How to expand the screen when watching a movie

Green screen video. what to do

If you see a green screen when watching an online video, instead of what it should be, below is a simple instruction on what to do and how to fix the problem. You most likely encountered the situation itself when playing online video through a flash player (for example, this is used in a contact, it can be used on YouTube, depending on the settings).

In total, we will consider two ways to fix the situation: the first is suitable for users of Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and the second is for those who see a green screen instead of video in Internet Explorer.

Fix green screen when watching online video

So, the first way to fix the problem, which is suitable for almost all browsers, is to disable hardware acceleration for the Flash player.

  • Right click on the video, instead of which a green screen is shown.
  • Select the “Settings” menu item
  • Uncheck Enable hardware acceleration

After making the changes and closing the settings window, reload the page in the browser. If this did not help to remove the problem, the methods from here may work: How to disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome and Yandex Browser.

Note: even if you are not using Internet Explorer, but after these steps the green screen remains, then follow the instructions in the next section.

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What to do in Internet Explorer

If the described problem occurs when watching a video in Internet Explorer, then you can remove the green screen using the following steps:

  • Go to Settings (Browser Options)
  • Open the “Advanced” item and at the end of the list, in the “Graphics Acceleration” item, enable software rendering (ie, check the box).

Additionally, in all cases, you can advise to update your computer’s video card drivers from the official website of NVIDIA or AMD. this can fix the problem without the need to disable graphics video acceleration.

And the last option, which works in some cases, is to reinstall Adobe Flash Player on the computer or the entire browser (for example, Google Chrome) if it has its own Flash Player.

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thank you human beings! there was a matter of the hardware acceleration. turned it off and everything started playing.

Thank you so much! Flash player update didn’t help, but disabling hardware acceleration did the trick!

I am very grateful to you! The first method helped!

It’s still better to deal with the problem itself than with the symptom. Most often, the downgrade upgrade of VK drivers helps.

none of the ways helped what to do?

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Thank you so much! Disabling hardware acceleration helped.

And if this problem is in the Android phone. Can I fix it? I tried to record video from the screen with different programs, and broadcast from the camera. a green screen. Help me to understand!

Anna, has it always been this way or has it recently? If it has recently become, then you can try to save all important data somewhere, and then reset the phone to factory settings. This is provided that when played on the phone itself a green screen.
If you record on the phone, but play it on another device and there is a green screen, then we can also assume that something is wrong with the video drivers or codecs on that particular device.

Dmitry, tell me please, but except how
“Save all important data somewhere, and then reset the phone to factory settings” anything else can be done?
I have been using the Sony M5 smartphone for 2 weeks, the green screen appeared yesterday. Cleared memory, cleared cache.

And did not install any new players or codecs, something like that?
And check, and in safe mode the problem repeats? (about safe mode on Android.

For those with Chrome
settings. additional
System section
– Use hardware acceleration (if available), turn off.

expand, screen, watching, movie

Tell me, what if this is on a Mac? how to be the same or your own what?

Most likely, the same is true if there is no problem with the rest (on the desktop, etc.) in the browser. Similarly, try enabling / disabling hardware acceleration.
If in some player, then look for similar parameters in the settings.

To remove the “green screen” in the Edge browser (Windows 10). you should change the graphics acceleration setting in the Intrnet Explorer browser (there is no such setting in Edge itself).
Start. Find “Internet Explorer”
Service menu. “Browser properties”
Advanced tab. Graphics Acceleration Section
check the box “Use software rendering instead of GPU”

How to make a tab full screen?

Ctrl and the “” (plus) and “-” (minus) keys increase and decrease the page scale. You can also hold down the Ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel. See also: How to make a shortcut open a program in full screen?

How to enlarge the image on the TV screen?

You can also enlarge the screen on your TV according to the following instructions:

  • Press the “Format” button on the remote control.
  • Set the optimal format or reset the settings.
  • Activate the “Auto-fill” mode.
  • Set the “Fit to screen” mode.
  • Enable “Auto Scale”.

How to make a computer screen to normal size?

Click the right mouse button on the desktop and select the “Graphic characteristics” option from the menu. Click in the “OK” window that opens, and then on the panel itself, select Rotate → Rotate to normal view. Apply settings.

Why Windows 10 has a stretched screen?

A stretched screen in the Windows 10 operating system is a situation that users sometimes encounter after reinstalling the OS. It means that the display resolution settings have been set incorrectly or cannot be set due to lack of graphics drivers.

How to enlarge the screen when watching a movie on a computer?

  • Log in on the laptop to the “Control Panel”.
  • Select the section “Accessibility”.
  • Go to the “Image Optimization” tab and check the box next to “Enable Magnifier”.
  • Configure the information display mode and the scale of the picture on the screen at your discretion.

How to adjust the monitor screen size?

  • Open the “Screen Resolution” section. To do this, click the Start button and select Control Panel, and then under Appearance and Personalization, select Adjust Screen Resolution.
  • Open the drop-down list of Resolution. Find permission marked with the word (recommended).
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How to increase the screen size on a computer?

To enlarge the image, press Ctrl Alt Increase Brightness. You can also press Ctrl Alt and then swipe up on the touchpad with two fingers. To reduce the image, press Ctrl Alt Decrease Brightness. You can also press Ctrl Alt and swipe down with two fingers.

Windows 10 taskbar not hiding when watching video

The first and most important way is to restart your operating system or restart Explorer. This method is also relevant for previous operating systems. We will look at how to do this using the example of the latest build of Windows 10. So, to restart Explorer, follow these steps:

  • Open the task manager by pressing the keyboard shortcut CtrlShiftEsc.
  • Go to the Details tab and uncheck the explorer task Explorer.exe.
  • Next, confirm the completion of the Explorer.exe process by clicking the End Process button.
  • The next step will be to re-launch Explorer, in the task manager, click File Run a new task.
  • Now, in the task creation window, enter Explorer or Explorer.exe and click OK.

After the same simple steps, when watching a video, the taskbar will be hidden automatically, as before. In most cases, it is restarting Explorer in Windows 10 that helps.

How to hide the taskbar when watching a video

Just the other day, there was a problem when watching a video, the taskbar does not hide. In principle, the problem is small, but still, when watching a video, it really interferes. over, it is not clear under what circumstances it stops hiding, sometimes the taskbar is not removed, but sometimes everything works as it should.

This article will show you how to hide the taskbar when watching a video in Windows 10. Everything is much simpler than it seems, although there are few ways to find this problem on the Internet. It is not possible to specifically answer the question of which method will help you, since all of them or only one of them will be able to solve the problem.

Windows 10 taskbar does not disappear when watching a video

Although the first method turned out to be more suitable, and most likely, it will only help you. But there is still an option to hide the taskbar when watching a video in a different way. Without resorting to restarting your computer or restarting Explorer.

  • Go to Settings by clicking on WinI and go to Personalization Taskbar.
  • Here, enable the option Automatically hide taskbar in desktop mode.

After these actions, the taskbar will be removed automatically. The downside of this method is that it will be removed automatically everywhere, and will also appear when you hover over it with the mouse cursor.

If the taskbar still does not disappear when watching a video

A few tips for those who still did not help the previous tips. Several simpler ways to solve the problem. All methods are very simple, but they do not work for all users:

  • Docking the taskbar. In the context menu of the taskbar, check the Dock taskbar item. Then remove the previously set mark. Sometimes re-pinning the taskbar completely fixes the problem.
  • Minimize all windows. On the taskbar in the lower right corner there is a button that allows you to minimize all windows. In the list of hotkeys on the keyboard, you can find the combination WinD. After minimizing all windows, reopen the browser in which you are watching the video.
  • Changing the theme of the design. Under Settings Personalize Themes, change the theme. Previously, theme switching was done from the classic control panel. After changing the theme, you can switch it back and check if the panel is hidden.
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Very often the taskbar does not disappear when watching a video in Windows 10. This really pisses off most users. The more icons on the taskbar, the more striking it is. Additionally, you can try making the taskbar transparent in Windows 10.

Three easy and quick ways to enlarge your computer screen on the Internet

After brainstorming, I found three easy and quick ways to solve this problem.

I tried to show you how I do it. I accompanied the description with screenshots to make it clearer for those who want to use these methods.

Three easy and quick ways to change the scale of the PC / laptop screen in Yandex and Google chrome

  • Method one. Very fast, literally with one click (click). using the so-called “hot keys”.

On the keyboard, I press two keys simultaneously: 1) Ctrl (in the picture under the number 1) and a key with a minus (-) or plus sign. They are indicated under number 2.

  • Method two. A little longer (well, half a minute). in the settings of Yandex or Google chrome.

Let’s look at two examples in turn.

  • So, in the upper right corner of Yandex I find the “washer” (number 1), I press on it. And in the window that opens (see the picture), I move the mouse cursor over the word “Scale”. The size in brackets is the size I am using at the moment.

For example, the scale was set to 125%. When you hover the mouse next to it, a new window immediately opens, with various options to choose from. The one that I have installed at the moment is already marked with a dot.

I just have to choose another value, click on it. And then the computer screen will change its size! Everything happens quickly, much faster than described. 2. Now google chrome. The algorithm of actions is the same. Only, fortunately, even shorter.

When you click on the “puck”, all in the same upper corner, a window will open.
And in it you just need to click on the “plus” or “minus” sign. depending on the need to enlarge or reduce the screen. If you try it right now, see for yourself that it is very easy and simple.!

Now, when I open the various pages of the sites, they expand to the indicated scale. That is, the result is saved, and when switching to other blogs, etc., I do not need to re-install everything in the desired scale.

  • Third wayavailable on google chrome. And allows you to set not only the screen size, but also fix the desired font sizes for web documents.

It is also performed quite simply and quickly. Again I open the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar, i.e. I click on the “puck”. Only now I select the “Settings” item.

Now, when I go to different pages on the Internet, I see the text of a fairly large size. It is very convenient, the eyes do not get tired because the scales do not change on different pages.

And “at hand” always remains way . In the event that suddenly the font on the site is initially large enough, I decrease it with hot keys. Or, conversely, when you need a paragraph to quickly zoom in, I use a quick increase.

How to Use Zoom. Movies

Agree, these are really three quick and easy ways to enlarge the screen size on a computer or laptop while working on the Internet. I think if you did not know about them, you will definitely like.