How To Enable Screen Lock On iPhone

Found a way to bypass the lock screen on iPhone with iOS 12

Once again, with the release of a new version of iOS, a way was found to bypass the lock screen in order to gain access to personal information. This time, there was a method to View the address book and all photos.

The vulnerability was found by Jose Rodriguez. the same researcher who has already found similar vulnerabilities twice (last time. in iOS 9 in 2016). As then, he used the ability to activate Siri from a locked phone, but now combined this with the new ability to change settings using voice commands.

Turned on VoiceOver (a mode for visually impaired people, in which the phone reads aloud the information displayed on the screen when pressed), Rodriguez managed to make the phone show contacts from the address book and photos from the “camera roll”.

To view information about contacts you need to do the following.

  • If Face ID is on, you need to glue the Face ID camera. If Face ID is disabled or this is a Touch ID device, skip this step.
  • Activate Siri with a long press on the side button on newer devices or the Home button on older devices.
  • Tell Siri to “enable VoiceOver”
  • Press the side button to put the device to sleep.
  • Call this phone from another phone (you can use FaceTime).
  • Click on the “Message” icon on the call screen, and then double-click anywhere on the screen.
  • Select “Custom” in the list, then double-click anywhere on the screen.
  • Click on the “” icon in the upper right corner to select it.
  • From another iPhone, send a message via iMessage to the current.
  • As soon as a message appears on the target phone, double-tap anywhere on the screen to highlight the “” down below.
  • Wait until the screen goes white and the message does NOT disappear.
  • Tap the screen once to select an invisible option.
  • Swipe left multiple times until VoiceOver says Cancel.
  • Double-tap anywhere on the screen to select “Cancel”.
  • Press once on the button that switches the keyboard to the numeric input mode. Then twice. anywhere.
  • Press once on any number in the top row of the keyboard, then twice anywhere. Now you can see all contacts that start with this number. If you press with force (3D Touch), you can see more detailed information about THESE contacts.

Next are the steps that will lead to viewing the rest of the contacts and photos.

  • If there is an “information” button (i) next to a contact, press it once, then twice anywhere (if there are such contacts, it means nothing will work).
  • Long press the side button (or Home on iPhone 8 and below) to activate Siri.
  • Say “disable VoiceOver” (disable VoiceOver).
  • Swipe up, starting from the bottom of the screen to cancel Siri (on older devices, press Home).
  • Force click on the contact icon at the top of the contact details page. A menu will appear with the options “Call”, “Message” and “Add to existing contact”.
  • Press “Add to existing contact “. Now you can view all contacts in the address book in order, not just those that start with a number.
  • Select any contact.
  • Click on the photo icon next to “add photo”, then click “Select photo” in the window that appears. So far, no photos can be seen.
  • Activate Siri with a long press on the side button or the Home button, if available.
  • Tell Siri to “enable VoiceOver”
  • Slowly make a swipe up, starting from the bottom of the screen, until the vibration is triggered, to exit Siri to the page with photos (it looks like a contact page). If this is a device with a Home button, then just press it instead.
  • Swipe right several times until the phone says “Camera Roll”.
  • Double tap anywhere to select the film.
  • Tap once on the screen where the photo usually appears.
  • Tap the screen once to select the highlighted photo.
  • Make a swipe left or right several times, Until the “Select photo” item is selected.
  • Hold the side button or press the Home button, if there is one.
  • Say “turn off VoiceOver” (disable VoiceOver).
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to exit Siri (or press Home if it’s a phone with a button).
  • Press the “edit” button in the place where the person’s photo should be, then press “Edit photo” in the menu.
  • The photo can now be viewed in full resolution, but it will be inscribed in a translucent circle.

Note that the number of steps has increased significantly compared to similar findings in previous versions of iOS. The time required to turn this whole scheme has also increased, which means that the attacker will first need to take over the phone.

To protect your phone from exploiting this vulnerability, all you have to do is disable Siri on the lock screen (Settings → Face / Touch ID and password → Siri) or at least disable the reply with a message (ibid.). The problem is also likely to be fixed with the next system update.

How to lock iPhone if the lock button is broken

I have been using my 4th for more than a year and a half. There were no complaints, everything worked like a Swiss watch. True, just recently the lock key broke, and this added a little inconvenience. Although the phone display reacts only to finger presses, he lived his life in his pants. he entered various programs, called people and the like. And the battery “iPhone” sank much faster, as the phone was almost always with the display on. The auto-lock function helped a little in this situation, but waiting for one minute until the phone goes into sleep mode, to put it mildly, strained.

How To Enable Screen Lock On iPhone

Of course, everyone understands that in such cases it is necessary to contact the service center, but at that time I was at the dacha, and the nearest service for repairing Apple equipment was 130 km from me. And then one fine evening a friend of mine, who practically does NOT understand iOS, explained to me how to lock the phone screen instantly, without any physical buttons. At first I thought that a girl who does NOT understand anything in the iOS operating system can hardly teach a person who knows almost everything about Apple and its products, but I was wrong. All you need to do to lock your phone with a few taps is to activate AssistiveTouch (Settings. General. Accessibility. AssistiveTouch).

After that, a small button appears on the screen, which is located on top of the desktop and moves freely along all the edges of the display. Pressing this key, the Assistive Touch menu opens, in which you can not only lock the phone, but also adjust the phone volume, press the Home button, and so on. And it is also quite useful when the above physical buttons do not work.


The usual restart of the phone helps to return the work of the mobile device to normal mode. The task is to be performed as follows: simultaneously press the power button and the Home button. They are located differently on different models, so the photos below will help you to understand the nuances in detail. Arrows indicate buttons for iPhones up to 7, when pressed, the smartphone will reboot.

In brand new iPhones such as iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, the restart will occur after pressing two volume buttons (volume down) and the power button, as shown in the photo.

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Enabling / disabling screen scaling

The peculiarity of screen scaling is that the size of pictures on the screen becomes enlarged. To activate the mode, you will need:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Click on the item “Screen and brightness”.
  • Select “View” from the proposed list.
  • Use the “Zoom” key, then “Install”.

You should be aware that a function in a mobile phone that allows you to enlarge the image on the display comes into conflict with the auto-rotate of the display. That is, increasing the size of the symbols on the home screen (springboard) will block changes in the orientation of the desktop. But it will not affect the operation of applications, where the automatic rotation will remain. It’s easy to return to normal mode.

To turn off the zoom function, you must:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select the menu item “Screen and brightness”.
  • Go to “View”.
  • In the section “Scale” will be named by the key “Standard” and “Set”.
  • Confirm selection by clicking on “Standard” in the opened dialog.
  • The device will reboot and start working normally.

Auto-rotate screen setting

Factory settings anticipate automatic screen rotation by default. This is convenient, but not in all cases. To view. using games and applications is more comfortable with a static image on the display, which is also called horizontal or landscape.

To the displeasure of gadget owners, the auto-rotate function of the display sometimes starts to malfunction. Discomfort can be expressed in the fact that the screen becomes static, or, conversely, begins to arbitrarily change its position from vertical to horizontal, and back. Solve the problem yourself: how to adjust the screen rotation on the iPhone. it will work if you take certain measures.

accelerator damage

The cause of the malfunction may lie in the failure of the accelerator. This microchip determines the acceleration of the movement of a mobile device in space. It uses aLGorithms that launch one or another software process that occurs during any physical impact on an object (smartphone). It will NOT be possible to cope with this breakdown on its own. Contact a service technician.

How to turn off auto-rotate on iPhone

Modern smartphones are equipped with an automatic screen rotation function. It is convenient to use a mobile device when it also reacts to a change in the position of the body. But sometimes it gets in the way. This article will tell you how to turn off auto-rotate on an iPhone in clear and simple language. And also in possible malfunctions due to which this function is inactive.

  • Auto-rotate screen missing on iPhone. reasons
  • Auto-rotate screen setting
  • Reboot
  • Update operating system (iOS)
  • Enabling / disabling screen scaling
  • accelerator damage
  • Disable auto-rotate display on iPhone

Auto-rotate screen missing on iPhone. reasons

The lack of auto-rotate of the screen in the iPhone is due to various circumstances. The most simple and common “breakdowns” are eliminated without any problems. They are hidden in the phone settings. The possibility of a technical malfunction is NOT excluded. Then you need the help of a specialist.

List of possible causes:

  • Screen rotation lock enabled.
  • Screen scaling function enabled.
  • Some iPhone models provide static images in some applications.
  • faulty accelerometer.

Update operating system (iOS)

System errors of the OS itself can cause inadequate operation of a mobile device. This also applies to auto-rotate the screen. Updates coming from the provider are required for iOS. In their absence, the system is not able to fully implement self-regulation. Therefore, you should check for available innovations and install them. The following steps must be taken sequentially:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Open the “General” tab.
  • Select “Software Update”.
  • Call “Download and install” and wait for the download to complete.
  • Install update Selecting “Install”. After which the mobile device will be automatically rebooted.

Disable auto-rotate display on iPhone

Quite often, smartphone owners turn off the orientation change function. It interferes with, for example, viewing. photos, or when using game programs. Changes are made in the settings of the mobile device.

How to disable screen rotation on iPhone is worth remembering. The procedure is simple. The instructions for making this small adjustment to the phone are as follows:

  • Open control panel.
  • Turn on the portrait orientation lock (button in the control room with the image of a lock inside a round arrow).

A static screen will follow. That is, when the smartphone is rotated from vertical to horizontal, and back, the image on the screen will be fixed. The indicator signaling the inclusion of this mode has the same image (lock with a round arrow), and is located, in the upper right corner of the display, next to the battery charge level indicator. When the lock is on, it is displayed in red. To return the phone to its original working condition, you just need to remove the blocking. it will be named by the blocking button. In this case, the color of the image will change from red to white.

Reset via iCloud

This requires a Wi-Fi Internet connection. Then you should take another mobile device and go to the iCloud website on it. Next, you need to go through the authorization procedure and open the section “My devices”. Make sure that in the context menu opposite the icon “iPhone” mode is set “Online”.

Then you need to name it by the name of the device and click on “Erase iPhone”. The system will ask you to enter your Apple ID password. The device will start the recovery process and reboot. It is important to know that after resetting the password, the function will be deactivated. “Lost iPhone”.

Remove Protective VPN

Users will be interested to know that the Virtual Private Network is a special network that is designed to provide secure access to the Internet. Activation of this function allows you to hide information from third-party attacks. The user will need to put a graphic or digital key on the entrance screen in order to turn on the VPN. It is impossible to remove such a password by standard methods, so you will need to delete this network first. Let’s consider how to disable the screen lock on “Android” in this case. To do this, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • go to the section “Connections”;
  • open item “Other settings” and choose a VPN;
  • will be named according to the virtual network used;
  • go to the properties section and click on the button “Delete”.

Successful deactivation of the function will unlock the device. As a result, the smartphone will work as usual.

Disable administrative rights

Certain applications require administrator rights. The owner of the gadget will need to go to the section “Lock screen” and tap on the item “Other parameters”. Then you should click on the term “Device Administrators “. The system will open a window in which the programs used with system privileges will be displayed.

Next, you need to disable Extended rights next to each item. To do this, just drag the slider to the Off position. It so happens that it is impossible to remove administrator rights for some utilities. In such situations, it is recommended to check the mobile device for viruses, and then try to delete again.

Memory encryption

Built-in aLGorithms provide reliable protection of personal files from possible hacking. Disable screen lock on “Android ”is not difficult. First you need to open the menu “Options” and select item “Safety”. Then you need to find the section “Encryption” and press the button “Decrypt”. At the finishing stage, you will need to open the tab “Lock screen” and tap on the icon “No”.

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Why Samsung does not remove the key?

In the normal mode of operation of a mobile device, the user just needs to go to the menu “My settings” and open the tab “Lock screen”. In the window that opens, you will need to click on the button “No” opposite the presented protection methods (drawing, face control, PIN). However, there are some factors that can make it difficult to disable the screen lock. Let’s list the main ones:

  • installing third-party certificates;
  • using a VPN network;
  • software malfunction;
  • opening administrative rights on the gadget;
  • encryption of embedded or internal memory;

Next, let’s look at how to disable the screen lock on “Samsung” in each of the above cases.

How to turn off the screen lock on your phone: methods and recommendations

Screen lock. it is a way to protect mobile devices from unauthorized persons. Almost every smartphone has this tool installed, so any owner of a mobile device can use it. If the need for a graphic or digital key is gone, users are interested in how to disable the screen lock on the phone. In this article, we will consider the main methods of deactivation with different operating systems. let’s get started!

Reset via iTunes

Now let’s take a look at how to disable screen lock on iPhone using two programs. If the user cannot remove the lock screen, use a PC. First you need to press the key combination “Shutdown” and “Home”. Then you need to release the button “Shutdown”, but still hold Home. Only iTunes can recognize this mode, so the external state of the phones will change.

After that, you can connect your smartphone to your PC and open the program “iTunes”. On the keyboard, click on the Shift key and simultaneously click on the “Restore” item in the program. Next, the updated version of the operating system will be loaded, and the password will be automatically reset. It is important to know that this will delete all user files. It is recommended to make a backup before performing this operation.

Operating system crashes

If the listed methods do not bring a positive result, then a system failure has occurred on the mobile device. The user will need to reset the smartphone to factory settings. This can be done using the section “Archive and reset”. Please note that this manipulation will delete all settings and data on the device. It is recommended to save important information on a memory card or PC in advance.

Removing third-party certificates

In the process of downloading Some programs from the Play Market and other resources, the system prompts you to set a password. The PIN cannot be disabled while the certificates are working. Therefore, they will need to be removed before disabling the screen lock on “Android”. To do this, go to the section “Safety” and open the tab “Other parameters”.

Then you need to tap on the item “Delete credentials” and confirm the cleaning process. Sometimes such a line is in an inactive state, which indicates that there are no such certificates on the smartphone. In this case, you need to take other actions to disable the screen lock.

IPhone Lock Password: Easy or Hard, How to Reset Temporary Lock Counter, How to Turn Password on and Off on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Lock password is a preventive measure to protect your iPhone or iPad from being hacked. Use it to protect your personal data from unauthorized access. From the article under the cut you will learn: what is a lock password, how to set a password longer than 4 characters when the iPhone is temporarily locked, how to reset the counter of incorrect attempts and how to enable and remove the lock password on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It will be useful for beginners, for advanced users material for reference.

How to reset the lock password incorrect attempts counter

You can reset your iPhone temporarily when you enter the wrong password. If you have access to the computer Authorized in iTunes with which the device has been synced at least once, it’s easy to do.

    Connect iPhone or iPad to computer with USB cable and launch iTunes. If the wireless module is turned off and the call to the control center is disabled on the locked screen, you will not be able to connect the device to iTunes via Wi-Fi.

When iTunes recognizes the iPhone, from the Devices menu, select “Sync with [your device name]”. The same can be done on the device page in the “Settings” section on the “Overview” tab.

Immediately after the start of synchronization, the message in the temporary device lock will disappear and the password can be entered again.

If you connect the iPhone to a computer with which it has NOT previously been synced, you will NOT be able to reset the counter, for this you need to allow the computer to access the contents of the iPhone.

You need to confirm the permission on the device itself, but that’s bad luck. you can’t unlock it and, accordingly, you can’t even allow.

Complex lock password

Already somewhere, but in Apple, the protection of personal data, as well as the devices themselves from hacking, is given great attention. With a flick of your finger, a simple 4-digit code turns into a cracker’s nightmare. It’s easier to hand over a blocked device for scrap than to pick such a password.

In the iPhone settings in the “Touch ID and Password” menu. for devices with Touch ID and “Password”. for everyone else Turn off the “Simple password” switch and get the opportunity to block the device with a password of unlimited length, consisting of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as special characters. For some fun tips, read the length of the complex password and provide information in the comments. thanks!

The number of options for such a password is hard to imagine and there is no need, a 4-digit one is enough. over, it is easy to forget a complex password and to unlock the iPhone you will need to restore it in iTunes with the loss of all contents.

Calculating the time to brute force a simple iPhone lock password

Let’s say the iOS device is NOT permanently locked on the 10th bad attempt. To manually enumerate 10,000 options, you will need:

  • Every 9 options: 151560 = 81 minutes.
  • 10,000 options: (10,000/9) 81

90,000 minutes, or 90,000/60 = 1,500 hours, or 1,500/24 ​​= 62.5 days. And this is NOT counting the time spent on input.

As you can see, even a 4-digit code is not easy to find. I repeat again: it is not necessary and even dangerous to activate a complex lock password on the iPhone.

How iPhone password lock works

When you enable iPhone or iPad password lock, the device’s Home Screen is completely locked. When you press the “Home” and “Power” buttons on the display of the device appears a lock screen known as “Lock Screen”.

All you can see on the lock screen is the status bar (at the very top), date and time. Unlocking iPhone by swiping to the right at the bottom of the screen calls up the lock password entry form (4-digit by default). And in order to go to the desktop and access the capabilities of the device, you must enter the correct set of characters.

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On the lock screen, you can activate the “Control Center” (enabled in the settings in the menu of the same name), this will allow you to turn on Wi-Fi and connect to known wireless networks automatically (without unlocking the device), launch useful utilities in everyday life: flashlight, timer, calculator, camera and AirDrop function.

In iOS 7.0-7.0.4, a vulnerability was found that allowed to bypass the lock password and call any application running in the background through the control point on the locked screen.

Simple iPhone lock password

A simple password consists of only 4 Arabic numbers, letters and special characters are not available. It turns out that there can be 10,000 variants of such a set. Not a few, isn’t it? And if we take into account the periodic time blocks for 1, 5, 15 and 60 minutes with incorrect attempts It will take a lot of time.

Temporarily Lock iPhone When Entering Wrong Password

If 6 incorrect attempts to enter the lock password, the device is temporarily locked at first for 1 minute: no actions are available except for emergency calls, including a repeated attempt to enter the password.

Each subsequent incorrect attempt increases the iPhone lock time by 5, 15 and 60 minutes, and as soon as you enter the wrong password for the 10th time in a row, the device will be permanently locked. To connect iPhone to a computer that is allowed to access the device and sync with iTunes, the password will not be entered.

How to enable iPhone lock password

To set a password:

    Go to Settings. Touch ID and password “- on devices with Touch ID (iPhone 5s and older) and in Settings. Password “- on everyone else.

Tap on “Enable password “and on the page “Setup »enter the 4-digit set of numbers twice (special characters and letters are not available).

  • IPhone password lock will be activated.
  • With an active password, access to the “Touch ID and Password” menu is blocked.

    How to turn off lock password on iPhone

    If you have access to the device’s settings and for some reason you want to disable password protection (for example, I give the device to my child for a while), you can do this in the same settings in the “Touch ID and Password” menu.

    Tap on “Turn off password ”and Confirm the decision. Then enter your current password and decide what to do with the iCloud Keychain (KeyChain): turn it off on the device and remove all passwords, or keep using it. Personally, I always select the “Continue with a keychain” item, then it will not be necessary to re-enable the keychain in the iCloud settings.

    As you can see, with a few simple steps, your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad are securely protected. It is almost impossible to find a simple 4-digit password by brute-force method, so use iOS device lock carefully. If you forgot the security code or set it without your knowledge (the same child). the lock password can be reset.

    I invite you to Comment. ask questions, supplement, criticize.

    Screen on iPhone 6s

    The screen on the iPhone 6s offered users a new approach to managing smartphones. Thanks to the development of the 3D Touch sensor, it is now not only the location that matters, but also the pressure on the sensor. This approach was previously only used in tablets for professional designers. And even then, the sensor was installed in the stylus, and not in the display module.

    The screen diagonal of the iPhone 6s remains the same as on the sixth models. 4.7 inches. Traditionally, Apple did not chase numbers, but focused on convenience. The screen size of the iPhone 6 and 6s was selected in such a way that at a distance of 30-40 centimeters (i.e., under standard conditions of use), the screen resolution of the iPhone 6s at 1334×750 pixels looked no worse than the Full HD displays of competitors. And it worked.

    The capabilities of the screen have significantly increased, but the problems remain the same. the phone can be easily broken. The display is protected by Gorilla Glass, “the world’s toughest smartphone glass,” according to the developers. Despite this, the facial blocks are beating and scratching with enviable regularity. It’s no surprise when you remember what screen size is in the iPhone 6s.

    How to replace iPhone 6s screen. options and prices

    Unfortunately, Moscow service centers do not disdain to deceive either. Under the guise of new, you may be sold a refurbished-screen. That is, a display module with an old matrix and a new front glass. This is pure deception and is used for the latest generations of Apple smartphones, no matter how many inches are in the screen of the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 or the fifth model.

    By purchasing new screens from service centers with experience and reputation, you protect yourself from fraud, loss of money and device performance. There are three options for replacing the iPhone 6s screen:

    • The original display module. The same capacitive TFT IPS with multitouch that is installed when assembling new phones. After replacing the broken screen with the original one, the device has all the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. The only drawback of this option is the high cost.
    • Analog screen on iPhone 6s. It performs all the functions assigned to it, is assembled at the factory, and is repeatedly tested for quality. Difference from the original in the absence of high-tech “chips” Apple. However, this does not affect the operation of the screen and not everyone will notice the difference. Analog is a way to save money on repairs.
    • IPhone 6s front glass replacement only. If the LCD matrix and sensor remain intact, specialists will re-glue the broken glass. You will receive a refurbished phone, the cost of repair in this case is the lowest. We DO NOT issue refurbished modules for new ones, but tell the client the truth.

    What screen in iPhone 6s will be after repair is up to the owner. But Considering that replacing the display module is a complex technological process, as well as careless pressing (even with a finger) will lead to cracks in the IC chip, broken cables or matrix. Trust repairs only to experienced and qualified craftsmen. specialists will advise you free of charge on all issues related to the repair and operation of Apple equipment. Smashed your smartphone to smithereens or forgot how to turn on the screen lock on iPhone 6s. we will help. Call the indicated phones or use the online form on the website.

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