How to enable screen sharing on your phone

Screen Sharing in Discord

Screen sharing is one of the most convenient features of Discord, which allows one of the participants in a conversation to show others what is happening on his computer. This can be handy in situations where you are telling your friends about something computer-related. As the proverb says. it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. From this article you can learn how to enable screen sharing in Discord with sound.

How to run the demo

You can only share the screen while communicating with another user. So first start by video chatting with someone. To do this, go to the chat with this user and click on the video camera icon at the top.

If you are trying to figure out how to enable screen sharing in Discord for several users at once, then first you need to create a group chat and then start a group call. But keep in mind that this feature will only be available for a conversation with no more than ten participants. In addition, there is a heavy load on the network when showing SIMultaneously for several users, so you need a good Internet connection.

One way or another, then we do the following:

  • Move the mouse over the image from the camera of your interlocutor.
  • After that, a small menu should appear below.
  • Here you need to click on the icon with a monitor and an arrow.
  • After that, it remains only to select the mode, and the interlocutor will see what is happening on your PC.

Now a little about the modes that you have to choose to make a screen sharing. There are two of them here: full screen and window view.

If you choose the first option, then the interlocutor will see everything that is happening on the computer monitor.

If you choose a window type, then your friend will see only one of the windows open on the PC. For example, you can choose this option if you want to show how a certain application works, and then the other person (or people) will not see anything unnecessary. If you minimize or turn off the window of your choice, the broadcast will stop.

What to do if screen sharing doesn’t work

Certain problems may occur when trying to run the demo on the server. Now we will look at the most frequent crashes and the reasons for their occurrence, and also try to figure out why specifically your screen sharing in Discord does not work.

Let’s start with the problem when the user does not have a button to enable the demo, or it is, but does not work. There are two main reasons for this. First, the user did not turn on the “streamer” mode, which we talked about earlier. Second, the presence of an outdated version of the application. For screen sharing to work correctly (with sound and normal picture quality), be sure to install the latest version of Discord. Otherwise, it may SIMply not start.

Now let’s talk about why the image does not turn on, although the display itself has already started. The reason for this problem most often lies in the users themselves, who start the “window view” mode and incorrectly indicate the display area. In this mode, the user himself must choose which of the windows will be displayed.

If the picture freezes or disappears completely from time to time, then most likely the reason for this is a bad connection. over, the problem can be both on your part and on the part of the interlocutor.

Well, and another common problem is the lack of sound in the demo. There are two ways to enable audio in a demo via Discord.

First, you should check if the sound is turned off. This can be done through the window where you can see the picture from your computer. There should be a switch labeled “Sound”. If it is inactive, toggle it and the sound should appear.

If the cause of the sound problems is not in the switch, then the following should be done:

  • Open the app’s custom settings (gear next to the name).
  • In the left pane, open the Voice & Video tab.
  • Click on the pop-up line next to “Input Device”.
  • Find “Stereo Mixer” among the suggested options.
  • Close settings and call your friend again.

After that, normal screen sharing with sound should start.

Preparing Discord

Before you do a Discord screen sharing for the first time, you need to go into your profile settings and check a few things there. You need to do the following:

  • Launch the messenger.
  • In the lower left corner, click on the gear icon next to the username.
  • On the left pane, select the Streamer Mode tab.
  • Activate the option “Enable streamer mode”.

If this mode is not active, then you will not be able to enable the display of a picture from the desktop on your server in Discord.

Why do I need screen sharing

There are various reasons to start showing on Discord. The most common of them is the desire to explain to the interlocutor certain issues related to the work of the PC. Just showing what to do is much easier than explaining everything in words. And the interlocutor will certainly understand everything much better and faster.

The reasons may be completely opposite. If you have something going on that needs to be shown to a friend. For example, an incomprehensible error popped up or some kind of failure occurred.

Of course, each user may have their own individual reasons why they need a screen sharing on Discord.

So don’t underestimate this feature. It is better to know in advance how to use it so that you know what to do when the need arises.

What to do if there is no sound on screen sharing in Discord

This is how easy it is to enable screen sharing in Discord. If suddenly your demo does not start and none of the above methods helped you solve the problem, then you should contact Support. They will surely find a solution to the problem.

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How to enable a demo on Discord

So, first, let’s open the application itself and authorize the account. Then we need to configure some options, which we will talk about in detail below.

How to enable demo on your phone in Discord

Discord is popular not only with computer gamers, but also with ordinary people who just want to chat. Previously, the application was only available as a PC program, but now it can be installed on almost any modern smartphone. This can be done from the same Google Play or App Store. After registration and authorization in the account, users can correspond in text, or communicate in voice chats. Lately, people have been actively interested in how to enable demo on their phone in Discord. Let’s see if this can be done in the mobile version of the program, and if so, how.

connecting to the server and setting up communication

The next step is to finally connect to the desired server. We can either create our own text or voice channel, or join the existing ones. For this we use the side menu of the application. And so the question arises: how to enable the demo? The answer is no way. Unfortunately, at this time, the application cannot activate screen sharing or display any presentation. You can only send a video, file or image to the general chat. But there is a high probability that soon the developers will add the ability to broadcast the screen directly from the smartphone, as it is done on the computer.

Connecting to a server in Discord, displaying images and files in the chat

For example, on a PC, to enable the demonstration, you need to click on the “Screen” button in the chat window.

Enabling a demo in Discord on PC

Next, select the program window or browser tab that we will broadcast. Click on the “Share” button and see that the screen sharing has been successfully launched.

Selecting a program window in Discord

It is not yet clear why such a popular application still lacks the ability to broadcast an image from the screen. For example, in a SIMilar program Zoom, a SIMilar function is successfully implemented.

profile setting

If this is your first time using Discord, we recommend setting up your own account in detail. Go to the profile tab by clicking on the corresponding icon in the bottom panel of the application. Here we can set the activity status so that other users understand whether we are online or not.

Setting the activity status in the profile

The drop-down menu offers several options, but the most interesting one is “Invisible”. In this case, our profile will not be displayed on the network, but at the same time we can safely use Discord.

Move on to the next setting by opening the “Privacy” section. Here everything is already configured individually. For example, you can enable message filtering or select specific people who can write to you.

Configuring privacy policy

It is advisable to pay special attention to the “Voice and Video” section. In it, we recommend activating all the options aimed at improving the sound quality and image transmission. This concerns the items: “Echo cancellation”, “Do not mute”, “Automatic gain control” and “Enable hardware scaling”. The last feature, by the way, is experimental, so activate it at your discretion.

Setting up voice and video in the mobile app

This completes the basic settings, so we can proceed to connecting to the server.

Summing up, we would like to note that it is not yet possible to enable a demonstration on the phone in Discord. There is a high probability that in the next updates, the developers will add the missing option, which is already in the service on the computer. Still have questions? Ask them in the comments!

Possible difficulties

Screen sharing does not imply the transmission of system sounds to interlocutors. For example, the sound of a running video or game will not be heard by the interlocutors. This feature is only available in Discord Nitro: sounds from applications on your computer will be shared with your friends.

During the broadcast, the interlocutors will see pop-up windows of social networks and instant messengers, and personal information may also be displayed. To hide, use the Streamer mode, which offers advanced functionality (including keeping personal data secret).

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Enabling Discord Screen Sharing

Select the appropriate view during video calls: Standard, Dedicated, and Full.

  • In the first case, the video and chat space is divided in half.
  • The highlighted mode assumes that the main window is removed from the video, only the selection of the video is saved.
  • In full view, expands the main video and highlights to cover other chat groups.

If you switch to other conferences or servers during a video call, the video stream appears as a picture in picture (for convenience, you can easily move around the screen).

How to enable screen sharing in Discord

Discord was originally created as a voice and text chat application focused on ge.

Discord was originally created as a voice and text chat application aimed at gamers. Thus, combining a free messenger with support for VoIP and video conferencing, the developers managed to create a useful and convenient service. Discord has become popular with other users as well. The creators have invested an incredible amount of time and money in it to improve the functionality. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to enable screen sharing in Discord.

Presetting a demo in Discord

Before going into details, make the settings.

How to enable broadcasting in Discord? To show the screen, video chat is started first. Screen sharing can also be started in voice communication mode.

  • To get started, open the settings page, the “Voice and Video” tab.
  • If a video device is available (for example, a webcam, a built-in laptop camera), make sure everything is okay with it by clicking the “Test Video” button.
  • If you are using the web version of the application, you will need to confirm the browser access to the camera. If desired, test your voice, adjust microphone sensitivity and other parameters.

When the configuration is complete, open a dialogue or conference with users.

When it comes to screen sharing?

Discord is a useful app for functionality: it combines video chat and screen sharing. At the same time, you can enable broadcasting not only for one user, but for nine. Thus, there is no need to switch options. they are available at the same time.

The Screen Sharing and Video buttons allow you to switch the window from a video call to a screen sharing. This can be done directly during the conversation. In this case, the interlocutor can show the selected screen, for example, a specific monitor (if there are several), or the selected area of ​​the screen, or the selected application.

Let’s figure out how to enable screen sharing in Discord, and when it comes in handy. The need arises, for example, when you want to broadcast gameplay to other people, or just show what is happening at a particular moment on the screen.

What problems may arise

If you cannot find the button, it is advisable to update the program. the latest version of the software is available on the official website. Contact Support if you have any difficulties.

On the computer

So, to enable screen sharing on PC, follow these steps:

  • Click the green Screen Sharing arrow icon located in the middle of the menu bar at the bottom.
  • Select a screen from the list that you want to share with Zoom meeting participants (you can select a device that was previously opened on the PC).
  • Check the box “Sharing computer sound”, then PC audio will be available to all participants in the video conference.
  • If you need to convert the video demonstration to full-screen format, check the box “Optimize for full-screen video viewing”.
  • At the bottom right, press the blue “Screen Sharing” button. the broadcast session is activated.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about it.

How to enable screen sharing in Zoom

The principle of operation is slightly different depending on the device used. We have compiled detailed instructions for both computers and smartphones.

Interface menu

Zoom video conferencing control components in the “screen sharing” menu are movable, and the toolbar itself can be moved to a convenient display area. for your comfort, the service capabilities are thought out to the smallest detail. For example, the menu bar:

  • sound on and off;
  • starting and stopping a video;
  • participant management (for the conference organizer);
  • start of a new demo and pause;
  • commenting;
  • additional options (enabling chat, setting audio and video parameters, broadcasting on the platform, ending a conference, and more).

How to enable screen sharing in Zoom

Zoom is a well-known service of the international company Zoom Video Communications, which provides virtual conferencing services using “cloud computing”. The platform is a communication program that combines online meetings, video conferencing, chats and mobile corporate interaction. The service helps to display videos on tablets, personal computers and cell phones with the free Zoom application preinstalled. Find out how to enable screen sharing in Zoom on various devices.

On the phone

Step-by-step steps to set up screen sharing:

  • Open the application on your phone and click the “Start video conference” button.
  • After connection, the image from the phone camera will open and a pop-up window will appear asking you to invite other users to participate.
  • Click the Share button to share the device display with other virtual conference participants.
  • In the list that opens, select the “Screen” item.
  • In the pop-up window informing that the application will access the image on the device screen, check the “Do not show again” checkbox and click the “Start” button.
  • Check the box next to “Show over other applications” and go back to the demo.

Zoom conference attendees have access to the display view of your mobile phone, which means that the demo session is activated.

Thus, the Zoom platform is the best solution for virtual communication of large groups of users from anywhere in the world. Now you know that you can enable screen sharing in this application.


  • First you need to launch the application. Without this important step, further reading of the instructions is meaningless. Usually the program shortcut is on the desktop or taskbar.
  • To enter the messenger, you must enter your credentials (username and password) that you specified during registration. If you have not done this, then go to the official website by the link and fill in all the required fields.
  • Now in the Skype authorization window, enter the received data and enter the program.
  • On the left in the list of contacts, select the one with whom we will communicate and click on the “Call” button (it is located on the top right and looks like a telephone receiver). Conversation window should appear.

How to enable demo mode

First, I will tell you how to activate the screen display, and only then I will tell you about possible malfunctions.

How to enable screen sharing in Skype?

  • This mode can be activated only during a conversation, which is quite logical. Can you find the button that is responsible for enabling the screen display yourself? No?
  • So, we click on the item “Calls” in the top menu, then select the item “Screen sharing.”. Here’s a good example:
  • If you do not see such an inscription, then your version of Skype is outdated. You should update the software by downloading the latest software from this page.
  • There is another way, which seems SIMpler to me. During a conversation, move your mouse cursor to the bottom of the window. A panel with icons should appear. Among them there is also blue (or light blue) plus “”.
  • Click on it to open a special menu. Here is the item “Demonstration”.
  • A preview of your screen (desktop) should be displayed, but the interlocutor does not see it yet. We mark the corresponding item by clicking on the triangle on the left. And then click “Start”:

To exit the demo mode, just click the Stop button:

With this sorted out. I am sure that there should be no problems. Now let’s move on to considering possible problems that prevent the screen from showing in Skype.

How to enable screen sharing in Skype

I often have to contact the readers of my blog “IT Technician” via Skype to help solve some problems. But there are times when they cannot open access to the desktop view. So how do I enable screen sharing in Skype? Why isn’t it working? I suggest digging deeper into this topic.

Demo not working: what to do?

  • Most often, the reason is the old version of the messenger installed on one of the computers (not necessarily on your part). The solution is obvious: we update the software and we advise the interlocutor to do it.
  • Often, the problem occurs with a poor Internet connection. Try disabling applications that may consume traffic (torrent, unnecessary browser tabs).
  • Sometimes ending a call and redialing a call helps to fix the defect.

If the suggested solutions do not help to make a screen sharing in Skype, write me in the comments. We’ll figure out! By the way, recently I talked about other defects: when you are not seen or heard. I advise you to read these materials.

How to enable screen sharing in Skype

In today’s article, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to show your screen to the interlocutor in Skype, how to enable or disable screen sharing on your phone and computer, how to demonstrate the game on Skype, and also the main reasons why screen sharing is lagging.

Surely many of you know that Skype has such a function as “Screen Sharing”. It is difficult to overestimate its usefulness, because it really opens up new possibilities for the user and makes using the application even more convenient. Agree, it’s much easier, explaining to a friend or parents how to use the application, to show everything by example, than trying to explain in words. In this article you can learn how to show your screen to the other person in Skype via phone and computer.

How to run a demo via PC

It’s easy to enable screen sharing on your computer. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Start Skype.
  • Log in if needed.
  • In the contact list on the left pane, select the friend you want to make a demo to.
  • Click on it with the left mouse button.
  • Start a call by clicking on one of the buttons in the upper right corner (you can show the screen both during a regular call and during a video call).
  • When the connection has already been established, click on the button with three dots or plus, which is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Screen Sharing.”.
  • Then you will be asked to choose what exactly you want to show your interlocutor: a picture from the screen or just a separate window; for a normal demo, click on the pull-out menu at the top and then select the option “Share your screen”.
  • Then click “Get Started”.
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As soon as you complete the last step, the demo will start. To stop it, click on the button with three dots (or plus) again and this time select the option “Stop showing”.

This instruction is suitable for all versions of the application. With its help, you can enable the demonstration in both old and new Skype. It is also suitable for all popular operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac).

By the way, if you are using the old version of the application, then there is another way for you to show your screen to your interlocutor in Skype, and even more SIMple. All you need is to right-click on the contact and select the option “Screen sharing” in the menu that appears.

How to enable screen sharing on your phone

Many Skype users prefer to use the mobile version of the app. As in the PC version, this function would be very useful here, but it is not here. At the moment, the mobile version of the application does not provide a screen sharing function, but it may appear in the future.

But it is not all that bad. In the last section, we talked about how to show your screen to your interlocutor in Skype if you have a UWP operating system. There we mentioned that it is suitable for both PC and mobile. So if you have Universal Windows Platform installed on your phone, you can arrange screen sharing by following the instructions in the previous section.

How to use Skype to show your screen to the other person in the UWP version

For those not in the know, UWP is the Universal Windows Platform, an operating system developed by Microsoft for all of its products. Its peculiarity is that it is suitable for both PC and mobile devices. Applications released for it are also universal and slightly different from other versions.

To run the demo on the UWP version of Skype, you will need to do the following:

  • Launch the application.
  • Log in.
  • Select a contact and call him.
  • During a call, press the button with three dots.
  • In the menu that appears, select the item “Share screen.” (or “Share screen.”).

The difference is minor, but it can still confuse inexperienced users, and therefore it was worth mentioning. The instruction “How to turn off screen sharing in Skype” is the same as in the previous section.

How to showcase your game on Skype

Many gamers use the demo function to show their friends a new game. But when they start broadcasting, they face certain problems. Therefore, now we will talk about what you should do if the game broadcast does not turn on.

Turning on the game while sharing the screen, you are most likely to face a problem when your interlocutor sees only a black screen. The fix is ​​very SIMple. Remember, we said that at the beginning of the demo you will be asked what exactly you want to show the interlocutor: the entire screen or a window. So, if you are going to run a demo of the game, you need to first run it, then run the demo and select the option “Share this window”. After that, you just need to select the window with the game and click “Start”.

But it’s worth noting that it is not always a good idea to show the game via Skype. To do this, you will need a good computer, as well as a good internet connection for you and your conversation partner. If this is not so, then it is unnecessary to be surprised later: “Why does the screen display lag?”. Roughly the same will be waiting for you if during the demo you decide to start a video.

By the way, there is another way to conduct a demo of the game that can help reduce the load. For it, you need to start the usual screen sharing, and then turn on the game, put it in windowed mode and slightly reduce the resolution.

Also, many users complain about sound problems during the demonstration, the user hears what the interlocutor is saying, but does not hear the sound from the screen itself. To turn on sound in Skype when sharing your screen, tap the three dots (or plus), and then select “Share screen and sounds” from the menu (or “Share screen and sounds” if you are using the UWP version).

A variety of problems can be solved with the screen demonstration function. Therefore, every user should know how to show their screen to the interlocutor in Skype. This article presents the main points of this procedure, but they may differ slightly depending on the version you are using. If you don’t see the buttons right away, just try not to get lost, because the concept of work is still the same for all applications and after sitting a little, you will probably figure out what to do.

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Switch between apps using gestures

Use iPad multitasking gestures to quickly see the app switcher, switch to another app, or return to the home screen:

  • See App switch: in iOS 12, swipe up from the bottom of the screen with one finger and hold in the middle of the screen until the app switch appears. You can also double-tap the Home button to see all open applications. Swipe right with one finger to find and open another app.
  • App Switcher: When using an app, swipe left or right with four or five fingers to go to the previous app. On iPad Pro 11-inch or iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation), swipe along the bottom edge of the screen to switch between previously used apps.
  • Return to Home Screen: In iOS 12, when using the app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You can also pinch with four or five fingers on the screen to return to the home screen.

Use the docking station to work with many applications at the same time

The docking station allows you to instantly open and switch applications from any application you are. You can even customize the window with your favorite applications. And on the right, you can see the apps you’ve recently used and apps open on your iPhone and Mac.

You can find docking stations at the bottom of the home screen. See the dock while you are using the app, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen until the dock appears, then release.

In the list of widgets from your favorite apps, touch and hold an app on the home screen, then drag it to the window immediately.

To remove an application from the dock, touch and hold the application on the left side of the dock, then immediately drag it.

Open the second app with slide

Use the slide to work on an application that slides in front of all open applications, even two open applications in Split view:

  • Open app.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the dock.
  • On the dock, press and hold the second app you want to open, then drag it onto the screen.

If you’re working with two apps in Split View and want to discover a third app in Slide, SIMply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the dock. Then drag the app to the top of the divider app.

Press and hold to move the application to slide. and then drag it to the left or right side of the screen.

You can also move the open application to slide off the screen and slide it back when you want to use it. Just place your finger on and drag the app to the right and on the screen. When you want to use the app again, swipe left from the right edge of the screen.

You can use Slide from Tablet, iPad (5th generation and later), iPad Air and later, iPad mini 2 and later.

Turn multitasking features on or off

To turn the multitasking function on or off, go to Settings General multitasking and docking station, then you can do the following:

  • Allow multiple apps: disable if you don’t want to use slide or split.
  • Persistent disable if you don’t want to use picture-in-picture.
  • Gestures: Disable if you don’t want to use multitasking gestures to view apps, return to the home screen, and more.
  • Show recommended and recent apps: turn on to see recently used apps on the right side of the dock.

Drag and drop between apps

With drag and drop, you can move text, photos and files from one application to another. For example, you can drag text from safari to a note, an image from a photo to an email message, or calendar events to a message body:

  • Open two apps in split view or slide by.
  • Touch and hold an object until it picks up. To select multiple items, press and hold an item, drag it slightly, and continue to hold it until you click additional items with another finger. The icon shows the number of selected items. To drag text, select the text, then press and hold the text until it picks up.
  • Drag it to another app and drop it.

Using the app while watching a picture-in-picture video

With picture-in-picture, you can do things like replying to an email while watching TV. If you are using FaceTime or watching a video, tap and the video screen is scaled to the corner of your display. Then you can open the second app and they will keep playing.

To move the video, drag it to a different corner. To return the video to full screen, click on the left corner of the video. You can also hide the video by dragging it to the left or right edge of the screen. Click on the arrow icon to take the video again.

You can use picture-in-picture with iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation and later), iPad Air and later, iPad mini 2 and later.

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Use two apps at the same time with sharing

With split, you can use two apps at the same time. For example, you can view photos while composing an email. Or look at the location on maps while looking for safari holiday ideas.

How to use split view:

  • Open app.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the dock.
  • On the dock, press and hold the second app you want to open and then drag it to the dock.
  • When the app opens on a slide over, drag down.

How to set up split screen:

  • To give apps equal screen space, drag the divider towards the center of the screen.
  • To turn split view in a slide over, swipe down from the top of the app.
  • Close view, drag the divider to the app you want to close.

You can use Combo Mode with iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation and later), iPad Air 2 and later, iPad mini 4 and later.

How to enable screen sharing on iPad

On an iPad with iOS 11 or later, you can multitask with two apps at the same time, reply to emails while watching videos, switch between apps using gestures, and more.

Use two apps at the same time

The docking station makes it easy to work with multiple applications at the same time. Drag an app from the dock to make it slide over, or drag it to the right or left edge of the screen to make a double vision. You can even work on one application per slide, watch two applications in Split, watch a movie, or use FaceTime In picture-in-picture. all on one screen.

How to enable screen sharing in Discord on PC

As you know, screen sharing in Discord is very SIMple, and consists in performing the following operations:

  • Launch your Discord client;
  • Go to user settings by clicking on the gear next to the username at the bottom;
  • In the opened user settings menu, select “Voice and video”;
  • In the options for setting up voice and video, select your microphone and camera, if necessary, test their work;
  • Then on the left, select the “Streamer mode” section;
  • Here activate the “Enable streamer mode” option;
  • Now go to the channel you need in Discord;
  • At the bottom left click on the “Screen” button;
  • Select a screen for a demo, and click on “Live”;

Select a screen for a demo and click on “Live” below

  • The stream will start in the form of broadcasting your screen;
  • To stop the stream, reopen the Discord window, click on the “Screen” button, and select “Stop Screen”.
  • The described procedure for sharing a PC screen on Discord is pretty straightforward and runs without any problems. But how can you perform screen sharing on your phone in the Discord app??

    How to share a cell phone screen on Discord

    Unfortunately, there is currently no functionality for showing the phone screen in the Discord mobile application. The creators of the application have not integrated this feature into the functionality of the mobile version of the application, and it is not available for activation. At the same time, the prospects for its appearance in future versions of the application are not yet clear.

    As an alternative, some craftsmen suggest installing Teamviewer (a package for remote control of a computer) on their phone. Then turn on the function of sharing the screen of this phone on it, and transfer the picture from it to another user on the PC, on which Teamviewer is also installed. The latter will show this stream on the Discord channel to viewers using the screen sharing function in the stationary version of Discord. How justified are such manipulations, let the reader decide for himself.

    What is Discord Screen Sharing

    Screen sharing is a convenient function that allows you to broadcast the screen image of your PC (smartphone) to other users in real time. For a long time, the functionality of the “Discord” messenger did not have a screen sharing function, and only requests from many users inspired developers to include this function in the program.

    However, for the free version of the product, this function comes with some restrictions. Full functionality is available with a Discord Nitro subscription (premium package), making it a worthy user experience.

    How to enable screen sharing on your phone in Discord

    Many of the gamers use the functionality of “Discord”. a free messenger with support for VoIP and video conferencing. The messenger allows you to conveniently communicate by voice during games, share the necessary information with each other, it runs perfectly on various platforms. One of the handy aspects of its functionality is the option to show your PC’s screen to other users. How to enable screen sharing on a mobile phone in the Discord application? Let’s talk about this in our material.

    Above, we examined a way to start screen sharing on a PC and phone in the Discord messenger. Since at the moment the possibility of broadcasting on a smartphone is not available, we recommend that you do not use unsuccessful surrogates in the form of screen sharing through TeamViewer. Use the built-in feature only on the PC version of Discord.

    Sound check

    Skype has an audio calibration feature. If you are sure that all elements are in good working order, you should use this option.

    • Open the application and click on the “Tools” icon, select “Sound settings”.
    • Check if the headset is inserted into the system unit, select your device in the “Microphone” section.
    • Use the slider to mark the audio limit.
    • Uncheck “Automatic setup”.

    If the other person still can’t hear you, restart the application or contact Support.

    Checking video quality

    In order to show your screen on Skype, you need an Internet connection that will work without interruptions. If this condition is met, then problems should not arise. But if you still encounter difficulties, you should restart the application or contact Support, following their further recommendations.

    How to make a screen sharing in Skype

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to show the interlocutor what is happening on your monitor. In such cases.

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to show the interlocutor what is happening on your monitor. In such cases, the question arises about how to enable screen sharing in Skype.

    This is easy enough to do:

    • select the one you need from the list of contacts;
    • right-click and click on “Show Screen” or “Demo”.

    The second way, how to make screen sharing in Skype, is even easier:

    • during a call or conversation, press the button with the plus icon;
    • and select the option you want.

    Both ways to show the screen in Skype are relevant for any laptop and PC.

    How to enable screen sharing on Android and iOS via Skype?

    Unfortunately, currently available application updates cannot show the screen in Skype on a phone with Android and iOS operating systems, but if they call you from a computer, you can easily see the interlocutor’s monitor.

    Why my interlocutor has the image slows down and is interrupted

    In order for the screen sharing in Skype to pass without brakes and interruptions, it is worth checking the stability of the network connection for you and the interlocutor. Poor speed. root cause of failure.

    If the problems persist, you should reinstall the application or contact Support.

    Possible problems

    Even in such a SIMple process as showing your screen on Skype, a number of difficulties can arise that interfere with a normal conversation.

    How to enable screen sharing in Skype

    You can show the screen in Skype in two ways: directly during a call and before starting it by selecting the desired contact. Depending on the version of the application, the interface may differ slightly.

    On computer and laptop

    Now we will talk about how to enable screencast in Skype on a computer and laptop. Actions are performed in the same way on these two types of devices.

    • open the application;
    • select the desired contact from the list;
    • click on it with the left mouse button;
    • select “Show Screen” or “Screen Sharing” in the text menu.

    There is another option:

    • select the desired contact;
    • Call him;
    • wait for the start of the conversation;
    • on the bottom panel, click the “” icon;
    • select “Screen Sharing”.

    Sharing the screen in the new version of Skype using this method is possible, but with the latest update, the interface began to differ. Instead of the “” sign, there is now an icon with the image of two squares, click on it. A demo window opens in front of you, select the desired image. Turn on the sound if necessary.

    Screen Sharing Test

    Since the possibilities of screen sharing in Skype are limited, sometimes there are some difficulties associated with the incorrect operation of the application. There are problems with picture quality, sound or video. It is worth recalling that the interlocutor cannot track your actions on him (the cursor is not visible).

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