How to connect your phone to LG Smart TV

DLNA connection

There is another option. using DLNA standards. Contact is possible via Ethernet cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi. In 2021, this is the most popular and convenient option for setting up communication between devices for the further reproduction of digital materials. Usage Guide:

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Analog cable connection

Many older models do not have an HDMI port, so they use an analog cable as the source. Then connect via Bluetooth or access point.

Mirror for LG Smart TV

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The Mirror for LG Smart TV application allows you to display clips, photos, videos on the big screen, and also connects to music centers. The program is available for all models of Apple technology, and it is possible to download it in Appstore.

Special programs and other methods

If the classical methods do not suit you, then it is possible to use special players and applications. There are a lot of them in 2021, but they are all similar in functionality.

Connection features

You will not need any special skills, and you will not have to look for masters. Everything is simple and clear if you follow the instructions in order. What to cook for customization:

  • telephone;
  • TV;
  • stable Internet (better Wi-Fi, to connect both devices to it);
  • standard HDMI cable;
  • special programs that can be downloaded from Appstore.

How to connect iPhone to LG TV via Wi-fi

The simplest option is through an access point or over the air. Since all modern TVs and telephones are equipped with the appropriate module, there will be no problems. Setup Guide:

  • download and install the free LG Smart Share software on your TV;
  • download Twonky Beam software on iPhone;
  • on iOS, open Twonky Beam and select the “show or hide” item;
  • then open the video that you want to broadcast on the screen;
  • include;
  • the video stream will start after the display shows “beaming”.

Using this method, make sure both devices are connected to the same access point.

LG TV Plus

LG TV Plus digital TV app makes iphone screen mirroring on LG Smart TV. It is free and available for different phone versions. Operation is simple:

  • install the software;
  • go through the short registration form;
  • go to the TV section;
  • put your videos on stream.


This is the easiest way to connect your phone to your home screen. To implement it, the owner of the LG V60 ThinQ 5G will need the USB cable that comes with the device.

Next, you need to insert one part of the cable into the smartphone, and the other into the TV receiver. After that, it remains to open the TV menu using the remote control, and in the connection menu, select the involved USB port.

At the same time, the exchange of data with the TV is confirmed on the smartphone itself, choosing the connection as a media device. If everything is done correctly, the TV receiver will recognize the LG V60 ThinQ 5G as an external storage, and using the remote control you will play the photos, audio and video on the TV screen.

Via Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a feature supported by most smart TV models. It allows you to display the image from the screen of the LG V60 ThinQ 5G to a TV receiver. To connect in this way, you must:

  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct in the “Network” section of the TV settings.
  • On the phone, open the settings and go to the Wi-Fi section.
  • Press the button with three dots and select Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Select your TV receiver in the menu of available devices.

After performing these manipulations, you will need to open the file manager or gallery, select the required file, press the “Share” button and select Wi-Fi Direct as the sending method.

How to Connect LG V60 ThinQ 5G to TV

Modern technology allows you to perform a variety of operations related to smartphones. Many of them greatly simplify the process of interacting with the device and expand its functionality. Specifically, you can connect the LG V60 ThinQ 5G to your TV. Why you need such a connection, and how to make it?

What will connect the LG V60 ThinQ 5G to a TV?

LG V60 ThinQ 5G is a full-fledged multimedia device that does not require synchronization with home equipment in standard use cases. But sometimes a smartphone needs to be connected to a TV in order to access the following features:

  • watching videos on the big screen;
  • listening to music through TV speakers;
  • gaming on the TV-receiver screen;
  • output of the smartphone desktop to TV;
  • wireless TV control.

The owner of the LG V60 ThinQ 5G can complete the list by showing his own imagination. But the fact remains that connecting a phone to a TV is a function that is incorporated by the developers into the LG V60 ThinQ 5G.

You can use several synchronization methods to set up a connection between two devices. Both wired and wireless options are being considered. The choice of a particular method depends on various reasons, including the technical equipment of the house, as well as the functionality of the TV. Therefore, before connecting, it is recommended to consider all possible ways.


This method is more complex, but also more functional. If, when connected via USB, a basic set of capabilities opens up before the owner of the devices, allowing the LG V60 ThinQ 5G to be perceived as an external storage, then when pairing via HDMI, the smartphone’s desktop will be displayed on the receiver’s screen, and the actions performed on the phone will also be displayed. In particular, the launch of certain programs.

The connection will proceed as follows:

  • USB plug from MHL adapter or SlimPort plugs into smartphone.
  • An HDMI cable connects similar connectors of the adapter and receiver.
  • TV settings open, and then a list of available connections.
  • The used HDMI connector is selected.

If everything is done correctly, then the LG V60 ThinQ 5G desktop will be displayed on the TV receiver screen. After that, you can manipulate the smartphone, and the movements will be displayed on the TV receiver.

Wire connection options

Wired methods of connecting the LG V60 ThinQ 5G to a TV are not the most convenient due to the use of cables, but at the same time, such options do not require advanced technical equipment of a TV receiver.

Wireless connectivity options

Ways of setting up a connection between devices without using wires are the most convenient and popular. But in order to connect the LG V60 ThinQ 5G to a TV wirelessly, the latter must support Smart TV technology. Otherwise, you will be able to connect only through the cable.

Via Miracast

Mirakast is another wireless connection technology that has a wider functionality compared to Wi-Fi Direct. For example, on the TV screen, in this case, it is possible to display not only a separate file, but also all movements in the phone menu.

  • Activate Miracast in TV settings.
  • On the phone, go to the “Screen Mirroring”, “Screen Mirroring” or “Wireless Display” settings (the name may differ depending on the firmware).
  • Choose your TV from the available devices.

Then the image from the smartphone screen will be transferred to the TV receiver. Any movement of the user, including the launch of individual games or programs, will be reproduced on the large screen.

If you could not find the Mirakast function in the TV settings with Smart TV, then you should not despair. The technology is supported by all models with a built-in Wi-Fi module. You just need to connect your TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network, and then activate the wireless display in the LG V60 ThinQ 5G settings.

You can also use third-party applications from Google Play to perform the operation. For example, AirScreen or Screen Mirroring. There are a lot of similar programs, so finding a suitable one is not difficult.

How to connect phone to LG Smart TV via HDMI

This connection is used very rarely, but we must touch on it. A special cable and possibly an additional adapter are used here. One end of the cable uses an HDMI plug that plugs into a similar jack on your TV, and the other end of the cable uses a plug from your port on your phone. As a rule, this wire is difficult to find, so let’s move on to the most common type of connection. via WI-FI

Connecting your phone to a TV via USB

To connect via the USB port on your TV, you need a wire that you usually use to charge your smartphone. In general, it connects in the same way as you connect to a computer in order to drop the necessary media files there.

One end of the wire should have a USB 2.0 Type-A plug, and the other end of the wire should have a plug that fits into your phone. It can be microUSB or miniUsb or whatever, depending on your brand and phone model.

Insert one end of the wire into the phone and the other into the TV through the USB connector. If the connection is valid, the device is connected appears on the TV. In turn, a pop-up window with connection options will appear on your phone. For charging, for example, or for transferring files and images. Choose the second option.

Now, using the Photos & Videos app from the bottom row of the app on your Smart TV screen, you can view your phone’s content. Please note this type of connection is intended only for playing media content from a smartphone to a TV.

How to connect your smartphone to your LG Smart TV

There are several ways to connect your smartphone to your LG Smart TV. The article details two of the most common. Other methods are either no longer available or are used very rarely.

Connecting smartphone to LG Smart TV via WI-FI Direct

To play content from a smartphone on a TV, you can use the built-in functionality of the TV. connecting the device to a TV via Wi-fi direct. This technology allows you to connect other devices via a wireless communication channel without using a router.

  • Check if the WI-FI direct function is available on the smartphone
  • Enable this function in the smartphone setup menu.
  • Go to the settings in the “Network” section and then to the WI-FI direct section
  • Turn on content sharing

WI-FI direct is not an application, but a function in modern mobile phones. If your smartphone does not support this function, then it is not possible to use it. The connection speed corresponds to a regular WI-FI connection.

Once connected, you can view content from devices using Photos & Videos or Music on TV.

How to connect phone to TV via WI-FI LG Smart TV

This is the most popular and simplest connection, and through it you can do the following.

  • Play content from smartphone on TV
  • Display the smartphone screen on the Smart TV screen or otherwise. screen sharing
  • Control your TV using it as a remote control

details about each method of connecting your phone to your LG Smart TV via WI-FI can be found in the “Connection Manager”, which is located in the bottom row of applications on the main screen of Smart TV.

The official LG TV Remove app is used to watch content from a smartphone on the TV. Once connected, you can view content such as picture, video or music from Smart devices on your TV. How to download and install it, you can read the article “How to control LG Smart TV from your phone

After connecting, an icon with the name of the device appears on the main screen of Smart TV on the right side of the screen. If you make it active using the remote control and clicking “OK”, the link “Content Sharing” will appear. By clicking on it, a screen with the contents of the phone will open. Images, videos and other media content will be presented. You can close this screen using the cross in the right corner of the screen.

The link will appear if your smartphone is active. If the phone goes into sleep mode. a splash screen appears, the link will not appear.

Also in the LG TV Remove application itself in the menu you can find the item “Content on the mobile”. By going to it, all media files distributed by sections will open. By selecting the desired image or video, you can display it for playback on the TV screen.

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Wireless sync

The connection methods already described are suitable not only for Smart TVs, but also for ordinary TVs. And now we will talk about how to connect a gadget to a “smart” device. Indeed, for a wireless contact, the presence of Wi-Fi technology in the TV is necessary, which is absent in older models.

So, how do you connect your smartphone to Smart TV if, for example, you are visiting and you don’t have the right wire at hand, or you just don’t want to mess with cables? To do this, you can also use several synchronization methods.

How to connect your phone to Smart TV: methods and instructions

Every owner of a smartphone at least once wanted to connect it to their TV in order to show friends or relatives various pictures or videos on the big screen. Of course, this method is much more convenient than showing the same photos to everyone in a large company several times in a row.

In addition, for sure, every smartphone user has a favorite application that they really want to try on a large screen that conveys even the smallest details. Based on this, a logical question arises: “How to connect the phone to Smart TV?”. In fact, this can be done very easily, and even in several different ways.!

Router application

To implement such a connection, you will need:

  • smartphone with Wi-Fi support;
  • TV with the same function or with Smart TV;
  • home router.

To connect your phone to Smart TV, you first need to connect both your smartphone and your TV to a Wi-Fi network. Then find a special application from the developer in the device menu, which makes it possible to easily synchronize gadgets from the same manufacturer. For example, Samsung TVs use the AllShare program, in Philips devices you can find a folder called Philips MyRemote, Sony has this function under the name VAIO Media Server, and LG. this is Smart Share.

Owners of Apple gadgets will come to the rescue with a special Apple TV set-top box equipped with the AirPlay function.

Features of standard programs

Of course, the vendors have worked hard to develop these applications for a reason. All of them significantly expand the ability of ordinary synchronization of a TV and a mobile device. With the help of these programs, the entire synchronization process is automated, all files are reformatted into a format suitable for playback on a large screen, as a result of which the image quality is significantly improved.

In this case, the connection is as easy and simple as possible. For example, how do I connect my phone to an LG TV? Connect to the shared network on both devices, then launch the Smart Share folder. That’s all, now you can try all the functionality of your TV. In this case, the smartphone can be used as a remote control. And if you establish the connection the other way around, then using the TV remote control you can open the folders on the phone.

How to connect your phone to your Smart TV via HDMI

If you are at home, then using cables is unlikely to cause you any inconvenience, but you can easily improve the quality of the transmitted image and the connection as a whole.

HDMI cable is especially appreciated by owners of smartphones and TVs due to the fastest and highest quality information exchange. When connected via this cable, Smart TV literally reflects the image of the gadget, like a mirror. It is this effect that makes it possible to boast of photos and videos in front of a large company, launch your favorite game, or just enjoy the music stored in your phone to your heart’s content.

True, it should be said that the use of this method may be limited to the gadget model. Indeed, for synchronization via an HDMI cable, both devices must have a corresponding connector, which some smartphones are not equipped with. Although in such a situation, the developers took care of their users, because progress does not stand in one place. To eliminate this defect, an MHL cable was invented, which is a kind of converter between HDMI and USB connectors.

So how do you connect your phone to Smart TV in this way? Everything is extremely simple. To establish a connection, perform a few manipulations:

  • turn off both devices;
  • connect the phone to the TV with a cable;
  • turn on the fixtures;
  • open Smart TV settings;
  • select a suitable signal source;
  • turn on any app on your phone.

Although it is not uncommon to set up synchronization between devices automatically.

Connection types

How do I connect my phone to Smart TV? In total, there are several ways to transfer data from a mobile device to a TV, and they are all divided into two types:

In the latter case, a special cable is required to connect the gadget to an LG, Sony or Samsung TV. USB, HDMI or Slim Port. An ordinary wire with tulips is also quite suitable. Almost all modern TVs that do not support Wi-Fi for synchronization with a smartphone are necessarily equipped with at least one of the necessary connectors.

As for the implementation of wireless data transmission to the TV screen, for this, both devices must be equipped with technologies such as AirPlay, Miracast or their analogues.

How to connect your phone to Smart TV via USB

Unlike HDMI, this device will not open the screen of the gadget for you, but will only show a folder with its contents. Although you will be able to reproduce the necessary music, videos and images in the same way. In addition, the TV can recognize popular presentation and document formats.

How do I connect my phone to Smart TV via USB? In this case, everything is also very simple! Turn off the devices first, then connect the cable to the appropriate connectors and turn on the devices. After the performed manipulations, the connection will be established automatically. Just do not forget that the wire you need will have different outputs at the ends, suitable for a TV and a smartphone.

Such synchronization makes it possible to completely duplicate the image from a mobile device. In this case, the phone can be controlled using the TV remote control.

What files can be opened on TV

Many users mistakenly believe that only pictures, videos and films can be transferred from the gadget to Smart TV. But in reality, the functionality of modern TVs is much wider than most of their owners think. By choosing the right type of connection and connecting the smartphone to Smart TV, each user can:

  • enable online channels;
  • watch videos on YouTube channels;
  • broadcast any games and applications to the big screen;
  • transfer images from your device to the TV.

The functional ability of synchronization depends entirely on how the devices are connected.

Connecting via Wi-Fi Direct

This type of connection is suitable for owners of modern TV models that are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter and Wi-Fi Direct function. This type of connection does not need to be connected to a router. As a rule, Wi-Fi can only be connected to smart Smart TVs. You also need to have Android 4.0 or higher installed on your mobile phone.

To connect your smartphone to your LG TV, follow this simple step-by-step guide:

  • Take your smartphone, open the main menu, and then go to the “Settings” section. Go to the subsection “Wireless networks”, and then select “Wi-Fi”. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right and select “Wi-Fi Direct”. If there is no such command, then select “Advanced settings”.
  • As a result, an automatic search for networks will be launched for subsequent connection using Wi-Fi Direct technology.
  • Take the remote control and open the main menu. Go to the “Network” section. As in the previous case, you need to click on the “Wi-Fi Direct” command.
  • This will search for devices available for synchronization. To connect a TV and a smartphone, you just need to select a mobile phone model from the list. A connection confirmation request will be sent to the device, it must be approved.
  • After a few seconds, the smartphone and TV are synchronized. The signal from the mobile will be broadcast to the big screen, the sound will also be transmitted.
  • there is no need to pull a wire across the room;
  • does not require a Wi-Fi router;
  • you can reproduce medical content in various formats;
  • all connectors and inputs are free, so the phone can be charged;
  • implemented the possibility of Internet surfing.
  • “Wi-Fi Direct” technology is not implemented on old smartphones and TVs;
  • mobile phone battery runs out quickly.

If the cellular is configured to the TV via Wi-Fi, then the user can not only play content, but also open applications. this is a big plus.

What will connect the phone to the TV

First of all, connecting the phone to the TV will significantly expand the functionality of the equipment. The smartphone transforms into a kind of projector, since a signal is transmitted from it, and the image is broadcast on a large screen. Thus, each user will be able to:

  • play videos, view photos and open other media content from your phone, and then project it onto a large screen;
  • launch video games, instant messengers and all kinds of other applications downloaded from the market;
  • surf the Internet, that is, open various websites;
  • conduct all kinds of presentations, demonstrations, read literature in electronic format.

Controlling your TV from your phone is a convenient and practical solution. However, if you plan to play games, then it is better to connect a joystick.

If the user connects via Wi-Fi, the image from the phone is transmitted over the air. In all other cases, it is necessary to use special cables, interfaces, which, in fact, will be discussed below.

You can also download an app that turns your smartphone into a remote control. This is very convenient, especially in cases where the old remote control is lost or broken. For LG TVs, it is called LG TV Remote (link in Android Google Play, Apple AppStore).

How to Connect Your Phone to an LG TV: 4 Ways

There are several ways to connect your mobile phone and TV. Some options transform a smartphone into a real Smart set-top box, while others, on the contrary, only allow you to play media content stored on a cellular device.

If you do not know how to connect mobile phone to LG TV, then this article will be helpful for you. Now let’s get acquainted with the instructions for synchronizing mobile and television equipment. As a result, each user will be able to choose the option that suits him.

HDMI connection

This method is considered to be the simplest. It is desirable that the mobile phone or tablet is equipped with a mini HDMI interface, which will provide a direct connection to a TV. However, this is very rare, so most likely the user will have to buy a special adapter.

How to connect a smartphone to LV TV? Follow the step by step algorithm:

  • One end of the cable needs to be inserted into the connector located on the back of the TV, and the other into the port on the smartphone. Insert the adapter into the micro USB interface first. Remember the HDMI port number where the cable was inserted.
  • Turn on the TV and go to the main menu, and then open the tab to select the signal source (or press the Input button on the remote control). It is necessary to select the HDMI input with the same number into which the cable was inserted in the previous step. Usually he is the only one active and available for selection.
  • This will automatically adjust the picture to the screen resolution. That is, this is done so that the image is displayed in full screen.

When the devices are connected by cable, the cellular desktop will appear on the TV screen. Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo smartphones are connected to the TV using the same algorithm, there are certain differences in the process of setting up the iPhone (requires a Lightning to HDMI adapter).

  • you can ensure uninterrupted operation of the cellular by connecting a charger via USB (if there is a direct mini HDMI output);
  • the TV will work as a monitor, that is, the image is duplicated.
  • not all smartphones support HDMI connection;
  • often you have to buy an adapter.
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Convenient and simplest way to synchronize your mobile device and TV.

Via Wi-Fi using Miracast

We are talking about a modern data transmission standard, the essence lies in the use of wireless channels. If the TV supports this interface, then you can broadcast various content to the big screen. You can also play games, run applications.

The main requirement is that the TV and smartphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (router).

  • Turn on the TV and go to the main menu.
  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the subsection “Network”.

Not all versions of the Android operating system support this functionality. The name of the function in question may vary depending on the device model, but the essence is always the same. If you cannot find this command, install an application from Google Play, for example, Miracast. WI-FI Display. Launch it and activate the image transfer function.

Immediately after starting the Miracast function, it will automatically search for devices available for connection, select your TV. Then you need to confirm the synchronization using the remote control. This will start transferring the image. If the picture is not displayed in full screen, then just turn the mobile phone over, i.e. it should be horizontal.

USB connection

If you plan to connect a smartphone to the TV via USB, then remember that the mobile device will be used as a flash drive. This means that the screen will not be duplicated. You cannot play games or run applications. Individual files can be played.

Smartphones Lenovo, Huawei, LG, Samsung are connected using a similar algorithm:

  • Take the USB cable, which is included in the basic package of absolutely all mobile devices. Plug one end into the phone jack and the other plug into the port on the back of the TV.
  • Open the main menu on the TV and select the signal source. USB input. Sometimes you need to select the input with the same number into which the cable was inserted.

When the devices are bound, an interface opens within which you can move and launch files. In general, the interface is very similar to the explorer of the Windows operating system. Controlled by a remote control.

Some TV models automatically scan connected devices for media files, and also prompt the user to play them.

  • universality. absolutely all modern devices are equipped with a USB interface;
  • there is no need to purchase additional cables, since the cord is included in the basic package of the mobile;
  • during the operation of the device, it will be automatically charged, extending the battery life of the device.
  • there is no ability to play content online;
  • you cannot play games, use instant messengers and applications;
  • Internet surfing is not possible.

If you have memorable photos or videos stored on your phone, then connecting your smartphone to TV via USB is a great opportunity to watch them on the big screen.

As you can see, connecting a mobile phone to a TV device is much easier than it might seem at first. The most affordable options were considered above. Which to choose? It’s up to you to decide.


With the Chromecast set-top box, you can easily connect your smartphone and TV via wireless interfaces. In this case, there are no special requirements for the TV, since the main work will be done by the Chromecast itself.

The set-top box is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable and becomes its “brain”. The set-top box has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, which can be comfortably used to synchronize digital devices.

  • the Google Chromecast set-top box connects to the TV;
  • connected to a Wi-Fi network;
  • the Google Home program is installed on the mobile device;
  • an account is created and the software is pre-configured.

Now when you press the broadcast key, the entire image from the smartphone screen will be transferred to the TV screen.

Lightning for iPhone

You can connect iPhone to Smart TV using the included Lightning cable, which has a USB output for TV.

  • TV and smartphone are connected via cable;
  • in the settings you need to specify the smartphone as a signal source.

The process is very similar to a standard USB cable connection. And the result is the same. The phone does not broadcast an image to a large screen, but will function like a regular flash drive.

A dedicated HDMI cable is better for transferring images directly from iPhone to TV.

MHL systems have been specifically designed to combine HDMI and micro-USB functionality. This approach made it possible to transfer not only the image, but also high-quality sound from mobile devices to the TV. With this connection, the smartphone is also charged.

It is the simultaneous transmission of video and sound that distinguishes MHL from traditional HDMI interfaces. However, there are also disadvantages, the main of which can be considered the impossibility of simultaneously connecting an external drive to the gadget.

Connecting via MHL is not much different from a regular USB connection. Here it is enough just to connect the wire and select the device as the main signal source.

To Samsung TV

The vast majority of Samsung TVs already have a built-in Wi-fi tuner, with which connecting the device to the internal network will not be a problem. In this case, it is enough just to turn on the SmartHub mode, which is responsible for a more convenient location of the control buttons.

Once connected, you can use one of the most common wireless methods: Miracast or Wi-fi Direct. Samsung devices support both technologies.

For owners of smartphones from Samsung, it becomes possible to connect a phone to a Samsung Smart TV using the Screen Mirroring function. You need to enable it in the smartphone settings, and then select your TV from the drop-down list. And now the image from the phone is broadcast to the big screen.

[LG WebOS TV]. How to Connect Smart Phone with LG Smart TV

How to connect your phone to your Smart TV

There are several ways to connect your phone to your Smart TV. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages that determine its use.

The USB connection does not directly transfer the image to the screen. In this case, we are talking about using a smartphone as an external storage device. Opportunities for the transfer and playback of specific files will open, but it will not be possible to use mobile applications.

Almost all smartphones connect as follows:

  • using a standard USB cable, the jack in the phone is connected to the corresponding jack on the TV;
  • USB input is selected on the TV in the list of signal sources.

If your TV has multiple USB ports, you may need to specify the corresponding number.

After connecting from the TV, you can open the directories of the smartphone and play or move any files from there.

This connection method assumes that the TV has a Wi-Fi adapter. Not all models are equipped with this component, so it’s better to find out in advance. Wi-Fi connection additionally requires a smartphone with Android operating system at least version 4.

The process boils down to a few simple steps:

  • in the settings section on the smartphone, you need to select the “Wi-Fi Direct” item and enable this function;
  • the device will automatically start searching for available networks and display them on the screen;
  • at this time on the TV, you also need to enable the “Wi-Fi Direct” function, which is most often located in the “Network” settings section;
  • a list of devices available for connection will appear on the screen, among which you need to find a smartphone and connect to it.

When connected, the TV will send a request to the phone to confirm the operation, after which the signal from the smartphone will be broadcast on the screen along with sound.

DLNA is a set of digital standards that open up vast possibilities for creating a home network. Any devices that support this standard can be combined. At the same time, any media files can be easily transmitted in high quality.

Making a connection may seem a little more complicated than using other methods:

This technology allows you to transfer audio, video and photos to your TV. However, there may be problems with the direct transmission of the image to the screen, since such an opportunity is not provided here.

How to Connect Your Phone to a Smart TV: The 8 Best Ways

Owners of TVs with Smart TV support are thinking about the possibility of connecting a smartphone to it. After all, it is so convenient sometimes to display the image directly from the phone without having to look for something separately on TV. And the transfer of data in this case will be greatly simplified. There are many ways to combine two devices.


Image transmission from mobile devices from Apple is possible using the AirPlay system. The most important condition for using this option is the presence of an Apple TV set-top box. It is small in size and significantly expands the functionality.

The set-top box connects to the router via a wireless connection. And the same network is used by the iPhone.

To transfer an image on a smartphone, you need to find the AirPlay button in the main menu. A list of devices that can receive information will open. The Apple TV you are using is selected from this list. When you click the “Video Replay” icon, all actions on the smartphone screen will be broadcasted to the TV.

Control of video or music playback is performed by the phone, which in this case seems to be an excellent replacement for the traditional remote.


Modern digital devices support a convenient wireless data transmission technology called Miracast. The method must be supported by both devices, as well as the use of one common Wi-Fi network.

The technology allows you to comfortably broadcast the image to the screen, play games and watch videos. There are practically no restrictions on viewing.

  • in the TV settings in the “Network” section, the Miracast function is activated;
  • this type of connection is also launched on the smartphone;
  • to start the broadcast, you just need to lower the upper curtain on the smartphone.

It should be noted that not all Android versions are suitable for this type of connection. Sometimes you may not find a similar option in the settings. The solution in some cases may be the installation of additional software.


TVs from LG provide for connection to a smartphone via a USB cable or Wi-fi Direct. But if the brands of TV and smartphone match, the Smart Share function will be available to directly transfer the image to the screen. Connecting your phone to your LG Smart TV via WI-FI won’t be a problem.

The latest Smart TV models run on the webOS operating system. The capabilities of this firmware are enough for comfortable broadcasting of images from the phone. Separately, it is worth highlighting the ability to play audio through the TV even when the screen is off.

How to use the TV adapter?

To start using the adapter, you need to connect it. The rear panel of the TV set contains inputs and outputs for connection. First, you need to study them well in order to exclude the possibility of error when connecting.

Most often, Bluetooth adapters have a small wire with a 3.5 mini Jack that cannot be disconnected. This wire is plugged into the audio output on the TV receiver. The other part of the adapter in the form of a flash drive is inserted into the USB connector. After that, you need to activate the Bluetooth option on your smartphone.

The Bluetooth transmitter has a small key and an LED indicator on the body. To activate the device, hold down the key for a couple of seconds until the indicator flashes. Pairing may take some time. A sound will be heard from the TV speakers to indicate successful connection. In the TV-receiver menu, you need to find the sound settings section, and select the “Available devices” item. In the presented list, select the name of the smartphone, and confirm the connection.

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After connecting the devices, you can use the transmitter directly: to transmit sound, image and watch video on a large screen.

If a Bluetooth receiver is used to pair the phone with a TV, then it must be connected to the power supply for charging before use. After charging, you need to decide on the pairing option. Such devices have three connection methods: via fiber, mini Jack and RCA. The other end of each cable is connected to the corresponding input on the TV-receiver. The connection is made automatically and the TV will recognize the device by itself. Then you need to check the connection to the smartphone. For this, Bluetooth is activated on the gadget. On the display in the list of devices select the name of the receiver, and confirm the pairing.

How to connect your phone to a TV via Bluetooth?

Connecting your mobile phone to your TV allows you to enjoy media playback on the big screen. Connecting a phone to a TV receiver can be done in several ways. One of the easiest is to pair devices via Bluetooth. This article will focus on Bluetooth connection technologies, as well as possible connection problems.

Basic ways

The first connection option transfers the signal through the built-in interface on the TV. Some modern TV receiver models support data transmission via Bluetooth. To check if there is a built-in transmitter, you need to go to the TV receiver settings menu. Then you need to activate the function on your phone and do the following:

  • open the “Audio Output” section in the TV settings;
  • press the “OK” button;
  • use the right / left keys to find the Bluetooth item;
  • press the down key and click on “Select device”;
  • click “OK”;
  • a window will open with a list of available devices for connection;
  • if the desired gadget is not in the list, you need to click on “Search”;
  • if the actions are correct, a pairing notification will pop up in the corner.

To connect your phone via Bluetooth to some TV models, there is another procedure:

  • open the settings and select the “Sound” item;
  • click “OK”;
  • open the section “Connecting a headset” (or “Speaker settings”);
  • activate search for available devices.

To improve the signal, you need to bring the paired device as close as possible to the TV.

If the search for devices did not return any results, it means that the TV receiver does not have a Bluetooth module. In this case, in order to connect the phone and transmit sound from the TV to the smartphone, you will need a special transmitter.

A Bluetooth transmitter is a small device that converts the received signal into the desired format for any Bluetooth device. Signal transmission and connection of devices are performed using radio frequencies. The device is very compact, it is smaller than a matchbox.

Adapters are divided into two types: rechargeable and with a USB cable.

  • The first type of transmitter has a battery and is connected to a TV receiver without direct contact. Such a device is capable of holding a charge for a long time.
  • The second adapter option requires a wired connection. There is no difference in signal transmission quality. Each user chooses a convenient option for himself.

To connect the phone, they also use receivers that have the ability to distribute a Bluetooth signal. The appearance of the receiver is similar to that of a small router. The device has a battery and can function without charging for up to several days. It works with Bluetooth 5.0 protocol to transfer data at high speed and without signal loss. With the help of such a transmitter, several devices can be connected to the TV receiver at once.

Possible problems

When connecting a smartphone to a TV receiver in any way, some problems may arise. There are a number of issues to consider when connecting via Bluetooth.

  • The TV does not see the phone. Before connecting, you need to check if the TV receiver has the ability to transmit a signal via Bluetooth. If the interface is present and the connection setup is correct, you need to pair it again. It happens that the connection does not happen the first time. You can also reboot both devices and reconnect. If pairing occurs via a Bluetooth adapter, then you need to follow the same steps: try restarting the devices and reconnecting. And also the problem may lie in the incompatibility of devices.

It should be remembered that if the phone is at some distance from the TV, then the sound may be transmitted with distortion or interference. Because of this, adjusting the volume will be very problematic.

Signal loss may occur at long range. Sound problems can arise when pairing multiple devices with a TV at once. In this case, there will be a problem with the synchronization of the audio signal. It is worth noting that the sound quality depends on the Bluetooth codecs both on the phone and on the TV receiver. Audio lag can be another problem. The sound from the TV may lag significantly behind the picture. It depends on the devices themselves and their compatibility.

In the next video you can get acquainted with the detailed instructions for connecting the phone to the TV.

How to connect and set up on Samsung TVs

Consider how a similar sequence of connecting smartphones occurs via Wi-Fi data transfer from other Smart TVs using the example of a Samsung TV.

Miracast program

The modern Miracast standard allows you to connect your phone to Smart TV using wireless data transfer as well. When the procedure is successfully completed, then on the TV screen you can broadcast all the content available in the smartphone (any media files, including your favorite applications).

  • Smart TV support for this interface;
  • one router for both devices;
  • support for Miracast functionality by smartphone. You can check as follows: search in normal settings or by lowering the shutter on the screen, finding the “Cast” (or “Miracast”) option. If this is not available, you can download it on Google Play by entering in the search bar. “Miracast WI-FI Display”.

If all the requirements are met, you can start connecting:

  • start the TV menu;
  • select: “Settings”;
  • activate “Network”;
  • in the Miracast menu, move the cursor to the ON value;
  • enable the found (or downloaded application) function in the smartphone.

After the final stage, the mobile phone will find the TV and all that remains is to confirm all actions for the final connection.

Wireless ways to connect mobile to TV

There are several ways to synchronize two devices with each other. Having dealt with each of them in more detail, the user can choose the most suitable for himself

Via iPhone

To use your TV as a monitor and open files on it, you need to prepare both devices:

Next, you need to open the AllShare program on your TV and mobile, and send the file to the big screen.

How to connect phone to TV via WI-FI: LG Smart TV and Samsung

Modern TV models have long surpassed their predecessors and now can offer a lot of new functions. Among these is the ability to connect your phone to your LG Smart TV via Wi-Fi. If before you knew nothing about this, then after reading this article you will find answers to all questions.

Wi-Fi Direct technology

This method is very convenient, there is no need to use wires or additional attachments, adapters, or a router. All you need is a wireless WI-Fi connection. However, it is important that both devices support the following configurations:

  • for TV. the presence of a built-in adapter that allows wireless connections and supports Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • for smartphone. Android version not lower than 4.0.

The scheme to start connecting will be as follows:

  • open in order in the cellular: “Settings”, then “Wi-Fi”, “Advanced settings”, and after “Wi-Fi Direct”. An automatic search for available networks will begin, so you need to immediately proceed with the installation on Smart TV;
  • start the menu using the remote control;
  • find the item “Network”;
  • select the “Wi-Fi Direct” section, activate it.

Next, you need to install the security code:

  • find the section “Security Key” in the program;
  • come up with a strong password, enter them;
  • in the phone, find the login of the access point created on the TV, start connecting to it (the specified password will be required).

Synchronization is the next step. When one of the devices finds another, you need to select the highlighted model on it and approve all confirmations.

After 5-10 seconds, the phone and TV will be connected. You can take on the necessary manipulations. To send files to the monitor, you need to go to the gallery, click on the required one, select “Send” in its settings, the TV data will appear in the list of applications, which you need to select.

Features of connecting iPhone and smartphone on Android

Above, we discussed the main ways to wirelessly connect a TV and a smartphone based on the Android operating system. But not only the owners of such phones can appreciate the benefits of synchronization, because it is also available for Apple devices, in particular for the iPhone.

Just like on Android, the broadcast protocol can be applied to the iPhone. The actions will be similar:

  • install, activate the Smart Share widget on TV;
  • download the iMedia Share app from the App Store. run it on iPhone;
  • You can install a paid screen mirroring application specifically on your LG Smart TV

Both operating systems (Android and IOS) have a similar method of broadcasting over Wi-Fi, but for this they use applications developed specifically for each. Knowing the names and technology of working with them, it is easy to set up synchronization.

Possibilities of connecting a smartphone to a Smart TV via Wi-Fi

Today’s smartphones are a full-fledged multimedia center that can replace any other gadget for its owner, because he takes high-quality photos, videos, plays music and films. The same can be said about Smart TVs, which quite cope with almost all such tasks.

And if you connect two such useful gadgets with each other, the comfort from their use will increase several times. The advantages of this manipulation include:

  • playback of any content on the phone on the big screen (videos, photos, etc.);
  • chatting in the messenger or opening video calls on the TV screen;
  • duplication of open Internet pages in the browser;
  • high-quality listening to music through Smart TV speakers;
  • read books or show presentations, show documents.

Data transfer, regardless of the selected method, is fast, the picture will be clear.

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