How to enable screen recording on iPhone 6

How to record screen video?

Screen capture

  • Select Settings Control Center Customize Items control “and click next to” Screen Recording “.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of any screen.
  • Press hard.
  • Click “Start Recording” and wait for the three second countdown to complete.
  • Open Control Center and tap

How to Record Video on iPad?

To record iPhone or iPad screen using QuickTime on Mac, do the following. Connect your iOS device to your Mac using a cable. Launch QuickTime and choose File menu → New Video. In the window that opens, click on the arrow next to the record button and set the iPhone as the camera.

Why iPhone is not recording screen?

The problem is most likely caused by enabled restrictions in the iOS settings. Go to Settings. General. Restrictions, enter the previously set password and scroll to the bottom of the list of parameters. The last item Screen recording is responsible for the desired function, if it is disabled, recording will not be performed.

How to Shoot Screen Video on Samsung?

Open the quick settings panel by swiping the screen from top to bottom with two fingers. Swipe left, then tap and hold Screen recorder. Here you will see the options available.

Screen recording on iPhone how to activate? How to Record Screen Video with Sound?

Open QuickTime Player and click File → New Screen Recording. Click on the arrow next to the red button that appears and select the appropriate sound settings. Click on the red button to start recording.

Why does not it show video on iPhone?

If the video file does not load on Safari, YouTube, or social media, you must first check your smartphone’s internet connection. Turn Wi-Fi off and on, reconnect to the selected network, and restart iPhone. Sometimes defective applications can be the cause of a video failure.

How to Record Screen on iPhone with Sound?

Open Control Center and hold down the record switch. you will see a button to activate the microphone. 3. When recording the screen, set the volume to maximum and the sound will be recorded through the iPhone microphone.

How to enable screen recording on iPad?

You can create screen recording, including audio, on your iPad.

  • Go to Settings Control Center Customize Controls and tap next to Screen Recording.
  • Open Control Center, tap.
  • To stop recording, open Control Center, tap

How to enable screen video on iPhone

The need to record the screen on the iPhone does not arise very often. But, if such a need arises, then it is not so easy to implement it, because there are many restrictions on Apple devices. Nevertheless, it is possible and now you will learn how to do it iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8 and iPhone X.

How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen Video on Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7

Note: to use the method, both the iPhone (iPad) and the computer must be connected to the same network, it does not matter via Wi-Fi or using a wired connection.

If necessary, you can record video from the screen of your iOS device from a Windows computer or laptop, but this will require third-party software that allows you to receive broadcast via AirPlay.

I recommend using the free program LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver, which can be downloaded from the official website (after installing the program, you will see a request to allow it to access public and private networks, you should allow it).

The steps for recording will be as follows:

  • Launch LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver.
    enable, screen, recording, iphone
  • On your iPhone or iPad connected to the same network as the computer, go to the control point (swipe from bottom to top) and click “Screen Repeat”.
  • The list will show the available devices to which the image can be broadcast via AirPlay, select LonelyScreen.
  • The iOS screen will be displayed on the computer in the program window.

After that, you can record video using the built-in Windows 10 screen recording tools (by default, you can call the recording panel with the WinG keyboard shortcut) or using third-party programs (see Best programs for recording video from a computer or laptop screen).

How to Record Screen on Old iPhones

If you have an old iPhone and cannot update to iOS 11, then you can use alternative screen recording methods. For example, you can record your iPhone screen using AirPlay technology. As you know, AirPlay allows you to transfer images from your smartphone screen to other devices. And if you transfer the image to a desktop computer, then it will be possible to record it already on the computer using any program. The only tricky part is getting the picture to be received with AirPlay. To do this, you need to install a special program on your computer. For this purpose, programs such as Reflector, AirServer or LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver can be used on the computer.

MacOS users have another option. screen recording with QuickTime Player. To do this, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer and allow access to it by confirming the request “Trust this computer?” After that, you need to launch QuickTime Player, open the “File” menu, go to “New video” and turn on “Screen recording of a mobile device”.

You can also record screen using iTools program. This program is a whole set of utilities for working with iPhone and other devices from Apple. Among its features is the function of mirroring the screen to a computer. To enable this feature, you need to open iTools, connect your iPhone via cable, and enable Real-Time Desktop in the Toolbox tab. After that, to enable iPhone screen recording, you need to click on the Record button.

If you need to record a video from the screen of your iOS device, there are several ways to do this. And one of them, recording video from the iPhone and iPad screen (including with sound) on the device itself (without the need to use third-party programs) appeared quite recently: in iOS 11 there was a built-in function for this. However, in earlier versions, recording is also possible.

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This manual describes in detail how to record video from the iPhone (iPad) screen in three different ways: using the built-in recording function, as well as from a Mac computer and from a PC or laptop with Windows (i.e. the device is connected to a computer and already on it records what is happening on the screen).

Screen video recording using iOS

Starting with iOS 11, a built-in function for recording screen video appeared on the iPhone and iPad, however, a novice owner of an Apple device may not even notice it.

To enable the function, use the following steps (remember, you must have iOS version 11 or higher).

  • Go to Settings and open the “Control Center”.
  • Click “Customize Controls”.
  • Pay attention to the list of ” controls”, there you will see the item “Screen recording”. Click the plus sign to the left of it.
  • Exit the settings (press the “Home” button) and drag the bottom of the screen: in the control point you will see a new button for screen recording. By default, pressing the screen recording button starts recording the screen of the device without sound. However, if you use a strong press (or long press on iPhone and iPad without Force Touch support), a menu will open as in the screenshot, in which you can enable sound recording from the device’s microphone.

After the end of the recording (performed by pressing the record button again), the video file is saved in.mp4 format, 50 frames per second and stereo sound (at least, this is the case on my iPhone).

Below is a video instruction on how to use the function, if something remains incomprehensible after reading this method.

Enabling Screen Recording on iPhone with iOS 11

If you have iOS 11 or a newer version of the iOS operating system, then you do not need Jailbreak and third-party applications to enable screen recording on iPhone. You can only record your screen using the built-in tools. To do this, open the iPhone settings and go to the “Control Center” section. Recall that the “Control Center” is a menu that opens with a swipe from the bottom of the screen. There you can adjust the screen brightness, as well as other commonly used iPhone functions.

After you have opened the section with the settings of the “Control Center”, you need to go to the subsection “Customize controls”.

This will take you to a menu where you can customize which items will be available in the Control Center. Here you can add and remove items, and change their order. In order to be able to enable iPhone screen recording, you need to add an item “Screen Recording”.

Now you can enable screen recording on iPhone. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center. Then click on the screen recording button, which looks like a point and a circle. As a result, a countdown will appear inside the button, and then the button will turn red, signaling that screen recording has already begun. In order to stop recording, return to the “Control Center” and press this button again.

Also, when you turn on screen recording, you can open a menu with additional settings. To do this, you need to press the record button and hold it down for a while. As a result, a menu will appear on the screen in which you can enable sound recording from the microphone.

After stopping recording, the resulting clips can be found in the “Photos” application in the “Videos” album. Using the “Share” button you can send these videos from the “Photos” application to the cloud storage or by email. You can also connect your iPhone to your computer and upload videos directly, they will be in the same folder as your photos.

Screen Recorder in QuickTime on MacOS

If you own a Mac computer, you can use the built-in QuickTime Player to record video from your iPhone or iPad.

  • Connect your phone or tablet with a cable to your MacBook or iMac, if necessary, allow access to the device (answer the request “Trust this computer?”).
  • Launch QuickTime Player on your Mac (you can use Spotlight Search), then choose File> New Video from the application menu. When you finish recording your screen, choose File> Save from the QuickTime Player main menu. By the way, in QuickTime Player you can also record Mac screen, for more details: Record Mac OS Screen Video in QuickTime Player.

Just a few steps are enough.

The iOS operating system, starting from the 11th version, has a built-in function to capture video from the iPhone or iPad screen. You can also just record a video as you do screenshots. To do this, it is enough to follow just a few elementary steps.

To capture everything that happens on the screen, you need:

1) Open “Settings”, go to the “Control Center” submenu, then select “Customize controls”.

2) There you will see a disabled item “Screen Recording”.

3) Here it just needs to be turned on in order to activate the function we need.

4) After. swipe from the bottom of the display to call the “Control Center”, where a new icon has already appeared, which is responsible for video recording.

5) Click on it, and the recording of everything that happens on the smartphone display will begin.

6) Once you decide that you have filmed enough, click on the same icon, the video will be saved to your library on the device.

The only drawback of this method is the lack of sound. But this problem can be solved.

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How to Record iPhone Screen Video with Sound

First, make sure that all the above steps have been completed.

1) Then open the “Control Center”, but this time, while activating the video recording, hold the icon. A button will appear to activate the iPhone’s built-in microphone. Of course, we include.

2) The sound will be recorded using the microphone of the phone, so you should make sure that there are no extraneous noises nearby, and the volume is turned on at maximum.

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Method 2: QuickTime Player for Mac

Best used when: you need to make a video tutorial on how to use any app or game for iPhone and iPad, and you don’t need to do much editing of the finished video.

You need to prepare:

  • Mac (with macOS Yosemite or later).
  • Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (iOS 8 and newer).
  • Lightning Cable. The USB cable you use to charge your iPhone or iPad.
  • QuickTime Player (default on Mac).


Connect your iOS device to your Mac using a cable. Click “trust” if a question window pops up on the device.

Open the QuickTime player program. To do this, click on the Spotlight search icon in the upper right corner of the screen (or use the shortcut keys CTRL Spacebar), enter “QuickTime” and double-click on the first result.

In the upper left corner, click File New Video.

Move the cursor over the section with the recording. See the down arrow icon next to the red circle? Click on it. In the Camera section, select the name of your device (for example, iPhone), and set the recording quality to High or Maximum.

Click on the red circle to start recording. After that, you can do whatever you want to record on video on your device. When done, click on the red circle again to stop recording. Don’t forget to save your video via File Save.

How to Record Screen with Sound

If you need to record screen on iPhone with sound, you have two options. You can record sound only from your iPhone or also with external sound from a microphone.

Standard iPhone functionality (iOS 11. 13) with and without sound

Do you need to record iPhone screen quickly without PC, Mac and third-party applications? For example, step-by-step instructions for work or a way to show your mom how different things are done on a smartphone. In any case, this is very easy to do. This way you can enable screen recording on iPhone with sound and without sound.

Turn on iPhone screen recording

1) Open Control Center.

2) Click the Screen Record button.

After that, a countdown from three seconds will appear on the button. During this time, you can close Control Center and go to the screen from which you want to start recording.

When recording starts, the status bar will turn red. To stop recording, just tap the status bar. You will see a confirmation to stop recording, click “Stop”. To continue recording, click “Cancel”.

When you stop recording, you will be notified that the recording has been saved to Photos on your phone.

System sounds only

If you don’t need external noise in your video, do the following:

1) Open Control Center.

2) Strongly press (or hold) the Screen Recorder button.

3) Click the red microphone icon to mute external audio recording.

4) Click Start Recording.

In both options, you will need to touch the red status bar to stop screen recording.

Apple’s new features make life easier every day, and Screen Recorder is another testament to that. You can use this method for articles, presentations, tutorials and more.

other methods?

Are there any alternative ways? Sure. And there are a lot of them: some are free, others are not. For example, there is a free AirShou application, but it is very difficult to work with it. Also, it doesn’t support iOS 10. There is ELGato Game Capture, which gamers often use, but it costs a couple hundred dollars.

How to Record Screen on iPhone: 6 Ways

Recording the screen of a computer or Mac is quite SIMple, because there are many convenient programs for this on the web.

But what if you need to record your screen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? This is another story.

Why? Because iOS doesn’t make this task any easier (at least pre-iOS 11 versions). You will need a computer to record your cell phone screen too.

In this article, we will tell and show you several ways to record screen on iPhone, from the SIMplest to the most inconvenient. In addition, we will highlight the pros and cons of each method.

Note: we did not include illegal or unsafe methods (such as jailbreak iOS) in the list. An example is the Vidyo Screen Recorder app, which was banned by Apple and removed from the App Store in 2016.

Internal and external sound

This method is perfect when you need to explain in parallel what you are doing.

1) Open Control Center.

2) Strongly press (or hold) the Screen Recorder button.

3) Click the microphone icon to enable external audio recording.

4) Click Start Recording.

Method 4: ScreenFlow for Mac

Note: ScreenFlow is a free trial program.

ScreenFlow is almost the same as Camtasia, but more complex. This program is not available for PC. Camtasia is much easier to use. But this is already a matter of taste, perhaps, on the contrary, you will like ScreenFlow.


Install ScreenFlow on your Mac and then connect your iPhone or iPad to it. Open the program and select “New Recording”. You can then tweak various options if you like. For example, if you want to record the iPhone screen, you need to select “Record iOS Device: [device name]” and “Record Audio from…”. Once you’ve made your selections, tap on the red circle to start recording.

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After that, you need to be careful. ScreenFlow will automatically start recording without notifying you about it. To finish it, press the “Command Shift 2” key combination on your keyboard.

Edit the finished video. You can crop it, cut out some parts, add cutouts, adjust transparency, etc.

Mac recording

Another way to record a conversation on iPhone is to pair your iPhone and Mac via Wi-Fi and then record the conversation using a PC app. To do this, you need the following:

  • iPhone for receiving and making calls;
  • Mac laptop for recording conversations;
  • Wi-Fi network through a router;
  • Allowing calls from other devices on iPhone (Phone Settings on other devices);
  • Enabled FaceTime app on iPhone and Mac with Calls from iPhone checked;
  • Call Recorder for FaceTime app for Mac.

Call Recorder for FaceTime in action

Install CallRecorder, turn on auto-recording in the settings, accept a call via Mac, or dial the subscriber ourselves from the computer. The call will be automatically saved to an audio file. Then you can listen to it through the Ecamm application, which is installed along with CallRecorder.

Recording headset

Eavesdropping on other people’s conversations with the help of a “bug” is illegal, but recording your own is very even. For this case, there are headsets with an audio recording function that connect directly to the audio input of a smartphone or via Bluetooth, like mobile speakers. For example, like this:

Esonic RecorderGear PR200. headset for recording calls

However, given that starting with the iPhone 7, Apple got rid of 3.5 mm audio jacks, this method is suitable mainly for older devices. For new ones, there are Bluetooth headsets or, as an option, adapters for the Lightning connector.

App purchase

Here are some of them:

  • Transcribe by NoNotes. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls and then translate them into text (transcribe). 20 minutes of recording per month. free, subscription costs 579 rubles.
  • TapeACall. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls by pressing one button. You can record in the background. The application costs 849 rubles, but you can record unlimited.
  • IntCall. The application also writes any calls, and in addition, it allows you to hide your number during a call. Subscription costs 379 rubles per month.
  • Call Recorder Unlimited. Something in between the first and third. Very SIMilar to TapeACall, but it can also transcribe audio. The cheapest subscription, only 115 rubles.

Transcribe. Record phone calls on iPhone

You Can’t Get Out: How to Record a Conversation on iPhone

You have an iPhone and want to record an incoming or outgoing call? We’ll tell you if it’s legal, and also show you five ways to record conversations on iPhone.

Do you want to catch your interlocutor at his word? Five ways to record a phone conversation on iPhone are in our article today. Use wisely.

Let’s immediately reassure those who are thinking. is it legal?

Recording private telephone conversations is not a crime. After all, the interlocutor already knows what you were talking about. Only secret listening to other people’s conversations is illegal, in particular. with the help of “bugs”.

If necessary, you can safely submit the recording of the conversation to the court as evidence. The only thing is that the entry should not violate other people’s secrets prescribed in the Constitution, for example, commercial or family secrets.

Caution is also needed when publishing a recording of a telephone conversation in the public domain. It is better to agree in advance with the interlocutor that the recording will be broadcast publicly. for example, if it is a telephone interview.

Otherwise, everything is in order. How to record a conversation on iPhone, read below.


The one-stop solution for any iPhone problem works here as well. If your iPhone has a jailbreak (open access to the file system), then you can install several “tweaks” that allow you to record conversations.

In particular, these are the Audio Recorder 2, CallRecorder and Super Recorder extensions. On iOS, they are installed via the unofficial Cydia software installer. It’s free.

Audio Recorder 2 for iPhone

All of these extensions work on the same principle: a button is added to the built-in Phone application to enable recording. By pressing the button, you can start and end the call recording.

You can also turn on Auto Record so that all conversations are automatically saved to audio files. Then you can listen to them through the same extension.

5 Banal and free way

Answer or make a call on iPhone and turn on speakerphone. Then take the smartphone away from your friend and turn on the recorder on it. The conversation will be recorded without any effort or trick.

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