How to customize your Huawei phone screen

How to set up your camera and take the perfect selfie on your HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

A new trend in photography is the selfie. It took over the whole world. Now it makes up the lion’s share of photos on social networks, and especially on Instagram (Instagram).

Selfie (selfie, selfie, self, self-shot). this is an original self-portrait, when the author of the photo takes himself on a phone or camera, in order to post it on social networks.

Most of the selfies are taken with a smartphone. And you can shoot in different ways:

  • front camera at arm’s length.
  • in the reflection of the mirror. So you can take not only a cool photo, but also show off a top smartphone.
  • using various devices (monopod, selfie stick, selfie tripod with remote control or button, etc.).

Of course, the main thing in all this is to present your originality and beauty.

And since everything is done with your own hands and the shooting is carried out close (no further than an outstretched arm), completely unnecessary details may appear in the photo. It won’t do!

And how to set up your Huawei (Honor) phone camera to get perfect selfie photos?

In modern smartphones, taking into account the latest trends and capabilities of artificial intelligence, a special shooting mode “Perfect Selfie” was developed and implemented. In Perfect Selfie mode, the camera automatically detects your face and makes soft adjustments that dramatically change the quality of your portrait. over, in a group shot, the device itself finds your face and applies only fine settings to it in order to make it stand out from others. These adjustments are made for such parameters as face shape, size and brightness of eyes, smoothing and lightening of skin tone.

Many girls will be amazed: the subtle presetting of this mode allows you to get clear and SIMply huge eyes in all selfies! The effect is amazing! Very natural photos, with no makeup or eyeliner.

Try it and you will love yourself even more.

Therefore, in order for the smartphone to be always ready and the shooting session is always successful, you must first make a SIMple setup of the smartphone camera.

How to configure the camera of the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone for selfie mode.

Launch the “Camera” application on the Home screen of the phone.

If you now have the main (rear) camera turned on, you need to switch your smartphone to the front (front) camera. To do this, you need to click on the camera change icon at the top of the screen.

Smartphone screen. launch the Smartphone Camera application. Smartphone screen. switch the camera from the main (rear) to the front.

Now that you have the front (front) camera active, you need to click on the “Decoration” icon. The message “Selfie effects enabled” appears at the top of the screen when shooting mode is on.

customize, huawei, phone, screen

To go to the Front camera settings, you need to swipe from the right edge of the screen to the left.

Smartphone screen. turn on the “Decoration” mode. Smartphone screen. swipe to open Settings for the front camera.

On the Camera Settings section, select “Perfect Selfie”.

In the “Perfect Selfie” section, turn the “Perfect Selfie” switch to the on position.

After that, two more settings for this mode will appear on the screen:

  • Change personal information;
  • Decoration effects.

To make your individual settings in the “Perfect Selfie” mode, you first need to select the “Change personal information” item.

Smartphone screen. select the item “Change personal information”.

To enter your personal data into the smartphone’s memory and so that the smartphone can always accurately identify your face in a group picture, you need to take three photos of your face:
a) full face;
b) in profile (turn your head slightly to the left);
c) with a bowed head (look down).

Smartphone screen. we take pictures of our own face in full face. Smartphone screen. taking pictures of our own face in profile. Smartphone screen 0. taking pictures with head tilted.

After you have taken three photos, the camera will move to the “Decoration Effects”.

Here, by moving the slider in the vertical direction (from 1 to 10 points), you can set 5 face parameters:

  • Smoothing;
  • Lightening;
  • Big eyes;
  • Bright eyes;
  • Narrow face.

By setting the parameters, you can immediately assess how your face is changing on your control picture.

After finishing the fine-tuning of the “Decoration Effects” parameters, to save the settings, you must click on the “checkmark” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Smartphone screen 1. adjust the first 2 parameters of “Enhancement effects”. Smartphone screen 2. set up 3 parameters of “Enhancement effects”, and save the settings by clicking on the “checkmark” icon.

In the future, if necessary, to make changes in the “Perfect Selfie” settings, you must select the “Beautification Effects” item. By moving the slider of the settings of the 5 face parameters, you make changes. When finished, do not forget to click on the checkmark icon to save the settings.

Smartphone screen 3. select the item “Decoration Effects”.

Everything. Now, to shoot in Perfect Selfie mode, you just have to turn on the front (front) camera and check that the “Decoration” icon, which is located in the top line of the screen, is on and is lit in blue. You can start a photo session for an individual self-portrait or for a group photo session.

Now you are 100% sure that you will always be the best in the photo.!

Customizing the keyboard on Huawei

Each time the user enters text, an icon for switching between input methods opens in front of him, it is in the lower right corner and is indicated by a keyboard image. In order to get a list of possible variations of text input, press the key with the keyboard image. The system will provide a choice of 3 variations of text input:

  • Google’s standard keyboard.
  • Voice Command Input.
  • Special layout “Swiftkey”.

If the user wants to fix the most convenient text input option for him, he should go to the main settings of the phone, find the keyboard options and set the required default.

Sleep mode

By default, the time is set to 2 minutes before the display turns off in case of no activity. To set the required time before disconnection, you need to go to the address:

  • main settings (gear icon on the control panel);
  • find the screen option and go into it;
  • find hibernation control;
  • set the right time.

Language setting

Language options are located at:

  • settings. system. language and input.

In the “language and input” window, you can set the interface language and input.

How to set up your Huawei phone

The Android operating system, which all phone models are equipped with, has rich functionality. A detailed guide will guide you through customizing your Huawei phone according to your personal preferences. The instruction contains general recommendations that are relevant for most models of smartphones of this brand.

Settings in IMUI

  • Language selection: You need to find the desired language and click on the “next” button.
  • Search for available Wi-Fi networks: find your own router’s network among the proposed ones and connect to it. Setting up Wi-Fi on Huawei is easy during the initial setup phase. If the user plans to use the Internet from a mobile operator on an ongoing basis, you can skip this step.
  • How to set up Huawei phone and mobile network:
  • Google account registration: required to gain access to all mobile applications. When the account has already been created, you need to enter its data in the login and password lines. If there is no account, the system will offer to create one directly during the initial settings of Huawei.
  • Date and time: You need to select the date and time parameters in the corresponding menu, save them.
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Now the phone is ready for use and flexible settings for your own needs. By completing these operations, you can quickly set up Huawei on first launch.

How to set up your camera

The camera settings in Huawei phones are in the application itself. The user can customize the camera performance according to their interests. MIUI camera applications are thought out to the details, so it is recommended to trust the factory settings. In case the user wants to change specific parameters (for example, exposure or light), he can easily find them using the pointers of the application interface.

Third-party camera apps have their own settings, so it is recommended that you study the developer’s recommendations in detail before making adjustments to color, exposure, or other photo and video settings.

Features of new Huawei phones

If the design of the Huawei phone does not imply a monolithic, non-disassembled case, you need to unfasten the back cover to install the SIM and microSD cards, then fix the cover in its place, after making sure that the wiring and the battery are intact. Smartphone activation occurs when you turn it on.

If the Huawei case is monolithic and does not imply disassembly without auxiliary tools, you need to install the necessary cards in an external module, which, as a rule, is located in the area of ​​the left edge of the phone. The manufacturer completes SIMilar models with a pin designed to remove a removable module.

To remove the module, you need to press on it with the end of the pin. If the installation of communication cards and memory occurs while the smartphone is running, then it may require a reboot.

How to set up sound

Sound settings location path: Sound settings. When opening the sound parameters, the following branch of options will open before the user:

  • volume;
  • turn on sound, silent mode;
  • call melody and volume;
  • headphone mode (software sound enhancement in a connected headset);
  • system sounds.

These options are enough to optimize the sound of your smartphone as much as possible according to your own preferences.

How to set the clock

Often users are faced with the problem of incorrect display of time and date on the smartphone screen. Let’s figure out how to set the time on Huawei. Clock settings location path:

  • settings system, device. optional. date and time.

How to set up a watch on a Huawei phone

In this article, we asked the wizard to answer the question: “How to set up the clock on a Huawei phone?” And also give useful recommendations. What came of it.

Nowadays, many people do not wear wristwatches, because they no longer see the point in them, because progress has long stepped forward. Now, instead of a watch, almost everyone uses their phone, because it has everything you need, including the ability to quickly find out the exact time and date.

In order to quickly find out the time, the clock is displayed on the main screen of the smartphone. Sometimes a situation may arise when the clock disappears from the main screen on the phone, for example, after changing the firmware. It usually takes less than two minutes to set the clock to your desktop. But, unfortunately, not all phone owners know how to correctly display the widget on the desktop, which significantly slows down the process.

A widget is a certain amount of information that is displayed in a small and graphical form. The widgets show the result of the activity of an application. Examples of widgets include: weather forecast, music player, time, calendar, etc. Widgets are very popular due to the fact that they take up little space, but at the same time display all the necessary information.

So, if you need to put the clock on the home screen of your Huawei phone, you need to follow these steps:

  • On the working screen of the Huawei smartphone, where the watch should be placed, you need to bring 2 fingers together (swipe).
  • A menu will open with a choice: wallpaper, widgets, navigation, settings, where you need to select “widgets” from the list.
  • Another list will open at the bottom of the display, displaying widget icons that can be installed on the desktop of the Huawei smartphone. The user can choose the best widget for him by scrolling through the list to the right and left.
  • One of the pages will have a Clock widget. If you click on it, then the user will again open a choice in the highlighted list: double clock size 42, digital clock 41 and clock 22 (analog). The size is calculated in ordinary single widgets. You can choose dual clocks, where it is possible to find out the time in two different time zones or even countries.
  • It remains only to click on the clock you like, as at the same moment it will be displayed on the desktop in full size.

If you need to move the widget, then, without leaving the editing mode of the home screen, you need to click on the widget and, without releasing your finger, pull to the desired place on the main screen. over, the widget can even be transferred to another screen. Thus, you can quickly display the watch on the screen of your Huawei phone, as well as transfer it to another screen at any time.

If the clock is no longer needed on the home screen, for example, you want to change the widget, then removing the clock is much easier than installing it. To remove the clock from the desktop, you need to click on the widget while holding your finger. On the top right, the user will see the icon and the inscription “Trash”, it is to this place that you need to drag the clock to remove it. You can remove a dual watch on Huawei in exactly the same way. When the user decides to display the clock on the screen again, the installation procedure should be repeated again.

Setting the current date and time is one of the primary tasks that must be performed on the network equipment in order to avoid further confusion when viewing logs, etc. Let’s take a look at manually setting timezone, date and time, as well as setting up time synchronization from an ntp server to huawei equipment.

Time setting. Time setting format. HH: MM: SS

Date setting. Date setting format. YYYY-MM-DD

Viewing current information on the set date, time and time zone.

Setting the Moscow time zone to 3 hours Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Setting the time zone. 2 hours Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

It is convenient to set the time on the hardware not manually, but to synchronize it with ntp servers. To do this, use the following commands.

If you use MPLS on your network and the ntp server is available through VRF, then in this case we add the vpn-instanсe parameter to the settings.

Viewing general ntp information.

Viewing information about current sessions established with ntp servers.

Standard customization template for huawei.

Configuration template for the case if the ntp server is available via VRF.

That’s all. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in setting the date and time of the huawei equipment. We comment, subscribe, and for now everyone 🙂

Sometimes a smart watch is often not accompanied by instructions for use, or it is in a foreign language. This is inconvenient for those who purchase a wearable gadget for the first time and do not know how to connect a smart watch to an android phone. Let’s see how to do it.

How to sync Smart watch with smartphone.

  • To get started, download the Android Wear app from the Play Market, it’s free.
  • On your phone, turn on
  • Turn on the smart watch, launch the downloaded program on the phone, place the gadget at a distance of no more than 1 meter from the smartphone.
  • In the application, click “Configure”, the screen will display the name of the watch, select it.
  • The displays of both devices will show the codes, if they are the same. click “Connect”, otherwise repeat the procedure.
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If the process is successful, the “Connected” icon will appear in the Android Wear app.

Parents who have 2 or more children buy several children’s smartwatches at once, the question arises: “is it possible to control 2-3 devices from one smartphone?” Yes, there is such an opportunity. First, open the same Android Wear app. Next, you will see a down arrow next to the already connected devices, click it. Then the New Watch menu will open, where the second Smart Watch is connected according to the prompts. If you want to add a third gadget, follow the same instructions. There are no restrictions on the number of connected devices.

Let’s analyze the popular reasons why devices on android wear do not connect to a smartphone. The first thing to check if your internet connection is enabled is data transfer. If yes, let’s look at 3 more reasons.

  • Updating the operating system and Google applications. Pay attention to device compatibility. Smartwatch on Android wear connects to phones and tablets on android 3 and higher. Check this parameter. In addition to the OS, the device must have Google services 7.3.28 and newer, Google Search 4.0, Android Wear 1.0 application.
  • See if you forgot to turn on Bluetooth on your phone (In the settings, section “Wireless networks”).
  • The Smartwatch should not be in Airplane Mode. Go to device parameters and check.

These are the main moments when the smartphone or tablet does not see the device. If the operating system and programs are of the required versions, airplane mode is disabled, and Bluetooth is active, restart both devices. Factory reset also helps.

Go to the gadget’s settings, select the “System” section, and then “Disable and reset settings”.

If your phone still doesn’t see your smartwatch, uninstall and reinstall the Android Wear app. Repeat the sync process.

If the Smart gadget and the phone are connected, but it is unstable, check how far the device is from each other: it should not exceed 1 meter. The internet connection can also fail, make sure it is stable. Also try to perform the actions applicable if there is no connection: update the OS and programs to the required version, view Bluetooth activity, make sure that airplane mode is disabled. Further, too, according to the scheme: we try to reinstall Android Wear or reset the parameters.

It is easy to connect gadgets to a smartphone, it will take 5-7 minutes. If you have difficulties with visibility or synchronization, check the Internet connection, if Bluetooth is turned on, if airplane mode is active, and if the Android version is the correct one. If everything is correct, resetting the settings and restarting devices helps.

Do you have any opinions on how to set the clock on a Huawei phone? Write about it in the comments.


Call up the menu by holding your finger on an empty space on the screen. Hidden functionality will appear, where select the “Widgets” section.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

Scroll through the list of possible screen add-ons until you stumble upon “Clock”. Click on the icon and make a choice from the available options, after which it will appear on the working display.

Change of location

The location of the time on the screen changes with one movement of the hand. You just need to hold down the watch and move it to another place.

SIMilarly, the widget is removed. While holding it, drag it up to the “Delete” button.

Automatic time setting problem

Now that we know how to set the clock, we will explain why a Huawei phone with Android OS can erroneously determine the time zone, and therefore the time. Information about the current time to the device comes from the mobile towers of the cellular operator.

It would be more efficient to synchronize the internal clock of the smartphone using NTP technology. But this requires ROOT rights.

From this it turns out that a time shift occurs every time an error pops up in the mobile operator’s network, knocking down the signal from the tower. Therefore, it is recommended to configure the function manually in order not to get into unpleasant situations associated with a lagging clock.

How to change time and date on Huawei / Honor: setup step by step

How to change the time for Honor and Huawei is a natural request of users of smartphones with the Android operating system if the settings are lost or the time zone has changed due to a flight to a foreign country. Initial setup usually occurs when the owner first downloads the gadget. This article will walk you through the process of setting up the clock on your phone in case of a failure. As well as possible problems that may arise.

Setting up the clock using a widget

Here’s how to set the time on your Huawei and Honor phone using a widget.

  • Click on it, a window will open.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select the icon labeled “Settings”.
  • The page that opens allows you to customize some options, like the style of the clock or the melody for the alarm.
  • Select “Date and Time”.
  • This line takes you to a familiar page. repeat the steps above.

For example, return the automatic time setting, which does not guarantee accuracy due to frequent interruptions on the mobile tower.

How to Change Date and Time on Honor or Huawei Smartphones. Auto Adjust

To be sure of the accuracy of the time, and not to be late anywhere, set the automatic clock adjustment. For convenience, they are placed on the home screen using a widget. The location of partitions and options depends on the firmware and OS version. Additional switches may be added in the new update.

  • Find the “gear” icon and click on it. the “Settings” will open.
  • Go to the “System” section, find the line “Date and time”.
  • It is also possible to SIMplify your task by entering the required value in the search bar and clicking on the desired item.
  • Usually, there is “Auto-tuning”, but if you noticed that the function does not cope with the task, configure manually.
  • To do this, you need to disable auto-tuning by dragging the slider into the inactive phase.
  • You will see two new lines that change separately. “Date” and “Time”.
  • To set the date, select the appropriate item and set the desired date, month and year.
  • To set the time, drag the numbers until you set the exact hour and minutes, and confirm the decision by clicking “Ok”.
  • In the same way, the time zone changes if necessary.

In the case when you need to synchronize the clock with the network, and this task appears during a flight to a foreign country, activate the “Auto-tuning” function again by dragging the slider in the opposite direction.

How to set the time on the home screen on Honor and Huawei

To install the clock on the main display, no complicated manipulations are required. Usually, they are placed there initially, you can only change their appearance or time location. For example, in the middle of the Honor screen. The time will be set in the center of the display and when the screen is locked.

Date And Time Settings Shortcut

The functionality assumes an instant transition to the “Date and Time” section, where the manipulations described above are carried out. You just need to go to the application and click on the central button “Open!”.

Third party applications

There is another option, how to change the time for Honor and Huawei. To do this, we use one of the proven third-party applications. They will help you set the exact time, choose the right design solution.

Turn on Ok Google command in Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a modern assistant. With the help of the command “Okay Google” it is possible to ask the system by voice, and it will display the desired page. For example, “Ok Google, what’s the weather like now?” Search results below in the picture.

Set a Schedule for Do Not Disturb

Each phone has at least three sound modes.

  • Standard. Sound alerts are included for all calls, messages, notifications, alarms and more.
  • Without sound. The phone only responds to calls and notifications with vibration and indicator light.
  • Do not disturb. The gadget does not emit sounds, vibration, light signals for incoming calls.

The third mode is very useful during sleep, for example, it is set from 22:00 to 7:00 so that you cannot be woken up by someone’s calls or SMS at a later time. It can also be installed in educational institutions, so that the device does not distract from lessons or lectures. If necessary, everyone adjusts their schedule independently. This is not a required setting, but one of the functional features.

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Customize your home screen

Home screen. the space where frequently used applications, clock, weather, and quick access widgets are located. Classically the set includes:

  • the calendar;
  • notes;
  • camera;
  • gallery;
  • call log;
  • SMS;
  • browser;
  • favorite social networks.

You can place them in a convenient order by dragging and dropping.

Enable backups of photos in Google Photos

A backup is the creation of an image of files so that if they are lost, it can be restored. The Google platform offers to use the Google Photos system as a virtual storage.

With certain settings, any photo taken with your phone is placed in the Google Photos folder. Further, even if you erased the image from the phone, it remains in the Google storage memory. The only downside is that the space on the cloud is limited. 15 gigabytes. To protect yourself from losing important information and pictures, set up a regular backup.

Turn on Find My Device

This tool allows you to additionally protect data on the medium from leakage. Find My Device lets you find your Honor or Huawei and lock and erase the contents. But there are several requirements that are mandatory:

  • the gadget must be turned on;
  • Google account is active on it;
  • there is access to the Internet via a mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi;
  • active GPS tracking;
  • option “Find device” is active.

If the parameters are met, the owner will quickly find the device in case of theft or loss.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

How to set up a new Honor and Huawei phone from scratch: step by step guide

Not everyone knows how to set up a new Honor phone, but there really is a need for it if you want or have already acquired a brand new device. If you think that after purchasing the phone it is immediately possible to use it in standard mode, then this is wrong. There is a whole aLGorithm of step-by-step settings that will help the gadget to fully and correctly function in your hands.

Set up mobile data savings

The next step is to activate the traffic saving mode. It allows you to reduce data transfer without uploading videos, photos and other multimedia on sites in full size.

Update the system and applications

The next step is to update the system and applications. Android also offers it automatically. The need for an update arises because the smartphone could have been assembled and released in January, and by December the version was already outdated. So that the newly minted owners of Honor and Huawei technology do not experience discomfort in use, immediately accept the update of the EMUI shell and system programs. Then they will be regularly updated automatically or with your consent.

What other additional features can be enabled on Honor and Huawei screens

Apart from the changing wallpaper on the locked display, there are other features of the smartphone. It should be noted that the operation of each of the options may or may not function. It depends on the theme chosen by the user.

A locked gadget can be used to:

  • Just like most other phones, receive incoming calls.
  • Instant camera use.
  • Sound level reduction by double pressing of a button.
  • If you press and drag up the display, you will be able to open a voice recorder, calculator, and some other applications.

If necessary, you can turn on the alarm and self-timer.

Change the lock screen style

The change in the external display is reflected not only in the screen picture of the device, but also in some smartphone applications. When changing some wallpaper, auxiliary icons change, which can be used without unlocking. The abilities of some topics are largely not expanded, only the number of steps, time and painting are indicated.

The displays of Huawei Android phones are changed by 2 methods:

  • Using the parameter change function.
  • Through auxiliary settings “Theme”.

Lock screen settings

The displays of Honor and Huawei devices have not only a protection function, but also a number of significant properties. The capabilities of the phone were created for ease of use, without entering a password and scanning a fingerprint. The lock screen can be customized as you wish and with the required options, which is also one of the EMUI capabilities.

The list of possibilities allowed in the settings:

  • Change of writing style, splash screens, wallpaper. Change of date location and watch appearance.
  • Take photos and videos without unlocking the device.
  • Show secondary applications.
  • Pedometer use and number of steps.
  • Answering or rejecting calls.
  • Use of the first pre-installed programs and applications.
  • Personal signature that can be used if needed.

By applying the detailed instructions, each parameter on the smartphone is very easy to configure. If you cannot achieve the desired result, and you cannot restore the original data, you can always return to the default parameters. All installations will go to the initial stage of work.

Customize Honor or Huawei lock screen

The lock screen is not just a pretty image with the date, time and some messages. This is an integrated part of the smartphone, which makes it possible to close all information from prying eyes, or SIMply restrict access to the data of the gadget. With the release of a modern phone model, a variety of functional options and capabilities are added. Therefore, you need to take a closer look at the correct display settings and new features on Honor or Huawei.

Change clock position

If there is a need to move time on a Huawei smartphone, this can only be changed by changing the general theme or picture. The feature is available on all smartphones, including Honor 10, old and newest series, Mate and P-series gadgets. You can change the display view through “Themes”.

Through settings

In order to change the display screen, first of all, you need to choose the most suitable method for you. In accordance with the chosen method, proceed according to the manual. “Settings” is the regulation or setting of device parameters suitable specifically for the user.

To replace you need:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Go to the Home Screen and Wallpaper page.
  • Select “Themes”, after downloading, stop at one of the offers of this manufacturer.

Through the application “Themes”

Themes is an add-on Huawei has created for their phones. The manufacturer does not allow the use of installations with Coogle Play, as they may affect the correct functioning of EMUI. You can change the style on the device through the official “Store” application built into all phones.

  • When you go to the main page, the tabs “Categories”, “Rating”, “Collection” will be displayed. Here you can choose a suitable design style.
  • The “Rating” section presents the latest topics, paid or free. It depends on the chosen group, where there are many different recommendations.
  • In the “Free” tab, you can choose from a variety of themes to create a screen and menu.

For the selected design to work, you need:

  • Mark favorite wallpapers.
  • Then, click on “Download”.
  • Load, and then select the “Apply” option.
  • After downloading and applying the theme, it will appear on your main display.

Customize changing wallpaper

If you need to install an automatic theme replacement, you can go to “Settings”:

  • Enter the “Home screen and wallpaper” menu.
  • Click “Unlock magazine”.
  • Select subscriptions and photos required for preview.

If the screen saver has not changed on the display, and the applications do not have the “Unlock magazine” value, then this setting can be started.

For the correct operation of “Unlock magazine” you must:

  • Go to the “Themes” menu.
  • Select the proper page “I”.
  • Click the “Customize” option.
  • Select the style “Unlock magazine”.
  • Then the Journal will resume.

Hide notifications

In order to avoid the dissemination of personal data, the user can either completely close messages or partially not display confidential data. This can be done using the “Settings” menu.

To close the data you need:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Apply “Notifications” menu.
  • Click on “Notification to.”.
  • Use the necessary cover-up option.