How To Display Weather On Honor Phone Screen

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third party services

Did the above solutions fail? Try using special programs responsible for blocking pop-up windows with advertising offers. There are many different utilities for removing ads in the official market for Android Google Play. Consider popular applications. Brave Browser, WebGuard, Adblock Plus:

  • AdBlocker is a highly rated program for smartphones. It blocks all additional windows in the browser. An image of a shield will appear near the address bar, which will mean that the utility is in normal operation. Click on the icon to see the number of blocked ads on a specific site or in general for the last browser launch.
  • Brave Browser is a special browser with built-in protection against unnecessary notifications. The mobile web browser not only provides blocking against unwanted alerts, but also prevents difficult for user manipulations. In addition, it successfully filters cookies, scripts and more.
  • Webguard is another program for blocking pop-up notifications in the browser. The application is adapted to work with all commonly used web browsers. For example Firefox or Chrome. Among the additional useful functions in the junk, we highlight the presence of a firewall, the ability to encrypt information and security from malware.
    How To Display Weather On Honor Phone Screen

Virus check

Pay attention to the functioning of the system. You may have noticed some slowdowns when using the phone, or notifications about the presence of corrupted files appeared. If the device becomes noticeably slower, and more and more ads appear on the screen, then the system is likely to have been exposed to viruses.

Check your smartphone using antivirus software. Install one of the programs from the market and run the scan. AV-TEST, Kaspersky Security, Bitdefender, Avast.

Removing the problematic application

Pay attention to the programs that you installed recently. It is possible that a certain application was the culprit of frequently pop-up advertising notifications. Go to the settings and uninstall through the Application Manager the programs that you installed recently. After each deletion, restart your smartphone and see the result.

10 ways to remove ads from Huawei and Honor phones

How to disable ads on Honor and Huawei phones is a question of interest to many owners of modern Android smartphones. Recently, more and more complaints have been received about the appearance of constantly pop-up ads when using the device. What to do in this case and how to get rid of it?

DNS settings changes

Often the appearance of the presented problem is associated with the DNS settings, which are usually set automatically by the provider itself. But, in some situations it may require a change of THESE domain names in order to get rid of intrusive banners on the Internet.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Use Ad Guard or DNS Changer software to configure. Let’s consider the instruction using the example of the second application:

  • run the utility.
  • Click on add custom DNS button.
  • Enter the address. and

Limit ad app access

By installing the application, it is sure to invite access to some information on the phone. If the user refuses, then the program may refuse to work. Pay attention to the permissions that the software being installed asks for. If an ordinary card game or a snake requires access to the contact book and calls, do not rush to Grant rights, and figure out why the game requires such rights.

Use the AirPush Detector application, which will detect software with ads on your smartphone. In this case, you must refuse to grant access to this program. Please note that restricting rights to any application may prevent the appearance of sudden advertising notifications, as well as disrupt the functioning of a particular game.

Turn on the option “Save traffic”

The next solution is to activate the traffic saving feature. For this:

  • In the browser menu, find the settings section.
  • Go to “Additional” and then to “Save traffic”.
  • enable the option.

Thanks to the presented function, the browser will filter pop-up windows, which will have a positive effect on the safety of traffic. It will also allow pages to load faster and provide a smoother transition between sites.

How to remove pop-up ads on Android Huawei and Honor

Today, all Huawei phones that have Android firmware with EMUI shell have built-in ads. In the course of regular use of the gadget, this problem creates great inconvenience. What are the ways you can get rid of it? Below we will consider the existing solutions.

Disable browser pop-ups

Often, mobile browsers have advertisements. But, many mobile web browsers include a special option in their functionality that allows you to block all pop-ups.

Let’s look at the example of a popular smartphone app. Google Chrome. In fact, the instructions for all browsers are identical, the difference may be in the names of the menu items, but the option is located in the settings anyway. Procedure:

  • launch browser.
  • Go to options.
  • Select the section “Additional” and “Site settings”.
  • Find the item “Block pop-ups” and enable it.

How to install a widget on your phone’s home screen

You can set the weather on the phone screen like this:

  • Press your finger on an empty space on the main Honor screen, hold your finger until the screen window shrinks and a menu appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the menu, select the section “Widgets”.
  • In the list of available widgets, find the weather widget you want to add to your home screen.
  • Press and hold the widget until it is placed on the home screen.
  • The widget can be released when it is in the right place.

Weather widget on Honor phone screen

In the user interface, which is used in Huawei / Honor and is called EMUI, the standard weather widget first appeared in version 5.0. With its appearance, it became much easier to find out the current meteorological data on Honor 6, 6a, 7a, 7c, 8, 8x, 9, 10 and second models.

The Weather application itself is located on the desktop or in the Tools folder. It provides the user with detailed information about temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, and also indicates the phase of the moon, sunrise and sunset times. To instantly update information, you need to swipe the screen down for a couple of seconds.

You can configure the application to receive forecasts not only for your city, but in addition to this, specify several (up to ten) second cities. The transition to the screen with the weather for the selected cities is carried out by swiping right-left.

In order to open the option for choosing cities, you need to click on the corresponding icon, which is located in the upper left corner of the application window. At the top right is a gear-shaped icon. these are settings. Here the user selects the unit of temperature measurement (Auto (° C), ° C, ° F), turns on the automatic update of the forecast (every hour, every 2 hours, every 6 hours, every 12 hours, or every 24 hours).

By the way, Google Play has a huge selection of alternative weather widgets. The best ones are Weather Clock Widget for Android, Transparent Clock Weather (Ad-free), Zooper Widgets, etc.

Problems with weather updates

It happens that the weather information is NOT updated. What could be the reason, and what to do in such a situation?

Reason 1. Failure after updating the firmware version.

Sometimes after installing a new firmware version (EMUI and Android), the weather widget, which is displayed on the lock screen, “freezes”. In order for the information to start updating again, just go to the lock screen settings and turn off the weather display function. After a few minutes, you can activate it again, and after that problems should not be.

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You can remove the widget from the Honor home screen, and then, as described under the heading above, add it back to the screen. If, along with this widget, after the firmware update, some applications stop working correctly, freezes and other problems begin, you will have to act more radically and reset the system to factory settings.

Reason 2. Out of memory resources

Here we are talking about a lack of RAM, as a result of which the information ceases to be updated automatically. How to solve the problem:

  • Go to “Settings” of the device.
  • Find the section “Apps and notifications”.
  • Open “Applications”.
  • In the list of applications that opens, select “Weather”.
  • Click “Stop” to stop the application.
  • Clear cache on your phone.

After clearing the cache, you need to restart your smartphone, open the “Weather” application, click the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen and enable the option to automatically update data. In the same settings, check and set the information update interval. Don’t forget to enable your device’s location feature as well.

Reason 3. Power saving option is enabled

The weather widget will stop showing updated data if the power saving option is automatically or manually enabled on your smartphone. Of course, it is not necessary to give up the energy-saving mode. You just need to properly configure the operation of the “Weather” application:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Next, open sequentially the sections “Battery and performance.” Energy saving “-” Select applications “.
  • On the “System” tab, find the “Weather” application, open it.
  • Select the “Sun restrictions” mode.

Now even if your Honor is switched to energy saving mode, the information will NOT stop updating.

How to display the weather on the phone’s home screen

It is extremely convenient, while looking through your phone, to know not only the current time and date, but also what surprises the weather will be able to present. And in this case, the most useful and most informative way would be to install a weather widget on your phone.

The peculiarity of any widget, especially when it comes to the Android operating system, is that no special knowledge or special skills are required to install the widget. Installing any of the HBA widgets, the workspace of a mobile device looks about the same.

Basic conveniences of the weather widget

If we talk about live wallpapers or other widgets, then everything is quite accessible and simple for both a beginner and an experienced user. Among the main conveniences of the weather widget are the following:

  • A large number of settings.
  • Ability to change the size and color scheme of the widget.
  • Up-to-date weather information with an active and constant internet connection.
  • Weather summary and the ability to customize the appearance of the widget depending on the current weather outside.

And these are not all types of settings, but it is important to note that by default, the screen displays data such as the weather forecast itself, as well as a weather report on the geolocation of the gadget. Of course, if necessary, the user can enter all the information on his own, and without using GPS.

way 1

To install the weather widget, you just need to press and hold your finger anywhere on the desktop. It is necessary to keep your finger on the display until the context menu is displayed.

After that, you need to click on the “Widgets” button and find the “Weather” widget there.

It should be noted that there are a lot of widgets that perform the same function, so the user should choose the one that he likes best.

After selecting a widget, you need to hold your finger on it and move it to the working area of ​​the phone‘s desktop. In SEPARATE cases, you can also edit the size of the used weather widget.

What is a widget

A widget is a small, compact application or part of an application, in most cases located directly on the desktop of a mobile device. The purpose of the widget is to display information, as well as to control the equipment of a mobile Android device with the user ability to launch any other application.

With the help of the widget, depending on its purpose and features of work, the user can find out about the processor load level, as well as learn about the battery status. Some widgets allow you to turn off and on speakers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other modules. And, of course, among the widgets there is a fairly rich category of those widgets that are informational. And one of such information widgets is the weather display widget. With it, Android device users will always know what kind of weather it is outside now and what it will be like in the near future.

How to set weather on the phone screen

In general, there are several ways to install the weather widget, and each of them will be within the power of any user, regardless of what level of experience he has with the phone.

way 2

For some INDIVIDUAL manufacturers of mobile devices, gadgets work a little differently. Therefore, if pressing and holding does not work, you need to do the usual “pinch” on the display. This method will work on those phones with MIUI firmware installed. As for all other actions associated with installing widgets, they will all be exactly the same.

How to Disable Screen Lock on Huawei and Honor

How to remove screen lock on Huawei if the system shows an error like “Forbidden by administrator”? Some users do not need the presented standard function in smartphones. If Huawei prohibits disabling blocking, arguing this with the existing encryption policy or administrator rights, then you should familiarize yourself with the available methods in our article. Let’s see how you can turn off this function.

How to Remove Screen Lock on Honor and Huawei Phone

Detailed instructions suitable for all Honor and Huawei line:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Next, go to the screen lock section as indicated in the screenshot.
  • Click on the tab “Password”.
  • Enter the pin password if you set it on your smartphone.
  • Select “Pattern”.
  • In the next window, the system will display a warning. If you set a graphic pin for the locked screen, it will disable fingerprint unlock. Just click “Next”.
  • Draw a key of your own accord.
  • Then Android will ask you to set up the pin required for the recovery procedure.
  • Set the pin, save the settings and turn off the screen.
  • Press the smartphone’s power button again. The system will ask you to draw a key to unlock the phone.
  • Make five wrong attempts. After incorrect specified keys, the smartphone will warn about blocking the entire system for half a minute.
  • After waiting for the allotted time, at the very bottom, click on “Emergency code” and indicate the pin that you installed in the settings.

After the steps taken, the display lock should turn off.

There is also another method to disable screen lock on Huawei or Honor:

  • Go to the options again and select the “Security” tab.
  • At the very bottom, find the section through which you can erase the account. Delete certificates in the same tab. Do not be afraid, the information on your smartphone will be saved.
  • When you do the cleaning, go to the screen lock settings and Disable the password by simply selecting “Net”.

We have reviewed all the available options to disable the standard phone function. If you did everything correctly and according to the described instructions, the smartphone will no longer require a pin or other type of password when unlocking the screen.

How to install the Widget on the home screen of Honor and Huawei

Widget is an application presented in an illustrative format. This is an informative element that contains useful data that was obtained during the operation of a particular application. The most current Huawei and Honor widgets: weather, date and time, moon phases, small notes, etc.

Recovering a deleted widget

Re-add the element to the screen using edit mode. In this case, you should build on the above instructions for adding.

Where are the widgets on Huawei and Honor

They differ in that they can be positioned virtually anywhere on the work screen. To activate the edit mode and make changes, for example, add a new icon or delete the one you don’t need, you need to bring two fingers together on the screen. You can also open the editing mode by holding your finger on any free space. The following symbols will then appear in the lower half of the display:

  • Wallpaper.
  • widgets.
  • navigation.

How to install the widget on the home screen of Honor and Huawei smartphones

How to open widgets on Huawei and Honor:

  • We select the table on which the element will be installed. Usually, they choose the main desktop, so that after unlocking the phone, you can immediately be able to observe the operation of the specific software installed in the device.
  • With a swipe, the arch two fingers together. This operation activates the editing mode. After that, a menu of several items will appear at the bottom of the display.
  • Click on the widgets icon. Scrolling the tape to the right, select, for example, music or clock.
  • Now you need to choose with dimensions. If we talk about music, then the best option would be 3×1.
  • Select the appropriate option and move it to the working display. After, it should appear on the desktop and reflect the exact data on the activities of the program.
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To move to another page or delete, you need to perform a typical operation: hold down with your finger and drag to the desired position.

Removing a widget or app icon

To remove an element, click on it with your finger and hold it for a couple of seconds. At the top, a minus in a circle or a trash can with the text Delete appears. Then, using a swipe, move to the icon, while your finger does not release.

This procedure does not at all say that he has been deleted from the memory of the mobile phone forever. In reality, users are only deleted from the main display. If necessary, you can return it back.

Moving a widget

To move it to another location, click on the icon and wait a couple of seconds. As soon as the phone responds with a characteristic vibration, move it to the desired position using a swipe, while your finger does not release.

To move to another page, bring it to the edge of the screen in the required direction and drag it to the desired location.

What to do if the widget does not load

The options can be as follows:

  • Failure in mobile phone settings.
  • Cache load. The loaded cache significantly contributes to the formation of problems in the functioning of the device. In this case, go to the “Settings” section and clean it.
  • The need to update your Google profile. Typically, users use this method on failures. If the item does NOT load, just try to restart the smartphone. To do this, hold down the lock button and wait for the restart. After that we try to enable.

Also, the reason may be hidden in the error of the program itself. Let’s say you can’t add an e-wallet. The solution is to update the software. Go to the Play Market, find the program you need and click on the update button.

How to set weather on Android phone screen

In one case, you need to make a long tap on the screen (in other words, press and hold your finger on the screen), to the appearance of the widget menu, or to close your fingers, the so-called “slivers” on the device screen.

How to Display Weather Widget on Home Screen on Samsung Phone

  • Split chips across the screen by pinching your fingers.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Widgets”.
  • Then choose from the offered weather widgets.
  • Determine which weather widget you want to install on your Samsung phone home screen.
  • Then select an area of ​​the screen by dragging and dropping in the place where you want to display the weather widget.
  • Click on the widget icon and allow to determine your location or select the required region yourself.

Weather widget on the home screen of Android phone

NOT a slurry from the manufacturer in every shell on Android there are weather widgets, they can look different, but most importantly, they should show information! By the way, you may be interested in Step-by-step instructions on how to remove the GooLGe search term from the main screen on Android.

To display the weather on the home screen of your Android device, you need to add a widget. Adding widgets for each smartphone manufacturer can be implemented in different ways.

How to display the weather widget on the home screen in Huawei and Honor phones

  • Long tap, press and hold your finger on the home screen of your Honor phone, hold your finger until a menu appears at the bottom.
  • Then select the “Widgets” option.
  • Select “Weather” from the list of offered widgets.
  • Press and hold the weather widget until it moves to the home screen of your smartphone.
  • Drag the widget to the desired revenge.

How to set weather on Android screen

The weather widget on your Android phone is always handy. If for some reason there is weather on your main screen of your smartphone, in this post you will learn how to display the weather on the screen of Android phones Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor and Huawei.

  • Weather widget on the home screen of Android phone
  • How to set weather on Android phone screen
  • How to Display Weather Widget on Home Screen on Samsung Phone
  • How to display the weather widget on the home screen in Xiaomi phone
  • How to display the weather widget on the home screen in Huawei and Honor phones
  • Questions. answers in the weather on Android

How to display the weather widget on the home screen in Xiaomi phone

  • Press and hold your finger on an empty spot of the main screen in the Xiaomi smartphone hold until the menu appears at the bottom.
  • Then select the “Widgets” section.
  • Select “Weather” from the list of offered widgets.
  • Hold the weather widget and drag it to the desired area of ​​the main screen.

Questions. answers in the weather on Android

Our life has become so active that weather information provided right on the home screen of the Android device, an opportunity to save time and properly plan your plans Taking into account the temperature, precipitation, etc. If you are NOT a homebody, the weather widget is simply an irreplaceable thing in your phone.

Comments, it is not necessary to download the application specially. Displaying the weather on the home screen on an Android phone or tablet is performed thanks to the “default” features and settings of the operating system.

To remove the weather widget from the main screen. click on the widget and hold it until the delete option appears (icons with a trash can). Then drag the widget towards the icon. This will remove the weather from the home screen, but not completely remove it from the Android device.

Now you know how to put a weather widget on your Android phone screen. If your phone has another method not specified in the publication, we will be glad if you write about it in the comments.

What is a widget on a smartphone?

There are several basic elements on the Android smartphone desktop: application icons and widgets. Programs are launched when you click on them with your finger, and widgets can display useful information immediately on the display, without the need for a separate launch of the application. In the screenshot below, we see program icons and a weather widget.

Android widget and icons

Here are some of the most commonly used widgets that are easy to hold. “at hand”:

  • Currency exchange rates.
  • Internet search widget.
  • Time zones of countries and cities, for those who travel a lot.
  • Display of breaking news, scheduled events.
  • calculator.
  • notes.
  • Widget for calling a taxi and others.

Any of THESE widgets can be added to the main screen of your smartphone in a couple of clicks, which appears after unlocking. Now we will show you step by step with pictures how this is done.

If there is no standard widget

To install such a design, open the Play Store and type in the search bar “Weather widget”.

Example of third-party programs

Beautiful widget design

If you are from the category of people for whom information content is primarily important. a small window in the corner of the screen is your choice. For the category of people for whom beauty is important, in addition to functionality, we have developed beautiful designs with bright images. Such rendered windows take up more space, but they look colorful and impressive. Drawn pictures or animations for most weather conditions:

  • Snow, hail.
  • Rain, expected precipitation, thunderstorm.
  • Partly and persistently cloudy.
  • Clear sunny sky.

An example of a nice weather widget

Detailed weather information

To display the weather correctly, you must have an activated Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection. The data is loaded and you see the current information. Earlier we said that the widget displays brief information, if you click on it, a window with more detailed content will open. The weather will be shown by the hour, whether precipitation is expected, as well as the state outside the window for several days in advance. Conveniently? certainly.

Detailed weather information

When you start the program for the first time, the vegetable garden will be selected automatically. If this did not happen, specify your place of residence in manual mode Selecting your location from the list. In the future, data for your city will be loaded and information on weather conditions will be relevant.

How to add a weather widget to the screen

On smartphones Honor, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG and other popular brands, the weather widget is a built-in program, we just need to add it to the screen. On many phones, the actions are performed in a similar way, following the instructions:

  • Unlock your phone. Pinch your finger in an empty spot on the screen.
  • A window will open at the bottom where you can customize the desktop, wallpaper, add widgets.
  • Go to the item Widgets.

Go to the item Widgets

Selecting the Weather from the list of widgets

The widget was displayed on the screen

How to set the weather on the screen of the phone Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi. instruction

Today we have a tutorial article. If you came to this page, then you have recently started using an Android smartphone. Today we are going to show you how to set the weather on your Honor phone screen. After reading the article to the end, you can add on the screen Not only the weather, but also other widgets. Everything in order.

In today’s article, we looked at how to set the weather on the screen of Honor and Huawei phones. This manual is suitable for Android smartphones of all popular brands. The principle of adding widgets to the desktop screen is almost the same. Write in the comments if everything worked out. Also ask questions if something remains unclear. We will show you how to set up and add other useful widgets and try to cover current topics on our information portal.

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Configuring the Windows 10 Weather app

Weather in Windows 10 is one of the standard applications that will be useful to every user. You can customize the weather display using a widget for one or several cities. And in today’s article, we’ll look at how to customize the Weather app for your convenience.

location setting

application “Weather” in Windows 10 it can be found in “Start”, it is usually in the panel on the right, it can also be found in “All Apps”

When you first enter the application, you will be prompted to enter the city whose weather you want to see and select the units for measurement.

Next, you will see the weather in the selected city, you can see various reports, detailed weather for each hour, etc. At the bottom left of the screen, you can go to “Settings” (wheel) and change your location

In the settings you can change “Units” (Fahrenheit, Celsius), and enter the vegetable garden of your location, or choose to automatically detect your location.

On the left side of the panel, you can select maps and see your location.

Add cities to favorites, or remove from it

If you often visit different cities and you want to see the weather in several cities at once. in the application “Weather” implemented function “Favorites”, where you can add all the cities you need to display the weather. On the left panel, select “Places”

Here, using a plus, you can add cities to your favorites so that you can see the weather in each city on a separate tile.

clicked on the plus in the previous window, you will be taken to the window for selecting an additional city, enter the desired city in the search term and select from the proposed results

after selecting in favorites you will see the added cities

At any time, you can remove unnecessary cities from your favorites, right-click on the tile and select “Remove from favorites”

Live Tile Weather

After setting up the Weather application, when entering Start, it will show data in the city, but it happens that only a tile with the inscription weather is shown and does not write anything on it.

To make the tile come to life, I had to run a system file checker, try you # 128578;

Click on start with the right mouse button and select “command line (admin)”

in the window that opens, enter the sfc / scannow command and press Enter. After five minutes of scanning. tiles with weather came to life # 128578;

By configuring the application in this way “Weather”, you will not need to look for forecasts on various sites, it will be enough to look at the live tile to know what the weather will be like in the near future # 128578; That’s all for today, if there are additions. write comments! Good luck # 128578;

How to Update Weather on Honor and Huawei Phone

You will NOT have to update the weather yourself. The application does this automatically at certain intervals. To check and configure the system program, just click on the cloud image (on the right side), if you want to adjust the weather. When pressed, a window with a schedule of air temperature for the near future or week will open.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Click on the gears in the upper corner to open the options. Here you can select the unit of measurement, set the refresh interval, turn on the sound background or turn off automatic updates.

To select the desired city or enable autodetection by location, you need to go back and click on the city icon.

If you want to add an additional city, then just click on the plus sign at the bottom of the display.

A list of available cities will open, use the search bar at the top.

Why the weather is not updated on Honor and Huawei: reasons, how to fix?

Phone Weather is a standard widget in every Huawei smartphone since EMUI 5.0. It is located on the main page of the desktop. A stable internet connection is required to display up-to-date information, but sometimes errors can occur even with a working connection. Consider why the weather is not updated on Honor and Huawei, as well as how to fix it.

Why the weather is not updated on Huawei and Honor

Problems arise for various reasons:

  • System crash.
  • Not enough memory.
  • power saving mode.
  • Lack of internet connection.

The first is a system crash after updating the operating system. Developers regularly release new patches for mobile systems, improving existing functionality and adding new features. Users note that the Weather widget simply stops giving any signs of life after the EMUI update.

Solution. Go to the lock screen settings and turn off the option, and after a couple of minutes turn it on again. That is, a simple restart is required for the widget to work again. You can also remove it from the desktop. hold your finger on the block and drag it to the trash icon at the top of the display.

The second reason why the weather is not updated on Honor and Huawei is due to insufficient memory, because of which the data simply cannot be updated. Usually, in this case, the smartphone will notify the user with a pop-up notification. Free up memory. decision:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open the section “Applications and notifications”.
  • We go to the category “Applications”.
  • Find in the list “Weather”.
  • Click “Stop”.
  • Clearing the cache.

Additionally. Do not forget to restart the device after clearing the cache, only after that you can start the widget again. Also open the Weather app and go to the options by clicking on the gears in the upper right corner, and then tick the box next to Auto-update. In the same section, you can select the frequency of data updates, and activate the option to auto-detect your location to display up-to-date information about weather conditions.

Next is the active power saving mode. The presented option is available in all modern smartphones. When activated, applications stop working in the background, thereby saving the available battery power. The function cannot be called bad, it is quite useful if you need to save the battery for the next recharge. The solution is to turn off power saving. For this:

  • Go to options.
  • Find the Battery Performance category.
  • Next, enter the “Energy Saving” and click on “Select Applications”.
  • We click on “System” and in the list we find “Weather”.
  • We put “No restrictions”.

After that, the app will be updated even when power saving is enabled.

Then move the slider to the “Off” position.

Setting up the Weather widget on your smartphone

To add an app to your home screen, do the following:

  • Pinch your finger on the display.
  • In the bottom menu, select the section “Widgets”.
  • Scrolling through the proposed options until you find a block with information about weather conditions.
  • Click on the shortcuts and select one of the two plugins. They vary in size.
  • Drag the option you like to the free desktop space.

After adding the application, it immediately syncs with your location and the Internet. As you can see, the widget includes Not only information about weather conditions, but also time with date.

How to Return Weather to Huawei and Honor Home Screen?

As we noted above, the main reason is a system failure. In this case, it is enough to remove the application from the desktop and add it again.

If the standard functionality seemed meager, the program periodically crashes and refuses to update, then try installing a separate application from Google Play. The market has many similar programs that provide extensive information about weather conditions.

What to do if Huawei Honor 9 and similar Android smartphones and tablets freeze.

The first method is the simplest, you may have already performed this step, but not long enough. And so to restart the frozen Huawei Honor, you need to press the button “Nutrition” (turn on / off) and hold Do not release 10 seconds. 15. Usually 15 seconds are enough for a forced restart, but you may have to hold down the power button even longer up to 1 minute, if after THESE actions the smartphone just turned off, then you need it yourself turn on in the usual way. If this does not help and the smartphone also freezes, then try the method below.

On some frozen smartphones and tablets such as Samsung and the like, you can apply these methods as well. To begin with, try holding the same for 10.15 seconds, if it does not help, then by 1 minute.
Press and hold the following buttons at the same time. button “Nutrition” and the button “Decrease volume”.
If not, then try holding the button “Nutrition” and the button “Volume additions”.
You can also hold the button “nutrition” and the button “Volume controls and”. at both sides.