How to connect wireless headphones to an iPhone

Connecting Airpods to Computer

As noted above, in order to be able to connect, your computer must be equipped with Bluetooth, the adapter must work properly and not be disconnected, the further steps are as follows:

  • Put your Airpods into pairing mode. To do this, place them in the case, open it, and then press and hold the round button on the case until the LED indicator flashes white. If it does not start blinking, wait a little longer without releasing the button: it will glow white, blink orange several times, and then start blinking white.
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  • Pair your Airpods with your computer. To do this, in Windows 10 go to Settings (WinI or the gear icon in the Start menu). Devices. Add Bluetooth or another device. Bluetooth, wait until Airpods appear in the list and click on them, wait until the connection is complete.
  • In Windows 7 and 8.1, you can go to Control Panel. Devices and Printers. Add a device and also connect to Airpods.
  • Turn on audio output and microphone from Airpods. In Windows 10, go to Settings. System. Sound and make sure Airpods are installed as output and input devices.
  • In Windows 7 and 8.1, go to Recorder and Playback Devices (right-click on the speaker in the notification area) and set Airpods as the default device for playback and recording (right-click on Airpods. use as default and use as communication device default). In Windows 10 it is also better to look into such a section (see How to open the recording and playback devices of Windows 10). In some messengers (for example, Skype), you need to select the default microphone in the settings of the program itself.

As a rule, this is where all the settings end. Airpods work with Windows and there are no problems, and reconnection usually happens automatically (or without pairing, but simply by connecting the device in the device parameters). The only caveat is that when used with an iPhone, the headphones will have to be reconnected to it.

How to connect Airpods to a Windows computer or laptop

Can Airpods be used with a Windows 10, 8.1, or Windows 7 computer? Yes, you can: it is enough that the computer or laptop has a Bluetooth adapter, and it works properly. after connecting Airpods, they can be used as headphones with a microphone.

This guide details how to connect Apple Airpods or Airpods Pro to a PC or laptop, as well as the possible problems that you may encounter. In the context of the topic, it can be useful: How to connect any Bluetooth headphones to a laptop or computer and solve possible sound problems, How to connect and use Airpods with Android.

Possible issues connecting Airpods and Airpods Pro in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7

Here are some common problems when using Airpods on a Windows computer and possible approaches to solve them:

  • Bluetooth works (sees other devices), but Airpods can’t. this happens with old Bluetooth adapters (as well as cheap USB-Bluetooth adapters for PCs), or is often caused by drivers. Try to uninstall the existing Bluetooth driver (in the device manager, remove the adapter and check the box “Remove drivers for this device”) and install it manually from the official website of the laptop manufacturer. Also, I was faced with the fact that, on the contrary, the headphones were not found with the official driver, and after removing it and automatically installing the driver of Windows 10 itself, everything worked fine. If you are not sure if Bluetooth is working properly (and it happens that your adapter is disconnected, although the driver is installed and “the device is working properly), see a separate guide: What to do if Bluetooth does not work on a laptop.
  • Airpods connection drops, audio stutters. Here again, you can experiment with different driver versions until you find a stable one. Sometimes turning off the power saving for the Bluetooth adapter helps (go to the adapter properties in the device manager, turn off the power saving on the Power Management tab). Also useful: Sound lags behind Bluetooth headphones.

Using Airpods with Computer. video

If, when you try to connect Airpods to a laptop or computer, something does not work as expected, describe the situation, paying special attention to the laptop model and Bluetooth adapter, perhaps there is a solution.

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But what if the Airpods are paired, but going into the sound options, I can not select a different input and output device for sound. Only speaker and microphone? Please tell me what to do

Theoretically, it may be that you have the wrong Bluetooth drivers. that is, Windows installed it itself, but you did not manually install a laptop from the manufacturer’s website for your model. And then it may not work “fully” and not function to transmit sound, for example.

The headphones were connected once. After that, they are categorically not found. What to do?

And if you delete and reconnect from the very beginning?

Good day! Help pliz, I bought a Bluetooth adapter for PC, and I was tormented so that the sound came out through the “headphones”, and the microphone through the “headphone” profile, otherwise all this works only through the “headphone” with bad sound, but with a microphone. How can the problem be solved? It also happens that the sound works, but the microphone does not.

Unfortunately, I will not suggest methods. In Windows, when the HFP profile is enabled (for the microphone to work), the ability to work as a “headphone” at the same time disappears, in any case, I have not met any exceptions (although, in theory, it could be, if the manufacturer of the headphones themselves took care of some special drivers for this particular system).
over, this is not a problem with headphones (the same headphones can work normally on the phone), namely, a feature in Windows.

I forgot to add that these are Airpods 2. And the fact that connecting them to a laptop win 10 home everything works well (sound through headphones, and micro through a headphone). I have 10 pro.

Unfortunately, this is not possible with all Bluetooth adapters in Windows. It does not depend on the headphones as such. But you can try other drivers for it, especially if there are original ones from the manufacturer.

Windows 10 did not see airpods when waiting for it in the list. what helped: in the Bluetooth settings, check the box “the computer is visible to all devices” and the headphones were immediately found. But they need time to tune, had to wait for the setup message and then toggle Bluetooth off-on. then the PC connected the headphones and immediately brought sound into them.

Nuances in use

The sound will start playing as soon as you insert the earbuds into your ears. If one of them is removed, the playback will be paused. You can change this in the settings. read below.

If the settings are set to play from only one earphone, when you take it out of the ear, playback stops and, if you do not insert it back within 15 seconds, it will automatically start again. If not, then you will have to do it manually.

Do not store the earbuds outside the case when not in use, especially when empty. So they are easy to lose and it is better not to leave the battery on the earbuds without a charge, otherwise it will quickly become unusable.

If you are using Airpods Pro, it is recommended to use the correct size earbuds that do not cause discomfort. There are three of them in the kit to choose from.

To select the device from which you want to play music. Open the control center and hold down the music button, there click on the icon at the top right. Devices change here.

Playback control

There is a special pressure sensor on the body of the earbuds, it is through pressing it that you can control playback.

  • One press. pause and play
  • Double tap. switch to the next track
  • Triple tap. go to the previous song
  • Say “Hello Siri” and give her a command to control other functions such as volume.

In the first generation Airpods, Siri launches with a double tap.

How to connect AirPods to iPhone. quickly and easily

Airpods wireless earbuds are among the most popular TWS models ever released. All this thanks to good sound quality and ease of use.

But, it is not always clear how to connect them to your iPhone, since the process at first glance is slightly different from other models. In reality, everything is easy and you will love it.

The last post was about how to connect wireless headphones to an iPhone. Today we will take a closer look at this process on headphones from Apple themselves and you will learn how to easily and quickly connect Airpods to your iPhone.

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Interesting! Airpods let you fully control your phone through Siri voice assistant, make calls, listen to music, use your smartphone as a baby sitter, and more.

How to set up Airpods

We have already considered in detail in the article about how to use AirPods, but here this information will not be superfluous either.

Place the open case with inserts inside next to the smartphone.

Open the settings and go to “Bluetooth”. Click on the exclamation mark icon on your headset.

Here you can change a number of parameters, for example, change the action when you press the sensor of the earbud, disable the function of playing music only when the earbud is in the ear, and others.

Connecting Two Airpods to One iPhone

Connect the first pair of headphones to your smartphone using the method described above.

Open iPhone settings and go to Bluetooth settings.

Press the pairing button on the second headset until they appear on the phone in other devices. Immediately after that, just click on them.

Interesting! You can set up one earbud to work on one iPhone and the other on the other. Just take out one and pair with one smartphone, put it back in the case, and then take out the other and set up in the same way on the other phone.

How to connect Airpods to iPhone

Make sure your phone has the latest IOS version 12 or higher. Since the developers are constantly changing and adding new functions and solving problems that were in the old versions with the AirPods connection.

If you do not want to update, if problems arise, you will still need to do this, because even technical support will tell you to update to exclude all possible problems.

Unlock your phone, open settings and turn on Bluetooth, or simply unfold the bottom curtain and turn it on. Then go to home screen.

Make sure the headset is charged. Open the case with the earbuds / earplugs inside and place it next to the phone. On the case, the indicator should light up white, this means that the headset is in connection mode.

An animated splash screen and a “Connect” button will appear on the iPhone. press it.

The charge of both the earbuds and the earbuds will be shown. So you can always see what it is. It is not shown on the case and inserts, you will have to look here or display a special widget on the screen with them.

Then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. It all depends on which version of Airpods you have: Pro, first or second generation. You may also need to set up to work with Siri.

After all the settings, click on “Finish”. That’s it, now you can use all the capabilities of your Airpods, just take them out of the case and insert them into your ears.

Interesting! Also, they can be connected to other smartphones, computer and laptop. about this. how to connect airpods to Android.

What to do if AirPods do not connect

Check the IOS version, it must be at least 12.2. And best of all, immediately upgrade to the newest one, because they fix most of the problems that may arise when connecting.

See if Bluetooth is enabled on your phone by swiping from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Place the plugs inside the case and close it for 15 seconds. Also see if charging is in progress. Read more about this in the article. How to charge Airpods.

After the headphones have been in the case for 15 seconds, when you take them out from there, the indicator should light up white at the same time. This means they are ready to connect.

Open the case with AirPods inside and place it next to the unlocked iPhone. Then follow the instructions on the smartphone screen.

Reset your AirPods headphones, for this:

  • Place the plugs inside the case for 30 seconds
  • Open the case, place it next to the iPhone. Go to the bluetooth settings on your phone and remove the headset by clicking on “Forget device”
  • On an open case with headphones inside, hold down the button for 15 seconds until the indicator flashes yellow
  • Close the lid for 15 seconds, open it and place it next to the phone, then follow the instructions on the screen

How to connect Meizu wireless headphones

Recently, Meizu Pop Bluetooth headphones (tw50 model) have caught their wave of popularity. People praise their comfortable shape and fit, decent sound quality, decent battery life, and an ergonomic case. Of course, the device also has a number of disadvantages. To use these headphones, you need to figure out how to connect Meizu wireless headphones to your phone.

What you need to connect

To connect the headphones to an Android smartphone or iPhone, they need to have a working Bluetooth module. The higher its version is, the better and more reliable the connection will be. If desired, they can even be connected to a computer. for example, a laptop, also via bluetooth.

It is also important that the device has a sufficient amount of charge. Therefore, it is advisable to recharge them before the first connection attempt. To charge, we leave the headphones in the case and connect the cable to its port. Here the first inconvenience comes up. for some reason the socket turned out to be located at the bottom of the case, and to connect it you have to flip it on its side.

The charging cable is usually connected to a computer, but you can use any charger operating at a voltage not exceeding 5 V. The blue LED will flash on the white case of the case during recharging. And on the front panel there are 4 indicators that indicate the current level of battery charge.

The minimum charging time is ten minutes. As soon as the charging indicator stops blinking and goes out, the headphones are fully charged. The maximum charge allows them to work for about eight hours.

What to do if the headphones are not connected

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

How to connect meizu pop if they do not want to be displayed in the device list or connect due to another error? You need to try to reset the settings to factory defaults:

  • We put the right earphone in the case.
  • We are waiting for the LED blinking to end.
  • Press the earphone five times (fast).
  • If successful, the indicator will blink four times. If this does not happen, we repeat the steps.
  • We carry out the same procedure for the left.

How to pair with your phone

How to connect meizu wireless headphones? The instructions for use are simple:

  • Headphones must be turned on. We hold down the button located between the volume up keys. If the headphones are separate, we take them out of the case and wait 10-15 seconds to synchronize with each other. 8.jpg
  • After a few seconds, the indicator will light up. blue and red. If this does not happen for a long time, most likely the device is not sufficiently charged.
  • Before proceeding with the connection, you need to set up your smartphone. Namely. turn on Bluetooth.
  • After that, we open the list of those available for connection. After a while, the phone should find the headphones. a line containing the word “MEIZU” and the model name will be displayed in the list.
  • We select this item. The headphones will emit a special signal indicating successful connection. The icon of the connected headset will be displayed in the curtain of the smartphone.

Now you can start listening to music.

The second earpiece does not work

Occasionally it happens that the left earpiece refuses to work. Some users managed to fix this bug by simply tapping the device. But there is a safer option that almost always works:

  • We take out the right earphone from the box.
  • The LED on it will start blinking, indicating an attempt to connect.
  • While the left one remains in the case, we bring the right one to it and touch it.

Bluetooth earphone activation

  • Bluetooth activation is performed according to the following sequence of actions:
  • Go to the settings of our iPhone.
  • Open the section called Bluetooth.
  • We activate Bluetooth and in the list of found accessories we click on our headphones.

After completing the described steps, the phone will assign the status “Connected” to the headphones. A new designation will appear next to the battery level indicator, which indicates that the headphones are connected and ready to work.

Thanks to the function marked “i”, we can temporarily disconnect the headset or completely delete all connection information. For the latter case, the item “Forget this device” is provided.

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The indicator that notifies the user about the headset charge level is called “Batteries”. When you reconnect the headphones to the phone, the device recognizes almost instantly and without user intervention.

Lightning adapter Choetech HUB-A01

This is an elegant, simple and easy-to-use Lightning adapter for connecting traditional wired headphones to new versions of iPhones. Please note that you can simultaneously connect headphones and charge your iPhone, which cannot be done if you are using a native adapter.

How to connect Bluetooth?

All iPhone models are synchronized with gadgets that have a Bluetooth version of at least 2.1.

When buying wireless headphones, keep in mind that in order to connect and work with Apple phones, they must support at least one of the following Bluetooth profiles:

  • Human Interface Device Profile (HID).
  • Audio / Video Remote Control (AVRCP).
  • Personal Area Network Profile (PAN).
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP).
  • Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.5).
  • Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP).

To enable Bluetooth on iPhone, you need to:

  • press the button “Sleep / Wake up”;
  • click on the “Settings” icon;
  • in the window that opens, click on the Bluetooth column;
  • in the new window, move the floating button opposite the Bluetooth function to the on position (green color), the enabled Bluetooth devices will appear on the page.

How to connect headphones?

In different models of wireless headphones, the Bluetooth function is turned on in its own way, therefore, before connecting with an iPhone, you should carefully study the instructions for the headset.

For the first time, for better synchronization, the headset is turned on next to the device. Connecting headphones to the phone is as follows:

  • on the iPhone, a line with the name of the connected wireless headphones should appear in the Bluetooth window;
  • when you click on this line, a new window will open, in which, opposite the “Synchronize” option, the floating button must also be moved to the on position (green).

Why the connection might not be established

For example, you do everything according to the rules, the device appears in the list of available for connection via Bluetooth, but the connection does not occur. Or your gadget doesn’t appear on this list at all. There may be several reasons for this:
1. If you turn on the headphones, but they do not appear in the list, try pressing the pairing button on them again. If this does not help, turn off the gadget and turn it on again. Then try disabling Bluetooth on your phone and enabling it again by manually searching for nearby devices. Also try to place the earbuds as close to the phone as possible, especially for the first connection.
2. If the headphones are on the list, but pairing does not work, check to see if they are already connected to another device nearby. If the connection has already been established with another smartphone, tablet, computer or TV, the second connection will fail. You need to find this device and turn off Bluetooth on it, then the connection will be cut off and you can connect to another gadget. If you do not know what kind of device it is, just turn off the headphones, place them directly next to the phone with an active network, and only then press the power button. In this case, the gadget will connect with the device that is closer.
3. Interference from other wireless devices may cause failures. Take them away and try again.
4. If the device takes too long to connect, but there is no result, click on its name in the list and select “Unpair” or “End connection”. Then restart your smartphone and try again.

Step-by-step pairing instructions

Before connecting wireless headphones to your iPhone via Bluetooth, you need to make sure they are compatible. Things are simpler with the headset from the “apple” manufacturer, because they are mated in 100% of cases. In addition, they are compatible with most other non-Apple mobile devices. They all connect in about the same way. To do this, follow the instructions below:

How To Connect Wireless Headphones to IPhone (2019)

  • Turn on your headset and activate the option to let other devices see them. Usually, all this is done by pressing only one button, although it may be a key combination (depending on the headphone model).
  • In iPhone, open the main settings menu and go to the “Bluetooth” section.
  • Turn on the desired function and wait until the list of detected devices appears, where the headset should be displayed. You need to tap on it. If everything is done correctly, the status “Connected” will appear. (do not forget to click on the “allow new devices to connect” button, if available).
  • You will also see the corresponding icon in the status bar next to the battery level.
  • To connect Bluetooth headphones to your iPhone, the headset may require a passcode. But this should be stated in her operating instructions. Therefore, it is also worth familiarizing yourself with it. It remains only to check them for performance.

I can’t connect headphones via Bluetooth: what is the reason?

Despite the simple connection algorithm, users occasionally encounter problems when trying to connect the phone and wireless headphones. The reasons are usually commonplace: we have compiled a list of the most popular.

  • Headphones are off or not in pairing mode. It is banal, but true: many forget to turn on the “ears”, and the smartphone, of course, cannot find them among the available devices. This often happens with simple models without light indication.
  • The headphones are out of pairing mode. As a rule, the connection mode works only for a certain time: for example, 30 s. If you’ve fumbled with your smartphone for too long and it’s time out, chances are you won’t be able to find the device on the list. Pay attention to the indicator light and try to understand if connection mode is activated.
  • The distance between the devices is too great. For a reliable connection, two gadgets must be at a distance of up to 10 meters in the line of sight. If suddenly you are trying to connect from the next room through a couple of walls, you may not succeed.
  • The headphones were named with a mysterious name. This is often encountered by those who bought cheap wireless “ears” on AliExpress: the Chinese can name the model in the most unpredictable way, including designating it with hieroglyphs. In this case, it will be difficult for you to find the device in the Bluetooth list when connecting. The recipe is simple: turn off the headphones, press the “Search” or “Refresh” button on your smartphone. One of the devices should disappear. Turn on the gadget again and update the list. watch the appearance of a new line. She is your device.
  • The headphone battery is dead. Another popular scenario for those who have been messing around with the connection for too long. Many models do not warn you in any way that the battery is low. In others, the “alarm indicator” is activated, that is, the LED starts blinking red or with an increased frequency. If it does not light at all, then it needs charging.
  • You have rebooted your smartphone. If you turned off your phone (for example, when boarding an airplane) or rebooted it (for example, after an update), you will have to reconnect; Bluetooth devices will not automatically pair. The technique is the same as we described earlier.

How to connect wireless headphones to your phone?

It would seem that everything is simple, but not everyone succeeds. We tell all about wireless headphones for a Bluetooth phone: how to connect and what to do if you can’t do it.

It would seem that everything is simple, but not everyone succeeds. We will tell you how to connect a wireless earphone to your phone and what to do if it does not connect.

and more people are choosing comfortable wireless headphones over traditional wired ones. If you have not yet chosen the ones that suit you, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our selection of the best options.

You can connect such headphones to a smartphone via the Bluetooth protocol: the corresponding module is now available even in the simplest phones.

How to connect headphones via NFC

NFC is a wireless technology that works over a very limited (up to 10 cm) distance. If the headphones have an NFC option, this does not mean that they will work precisely through this type of communication. This function is designed to simply make it easier to connect to the same Bluetooth. you do not need to make any settings, enter a password: you just need to touch the headphone with your smartphone. NFC is available both for full-size on-ear headphones and for “plugs” such as:

  • Make sure the headphones are turned on. Many models have an indicator light that comes on or starts flashing.
  • Unlock your smartphone screen and slide the back cover in close proximity to the headphones.
  • The status of the indicator light (if any) will change: for example, it will start blinking more often or light up with a constant light. If there is no indicator, most likely, a phrase about connecting the device will sound in the headphones.
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TIP: Connect the headphones before inserting them into your ears. In case you left them at full volume, a phrase like “Connection established” suddenly and loudly sounding in your “ears” can scare you a lot.

Remember that when you connect a new device, connections with the old ones are broken. That is, if you had the speakerphone connected via Bluetooth in the car, and you decided to connect the smartphone with the headphones, “hands free” will be disabled.

How to connect headphones via Bluetooth

The procedure for connecting wireless headphones to a smartphone is very simple. It needs to be done only once: then when devices appear in the coverage area of ​​the “blue-tooth” connection, they will be connected automatically. So how to connect to wireless headphones from your phone?

  • Turn on the headphones and Bluetooth module on your smartphone.
  • Go to the phone menu, find the Bluetooth tab, enter it.
  • You will see a list of devices that are within range of the signal. Find the model name of your headphones in this list: most often the manufacturer gives its gadgets this name.
  • Click on the device name. the smartphone will try to establish a connection with it. After that, it will most likely ask for a password (pairing code).
  • The most popular factory password is 0000. But the headphone manufacturer may provide another one: in this case, find it in the user manual.
  • After entering the correct pairing code, the devices will connect via Bluetooth. If the earbuds have an indicator light, it will light up or start flashing.

Some headphones come with a charging case. Sometimes the cases indicate a specific place where you need to put your smartphone. Alternatively, take out the “ears” and carry out the standard procedure.

General rules

Wireless earbuds are the best choice for those who play sports. It is desirable that they be protected from moisture ingress. as, for example, this model Awei A885BL.

How to connect two wireless earbuds to your phone?

A logical question: what if you want to listen to music together from one source? I would like to be able to connect two pairs of wireless headphones to a smartphone at once. Alas, it is not so easy to do this, or rather “by default” it is simply impossible to do it. But there are some tricks.

Many manufacturers provide for the connection of second headphones to the first, of the same model. For example, the Marshall Major II Bluetooth has a hybrid connection: they can be connected both wirelessly and using a regular cable. And there is such an option: you connect the “ears” via Bluetooth, and the second copy. to the first one using a cable. So you can, for example, watch a video or listen to music together.

The “sharing” function is also available in some JBL models. It’s called ShareMe. In this case, the signal is transmitted to the second headphones also wirelessly.

useful information about wireless headphones:

How to answer a call?

You can answer through a double tap on the central part of any earphone. Or, if the user has changed this option in the settings, on the left or right “ear”. Each earphone here also performs the function of a microphone.

Airpods Control Methods

There are 2 options here: double tapping on the headphone casing or removing them from the ears. Siri can also come to the rescue. No buttons, very convenient and mobile.

Headphone control features

  • remove one “ear”. playback is paused;
  • remove both headphones. playback is completely disabled.

Connect and use Airpods. 5 steps to set up

Airpods are stylish wireless headphones that work perfectly with all gadgets of the “apple” family. With their help, you can not only, in fact, listen to music, but also give commands to Siri, answer phone calls and much more. But is it possible to connect Airpods, for example, to a computer on Windows or an Android device? Of course, you can, if you know how to do it correctly. This and other features of the already legendary “earbuds” will be discussed further. Let’s explore from “A” to “Z” how to control these headphones.!

How to connect Airpods to Android device

If there are no “apple” gadgets. no problem! Airpods can be used seamlessly with devices manufactured by other companies.

How to link Airpods to Android devices:

  • place the headphones in the case, while leaving the latter open;
  • on the case of the box, press and hold the button until the indicator glows white;
  • on a smart go to the Bluetooth section, find and connect to Airpods.

Nuances: the option to stop the melody does not work with Android if you remove 1 earpiece from your ear; Siri launch is not activated. You can add functionality by downloading and installing utilities on the gadget, for example, AirBattery.

Possible connection problems

What difficulties a user can face when connecting headphones, and how they can be overcome?

  • Airpods not connecting? Make sure your headphones are charged. When the battery level is low, the headset beeps. To recharge, you need to connect the case with headphones to a charging or USB port using a Lightning cable.
  • Settings interface doesn’t appear? Try to close the case along with the headphones, wait 10-15 seconds and open it again. The indicator should flash white.
  • Not syncing with iCloud? You need to exit the program, and then log back in using your login password.
  • Not connecting on Mac? Turn off and then turn on the Bluetooth module via the icon in the menu bar.

A universal method that will help solve most of the problems is to reset the headphones themselves. To do this, on the Apple gadget, go to the Bluetooth section, click on “Forget this device”. We put the headphones in the case. We are waiting for 15 seconds. Now you need to open the lid and press the round button on the box. The indicator should flash amber a couple of times, then turn white.

How to connect Airpods to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch

To begin with, it is worth talking about a few nuances that users need to know. wireless “droplets” are compatible with gadgets from Apple only if the latter support:

  • smartphones, players and tablets. iOS version 10;
  • Smart watches. watchOS version 3;
  • laptops. macOS from Sierra and later.

This concludes the introductory part. You can proceed to the process of how to connect Airpods to iPhone, MacBook and other devices from Apple.

  • First you need to unlock the device and open the case with headphones;
  • Then you need to place the box next to the device;
  • After that, information on the ability to customize Airpods will appear on the iPhone screen;
  • Further, everything will be clear intuitively.

If the device is already logged into iCloud, then no additional manipulations are required. The headset will automatically adjust to work with compatible accessories. The main thing is not to forget to open the case with the headphones, otherwise nothing will work.

How to set up Airpods headphones

In general, it is usually enough for the user to open the cover and get the “droplets” already ready for work. Tracks from the connected gadget will start playing as soon as both headphones are in your ears. Therefore, a long and complex setup is not needed here, but the user should still know some of the nuances of the AirPods operation.

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