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Real Vs Fake iPhone X | How to Spot A Fake iPhone

In fact, everything that Apple produces is usually done at the highest level. without blots, errors, and high quality. If the seller is dubious, then it is worth starting the inspection from the very first thing that catches your eye. the packing box. In the original, it should be made of coated cardboard, something that even looks like plastic, if you feel it. The appearance of the package and its geometry are flawless. These are: even corners, not glued, clear and bright picture, neat shape, on the surface the inscription “iPhone” and the Apple logo are embossed.

At the bottom of the box there is a sticker with the party and serial numbers of the device, IMEI, and the amount of memory. Mandatory. the company logo. The smartphone itself has a tight-fitting plastic wrap, perfect from all sides. The screen has a protective film with a perforated tongue. There should also be a colored envelope inside the box. Well, she, of course, with bright colors, smooth lines, neatly executed.

The package contents of each gadget have not changed since the very first release of iPhones: cable, headphones, charger. It is not difficult to forge these components at all, so you should pay attention to seemingly unprincipled details. For example, the cables are flawlessly folded and fastened with transparent wide clamps, all wires are soft to the touch, slightly rubberized (whereas the “Chinese” are always made of hard plastic). The plastic sections of the headphones or connectors are also made without flaws. burrs, sharp corners, sagging.

The phone itself is necessarily monolithic, the cover is tightly screwed to the rest of the body and cannot be removed manually. In general, the entire phone cannot be disassembled by hand. When turned on, a company logo appears and an invitation to activate the device. The presence of the AppStore application and its correct operation is almost a 100% guarantee that your phone is original. The fakes are redirected to the Play Market, since they all work on the Android platform.

How to distinguish a Chinese iPhone from the original?

iPhone is the object of dreams and desires of many people around the world. However, not everyone can afford to pay for it the price that the manufacturer offers. This “bright” thought once came to minds of enterprising guys from the Celestial Empire. As a result, there are hundreds of thousands of iPhones on the market that Apple may not even be aware of.

Let’s be honest, counterfeiting isn’t always a bad thing. Let’s say it’s bad if the buyer realizes that this particular smartphone looks very similar to that cherished American one, but inside there are some differences, for example, the operating system is not iOs. Well, that’s okay! But it is much cheaper and the design is made. well, just one to one. And by the way, the original “Apple” is also assembled in China, so what’s the difference?

Of course, everyone is free to choose independently. And no one will dissuade you from analogs in favor of the fabulously expensive original. However, what to do when the same Chinese consumer goods are offered at the price of a real iPhone, without even bothering to warn buyers about counterfeit?

9 clear signs of fakes

Let’s say right away that it is not easy to distinguish a good fake. However, there are several ridiculous and even funny “blunders” (almost heroes of anecdotes) that will immediately catch your eye:

  • the ability to connect two SIM cards;
  • built-in stylus;
  • the presence of an additional slot for a memory card;
  • the presence of a retractable TV antenna;
  • lack of Touch ID;
  • Home button is not concave;
  • the apple is “bitten” on the wrong side (in the original. on the right);
  • any calligraphic errors in words on the device;
  • the phone is clearly slow.
  • Also, be wary if the phone is already on, and the icons on the desktops have a dubious appearance.

What shouldn’t scare away

Sometimes you can overdo it and it is completely in vain to accuse the seller of a dishonest sale. It happens. But you shouldn’t be afraid if:

Accessories and equipment

Each iPhone comes with a charging cable, headphones, USB adapter, as well as an envelope with documentation, stickers and a paper clip to remove the SIM card tray. All accessories should be neatly wound and packed in transparent films. Original cables, unlike fakes, are much softer, and the plastic on their connectors is impeccably smooth and has no burrs or sagging. Of course, everything should be laid out in its place in perfect order.

IPhone appearance

The smartphone itself should give the impression of a quality thing: the weight is felt, the metal pleasantly cools the hand. All modern iPhones are made of aluminum, in fakes, the case material can be any, up to painted plastic.

On a real iPhone, the parts fit tightly together and have minimal gaps. The buttons and the silent mode switch should clearly respond to pressing and have no backlash. There is an IMEI on the back cover of the smartphone, which matches the numbers on the box and the SIM card tray.

Assembled in China, on the other hand, is not to be feared. It is perfectly legal, because iPhones are only developed in the USA, and manufactured and assembled in China.

An outright fake with giblets will give out details that simply cannot be in a real iPhone. These signs include:

  • removable back cover and battery;
  • support for two or more SIM cards;
  • slot for memory cards;
  • microUSB connector;
  • telescopic antenna.

But even if the fake is of high quality and it is outwardly difficult to distinguish it from the original, all doubts should be dispelled after switching on.


If a person has ever held a real iPhone in their hands, they will almost certainly be able to distinguish it from a fake.

Not sure what to look for? No problem! Now we will teach.

How to tell a real iPhone from a fake one

Proven ways to recognize original Apple devices and not fall for the bait of scammers.

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The development of technology gives us not only cooler iPhones, but also a lot of copies, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the original. In order not to get into a mess, it is better to buy iPhone only from authorized dealers. It will be more expensive, but safer.

If you still don’t want to overpay, you can try your luck and look for better from gray sellers. Just to get started, arm yourself with recommendations that will help you not to run into a fake.

There are two ways to tell the difference between a real iPhone and a Chinese copy: an easy one and a harder one. Let’s start simple.

more complicated

A person with a trained eye will be able to distinguish a fake, not only without turning on the iPhone, but also without opening the box. There are a few surefire signs that will help you identify a clone right off the bat. Here they are.


Apple has a very reverent attitude towards detail, and it is expressed in everything about the iPhone, from the packaging. This box should be made of thick coated cardboard with even corners and a logo made by embossing. On the lower part there is always a sticker with the model name, serial number, IMEI and storage capacity. But the main thing is, of course, the contents of the box.

Software and internal stuffing

The days of clumsy translations and hieroglyphs on the menu are long gone. Now the Chinese have learned to imitate the interface and repeat the fonts exactly. What they can’t do yet is fake functions: neither Siri nor Find iPhone in a clone will work, of course.

Also, a fake cannot have a valid serial number, which will be verified on the Apple website. Therefore, checking the balance of the warranty by the serial number is the easiest method to determine if the iPhone is real or fake.

To check, you need to find the serial number in the system settings (in the section “General” → “About this device”), make sure that it is identical to the number on the SIM card tray and the box, and then enter it in the verification form on this page. If the iPhone is genuine, the site will provide model details, warranty balance, and other information. Otherwise, you will see the message “Sorry, this serial number is not correct” or something similar.

Another guaranteed express method for determining the authenticity of an iPhone is syncing with iTunes.

The media combine automatically detects the connected device, showing all information about it, and, as you might guess, it will see through the fake at once. Just take a laptop with iTunes installed to the meeting with the seller and take care of the Internet connection.

Have you come across iPhone clones and fraudulent sellers? Be sure to share your experience in the comments.

How to tell an original iPhone from a Chinese counterfeit

Nowadays, Chinese craftsmen have reached incredible heights in the production of high-precision copies of Apple smartphones. We will not describe in detail the external distinguishing features between the original and the fake, since there are very high quality fakes, but let’s dwell on the main verification methods, which should not be neglected in any case.

Even the settings are faked

The Apple website has a special page where you can enter the serial number and check the warranty for the original iPhone, while the system, of course, will not accept a craft. However, you should be careful here. fraudsters can provide documents and a box from a real iPhone with the correct serial number. It can also be viewed in the phone settings, but even there it can be tampered with.

The Serial Number on the above mentioned counterfeit refers to the real iPhone 6. As you can see, Asian craftsmen very competently use original Apple devices to create a counterfeit.

However, an experienced user would find a catch on the above Settings page. Pay attention to the line Capacity. 64 GB and Available. 63.98 GB. The difference between these values ​​is only 20 MB, which is not possible in practice.

In other words, on a real iPhone, the difference between the declared and actual storage capacity shown in the settings will always differ significantly. Why this happens, we described in detail in this article.

Actually, here we come to the description of the necessary actions that must be performed without fail.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a Chinese counterfeit on Android using Apple ID

Apple ID is a universal account for many Apple services. You can create an Apple ID even if you don’t have an iPhone, iPad or Mac. The thing is that counterfeit iPhones are based on the Android operating system, carefully disguised as iOS. the graphical interface will not allow an inexperienced user to detect a deception. However, the Chinese device does not have the functionality of the original.

How to create an Apple ID without Apple devices (any computer with iTunes installed is required), we described in detail and showed in the video in this material.

Having your own Apple ID, you will identify a fake with a 100% guarantee, for this:

Launch the Settings app and go to the iTunes Store & App Store.

If such a section is present and someone’s account is not indicated in it (the Login button), enter your data. If nothing prevents you from logging into your account, then you have the original iPhone in front of you. It should be like this:

For more confidence, go to the App Store and search for iMovie or Garage Band. These are Apple apps that are not available on Android. It is logical that if such applications are in the search results, then the iPhone is original.

Appearance and accessories

Often a cheap replica can be identified “by eye”. it will be given by a plastic case, a box of “toilet paper” instead of high-quality cardboard that Apple uses, a connector and, accordingly, a MicroUSB connector instead of Lightning, etc. In addition, some large manufactories avoid confrontation with the apple confrontation lawyers and indicate their names with a mistake (lPhone, iPhon, Spacve Gray, etc.) or draw the Apple logo with an apple bitten on the wrong side.

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But again, the market is overflowing with very high-quality counterfeits that look very similar to the original iPhone. Here is an example of a high-quality Android copy of the iPhone 6.

Please note that externally (design, materials, buttons, graphical interface) the smartphone looks exactly like an Apple product. Even the About this device menu in Settings looks like a real one.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a Chinese counterfeit on Android using iTunes on a computer

This method is also one of the most reliable. The only drawback is the need to take a laptop with you to the meeting with the seller. How to check?

Install iTunes on your computer (you can download it here)

Connect your iPhone using the supplied cable to the USB port on your laptop.

iTunes should detect the connected iPhone (if fake, iTunes will simply ignore it), an icon with an iPhone should appear, click on it.

You will be presented with a screen showing the iPhone settings (model, serial number, iOS version, etc.)

How to tell an original iPhone from a fake one

iPhone is a mass device used by all segments of the population, including children, old people and women, most of whom handle technology at the level of an insecure user. It is these people who often become victims of scammers who sell fake Apple smartphones via the Internet or from their hands. In this article, we will show you how to 100% distinguish an original iPhone from a fake one.

Taking advantage of the lack of fundamental differences in the design of some generations of iPhone (5 / 5s / SE, for example), scammers often try to pass off one model for another, or at least sell a device with a memory capacity that does not correspond to the declared one. In this case, a thorough check will be required, which we talked about here.

However, cybercriminals often act even more insolently, offering people under the guise of iPhone Chinese (mostly) Android fakes that differ from the original like a tank from a slingshot. Naturally, an experienced user can easily detect a fake, but a person who is not versed in technical intricacies may well buy a “linden”, especially if the deal is concluded at the meeting. a prepared fraudster has a strong psychological impact on the buyer. However, it is quite easy to bring the seller to clean water; this can be done using the recommendations below.

How To Spot A Fake iPhone

Other ways to detect counterfeiting

Siri. Apple Voice Assistant is launched by pressing and holding the round Home button. To be sure, you can ask Siri a few questions. This doesn’t work on Android. On the original iPhone, it looks like this:

Original iOS features. The operating system iOS, which is installed on the iPhone, has dozens of unique features that Android devices lack (or differ). With their help, you can also easily identify a fake. Many reviews of various iOS features are posted in this section of our website.

Signs of a Chinese iPhone

Greetings to you dear reader. So, you have decided on the purchase of an iPhone or have already purchased this undoubtedly wonderful device. Those who have not dealt with similar devices before, quite naturally, the question will arise. how can I distinguish a Chinese iPhone (any model 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, etc.) from a high-quality original?

  • Visual inspection. It consists in a knitting inspection of the device without turning it on or connecting it to a computer, to the iTunes program. Suitable if you use more reliable methods, which are not possible below;
  • When you turn on the device. This method is fine if you can turn on your iPhone. For example, let’s say you buy a new or old iPhone off-hand. If it is possible to turn on the device, the probability of detecting a fake increases many times over;
  • Using a computer at the shed number. 100% way to authenticate iPhone (any model 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, etc.). If you have access to the Internet from any device, for example, from another smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, then you can check the authenticity through a special service. In this case, the probability of detecting a fake, as I said, is 100%.

To put it bluntly, only the third method can give a 100% guarantee. We proceed to a detailed analysis of each of the verification methods.

When turned on

If, after a visual inspection, you still have questions about the authenticity and you could not distinguish the fake from the original, then I recommend turning on the device:

  • If the device has not been previously activated, the screen will ask you to activate the device (without activation it will not start). If there is no activation, then ask the seller when the gadget was activated and find out the data from the Apple ID;
  • Check which operating system is installed on the device. IOS is installed on original gadgets. If you see an Android OS in front of you, then you are not an iPhone;
  • Flip through the screens, open notebook, media library. If the gadget slows down, then you have a fake. iPhone (any model 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, etc.) always works without brakes;
  • Find the AppStore on the device and launch it. Try to download any application. If you are being transferred to Google Play, then your iPhone is not original. When installing the application, you should be asked to enter your Apple ID information.

Visual inspection

The most primary way to recognize and distinguish a fake is by visual inspection. If you haven’t dealt with iPhones or iPads before, I recommend taking a person who has Apple devices to a meeting with the seller (if you buy an iPhone from your hands).

How to determine the authenticity of an iPhone by eye:

  • Flip the iPhone over and look at the back cover. If you see hieroglyphs, then this is a fake;
  • Look at the number of SIM card slots. If there is more than one of them, then you have a fake in your hands;
  • If you find a slot for additional flash memory on the case, then in front of you is also a fake;
  • Antennas, stylus and other things are missing in original iPhones (any model 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, etc.);
  • On the back cover of the original iPhone, there is always a serial number next to the text S / N or SERIAL;
  • Try removing the back cover on your device. If this was done easily and quickly, then this is a fake.
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All these signs will help you distinguish and find out that in front of you is a real gadget or a fake of the original.

By serial number

The third stage of verification is to distinguish a Chinese gadget. checking the device by serial number. this is the surest way to verify the authenticity. To distinguish follow these steps:

  • Follow this link to the verification service;
  • Next, find the serial number of the device on the back cover. It can be designated as S / N or Serial;
  • Enter this serial number on the previously opened website and click the “Continue” button;
  • If the iPhone is genuine, and not Chinese, then information about it will appear, namely: date of activation, terms of technical and warranty service. If this information is not available or a message appears stating that the serial number is incorrect, then this is not a real iPhone (any model 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, etc.).
  • That’s all for me. I hope you were able to distinguish your gadget (any model 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, etc.) from a fake. If you still have questions about the original, you can ask them in the comments to the post. See you in the following articles.

    How the Chinese iPhone differs from the original

    The colossal popularity of the iPhone has long been the basis for the release of a huge number of its counterfeits. Replica makers have learned to quite accurately copy the appearance and even the materials of the original case. Not everyone will be able to distinguish these devices at a glance. Sometimes even the owners of the original can be fooled into picking up a well-made copy. Let’s see how the Chinese iPhone differs from the original?

    There are a great many Chinese iPhones. They are very different from each other and we will not generalize them into one class of devices. For comparison, we will not talk about very poor copies, where the design does not match, the quality of the screen is frightening, the stylus, TV antenna sticks out and every second slowdowns are observed during operation. Everything is clear with them. they do not pretend to fool anyone. These are simple phones for those who need a penny device for a couple of months with a claim to have at least some kind of appearance.

    There are very decent-looking / filling copies of the iPhone, completely copying its design, Retina-screen and even the appearance of the operating system interface. For a cool copy, you will have to pay an amount (about 250-400), comparable to the cost of a strong brand Android smartphone. Inside such an “iPhone” will be installed a dual or quad-core processor from the MTK series, 1-2 GB of RAM, a camera from 5 to 13 megapixels. Weight, size and appearance will correspond to the original.

    What makes a high-quality Chinese iPhone different from the original?

    • The main difference between the Chinese iPhone and the original is the absence of the iOS operating system. Thanks to it, excellent stability, speed and smooth operation are achieved. Any good copy will run Android with themes installed on top that copy the iOS interface. But no skins, even if they repeat 1 in 1 the iPhone animations, the design of its shortcuts, the arrangement of buttons, menus, etc., will not give the performance that many love the iPhone for. This is the main difference between a high-quality copy and a real iPhone. Many Android smartphones have powerful processors (2-4 cores plus a frequency of more than 2 GHz), 2-3 GB of RAM and are still often inferior in performance to the iPhone 5 with its dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM.
    • Many copies support work with two SIM-cards, which is not in the original. Most often, to install SIM cards on a fake, you need to remove the back cover. In the original, getting to the battery is not easy, and the SIM card is inserted into a sliding tray on the left end of the device.
    • The Chinese copy, like any other Android smartphone, supports the removable disk function. That is, you can simply connect it to a PC, a radio in the car as a flash drive. This, of course, is convenient, but in the original there is no such possibility. Synchronization with PC occurs only through the proprietary iTunes player. In addition, the memory of the original cannot be expanded by installing microSD cards, which is often found in copies.
    • The iPhone’s USB (lightning) cable is different from the usual microUSB connector used throughout Android smartphones.
    • The “Home” button on the iPhone is always slightly depressed, and in fakes it often protrudes above the surface of the case.
    • All stickers on the original box are evenly glued, the inscription “iPhone” and the apple logo are embossed.
    • The original box contains a color instruction of excellent quality, as well as 2 stickers with a bitten apple with juicy flowers, clear edges and sharp bends in the corners. Also, the device itself must have a protective film, on the lower edge of which there is a perforated tongue for peeling it off.

    The main things to pay extra for when buying an original iPhone are build quality and iOS, which provides a couple of serious advantages: speed / stability and access to proprietary software.

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