. Enter the code using the remote.
  • Wait for initialization to complete. The process usually takes a few seconds, after which the indicator on the remote control will turn off.

LG’s universal remotes have proven themselves well in the market. They are compatible with any equipment from this manufacturer.

It is important to remember that in many universal remotes, all settings are reset after removing the batteries from them at the same time. Therefore, they need to be changed strictly one by one, or the adjustment will have to be carried out every time from scratch.

Almost all modern LG TVs running on the webOS operating system can be connected to the Magic Universal Remote Control, which works in the same way as a computer mouse. With its help, it is convenient to select the desired functions directly on the TV screen by moving the cursor over it.

The Magic Remote Control may be included or purchased separately, depending on the TV model. In some cases, you may also need an additional connection of the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth adapter.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting the Magic Remote Control

  • Turn on the TV using the “native” remote control or the button on the case.
  • Approximately 15-20 seconds after turning on the TV, point the Magic Remote Control towards it and press the OK (Wheel) button.
  • The remote control is activated, after which the corresponding inscription will appear on the TV screen.

You can also customize various settings for the Magic Remote, such as the speed at which the cursor moves across the screen and the size of the cursor. Here’s what you need to do for this:

  • Press the Home button (Home icon) on the remote.
  • In the upper right corner, select “Settings” (Icon “Gear”).
  • Click the button with three vertical dots in the right corner of the screen.
  • In the menu that opens, you can change the speed with which the cursor will move across the TV screen, as well as its appearance: size and shape.

If you do not use the cursor, then after a certain time it becomes inactive and its image disappears from the TV screen. To return it, just shake the remote control from side to side.

The Magic Remote Control can also be used like a regular remote control. To do this, press any of the buttons: “up”, “down”, “right” or “left”.

The range of use of the Magic remote control is 10 meters, if you use it from a greater distance, there may be problems with signal transmission.

How to set up a universal remote on a smartphone

A smartphone can become a universal remote control. To do this, he must have the Smart function. To do this, you need to download the application. for instance,

Setting up a universal remote for your Philips TV

connect, remote

There are several ways that will help to establish contact between the UPDU and the equipment:

  • automatic. scanning starts here and the contact is automatically detected;
  • manual. for manual pairing, you will need to specify some parameters;
  • without code. using quick debugging or using the built-in remote control on a smartphone.

The performance and the number of available functions do not depend on which debugging format you choose.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

How to find the TV code

The first step is to find the pairing code. It is different for each company. You can find the Philips TV code for the universal remote control:

  • in the instructions for the remote control itself;
  • in the paper version of the manual;
  • in the online manual on the manufacturer’s website.

For the selection method, use the following values: 0021.0061.0151.0291.0301.0331.0391.0661.1021.0931.1391.1401.1571.1081.2511.

For each company and model, these combinations are different, so you need to clarify on the official resources of the manufacturer.


This option requires a pairing code. Follow the steps in this order:

  • turn on TV;
  • hold down the “C” and “Setup” keys;
  • release when the indicator light responds;
  • enter the code in the window that opens;
  • confirm;
  • check operability using the volume control keys.


To quickly connect your universal remote to your Philips TV, it’s best to use Auto Debug.

Take the remote control in your hands and dial 9999. When you press the “9” key for the last time, hold it down and hold it until the TV turns off. This method is used if the code for the brand of your device is not in the list of brands. Further actions are performed according to the following algorithm:

  • turn on TV;
  • direct the source of control to him;
  • press the power key, and hold this key;
  • when the volume icon appears on the screen, click to increase or decrease the sound level;
  • if there is a reaction, then the setting was successful.

If you don’t get the result, try repeating the action a few more times.

Smartphones with universal remote function

A good alternative to the UPDU is a regular smartphone. Almost every phone has a pre-installed software that will help you find contact with an air conditioner, a multimedia set-top box, a music center and other equipment with an interface. There you don’t have to use a code to find a contact, you just need to point the infrared port in the appropriate direction.

How to set up a universal remote control for a Philips TV: codes, instructions

How do I set up a universal remote for my Philips TV? UPDU is a fairly popular gadget. Its advantage is that it fits perfectly with different TV models and is easily reconfigurable. This does not require the involvement of specialists, or training in certain skills. All that is needed is the instructions and the device itself. An alternative option is to use a smartphone for remote debugging of control over processes and commands.

No code

There is only one option for pairing without code. automatic debugging.


Auto tuning method that fits most models. Follow the instructions:

  • start the receiver;
  • activate the “TV” section and wait for the light signal to appear;
  • click on the “Mute” button to search;
  • at the end of the action, check the work.

Smartphones with universal remote function

Most smartphones with a built-in universal remote option. Customize based on personal preference. Regulate the light in the apartment or the supply of cold air in the air conditioner from the mobile.

How to set up a universal remote for an LG TV?

How to connect a universal remote to an LG (LG) TV? Insert batteries or rechargeable battery. Next, determine the conjugation of the TV and PU. Click on the correct mode and wait for the indicator to turn on.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

No code

Another universal method is code search. Brief instruction:

  • activate the TV and translate the remote control;
  • hold down the “TV” and “OK” keys;
  • after 2-3 seconds the keys will light up;
  • click on “switch” TV channels and turn off TV;
  • the stake was successfully selected;
  • to save the parameters, click on the “TV” button.

How to connect a universal remote to an LG TV: codes, instructions

Technician designers complement the devices with a useful control panel. This makes it easy to use any system. It is now possible to turn off the light, turn on the air conditioner or adjust the set-top box while sitting on the couch. One device is useful to the user. Faced the question “How to set up a universal remote control for an LG TV.” A short instruction will help you understand this issue. With simple actions, users activate control with appliances at home.

Differences between original and universal remote control

The remote control is useless as a separate device. It connects together with the TV set. Work action:

  • When a key is pressed, the user touches the microcircuit. Because of this, a circuit of electrical impulses is formed.
  • The LED element of the accessory converts the action into infrared radiation. At the same time, the wave indices reach 0.75-1.5 microns. Signal is transmitted to the connected device.
  • The TV has a phototransistor. It displays the IR signal and transmits it as an electrical impulse. The signal goes to the control point. Because of this, the action is reproduced.

The communication method, which is widespread in remote control, is pulse-code modulation. It differs in that each action is given a sequence:

  • digits 000 to deactivate the TV;
  • code 001. switch to the next TV channel in the list;
  • code 002. return the previous TV channel;
  • combination 011 to change the volume indicators;
  • 100. reduce the level of the reproduced sound;
  • 111. deactivate TV.

Thus, when a key is pressed, the electrical circuit converts the signal according to a clear pattern.

  • Original;
  • Counterfeits;
  • Suitable for everyone.

The first and second types are controls designed for a specific type of device. The main difference is that the original creates the factory where the TV is produced. Non-original sell licensed companies.

The universal option is customizable for any technique. It is designed for various TV models. In case of a lost gadget, it is suitable for any device. When buying, the user often pays attention to the external structure and its design. Since the technical characteristics are the same.

What is a universal remote?

Owners of digital television acquire a universal remote control. To install it, you need a separate receiver. They have the same structure and consist of a plastic case, electrons, soft keys, LEDs and parts for electronic power supply.

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The universal spacer has a similar internal structure as the standard one. Not every device is adapted to control. External similarity does not guarantee the versatility of the PU. Read the technical specifications before purchasing a useful accessory.

How to find your LG TV code?

Need codes for LG TV on Universal Remote? To connect to TV you need to know the code. It is found in the technical data sheet. In addition, such information is on the manufacturer’s website. Go to the “Reference” section and find the corresponding code.

If this data is still not available, use the built-in auto-tuning options. The system itself finds the TV code and displays the data on the screen.

Connector types

Before connecting your speakers, you need to figure out what audio jacks your TV has. Most modern models have one of three types of electrical connectors.

  • Special acoustic connectors. These include inputs such as SCART or RCA. Connecting through this type of connection is similar to connecting computer speakers over USB. It is usually used for systems without a built-in amplifier. But be sure to make sure that the power of your acoustics does not exceed the permissible level, otherwise you can burn not only the connector, but also the equipment.
  • Line-in or MiniJack. Such connectors usually have a separate headset output. Just like the first option, they are not suitable for high-power systems with built-in amplifiers. It is likely that you will need a special tulip adapter to connect through this port.
  • Digital HDMI connector. Such outputs are equipped with ultra-modern models of such large companies as LG or Samsung. Only powerful music centers are connected through it. Usually such connectors can be found in home theaters, where sound quality is as important as picture quality.

How do you determine which connector is on your TV? Take a look at its back panel. The SCART connector looks like an oblong line with two rows of holes.

CRA. three round connectors for plugs, usually colored yellow, white and red. MiniJack inputs are somewhat similar to CRAs. They are also round, but noticeably smaller and painted in different colors. The standard is green, black and pink. The HDMI connector is about 1.7 cm long and 0.5 cm high. In its recess there is a small plate with contacts, with the help of which information is transmitted.

How to connect speakers to your LG TV?

Modern TVs have achieved incredible heights in the quality of the broadcast image, in ergonomics and space saving. However, in all these widescreen innovations, there is absolutely nowhere to install high-quality speakers that would provide good sound. to match the image. Therefore, sooner or later, any user thinks about connecting an external speaker system.

Which speakers are right?

Large home loudspeakers are active and passive. Their connection and features are slightly different.

Active type systems

Such acoustics have a built-in amplifier. It does not need any additional devices or connections, because it is powered directly from the electrical network. Sometimes such systems are also found in speakers from a computer.

Passive acoustics

This type of system cannot be connected directly to the TV. You will need to purchase an additional amplifier for the speakers to work. And from the amplifier already pull the wire to the TV. When connecting them, you will have to take into account a number of features.

  • When choosing an amplifier, pay attention to the fact that its power does not exceed the power of the speakers themselves by more than 30%.
  • The thicker the wire between the system and the TV, the more reliable the connections will be. It is not recommended to take wires thinner than 0.2 cm in cross-section.
  • Amplifier and speaker impedances must be equal.
  • Pay attention to the polarity. Connect the left speaker to the left channel, and the right speaker to the right. If you do otherwise, it can have an extremely negative effect on the quality of sound perception.

Of course, you can connect any speakers to modern TVs, whether they are from a computer, from a music center or professional acoustics.

Many models with Smart TVs now even have Bluetooth, thanks to which you can use not only wired speakers, but also portable ones, for example JBL.

Pairing with wireless speakers is no longer a problem for modern smart TVs from LG. Connecting them via Bluetooth is as simple as possible:

  • turn on the TV and find the “Bluetooth” tab in the main menu;
  • now turn on the column and, if necessary, activate the device search function;
  • in the list of available devices on the TV screen, find your headset and select it.

Now it remains only to wait a little while the pairing is established, and you can use the system.

Connecting speakers with wires differs depending on the type of connection. Plug the Cinch, HDMI or MiniJack into the corresponding port on the back of your TV, and plug in the plug and the system is ready to use. If you are taking small computer speakers, the power of which is relatively low, then they can use the USB connector as a power source. Fortunately, TVs usually have 2 or 3 of these.

Connecting speakers to your LG TV is easy, whatever they are. The main thing you need to know for this is the type of their connection and the type of TV connector. You can even use speakers from the music center, but do not forget that, most likely, they are of the passive type and require an additional amplifier.

How to connect speakers and headphones to a TV via HDMI ARC, see below.

How to switch to digital TV?

The procedure for switching to digital TV

  • Turn off the TV and connect the antenna cable and then the video and audio cables of the TV to the receiver.
  • Turn on the TV and select the desired input source in the menu settings: HDMI, AV, SCART and others;
  • Turn on automatic search for digital channels.

How to catch digital channels without a set-top box?

The only way to watch terrestrial digital TV without a set-top box is to purchase a TV with support for the DVB-T2 format. CRT TVs do not have this tuner by default. As for plasma and LCD TVs, the first models with such digital tuners appeared on the Russian market in 2013.

How to set up DVB t2 on your TV?

  • We connect an external antenna to the input of the set-top box (TV IN, ANT IN).
  • We connect the set-top box with TV with low-frequency cords (HDMI, SCART, tulips; depending on the model of the receiver and the presence of inputs on the TV).
  • Turn on the power on the receiver (the largest button on top).

How to tune digital channels on your LG TV?

Setting up digital TV on LG TVs

  • Press the MENU button on the remote control to start setting.
  • In the window that appears on the TV, select the SETUP tab, press the OK button.
  • In the menu that appears, select the OPTIONS tab and press OK.
  • Select the country RUSSIA and click OK.
  • Then go to AUTO SEARCH tab and click OK.

How to connect a TV with built-in t2?

Connect the antenna cable to the antenna input of your digital TV (which has a built-in DVB-T2 tuner). Plug in the power supply and turn on the TV. In accordance with the instructions for operating the TV, go to the appropriate section of the TV settings menu and activate the digital tuner.

What to do if the channels on the TV are missing?

What to do if channels on TV disappeared?

  • Take the remote control, press the “Menu” button, select the “Options”. “Auto-tuning” section.
  • You will see a window with a list of signal sources. antenna or cable.
  • A window with a list of signal sources appears on the TV screen.
  • Go to the “Search Mode” section.

How to set up digital TV on LG via antenna?

By clicking on the SETTINGS button, go to the settings. Go to the “Channels” section. Selecting “Autosearch” put a tick next to “Air TV” and click “Next”. We put a tick next to “Only digital (Antenna)” and start the search with the “Run” button.

How to connect a laptop to a TV

We connect the laptop to the TV via HDMI cable.

  • Connect the cable to the HDMI output of your laptop.
  • Insert the other end of the cable into the HDMI input of your TV.
  • On the remote control of your TV, press the button responsible for selecting the source of the displayed signal.

Modern flat panel TVs, like computers, are digital devices. Through HDMI, it became possible to transmit high quality video files simultaneously with audio transmission.

High-Definition Multimedia Interface or abbreviated. HDMI, in translation: high definition multimedia interface. Most video cards provide the ability to connect a computer to a TV via HDMI.

How to connect HDMI to TV

Shutdown. We turn off both devices so as not to burn the ports. We connect the computer (laptop) to the TV using an HDMI cable. Plug one end of the cord into the HDMI out of your computer and the other end of the cord into the HDMI in of your TV. To avoid degrading the picture and sound quality, do not connect the DVI output (via an adapter) of the computer to the TV HDMI input, and vice versa. The connectors must be the same.

Loading. The cable is inserted. Turn on your TV and computer. Windows will boot on the connected computer. It will become clear that the TV is connected to an external source by the slight blinking of the screen. Do not forget to put the TV in AVI mode, it receives signals from an external source (connected computer), and not from an antenna. In AVI source mode, select the appropriate HDMI input of the TV.

Customization. Adjust the picture to connect your laptop or computer to the TV. On the computer desktop, open the context menu with the right mouse button.

In Windows XP, select Properties, click the Options button. Click the “Advanced” button, select the appropriate value. The TV screen displays the desktop of your computer.

With Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed on the computer, right-click on an empty space, select “Screen Resolution”. Find the line “Screen” and choose the appropriate option. The connected TV is not automatically detected? In the same window, click the “Find” button.

Wait for the TV search to finish. Set the maximum screen resolution by selecting “monitor” and “refresh the screen frequently” in the tab.

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At the top in the “Screen Settings” we determine which screen we have the main (1st) and additional (2nd).

You must click “Define”. You will see the number “1” on the TV screen, the number “2” on the computer / laptop screen. To remedy the situation, in the “Screen Resolution” window, click on the screen “2”. Check the “Make the main monitor” checkbox and click the “Ok” button.

If necessary, in the properties of the video card, adjust the resolution of the desktop size, color correction.

Reboot. Reboot your computer. Changes to settings will happen automatically.

How to connect the Gal universal remote to a TV: codes, instructions

How to set up a gal universal remote control is a fairly popular question, since remote control (RC) is an integral part of our life. Such a device is capable of controlling several gadgets at once: TV, projector, recorder, DVD player, home theater, TV receivers, Smart TV, various video and audio devices.

How to find the TV code

The remote control is connected to the TV using a special four-digit identifier. Each TV model has its own four-digit identifier. It is recorded in the data sheet, on the website of the manufacturer of your device, as well as in reference tables.

If the owner of the equipment could not find the required code, you can use a special function that is embedded in each remote control we are considering. autotuning. Its operation implies a programmatic search for four digital characters. To start the automation, you need to remember a certain algorithm of actions.

List of codes

Each technique has its own code combination. Some common brands may have multiple codes. For instance:

  • Yamaha. 1161.2451;
  • LG. 1434.0614;
  • JVC 0005 0185 0055 0855 1095 1445 1595;
  • Sony. 0434.1774.0144.0444.2304.0154;
  • Panasonic. 0155.0595.0665.0675.0835.1125.1515.1565.1605.
  • Philips. 0345.0425.0515.0525.0605.1305.1385.1435.1675.1965.
  • Samsung. 0113.0403.2663.2653.0963.0003.2333.2443.

If you did not find the information you need in the technical passport and on the website of the manufacturer of the equipment, we suggest using the table where the codes for the gal universal remote control are collected.

Setting up the gal universal remote control

Instruction for UP includes automatic and manual configuration. That is, you do not need to know the device code in order to connect a remote control unit to it. Let’s analyze in more detail, step by step, each method of connecting TV.


  • Turn on the TV, point the UE at it.
  • Hold the TV command.
  • After that, hold down additional POWER.
  • When the indicator lights up, you must release both previously clamped buttons. Blinking will indicate that a signal is being sent to search for a code.
  • When your gadget turns off, press the OK key to save the found code to the UP.


  • Hold down the device selection button (TV).
  • Hold the POWER command together with the previous one.
  • Wait for the LED to light up, then release the held down buttons.
  • Dial the four-digit code you know.
  • When all four digits are specified, the light will turn off. This means that the data is saved in the UP memory.

If the indicator light remains on, then the code was incorrect.

No code

If you want to customize your TV or Smart TV, but do not know its ID, use the auto search. This function is available with any remote control. over, you can only search for certain brands of TVs. This will significantly reduce the time. For this:

How To Register your LG Magic Remote control

  • Press, hold the TV command.
  • Additionally. a numeric key that corresponds to the manufacturer of your device (see the table below).
  • The remote control will start sending signals, the LED will blink. When the indicator turns off, the data will be saved.

Understanding the problem

If you take the remote control in your hand and wave it, then usually a pointer appears on the TV, which you can control the movements. But what to do if the pointer does not appear, how do not shake this remote?

The remote control can refuse to work for a huge number of reasons and it is not necessary that it is broken or out of order. The more complex the technique, the more chances it has to fail.

One of the main causes of the problem may be ignorance of the instructions for the TV. Tell me honestly, have you read at least the main points before using? Most likely not, but trust me. there are the answers to almost 90% of your problems.

Let’s take a look at a quick guide to using the remote control, maybe this will push you to the right ideas (the remote control in the pictures is old, but nevertheless, the principle of its operation has not changed since then):

Possible reasons

If the instructions above did not help, let’s look at the main scenarios, after analyzing which it will be possible to understand what happened to the Magic Remote.

Before you start, do a simple test: point the remote at a digital camera (for example, the one on your phone) and press any key. If at the same time you see a flashing light in the camera display. the remote control is working (and the problem is most likely in the TV) if you see nothing. remote control problem.

The remote control has run out of batteries. when you press the buttons on the remote control in its upper front part, the red indicator should light up. If this does not happen, the batteries may be dead (or not at all). Check (preferably in another device or using the indicator on the batteries themselves) and replace them if necessary.

  • Check the remote control functions selectively. if nothing works at all. most likely the batteries are dead.
  • Make sure the batteries are working.
  • The polarity of the installed batteries must be observed according to the indications on the remote control.

The remote has lost its connection to the TV (or has not yet been connected). This is one of the most common cases. The Magic Remote works via Bluetooth and in order to control the TV with it, you need to “introduce” them.

But even if you have already done this, the TV may forget your remote control due to a malfunction or if you hold down the BACKHOME button combination for a while. after a few seconds, the functions of the magic wand will stop working and there will be only the possibility of using it like a regular remote control (only buttons). Naturally, pressing these buttons could happen by accident without your knowledge (for example, someone sat down on the remote control with the fifth point, or the children were indulging).

To connect the Magic Remote back to the LG TV, you need to hold down the center button (the wheel, it’s the OK button). If you did everything correctly, after a moment the following message will appear on the TV display:

Registering a New Magic Remote.

And after a few seconds, if the connection is successful, you will see the following message:

Registration successfully completed.

If something else is not clear, watch the video, which contains instructions for connecting the remote control:

  • Make sure that there are no devices that may interfere with the TV or remote control (even in neighboring rooms) (electronic devices, bright lamps, etc.).

The control panel was filled with liquid. this also happens. No need to panic, remotes, keyboards, phones, tablets and other devices very often take a shower from water, tea or other drinks.

If you immediately noticed that the remote control was flooded. you need to quickly remove the batteries, wipe and dry it. If it has been under the influence of liquid for a long time or something viscous has been spilled that just cannot be dried (beer, compote, etc.), then it will have to be disassembled. If you can handle it yourself. you need to get to the microcircuits and thoroughly clean and dry everything.

The batteries are leaking. not a very pleasant moment, not a single device is immune from this. If this happens, then when you open the battery compartment, you will see a white coating. In this case, even if you replace the batteries with new ones. the remote control will most likely not work. As in the previous paragraph, it will have to be disassembled and cleaned. By the way, I recommend using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning (you just won’t buy alcohol, but a plaque remains from vodka and other spirits).

Honor also says that if the batteries run out, the remote control may be completely out of order.

The remote control stopped working after a year and a half and no matter what you do, nothing helps. This is a known issue that many buyers have encountered. It is believed that in the early versions of the remote control (2012, early 2013) there was a factory defect.

To cure this problem, you will have to disassemble the remote control and solder it. Read more about this here. If you yourself are not versed in soldering, it is advisable to take the remote control to the workshop, providing them with instructions at the specified link.

The remote control slows down. In addition to a completely inoperative remote control, there is still a problem when it does not work adequately. the pointer moves in jerks, very slowly or indistinctly repeats your movements:

  • it can be like a short-term glitch, which is treated like this. leave the remote at rest for a few seconds so that the pointer disappears from the screen, then move the remote again;
  • if it does not help, then you need to re-register the remote control in the TV (point 2 of this manual);
  • change batteries if none of the above two options worked.

Magic Remote does not work. what to do in such a situation?

What to do if suddenly your Magic Remote (also known as Jedi Remote or Magic Motion) from LG TV stops working? No need to panic, our instructions will help you!

Alternative to the remote

If you have an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, you can download a free LG Smart TV app called LG TV REMOTE. With this program, you can easily control TV using your phone, for example.

  • Insert the batteries into the remote control and turn on the TV. To do this, you need two standard finger-type batteries. They are included.
  • Point the Magic Remote at the TV and press the wheel (13).

If you can’t, just turn off, turn on the TV and try again.

LG Magic Remote for LG Smart TV: Conquering TV

Hi everyone! Today I will try to fully tell you about this magic wand. If the first Smart TVs were produced, with a conventional remote control, which was not very convenient to operate a complex system. And in the future I had to purchase the “magic pointer” separately. Now, all new LG TVs come with two remote controls: a regular one and an LG Magic Remote.

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Today in the article we will analyze some of the problems that may arise during use. I will also tell you about the compatibility of TVs for those who have not yet purchased this remote control, and who did not have it in the kit initially.

Connection and configuration

Nothing is complicated, you just take the remote control in your hand and press the buttons to control it. To enter the menu, you need to click on the gear. Also, when you take it, then just move it to the right, to the left. After that, you will see a cursor on the screen, which will move along the trajectory of the hand movement. If you do not use the control panel for a long time, then the cursor control mode is turned off to reduce power consumption.

Appearance and buttons

The number of buttons will depend on the model and version of the remote control. Starting with the AN-MR600, the number buttons were added to the remote control. Earlier versions do not have them. Therefore, he will disassemble buttons and functionality using the example of the latest versions of MR600-650A.

Now let’s go through the buttons from top to bottom:

  • Turning the TV on and off;
  • Enable or disable Smart TV set-top box. If you are not using a TV, but a set-top box from LG.
  • and. volume up and down buttons;
  • Arrows to switch the channel;
  • Mute the sound;
  • Button for entering a voice command;
  • Return to the start page of the menu;
  • Go to settings;
  • Scroll wheel. you can also click on it;
  • Arrows to navigate through the menu;
  • Button to return to the previous menu or exit from the menu;
  • Show the list of program guides;
  • INPUT (wire icon). Pressing and holding the (INPUT) button displays all the lists of externally connected devices. For example, connected flash drives, USB, network cable, etc.
  • Additional button for quick access to a specific section in the menu (May differ, Russian versions usually have IVI);
  • Another similar button.
  • Special customizable buttons for quick access to a specific menu section;
  • Enable or disable teletext;
  • Additional button for teletext control;
  • Enlarge a specific section of the screen to enlarge it.

What is it for

If you have ever tried to use the Smart TV system with a conventional remote control by switching with arrows, then you already understand how inconvenient it is. But I will highlight a few of the most striking amenities that you will get using this device:

  • The remote is equipped with a gyroscope, so you can easily use it to move the mouse cursor like an electronic pointer. Some of course connect old wireless mice, but it’s not very convenient to use the mouse on the sofa.
  • The ability to give orders to the TV by voice. In the same way, you can not type the request into the search bar of the browser, but simply issue commands. This significantly reduces the time.
  • Also has all the basic functions of a simple remote control.

It was invented primarily in order to simplify the task of managing a Smart operating system.

TV Compatibility

Here you need to first of all look at the year of manufacture of the TV. We are also talking only about TVs that have the Smart TV function. The AN-MR300 and AN-MR400 are suitable for the very first LG TVs released since 2012. The AN-MR500 is already suitable for 2014 vehicles only. Well, the AN-MR600 models are compatible with models released since 2015. For clarity, I will give a table of values.

TIP! Below is a table of compatibility of Magic Remote control of different versions with TVs. For the convenience of searching, simply press the “Ctrl” and “F” keys at the same time. After that, a search box for this page will pop up in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter the model number (only numbers and letters without LG name) and press “Enter”.


47LA620v / 47LA621v, 47LA643v / 47LA644v / 47LA645v, 47LA660v / 47LA662v / 47LA667v / 47LA669v, 47LA690v / 47LA691v, 47LA710v

Can LG Magic Motion Remote be connected to other brands’ TVs?

What is a universal remote

A universal remote control is a device designed to control several household appliances at the same time, such as a TV, DVD player, air conditioner, etc.

These devices are developed using a variety of technologies and are sold at different prices. Inexpensive ones are designed for certain types of equipment or are “tied” to the manufacturer. For example, there are remotes for Sony or Samsung TVs that allow you to control any devices of this brand. expensive models can be customized by owners and used with equipment from different manufacturers.

Automatic tuning

To connect the remote control to the TV automatically, you need to do the following:

  • After turning on the TV, hold down the POWER key on the remote control until the volume adjustment function appears on the TV screen.
  • Press POWER again.
  • Check that the device is working properly. To do this, dial the code “9999”, holding down the “9” key for 5-6 seconds. The TV should turn off.

For universal remotes from different manufacturers, the diagram may differ. Different key sequences may work with individual models. A detailed algorithm for connecting the UPDU is indicated in the instructions for it.

Manual setting

To manually configure the device, you need to know the codes for the control functions of your TV. You can see them in the documentation for the TV or on the manufacturer’s website. The tuning algorithm is as follows:

  • Press the POWER button and, without releasing it, dial the TV code on the digital panel.
  • When the indicator lights up and blinks, remove your finger from the power button.
  • Check the main functions by clicking all the buttons in turn.
  • If, after the manipulations performed, not all keys were activated, they must be configured separately by holding down the desired button and entering the code corresponding to the function.

The difference between a simple and a universal remote

The difference between a simple remote control and a universal one lies in the ability to flexibly configure the latter to control any device.

The work of the remote control is as follows: when the user presses a button, the remote control sends a signal to the TV using an LED. The latter reads it and performs the appropriate action.

Each team is assigned an individual three-digit code. Different models and manufacturers of TV, DVD players, TV set-top boxes, audio players, air conditioners and other household appliances have different codes. Therefore, the standard TV remote control included in the kit is most often not suitable for controlling a device of another model or category.

The universal remote control with infrared port allows you to manually program codes for each action, thanks to which the device can be configured to work with different devices. There are also remotes that connect via Bluetooth.

They do not need to be manually paired with each individual device, however, they can only be controlled by devices that support this technology.

How to find the TV code

Before setting up the universal remote control for your TV, you need to find out the code for your TV. It consists of 3 or 4 digits. You can watch it in the documentation for the TV or on the manufacturer’s website. The presence of the code will simplify the automatic setup, but if you cannot find it, do not be upset, because there is a way to pair the remote control and TV without using it.

How to set up a universal remote control

To use the device, it must be powered up and synchronized with the equipment.

How to connect a new remote control to the TV:

  • Turn on the TV to pair with.
  • Press the TV button on the remote control and hold it until the indicator on the remote control flashes.

Further settings are made either automatically or manually. Also, the algorithm will be different if the TV code is unknown.

Setting up without code

If for some reason you could not find out the TV code, use the following instruction:

  • Press the TV and Ok keys at the same time. The buttons on the device should light up. Hold them down until all keys stop lighting except for the numeric keypad.
  • Press the CH key repeatedly, intermittently, until the TV turns off. With each press of the button, the remote will cycle through the possible pairing codes. Disable TV means that a suitable code has been found.
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