How to enable dictation on iPhone

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How to type punctuation marks with Dictation on iPhone or iPad

It’s very simple. just say its name (“point”, “comma”, “question mark”, exclamation mark, etc.), and the system will recognize it, and then put the corresponding symbol in the text. Spaces are added automatically. To move to a new line, just say. “new line”.

Say the following words to enter punctuation marks or other symbols. They can vary for different languages ​​or dialects.

  • apostrophe ‘
  • colon:
  • comma ,
  • dash.
  • ellipsis
  • Exclamation point !
  • hyphen.
  • point.
  • question mark ?
  • equal sign =
  • greater than sign
  • less than sign

To change the formatting of the text, say the following commands:

  • enable all caps (continued in CAPITAL LETTERS)
  • turn off all caps (return to default case)
  • new line (adding a line break)
  • number (formatting the next phrase as a number)
  • new paragraph (adding a new paragraph)

Dictation, or how to translate speech to text on iPhone and iPad without errors and with punctuation marks

On iPad or iPhone, there are two ways to translate voice (speech) to text. The first is to call Siri and ask Apple’s voice assistant the right question. If you need to “speak” a large amount of text, use the Dictation button on the iOS virtual keyboard.

enable, dictation, iphone

This function does exactly what you think it is. you speak, and the tablet uses the built-in software to “listen” and convert speech to text. Russian language recognition works well. But when using the Dictation itself, sometimes difficulties arise, so before dictating your first text by voice, read a few useful tips.

How to enable Dictation on iPhone and iPad

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and go to General → Keyboard;

Slide the Enable Dictation switch to the On position (it will turn green). After enabling the option, the Dictation menu appears. Go to it and check if Russian speech recognition is enabled.

Exit Settings to the home screen, open any application where you can enter text, for example, Notes.

Create a new note, bring up the keyboard by clicking on the yellow “sheet” of the note, select the Russian keyboard and tap the microphone icon.

How to dictate text with your voice on iPhone and iPad

To activate Dictation, connect to the Internet and tap the microphone icon. Dictate the text. When you’re done, click on the Done button.

To insert another thought into the already dictated text, hover the cursor over the desired place and dictate. To cut the text and paste another instead of it, also select the desired fragment manually, click on the Dictation button and speak the required text.

With good diction (and it is not difficult to learn to speak the text clearly if desired) and knowledge of all the intricacies of the work, Dictation can become indispensable helpers for those who often communicate or type a lot of text from the keyboard. Be sure to try. and if you have already tried it, share your impressions with us and other readers of Yablyk!

Voice recorder on iPhone. where is it, how to set it up

Apple devices can be compared to a full-fledged computer, photo and sound studio. A dictaphone in apple devices is a basic function that allows you to record, store, modify and transfer sound recordings.

Where is the voice recorder on the iPhone?

Finding where the voice recorder is located on an iPhone or iPad is not difficult. As one of the basic features, the application is located on one of the device’s desktops and is indicated by a special icon. The appearance of the icon, depending on the version of the iOS operating system, may have slight differences.

The iPhone voice recorder can be compared to a full-fledged sound editor

For your information! The pre-iOS 12.0 icon depicts a black recording wave on a white background. Subsequent versions show a red and white waveform with a blue slider on a black background.

Before iOS 12, the voice recorder icon was white

American developers of apple devices are trying to ensure the maximum comfort of using devices, therefore all available applications are signed.

How to find voice recorder on iPhone or iPad

All applications on the desktops of Apple devices are mobile. They can be moved to any folder, which often makes it difficult to find the icon. There are three ways to find the app you want:

  • self-detect on the desktop;
  • use the search (swipe the screen from top to bottom and enter the name of the desired application in the search box that appears);
  • ask the mobile assistant Siri to open the required program.

A little advice on how to keep the recorder always at hand, so as not to lose it or be able to use it even when the screen is locked. add the application to the control point that appears when you swipe up the screen for models with the Home button (5 and 6 S, SE, 6) or down if the iPhone has a bezel-less screen (starting with iPhone 7).

If you take the recorder to the control center, you can turn it on when the screen is locked

For your information! The developer of the iPhone photo editing application M. Rundle noticed that the sound wave on the voice recorder icon was not accidental. It displays a record of the word Apple, which can be easily verified using the same application. Such attention to detail is a definite plus, as it inspires confidence.

Where are voice recorder recordings stored on iPhone

Sound files recorded on the voice recorder are stored in the application itself. When you start the program, a list of audio recordings available on the device appears. Files are placed in the chronology of creation, indicating the date and duration of each.

Apple cares about the safety of information, so it provided users of Apple devices with the ability to create an iCloud backup. Cloud storage of several terabytes will contain all the necessary information. However, it is worth considering that 5 GB is provided for free.

You can create a backup copy manually or configure the automatic backup function. To copy, you need a wireless Internet connection and a power supply.

Voice recorder recordings are stored in the application itself

Note! Files that are sent to the trash do not disappear without a trace. Some time (depending on the option selected in “Clean up deleted data“) are stored in the “Recently deleted” folder. If you mistakenly delete files from this folder, you can recover without loss of recording quality.

How to set up voice recorder on iPhone

The function of creating audio recordings has been available since the days of the iOS 3.0 operating system. The first voice recorder had limited capabilities:

  • creation of monochrome audio recording;
  • listening;
  • file storage and deletion.
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In this form, it existed for a long time. Voice Recorder iOS 12.0 and later is a true audio editor that allows you to:

  • create a record;
  • edit (trim, duplicate an existing record);
  • share by sending to e-mail, social networks, instant messengers or save to the “Files” folder;
  • adjust the sound quality;
  • set the frequency of cleaning deleted files;
  • customize geo-contextual names of audio files.

It doesn’t take long to set up the voice recorder. There are some small subtleties in the updated version of the application. In particular, in the voice recorder settings, the Siri and Search tab contains the Quick Commands function to make the program easier to use. The function makes it possible to control the recorder using voice commands. You can use the requests offered by mobile assistants by clicking on the icon. or set your own, saving them for Siri.

Using the “Clean up Deleted Data” tab, you can set the optimal period for permanently deleting files that have already been placed in the trash.

Note! For the scrupulous, the item “Never” has been added, which includes the eternal storage of deleted audio recordings. However, keep in mind that unused files will clog your phone or tablet memory.

When you select “Never”, all deleted files will be stored forever in the “Recently Deleted” folder

The “Geo-contextual names” function has appeared in the settings, after activating which new audio recordings will be automatically named with the address where the recording was made. However, when geolocation is turned off, the function is useless and the files will still be saved as a “New entry” with a sequential number. Both in the first and in the second case, the file name can be changed manually.

One of the most important tabs in the recorder settings is “Sound quality”, which contains two items “Compressed” and “Lossless”. The recorded voice information in a compressed form will have less weight, which means it will not take up much space in the phone’s memory. When choosing the second option, the sound quality will be much better, but the weight of such a file, accordingly, will be much larger. This mode is more useful for professionals or in the case when recording is carried out in difficult conditions (extraneous noise, poor sound). For domestic use, the “Compressed” mode is quite enough.

When the geo-contextual names of the record are enabled, the address where the file was created will be automatically assigned as the name

For your information! To adjust the volume, you need to move the device closer or further away from the sound source. If it is not possible to bring the device closer, you can connect an external microphone, with which the recorded voice will be more clear.

How to enable / disable the microphone icon on the iPhone keyboard

Despite the fact that modern iPhones come with a fairly large screen, it is not uncommon for many users to accidentally press the microphone button while typing quickly on the virtual keyboard of the smartphone. This problem is especially true for those with thick fingers, or using an iPhone with a small display.

Fortunately, the microphone icon (voice typing on iPhone) can be disabled if desired. If you rarely use Dictation, it makes sense to remove this icon altogether. Deactivating this functionality will not only remove the icon, but also increase the space bar for more convenient typing.

The method described below is quite simple and can be used even by beginners. If necessary, the microphone icon can be added to the keyboard again.

How to enable / disable the microphone icon on the iPhone virtual keyboard

Open the Settings app. “Basic”. “Keyboard”.

In the keyboard settings menu, scroll down and move the slider next to the Dictation option to the off position. This action deactivates the functionality and the microphone icon will disappear from the virtual keyboard.

That’s all. Now you can close the Settings app and try out the “updated” keyboard in any application. You will notice that the space bar has become wider.

In case you want to re-enable the functionality, go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Keyboard” on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and activate the “Dictation” option.

Safari Private Browsing

Safari now allows you to browse pages without saving information such as history, cookies, or auto-complete options. Also, “Private Access” prevents advertisers from tracking your actions. To enable this mode, go to Safari, open all tabs and in the left-right corner you will find Private Access.

In Skype (Skype) the microphone does not work (iPhone, iPad, iOS), they can’t hear me

If the interlocutor does not hear you when you call in the Skype program. Do not rush to take to Apple service for repair to replace the microphone. Test the microphone by the following method: video recording, voice recorder, call. If the microphone does not work in skype only, check your privacy settings. In iOS firmware. there is a tricky switch. How to enable it?

  • Go to the “Settings” of the phone
  • Select the item “Privacy” or in new versions of the firmware “Privacy”
  • Select “Microphone”
  • Switch the switch opposite to the inscription “Skype” to the ON position.

The same method is used to resolve the issue with the programs Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram and VK ().

If the described method did not help, contact our Apple repair service for help: Apple iPhone Repair Apple iPad Repair

Erase iPhone Data After 10 Unsuccessful Password Attempts

Protecting the data on your device is much more serious than meets the eye. To add another layer of protection against unauthorized intrusion, turn on the “erase” function in case of 10 unsuccessful attempts to enter the password. Even if your smartphone or tablet is stolen, the data stored on it will not fall into the wrong hands. Go to Settings / General / Password protection and find at the very bottom. Erase data.

How to record a conversation on iPhone?

There is no standard way to record a telephone conversation on an iPhone. Apple has made sure that all conversations with the interlocutor remain confidential. A working voice recorder in iOS simply turns off when a call occurs. Of course, you can just turn on the speakerphone and record the conversation using another device, but this is not always convenient, and the quality will not be the best.

The best (in my opinion) and free way is to jailbreak and install the application from Cydia. For example, it could be “Audio Recorder 2“. Then you can even set up automatic recording of all iPhone conversations. There is also a manual activation mode, for this the program adds a special button to the standard call screen. It looks like this:

If you do not want to jailbreak, there are special applications in the AppStore, but they are paid. Let’s consider some of them.

TapeACall Pro

This program is considered one of the best. It allows you to record an unlimited number of both incoming and outgoing calls without a time limit. Records are available to the user in an instant. There are even various sharing options.

You can post entries via or. or you can upload them directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. It is also possible to send by email.

Call Recorder. IntCall

The upside of this app is that all recordings are only stored on your iPhone and not stored on a third-party server. This ensures your privacy.

On first installation, you are entitled to free credits to evaluate the quality of the application. If you want to record only 1 conversation, then you can use this.

Call Recorder for iPhone. Record Phone Calls

The application works through conference calls, so first you need to find out if your operator has such an opportunity. It should also be noted that the application will start recording a telephone conversation only after playing a sound signal, which is not suitable for everyone.

As in previous applications, there is also the ability to share the recording with others, transfer to other devices, etc.

Indeed, sometimes it is simply necessary to record a conversation. there are situations. I have never heard of the first opportunity. to jailbreak. Thank you. What’s nice. free!

I really need this program, but I don’t understand what it means “- to jailbreak.” please explain.

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Jailbreak is a hacking of the phone’s factory firmware. It allows you to install apps from sources other than the AppStore. After jailbreak, Cydia will become available to you. it’s like the AppStore, but not official. There are so many free apps available.

How to remove a word from the dictionary on iPhone?

To reset the keyboard dictionary, go to your iPhone’s settings and tap General. Scroll down until you see Reset and click Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

How to get out of blind mode?

Option 2: Disable TalkBack in device settings.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select Special. TalkBack features.
  • Set the switch to OFF.

How to turn off the voice assistant on iPhone 4?

How to turn off voice dialing on iPhone 3GS

Go to “General” → “Password Protection”. Move the “Voice Dial” slider to the inactive position.

How to activate Hey Siri! on iPhone and iPad?

  • Open Settings → General → Siri.
  • Activate the Listen “Hey Siri!” Function by switching the corresponding toggle switch to the active position.

How to Delete Frequently Used Words on iPhone?

To customize text replacement, go to Settings General Keyboard Text Replacement.

  • To add replacement text, click the icon and enter a phrase and combination of letters. Then click the “Save” button.
  • To remove the replacement text, click Edit, then click the Delete icon and button.

How to Record Conversations with Voice Recorder on iPhone?

There are many dissatisfied with the new interface of the iPhone voice recorder, and the point is not only that the interface has become more ascetic. it also turned out to be less informative. Previously, the recorder included a volume indicator, thanks to which the user understood whether to move the device closer to the interlocutor or, on the contrary, place it a little further.

The norm for audio recording is an interval of 3 to 0 decibels.

The new interface (since iOS 7) does not include this element. The decibel scale is located on the right edge of the oscilloscope and is barely visible. This is, of course, inconvenient.

However, iOS 7 has a lot of other advantages, so you can come to terms with the inconvenient volume scale. To record to the recorder of a device running iOS 7, follow this:

Bring iPhone closer to the sound source and press the Rec button (red circle) to start recording. To temporarily pause the recording, click on the same button.

We see that in the example on the loudness scale, the sound barely reaches 5 dB. This is very little. it is worth moving the iPhone closer to the source so that the wave reaches at least 3 dB.

If you need to end the recording, click “Finish”.

The message “Save Voice Recording” appears. Here you must assign a name to the audio file, then click “Save”.

The recording will appear in the general list of audio tracks. Now you should listen to it.

Activate the speaker. click on the icon in the upper right corner.

Click on the desired track in the list. you will open the following menu:

Click on the “Play” button. the audio file will start playing. By moving the slider along the strip, you can rewind. There are other options: for example, using the simplest audio editor, you will be able to trim the recording.

To trim, click on “Edit”.

Set red markers on the timeline, thereby defining the start and end points of the recording after editing, and click “Trim”.

A menu will appear. you have to choose whether you want to change the original or save the track after editing as new.

Now that there is an edited audio track, the question arises: how to throw off a voice recorder recording in order to post it, say, on a blog?

Via iTunes

If you synchronize iPhone with iTunes correctly, the voice recorder recordings will be transferred to your PC hard drive. How to sync?

Launch iTunes, connect the gadget to the PC and go to the device control menu by clicking on the icon with the image of a smartphone.

In the “Settings” section, select the “Music” section.

Check the Enable Voice Recordings checkbox. This is very important: most often it is because of the absence of this checkbox that users cannot copy recordings from the recorder to a PC.

iOS 13/13.4: Dictation Not Working on iPhone and iPad [Here’s the Fix]

Click “Synchronize” and start data exchange.

When all 5 steps of synchronization are completed, exit the device control menu and find the recording from the voice recorder in the library. In order not to iterate over the whole playlist, you can immediately proceed to the “Voice recordings” section in the “Music playlists” block.

Find the recording you are interested in from the voice recorder, right-click on it and click on “Show in Windows Explorer”.

This will take you to the folder on your PC hard drive where all voice recordings are stored in ALAC format.

You can also find this folder by following the path C: Users1MusiciTunesiTunes Media. It is called “Voice Memos”.

How to send iPhone voice recorder recording to computer or other device?

You can transfer the audio recording from the voice recorder to another mobile device using an MMS message via the “Share” button.

One MMS costs about 7 rubles. When transferring a file to another iPhone, you should use the iMessage messenger. then you will be able to avoid financial expenses altogether.

It is more difficult to send a recording to a PC, but there are still a couple of effective ways.

iOS 11 : How to enable dictation on iPhone

How to use voice recorder on iPhone?

It is not easy to copy voice recorder recordings from iPhone to PC. just connecting the device to the computer with a USB cable is not enough. Fortunately, there are two ways to transfer your voice recorder audio recordings. We will tell you about these methods, as well as teach you how to record conversations and edit audio tracks.

A user who believes that the built-in voice recorder on the iPhone will be able to fully replace a portable device for recording conversations is greatly mistaken. When using the dictaphone, the owner of the “apple” device will face a number of inconveniences: firstly, the recording itself will be of rather low quality, and secondly, it will not be easy to transfer the audio file to a PC for further processing. The low quality is due to the fact that call recording is an additional feature for iPhone; difficulties with the transfer of data are due to the privacy policy, in which Apple strongly believes.

However, if you need to make an urgent and unscheduled recording, the iPhone will help out. For this reason, it is important to know exactly where the voice recorder is located on the “apple” device and how to use it.

Where is the voice recorder on the iPhone?

Dictaphone is a pre-installed iPhone application that must be present on one of the desktops. On an iOS 7 device, the program icon is by default located in the upper left corner of the second desktop.

The icon shows an oscillogram. a graphical representation of a sound wave. Even the word to which this oscillogram belongs has been determined. As someone Mike Rundle found out, this word is “Apple”.

The white voice recorder icon first appeared on the 7th version of the operating system. Previously, the icon was blue and featured a microphone.

If you can’t find a dictaphone on the desktops “for the life of me”, you should look in the “Utilities” and “Add-ons” folders (if any).

There is another important question that for some reason is not covered by thematic portals: where do you need to say so that the audio recording is as clear and loud as possible? The microphone should be used, which is located on the lower end of the device on the left side.

The bottom end of the 4th modification gadget seems to be completely symmetrical, which gives the user the impression that the speakers are located on both sides. This is not true. Check it out: turn on any song on the iPhone and cover the hole on the right side with your finger. you will notice that the sound has disappeared completely. Then close the left hole. the output sound will not change.

On the lower ends of the iPhone 5th and 6th modifications of symmetry already “does not smell”.

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The better third-party voice recorder apps?

Users go to the AppStore for programs for recording sound because the functionality of the built-in application is rather modest. In particular, the Dictaphone program does not allow recording telephone conversations. this is again related to Apple’s privacy policy. As soon as the iPhone user makes an outgoing call, the recorder will automatically stop recording. This is very inconvenient, especially considering the fact that telephone interviews are gaining more and more popularity.

Among the programs that allow you to record telephone conversations, IntCall, Audio Recorder (for iPhone with jailbreak), Google Voice stand out. You can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the first two utilities from the material “How to record a telephone conversation on the iPhone?” The main disadvantage of the third is that it always warns the interlocutor that the conversation is being recorded.

Third-party voice recorders have a ton of other options that the built-in tool never dreamed of. Best of all, third-party applications allow you to adjust the recording quality: adjust the microphone sensitivity level and sampling rate. A product called ALON Dictaphone is completely different in that it is able to automatically turn off the recording when the speaker falls silent, and resume it if speech is heard again (voice activation function). Third-party voice recorders have one common drawback. as a rule, these are paid programs.

Setting up MMS on iPhone

MMS for many mobile users is an important component of comfortable communication and work. With multimedia messages, you can send photos, videos, and audio files. However, in order to use this function, you need to make the correct settings. So how to enable and configure MMS on iPhone? We will talk about this further.

MMS setup process

This article will focus on general MMC setup on iPhone. In this case, for each individual operator, settings are made that differ from each other. You can find them on the official websites of mobile operators.

Below is an example of basic MMS settings on iPhone:

  • you need to go to “Home” and select the “Settings” menu;
  • after that you need to click “Basic”;
  • then you need to go to the “Network” section;
  • after that you need to enable the option “Cellular data network”.

At the final stage, the settings of your operator for MMS are made. Subscribers can find out the settings for their operator on their official websites of cellular companies.

Additional settings

After the profile for MMC has been configured, experts advise you to restart the gadget. Then you will need to indicate the shipment number or enter the number:

  • you must enable “Settings”;
  • go to the “Phone” section;
  • at the next stage you need to choose “My number”.

After that, you will need to enter the number of the SIM card that you are using. For numbers registered in Russia, all numbers start with 7.

When the subscriber makes the necessary settings, you will need to restart the smartphone again. Otherwise, you will not be able to enable the function and the subscriber will not be able to receive or send MMS. Only after the next reboot will you be able to fully enjoy multimedia messaging.

It should be noted that when the subscriber sends each message, the camera icon should be displayed to the left of the text input field. If there is none even after the next reboot, then you will need to enter all the settings again from the beginning. The phone will automatically detect the type of message being sent. And if there is no photo in it, then it will be sent as a standard SMS message, and if a file is added, then it will be designated as multimedia.

Sending MMS

To add, for example, a photo to a message, the subscriber must click on the camera icon. When sending a file, the subscriber is offered “Select available” or the second option. “Take a new picture”. The user just needs to choose the appropriate option, for example, he can take a new picture. After that, a new window opens, or rather the camera window. After the shooting process has been completed, and the result suits the user, just click the “Use” button.

In MMS, you can also include any text and click the “Send” button. After that, the download time will expire. If the message was not sent, an icon with an exclamation mark will be displayed next to the photo. By clicking on it, the subscriber will receive information with the reason for the impossibility of sending a message.

How to Use Dictation on iPhone

Turn on dictation on iOS

Dictation doesn’t work on iPhone

Dictation allows you to turn your entire speech into sentences with all punctuation marks. Now all you need to dictate text is an application that has a keyboard. Messages, documents, notes. all this you can create quickly, without using your hands. But, there are times that this component fails and dictation does not work on the iPhone 6. If this happened on your mobile device, and most likely it is, since you have just visited our website, then in that case, we recommend that you contact our center for help, where we will diagnose your gadget and let you know what exactly caused the breakdown.

Most often, to solve why dictation does not work on iPhone 6, you may need to replace the front camera cable. The only thing you can do on your own in the event of this problem is to clean the microphone mesh. But we strongly recommend not to engage in amateur performances, since it has never led to anything good.

Replacement of component parts, if dictation on iPhone 6 does not work, will be performed only for high-quality parts, which we directly purchase from manufacturers of mobile devices. In order for you not to doubt the originality of spare parts, we can perform replacement right before your eyes. After this replacement, the gadget may work better than before the repair. We are always ready to accompany the work performed with a warranty card, which confirms our responsibility and reliability, which you will not receive everywhere.

  • Font decrease font size increase font size
  • The iOS virtual keyboard has a Dictation button that you may not have been paying attention to until now. With its help, you can give your voice speech an alphabetic look and see your dictated thoughts on the display of your device. There are no problems with the recognition of Russian speech, but in some other points, slight difficulties may arise, which we will try to prevent in this article.

    Punctuation marks

    There is nothing complicated in this. all punctuation marks, just like the text, are transmitted to the system through voice interaction. After completing the sentence, just say: “period”. and the system, instead of writing this word, will understand that you mean the end of the sentence and will automatically put a period. The comma, question mark, and exclamation mark work the same way. As for the rest of the punctuation marks, a complete list can be found on the official Apple website. By the way, spaces are filled automatically.

    The dictation button from the iPhone 7 keyboard has disappeared. How to get it back?. Vitaly

    To get started, go to Settings. General. Keyboard and make sure that the Dictation option is enabled at the very end of the section.

    Below the Dictation languages ​​section will be displayed, in which all supported languages ​​for the added keyboard languages ​​should be checked. Try turning them off and on again one at a time.

    If the dictation button does not appear again, try turning Siri on / off in settings and restarting your iPhone.

    The last thing to check is Settings. General. Keyboard. Keyboards.

    All installed third-party keyboards from the App Store will be displayed here. Many of them do not have a dictation button. You just need to disable third-party keyboards and add a standard.

    If this does not solve the problem, it remains to restore the firmware via iTunes.

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