How to do screen sharing on iPhone

Using the function from a mobile device

To participate in the conference, you can use both a telephone and a tablet PC. Photos, documents, files from cloud storage, bookmarks and message board are allowed to be displayed on a tablet or smartphone. To share the screen on an Android gadget, you need at least the 5th version of this platform.

To show the screen from the phone, follow these steps:

  • click on the “Demonstration” button;
  • touch the inscription “Screen”;
  • select “Start now”;
  • specify the application to be shown;
  • use the commenting tools below;
  • after the end of the demonstration, exit this mode by stopping the demonstration and return to the Zoom program.

You can do the same on your iOS phone. This requires a platform version of at least 11. And you can show all the same applications, files from the “cloud” and bookmarks. But if you can enable screen sharing in Zoom on any Apple device, then you only need an iPad to use the message board.

Sound on when screen sharing

When demonstrating a video, you can turn off the audio track or show a picture with sound. The procedure is as follows:

  • select a video player or window in which the video will be launched;
  • mark at the bottom of the screen to share audio for all conference participants;
  • before turning on the sound, turn off the microphones (for yourself and for all users) so as not to degrade the quality of the audio track;
  • if users cannot hear anything, adjust the sound in the program.

To ensure that the audio is not heard by an individual participant or everyone at once (except for the organizer), change the corresponding settings by opening their list. After mute, it does not work for users selected by the organizer who see only the picture.

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How to enable screen sharing in Zoom

The Zoom service is a platform that allows you to conduct workshops, lessons and lectures. And also show presentations and demonstrate the actions of the organizer or one of the participants. This screencast can be a great addition to the user’s explanations, or even replace them entirely. over, both on a computer and laptop, as well as on a tablet or phone.

Turn on screen display

To enable screen sharing, the program has a green button located on the bottom panel in the open presentation window. The order of further actions of the user is as follows:

  • press the green button;
  • choose what will be shown to the conference participants. This can be one of the monitors (if there are several of them), the entire picture, or just the outlined area. And also a drawing board or one of the currently running programs, such as a video player;
  • click on the “Share” button;
  • When the conference ends, the host does not need to turn off screen sharing. When the conversation is over, just click on the “Stop” button.
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If the advanced mode is selected in the top line, the user is given a choice. to share part of the screen or to show only sound. In the second case, the picture is not visible. But the organizer of a conference in Zoom or another participant who has received permission can play an audio file or an audio track of a video in the player.

All users who have joined the video conference can share the screen, including those who were not registered in the program and followed the link. To do this, the organizer must allow such actions. You can allow anyone to share the screen in Zoom by clicking on the arrow next to the screen share button and selecting everyone who will receive such permission.

In the same way, you can prohibit the demonstration both to individual participants and to everyone except the organizer. over, an ordinary user does not have such an opportunity. And, if the organizer has disabled screen sharing, the user can only wait for permission. This is done so that the main part of the lecture, meeting or presentation does not accidentally interfere.

Possible problems

Problems may occur when displaying the screen. Sometimes the application slows down and may even terminate. It is worth updating Zoom to fix the problem. And, if error code 0 appears when you try to update, it is best to completely uninstall the program and download the latest version right away. On the computer, the appearance of such a problem may mean that the installation of updates was blocked by the antivirus. It should be temporarily disabled (if the user is sure that the data load source was reliable enough) and try to update the program again.

Zoom users often complain that error 105035 appears when trying to start screen sharing from a computer. If you find such a problem, you should contact the utility’s technical support: a solution is looked for individually for each case. If the video slows down when displaying a picture, it is recommended to check the quality and speed of the Internet connection. And when a black screen appears instead of an image, you may need to reinstall the video card drivers.


With the launch of this function, as a rule, no problems arise. But users are often faced with a situation where they are incorrectly cropped in the video (jagged edges are visible or whole body parts are cut off). This is due to the fact that the processing is on the air. To avoid such distortions, the developers of the project recommend sitting against the background of a plain “backdrop”, for example, curtains or walls, ideally green.

Introductory information

A free Zuma account allows video conferencing up to 40 minutes. Unlimited negotiation times will cost 15 per month. The program is suitable for group lessons, self-organization of students.

  • Good call quality.
  • Functional buttons to control the course of the conversation, quickly mute the microphone and camera. The organizers can control the sound and picture of each participant.
  • Option to activate screen sharing with sound.
  • There is an interactive whiteboard function to expand the functionality of training sessions.
  • Convenient chat with the ability to forward from messages.
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This concludes the introductory information. Let’s move on to enabling this feature.

Activating the virtual background

Previously, this feature was only available to iPhone owners. But now it is also available in the Android version. To activate it, follow these steps:

  • First, create a video conference or connect to an existing one.
  • Tap the conversation screen to bring up the function buttons.
  • Turn on the video using the corresponding icon.
  • Now click on “” to go to the context menu.
  • In the drop-down list, select “Virtual background”.
  • Choose from three available skins.
  • You can also add your own image by clicking on the “plus”.

    And if you want to disable the function, then switch to the tile with the signature None and close the settings window.

    Now you know how to make a virtual background in Zoom on Android phone or iPhone.


    Make a virtual background in Zoom on iPhone or Android will be released directly at the time of the conversation in the video conference. This function is called from the “Details” menu. Only three “backdrops” have been added to the application, but the user can download any pictures from his phone.

    The virtual background function is convenient for holding conferences and negotiations, if the conditions for this are not completely prepared. The developers recommend sitting in front of a solid-colored backdrop for high-quality work of the built-in algorithms.

    How to make a screenshot on iPhone 7: instructions

    Any modern smartphone is equipped with many additional features that make it easier to use. This applies to all current platforms. Android and iOS. This article will focus on how to make a screen on the iPhone 7. The methods are slightly different from those provided for users of the Android operating system, but we will analyze them in more detail.

    Differences from other generations

    iPhone 7 and 7 Plus differ slightly in functionality and control. From generation to generation, developers leave familiar features for users. These include the creation of a screenshot. In all iPhones up to version 6, the power button, with which you can make a screen on the iPhone 7, was located on the upper end of the case. Starting with the 6 and 6 Plus, the creators have moved the Power button to the right side of the phone. Otherwise, the procedure for taking a screenshot remains the same. Let’s figure it out in more detail.

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    Assistive touch

    IOS 11 has a new feature that allows you to make a screen on the iPhone 7 with a single tap on the screen. To activate this feature, you must first enable the function in the settings.

    screen, sharing, iphone

    Open the settings menu and go to the “General” section. Now find the “Accessibility” subsection in the list. Next, select the line Assistive Touch and enable the function using the slider. A little below, select the “Customize top-level menu” item. Go to the menu settings and select the “User” icon. In the list that appears, find the “Screenshot” function and click on it.

    Now a transparent dot will appear on the display, when you click on it you will take a screenshot. This function allows you to use the device with one hand. Assistive Touch is especially relevant for those who want to make a screen on the iPhone 7 Plus. it is inconvenient to press several keys at the same time on a phone with a large body.

    Standard way

    The first option is to simultaneously press two physical keys on the phone body. You need to hold down the Power button, which locks the device and is located on the right side of the device, as well as the Home button, which is located under the display on the front of the case.

    How to understand that you managed to make a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone 7? After a few seconds of holding down the keys, your display should blink once like a flash. Also, when the sound is on, you will hear the shutter. The top notification bar will display a message stating that the image has been saved to Photos. In newer versions of the iOS operating system, the “Screenshots” folder will be automatically created. All screenshots will appear there.

    How to use screenshots?

    IOS 11 added a new screenshot editing system. After taking a picture, the icon will appear on the screen. Click on it to open the menu for editing screenshots. In it, you can crop a photo, add captions, effects and so on in a couple of taps. Modified images are also saved to the Albums folder.

    Open the gallery and select the required screenshot. Next, click on the icon with a box and an arrow. This will open a menu where you can choose who to send the file to or on which social network to share it with your friends. Now you know how to make screenshots on iPhone 7 in different ways.

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