How to display a movie on your phone screen

For advanced users

AndroidScreencast can also be run from the command line, then you can see technical messages that help you better understand how the application interacts with the Android device. The folder with the application should be in the root of the C drive. Launch the command line and execute the commands one by one (instead of VERSION, type the version of the AndroidScreencast application):

In the command line window, you will see messages about the AndroidScreencast operation and the interaction of the application with the phone / tablet, and a window will appear with the screen of your Android device, where you can control it.

PC connection

Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. If you have Windows 8.1 or 10, the phone / tablet should be automatically detected by the system and the necessary drivers will be installed (the main thing is to be connected to the Internet). If you have Windows 7 or lower, most likely you will have to install the drivers yourself. Visit the official website of the manufacturer of your Android device and look in the Support section for software for it. Usually the necessary drivers are installed with this software.


The error “Cannot initialize devices list. Try to choose correct ADB path or reconnect your device” may appear instead of the phone / tablet screen.

Close the window, make sure the folder with the AndroidScreencast application is located at the root of the C drive, start the Windows command line (located in the Start menu), type the command (instead of VERSION, type the version of the AndroidScreencast application):

and press the “Enter” key, then type the command:

and press “Enter” again.

Among all the text that appears, we are interested in the daemon started successfully line, which means the successful launch of the “adb” service required for the application to work.

Re-run AndroidScreencast. If it does not help, try the solution from the article “The phone screen broadcast via USB does not work, or how to remove the Android emulator”.

Working with AndroidScreencast

When the device is successfully detected by the system, open the folder with the AndroidScreencast application and launch it by double-clicking on the androidscreencast-VERSION-executable.jar file, where VERSION is the application version. After a few seconds, a window should appear with the screen of your phone or tablet.

In the window, you can control the device using the computer mouse. To rotate the screen, right-click within the display area of ​​the screen. Click on the “Explore” menu option at the top of the window to access files on your Android device.

If the “On / Off”, “Volume” and “Volume-” buttons do not work on your device, you can also access them through the application by clicking on the “Execute keycode” menu option at the top of the window. Select the required command from the list and click the “Execute” button at the bottom of the window (in the picture below, the highlighted command SIMulates the “On / Off” button of the device).

AndroidScreencast. Broken Screen Phone Control

AndroidScreencast is another way to access a broken screen Android phone or tablet using a computer over USB. Installing and configuring AndroidScreencast is very SIMilar to the previously mentioned Droid at Screen app.

  • Cross-platform software (works under Windows, MacOS, Linux);
  • Doesn’t install additional apps on Android device.

Before proceeding, we highly recommend that you first read the instructions for working with the MyPhoneExplorer program, as it supports devices with Android 4.1 and lower, and also provides access not only to the device screen, but also to all data available on it (files, contacts. SMS messages, etc.), and also allows you to save them to your computer.

Preparation for work

Further steps for setting up AndroidScreencast will be given using an example of working in Windows, in other operating systems, proceed by analogy.

Phone / tablet setup

To connect AndroidScreencast to an Android device, USB debugging must be enabled and it all depends on the state of your device.

If USB debugging has already been activated before, then you are very lucky and you can proceed to the next section of the article.

If your gadget has a partially non-working screen, try to activate the “Debugging via USB” option in the settings of your phone / tablet (Settings For Developers Debugging via USB). Read more in the article “Transferring the screen of a mobile phone to a computer. Controlling a phone from a computer” in the section “Connecting via a USB cable”.

If the screen of your device is completely broken, then you should use the instruction “Enabling USB Debugging on Android Device with Broken Screen”.

Install Java

Check the installed Windows programs if Java is installed on your computer? If not, download it from the official site and install. AndroidScreencast requires at least Java 8 to run.

Preparing AndroidScreencast

Download the archive for your operating system from the official page of the AndroidScreencast application.

Unpack the application into a folder convenient for you. This is optional, but for Windows users we recommend unpacking the application folder to the root of the C drive, then it will be more convenient to work with it in the command line.

How to Get Weather Information on Always On Display for Samsung Devices

To say that the Always On Display (AOD) feature on Samsung phones. that’s amazing, it would be an understatement. For example, I like this feature. A quick glance allows you to see the time, battery percentage and notifications without waking your device from sleep mode. over, the phone is easy to find at night. Amazing, really?

While Samsung allows you to choose from a variety of themes, the customization options are rather limited. You can choose a watch face or a color, but that’s where it ends. You can’t go beyond the standard options that Samsung offers.

This means that while it allows you to see the battery percentage on the AOD screen, you will not be able to see the weather information on the screen. You might argue that Google sends you regular weather updates, but the catch is that you still have to unlock your phone to view them. Bummer, for premium devices, yeah?

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Fortunately, there are still ways to get this weather information on the Always On Display. The good news is that it’s SIMple and straightforward.

How to enable weather information in AOD

Since displaying weather information is not a built-in feature, we would have to borrow this feature from a third-party weather app. And not just a weather app. We will need to find an application that displays the temperature (in numbers) in the status bar of your phone.

This will cause the Always On Display screen to treat it like any other notification. However, instead of showing the app icon, the temperature will be displayed. The real question. choose which weather app does it right.

One of the best apps that can help with this issue. Weather Underground. The app is easy to customize. All you have to do is install the app and enable weather notification in the status bar by going to Settings Notifications.

Then lock the screen and watch! The temperature will be displayed neatly on the Always On Display in black and white.

Option 1: Make sure the Google app has location permission

The lock screen weather data is pulled from the Google app, so if Google can’t pinpoint your location, you’re out of luck getting the local weather. updates. This may sound obvious, but if the Google app has permission to access your location, it can eliminate a SIMple hitch.

To check, open Settings, then tap Apps & notifications. Then click on View All X Apps, search for Google and select Permissions. If the slider next to Location is not blue, tap it to enable the resolution, then restart your phone to see if weather is displayed on the lock screen.

How to display weather on Samsung phone. How to check the weather on the iPhone lock screen with iOS 13 and iOS 12

IPhone has an additional secret weather widget for locked screen devices that can be turned on using an unlikely feature; Do not disturb mode. Using this feature, you can see the current day temperature, weather conditions and forecast if you glance at the iPhone screen at the beginning of the day. This is a great feature, but if you haven’t come across it yourself, don’t be surprised as it is quite hidden and does not have a caption indicating that the weather widget will be displayed on the lock screen.

Available for iPhone only, you need iOS 12 or later on your phone to enable and use the weather widget on the iPhone lock screen, and you will have to use both Do Not Disturb with Sleep features as you also allow the Weather app to access location services.

And how to remove an extra “Clock” widget from the screen of a Samsung smartphone?

Instructions for removing a widget from a Samsung smartphone screen.

Now we have two clock widgets on the screen: the Clock widget and the Weather and Clock widget. To remove the “Clock” widget from the screen, press the widget and hold it for 1-2 seconds.

Screen 0. press and hold the “Clock” widget.

After that, the Clock widget will be outlined in turquoise and a menu of three positions will appear. In it you need to click on the item “Remove from the screen“.

Screen 1. press and hold the “Clock” widget. Next, in the menu, click on the item “Remove from screen”.

The Clock widget has been removed from the screen.
In order to move the “Weather and Clock” widget to the place of the remote widget, press and hold this widget until it is highlighted in a turquoise frame. After that, with a swipe, you need to move it up the screen to a new place.

Screen 2. press and hold the “Weather and Clock” widget. Swap the widget to a new location. Screen 3. view of the Home screen after moving the “Weather and Clock” widget.

Option 2. Clear cache and data in Google app

Okay, Google might be using your location, but the lock screen still doesn’t show the weather. What’s next? Well of course clearing the data and cache of the google app.

Believe it or not, your phone is not made of magic. your device. it’s a computer. Sometimes data and / or cache accumulated over time can get corrupted and degrade the performance of your phone, such as the weather function.

Fortunately, clearing data and cache is easy. You will find these options under Settings. Apps and notifications. See all X. Google apps. Once there, start by clearing your Google app cache by clicking the Clear Cache button at the top of the screen. it’s the less aggressive of the two. Restart your phone to see if it works.

If that doesn’t work, clear the Google app data. Go to the same menu under Settings. Apps and notifications. See all X. Google apps, but this time click “Clear storage”. Then select “Clear Google Search Data”, then click “OK” in the pop-up window. Do it. but not. click on “Clear All Data” as this will delete the history and settings in your Google account.

If you’re using Pixel Launcher, clearing data in the Google app may reset your home screen layout. However, once you’re done, restart your phone again to see if the lock screen weather function has started working.

Nuclear option. reset device

If all else fails, if the steps above do not help restore the weather on your lock screen, there is one last option you can try. reset device settings to factory settings.

We call this the nuclear option for a reason. after a factory reset, you cannot return to the factory settings. Any data that is not backed up will be 100% lost. Make sure all photos, messages and important content are backed up on your phone before doing this last step.

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Phone reset options can be found in the Settings section. “System”. Reset options. Erase All Data (Factory Reset) Once you click on Erase All Data (Factory Reset), Google will walk you through what deletes this action and will also show you the accounts you are in. being logged in, the company’s way to warn you that you must lose.

display, movie, phone, screen

Before hitting Reset Phone Settings, you can check out our guide on how to reset your device to factory settings. By following the appropriate steps, you will have the best chance to restore the weather function on the lock screen.

These steps helped users fix lock screen weather, especially options 2 and 3, however, these are not guaranteed solutions. Even if these tips work for you, you might see the weather disappear again. Anything we can do until Google releases an update. is to repeat the steps one more time until something gets stuck.

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Cover and screenshots by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks.

How to Set Weather on Home Screen of Samsung Smartphone?

A bit of geography: The globe is a round planet, the axis of rotation of which has a slight deviation from the vertical axis (from the perpendicular to the plane of its orbit) about 23.44 °. This causes a regular, four-time change of “Seasons”, or seasons of the year: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

The “climatic” change of seasons, especially, causes a wide temperature difference, both in the year and during the day; the presence of various types of precipitation. either rain or snow; then the sun warms and pleases, then it is dark all day, as late in the evening; and the most important thing is the beginning and end of the “heating season”!

We humans, as warm-blooded creatures who have lost the fur of the skin during their evolution, are very uncomfortable with all these “vagaries” of the weather. Therefore, the weather forecast for both tomorrow and the summer season is becoming one of the most important news of interest to mankind. We just have to constantly monitor the weather.

Five ways to output video from Iphone to TV

Modern technical devices open up great opportunities for users: for example, having understood how to display captured video from an iPhone on a TV, you can easily turn your gadget into a mobile cinema. Transferring images and videos from the Iphone is available in various ways, and it is not at all necessary to purchase additional equipment. Modern mobile devices have essential built-in functions.

How to connect iphone to TV via HDMI cable or analog jack

Apple’s mobile gadgets use a proprietary connector. Depending on the models, this is 30-pin, as in iPad, iPhone 4, or iPod touch (4th generation), or Lightning 8-pin, starting with iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation. A large number of different accessories are produced for such standards, including the Digital AV Adapter. a digital adapter that allows you to duplicate digital content from an iPhone, iPad or iPod to a TV screen. It has an HDMI interface, which is available on most modern LCD TVs. To connect a mobile device to a widescreen panel using such an accessory, an HDMI cable is required, which is also sold separately.

In the absence of the ability to transfer video from the iphone via HDMI to the TV, a composite or component cable can help. This is a standard that is SIMply called “tulip”. This option is suitable for television equipment that has an analog connector. In this case, you need to purchase a composite or component AV cable from Apple as an adapter for your mobile device, respectively.

Instructions for connecting iPhone to TV via cable.

  • Connecting the adapter to the phone.
  • Connecting HDMI, Composite or Component Cable to TV.
  • Turning on the TV and switching it to the corresponding input signal mode.
  • After everything is connected, it is easy to display the video from the iPhone on the TV screen. you just need to turn on the video on your mobile device.

Thus, you can not only broadcast video in HD-format with a resolution of up to 1080p. (for Lightning), but also image, music, presentations, view applications, Internet resources, etc.

AmazonFire TV

Amazon consoles were not very common in the Russian market, but after the release of devices with a Russified interface, the situation began to change. The FireTV is connected to the TV via HDMI output. Next, the power source (used connector) is selected on the TV, and the set-top box is configured. This is a standard and SIMple procedure, you just need to follow the steps that appear on the screen.

To connect an Apple smartphone to TV via FireTV, all devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Further, in the settings of the STB in the item “Devices” scanning is enabled. In the list that appears, you need to select the required gadget. After pairing, you can use it as external memory, or SIMply duplicate a picture from it. The hardware of the Amazon console allows you to stream online videos in high quality without delays.

Ways to connect Iphone to TV

Synchronization of these devices for video transmission and image transmission using a cable is possible in the following ways.

  • Via HDMI cable or composite connector. If the TV does not have the ability to connect to a wireless network, this is the most budgetary option for how to transfer media content.
  • Using proprietary AirPlay technology.
  • Via an optional Apple TV set-top box. Thanks to this device, even the SIMplest modern TV without Smart TV can be turned into a powerful multimedia center. Of course, purchasing such a media player only for the purpose of broadcasting video from the iphone to the TV is not rational. If the user’s goal is not only to connect a gadget, but also to equip his TV with other useful functions, you should think about such TV equipment. The choice here is not limited only to “apple” technology: Smart TV set-top boxes are offered by many manufacturers.
  • Via wireless DLNA connections. If the TV has the function of connecting via WI-FI, then the synchronization issue can be solved without additional equipment. It will be enough to install a free application on your gadget and connect to TV.
  • Via Chromecast device. This is a small digital media player from Google. Using it, you can also connect the iPad to the TV.
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Connection via other set-top boxes

As mentioned above, you don’t have to choose an expensive AppleTV to equip your TV with Smart features. There are other set-top boxes that also allow you to connect your iPhone to any TV.

Smart set-top box AppleTV

In case the TV does not have AirPlay support, or it does not have Smart functions to pair it with an iPhone, you will need an AppleTV set-top box. It is equipped with its own processor, memory, Wi-Fi module and OS. They allow you to use the TV to which it is connected as a SmartTV.

To connect a mobile phone to TV via AppleTV, follow these steps.

  • The set-top box and smartphone connect to the same wireless network.
  • In the AppleTV settings, you need to open the “devices” item and find the device with which you want to connect.
  • In the appeared pairing window, you must give consent.
  • A window appears on the TV screen with a code that must be entered on the iPhone. If in the future such a connection will be carried out often, then the password request can be disabled on the STB settings.

After establishing the connection, you can check its performance by launching a video on your smartphone. it should be automatically duplicated on TV.

Wireless connection via DLNA

The image and video from the iphone, videos from Youtube, music played can be transmitted to the TV via the wireless WI-FI network. You can even play games through a newfangled device on a large TV screen. The process is controlled from the phone, and all actions are duplicated on the TV.

Of course, this method of transmitting multimedia content is considered one of the SIMplest, since the whole process consists in pressing several buttons on the gadget display. But apart from the mobile device, the TV must also meet certain characteristics. In the absence of the possibility of connecting the TV panel to a wireless network, you will need to resort to additional equipment or special adapters.

To create a home network using DLNA technology, you must fulfill 2 conditions.

  • The main thing is that the TV on which you plan to play video is equipped with support for working with a WI-FI connection.
  • Also, the phone and TV equipment must be connected to the same router.

If the above conditions are met, you can start installing additional applications for work. they can be downloaded for free in the App Store. Wireless networking software helps you transfer data from your phone to your TV. You can choose from several popular utilities: TV Assist. ImediaShare, Flipps, iMediaShare, Belkin MediaPlay. Of course, using the free versions, the user will have to watch constantly flashing ads, which will have to be closed. However, compared with all the advantages, this is an insignificant disadvantage.

After installing additional software, you need to make a SIMple setup. After launching the application, in the appropriate paragraph, select the tab with devices connected to the network and mark your TV. As a rule, the TV brand or model name is always displayed.

To synchronize devices, you must also allow access from a mobile gadget through the TV interface. You can now play video on iPhone and stream it to the big screen.

Such applications also have additional features. For example, they turn a gadget into a remote control (this will help in case your TV remote does not work). In TV Assist, paint enthusiasts can experiment with the Paint tab. When drawing on the phone, the image also appears on the TV screen.

Roku TV

RokuTV is modest in size and connects via HDMI. The latest models have 4K video support, and the ease of setup makes the device popular with users. Minus. bad interface russification.

For switching, the iPhone and the set-top box are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. SmartBox will automatically detect all devices within sight. select the one you need and perform pairing. Automatic display of the picture from iPhone to TV starts.

AirPlay technology

The creation of this technology has led to the ability to transmit any information, play online video and duplicate the iPhone screen on the TV.

Connect iPhone to TV using AirPlay as follows:

  • device and TV are connected to the same wireless network;
  • with a swipe down, you need to open the shutter and find an item in quick access. screen duplication;
  • in the window that opens, find the Smart TV with which you are pairing;
  • after selecting TV, a window with a password will appear on its screen, which must be entered on a mobile phone.

To disable duplication, just open the shutter again and tap the AirPlay function button once.

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