How to enable cookies on iPhone

How to enable geolocation on iPhone

Many iPhone applications require geolocation to be enabled during their operation. These are usually applications that provide information based on your location. For example, applications for navigation or monitoring local weather cannot do without properly configured geolocation. In addition, other applications need geolocation data. For example, with geolocation enabled, the camera can record the coordinates of the point where the picture was taken.

In this article, we’ll show you how to enable geolocation on iPhone. The article will be useful for owners of almost all iPhone models, including iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s and 7.

How to set up geolocation on iPhone

So, in order to enable geolocation on the iPhone, you first need to go to the “Settings” application. To do this, just click on the corresponding icon on the iPhone desktop.

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After that, you need to go to the settings section called “Privacy”.

How To Enable & Disable Cookies On IOS (iPhone / iPad)

Next, you need to open the subsection “Geolocation Services”, it should be at the very top. If geolocation is turned off, then “Off” will be indicated in front of this subsection.

After that, the geolocation settings will open in front of you. In order to enable geolocation, simply move the switch to the “On” position.

How To Enable Cookies on iPhone/ iPad [BEST] ����

After enabling geolocation services, a list of programs that use or do not use geolocation will appear at the bottom. If “Never” is indicated next to the program, it means that the use of geolocation is prohibited for this program. In this case, the program will not be able to use geolocation, even if “Geolocation Services” are enabled. In order to enable geolocation for such a program, you need to open it in this list and change the value “Never” to “When using the program” or “Always”.

At the bottom of the list of applications there is a section called “System Services”.

Additional geolocation settings on iPhone are available in the “System Services” section.

Here you can turn on or off Apple’s geolocation-based ads, geolocation-based alerts, and other similar features.

IPhone Settings

  • As a rule, there are three items in the settings of the selected program:
  • Never. This parameter completely denies access to the user’s geodata.
  • When using the program. Location request will be carried out only when working with the application.
  • Always. The application will have access in the background, i.e., in a minimized state. This type of user location is considered the most energy-consuming, however, it is sometimes necessary for tools such as a navigator.
  • Check the required option. From this moment on, the change is accepted, which means that you can close the settings window.
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    We activate geolocation on the iPhone

    You can enable iPhone location determination in two ways: through the phone settings and directly using the application itself, which requires this function to work correctly. Let’s consider both methods in more detail.


    After installing an application from the App Store, for the correct functioning of which it is required to determine the user’s location, as a rule, a request is displayed to provide access to the geolocation.

  • If for some reason you refuse to provide access to this setting, you can subsequently activate it through the phone parameters (see the first method).
  • And although the geolocation function can negatively affect the battery life of the iPhone, it is difficult to imagine the work of many programs without this tool. Fortunately, you can independently decide in which of them it will function and in which it will not.

    Blocking all cookies

    If this option is enabled, then all cookies that the site can transmit are blocked. To understand this option, you need to define a cookie.

    Cookies (English cookie, literally. cookie). a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored on the user’s computer. A web client (usually a web browser) sends this piece of data to the web server as part of an HTTP request whenever it tries to open a page on the corresponding site. Used to save data on the user’s side.

    Now for a simple example. There is a site where I am logged in under my nickname sputnik1818. If the prohibition of cookies is enabled, then every time I visit the site, I will be asked to log in again. If the option is disabled, the site will accept cookies from me, it will understand that I am sputnik1818 and I will be logged into the site. Conveniently? As anyone, yes to me!

    In theory, it makes sense to disable Cookie if you are paranoid. often than not, they still help. And some sites without cookies enabled will not even work correctly.

    You Didn’t Know It: Safari Settings on iPhone for Safe Internet Surfing

    You have an iPhone and spend a lot of time with it on the Internet. You visit sites, enter usernames, passwords and so on.

    The Safari browser can be made secure by activating a few standard preferences. And now you will find out how to increase the security of your stay on the Internet.

    HOW: How to Clear Cookies on iPhone

    Cookies may sound harmless, but they’re not always good. A cookie is a small file used to store information on your device in the direction of a specific website. They can be used to store account information for a website, so you don’t have to log in every time you visit Amazon or Netflix. But cookies can also be used to track you over the internet and can even cause problems with your web browser, so it is sometimes advisable to delete cookies on your iPhone.

    Fortunately, the process for removing cookies from the Safari web browser is relatively straightforward. There are several ways to delete cookies on your iPhone. You can delete both your web history and cookies at the same time, you can simply delete cookies or delete cookies from a specific website. We will start by deleting all website data, including your browser history.

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    Open iPhone Settings app.

    Scroll down and select Safari.

    Click Clear History and Website Data at the bottom of Safari preferences.

    You will be prompted to confirm your choice. select Clear history and data again delete both the history of all websites you visited and all cookies saved for the Safari browser.

    While you’re in Safari’s preferences, you can turn on Cross Site Tracking Prevention and Ask Websites Not to Be Tracked. These options are found in the Privacy & Security section of Safari’s preferences. You can also enable Block all cookies, however this may interfere with the operation of some websites.

    Private access

    Well, going through the settings, it’s worth mentioning a special Safari browser mode called Private Access. Private access is enabled in two clicks:

    • Switch to view open windows in your browser. Button with two overlapping squares.
    • Click on the “Private Access” link.

    In this mode, the border of the browser becomes dark gray:

    Using Private mode, you can open sites without logging your browsing history in Safari. The Private Access mode is designed to protect personal information and blocks the ability of many websites to monitor user activity. Safari does not remember visited pages, search history, and auto-complete information in this mode.

    The court ruled on the claim of Constantinople against Google

    The Moscow Arbitration Court ruled against the claim of the TV channel Tsargrad against Google. This is reported by TASS. The proceedings are related to the blocking of the channel’s account on the YouTube platform. Press Secretary Next.


    Iran: We Will Not Participate in Depletion Negotiations on Nuclear Deal

    Abbas Arakchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister and chief negotiator for its nuclear program, said today, April 15, that Tehran would never allow the other parties to continue indefinitely the talks that resumed earlier Thursday in Vienna, and warned that discussions would only continue if if they turn out to be constructive Further.

    US State Department disappointed with political situation in Georgia

    The United States wants Georgia to succeed as a secure and developed democracy and to continue working towards Euro-Atlantic integration, the US State Department said in a statement following a telephone conversation between Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken about current events in the country.

    NATO demanded to withdraw Russian troops from the border with Ukraine

    Secretary General Stoltenberg called on Moscow to end provocations and de-escalate

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    Pfizer finds no risk of thrombosis due to vaccine

    Pfizer says it has found no evidence of a risk of thromboembolic complications associated with its use with the BioNTech coronavirus vaccine

    The United States intends to continue to supply weapons to Ukraine

    The United States intends to continue to supply Ukraine with some types of weapons and its military instructors. This was stated by the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin, RIA Novosti reports. We have been providing material support to Ukraine for some time.

    T9 on iPhone

    The automatic word substitution feature on the iPhone is not actually called T9 at all, but Auto Correction. Commoners also use the term AutoCorrect. This feature is activated on Apple gadgets by default, so the iPhone user will definitely suffer from the “disservice” of the device from the very beginning of its use. Fortunately, turning off T9 and avoiding discomfort is easy.

    How to turn on T9?

    It is logical that “Auto-correction” is turned on in the same way as it is turned off. you just need to move the slider to the active position. The main question is different: is it worth enabling this feature and, if so, why?

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    In fact, T9 is not as useless as users think, it can learn. If you set up, for example, abbreviations for those cumbersome terms that you have to constantly use due to the debt of work, this will help to significantly save time on correspondence.

    You can teach “Auto-Correction” new words like this:

    In the subsection “Keyboard” find the block “Abbreviations” and click on “New abbreviation”.

    In the “Phrase” and “Abbreviation” fields, write down the full cumbersome phrase and its truncated variation (for example, an abbreviation), respectively.

    Try to write an SMS. make an abbreviation in the message body.

    “Autocorrection” suggests using an expanded version of the phrase. Press Space and the abbreviation will immediately be replaced by the full phrase.

    How AutoCorrect works and why people complain about it?

    “Auto-correction” monitors what the user writes in the “Text” field of the SMS. If he uses a word that is unfamiliar to the program, “Auto-Correction” considers that the user was mistaken and suggests the correct (in her opinion) option. The corrected word is visible just above the one entered by the originator.

    The user needs to click on the “cross” and close the option offered by T9. If he clicks on the space, the word he wrote will be replaced by the upper one. This is where the problem lies: when typing, iPhone owners constantly forget to press the “cross”. as a result, instead of a reasonable message, a sheer absurdity is obtained.

    Autocorrect was supposed to improve the speed of typing SMS messages, but had the opposite effect. The reason is simple: there is a huge number of slang words in the Russian language, and new ones are constantly appearing. it is, alas, impossible to teach the program to the “common Russian” and make it follow speech trends.

    How to disable T9?

    If a feature is ineffective, it is wiser to disable it. You can remove T9 on iPhone in just a few steps:

    Go to “Settings” and select the “General” section.

    Scroll down and find the “Keyboard” subsection.

    Toggle the toggle switch “Auto correction” in the inactive position.

    It’s time for an easier exhalation. T9 will no longer interfere with the process of writing SMS, as well as messages in Viber and What’s App messengers.

    How to Enable Cookies on iPhone & iPad

    In the “Keyboard” section, you can not only turn off T9, but also perform a lot of other settings that most iPhone owners do not even know about. for example, add a new keyboard in Hebrew, Chinese, Korean and other languages, set up autocorrect abbreviations (“etc.” on “etc”).

    Most iPhone users take T9 for granted. they constantly suffer from the interference of this function, but do not try to disable it, although this is done in a few simple steps. Disabling is optional, because T9 on the iPhone can not only “put sticks in the wheels”, but also be a “good assistant”. you just need to spend some time replenishing its vocabulary.

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