How to Delete iPhone Backup from Computer

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From the phone

How do I delete backups from iCloud? The first piece of advice that users give each other is to work with an iPhone or iPad. This technique allows you to quickly bring the idea to life.

Deleting backup data using a smartphone proceeds as follows:

  • Turn on iPhone. You must wait until it is fully loaded.
  • Go to the “Settings” section. “iCloud”. “Storage”.
  • Click on the “Control” button.
  • In the list that appears, mark all copies of the data that are no longer needed. Then click on the “Delete copy”.

Fast, simple, reliable. Likewise, any iPhone backup in iCloud can be deleted. But this is only one way. Advanced users are invited to implement the idea through a computer.

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How to remove backups from iCloud: tips and tricks

iCloud. it is a modern data cloud for users of Apple products. With the help of such an application, it is proposed to make backup copies of information, as well as restore a smartphone. Very comfortably. However, it is not uncommon for users to come across messages about the lack of space on the iPhone. Under these circumstances, you need to think about how to delete backups from iCloud. What instructions and recommendations will help bring your idea to life? Is it possible to completely get rid of copies of data that were made before?

Is there a chance

Initially, it is important to understand how realistic the task is. Is it allowed to get rid of backup data in iCloud?

The answer is not that difficult. yes, every user can clear cloud memory at any time. Backup data is created and deleted without much difficulty. There are several techniques that can help in this matter. Which ones exactly?

For macOS

For example, not everyone understands how you can work with MacOS. In practice, such a system is not used very often. Therefore, working with her raises some questions.

How do I delete iCloud backups once and for all? You can use the following algorithm of actions:

  • Go to the Apple menu. There, click on the inscription “System Preferences”, then click on the iCloud icon.
  • Click on “Manage”. “Backups”.
  • Mark all data that you want to get rid of. After that, click on the “Delete” button.

The method is somewhat similar to the previous alignment. You can turn off data backup and get rid of all copies at once. To do this, in the “Backups” menu, click on “Delete and turn off”. A few minutes of waiting. and it’s done!

On Windows

The following method is more common in practice. After all, we are talking about working in Windows. In this operating system, you can easily get rid of the backup data in iCloud.

The thing is that for some time the data cloud of Apple users has existed on the Internet. This is a kind of Internet service. It allows you to find your mobile device on the map, as well as manage information in iCloud.

To get rid of previously made copies of data, you must:

  • Open the website. The best way is to download a special version of the program for Windows.
  • Log in to the system using your username and password.
  • Click on the “Storage” section.
  • Click on “Backups”.
  • In the menu that appears, select all the data to be deleted. After completing the procedure, click on “Delete”.

Please note that if the item “Backups” is missing, it means that there is no saved data in iCloud. Smartphone clean, cloud too.

From now on, it is clear how an iPhone backup to iCloud can be deleted. There is nothing special in the process. It was already possible to notice that, in general, the actions remain the same on different platforms. Therefore, even a novice user will be able to cope with the task at hand. How do I delete backups from iCloud? It’s not a problem anymore!

What you need to remember?

Immediately, we note that Apple allows mobile device owners to manage their iCloud backups without using a computer connection. It is very comfortable. In addition, you can delete both the data of an individual device and a specific application. The main thing is to have a good internet connection (preferably via Wi-Fi).

Do not forget that if you have several iOS gadgets “hanging” on the same icloud account (connected to the same Apple ID), then each of them has the ability to delete the old and unnecessary copy. For example, a device that you do not use and sold a long time ago. But if you want to set up a backup (activate or deactivate any items), then you can do this only on the device whose function you are setting.

For reference! Most often, you have to delete your iCloud backup when you buy a new device. The fact is that users often forget that the storage capacity is not unlimited. As a result, starting to use the seventh or eighth iPhone model, a person suddenly discovers that there is also an old copy of the “four” or “five” that he had before.

Instructions for deleting backup from iCloud

There is nothing complicated in this procedure. To delete a backup copy of a device from Apple cloud storage from a mobile device (phone or tablet), you only need to do the following:

  • On iPhone (or iPad) go to the “Settings” section.
  • Next, go to the “iCloud” subsection, and then tap on “Storage” in it. If you have a device with iOS 10, you will also need to click on “Manage”.
  • Immediately pay attention to the “Backups” section. It is located in the middle, under the “iCloud Music Library”.
  • Select the copy of the device you want to delete.
  • Click “Delete copy” (highlighted in red).
  • We confirm the operation. To do this, tap on “Turn off and delete”.
  • That’s all. Now there will be a little more storage space. If you see another backup copy of the device that you no longer use, then delete it too, repeating the above.

For reference! Still not enough space in the cloud? Even after deleting unnecessary archives. If so, stop syncing photos and videos from iCloud. You can set up a separate cloud storage to upload media files from iPhone. The same Dropbox or Yandex.Disk.

Is it possible to delete an iCloud backup from a computer?

Of course. And you don’t have to use a MacBook for that. A regular laptop with the same Windows 7 or 10 is also suitable. And everything is done very simply and quickly:

  • For example, on a Mac, you need to go to the Apple menu. Next, select “System Preferences”, then click on the iCloud icon and the “Manage” button. After these actions, it remains to click on “Backups” on the left panel, find an iOS device in the list on the right, a copy of which you no longer need, and delete it.
  • The removal procedure is not radically different on a Windows computer. You need to open iCloud for Windows, and then click on “Storage”. Then again, select the “Backups” panel on the left, click on the device (which we do not use) and delete the old archive. If there is no “Backups” item, it means that there are no backups for this device stored in icloud.

How to Delete IPhone Backup from iCloud

Fans of “apple” smartphones periodically have to delete the iPhone backup from iCloud. This is due to the fact that by default there is very little space in the cloud storage. only 5 GB. Therefore, if you actively use it and store important information or content there (and even from different iOS devices), then one day you may face the problem of lack of free space. Although the article is primarily about the iPhone, you can delete the archive of any application in the same way.

Of course, there is always the possibility to expand the available volume for a fee. Only this option is not suitable for everyone. So in this article we will tell you how to delete old backups from iCloud and what to do if for some reason they do not want to be deleted.

Possible problems

Sometimes, despite all efforts, the user cannot delete a backup from the cloud storage. What could cause this to happen? There are many reasons. Sometimes because of the firmware. Then it is enough to update the operating system on the device for everything to work out. If you cannot delete old archives from your iPhone or iPad, then try doing everything from your computer using the iCloud control panel for Windows.

It also happens that an incomplete backup remains. Even experienced users and experts call it a “stub”. It usually weighs a little. just a couple of kilobytes. And such a backup often does not want to be deleted in any way. In such a case, it is best to contact official Apple support. Or try to delete the copy over and over again. Sometimes it helps, and after a couple of dozen attempts, the unnecessary archive goes away.

ITunes backup

If you don’t trust Apple’s servers, you can create and store backups on your computer. It’s easy too, but you need a PC and cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. How to delete an iPhone backup from your computer, you will learn below in the article.

  • Connect iPhone to your computer.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Select your device.
  • Click on the “Browse” tab, then on the “Create a copy now” tab.
  • You will be presented with a choice of where to save the backup. We choose either a computer or iCloud.

After the end of the backup procedure, your copy will be saved where you selected. It’s also very simple, but to restore the device, you need to reconnect it to the computer. But it will be much easier to remove it. How do I delete an iPhone backup from my computer? The answer will be given below.

How to delete iPhone backup from computer or iCloud?

Many users ask the question: “Why make a backup at all? Everything will be fine with my device, nothing will ever happen!”. This statement is fundamentally wrong. Make sure to back up regularly! For example, you lost your iPhone. They blocked it, but could not find it. And it had everything: social networks, mobile banking, Wallet with Apple Pay, and the like. What then? If possible, buy a new iPhone and simply restore it. Basically, you have the same iPhone that you lost, but new. Also, backups are made before an important system update, so that if any errors appear, you can roll back to the previous version. It is important to know how to backup and how to delete iPhone backup from computer.

ICloud backup

Backing up with iCloud is very easy, as mentioned above. It is enough to have access to Wi-Fi and free space in the cloud. To copy your iPhone, you just need to do a couple of simple steps:

  • Connect your device to Wi-Fi.
  • Go to Settings [your name] iCloud.
  • Click on “Backup”.
  • Click “Back Up”.
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The backup speed depends on the amount of information on your device. The date and time of the last backup is written under the “Make a backup” tab. If you want your iPhone to back up itself, click on the checkbox next to “Back up to iCloud”. Very simple, isn’t it? A couple of simple steps, and all your data is in the cloud under reliable protection.

How to back up?

There are 2 methods, you need to choose the one that suits you best:

  • iCloud. You can access your backup from any device that was signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID as the backed up iPhone. Also in iCloud, mandatory encryption of copies will be performed to preserve personal data and confidentiality. The convenience is that you can create a copy anywhere you have a Wi-Fi network. But there are also disadvantages, for example, the cloud is limited to 2 terabytes (5 gigabytes are given out for free when creating iCloud).
  • iTunes. Saving and encrypting (if desired) the backup will take place on your computer, which means that you can use this copy only by connecting the device to the computer. Free space is limited only by your PC. How to delete iPhone backup from computer, we will cover below.

The backup is out of date, what to do?

It’s simple: delete! How to Delete iPhone Backup from Computer? First you need to find her. If you can delete a copy from iCloud in the same place where you did it, then finding a copy made using iTunes will be much more difficult. Now we will tell you where it is:

  • Open the Backup folder, it is located in the “User” folder.
  • This folder contains all copies made on your devices. Again, it is not recommended to change them.

How to delete an iPhone backup from a computer is already clear, so there should be no problems. Once again, we advise everyone to periodically do them.

Part 2. How to Open and View iTunes Backup

If you backed up iPhone files with iTunes and want to delete iTunes backup on computer, you can open and view iTunes backup on computer first. Just check out the solutions you can find to backup iTunes in the following ways.

How to View iTunes Backup

If you are using iTunes to back up iPhone data, you can also use iTunes to open and view the iTunes backup. You just need to open iTunes and connect your iPhone and computer, iTunes will scan your iPhone automatically, all backup files will appear. Now you can do whatever you want with these backup files, even deleting iTunes with the backup. everything is fine.

But unfortunately, if you want to open and view your iTunes backup files, you must restore them all first. You cannot preview a single file before restoring. If you just want to open and view some of the backup data, you will have to spend a lot of time to restore all the backup data. So, Better To Use iPhone Data Recovery.

Section 1. Location of iPhone backup on Windows

If you backed up iPhone data on Windows computer, you can find and delete iTunes backup by following path. It depends on the version of Windows you are using.

Windows 7/8/10 and Widows Vista

C: \ Document & Preferences \ User \ Application Date \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ Backup \

If you cannot find your iPhone backup in this location, it means that you have changed the backup location. You can view the location you set up in the app you backed up your iPhone files.

Part 3. How to Delete iPhone Backup on Windows and Mac

You may have had your files backed up on your computer, so if you want to delete your iTunes backup on Windows or Mac, there are several useful apps that will offer you professional help to choose from. When you decide to delete iTunes backup on PC / Mac, you can use iOS Data Backup Restore. In just a few steps, you can completely delete your iTunes backup.

Besides deleting iTunes backup on computer, iOS Data Backup & Restore can also help you in other areas. With one click, you can back up all files from iOS device to computer. It also allows you to view and select the data in the backup. If you want to restore a single file or part of the backup files, you do not need to restore the entire backup in the first place.

First, you need to download and install iOS Data Backup Restore on your computer. You can find it on the official website. When your computer completes the installation, launch iOS Data Backup Restore directly. You can choose a different version depending on your computer’s control system, but you may see the same features and appearance on both Windows and Mac, so the steps are the same on Windows and Mac.

How to Delete iPhone Backup on windows pc

Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable, iOS Data Backup Restore will scan your iPhone automatically. Select “iOS Data Recovery” in the interface, you can see all backup files right now.

Step 3. Delete iTunes backup files

You can access iTunes backup files to check the details. Now you can select and delete iTunes backup, you can delete some of them, you can also delete all backup files from iTunes backup, which can help speed up slow iTunes.

How to Delete iTunes Backup on Computer

For users of iOS devices iTunes. very popular data storage application. With iTunes backup, you never have to worry about accidental data loss. But sometimes, too many backup files in iTunes results in wasted space and confusing iTunes backup. So, you can try to delete iTunes backup files to clear iTunes room. There are many methods you can use to delete iTunes backup on computer. These methods can make your job easier.

How to View iTunes Backup with iPhone Data Recovery

If you don’t want to waste time restoring all your backup files, you can opt for other more powerful and professional software like iPhone Data Recovery. Unlike iTunes, iPhone Data Recovery allows you to open and view backup files without backing up. If you want to recover some designated files, iPhone Data Recovery is the best one you should choose.

First you need to download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. You can find it on the official website: Once the installation is complete, run it directly.

Now connect iPhone to computer with USB cable, select “Recover from iTunes backup file”, you will see all files in the interface. Now select the files you want to open and view, open them directly.

Section 2. Location of iPhone backup on Mac

If you’ve backed up iPhone files to Mac, it will be easier and faster to find and delete iTunes backup. You can find iPhone iTunes backup at the same location. It’s easier to find iPhone backup on Mac.

Library \ Application Support \ MobileSync \ Backup \

Part 1. How to Find iPhone Backup on Windows and Mac

Since the difference between iOS and Windows, the iTunes backup will be placed in a different location, so if you want to delete your iTunes backup on Windows or Mac, you need to find them first. In fact, if you didn’t change the location when setting up the system, you can find the iPhone backup at the designated location.

Mac backups

To find the list of backups, follow these steps.

  • Click the magnifying glass icon in the menu bar.
  • Type or copy and paste the following:

To find a specific backup, follow these steps.

  • On a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15 or later, open Finder. On a Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier, or on a Windows computer, open the iTunes app. Click your device.
  • In Finder, on the General tab, click Manage Backups to see a list of your backups. Right-click the required backup and then select Show in Finder, Delete, or Archive. In iTunes, select Preferences and then click Devices. Right-click the required backup and then select Show in Finder, Delete, or Archive.
  • When finished, click “OK”.

How to delete a Windows 10 backup

In October 2018, it was noticed that the Windows 10 operating system stopped backing up the registry.

The scheduled task still starts and the log shows that the operation succeeds, but no registry backup files are created.

Previous versions of Windows 10 created backups and placed them in the folder: C: WindowsSystem32configRegBack. Backups could be used to restore the previous state of the Windows registry.

Microsoft recently posted a support page that clarified the situation. The company advised that the change was intentional and not an error. The change has been integrated into Windows 10, version 1803 and all subsequent versions of Windows 10.

This change allows you to reduce the size of the Windows 10 operating system on disk:

Starting with Windows 10, version 1803, the Windows operating system no longer automatically backs up the registry to the RegBack folder. If you go to the path WindowsSystem32configRegBack, you will see each registry hive, but the size of each file will be 0 kilobytes.

This change is planned and is intended to reduce the disk space used by Windows. To restore the system in case of registry corruption, Microsoft recommends using a system restore point.

What is a backup for and how to make it?

In the next block, we will look at how to delete a backup copy of Windows 7 and higher, but for now we will analyze the goals and the mechanism for creating it. Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft operating systems support the ability to back up individual folders and “package” the entire partition image. The difference is as follows:

  • In the first case, archiving occurs at the file level. They are added to the original backups in parts. ZIP format is used for compression and NTFS or FAT32 for storage.
  • When you create a section, you work at the block level. The image is saved in VHD format and is stored only on partitions with NTFS structure. A definite plus is the quick recovery of the system if it fails.

Now you can create the desired backup without third-party archiving programs. only by using the installed Windows.

Find and manage backups in iCloud

If you are using an iCloud backup, the backup list will not be available at Find iCloud backups on your iOS or iPadOS device, Mac, or Windows computer as follows.

  • On iOS 11 or later, go to Settings [your name] iCloud Manage Storage Backup.
  • In iOS 10.3, go to the Settings menu of [your name] iCloud. Click on the iCloud storage usage chart and then click on “Manage storage”.
  • On iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to iCloud Settings Storage Manage Storage.

Click a backup to view detailed information about it, choose what information you want to include in the backup, or delete it.

You can only select content to back up from the Settings menu of the device where the content is stored. For example, although you can view an iPad backup on an iPhone, you can only select what iPad content to back up from the Settings menu on an iPad.

  • Choose Apple () System Preferences.
  • Click iCloud.
  • Click “Manage”.
  • Select “Backups”.
  • Open iCloud for Windows
  • Select “Storage”.
  • Select “Backups”.

The increased focus on data security is great, but hard drives are not oversized, so it’s important to know how to delete a Windows backup from your computer.

Copying backups to another location

If you need duplicate backups, you can find the backup folder and copy it in its entirety (rather than a separate part of it) to another location, for example, to an external drive or to a directory on your NAS.

With Time Machine, the backup folder is automatically backed up when you back up the user folder on your Mac.

How to delete a Windows backup from your computer?

To free up space on your hard drives, you can delete unnecessary safety files or backup images at any time. To do this, you need to find the window “Disk space management and data archiving”. Then everything is simple.

Click the View Archives button. Windows automatically finds all archives and, for your convenience, displays the entire backup period and the amount of disk space that the backup files take.

To delete the reserve, click the “Change parameters” button. the main parameters for storing images will open. Choose to delete all archived files at once or all but the last successful save.

How to enable automatic Windows 10 registry backups

The registry backup feature has been disabled, but has not been completely removed from the operating system. Device administrators who want to restore this functionality must make the following registry changes:

  • Launch Registry Editor (open the Start menu, type regedit.exe and select the suggested option)
  • Go to the section:
  • Right click on the Configuration Manager subkey and select New DWORD Value (32 bit)
  • Name the parameter EnablePeriodicBackup
  • Set the parameter value to 1
  • Reboot your computer
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After following these steps, Windows 10 will back up the registry again.

Windows will back up the registry in the RegBack folder when you restart your computer and add a RegIdleBackup task to handle subsequent backups.

You can use the ready-made registry files to enable (enable-periodic-registry-backup.reg) and disable (disable-periodic-registry-backup.reg) backups. They are available for download at the following link:

Despite the fact that registry backups take up some disk space, they can be very useful in case of a system restore. It is recommended to additionally use a third-party backup solution, such as Acronis True Image, AOMEI Backupper Standard, Paragon Backup Recovery Free, Macrium Reflect or other programs.

What backup strategy have you chosen for your computer?

Find a list of iOS or iPadOS backups on Mac, Windows computer, and iOS or iPadOS device. Learn how to delete, copy and more backups.

How to delete WhatsApp backup from phone

How to delete WhatsApp backup from smartphone if you no longer want to store data? There are no problems. we will show you how to get rid of the stored information, if necessary. In the review, you will find detailed instructions for iPhone and Android smartphone owners.!

On iPhone

Before I tell you how to delete a WhatsApp backup on an iPhone, you need to figure out where the data is generally stored. The owners of these devices know that the internal storage is called iCloud and by default all applications transfer data there. You cannot choose another cloud storage!

First, make sure that you save the information to the cloud storage. otherwise, you won’t be able to delete the WhatsApp backup on the iPhone, because the subject of the conversation is missing!

  • Open the device settings and click on the username. it is at the very top;
  • Find the “iCloud” section and turn on the slider next to the “iCloud Drive” option;
  • Now go down below and turn on the toggle switch opposite the name of the messenger.

Done. to save information, you will need to follow a few steps, otherwise you will not know how to delete a WhatsApp backup from your phone:

  • Enter the application and click on the settings gear on the bottom right;
  • Open the “Chats” section;
  • Go to the “Backup” subsection and click on the “Create” icon.

You already know how to save information. and now you want to delete the WhatsApp backup from your phone as unnecessary. It couldn’t be easier, follow our algorithm!

  • Click on the name at the top of the page and enter the “iCloud” section;
  • Above you will see a diagram of the storage capacity. just below there is a “Storage Management” button;
  • Find the name of Vatsap in the list that opens and tap on it;
  • Click on the red button “Delete data” and confirm the action.

We were able to figure out what kind of WhatsApp backup is and how to delete it on iPhone. now it’s the turn of users choosing Android OS!

On Android

Get ready. you have to work with Google Drive! Do not worry. the saved copies do not take up much space, each new copy replaces the previous file automatically.

First, a few words about how to learn how to save your message history in the cloud storage:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to settings;
  • Tap on the “Chats” tab, here you need to find the “Copy” section;
  • Make sure you are signed in with the correct Google account;
  • If you are not logged in, select the account you need on this page;
  • Click on the “Create” icon and wait.

If you want to delete your backup of WhatsApp chats. no problem! You can use Google Drive on your computer or mobile app (completely free). You need to do the following:

  • Open cloud storage and click on the menu button;
  • On the left panel, select the “Copies” section;
  • Find the name of the messenger in the list and find an unnecessary document;
  • Select with your finger (on the computer you need to click with the mouse) and click on the delete icon.

Here is the answer to the question of how to delete a backup of WhatsApp messages from Google Drive! Do not forget to empty the Trash so that unnecessary data disappears beyond recovery.

Experienced users know. there is an additional option on Android smartphones. The saved data are stored in the memory of the mobile device, copying is performed once a day in the background automatically. You can delete WhatsApp backups on Android. but first download any file manager from the Play Store. Here we will tell you everything about playing voice messages.

Found a suitable file manager? Getting started:

  • Open the program and find the folder with the name of the application;
  • Go inside and look for a directory called “Databases”;
  • Click on the file and hold it with your finger until an additional menu appears;
  • Click on the delete icon and confirm the action if necessary.

Good news! You don’t have to think about how to delete a WhatsApp backup on your computer. there is no such option in the desktop version. In this case, a complete data synchronization occurs: everything written on the computer will be saved in a backup copy on the phone.

You have learned how to delete WhatsApp backup on Android and can you get rid of unnecessary data on iPhone. We wish you success. with the help of our instructions, you will surely master the difficult task and erase unnecessary copies from the cloud! Find out here if messages will come if you unblock a contact.

How to Delete iPhone Data Backup from iTunes and iCloud

ITunes is very popular among iPhone and iPad users because it allows you to store the necessary data and manage the device. The application is also capable of creating and storing backups, the need for which sooner or later disappears. Today you will learn how to delete backups saved to your computer or iCloud using iTunes.

With iTunes, the user can save the necessary data on his computer, as well as in a special cloud storage called iCloud, which provides physical memory. Let’s take a closer look at each option for deleting a backup copy of data.

It is quite easy to delete an iOS device backup from your computer. This procedure is carried out in the iTunes program installed on the PC.

Run the application, then open the “Edit” menu and select the “Settings” item in the list that appears.

In this window, go to the “Devices” tab. A list of devices with created backups will be displayed. Select the required field by clicking the mouse, then click the “Delete backup” button.

This completes the procedure for deleting the backup data, you can close the program.

ICloud cloud storage

This method is easiest to do from your iOS device. To do this, do the following.

Go to “Settings”, then open your profile, which contains the section “iCloud” we need.

Go to “Manage storage”, then select “Backups”.

For iOS 11 and below, the path looks like this.

A list of backups will be displayed, in which you can easily delete the desired device from the cloud.

After clicking on the desired item, detailed information about the saved applications will be displayed, as well as the “Delete copy” button. click on it and confirm the action.

Both ways to delete backup data are pretty simple and done in a couple of clicks. It should be borne in mind that when deleting a backup from a computer, the goal is most often to free up space. In the case of iCloud cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about the memory usage, so think twice before deleting the backup. We hope our article helped you.

How to back up to a computer on Windows

You can make a backup copy of the PC using the system tools. How to back up to a computer in Windows 10:

  • In the program search field, go to “Backup”
  • Run the suggested program to start backing up your computer in Windows
  • Click “Create System Image”
  • Specify where to save copies
  • Choose what to save
  • Click “Back up” to back up Windows 10

How to create a Windows backup

It doesn’t take long to create a Windows 10 backup. This can be done both in the system and in a third-party program. Aomei Backupper Standard helps you create a Windows backup. How to back up Windows 10 to your computer:

  • Run the program
  • Open the Backup tab
  • Select the type of backup, for example, System Backup (the image of the partition with the bootloader and the image of the system partition of the disk)
  • Provide a name for the copy
  • Specify the path to save the copy
  • Click Start Backup

Where are computer backups stored?

In order to restore your PC, you need to know where the computer backups are stored in Windows 10. So where are the backups located on the computer? It depends on where you saved them when you backed them up. For example, in the Aomei Backupper Standard program there is a step in which you specify the path to save the copy.

Otherwise, you do not need to know where Windows stores backups, since during recovery, the system itself will find where the backups are stored on the computer.

How to delete a backup from your computer

Before deleting a backup from your computer in Windows, run the Run (Win R) command and enter the cleanmgr command. Then, to delete your Windows 10 backup:

  • In the window that opens, select the system drive
  • Click “OK”, and then the disk scan will start
  • Upon completion of the scan, a window will open in which activate the option “Clean up Windows update files”
  • Click “OK”, then. “Clear files”, scanning will start again, after which the system will show the files that can be deleted

Restoring from a Windows backup

Restoring from a Windows backup is a process for attentive users. How to restore Windows from a backup on your computer:

  • Go to “Start”, open “Settings”
  • Select “Update and Security”. “Recovery and Security”
  • In the “Special Boot Options” section, click “Restart Now”
  • In the recovery environment, in order, select the items:
  • Troubleshooting
  • “Extra options”
  • “System Image Recovery”
  • Wait until the system finds the backup or specify the path to it manually and click “Next”
  • Follow the instructions to restore from a Windows 10 backup
  • How to upgrade iPhone 6S to iOS 12

    Delete iPhone backup from computer

    You will see a table in which you need to select the “Devices” tab. A list of all saved copies that are on this PC will appear here. To delete information, you just need to select an unnecessary backup and click on the corresponding button (it is called “Delete backup”).

    • If you want to personally delete data, you can do it directly from a folder on your computer. On Windows, the data is located in the user folder located in the Documents directory. Then go to the Application Data directory, then to Apple Computer, and in the MobileSync folder you will find the Backup directory with all copies. When using Mac OS, you need to go to the Libraries directory, then to Application Support, and then the folders go in the same order.

    Delete iPhone data backup

    The modern high-tech world forces us to deal with all sorts of data. However, over time, a large amount of data can accumulate and then it becomes necessary to delete old and unnecessary information. This also applies to saved iPhone backups, which may be out of date or need to be deleted for other reasons.

    It doesn’t take long to delete the backup. Especially when compared to making an iPhone backup. Popular wisdom says: to break is not to build. Also in this case.

    There are two storage locations for iPhone backups. a folder on your PC’s hard drive, created through iTunes, and a virtual copy in iCloud storage. Let’s start by deleting data from the PC, as last year’s celebrity hacking scandals put this type of data storage in a better light.

    iPhone slows down after updating: what to do?

    Deleting an iCloud backup

    If you remain committed to storing your data in the cloud storage, then deleting a backup copy will also not be difficult. All you need is a telephone and internet access. In the case of using iOS 7 and iOS 8, the action plan is the same, only the name of the item you need to enter is slightly different.

    So, to delete your iPhone backup, open Settings and go to iCloud. Here, select the item “Storage and Copies” for iOS 7 or “Storage” for iOS 8 and go. In the process, you may be prompted to enter the password for your account

    In front of you you will see a list of backups and a list of data. Select the copy that needs to be deleted, and in the window that appears, click the button below with the red inscription “Delete copy”. Done, data deleted!

    Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

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    Delete backup data from iTunes and iCloud

    The presence of a timely created backup allows you to restore all information from your iPhone, iPad or iPod, if for some reason it was deleted or you simply “move” to a new Apple device. For each of them, iTunes can store one actual backup.


    If you have backed up from iTunes to iCloud or created it on iPhone, iPad or iPod, it will be easier to delete data from your Apple device.

      Open “Settings” on your iOS device, tap on the name of your own profile (Apple ID), and then go to the “iCloud” section.

    Note: In iOS 11 and below, the “iCloud” item is in the main “Settings” list, and not in its separate part that provides the ability to manage Apple ID.

    Next, tap on the item “Storage Management”, and then select “Backup”.

    Note: In iOS 11 and below, you must alternately use the items “Storage” and “Management”.

    Select the device whose backup you want to delete, if you wish, see the list of data (applications) synchronized with the cloud.

    Then click on the button “Delete a copy” located at the bottom of the page and confirm your intentions using the item “Turn off and delete”.

    As you can see, deleting a backup from an iPhone or iPad is no more difficult than using iTunes, but this way you not only erase your data, but also disable the ability to sync it with the cloud in the future. If and when you need to create a backup again, use the recommendations from the article provided at the link below.

    Deleting a backup of an iOS device

    iTunes allows you to back up data in one of two locations. on your computer hard drive or in the cloud storage iCloud, or in both of them at the same time. A backup can also be created on an iPhone or iPad, but since this happens without connecting to a PC, the data can only be saved to the cloud in this way. Next, we will consider in more detail each of the available options for solving the problem voiced in the title of this article.


    Deleting an iOS device backup created with iTunes is literally three easy steps

      Launch iTunes, click in its upper left corner on the “Edit” menu item, and then select “Preferences” from the displayed list.

    After you confirm the deletion of the backup,

    the “Settings” window can be closed. for this use the cross or the “OK” button.

    In this simple way, you can erase a backup copy of an iOS device created using iTunes for PC.

    How to Delete iPhone Backup from iCloud

    If you want to free up cloud storage space, you can turn off automatic backups through iPhone settings, and then follow these steps:

    • Make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet.
    • On iPhone or other iOS device, go to the Settings menu.
    • Click on your Apple account name and find the “iCloud” section here.
    • Select “Manage storage” to access the list of available backups.
    • Click on the copy of the one you plan to delete and in the list that appears, select the appropriate item.

    Delete only unnecessary copies. Similar actions can be done through a computer browser. To do this, you need to log in to icloud with your Apple ID and password. Please note that after this you will not be able to restore the deleted material.

    A message stating that the backup cannot be deleted from iCloud appears if you have not turned off automatic data synchronization on your mobile device. Therefore, try to cancel it and only then try to erase the backup from the cloud.

    Where is iPhone backup stored on computer

    By default, all data backups are saved in a strictly defined folder on your computer. Their location differs depending on the version of the operating system you are using. Since iTunes can only be installed on Windows or OS X computers, follow these steps to access the backup:

    • On PC Windows. The backup can be found in the directory at the following address \ User \ Current_username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ Backup \. You can quickly open the desired directory through the “Run” utility. To do this, enter the “AppData” command in an empty line and click “OK”. After that navigate to the destination folder.
    • On Mac. Open the “Search” menu and copy the following text (without quotes) into a blank line: “

    / Library / Application Support / MobileSync / Backup / “and press Enter. This will display a list of available copies.

    On devices with Mac OX, the backup can also be found through the program itself. To do this, launch iTunes and go to the “Preferences” menu. The available backups are displayed on the Devices tab. While holding down the “Ctrl” key, click on the desired one and in the list that opens, select “Show in Finder”. Then the copy can be deleted.

    How to open iPhone backup on computer

    The backup data is automatically encrypted and cannot be viewed. Even when it comes to text or media formats that are readable by default. You can get access to backup files only using special software. Let’s consider the most popular programs:

    It is not recommended to try to extract any data from the backup, edit the final file or transfer it to another location. Otherwise, the copy may become unusable on the device and will not be displayed in iTunes.

    Remove iPhone backups from iTunes and iCloud

    All backups made through iTunes are stored in the computer memory. If you want to find them and copy them to removable media (or the cloud), then you need to know where they are saved. Therefore, below we will tell you how to delete iPhone backup from iTunes from computer and where to find it.

    If you forgot your iPhone backup password in iTunes

    To protect user information, iTunes automatically encrypts backups. Therefore, to restore data and install a copy on another device, you need to specify a password. If for some reason you cannot remember it, then try the following steps:

    • Make sure to enter the password correctly. Try to write it elsewhere and then copy it to the blank encryption key field.
    • Launch iTunes, connect your smartphone to your computer and download the backup. In the window that opens, click on the “Change Password” button to reset the current password.
    • Use special software for data recovery. For example, the iPhone Backup Unlocker Key program. Detailed instructions on how to use it can be found on the official website.

    Before you reset your current password, try to remember it or try to guess. Only as a last resort, go to the use of third-party software, tk. it does not guarantee a 100% result and the integrity of the copy data after a reset.

    How to Restart iPhone from Computer via Third Party Tool

    You should understand that resetting iPhone from computer using iTunes is only for deleting data and settings on iPhone. There is still a chance of getting them back. If you want to format iPhone permanently, you must use a third party tool like iPhone Eraser.It uses an advanced algorithm to overwrite iOS devices.

    Step 1. Install the iPhone reset tool on your computer

    Launch iPhone Eraser after you’ve installed it on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. If you have more than one iDevice to reset, you can connect them to the program at the same time.

    After successful connection, you will see three erasing options: “Low”, “Medium” and “High”. Read the instructions on the screen carefully and select the appropriate erasure level.

    Step 3. Reset iPhone from Computer in One Click

    Click on the “Start” button; then the program will do its job. And you just need to wait for the process to complete.

    How to Restore iPhone After Reset

    After resetting iPhone from computer, you can set it up as new. But there is no more data on your phone. If you want to get some important files back, iPhone Data Recovery can help you. Its main functions are:

    • 1. Recover lost data from iTunes backup or iCloud backup in one click.
    • 2. Open iTunes backup and iCloud backup for selective recovery.
    • 3.Use a physical connection to recover iPhone data safer and faster.
    • 4. Get the data from the backup to your phone in original conditions.
    • 5. Compatible with all iPhone models including iPhone X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus and earlier.

    In short, iPhone Data Recovery. this is the best solution to restore iPhone after reset.

    Back up iPhone before resetting iPhone from computer

    Regardless of how you reset your iPhone to factory settings, it’s best to make a fresh backup. Both iTunes and iCloud can do you a favor. If you’ve decided to back up your iPhone to your computer, iTunes can help you do just that. On the other hand, iCloud can save iPhone data to a cloud server wirelessly.

    Method 2: How to Backup iPhone with iTunes Before Restarting iPhone

    Step aerobics one. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Make sure you have installed the latest iTunes update.

    Tip: It is better to use the original USB cable for iPhone backup. And iTunes does not require internet connection to backup iPhone.

    Step aerobics 2. Expand your iPhone name in the upper left corner and go to the Summary tab.

    Step aerobics 3. Find the “Manual Backup and Restore” section in the right pane and click the “Back up now” button.

    Tutorial to Reset iPhone X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus and Earlier from Computer

    Even though you can reset your iPhone in the Settings app, it’s not possible if your phone is frozen, broken, or locked. Are there any other ways to reset iPhone from computer? iTunes might be an alternative option. Besides buying music and other content, you can also reset iPhone from computer using iTunes. Therefore, in this tutorial, we are going to talk about how to reset iPhone from computer. Reset iPhone to remove all personal content and settings from your phone. Therefore, before restarting, you need to back up your iPhone and learn how to restore iPhone after that.

    • Back up iPhone before restarting iPhone
    • How to reset iPhone from computer using iTunes
    • How to reset iPhone from computer using a third-party tool
    • How to Restore iPhone After Reset

    Method 1: How to Back Up iPhone Using iCloud

    Step aerobics one. Turn on Wi-Fi or cellular on your iPhone. You can find it in the Control Center.

    Step aerobics 2. Launch the Settings app and tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen. Then tap the ‘iCloud’ option to open it.

    Note. ICloud can be found directly in the Settings app if you are using iOS 10 or earlier.

    Step aerobics 3. Click on the iCloud backup option and then click “Back up now”. After that, your iPhone will immediately start executing your command.

    Since iCloud uses an internet connection, it takes some time to complete the whole process.

    How to restart iPhone from computer using iTunes

    ITunes has now become a must-have service among iPhone users. People can not only buy digital content on iTunes, but also reset iPhone from computer.

    Step aerobics one. Launch the latest iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to your computer too.

    Step aerobics 2. Click the Device icon and go to the Summary window. Then click the “Restore iPhone” button. When iTunes prompts you to enter your Apple ID, follow the onscreen instructions and start a factory reset iPhone from your computer.

    Step aerobics 3. When the process is complete, your iPhone will reboot and the welcome screen will appear as you just bought it.

    iTunes not working or without a computer? Factory reset iPhone without computer here.

    How to Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup

    Step aerobics one. The first step will be the same, run iPhone data recovery program on your computer when you need to recover lost data on iPhone. But this time, you need to select the Recover from iCloud Backup File option on the left sidebar.

    Step aerobics 2. Enter your Apple ID to access your iCloud backup files. Select the latest file and click the Download button next to the backup; then you will be taken to the details window.

    Step aerobics 3. Here you can select specific data or all data and click the Recover button to get it back. And then you can recover files on your iPhone after setup.

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