How to enlarge keyboard on Android Huawei

On Honor

If the telephone of this company is at the disposal, the user must carry out the following actions:

  • Goes to the section with accessibility.
  • A menu opens in the window and scrolls down to the subsection of the Screen.
  • Here you need to set in the active state the switch located next to the item Color inversion.

After performing these manipulations, the content, photos, text and videos will become more contrasting. For users with poor eyesight, this will be a fairly convenient and useful function.

How to enable color inversion on Android?

Before describing the features of activating a function, you should consider its advantages and the positive options that it will allow to produce:

  • Significant reduction in battery power consumption;
  • Increasing the operating time of a mobile device;
  • Getting rid of the negative effect on the screen.

A well-done color inversion setting is optimal not only for phones, but also for tablets. Instructions for performing such an operation differ depending on the brand of the device on hand.

How to enable color inversion on Android: step-by-step instructions for each phone

How to enable color inversion on Android is a question that is guaranteed to interest a user with certain vision problems. If you activate this built-in option, you can easily consider small-sized fonts and complex color shades. This article provides information on how the operation is carried out and what benefits can be obtained from its activation.

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How to disable negative on Android?

Among the devices of this operating system, Samsung is more common among users. If he began to show a negative, you can restore a normal picture and turn it off using one of the following methods:

  • Disable the corresponding mode on your Samsung phone. It is tedious to find and remove the indicator next to the button leading to the elimination of the negative effect.
  • Disconnection through the main menu located on the screen. After clicking on the smartphone screen, a section with applications and widgets will be presented to your attention. Find the Negative Widget here and drag it to the desktop.

To enable or disable the mode, to change the image, you need to touch it directly on the display. After performing such manipulations, the operation associated with adjusting color schemes becomes active and it will be possible to customize it.

On Samsung

If you have a smartphone from this manufacturer, the scheme of how to enable color inversion on Android will look like this:

  • The notification panel is lowered twice;
  • You need to find the Inverse colors option;
  • If the window does not open in the quick settings section, you will have to view all pages;
  • The small pencil icon located at the bottom of the page is activated;
  • Here you need to find the Inverse Colors shortcut and move it to the top area.

After completing the above steps, you can move the shortcut to the home page.

On Xiaomi

In such a case, it is necessary to switch the device to the color inversion mode. This process can be carried out through the settings. The application and the Settings section opens. From here you should go to the Accessibility tab.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

If it is necessary to enable and disable the inversion of colors regularly, it is advisable to use the top curtain. It is required to move it and press the button where the pencil is depicted. At the end of the operation, drag the button of the reverse colors from the bottom to the top. It will become available, and you can find it at the top of the Android OS shutter. The button can be turned on and made active by inverting the colors in a couple of clicks.

If you carry out the operation how to change the screen color on the phone, on the iPhone, you need to open Settings and General. Next, you will have to act through universal access, where there is an option for color inversion.

On Huawei

If an Honor or Huawei user notes problems with distinguishing color solutions, if they see a black screen, he should take the following steps:

  • On the screen with applications, you need to select Settings, special options, Vision and Color settings.
  • Here the switch is activated Color settings to enable the function you need.
  • The Start button is selected.
  • Tiles are ordered by similarity, starting with the main color scheme.
  • Click OK.

If, after carrying out these manipulations, a person can distinguish colors, additional adjustments will not be required. If the colors are indistinguishable, you will need to click on Camera or Picture. Then the adjustment slider is dragged to the left and then to the right, and OK is selected.

How to enter the engineering menu of Huawei and Honor smartphones: codes, how to increase the volume?

One of the features of mobile gadgets running on the Android operating system is the ability to make changes in the functionality of devices. Using the engineering menu function on devices from Honor and Huawei will allow the user to learn a lot of interesting things about their device. For example, amplify the signal through the engineering menu on Honor and Huawei or calibrate the screen.

How to enter the engineering menu on Honor and Huawei

You can enter Engineering Mode thanks to the engineering settings code or through special applications.
Let’s look at both options.

In the Google Play Store, there are a large number of applications that eliminate the need to enter the code for calling the engineering menu. On the one hand, this is even a plus. You do not have to search the Internet for a long time for the necessary combination of numbers, asterisks and lattices. On the other hand, such applications often do not work well on some devices, they are needed for the products of specific manufacturers, and they also have a lot of advertising.

Through codes (commands) for access

You can go to the engineering menu of Honor and Huawei using special commands entered in the “Phone” section.

Depending on the device model, the engineering menu access code may differ. Below are examples of the most popular ones:

Instead of the phone number, enter the code to enter the engineering menu: ###.

Done! The Engineering Mode window should open.
On some models of mobile gadgets, after entering the command, click on the call button.

For Huаwei, the sequence of actions is exactly the same, but there are even more options for the secret codes of the engineering menu:

How to Change Huawei Keyboard Settings | popup on keypress


If one of the above commands did not help, it means that access to Engining Mode is disabled in the mobile gadget.

Exit the engineering menu will allow the arrow in the corner, which will close the window.

Engineering Mode features

The engineering menu of Honor and Huawei surprises with its capabilities. It contains a huge number of sections in which you can change the parameters of the device parameters. Here you can adjust sound, camera, location, calls and much more.

One of the most requested items is Telephony. Here you can:

Disable or enable automatic answer to an incoming call.
Specify only those GSM frequencies that are supported by the mobile gadget, saving battery power.
Enable or disable call forwarding.
Specify mobile communication standards.
Choose compatibility with different devices.
Check the quality of mobile operator services.
Get internet connection information.
Configure the work of SIM cards.
And much more.

In the section responsible for communication, users can:

Configure the operation of the Bluetooth module.
Get information about wireless connections.
Check the functioning of the radio.
Test Wi-Fi module.
Hаrdware Testing (unit testing)

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Having entered the Hаrdware Testing engineering menu, it will be possible to conduct various tests and debug the following components of the mobile device:

Current strength.
Fingerprint scanner.
And also debug the time to enter sleep mode.

This item contains information about the location, and the ability to change the parameters of GPS and GLONASS modules.

In this section of the service menu, you can see the logs, logs of various components of the mobile gadget. For example, it shows the temperature and battery charge.

At this point, the functions that are used by developers and an ordinary user do not need them.

Engineering menu. what is it?

Since Engineering Mode is installed directly into the Android operating system, some mobile device manufacturers remove it from users after all the checks so that they cannot change anything. Therefore, the owners of such devices will have to make changes in the settings using various programs, applications or firmware.

Owners of Honor and Huawei do not have to worry, since they will always have access to the engineering menu. If for some reason it is not possible to start this mode, then most likely the user missed some step in his actions or for the model of his device it is simply done differently.

Useful settings in the engineering menu

You can increase the volume through the engineering menu in Huаwei and Honor in the Hаrdware Sеtting section. There we need the following items:

Normal. adjust the speakers in normal mode.
Headset. headphone adjustment.
LouadSpeaker. changes are made here when talking on speakerphone.
Headset LoudSpeaker. headset adjustment.
Speech Enhancement. changes to speech are made here.
By clicking on any of these items, a new window will open, where there are tabs “Type” and “Level”, the parameters of which can be changed.

Depending on which Hоnor and Huawei sound parameter needs to be changed, in the Typty tab, open:

Mic. microphones.
Sph. speakers.
Media. affects the volume of music and video playback.
Ring. is responsible for the volume when making calls.
FMR. here you can adjust the radio.
In the “Level” tab, to change the volume, you need to select the level of one or another parameter in the “Type” tab.

Below the user can set the required value in the specified range and press the “Set” button.

Depending on the model of the mobile gadget, the service menu allows you to calibrate certain sensors. For example, to calibrate the proximity sensor, you need:

How To Resize Keyboard On Any Android Mobile

Go to “Hаrdware Testing. Sеnsor. Light / Proximity Sensor”.
In the window that opens, select “PS Calibration”.
Press the button “Calculate min value”. When the inscription “Cаlculate succеed” appears, you need to bring a sheet of paper to the display.
Press “Calculate Max Value”, and then “Do Calibration”.
After that, it remains only to reboot the device.

You can calibrate your phone display in the following way:

Go to “Hаrdware Testing. Sensor. Sensor Calibration”.
In the window that appears, select “Clear Calibration”.
Then “Do calibration (20% tolerance)” or “Do calibration (40% tolerance)”.
After completing these steps, the display calibration can be considered completed.

You can adjust the work of the Bluetooth module in the section “Connectivity”. At this point, the user can specify the values ​​and test the Bluetooth connection.

Formatting the device

If you need to reset your DO phone to factory settings, you can use “Recovery Mode”. However, it should be borne in mind that all files stored on the mobile gadget will be deleted. So you should think well before that, whether to use the formatting function or not.

Performance test

Section “Hаrdware Testing” conducts tests of various components of a mobile gadget. This helps you find problems that are causing the operating system to malfunction. Testing will be especially useful when buying a used device, as it allows you to check the performance of the screen, communication and other elements.

Depending on the model and version of the Android operating system, the set of tests offered may vary. Most mobile gadgets can be tested:

memory card;
SIM cards;
and much more.

Tests can be performed separately by clicking on the “TEST” button in the corresponding sections, or you can perform the entire complex test “Automatic Test”, which will check the operation of all available elements. Then you can get a report by clicking on the “Report” button.

You can find out information about IMEI in “Telephone. GPRS”. On some models of mobile gadgets there is still a button “Write IMEI”, which allows you to manually enter an international identifier.

In other cases, you will have to edit IMEI using root using special applications, such as Chamelephon, or on a PC, using third-party programs.

Additional features on Honor and Huawei

For some Honor and Huawei devices, the manufacturer has thought of Project Menu, an alternative to Enginеering Mode. Information is shown here without the ability to adjust certain settings. Let’s analyze what sections in the Prоjec Menu are and what they are responsible for.

This is where USB debugging is done and some specifications change. It is upsetting that the menu is not in Russian, so it is worth resorting to a translator.

This item is responsible for various information about the installed operating system, firmware and programs.

Here you can find information about SIM-cards and the place of manufacture of a mobile device.

This section allows the user to create a software update to a newer version.

You should be extremely careful with this point, since when you click on the “OK” button, the mobile gadget will start rolling back to the factory settings and all third-party data from it will be completely erased.

Information about the condition of the battery is displayed here. For example, battery temperature and remaining charge.

You can close the Project Menu by pressing the “Back” button.

Engineering menu actions are intended for developers, not ordinary users. Incorrect actions can lead to improper operation of the mobile gadget and loss of data. So before starting Engineering Mode, think carefully if it’s worth it.

How to switch the language on a tablet?

Not sure how to change the language on Honor and Huawei phones? To change English to Russian on any device, you need to open the keyboard in the messenger. Consider the layout carefully. Here are letters, numbers, signs and Emoji. It is enough to shift the spacebar to the left or to the right and adjust the desired.

How to change the keyboard layout on Huawei and Honor: instructions for changing the language

Huawei smartphones are in high demand among consumers. Honor phones are considered the best of all Androids. They are easy to use and can replace a desktop computer in terms of the number of functions. Every flagship has a touchscreen set. Using it, you need to write SMS messages or type in the desired request in the search. At the same time, it is easy to choose any foreign language. If you don’t know how to change the keyboard for Honor and Huawei, then use the quick instructions. Follow the recommendations and use with pleasure.

What to do if the keyboard disappeared on the Honor and Huawei smartphone?

Every device malfunctions. The absence of a keypad indicates a breakdown of the phone. The first way is to do a hard reboot of the device. Action is appropriate for any problem. The phone is updated and works as usual. If after downloading the problem remains, you should contact the service center. The second option is to reset the settings to factory settings, the smartphone is completely updated. Save photos, videos and documents to a separate media or cloud on the Internet before the operation. Otherwise, the information files cannot be restored.

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Change keyboard color

Changing the color is easy and simple. First you need to open the set in any messenger or social network. Then follow the recommendations:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • find the top panel and open the color icon;
  • click the “Themes” section;
  • specify your username and password to log into your account;
  • click on the design you like to download.


To change the alphabetic dialing, enter the phone settings. Next, do the following:

  • Open the “System” section;
  • Now click on “Language and input”;
  • Then you need to find the inscription “Keyboard”;
  • Click on “Multilingual or” English “.

Swipe left and right, adjust the position of letters and numbers.

Keyboard customization tips

How to customize the keyboard on Android Huawei and Honor? The main advantage of Huawei is that any phone can be easily customized for the user. Use the default, change the letters for yourself. Reduce or enlarge them, create interesting fonts. Then choose a new background shade, change the theme, or come up with a custom one. It also turns on the sound or vibration mode you like for messages or calls.

Types of layouts on Android smartphones

Modern Android has standard English layout types. They are divided into 5 different categories. Finding out which one is on the phone is easy. Open a social network and start writing SMS. Now translate to English using a space. Pay attention to the first 6 digits. Compare them to the list:

  • Dvorak;

The most popular is the standard layout called Quarti. It is used on all personal computers and is universal. Its name comes from the location of the first six digits. The rest are more specialized, suitable for certain models and devices. Pay attention to this fact before buying a mobile phone. In the salon they give you a look at the phone at work, you can appreciate the convenience of the layout. Everything is the same in new models.


First download Jiboard from the internet. Connect the program as follows:

  • go to the smartphone settings;
  • follow the items “System”. “Gboard”. “Languages”;
  • now define the language layout;
  • scroll through the list and make a choice.

Honor and Huawei update to Android 10

Before starting the process, you need to check the current version of EMUI. To do this, the user needs to follow a simple algorithm of actions:

  • open “Settings”;
  • scroll down the displayed page;
  • select “System” / “About phone”;
  • perform the transition “EMUI Version” / “Android”.

The same item displays information about the type of shell.

The upgrade is possible in two ways. on this below.


The list of Honor smartphones that will receive Android 10 is:

  • 9X, 20 Pro versions,
  • 20i Lite;
  • View 1020;
  • 10 GTLite;
  • Note 10;
  • 8XMax;
  • 8C;

The list may change from time to time. Follow the new information on the official website. Please note that the list contains gadgets for which Chinese firmware is being developed. But after, as a rule, there is a global release gradually for each episode. The developers have begun closed testing on select volunteers. And for some devices beta testing has already been offered.

Which Honor and Huawei smartphones will update to Android 10?

The developers of phones OnePlus and Google have announced that their gadgets will be upgraded to Android 10 in 2021. This will improve the process of saving charging, increase the speed of the device, and provide the opportunity to use the dark theme everywhere. And also control the device using gestures. A special mode has been developed for maximum usability of applications. focusing. You can add to the blacklist programs, notifications from which are not at all interesting. Privacy has been greatly improved. Since using Wi-Fi it is possible to determine the user’s location, before learning information about the network, another person needs to obtain the user’s consent. Interestingly, the new version of Android works like a desktop computer. Can access the entire hard drive. In addition, the settings for personal information are located in one place. under the heading “Confidentiality”. Such an update is planned for only 10% of devices from different companies. This is due to certain difficulties. almost every series requires a unique firmware.

How to update Honor and Huawei to Android 10: list of updated models

“How to update Honor and Huawei to Android 10?” Is a common question among users of these gadgets. Manufacturers do not base Accent on software, so they release updates after the presentation of a new model and often with delays. We will tell you which smartphones support the upgrade and how you can install Android 10.


The list of Huawei smartphones that will receive Android 10 consists of:

  • Mate. 30, 20 and Pro Lite versions, 20 X 5G, 20 Porsche RS, X, 10Pro, Porsche Design 10 RS.
  • P. P30 Pro Lite, P20Pro, P Smart (2019) Z.
  • Nova. 5i, Pro, 4 e.

After opening the application, the transition is made: “Fast service” / “Update”. Within a minute, the system searches for current options, and then requires confirmation by pressing the blue button “Download and install”.

Manual update (download firmware file)

From 2021, it is impossible to update Huawei and Honor smartphones on your own. The developers have removed the application to secure the devices. Many owners note that after independent attempts, the device’s performance has deteriorated significantly. That is, until the company officially provides such an opportunity, it will not work to install EMUI 9.1.

Upgrade over the air

A new version of this method appeared last year. If the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, the download will start automatically. Therefore, this option is often referred to as “air”. You can choose how to install. upgrade immediately or use automatic download and install overnight. In the first option, the upgrade will start at the same moment. In the second. during the period when the user does not need to work quickly and correctly.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • Opens “Settings”.
  • goes “System” / Software update “.

After the display starts the installation.

Android 10 problems on Huawei and Honor smartphones

Huawei directly says that after installing Android 10, the definition of banking applications or messengers will not function correctly, or not at all supported. And all this is due to the fact that it was not possible to figure out the optimization. The developers are not responsible for the consequences of the updates. And they offer users to independently take responsibility for the test results.

The updated Android is not so much an improvement in the gadget as an experiment. It will help evaluate the results of technological development, but it does not make discoveries for the user with ordinary needs.

Vibration mode

For this mode, all the same actions are applied as described above: through the settings or the control panel. With the selected method, for incoming calls and SMS, the device will vibrate.

Additional settings

The volume rocker increases or decreases the sound strength for the current audio source. For example, if you watch a video on a device, then only its volume level will change. If you press the rocker when nothing is playing on the display, then the sound of the multimedia will change.

To change other sounds, for example, ringtones, do the following:

If a Bluetooth headset is connected to the phone, then pressing the sound rocker will change the volume of the Bluetooth headphones (and wired ones, if they are connected).

Well, the last, not obvious way to increase the sound is to change the region on the phone. Works on Xiaomi smartphones. See this video for details:

In phone settings

The fastest and most convenient way to increase the sound level is to change its parameters in the settings of your mobile gadget. Also, this method will be useful if the volume rocker is broken on the device.

  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Go to the “Sound and vibration” tab (on some versions of Android it is called “Sounds”).
  • In the window that appears, use the sliders to adjust the volume of each effect: ringtone, alarm clock and multimedia files.
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In the same menu, you can change other audio characteristics, for example, activate silent mode or lower the volume of keystrokes.

Connectivity (wireless interfaces)

The rubric also has various features that allow you to adapt the capabilities of the phone, depending on the needs of the owner:

  • a wide range of settings for Bluetooth and debugging;
  • availability of information about interfaces that work without connecting special wires;
  • possibility of checking FM;
  • adjusting the accuracy of the option for transmitting data on a specific channel;
  • recording logs for testing the technology.

Wireless interfaces will qualitatively test the device, display all indicators for analyzing the state of the gadget.

How to enter the engineering menu on Honor and Huawei

The launch of the service menu on Android occurs after dialing a phone number and a secret code. The following combination of symbols is popular. ###. The password is used for many smartphones, but sometimes edits are made. They change periodically, depending on the series.

The code will work after entering. But some smartphones require confirmation of the action by pressing the call button. There is no point in saving it to Contacts, since it functions only after manual input.

Using patches

Patches are specially designed software that sets a command in the OS of a mobile gadget, often modifying its main functionality. Thanks to such files, you can easily increase the sound level not only on a smartphone, but also on a push-button telephone. But for this you need to find a patch specifically for the model of your gadget. They are, for example, on the forum

You can raise the ringer volume using a patch only if you have ROOT rights.

Silent mode

This ability allows you to use the gadget by completely turning off the sound. When this function is enabled on Huawei and Honor phones, the ability appears when the device can work in silent mode. Before using this mode, you need to read the instructions provided.

The use of this function can be carried out through the settings or control panel. You need to select the desired icon and click on “Sound”, then switch to “Silent mode”. It should be borne in mind that in the “Vibration in silent mode” position, the slider is in the deactivated position, otherwise the “Vibration mode” function will work.

Increasing the font on Android 7.0. 7.X

On most Android phones, changing the font couldn’t be easier than changing your ringtone. First of all, we are using Pixel XL running Android 7.1.1 Nougat for an illustrative example. The process for changing the font size should be the same for all devices, including earlier versions of Android. It might look a little different depending on the Android and phone manufacturer, but otherwise the steps are always the same. For example, Android 7.x features include a preview of how the text will look. Older OS versions simply display the larger or smaller font options without a preview.

To increase the size of the text, go to the “Settings” menu. You can do this by pulling down the notification shade (twice on some devices) and then selecting the gear icon.

Then scroll down to Show and tap it. In this menu you will find the parameter “Font size”.

The left screenshot shows what it looks like on Android 7.x, the right one. Android 6.x. Both options have the same options as with preview.

It’s worth noting that the process of enlarging the font may look slightly different depending on your device. For a complete picture, check out this menu on Samsung (left) and LG (right) devices.

Once you have selected your font, simply return from this menu and your changes will be saved. Nothing else worth doing.

How to change font size on Android 8.0. 8.X

With the arrival of Android 8.0 and a newer version of the software, you will not experience problems with resizing text or application icons. The new smartphone operating system allows you to customize the size of the screen, icons, text and other interface elements based on your preferences.

To increase the size of the text on the screen of Android 8.0 and earlier, follow the steps below:

Open the menu item “Font and screen scale”;

Move the slider left or right to change the font size.

Especially for those who do not have time to read the text instructions, we recorded a short video FAQ, which is presented below.

How to increase the font on an Android smartphone?

Let’s face it: no matter how good the screens on our Android phones and tablets are, the text can sometimes be too small if you have poor eyesight. Great news. there are many ways to help you enlarge the font on your Android smartphone.

The instructions are universal, regardless of which smartphone (which manufacturer) and which version of Android you are using. We will tell you about all the ways to increase text size on an Android smartphone. After reading our recommendations, the information on the display will be perceived without the use of glasses or squinting.

Let’s start with the simplest solution. determining the version of the Android device. Move the curtain from top to bottom and click “Settings”. “Information about the phone.” “Software Information”. In the window that opens, in our case at the very top, the version of the Android device is displayed. If you are confused and do not know how to determine the version of your Android smartphone, use the images below. They will greatly facilitate navigation through the menus of a smartphone or tablet. We have decided on the version of the smartphone, now select the necessary instructions in the table of contents.

Regarding increasing text size in SMS and browser?

The large font in SMS messages on Android or the device browser will automatically change when the settings are changed according to our algorithm, which are presented in the instructions or on the video recording. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them in the messages to this article.

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