How to enable alice on Samsung phone

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How to turn on radio on Samsung phone

The question of how to turn on the radio on a Samsung phone is not an idle one. Some models do not have this option, and sometimes you really want to enjoy your favorite radio station! In this case, you can use one of the applications. But first you have to download the radio as an installation file for Samsung.

How to turn on radio on Android Samsung

Once set up, you can listen to radio broadcasts and enjoy music. How to turn on the radio on your Samsung phone:

Where is the radio on Samsung phone

Listening to radio waves on smartphones is possible only when headphones are connected. They act as an antenna. Since turning on a regular radio on Samsung in this way, it means that you use, in fact, the same technology that is used on radio receivers, therefore, you can listen to it for free.

Instructions on how to set up and turn on classic radio on a Samsung mobile phone on Android:

  • plug in headphones;
  • go to the application menu;
  • find the icon of the corresponding program;
  • open it;
  • search for available frequencies.

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Favorite radio stations are transferred to “Favorites” by clicking on the asterisk, which is located after the inscription indicating the frequency.

If you want the sound to be output from the speaker of your smartphone, click on the ellipsis at the top of the screen. Select “Playback through speaker” in the menu.

How to turn on the radio on Samsung so that it is activated at regular intervals:

  • in the application, press the three dots;
  • click “Settings”;
  • specify “Sleep Timer”;
  • set the required frequency.

How to turn on the radio without headphones

If your phone does not have an antenna, you can install the app. Many radio stations are developing their own mobile products. There are programs that broadcast several dozen radio waves, which can be sorted according to the interests of the listeners.

How to Download Radio on Android Samsung

How to turn on the radio on Samsung via the application:

  • find the program you are interested in in one of the markets;
  • start installing it on the device;
  • at the end of the process, among other shortcuts, a new one will appear, with a radio application;
  • open it;
  • select radio wave.

Which models do not have a built-in radio

Some smartphones do lack a built-in FM module. For example, Galaxy S4, S10, A10, A20, A30, A40, A51, A60, A70, M30 and a number of other models have no standard application for broadcasting.

In some modifications, such a module is present, but blocked by the manufacturer. So in North America, a radio wave can be caught only if the device has a Snapdragon processor. Those models that operate on the basis of Exynos do not have such an opportunity.

Operating system errors

If the device freezes and does not turn on after that, then it is highly likely that the main problem lies in the operating system. Android OS (this is especially true for older versions) is not known for stability, so sudden errors may occur regardless of the brand and model of the smartphone.

In such situations, not everything is unambiguous, because in most cases, when the screen does not turn on, and the problem arose after freezing, you just need to pull out the battery for a couple of minutes, after which, most likely, the device will start without problems. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to solve the problem in this way, because sometimes the phone does not start even after that, and some devices are equipped with a non-removable battery (use the reset button located on the smartphone body). Where to find it, read the instructions.

If all the tips that were given above could not help you, then you will have to reset the device settings to factory settings. Unfortunately, all your data will be deleted, but the good news is that the operating system will start functioning normally again. Follow the instructions below:

  • Hold down the Volume Up and Home keys.
  • Press the power button without releasing the pressed keys.
  • In “Recovery Mode” you can roll back to factory settings. This process is individual for each smartphone, so you should look for instructions on the Internet.

Now that you have learned what to do if the screen of a smartphone released by Samsung does not work, you can summarize. Do not disassemble the device yourself if you are not sure of the success of the actions. Entrust it to the professionals working in the service centers. Only they can correctly diagnose a breakdown and replace a failed module.

Home renovation

If you have experience, you can fix a broken key on a Samsung with a soldering iron. First, try soldering the button in place, but keep in mind that the plastic element quickly loses its shape under the influence of temperature. Alternatively, it is worth soldering to the contacts inside the wiring and bringing them out. To turn on Samsung without the power key, just short-circuit the wires for a while. In this way, you imitate the work of Power. Immediately, we note that this solution is temporary, because protruding wires will definitely not add beauty to a smartphone.

Screen damage

Service centers often receive questions about what to do if the screen does not work after the phone has been dropped. In fact, if the reason really lies in the fall, then it will definitely not be possible to solve this problem on your own. The phone can only be repaired by contacting the service center.

It should be noted that when the device falls, several damage options are possible:

  • Damage to the display. Such situations can be solved in only one way. by replacing the display, but it is almost impossible to do this on your own. It is best to take the phone, the screen of which is off, to a Samsung service center, where specialists will replace it with the original one.
  • Damage to the screen control chip. If the screen of a Samsung device does not turn on, this does not mean that the display is to blame for everything. It is not uncommon for people to replace the screen, but the problem is still not solved. Replacing the microcircuit is quite cheap, which allows you to solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is not recommended to do this on your own, as you need specialized equipment for re-soldering the boards.
  • Damage to the connection of the connector to the printed circuit board. This situation is as simple as possible. To solve it, you only need to disassemble the smartphone, the screen of which has gone out, and insert the detached part in its place. 90% that this method will help your device.
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It is worth mentioning that there are other rare problems as well. which can only be identified at service centers. Contact the experts if you have a screen on your Samsung phone. Samsung smartphones do not fail as often as they say.

Recovery Mode

Another way stands out how to turn on your Samsung Android phone if the power button is not working. Try to enter Recovery mode. To do this, take the following steps:

  • Put your Samsung into charging mode.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes for the battery to charge slightly.
  • Press Volume down or up, and with it “Home”. The combination may differ depending on the device.
  • Wait for recovery mode to appear on the display.
  • Find Reboot Now.
  • Confirm Action.

The question arises what to do if the power button does not work on Samsung, because in this case it will not work to launch the option. The only solution is to leave the smartphone in this position for a few minutes so that it restarts automatically. If the device has TWRP recovery, you need to restart Samsung using touch controls. After restarting, it is better to immediately reassign the button if Power is out of order and does not work.

Note that in a similar way, you can turn off the device without a button, if you select Power Down in the menu that appears.

To turn on your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime or other Android model without the power button, you can use the one-stop solution. It is about switching on using a PC. This method works if USB debugging is enabled on Samsung. Otherwise, you will have to use the above method (Recovery).

  • Download and install ADB on your computer or laptop.
  • Unzip the file to drive C.
  • Connect Samsung phone that can’t turn on without power button.
  • Install the required drivers (easy to find on the Internet).
  • Click on the Start menu and enter the All Programs section. Next, go to Standard, and there Command line. You can make it easier. press WinR.
  • Type the command cd c: adb.
  • Make sure the tablet or smartphone is found by the PC and write adb reboot.

If everything is fine, after specifying this phrase, Samsung should go to reboot. Disconnect it from PC.

If you wish, you should turn on Samsung without the power button, bypassing the command line. Alternatively, install the ADB Run app to automatically set up the Android workflow. With its help, you can solve the issue with the launch of Samsung A5 or another model, if the power button does not work. Take steps like this:

  • Install the ADB program and put the drivers on your smartphone.
  • Install ADB Run and run it. Make sure that the phone is detected in the system, and then press the number “2”. Reboot Android is responsible for it.
  • Click Enter.
  • In the new window, write the number “1”, which means Rebut (restart) and press Enter to confirm.
  • The phone will start to reboot, after which it should be disconnected from the computer.

The reviewed methods (Recovery and ADB) allow you to turn on Samsung without the power button if it was completely disabled.

Breakdown reasons

Before turning on a Samsung phone without a power button, it is important to understand the causes of the malfunction. Let’s highlight the main options:

  • The mobile device is wet and the power key on Samsung does not work. In such a situation, you need to immediately disassemble the device and dry it with a hair dryer.
  • In case of accidental failure and disconnection, try to turn on the device by long pressing the Power button.
  • If the smartphone is damaged when dropped, you may need the help of the masters from the service.
  • In the event of a button malfunction, it is worth using alternative methods of switching on (via PC or Recovery). You can make repairs at home without visiting the service.
  • When the battery is deeply discharged, you need to enable Samsung to charge.

The user’s task is to identify the malfunction and act according to the circumstances.

Wake up from sleep by sensor

There are situations when it is not possible to bring Samsung out without the power button using the method discussed above. In this case, you can use the Gravity Screen program. The algorithm is as follows:

  • download software from Play Store;
  • run the application and accept the terms;
  • activate the service by clicking on the special “toggle switch”;
  • scroll the wheel down and go to the Proximity sensor section;
  • check this section to further control Samsung without the Power button by swiping your hand over the scanner;
  • the option Turn on the screen movement allows you to unlock the smartphone using the Accelerometer by shaking.

Cons of the app. high battery consumption, limitations of the free version and inability to apply on some Samsung devices.

How to remap Power

In a situation where the side button on Samsung does not work, there are two ways. to hand over the device for repair or to temporarily reassign the key. The second option is more promising, because in this case, the functionality of the device can be restored within a few minutes. Alternatively, program the Bixby button, which is provided on new Samsung devices.

The simplest option is to use the Power Button to Volume Button program. The algorithm is as follows:

  • install software on your smartphone;
  • enter the application and click on the gear button next to the Enable / Disable Volume Power inscription;
  • check the Boot menu to activate the screen with the volume button restart field;
  • check the Screen Off checkbox so that you can turn on the screen by clicking on a special notification;
  • check that everything works.

The advantage of the method is that the ability to use loudness is preserved.

There is a workaround, thanks to which you can still start Alice with only your voice from any screen, without using your hands, and even on a locked phone. This trick works thanks to the ability to launch apps with your voice through Google Assistant and Voice Match, available on Android 5 and up.

Launching Alice through Google Assistant is not as convenient as saying “Alice” to the Yandex Station smart column. But the way works, as you can see by looking at

How to enable Yandex Alice by voice on Android

How to activate Alice with the Google Assistant on any screen without pressing and on a locked phone.

The fastest way to launch Alice on Android is to use the widget that is included in the Yandex application, we wrote about this in the article Yandex Alice Assistant on Android. Many people are looking for a way to launch Alice with their voice on the lock screen without going into the Yandex application. just like they launch the Google Assistant on Android devices with the “Ok Google” command.

But Google at the moment does not provide Android users with the opportunity to fully replace the Google Assistant with another voice assistant, there is no such possibility in Android, and it may never be. Yandex Phone is the only Android smartphone in which Alice is the main voice assistant.

Download Yandex and turn on voice activation

At the moment, Alice does not have her own separate application. Yandex has built Alice into an application of the same name “Yandex” on Android and iOS platforms.

Make sure that Alice‘s voice activation is enabled in the Yandex application on your Android device (after installation, it is enabled by default).

How to start Alice through the Google Assistant

First, you need to install Google Assistant and activate Voice Match. Unfortunately, the Voice Match function does not work on some androids, for example, on Xiaomi phones (due to the peculiarities of the MIUI shell).

  • After you’ve installed Google Assistant and set up Voice Match, lock your phone. Say “Ok Google.” The phone will unlock and launch Google Assistant in voice command standby mode.
  • Say “Open Yandex” or “Open Yandex application”.
  • The Yandex application will open (Alice is embedded in it). Say “Hey Alice” or “Hello Alice”.
  • Voice assistant Alice is activated.
  • Finally, you can now ask her something, like “tell the tech news”.
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Of course, the described method of activating Alice on the locked screen is not as convenient as that of Google Assistant. you have to call 3 voice commands instead of one. But, judging by the policy of Google, other ways to launch Alice with a voice will not appear soon. In the summer of 2018, the Yandex Station smart speaker with built-in Alice went on sale. this is where the voice assistant from Yandex works in the “Always listen” mode by default.

We have made a reference application for the commands of the Russian assistant, which we update regularly. By installing this application, you will always have the most up-to-date list of commands:

Disabling Alice in the Yandex application

Settings over time can change their location in the browser, but the algorithm of actions remains the same, with the exception of fundamental changes with the voice assistant.

Launch the application and find the button that leads to the browser settings.

In the list that opens, select the “Settings” item. Here we will look for the necessary buttons that affect the behavior of the “helper”.

Scroll the list of settings to the “ALICE” section.

  • Voice activated
  • System assistant

In the first paragraph, turn off both calls

In the second click on the function “Assistant” and activate the function “NO”.

Additionally, you can turn off the microphone for Yandex browser, in the settings of Android itself. And then Alice will definitely not hear anything, she will react to your actions only when, having activated her, you use the text templates offered by the application.

To do this, select “Applications” in the settings

Find Yandex and go to its settings. Then open the section “Permissions”.

Find “Microphone” in the list and disable it. It is enabled by default.

This is all you can do to disable Alice on your Android phone.

Disabling Alice in the laptop browser

In the Yandex browser of your computer, we will try to disable the voice assistant, if this is not enough, we will remove it completely.

Browser settings are located near the “Close” button

In the settings menu, go to Tools and uncheck the boxes opposite:

  • enable voice activation
  • turn on voice assistant

Disabling “helper” in Yandex Browser

How to disable Alice on an Android smartphone and laptop

Hi everyone. Many users using the Yandex application and browser on their smartphones are wondering how to disable Alice on Android. The thing is that when using the search bar, Alice begins to interfere, interfering and distorting search queries and the user is forced to look for another browser.

Yandex, developing its brainchild, is trying to impose Alice on us, but not everyone likes her. A voice assistant is needed when you really can’t do without it. The rest should be able to choose whether to use Alice or not.

It will not be possible to completely remove the “assistant” from the application, but it is possible to disable it so that it does not respond to voice commands and does not interfere with the search process.

Removing Alice from PC

If you want to permanently remove Alice, this can be done both by means of the system and by third-party programs.

Find Alice’s program and delete it.

From third-party programs, you can use, for example, Revo Uninstaller. It will remove not only the program, but also all remaining files after uninstallation and traces in the registry.

The principle of removing Alice by the program is identical to removing it using the system.

Why clone an app?

Clones are copies of applications that function equally well, have no slowdowns, lags or glitches. Making a copy is easy, but here’s what it might be for. For example, a user has an account on any popular network. When registering, it goes through verification and links the page to a phone number. Officially, social networks do not allow the same user to have multiple accounts. In addition, many networks or forums can ban these users. But no one can prohibit having another application in which a single account will be registered.

This applies not only to social networks, but messengers, computer games. The whole family can play the same toy, but each member needs their own game account. A clone of the game will come to the rescue.

How to create a clone of an application?

Modern devices already have a built-in option that allows you to perform cloning operations using built-in tools. You don’t need to download additional software or select various components. The latest models of smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer (for example, the flagship S8) have such a function. The Android One UI operating system shell offers a solution for copying applications. But there is a significant limitation. the system allows you to create a clone of only the messenger.

  • go to the section with settings;
  • then “Additional functions”. “Dual application profile”;
  • here you need to make a choice of the Samsung application, a copy of which will be created.

As already noted, the user will be offered a choice of those messaging services that are installed on the smartphone. After making your choice, a second utility icon will appear on the main screen. Each of them will be linked to their account.

In other versions of smartphones, the firmware offers a wider range of cloning utilities. details about creating copies can be seen in the video (for example, Samsung Galaxy Note 9).

Special programs for creating clones on an Android phone

If you cannot install the second version of the application on your phone using standard tools, you can use special software products.

How to clone an app on a Samsung phone

Situations often arise when you need to have two copies of the same program or application on one device. The need may arise to separate private and public networks, work and personal account of the owner of the device, share the utility with a friend, etc. Let us find out: how to create a clone of an application on Samsung, will standard tools help with this, or will you have to use third-party utilities.


Mostly used to clone social networks or instant messengers. Features:

  • creating three or more accounts;
  • ROOT rights are not required;
  • free;
  • the created duplicate has a size that does not exceed 5 MB;
  • nice interface;
  • the developer has added design themes.

App Cloner

The utility helps to create a second version of the required social network, messenger or game, but with a changed package name and signature. In this case, the owner of the device does not need to have superuser rights. After the applications are installed on the device, the user can uninstall the software. This will not affect the work of the created clones in any way. They will continue to function smoothly.

In the main menu, you can select those programs for which it is possible to create a copy. But App Cloner doesn’t stop there. In addition to creating a clone of the application on Samsung, the program allows you to modify the icon. This is for ease of use. Changing the inscription, color and appearance will not confuse the owner of the smartphone. The product has a premium (paid) version, it allows you to make deeper settings: prohibiting access to data, transferring data to removable media, setting a password, prohibiting autorun and others.

In order to use the option, the following conditions must be met:

  • set permission to install APK files from unknown sources;
  • run the program.

After installation, the clone will function simultaneously with the main messenger or game, it can be transferred to another device without additional settings and App Cloner.

Parallel Space

The utility has a different approach to creating clones. it creates a virtual shell sandbox, inside which additional programs are launched. This gives much greater compatibility, but there is a significant inconvenience. cloned applications will not be able to start outside the Parallel Space shell. Only the main ones will function. Super user rights are not required, but the program will always be in the smartphone’s RAM. Features:

  • there is no need to install APK files. the environment of the program itself is enough;
  • the process is extremely simple using the “Add Application” button;
  • mono shortcuts to bring to the phone desktop and run without a shell;
  • only one copy can be created;
  • the possibility of private installation from Google Play;
  • the user can create a protective field, inside which to place the selected copies;
  • no autorun after reboot;
  • notifications are sent separately for each copy.
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How to type a text with a voice in Votsap?

The innovation is quite simple to use. It is enough to open the application, say the phrase “Send a message” contact’s voice name “via” WhatsApp “that starts the function. After that, you can speak the text, after which it will be transformed by the service into an alphabetic record.

How to remove SMS voice dialing on Android?

Open the Google app on your smartphone. In the lower right corner, click the three horizontal lines icon and open Settings. Then select “Language. Voice Search”. Tap the blue button next to “Recognize OK Google” to turn it off.

How to switch from voice input to keyboard?

Open the application you want to use to enter text. Click on the area where you want to enter text. On the onscreen keyboard, press and hold the microphone icon. You can also open the Notifications panel and go to Change keyboard Google Voice Typing.

Galaxy themes : [YEAH] Alice Mushroom tattoo

Why doesn’t voice dialing work for me??

Check the language settings of Google Voice Search: Settings Language & Input Google Voice Input Languages. 3. Make sure that voice search is enabled: Settings Voice search Recognition “OK Google” Check the box “From Google app”.

How to make a voice call on a Samsung phone?

  • Install the Gboard app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Open any application where you can type text, such as Gmail or Google Keep.
  • Click on the text box.
  • At the top of the keyboard, press and hold the microphone icon.

How to enable microphone in google chrome on Android?

How to set up camera and microphone access for a website

  • Open the Chrome app. on Android device.
  • To the right of the address bar, click Settings.
  • Select Site Settings.
  • Tap Microphone or Camera.
  • Turn your microphone or camera on or off.

How to use

Since Alice is a voice assistant, first, in order to use the program, we need a microphone connected to the computer. If you use Alice on your phone, then this item is not for you, since smartphones have a built-in microphone.

Once you have verified that the microphone is plugged in and working, you can proceed to the next step. For this you need:

  • Say loudly and clearly near the microphone: “Hello, Alice” or “Hello Yandex”;
  • In the program menu, click on the corresponding icon.

Doing any of the above will open this window:

This window informs the user that Alice is ready to accept the desired user request and fulfill it. Requests are different, ranging from simple requests by type to close a particular program, or open a calculator, to search in a browser, currency conversion and mathematical calculations.

In the image above, you can see that any voice requests are automatically converted into text, to which the program responds, and then voices them, imitating correspondence. This is done so that the user can immediately check whether the voice assistant correctly identified his speech and request.

If necessary, it can be used instead of voice commands. written communication.

So, after processing the command, Alice completed the task and opened the calculator.

Searching for the required query on the Internet

To do this, the user just needs to name the desired query, and Alice herself will search for it in a search engine from Yandex. For example, take a Chelsea-Arsenal match.

After the search, Alice opens a page in the browser with the search for the request issued to her.

Who voices Alice

To create a voice assistant Alice, as you understand, it took tremendous efforts and labor of sound engineers.

How to enable Keyboard clipboard for Samsung Galaxy phones

A specially created team of sound engineers is engaged in the voice acting of the program, but Alice herself speaks in the voice of actress Tatyana Shitova. How Alice looks from Yandex can be seen in the picture below.

Also, it is worth noting that this actress has been the voice of Scarlett Johansson in Russian dubbing for many years.

Remembering the address

One of the most convenient features of Alice. Thanks to her, the user can ask Alice a specific address and bind it to a specific word. For example, the word is House.

Now that Alice has memorized these two locations and their exact address, it is no longer necessary to specify it every time, you can issue queries with words, implying the desired address, for example:

Funny Games

Voice assistant Alice, in addition to everything, can also play various games, for this it is enough to say: “Let’s play the ‘name of the game'”. To exit this mode, use the commands “Stop” and “Enough”.

  • Football game. was released specifically for the 2018 World Cup. In this game, Alice asks a question about football, as well as the answer options, the user must decide which one is true;
  • Guess the animal. the voice assistant plays the sounds of the animal, and the user must guess which animal is making these sounds;
  • What happened before. Alice names two discoveries or inventions, the user tries to guess what happened before;
  • Cities. now you can play this folk game with Alice. The rules are simple: you name a city, she responds by calling another city, the name of which begins with the last letter of your city, and so on.

How to install and enable Yandex.Alisa on a computer

This article is completely devoted to how to enable Alice from Yandex on a computer, and also contains step-by-step instructions on how to use it. Do you want to know what Alice looks like from Yandex? Or maybe who voiced it? Then this article is written just for you.

Alice is a voice assistant created by Yandex. Alice helps the user to control his computer or mobile device using speech. This voice assistant works so far on the following operating systems: Windows, iOS, Android.

The first version of the program was released on October 10, 2017, and since then the program has been regularly updated.

At the heart of Alice is a neural network that allows the voice assistant not only to respond according to a prepared script, but also to self-learn and raise the quality of dialogues to a new level.

Thus, Alice tries to adapt to the context. That is why, depending on the situation, she can be sad, happy, joke, or use sarcasm.

On Samsung Galaxy, screen images become negative how to set up to return to normal view.

Let’s see what to do if the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen starts displaying negative images. Most likely, the negative mode was activated on the phone, perhaps by accident or because of whatever widget on the phone. For those who faced a similar problem, when the Samsung Galaxy screen began to show everything in the form of a negative, we will try to explain several ways how to exit this mode and restore the normal display of the picture on the phone screen.

1) Disable the negative mode on the Samsung screen like this. go to the Settings Menu Accessibility Negative, on the contrary, put or uncheck the box.

2) This method will also allow you to turn off the negative mode on Samsung Galaxy, for this we call the main screen menu by holding your finger on the phone screen, then you will see the “Home screen” menu on the screen where we select “Applications and widgets” and get into the menu with widgets. Find the “Negative” widget in it and drag it to the desktop. To enable or disable the negative mode, you just need to touch it on the display.

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