How to Crop Videos on iPhone 10

What is video trimming (or cropping)?

Trimming or cropping a video. a process that allows you to literally cut / cut any extra piece from a video shot on your iPhone or added to it from any other source. So, we can shoot a video, and then edit it, leaving only the moments we like and cutting out unnecessary ones.

Thanks to the constantly updated functionality of the operating system on the iPhone and iPad, trimming videos has become even easier today. Previously, to shorten a video, you had to download a special application for video processing, now this process can be carried out directly in the Photo program, which is installed by default in every iPhone and iPad. This can also be done in a dedicated application, which also provides room for numerous other video processing options. Let’s take a look at how to crop in Photos and in a special application from the AppStore (the principle of operation is the same for them).

How to crop video on iPhone (via Photos app)?

So, if we want to quickly and easily cut out a certain piece or several pieces of a video, first go to the Photo program, where the video is stored.

  • Open the video, then click the “Edit” option in the upper right corner.

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Open the video and click “Edit”.

  • After clicking “Edit” we see a storyboard ribbon at the bottom of the display. At the beginning and at the end, it is framed by arrows that can be moved to cut one or another piece.

Storyboard for video editing.

  • Drag the left arrow to crop the video from the beginning (the thumbnail shows from which frame the video will be played), or the right arrow. to trim part of the video from the end.

Move the arrow to trim the video.

  • Press the “Finish” button to save the result.
  • We select “Save video” if we want to save the original in a cropped format (the changes will not be canceled), or “Save video as new” in the event that it is necessary to save this new reduced version separately from the original (then both the original and the new cropped version will be saved version).
  • The video will be saved in the Photo (in the shared tape and in the “Video” folder).

Choosing how we save the video.

What apps to use for video shortening (Perfect Video and InShot examples).

Video editing applications have more advanced functionality for working with video. They allow you to trim the video not only from the beginning or the end, but also to cut out any pieces, then from the resulting pieces you can “glue” a new video.

There are quite a lot of such applications on the AppStore now, there are paid and free versions (paid ones have advanced additional functionality for full processing of videos). For our purpose. trimming. free popular apps are perfect, we opted for PerfecTVideo and InShot. The principle of operation for trimming a video in them is the same as those discussed above in the Photo program.

  • Open the application (consider the example of Perfect Video), click the plus sign in the upper right corner (to create a new project).

Open the application and create a new project.

  • Select the video to be shortened (in the opened list from Photos).
  • The video opens in the program. Selecting the Trimming (reduction) mode.
  • Move the arrows at the beginning and end of the video tape in trimming mode to select the desired piece (we will leave it, the rest will be cut). We can trim from the end, first, or leave any selected spot by moving the arrows.

Start moving the arrows to select the piece to trim.

  • When the desired piece is selected and the arrows are set on its borders, click the checkmark. Confirm.

The piece is cut, click “Confirm”.

  • At the end, press the “Finish” button and save the video.

Click “Finish” to save.

InShot also offers convenient and simple functionality and tons of video trimming options. We start the work in the same way: open the application, select the “Video” format. “Create new”, then select the desired video with which we will work.

Choosing a format for working with video.

Selecting the desired video from your collection.

  • The video appears on the home screen of the application. Click on the “Crop” button.
  • The program offers us three options for actions: just trim the video, cut out a part of it, or divide the video into parts, so that later you can insert other videos between them.
  • How easy it is to crop a video, we have already discussed above. Therefore, here we will select the “Cut” option to cut a piece.
  • Arrows will appear, you can move them to determine the beginning and end of the cut piece.

Move the arrows to set the boundaries of the beginning and end of the piece that we will cut.

  • When a piece is selected, click the checkbox to cut it.

Click the checkbox to confirm the action.

Cropping and cropping video on iPhone of all models: detailed manual

What is video cropping, how to do it on iPhone using built-in functions or third-party applications, how the process itself takes place. we’ll talk about all this today in the article and show visual examples with photo and video instructions using the example of the iPhone 8 Plus.

So, we looked at examples of how to crop video on iPhone. in the standard Photo application and in additional programs from the AppStore. As we have seen, trimming videos is equally easy in Photos and in apps (free versions are fine for trimming videos). Additionally, applications offer advanced functionality, allowing you not only to crop the video, but also to cut certain parts from it and assemble them into new videos.

We hope our readers find our step-by-step photo tips and screen videos helpful. Edit Videos on iPhone Easily and Fun!

Algorithm for changing video

Using the built-in functionality means launching the “Photos” application on a mobile device. In order to cut a video sequence, you need to do the following:

  • Open the “Photos” application on your mobile device. Find the video of interest in the “Videos” folder.
  • Enable video and enter editing mode using the “Edit” button. Using the interface with a storyboard, you need to view the video sequence, and then remove unnecessary scenes by highlighting them.
  • Yellow arrows on the sides of the selection allow you to increase or decrease its length when you click on them.
  • Save the modified file to the library. To be able to reformat it is best not to delete the original.

The disadvantage of this method is the limited editing capabilities. You can cut a video only from the beginning or from the end. Thus, the elements in the middle of the video cannot be cleaned up.

How can you crop video on iPhone

After shooting, users often want to remove unnecessary details to make the video look more concise. There are several options for how to crop video on iPhone. To do this, you can use both built-in functionality and third-party applications.

The procedure allows you to work with the shooting results completely autonomously, without connecting the iPhone to a personal computer. The finished file can be immediately sent to a social network or uploaded to a streaming service.

List of available applications

Alternatively, you can consider several video cropping programs with more options than standard software. The following options are currently most popular:

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How To Crop Videos On ANY iPhone!

  • The most widely used video editing application in the App Store is called iMovie. The development of Apple is highly optimized and has a large number of settings. Allows you to cut and glue the rollers. There is a built-in processing functionality for sound and visual effects, which can be added to make what is happening more spectacular. Paid distribution and constantly updated.
  • Clipper Editor has fewer features than Apple’s flagship program. But for everyday use it is quite suitable, since the lack of a large number of settings does not mislead the user. The application allows you to cut and move fragments, changing their location in the final video. The entire video sequence is located on a multi-line desktop, which allows you to quickly view frames, combining them into logical groups. The application is provided free of charge.
  • Another quality editor is Perfect Video. This is a virtual video editing workshop that can function successfully on a mobile device. The capabilities of the application allow, in addition to standard video operations, also add subtitles, watermarks, music and additional visual effects.

The capabilities of mobile editors are practically on par with serious programs for professionals, making the process of creating high-quality content accessible to any user. Quickly enough, you can get the practical skill of editing and please not only your friends with high-quality videos, but also upload them to the network for everyone to see.

Trim video with built-in Windows 10 apps

You can access video cropping from both the Movies & TV app and the Photos app. both are preinstalled in the system by default.

By default, videos in Windows 10 open with the built-in Movies & TV app, however many users change the default player. With that in mind, the steps to trim videos from the Movies & TV app will be as follows.

  • Right-click, select “Open With” and click “Movies & TV”.
  • At the bottom of the video, click on the edit icon (pencil may not appear if the window is “too” narrow) and select “Crop”.
  • The “Photos” application will open (yes, the functions that allow you to crop a video are located in it). Just move the start and end marks of the video to trim it.
  • Click the “Save a copy” or “Save a copy” button at the top right (the original video does not change) and specify the location to save the already trimmed video.

Please note that in cases where the video is long enough and in high quality, the process can take a long time, especially on a not very productive computer.

Video trimming is also possible bypassing the Cinema and TV application:

  • You can directly open the video using the Photos app.
  • Right-click on the opened video and select “Edit and Create”. “Trim” in the context menu.
  • Further actions will be the same as in the previous method.

By the way, in the menu at step 2, pay attention to other items that might not be known to you, but may be interesting: slowing down a certain segment of a video, creating a video with music from several videos and photos (using filters, adding text, etc.) ). If you haven’t tried these features of the Photos app yet, it might make sense to give it a try. Read more: Windows 10 Built-in Video Editor.

How to crop video with built-in Windows 10 tools

One of the most common tasks is video cropping, for this you can use free video editors (which is redundant for this purpose), special programs and Internet services (see How to trim videos online and in free programs), but you can also use the built-in Windows tools ten.

How to Trim/Cut/Split Videos on iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max (Super Easy)

This instruction details how to easily and easily crop using the built-in applications Movies and TV and Photos (although it may seem counterintuitive) in Windows 10. Also at the end of the guide there is a video instruction where the entire cropping process is shown visually and with comments.

In conclusion. a video guide, where the entire process described above is shown clearly.

Hope you found the information helpful. May also come in handy: The best free video converters in Russian.

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Photography is a very buggy app, unfortunately. On a clean, recently installed system. He doesn’t want to open the video file at all: I press “crop” (in Cinema and TV), the Photos window appears and immediately disappears. After restarting the same file (MP4), it suddenly starts working normally.

In Photos, “save photo” does not work at all. Firstly, “loading” is proceeding suspiciously slowly (a few seconds, but the video is already open in the application!) After clicking the “Save photo” button in the context menu. And after opening the window, selecting the desired frame and pressing “save photo”, the “current frame” button flashes and then the screen overlaps with the message “An error has occurred. Try it again”. After the third attempt, the entire monitor screen blackened, and then the desktop and other applications / windows opened at that moment appeared, and the Photos application hung in the form of a button on the Taskbar and after a couple of seconds it disappeared altogether. Blackening the entire screen? It looks very much like some kind of incompatibility with the video card (GTX 275). Not with a driver (drivers, updates, and everything like that that they start to list in such cases. it’s normal, the OS is new, updated and not yet changed in any way).

Looks like. their new Photos app is for the latest hardware only. It also did not want to work, did not launch some of the functions, or simply turned off immediately before, until the recent reinstallation of the OS. Obviously there is something wrong with him.

Microsoft does not know how to make its own applications. OS only.
Edge is insanely buggy, although in the same system and with the same hardware, the same Google Chrome works flawlessly and does not complain about anything.
Updated Photos and, judging by the video announcements, with very interesting functionality (like Edge, by the way). that’s also terribly buggy. Although all sorts of third-party photo and video editors (for example, VSDC) work flawlessly in the same system and with the same hardware. I managed to compare before reinstalling the OS. It’s a pity that some of the Photo features are very interesting, even against the background of VSCD. they would perfectly complement each other. But it’s not fate yet, it seems. Darkening of the entire monitor. as far as I understand from my experience, this is a sign of a clear dislike of a particular application specifically for a particular “hardware” and there is nothing you can do about it until you change the “hardware”.

Heh, and I scolded Microsoft for removing the Windows Film Studio, but did not write down the elementary editor) Thanks to the author, I did not know about such a feature, Microsoft wrote that using these applications you can edit videos. but for the life of me I did not understand how to do this, it was only possible to edit a video created from photos, perhaps these functions were introduced after the recent updates of Photos and Cinema and TV

It is, of course, written about the process and a long time, but it is worth clarifying in plain text: this is cropping with recompression of the remaining one and, accordingly, with a loss of quality. That it is only reasonable on rare occasions.

In the Windows version 1803 in Movies and TV, there is no longer that pencil for editing at all)

Thank you for pointing out the nuance. After all, editing remains in the photo.?

In Photos, there is left for photos, if you open the video through Photos, then nothing is available

How so I recorded the video in the article exactly in 1803 (now that laptop is not at hand to double-check, but you can see that 1803, for example, by clicking on the “task presentation” button)

When I crop a video recorded using shadow play from nvidia in the built-in editor from win 10, the resulting cropped video becomes faded with fading to brown tones, which may be a problem?

I assume that in the encoding parameters (the video is recoded by the built-in editor), which, unfortunately, cannot be configured.

Build 1809 hasn’t changed. When you try to save, “you are not authorized to make changes.” I did not set protection and copyright for the video I recorded.

and where are you saving? try to videos folder in docs, not drives roots (this is just my guess but may turn out to be correct).

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can’t crop video! it constantly comes up “you do not have permission to save changes in this file, try to save a copy of the file”!
I already have all the mosk palamal! I unchecked all the boxes
you probably have to download some editor

Try to save the edited file under a different name to a different location (on the desktop, for example).

Once again I am convinced that the best programmers in MicroSoft!
Cut out a segment of 3.5 minutes from an avi-video with a duration of 1h20min in size 1.07G.
and got avishnik 3.15G 🙂

Crop video on iPhone

You can remove unnecessary fragments from the video both using standard iPhone tools and using special video editing applications, of which there are many in the App Store today.


An extremely simple and enjoyable application that will not take much of your time to crop a video.

    Install the application on your phone and launch it. On the main screen, select the “Video” button and then share the camera roll.

Select a video with which further work will be carried out.

The video is cut. It remains to save the resulting result to the smartphone’s memory. To do this, tap in the upper right corner on the export button, and then select “Save”.

Processing will start. While this process is in progress, do not lock the smartphone screen or switch to other applications, otherwise the video export may be interrupted.

  • Done, the video has been saved to the smartphone’s memory. If necessary, you can directly from InShot share the result in other applications. for this, select one of the proposed social services or click the “Other” button.
  • A photo

    You can cope with video cropping without third-party tools. the whole process will take place in the standard Photo application.

      Open the Photos application, and then the video you will be working with.

    In the upper right corner, select the “Edit” button. An editor window will appear on the screen, at the bottom of which, using two arrows, you will need to shorten the video duration.

    Before making changes, use the play button to evaluate the result.

    Click the “Finish” button, and then select “Save as new”.

  • In a moment, a second, already cropped version of the video will appear in the film. By the way, the processing and saving of the resulting video is much faster here than when using third-party applications.
  • As you can see, cropping video on iPhone is easy. over, in a similar way, you will work with almost any video editors downloaded from the App Store.

    Using the built-in function

    It is possible to trim video on gadgets of “apple” products in the standard “Photo” program. All captured videos and taken photos, as well as the downloaded video, are saved there. So, let’s look at the process of cropping a video using this application:

    • Find the icon on the desktop and open the “Photos” application.
    • After that, from the list presented, select the desired video with which we will work and open it.
    • In the upper right corner of the screen, you need to find the “Edit” tab and tap on it. After that, the editor window will open, at the bottom of which a strip with arrows will appear, where you can adjust the video duration.

    Using this method, you can achieve the fastest video editing process on iPhone.


    A popular application that is used by many owners of Apple gadgets. It is convenient in that it provides the user with a number of multimedia tools for working with videos.

    Let’s see how to use this program:

      Download and open the application. At the top of the screen there are three menu items “Video”, “Projects”, “Theater”. The main menu displays video as stripes with separate frames. We need to select the item “Projects”.

    Of the minuses of this program, it can be noted that it is quite demanding, so more outdated models, starting from 5S and below, may freeze a little and quickly lose battery power.

    How to crop video on iPhone in the standard way and using third-party programs

    Often it is required to trim videos, the reasons may be different and for these purposes there are many programs that can be used on a computer. Also, smartphone manufacturers began to build similar functionality into their gadgets. In addition, there are a number of applications for carrying out these operations on phones, including the iPhone. In this article, we will talk about how to crop video on iPhone using standard methods and using third-party programs.


    Let’s take a closer look at how to crop video on iPhone using this application:

    • After opening the application, the user will be faced with the only option “New project”. select, after which the application will ask for permission to access the library. Click “Allow Access”.
    • Next, a warning will appear again that the application will use your videos and photos, click “Allow”.
    • At the top of the screen, select the “Camera Roll” item, a menu will open with a list of sections from which you can choose, click “Video”.

    At any time, the user can return to the video editing process and make changes. The application provides the ability to overlay music, voice or visual effects over the video. However, during editing it is not possible to switch to landscape orientation.

    Using third-party applications

    Perfect Video

    In the rating, this program for cutting video on iPhone is slightly inferior to the previous editor, but it is also worth paying attention to it, since the application is very good. The procedure for using it will look like this:

      Open the application and click on the plus sign at the top of the screen, thus creating a new project.

    This program is paid, in the trial version you can edit video for no more than 30 seconds, and it will be saved with a watermark. When purchasing the full version, all these restrictions are removed. Also, with the help of this program, you can solve the question of how to cut a photo from a video on an iPhone.


    The control algorithm for this simple application looks like this:

      Launch the application, select the “Video” menu item, then you will need to allow the application access to the media library.

    Next, we will briefly talk about a few more worthy applications.

    Action movie is a quality editing application, it has a number of different effects, but the free version is limited in functionality. The program is fully Russified and has an intuitive interface. When starting the application, detailed tips are provided so that a beginner can understand the functionality.

    Magisto is another paid video editing service that primarily focuses on sharing results on social media. When purchasing the full version of the application, the user opens all the tools for working with the video editor, for example, such as: crop the video size on the iPhone, set the playback speed, etc.

    RePlay is a simple, free editor. With its help, you can trim the video, remove the sound, adjust the playback speed. The functionality is not diverse, but the speed of work will delight the user.

    VivaVideo is a multifunctional editor that is able to satisfy any user needs in video processing. The disadvantage of the program is that in the free version there is a restriction on processing only 5 videos, after which you will need to purchase the full version, otherwise the manufacturer’s watermark will be superimposed on the video, and there will also be some restrictions on the use of editor functions.

    How to crop video on iPhone and iPad using Photos

    Open “Photos”.

    In the “Albums” tab, go to the “Videos” folder or find a video in another way convenient for you.

    Open the video and in the upper right corner click the “Edit” button.

    At the bottom of the display, click on the camera icon, a storyboard will appear, and in the left and right corners of the arrows, which can be dragged to shorten or increase the length of the footage. When you start working with them, the ribbon will turn yellow. If necessary, you can reproduce the resulting section.

    Click the Done button and choose the Save Video As New or Save Video action. Be careful with the second point, because incorrectly cropping the video, you can lose valuable frames. It is much better to save “as new” and delete the original separately. This will keep it in the basket for 30 days.

    Don’t worry if you clicked Save Video by mistake — you can go back to the original version and undo the crop. Just open that video, click Edit, and select Check In in the bottom right corner. Then click Return to Original in the menu that appears.

    But keep in mind that if you do this, not only the video resizing will disappear, but all other previously made changes to it will also disappear.

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    How to Crop or Crop Videos on iPhone and iPad without Third Party Apps

    We often shoot video in a hurry and literally “on the go.” As a result, there may be a lot of unnecessary things in the frame. There are several easy ways to change the length of your video or crop it. With each subsequent release of iOS, the Cupertinos are implementing new functionality, thanks to which we can abandon many free and paid analogues from the App Store, being content with regular applications. In this article, we will tell you how to crop video using the standard “Photos” application on iPhone and iPad.

    Frankly, when I was offered to write this material, I immediately thought that to trim the video, you need to install the free iMovie program, which does an excellent job with video editing, completely forgetting about “Photos”. The native iOS viewer has an excellent tool that is ideal for our task.

    The iPhone video cropping skill is quite useful. After all, this makes it possible to create videos with the ideal aspect ratio for subsequent publications in. Instagram or or save the most precious moments of your life without extraneous elements in the frame. Agree, I don’t want to see my thumb in the corner of the screen. But if you just need to reduce the length of the video or change its width and height, then quick cropping is possible right on the iPhone. The video does not need to be uploaded somewhere for processing on a computer.

    Cropping or cropping (crop, crop): what’s the difference?

    For many users, the terms crop (cropping) and cropping are considered synonymous. However, it is better to separate the two. Both actions really relate to video editing, but if crop changes the resolution of a clip, then crop. its duration.

    So, the crop works with the size of the picture. This technique is used to optimize video for posting on social networks or remove unwanted objects from the frame. And cropping (trimming) makes the video just shorter. In this case, you can trim both the beginning and the end of the video to form the desired duration.

    If your iPhone is running iOS 13 or later, you can quickly adjust video length and resolution using the Photos app. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a video shorter or crop a fragment of the frame, the built-in Photos application will help you to solve the problem.

    How to crop and crop (crop) a video in the iMovie app on iPhone

    While you can crop and crop your video in the Photos app, iMovie will do just that. This quality video editor from Apple can also make any necessary changes to the video length and size. Here’s how you can do it:

    Open the iMovie app on your iPhone.

    Click on “Create Project” and select “Movie”.

    Select the video you want, click on the checkmark icon and select “Create Movie”.

    Click on the timeline so that a magnifying glass icon appears in the upper right corner. Click on it.

    To crop the video, use two fingers to increase or decrease the frame size (pinch gesture).

    To trim its length, drag the borders of the timeline. This will allow you to set a suitable start and end of the video.

    When you’re done, click “Finish”.

    To save the video to iPhone or send it to a friend, tap the export icon at the bottom of the screen.

    How to crop a video (crop) in the Photos app

    Find the video you want to edit and click on it.

    Click on the crop icon at the bottom of the screen.

    Move the corners of the rectangular selection tool in the video to remove unwanted areas.

    Or, if you want to fit the video to a certain aspect ratio, click the resize icon and select the necessary values ​​under the video.

    Try all the video editing features on iPhone

    You can do a lot more with your video with the editing features on your iPhone. They go far beyond just cropping and trimming. The Photos app now covers basic editing not only for photos, but also for video. You can crop, crop, straighten, flip, rotate, adjust brightness, change exposure, apply filters and more to enhance the final look of your video.

    And if you want to add background music or combine multiple videos into one, then iMovie can do just that. So now you can make basic changes to the captured video right on the iPhone.

    Crop iPhone clips

    Drag the downloaded clips from the timeline. Filmora Video Editor has several functions for trimming iPhone clips. And you can crop the video or cut off the unnecessary part. Start by marking the video and playing the video, then click on the “Scissors” button at the beginning and at the end of the part you want to trim.

    How to trim video format on iPhone

    How can I crop video directly on iPhone?

    When you record stunning videos with iPhone, you may need to crop video on iPhone directly. Can we crop videos and photos directly on iPhone? Actually, iPhone video editor can help you crop, crop or trim your video on iPhone with ease. A search on the internet reveals that there are tons of video cropping / cutting applications on the iPhone. To make your life easier, we have selected the top 10 apps and show you how to crop video on iPhone (including iPhone 8 Plus).

    Download iPhone video

    After starting the program, just drag the clips you want to trim into the program or use the menu by clicking on “Import media files here”.

    # 3: Crop V

    If you are looking for an effective and inexpensive app to crop your videos on iPhone, Crop Video Square FREE is the perfect choice for which you won’t pay a dime.

    • Provides a wide range of editing tools that ensure there is no loss of quality in edited videos.
    • Supports a limited number of devices other than iPhone.

    Cut the iPhone clips

    Parts of the video will be deleted after executing the “Trim” or “Delete” commands.

    The best iPhone trimming app for desktop PC. Filmora video Editor

    For your convenience, we strongly recommend that you use a desktop PC editor such as Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) to trim your iPhone (iPhone 8 / X) clips on Mac (macOS 10.13 High Sierra) or Windows PC, for easy editing and higher quality videos. This video editor will help you import your iPhone videos and photos directly into the program. Convenient editing tools and multiple video and audio effects will be available to you.

    Main Features of Filmora Video Editor

    • Download videos in any format or from iPhone, camera or other devices.
    • Easily trim, crop, crop, merge and split videos.
    • You can choose from over 300 video and audio effects.
    • Great for beginners and professionals.

    # 5: Video Crop

    • Easy video editing with the ability to customize all video parameters.
    • Some virtual functions are missing.

    # 4: Crop Your Videos

    Crop Your Videos. This is a video cropping video editor app for iPhone that has more features than you might expect. You are sure to get the most out of these features. IPhone video cropping issues won’t bother you anymore.

    • Allows you to add background music while editing.
    • It is expensive and not many people can afford to pay such a price.

    # 8: Video Crop Pro. 360 ° Rotate, Resize and Crop Video

    Video Crop Pro. 360 ° Rotate, Resize and Crop Video gives you editing capabilities that no other software can provide. Use it on your iPhone to rotate your videos and resize, crop and crop videos on iPhone.

    • The program has convenient templates for easy editing.
    • Past experience shows that the program is prone to frequent crash resets.

    # 1: Video Trim Cut

    Video Trim Cut. This is a video cropping app for iPhone that does more than just video editing. And you can crop videos and photos on iPhone with ease.

    • Very easy to use to crop iPhone videos with very high efficiency.
    • Be prepared for some functionality limitations.

    # 2: Trim Video

    Thinking how to crop videos on iphone? Trim Video guarantees the best results in trimming videos on iPhone, in addition to editing capabilities such as cropping. And you can easily crop your video on iPhone or iPad.

    • Very easy to use to cut, crop and crop iPhone videos.
    • Lacks improved editing features.
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