How to enable t 9 on Samsung

Alternatives to built-in T9

Predictive text came about on its own when people started writing messages on cell phones that only had a numeric keypad. When it took a few keystrokes to enter a character, programs like Tegic T9 and XT9 were a huge boon.

When smartphones came along, predictive text was still a time-saver. And with the move from PC keyboards to Blackberry-style phone keyboards to touch screen keyboards, we finally got programs like IBM ShapeWriter, Swype, SwiftKey and Google Gboard.

There are many commercial programs with a focus on schools. For example, WordQ, ClaroRead and Crick Software’s Clicker. Much less powerful but free examples for general use are open source TypingAid, VK TypeHelp and Presage, which was formerly known as Soothsayer.

TypingAid, which is written with AutoHotkey, works at the system level, so it is compatible with most applications.

It is a common program for translators, secretaries, authors, programmers and people who have spelling problems or have physical disabilities.

SumitSoft supports over 50 languages, including Russian. A 30-day money-back system is provided, that is, in fact, the program is paid. FastKeys is a cheaper alternative.

Multilingual text prediction

Text prediction can be configured even when switching between 2 languages ​​when using a keyboard, Microsoft also supports multilingual text prediction that works with any keyboards.

Therefore, if you write in multiple languages, text prediction works and will be quite useful at some points. How do I enable multilingual T9 on my PC? To enable it, follow these steps:

  • go to Device Settings;
  • switch to the Keyboard section;
  • highlight the multilingual text of the prediction;
  • turn on the radio button for “show text predictions based on recognized languages ​​you are typing in”.

Turning on T9

To enable text prediction for the hardware keyboard, follow these steps:

  • open the settings;
  • devices and go to the keyboard section;
  • scroll to hardware keyboard;
  • enable “Show text prompts while typing”;
    enable, samsung
  • enable “Autocorrect misspelled words”.

Officially, Microsoft claims that it only works with US English, it is not clear why, because in fact there is support for almost all languages ​​that directly have localization of Windows itself.

Smart Compose Gmail

The latest version of Gmail includes predictive text by default. Basically, Gmail’s Smart Compose system tries to complete sentences and the user simply presses the tab key to accept their offer.

It is for writing emails, but you can write whatever you like and then copy and paste the text into the real document.

Smart Compose can help smartphone users, but it’s worse than useless if you already have a comfortable keyboard. Just thinking about whether to accept Smart Compose suggestions is distracting, and it’s usually much faster to ignore them and just keep typing.

Enabling T9 on a computer in different ways!

Text prediction is one of the most useful features of any OS. This not only saves time, but also takes care of your spelling mistakes, which can be embarrassing on a social network or white paper.

Windows 10 also offers text prediction, but it was limited to the soft keyboard, which is mostly used on tablets.

How to enable T9 on the computer? Starting in Windows 10, version 1803, you can now enable text prediction for the hardware keyboard.

How it works?

This basically only works for apps directly from Windows, including Edge, Notepad, and so on. It doesn’t work on third party apps like Chrome.

As soon as the user starts typing, they will see pop-up replacement sentences with a maximum of three or four words. To select one of the suggested words, press the up arrow and then use the left and right arrow keys. To complete the word selection, press the space bar to pick up one of the sentences for yourself.

However, the lack of third-party app support is a huge drawback, especially when it comes to Google Chrome. There are many users who use the most popular browser on Windows. Such a user will be forced to use predictive text.

Punto Switcher

And finally, it is worth mentioning such a sensational program as Punto Switcher. It was written by Sergey Moskalev back in 2001. By 2004, the number of downloads exceeded 4 million. Since 2008, the program was bought by Yandex.

The main function of Punto Switcher is to auto-change the keyboard layout (which, by the way, is very convenient), but the same auto-hotkey is also present.

Swipe and swiftkey

The bad news is that, as you probably know, support for Swype has been discontinued. (Nuance bought the company from Cliff Kushler.) The good news is that a lot of people prefer SwiftKey, and that SwiftKey is now being added to Windows 10. (In this case, Microsoft bought the company despite Microsoft Research coming up with its own Word keyboard Flow).

In Windows 10 (October 2018 Update) go to Settings, select Devices and enter text. Click on Suggestions & Auto-Correction and turn on SwiftKey for the languages ​​you write in. The original version should be significantly improved in future updates.

If you don’t have a touchscreen to work with, it won’t do much good, but most modern Windows 10 laptops now have touchscreens. An additional incentive to upgrade your hardware to a newer one.

How to make T9 on Samsung A51

T9 text messages, also known as smart messages, are a fast and efficient way to send messages without having to type in the full words you want to use.

However, some users dislike T9 and would rather turn it off, while others would rather turn it on.

Predictive text can be incredibly helpful in correcting typos or working out what you want to say next.

This is one of the many great features of the samsung a51, only sometimes it is difficult to know where to go to set up, so here I will explain how to make a smart dial, in other words, put t9.

How to set up T9 on Samsung A51

One of the beauties of the Samsung a51 is its customizability. The Korean has added many new features that allow you to completely change the look of your device to your liking.

Only a few settings can be hidden deep within the menu and are difficult to find. If you’re disappointed that your keyboard doesn’t offer input, here’s how to set up T9.

Open the options on your phone and click “General Settings”. Click Language & Input. Find “On-Screen Keyboard”.

Find “Samsung Keyboard”. Go over to Smart Dial. Slide the switch to the right opposite T9 so that it “turns blue”.

These steps may be different if you are not using the built-in keyboard. Another option in the “Correction” menu is “Personal dictionary”, which is located in the “Dictionary” settings area.

You can add words to this and it’s useful then Samsung a51 will tend to automatically correct someone’s name or another word that you regularly use.

When you add a word, you can also enter a shortcut to enter that word, which is invaluable if you have long or complex words.

Even more options include toggles for displaying correction suggestions, personalized suggestions (which show words you type a lot or retrieve from other Google services) and displaying contact names as suggestions.

If you back up the level from the Adjustments menu, you will find the Typing menu.

In the Advanced menu, you can set the delay time for a long key press, for example, when you hold down “T” to get the number 5 and the vibration duration for a key press.

Here you can also prevent the sending of usage statistics to Google. Predictive Typing or T9 helps you type more efficiently on the keyboard by predicting what words you are typing and allowing you to insert them with one touch.

3 Ways to Turn On Safe Mode for Samsung Phones

If you put t9, the “autocorrect” function will also correct typos automatically. So the smart keyboard can keep you behind your back, correcting your typing and making suggestions as you go.

T9 actually has two functions: standard input, which just suggests words, and automatic replacement, which will automatically change what you entered if it thinks you’ve made a typo.

Both can be useful and frustrating. Fortunately, the Galaxy a51’s T9 feature can be quickly deactivated with just a few taps.

On the T9 tab, select the option you want to turn off. If you want to turn off the auto-replace function, click “Auto-replace” and turn it off by swiping the button to the left.

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If you want to turn off both predictive input functions, slide your finger across the button opposite T9 to the left. Have a good day.

How to turn on T9 on Samsung Galaxy?

The T9 system (Text on 9 keys) got its name for a reason. it was used on push-button telephones. In modern smartphones, keyboards support prompts, however, as a rule, the system is called differently, but in Samsung, surprisingly, it is called T9. And today we’ll show you how to turn it on.

Open “Settings” on your Samsung smartphone.

Next, find “General Settings” and open them.

If you cannot find this item, for example, for the simple reason that a different menu design is used, enter the word “language” (without quotes) in the search box and select the appropriate item that will show you the search.

Click on “Virtual Keyboard”.

There is also another option. Bring up the keyboard. See the settings icon?

Click on it to open the settings. If it doesn’t help, press and hold the button until an additional menu appears, in which you tap the same icon in the same way.

If you are using a different keyboard, for example, Gboard, we recommend that you use our other instruction.

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How to enable T9 on Samsung?

On old and new Galaxy devices, the procedure for activating the function is slightly different, as they have different versions of the operating system. Therefore, we will study how to configure this option on them.

How to remove T9 on Android on Samsung?

You can deactivate this function in the same way as you turned it on. Only in the keyboard settings, you need to move the slider to the off position. The procedure for deactivating the option will not cause problems.

On new models

An easy way to activate automatic fix on modern machines:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “Management” section.
  • Go to Language & Input.
  • Choose among the options the Samsung keyboard.
  • Find “T9 Mode” in the list and activate it.

On older models

  • Go to “Applications”.
  • Open settings.
  • Go to the item “General management”.
  • Open Language & Input.
  • Go to the section “On-screen keyboard”.
  • Open Samsung keyboard.
  • Find the item “Predictable text” or “T9”.
  • Move the slider to the on position.

Why T9 is useful for the user?

T9, or auto-correction, is an option that first appeared on push-button devices. Previously, phones used a compact 3 × 4 keyboard. To implement typing on it, manufacturers hung several letters on one key.

Entering words on a keyboard like this took a long time. It is necessary to press one button several times to select the desired letter. Therefore, typing text messages turned into a real test for the user.

To facilitate the task, the T9 function was invented. It keeps track of the entered characters and suggests possible word suggestions to the user. You do not have to enter them completely, and typing is greatly accelerated.

Additionally, the system records frequently used words. Thanks to this, it adapts to the owner of the device, becomes for him a faithful assistant when typing text messages.

Another T9 feature is bug fixing. The system independently removes typos from words when typing, and the user does not need to waste his opinion on this. Naturally, T9 can be wrong, generating unpleasant and funny bloopers.

Now smartphones have switched to a virtual keyboard. But the T9 function remained in telephones, in many devices it is called Autocorrection. Her task is simple. to suggest words as you type and remove mistakes.

How to enable T9 on Samsung J2? In the future, we will provide instructions on how to activate this option on your smartphone.

How to enable T9 on Samsung

How to enable T9 on Samsung? It is not difficult to activate this function, you will need to spend no more than a minute on it. In our material you will find instructions describing the procedure.

How can you replace T9 with Samsung?

You have learned how to enable T9 on Samsung J5 and other smartphones from the Korean manufacturer. Most owners use a standard keyboard, which is set by default as the main one. She copes well with her tasks and is quite convenient to use.

But the manufacturer allows you to replace the standard keyboard if necessary. Gbord is in demand among Android users. This is a keyboard from Google that provides comfortable typing, has a lot of settings to adapt to the owner of the device, supports changing the design.

How to enable T9 on Android?

In fact, on smartphones that run on the Android operating system, there is no support for T9 (from English Text on 9 keys. dialing using 9 buttons), because this typing system is used on push-button phones. However, smartphones’ keyboards have their own system that allows you to predict the typed word and is displayed on the keyboard. Here we will include it.

The question immediately arises. which keyboard should be used for the example? Let’s take Gboard, because this is a Google keyboard and it is probably one of the most popular, and therefore our tutorial will suit most users.

Some users say that there is no such item in the menu, but it is, it may just be in other subsections. We recommend using the menu search.

Click on the name of the keyboard used.

In the keyboard settings, select the item “Text correction”.

Turn on the tooltip string with a toggle.

Open any application where you need to enter something. it could even be the Play Market. Check.

By the way, you can get into the keyboard settings differently. To do this, press the button with a smiley face and hold it until an additional menu appears.

In the menu, move your finger to the gear.

The further process is completely identical to what is written above.

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How to enable T9 mode on Android Samsung Galaxy

The first step is to open the Android settings (usually a blue gear icon) in your favorite Samsung Galaxy phone and go to the “Language and input” section.

At the second stage, in the smartphone / tablet, select the default keyboard.

If you did not download another one additionally, it will be “Samsung keyboard”.

Now, opposite line T9, move the slider to the right side so that it turns from gray to bright blue (becomes active).

It’s all. Now, when typing, words of choice suitable for your text will appear above the keyboard.

How to enable T9 mode on Android Samsung

T9 mode appeared a long time ago. even in old push-button phones and is present on all Android smartphones, including Meizu or Samsung Galaxy a3, c7, c4, s7, j2, a5 and so on.

It makes no sense to describe how to enable T9 mode in all phones, since this is more the prerogative of Android devices, and not smartphone manufacturers.

T9 mode is a “smart dictionary” that allows you to enter the whole word, and not to spell it (it is convenient when writing SMS-ki).

NOTE: below in the post will be provided pictures from the phone Samsung a3 Galaxy on Android 6.0.1.

By the way, there is another great way to set T9 mode in Android phone. Recommend. here is the description.

How to enable T9 on Samsung

Alternative option

There is another method on how to enable T9 on Samsung. To do this, enter the typing application and bring up the keyboard. After that, find the icon with the settings, click on it, after which the system will immediately move to the desired menu. After that, it remains to enable the option. If the settings buttons are not provided, you can press and hold the spacebar twice until a choice of input methods appears.

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How to turn on T9 on Samsung Galaxy?

The T9 system (Text on 9 keys) got its name for a reason. it was used on push-button telephones. In modern smartphones, keyboards support prompts, however, as a rule, the system is called differently, but in Samsung, surprisingly, it is called T9. And today we’ll show you how to turn it on.

Open “Settings” on your Samsung smartphone.

Next, find “General Settings” and open them.

If you cannot find this item, for example, for the simple reason that a different menu design is used, enter the word “language” (without quotes) in the search box and select the appropriate item that will show you the search.

Click on “Virtual Keyboard”.

What is T9?

Before installing T9 mode on Samsung, it is important to understand its features and advantages for smartphone owners. T9 is a special mode that needs to be enabled to make it easier to enter text on smartphones. The full name of the option is as follows. Text on 9 keys. In other words, this is an accelerated set of information using nine buttons, as it was on the first phones.

Galaxy S10 / S10: How to Enable / Disable Predictive Text

The T9 function first appeared in 1999. At that time, this was the only method for speed dialing SMS. Smartphone users often complained that the selected mode distorted the intended phrase, which made the output completely different from the one the user was typing.

In modern smartphones (including Samsung), a more sophisticated text “guessing” mode called Smart Type is used. Out of habit, many users continue to call this option the “old-fashioned” T9. If you enable T9 on Samsung, you can speed up text input.

When typing a word, the system offers several options from the dictionary, and the user chooses the appropriate solution. Endings for the proposal are also suggested. This feature speeds up the input process and avoids errors. After turning on the function, you won’t be able to write ordinary words with misspellings, because the mode automatically makes edits.

Old models

To launch the text autocorrection option on older versions of Samsung mobile phones, the owner will need to take the following steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” section and select “Control” in the list that appears.

In some mobile devices, this function will be even easier to use, for which you will need:

  • Go to the “Settings” section and select the “Language and input” item there.
  • Then, in a new window, open the “Samsung Keyboard” (click on the settings icon next to this item), and then activate the “T9 Mode” by moving the slider to the active state.

Alternatives to the standard keyboard

If the way the automatic correction options work on the standard Samsung keyboard does not suit the owner of the phone, then you can install an alternative program, TouchPal or Russian Keyboard. But the most popular among Android users is Gboard. This is a Google keyboard with many settings that allow you to adapt the application directly to the owner of the phone.

How to set up T9

To improve the usability of the autocorrect function and make it work more efficiently, you can independently configure autocorrect to suit your needs. To do this, you need to return to the window where the activation took place and connect the appropriate options:

  • “AutoCorrect”. in the automatic mode, the letters in the word are changed when mistakes or typos are made in it.
  • “Text shortcuts”. shortcuts are created for the most popular phrases of the user, which are then used in the process of writing text messages.
  • “Auto spell check”. underline incorrectly spelled words and expressions (if they are absent in the dictionary, the program will ask you to specify other languages ​​to continue checking).
  • “Automatic capitalization”. the sentence will always start with a capital letter thanks to autocorrect.
  • “Spaces automatically”. after each word, the program will leave indents without user intervention.
  • “Automatic punctuation”. when you double-click on the space, you can put punctuation marks: period, comma or semicolon.
  • “Swipe control on the keyboard”. the user will be able to enter words with just one swipe to spell.

With the help of such fine tuning, the owner of the phone will get rid of the annoying functions of the T9 option, auto-correction of errors or special highlighting of incorrectly written phrases, if necessary.

How to put T9 on Samsung

Some owners of Samsung mobile devices like to use the built-in T9 text autocorrection function. This mode allows you to significantly increase the speed of typing messages due to the automatic substitution of words in sentences, which greatly saves time. However, it is not always enabled on a smartphone by default, which is why this convenient option must be activated and configured manually. Thanks to the detailed instructions below, you can do it in a matter of minutes.

New models

To put T9 on Samsung of the latest models A 31. A 41. A 50. A 51 and A 71. as well as the Galaxy J series, you will need to use a different approach:

  • Open the “Applications” section and go there to “Settings”.
  • In the window that appears, you need to find the item “General management” or “General settings”, then from the proposed list of options select “Language and input”.

If text autocorrect needs to be enabled on the new Samsung Galaxy S8. to do this, you will have to click on “Virtual Keyboard”, and then go to “Samsung Keyboard”.

Select the “Predictable text” item, put the switch of the required function in the active mode, thus turning on the auto-correction option on the Samsung mobile device.

How to enable T9 on Samsung

You can enable t9 on Samsung in several ways, depending on the model of the mobile device, since the location of the settings for this function in new smartphones is significantly different from the old counterparts due to different operating systems.

Possible problems

Users highlight 2 main problems that may arise with the autocorrect function:

  • the option stops working;
  • the dictionary disappears, offering variants of words for the typed letters.

In such cases, re-activating this mode usually helps, but if this does not solve the problem, you will have to return the phone software to the factory state. For this you will need:

  • Click on the Settings icon on the device desktop.
  • In the menu that appears, select the About phone item and tap on it.

If you install T9 on Samsung, it will provide the owner of the smartphone with a convenient text input system, which can significantly save time by automatically substituting frequently used words. The accuracy of the suggested phrases will gradually increase with the expansion of the internal vocabulary. The owner of the smartphone communicates by correspondence, then new words are automatically saved in the T9 dictionary.

T9 on a smartphone: what is it, how to turn it on or off on Android in Samsung

T9 is a smart assistant to make text input easier on your mobile phone. The abbreviation T9 comes from the English “Text on 9 keys”, which means typing on 9 buttons when we typed text using the number buttons of a conventional push-button telephone. This input was first used on a telephone in 1999.

Who are you without T9?
Genea, Melearder and Felanthropus.

When entering text, T9 mode tries to guess what you want to type by the first letters of the word being entered, and offers possible options, first of all from its dictionary, choosing among the most common words. This speeds up text input and reduces the number of taps on the virtual keyboard.

In addition, T9 prompts words without errors, so instead of “Genea, melearder and felanthropist” when using the smart mode, you should get “Genius, billionaire and philanthropist”.

At the same time, the T9 mode can choose a completely different word that was implied by the first letters. This must be closely monitored, otherwise you can send a completely different text that was originally intended. There is a kind of overhead of automating typing.

Consider the T9 mode for Android on the example of a Samsung smartphone.

What does T9 mean: an example of text input

To understand what T9 means, let’s look at an example. In fig. 1 shows that the word “Hello” is being entered in the message, and three prompts of the T9 mode are displayed:

  • “Greetings”,
  • “Welcomes”,
  • “Greetings”.
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You can press your finger on any of the prompts, for example, on “Greetings”, the selected word will automatically appear instead of “Hello” (Fig. 2). As a result, we press less letters, and the word turns out more and faster. here’s an obvious optimization of text input for you.

Thus, when entering the text “Greetings What a wonderful day!” for the first two words, it will be enough to type “Hello Like” if the T9 mode is on.

Mobile phone users are divided into two camps:

  • fans of the T9 mode and
  • her opponents.

The first are interested in how to turn on the T9 mode on the phone, and the second. how to remove it. Both points of view have every right to exist! Consider both of these questions.

How to enable T9 on Android

If you enter a message on Android from a mobile phone, and you do not have any prompts when entering text, you can turn on T9 and see how it works: is it convenient or not. To do this, on the main screen of the smartphone, first open “Applications”, and then “Settings”.

In the settings, open the “System” tab, in which we are interested in “Language and input” (Fig. 3):

A list of keyboards that are used in the phone will appear (Fig. 4):

We are interested in the main keyboard. the one that is used when entering text. In fig. 4 is “Samsung Keyboard”. We open it and here it is, welcome, the T9 mode (Fig. 5):

As seen in Fig. 5, the T9 mode is off, therefore, along with it, the following are also off:

  • Autocorrect for Russian and English;
  • Spaces are not automatically inserted.

To turn on T9, press with your finger on “T9 Off Mode” (highlighted with a red arrow in Fig. 5). The “T9 Mode” window will open, in which you need to click on the slider so that it turns from gray to green, as in Fig. 6:

The question of how to enable T9 on Android is almost closed, it remains only to decide the fate of personalized data. To allow the use of personalized data entered in your language, in order to improve the work of the predictive (smart, suggested) input function, you must tick the box next to “Personalize. data”.

If you allow the use of personalized data, then all “My settings” listed in fig. 7:

After turning on the T9 mode when entering messages, before the virtual keyboard appears, a warning about the use of personalized data may appear:

Obviously, in order to confirm your consent to the use of personalized data, you need to tap on the word “OK” (touch the inscription “OK” in the lower right corner of the window. Fig. 8), or you can go to “Settings”.

How to disable T9 on Samsung

As the saying goes “to break. not to build” in the sense that turning off the T9 is easier than turning it on. To do this on a smartphone:

  • we find on the main screen “Applications”,
  • and there. “Settings”.
  • Next we are interested in “System”,
  • in which we open “Language and input” (this is shown above in Fig. 3).
  • In the “Language and Input” tab, click on “Samsung Keyboard” (Fig. 4).
  • The “Samsung Keyboard Settings” will open (Fig. 5), where “Enabled” will be displayed in the “Smart Dial” under the “T9 Mode” line. Click on “T9 Mode”.
  • To disable T9 on Samsung, touch the green slider (Fig. 6), after which it will turn gray.

I ask you to vote, that is, choose one of the five options below. thank you for your opinion!

Possible problems

When, after the update, T9 does not work on Samsung or the dictionary disappears with a suggestion to insert the next word, the problem is solved:

  • re-activation and setting the mode;
  • resetting the smartphone to the factory state for new system updates to take effect.

T9 settings on Samsung

To make the mode more convenient / productive, return to the window where it was activated and examine the available settings:

  • AutoCorrect automatically changes letters in a word if it is misspelled;
  • Text Labels creates labels for frequently used phrases, which are then used when writing text;
  • Auto Spell Check underlines misspelled expressions. If the latter are not in the dictionary, it is required to indicate the languages ​​of verification;
  • “Automatic use of capital letters”. a capital letter will be put at the beginning of each sentence;
  • “Spaces automatically”. a space will be inserted after adding a word;
  • “Automatic punctuation”. double tap on the space will allow you to put a period, comma, semicolon;
  • “Swipe control” includes typing words using a swipe to spell.

Settings help remove annoying auto-typing features like correcting mistakes or highlighting misspelled words.

How to enable and disable T9

To turn T9 on or off on Samsung Galaxy A6, A10, A20, A50, A51, A71 and Galaxy J2, J3, J5, J6 series, do the following:

  • go to the “Settings” of the smartphone;
  • scroll down the page until you find General Settings. Tap them with your finger;
  • in the category “Language and Time” go to “Language and Input”;
  • a list will open in which select “Virtual keyboard”;
  • from above, open the item “Samsung Keyboard”;
  • next to “T9” you can enable or disable T9 on Samsung by tapping on the switch opposite.

If you cannot find the location of the above item, use the search bar. click on the magnifying glass icon in the main settings menu. Then enter “Language and input”.

Alternatively, how to enable T9 on your Samsung phone:

  • click on the text input form (search bar in settings / browser, messenger dialog box);
  • the keyboard appears. In the lower left or upper right corner, tap on the gear icon;
  • turn on T9 by clicking on the switch opposite the function.

On Android, when you decide to install a third-party keyboard, the mode will be inactive or you will have to use its analog built into the application.

  • start typing “When” in the dialing line;
  • 3 variants of the word spelling should appear at the top of the keyboard panel;
  • if you enter a word completely, you will be prompted to insert the next phrase.

T9 on Samsung: how to turn on, turn off, set up automatic error correction

Samsung’s T9 mode is a predictive typing system. If you connect it, when typing a message, the user will be offered words for forming sentences, auto-correction of errors will work. Explain how to configure, disable enable T9 on Samsung.

T9 on smartphones from the South Korean giant is an easy-to-use text input system that saves time by suggesting the use of frequently used words. The accuracy of the suggested phrases grows with the expansion of the built-in dictionary.

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