How to display the game on a second monitor

We use remote control utilities

We can also recommend a universal method for all platforms. a remote control utility such as TeamViewer. In this case, it does not matter at all what operating system you have and how you are connected to the Internet. And you don’t have to use the most popular product. You can use any analogue: AeroAdmin, AnyDesk, RemotePC and others.

In order to use the services of most of these programs, you will need to know the laptop ID and the specified password. Of course, the software must be installed on both computers. Also, many products are free, do not require additional configuration and are translated into Russian, which makes this method itself simple and convenient.

We use built-in utilities

If both computers are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then you can connect the two devices using the Internet. Windows 10 has a screen projection feature that uses the Miracast standard. Therefore, first find out if your device supports this technology.

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  • Right-click on the “Start” menu in the lower left corner of the screen and select “System”.
  • Further in the left menu find the section “Projecting to this computer”.
  • Adjust the parameters as you wish. For example, a PIN code and the need to enter it every time you connect.
  • Then, on the desktop computer, press the WIN R key combination and enter the mstsc command.
  • In the field that appears, enter the name of the laptop.

You can learn more about this method about Honor in our other article. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t connect the first time. Because there are a huge number of factors that can hinder a successful connection. For example, firewall settings, antivirus software, disabled service, and so on.

How to use a laptop as a monitor?

Just connect with a cable? No, it won’t work that way. We tell you how to do it right.

An old laptop can always be used. For example, connect it as a second monitor on a PC (yes, you can also connect it to the main one) We will tell you about several ways how to do it.

Why you can’t connect the monitor with a cable?

The vast majority of laptops are equipped with a video interface. This is usually VGA or DVA. You might think that it is enough to connect the computer and the corresponding connector with a cable. This is not the case. Do not forget that such video interfaces are video OUTPUT, that is, the signal is broadcast FROM the laptop.

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Only some premium models have video INPUTS that act as signal receivers. Some laptops also have a corresponding switch, which is located near the connector, but such chips are quite rare. Therefore, in most cases, you will not be able to transfer a picture from a PC to a laptop using a regular cable.

Is it possible to connect a Mac as a monitor?

For owners of “apple” devices, a similar function is also provided. It’s called Back to My Mac, which works through iCloud. Starting with macOS High Sierra, access to the remote connection setup is carried out through the “Sharing” window.

How to move the game to another monitor

Moving full-screen games to a different monitor is a bit tricky. Below we describe several options that can help with this task.

Game settings

Some modern games allow the user to choose which monitor they want to run on. Therefore, before looking for more complex methods, it is worth checking the settings of the game itself. Perhaps there is an option available to select the display.

This option should be in the “Video” or “Graphics” section, next to the resolution and image quality settings.

Primary monitor in Windows 10

The most reliable way to transfer your game to another monitor is to select that monitor as your primary monitor in Windows settings. The point is that full-screen games run on the main monitor by default. Therefore, if you designate another monitor as the main one, then games will start to run on it.

In Windows 10, for this you need to right-click on the desktop and select the “Display Settings” item or open the “Settings” menu (Win-i combination) and go to the “System. Display” section.

After that, a window will open in which you need to select the display with the mouse, which should become the main one.

After that, you need to scroll down the settings and check the box next to the item “Set as the main display”.

Primary monitor in Windows 7

In Windows 7, to select the main screen, you need to right-click on the desktop and go to “Screen Resolution”.

As a result, a window with screen settings will open. Here you need to select the desired monitor, activate the “Make the main monitor” option and apply the settings.

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How to play games on second monitor | Windows 10

Thus, the dedicated screen will become the main screen and full-screen games will start to run on it. This method works 100% of the time, but has some drawbacks. For example, the main monitor is also used to display the lock screen and notification area, which can be inconvenient with constant use.

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How to transfer a game (or window) to another monitor

Users with multiple monitors or TVs often face the problem of transferring games between monitors. Since a situation is possible when the user works at one monitor, and games need to be run on another.

In this article, we’ll show you how to move a game or window from one monitor to another. The article will be relevant for Windows 7 and Windows 10.


Alternatively, you can also use third-party software to transfer games to another monitor. For example, you can use TVGameLauncher (download). With this program you can run any game (including games on Steam) on any monitor.

The program works by changing the main monitor in Windows settings and rolling back those changes after closing the game. To make these configuration changes, NirSoft’s NirCmd program we mentioned above is used. Also TVGameLauncher can prevent sleep mode, redirect sound, dim unused screens and create shortcuts to launch games.

After starting the TVGameLauncher program, you need to select a monitor to start games (in the program it is designated as TV) and a monitor to work (designated as Monitor). You also need to select the sound source for the game (HDMI) and for work (Speakers).

After that, you need to drag the exe file of your game into the program. details about working with the TVGameLauncher program can be found in the author’s video.

NirCmd by NirSoft

In order not to manually switch the main monitor, you can use the free NirCmd console program from NirSoft (download). This program allows you to change the main monitor with just one command. By creating a BAT file with this command, changing the monitor can be performed in just one click.

To do this, download NirCmd and unpack it to any folder.

After that, create a BAT file in this folder and write the command below to it. Where “1” is the number of the monitor that you want to make the main one.

This BAT file will make the main monitor monitor No. 1. Make another such BAT file to switch to monitor No. 2 and you can change the main monitor in just one click.

How to make a monitor your primary display on Windows 10 and Windows 7

When using multiple screens, it becomes necessary to switch the main monitor. After all, it is on it that programs, games are launched, the “Start” menu and notifications open. In this article, we will look at several ways to make a second monitor the primary display on a computer with Windows 10 and Windows 7 operating systems.

NVIDIA Control Panel

You can also change the main monitor through the settings of the video card driver. For example, if you have an NVIDIA video card, you can do this through the NVIDIA Control Panel. This method works the same on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

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To open the “NVIDIA Control Panel” you need to right-click on the desktop and select the appropriate item.

In the window that opens, go to the section “Display. Installing multiple displays”, right-click on the desired monitor and select the item “Set as main”.

After changing the settings, you need to click on the “Apply” button and the selected monitor will be set as the main one.

Windows 7 settings

In Windows 7, the choice of the primary monitor is performed in a similar way, but instead of the “Options” menu, the “Control Panel” is used. The fastest way to go to the desired settings is to right-click on the desktop and select “Screen Resolution”.

After that, a window with monitor settings will appear. Here you need to click on the monitor that you want to make the main one, and enable the “Make main” option.

After that, you need to save the settings by clicking the “Apply” button and the selected monitor will become the main one.

How To. Open A Game to A Certain Monitor!!

Windows 10 settings

If you have a Windows 10 operating system, then you need to use the new Settings menu to control the monitor. Here in the “System. Display” section, all basic monitor settings are available, for example, resolution, orientation, image scale, as well as options for multiple monitors. To open this menu, right-click on the desktop and go to “Display Settings”.

In the window that opens, you will see a view of all detected monitors. Here you need to select the monitor with the mouse, which needs to be made the main one.

After that, scroll down the settings and set the checkbox “Make the main display”.

The settings will be applied automatically. Immediately after enabling this option, the selected monitor will become the main.

Command line

In order not to manually change the settings each time, you can use the free NirCmd utility from NirSoft (download). It is a console program that allows you to change the main monitor through the command line. In order to use this method, download NirCmd and unpack it to any folder.

After that, open a command prompt in the program folder and run the command below. In this command, “1” is the number of the monitor that needs to be made the main.

Using this command, you can create a BAT file with its help, switch the main monitor in literally 1 click.