How to disable paid apps on iPhone

How to install software to the default library

You can decide for yourself where the new programs from the App Store will be located.

Simple go to “Settings”, select “Screen home” and check the box.

Where is the app library on your iPhone

Just swipe the screen with a swipe from right to left to the very end. Here she is:

How to STOP In app Purchases on iOS 12.1.2

How to use the App Library in iOS 14

Another cool feature of Apple’s new OS. IOS 14 has a lot of new and useful features. And the so-called application library is one of the best. We tell you what it is and how to use it.

The Application Library is a kind of structured list of programs. It is located at the very end of the iPhone home screen. With its help, you can get rid of endless unnecessary screens with unused software.

In addition, there is a search bar at the top. In it, the user will easily and quickly find what he needs.

We also see 2 folders at the top of the “library” screen. “offers” and “recently added”. The first folder contains the software that you use most often, and the second contains the programs that you recently downloaded.

Within each category, icons for frequently used applications are larger than those that you do not use.

Click on this or that folder. icons of all applications from this category will open at once. Like this:

Unfortunately, you cannot change the position of blocks in the library. You also cannot get rid of the library itself. This is the default permanent token. It is possible that this will change in future iOS 14 updates (or already in the new iOS 15 in 2021).

Hide program icons from the desktop by adding them to the library

It is very easy to hide the icon from the desktop into the application library. It is enough to hold your finger on the program, and then click “uninstall application”. The option “Move to Application Library” will appear. This is exactly what we need.

How to turn off notification icons in the library

Again we go along the path “Settings” and “Home Screen”, put a tick here:

Now you will not be annoyed by the message counters in the library.

I have been using the library since installing the beta version of iOS 14. It really helps to cope with the chaos and junk on the iPhone home screen. In addition, the smartphone perfectly copes with the task of independently grouping applications thematically into folders.

Our other helpful tutorials and resources on the iOS 14 operating system include:

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How to unsubscribe from a paid app subscription on iPhone and iPad (iOS 12.1.4 and newer)

Starting with iOS 12.1.4, Apple has made it much easier to view active paid subscriptions on iPhone and iPad. To access them, just launch the App Store application, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select “Manage subscriptions” on the page that opens.

Immediately after that, a page will open with a list of connected paid subscriptions that can be managed. You will only have to select an unnecessary subscription and cancel it.

How to unsubscribe from a paid app subscription on iPhone and iPad

It is very easy to cancel unwanted subscriptions.

Most of the modern apps are free, but offer users a paid subscription to unlock all the features. Most often, applications lure users with a trial “free” subscription, which literally in a few days turns into a paid one and money is automatically debited for it. How to view the list of all active subscriptions on iPhone and iPad and refuse unwanted subscriptions was described in this instruction.

How to unsubscribe from a paid app subscription on iPhone and iPad (iOS 12.1.3 and older)

Go to “Settings” → “username” → “iTunes Store and App Store”.

Click on your Apple ID account and in the window that opens, select “View Apple ID”. iOS will ask you to verify your identity by entering your Apple ID password or scanning your finger or face.

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On the new page, select the “Subscriptions” section.

After a short download, a list of all subscriptions will open. Subscriptions are divided into active and inactive. Select the subscription you want to unsubscribe from in the “Active” section.

A new page will list the details of your subscription: end date, cost, and available renewal options. Click the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the page. Note that you can similarly cancel trial subscriptions that are free for a specified period of time.

Confirm the cancellation of the subscription. It is important to note that the effect of the subscription will continue after the subscription until the end of its validity period. For example, if you subscribe to a music service, then you can continue listening to music on a paid subscription until its expiration.

Done! You have canceled your subscription to the app. Note that it will continue to be displayed in the list of active ones, but the money for its renewal will not be debited. After the expiration date, the line with the subscription will move to the list of invalid.

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How to turn off automatic app updates on iPhone?

The charge of your iPhone simply flies before our eyes, mobile traffic is always at zero and you notice that applications never require updating? Congratulations, you’ve become hostage to one of the new iOS features. automatic app updates. In this article, we will tell you not only how to disable this feature, but also give valuable advice on how to properly configure it.

In theory, the automatic app update feature is a very useful thing. But unfortunately, not all users have a cellular tariff that is tailored for downloading even small updates from the Web (not to mention multi-Omega-byte game updates). For others, the function may not be to their liking due to the lack of a sense of control, and it is always interesting to find out what kind of update came out for a favorite application. In any case, it is necessary to understand the function of automatic updating of applications on the iPhone.

How to turn off automatic app updates on iPhone?

Go to the Settings menu

Go to iTunes Store, App Store

How to cancel an app subscription on iPhone to avoid automatic billing

Scroll to the Automatic Downloads section

Deactivate the Update switch

Here, at the same time, you can turn off the automatic download of music and programs, which will help if you are an active user of several Apple devices. After turning off automatic app updates, which we just did, remember that all updates will have to be done manually from the App Store app. You shouldn’t worry, because if a new version of an application is released, a number will appear on it and you will understand that it is time to update.

If the automatic update is still to your liking, but you do not want to waste mobile traffic, then there is a solution in this case as well. Apple developers have provided the ability to automatically update applications only when you are actively connected to a Wi-Fi network and it is easy to activate this feature.

How to set up automatic app updates on iPhone over Wi-Fi only?

Go to the Settings menu

Go to iTunes Store, App Store

Activate the Update switch

Turn off the Cellular Data toggle switch located at the very bottom of the screen

Done! Now, when you connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi, which, for example, is available at your home, your applications will be automatically updated and you will not have to think about the safety of mobile traffic once again.

How to cancel paid iPhone subscriptions?

If earlier, using paid services was a little unusual, now it is becoming the norm and many people subscribe to music, films, books and other things. For example, you can name Apple Music, Netflix, etc.

In general, the subscription goes to the application and for a certain fee per month, you get content or a set of functions. But it happens that you want to cancel a paid subscription and given the logic of the iPhone, it is not always possible to find the desired item the first time.

The process of deactivating any paid subscription is quite simple and doesn’t take much of your time. An example of a solution to this problem will be made on iOS 11.3. I think in future versions everything will be the same.


Removing Paid iPhone Subscriptions via Settings

  • go to Settings and click on your name;
  • select the iTunes Store and App Store;
  • the first line will contain your Apple ID, and press it;
  • from the menu that appears, click on View Apple ID;
  • find the Subscriptions item below;
  • select the desired subscription that you want to disable (for example, I took Apple Music);
  • at the bottom, click Unsubscribe.
disable, paid, apps, iphone

As it is written below, the already paid period, the service will still work, but then it will simply no longer automatically withdraw money from your account.

How to view / disable paid subscriptions on iPhone?

The title sounds exactly like this, because both actions will be available to you when the required instruction is executed.

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There are two ways to unsubscribe from an app in the App Store. Both lead to the same point, just slightly different from each other.

Unsubscribe from a paid iPhone subscription via the App Store

Well, the second method, which also has a right to exist:

  • go to the App Store application;
  • in the upper right corner we find the account icon;
  • click on the name;
  • again we are looking for the Subscriptions item;
  • choose a subscription you want to unsubscribe from;
  • Unsubscribe.

Based on the number of steps, the second method for deleting a subscription via the App Store will be a little faster. The most important thing is that you will be able to achieve the desired result, but choose the method at your discretion.

Via iTunes

Let’s start with the most common way. It’s about working with “iTunes”. This application allows you to manage Apple devices and work with their software.

How do I turn off my iPhone subscription? You can do it something like this:

  • Download and install iTunes on your computer. It is important that version 12.2.0 is installed.
  • Launch the application.
  • Connect to the internet.
  • Pass authorization using “Apple ID”.
  • In the window that appears, scroll through the information almost to the very end. You need to stop at the “Settings” section.
  • Select “Manage” next to “Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the image of the desired subscription.
  • Read the parameters. Here you need to set the “Off” parameter. opposite “Auto-renewal”. Or click on the “Unsubscribe” button.
  • Click on “Finish”.

That’s all. From now on, it is clear how to disable the subscription to the “iPhone”. This trick works 100% with all Apple devices. This instruction works on both Windows and MacOS. It’s just that in the second case, it is possible that the latest version of iTunes will already be installed on the computer.

Refusal from news

There is a paid service like Apple News. Sometimes you also want to refuse it. To do this, you will have to act differently. How exactly? How to turn off an “iPhone” subscription called Apple News?

  • Go to the main menu of the device and click on “Settings”.
  • Visit the “General” section, go to “Content Updates”.
  • Find the application you want.
  • Move the slider to the “Off” position. At the same time, a red light should light up next to.

Usually nothing else is needed. The steps listed will help you turn off Apple News. If desired, in the “Content update” section, you can stop the auto-update of some programs. But, as practice shows, this step is usually not needed.

AppStore Subscriptions

Now a little about how to act if you only have a phone at hand. You can unsubscribe from paid iPhone subscriptions without additional software. It’s enough just to have an internet connection.

How do I turn off iPhone 6 subscriptions? For example, in the AppStore. Actions are reduced to the following steps:

  • Launch Smartphone.
  • Open the main menu and go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “iTunes and AppStore” section.
  • Click on your profile. If necessary, go through authorization in it.
  • Connect to the internet. Better to do it in advance.
  • Find and go to “Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the “Manage” button.
  • Move the switch to the “Off” position in the “Auto-renewal” section.
  • Save changes.

As a rule, this is how paid subscriptions in the AppStore are disabled. To select a specific item, a person can refuse one or another paid service. But such an operation is better done using a computer.

Instagram and iPhone

Now it is clear how to turn off the subscription to “iPhone” in one case or another. The main thing is to have an internet connection and an AppleID. Without the latter, a person has no chance of using paid services.

Modern users work with Instagram quite often. How can you exclude a lot of followers from a social network via iPhone? It is proposed to do this using the FollowMeter program. To some extent, this task is also unsubscribing.

  • Download and Install FollowMeter for iPhone.
  • Run the program.
  • Pass authorization in it using the login and password from the social network “Instagram”.
  • Press the Following button.
  • Remove each unnecessary subscriber using the corresponding button.

Done! Just a few minutes. and the Instagram profile has been cleared of unnecessary subscriptions. precisely, from subscribers. There is nothing incomprehensible or difficult about this!

How to turn off your iPhone subscription: top tips

Paid services on mobile devices are often a hassle. The user may not have used them for a long time, but the money will still be debited from the phone account. This is not the best thing. Especially when it comes to the so-called subscription services. Some of them are free for the first time (a month or longer). And then they suddenly demand payment. over. write off funds for use on their own. That is why many are wondering how to turn off the subscription to the “iPhone”. What secrets will help bring your idea to life?

Apple Music

Often, the owners of Apple devices are interested in disabling Apple Music. This is a service that is somewhat reminiscent of Yandex.Music. You will have to pay to use the subscription.

How to turn off subscriptions on “iPhone 5” or any other? Disconnecting Apple Music is best done through a mobile phone. This will require:

  • Open the “Music” section in the main menu of the gadget.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi.
  • In the upper left corner of the application, click on your profile picture.
  • Find and click on the line “View AppleID”.
  • Select “Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the “Manage” button.
  • Mark the position of the pointer as “Off” in the item “Auto-renewal”.
  • Click on the “Turn off” button.
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How to cancel an app subscription on your iPhone

Everything is extremely simple and straightforward. From now on, it is clear how to disable the Yandex. Music subscription on the iPhone. And how can you refuse most other paid services too? But that’s not all.

How to unsubscribe from a paid app on iPhone?

Many users do not think about which subscriptions were connected by Apple services in various fraudulent ways, because everyone wants to make money. As a rule, when it turns out that they are not there, it is already too late. It is impossible to return the lost, however, the amount of write-offs for a month and even a day of using such services can be considerable. Even in spite of numerous customer complaints, the company continues to “throw” them for money in a variety of ways, up to the forced activation of a subscription to a paid application, which supposedly can be useful to him in some way. And take it what you want? There is only one thing left. to write a complaint or unsubscribe each time regularly giving your hard-earned money for an allegedly voluntary subscription.

The number and types of paid subscriptions depends on the audacity of the company. And no matter how they assure those support, all this is precisely the work of the company, the owners of which want to earn as much money as possible in every possible way. In addition to mobile operators, there are subscriptions and developer services. For example, iTunes Story and App Story. So what are the paid subscriptions:

  • entertainment on media portals;
  • news feeds;
  • information services;
  • new programs and entertainment content on the iTunes Story and App Story services;
  • astro predictions and much more.

All this is completely useless for a modern user, because everyone has an Internet with huge or unlimited traffic, with which he can find absolutely everything on the Internet, from the weather forecast to the latest news from the life of the world elite. over, they often chase him on social networks, contextual advertising on websites and other places.

How to unsubscribe from a paid app?

disable, paid, apps, iphone

If you suddenly find you have an activated paid subscription or you suddenly decide to get rid of it because it is not needed, then it is quite possible to do this on the iPhone. It is only important to remember that many are very stubborn and are updated if not canceled.

  • they will automatically return if not canceled;
  • if you want to use the subscription services again, you can renew it from the moment you replenish your account;
  • if you cancel it during the supposedly free period, then you will not get anyone access to the content at all.

To deactivate subscription to various paid services from Apple devices, follow these steps:

  • Open settings on your phone.
  • Choose your name or how the device is signed in the menu.
  • Select the “Subscriptions” item, if there is no such item, then you must select iTunes Story and App Story.
  • Next, in the menu that opens, you will need to select your Apple ID and enter the service.
  • At the very bottom of the scrolling will be the “Subscriptions” tab.
  • In the list of subscriptions, you must select the one you are interested in.
  • In the next paragraph, you must cancel the subscription by clicking the appropriate button.

If you don’t need subscriptions for Apple Watch, Apple TV, and other services, you can also turn them off. Subscriptions of mobile operators are disabled by requests or in the personal account in the appropriate section. All paid subscriptions can be banned.

How to find paid apps on the App Store?

Open the App Store app. Select or search for an app to download, then tap its icon. Click Price or Get. You may need to sign in with your Apple ID.

How to deactivate a subscription from an Internet site?

By managing browser alerts

  • Go to the browser menu and select Settings
  • Next, go along the path: Show advanced settings. Personal data. Content settings. Alerts. Configure exclusions.
  • In the window that opens, select the subscriptions from which we want to unsubscribe and delete them.

How to check if iPhone has paid subscriptions?

Open “Settings”. Click your name and then Subscriptions. (If you don’t see Subscriptions, click iTunes & App Store. Then click your Apple ID, select View Apple ID, sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, and click Subscriptions.)

How to unsubscribe from paid services?

In this case, you need to go to the official website of your bank, then go to your personal account, select “Tariffs” or “Services” there, or maybe “Subscriptions” and one by one unsubscribe from all services in the section.

How to unsubscribe in the Smule app?

How to cancel a subscription purchased in an Android app?

  • Go to the “Play Market” application on your device.
  • Click on the “Menu” icon and select “Subscriptions”.
  • Find the subscription you want to cancel.
  • Click “Unsubscribe”.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.