How to find documents on iPhone

Top 6 Methods to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

Find Hidden Apps on iPhone with Spotlight Search

Apple Spotlight Search enables iPhone users to find content on iPhone more conveniently. It provides you with personalized search suggestions based on your app usage, browsing history, messages, contacts, media, and other content. So if you want to find hidden apps on iPhone, this will be the easiest way to try.

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Find hidden apps in iPhone app folders

Hidden apps can often be found in the app folders on the iPhone home page. There is a trick to easily find hidden apps in app folders.

You can repeat this process with other app folders on your iPhone to find hidden apps.

Find hidden apps on iPhone by restoring iPhone backups

If you continued to use iCloud or iTunes to back up your iPhone, you can try to find hidden apps by restoring your iPhone backups. Like this.

Restore iPhone with iCloud Backup

Find hidden apps on iPhone via Siri

Siri. a good virtual assistant that can execute many commands from iPhone users, making it more convenient when you don’t know how to find hidden apps on iPhone. Just tell Siri which app you want to open. But note that Siri won’t tell you which folder the hidden app is in.

Documents and data on iPhone. what’s this? Where to find them and how to remove them

Any mobile device has some data. Without them, the telephone system cannot function properly. But it often happens that there are not so many media files on the iPhone, and for some reason the memory capacity is almost full. It is all the fault of the documents and application data on the smartphone, which accumulate during the operation of the mobile device.

Documents and data on iPhone: what is it

As a rule, these are files that store all sorts of caches from photos and videos on social networks, downloads, settings, game data, applications, saved passwords, and more. It often happens that downloaded programs and games are updated on their own, as a result of which they take up a huge amount of storage space.

Where documents and data are located in the settings

To find these files and put things in order there, you first need to go to the settings, then go to “Basic”, then. in “Storage and iCloud”, then click on “Storage”. It is there that all applications will be stored, as well as their documents and data. It will be most convenient to delete useless files there.

How to delete documents and data on iPhone

If in the settings you notice that the application has begun to weigh too much, and the App Store has a very small number of occupied memory, then you need to uninstall this program and reinstall it. In this case, data may be lost, therefore, before deleting, you need to remember logins, passwords and other information that was used in the program.

With this approach, memory will be freed more than twice. It is advisable to do the same with other applications. But it is worth noting that you do not need to delete the application, the latest version of which does not suit you, and you intended to use an outdated version of the program.

Also, please note that apps with cached music, terrain maps, and other important things should also not be deleted. You yourself know why, because no one is reluctant to search and download it all over again.

In addition to social networks, various online games can take up a lot of space on the phone. Usually, when you delete them, you shouldn’t worry, since the data is saved on the servers, and when you download it again, you can simply log into your account, and the progress of the game will be restored. But if you delete an offline game, then all data will be lost, think about this before you say goodbye to your favorite game.

We’ve covered where to find documents and data on iPhone. What are these, you figured out and learned how to remove them. By reinstalling some applications, deleting useless games, you will thereby increase the amount of memory on your smartphone, and your documents and data will be almost empty.

How to download files to iPhone or iPad?

In fact, the basic principle of downloading most files, regardless of their type, is outrageously simple. You can download files in a wide variety of formats, be it PDF documents, Word, Excel, and so on.

For example, to download a document, simply open it and then click the Share button.

Next, specify the action. Save to Dropbox (the program must be installed on the device) or another cloud storage (iCloud Drive is also possible).

Then specify the file name and click the “Save” button.

But already directly from Dropbox, you can manipulate downloaded documents or files. For example, send them to other applications, like the iBooks reader or the VLC player (in the “Share” menu, choose the action “Send to”).

Files were doomed from the start

Let’s remember what it is all about, since this program takes up valuable space on our iOS devices.

By creating Files, Apple tried to simplify the work with various cloud storage, such as its iCloud, so that the user can manage all files from one program.

In fact, the Files application was supposed to perform the functions of the Finder, a kind of file manager, only not for local files on the device, but for pictures, photos, documents, archives and other things stored in the “clouds”.

At first, the application worked only with iCloud, and the guys from Cupertino were fed with promises that support for other storages would be added in the very near future. They didn’t lie: at some point, it became possible to link your Dropbox account to Files.

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Neither Yandex Disk, nor Megashare. there is no way to attach any other storages to the application. I remember that I imagined the principle of operation of “Files” as a standard application “Mail”, when there is a choice from a variety of services.

Now is the time to admit that the idea of ​​collecting all network files in one place is a good one, but Apple has implemented it very crookedly.

  • many files (archives, for example) the application sees, but cannot open them
  • there are more advanced and convenient counterparts from third-party developers, the same Documents from Readdle
  • for most cloud storages there are separate applications in the App Store, which are much better than “Files”

A brief survey of colleagues confirms that Files is a completely useless application in day-to-day work.

And in general. most programs and applications themselves perfectly save their data in iCloud directly so that you can easily access them from another Apple device.

Where to save files on iPhone and iPad?

As mentioned above, iOS is a closed, sandboxed operating system. On the one hand, this is great, because thanks to this, it is protected both from outside intruders and from the crooked handles of users who can accidentally break something.

On the other hand, this creates some barriers and inconveniences that do not fit into the minds of former owners of devices based on Android or Windows Mobile and so on, if only because there are no file managers or user folders as such.

In fact, there is a file manager, and it is called iCloud Drive, but it already works in conjunction with the cloud storage directly. You should not limit yourself to the brainchild of Apple, and you can use other storages, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, and so on, to which you can also upload files.

Also, each third-party application downloaded from the App Store, such as various kinds of video players, photo editors, office suites, and so on, has its own folder with documents, where you can also store files. Actually, file managers with a significant set of functions can be downloaded, but all the same, all work with files and documents will take place directly in the “Documents” folders allocated for each application separately. Each has its own “sandbox”.

Using a computer

The Files app described in the previous method can save data to iCloud. Thanks to this, each user at any time has the opportunity to access files on the device, and, if necessary, add new documents to the iPhone. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Go to the official iCloud website and sign in to your profile.
  • In the displayed tab, find the “iCloud Drive” block.

In the window that opens, click on the cloud icon. This will make it possible to save the new file.

Use the built-in Explorer to locate the document you want to download.

After completing these steps, an automatic download will begin, the duration of which directly depends on the file size.

Go to the Files app and find the saved document in the iCloud Drive block.

Please note that the file has not yet been downloaded to the device itself. To access a document on a smartphone, you need to click on the file icon.

There are many other known ways that you can save a file to iPhone. In this article, we have analyzed the most optimal methods that do not require the use of third-party software. Specialized programs work on a similar principle, so after reading this article, you should have no difficulty in saving a document to iPhone using them.

In June 2017, at a conference for developers, Apple showed a new application for its devices called Files.

Today I came across it in one of the folders on my iPhone and tried to remember how many times I have used this pseudo-aggregator of “cloud” storage throughout its existence.

And I remembered: never. Do you remember that you have such an important program, according to Apple, on your iPhone or iPad??

How to find saved files on iPhone

IPhones are modern devices that, in terms of the number of functions they perform, are almost in no way inferior to full-fledged computers. Including with their help, you can open various files, view them, and, if necessary, change the content. This article will look at a technique for saving a document to iPhone.

How to save a document to iPhone

Going to the App Store, you can find many programs designed to work with files on the iPhone. over, most of them are distributed completely free of charge. Let’s take a closer look at two ways you can use which you can save a document of any format to your device.

What to do with this app?

Alas, the most realistic scenario for using the Files application is to upload audio tracks there in uncompressed flack format and listen to them, starting one at a time: Files can play this format.

True, I’m not sure if anyone would want to bother like that.

The following scenario looks more realistic: long tap on the icon, application uninstall mode, tap on the cross, the “Files” application has been removed like a bad dream.

Do you think Apple will ever remember this failed experiment with a cloud storage aggregator? Or maybe you actively use this application every day.?

Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how you do it. Maybe Yabloko did everything right?

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How to Locate Documents received via WhatsApp in iPhone. IOS

Downloading files to your computer is a matter of one second. I clicked on the link and, at the most, I chose a place to save, and that’s it. the process started. The same cannot be said about mobile platforms, and in particular about iOS, with its closed operating system. Many recent iPhone and iPad owners face serious problems when they want to download a file or document. In this article, we will try to shed light on this issue in a generalized way.

Standard software

The easiest method to save any document to iPhone is to use the standard Files app. This software appeared on all iPhones immediately after the release of iOS 11. Saving is done in this way:

  • Launch any browser that supports the download function. Please note that not all third-party applications have this feature.
  • Go directly to the file download and click on the import icon.

In the menu that appears, select the “Save to Files” option.

Specify the directory for downloading the document and click on the inscription “Add”.

After that, all that remains is to find a new file on the device and run it.


There will be no difficulties with how to make scans on the iPhone through this application. It can create duplicates in PDF format, so it cannot store them in the “Camera Roll” section. To sync, just drag the item to the Dropbox folder from the main screen, without having to open the documentation and select a specific action from the menu.

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The developers claim that the utility will automatically recognize the contours of the captured object, but in practice this does not work. In most cases, the application asks the user to manually crop the image.

The utility allows you to save in various formats. A3, A4 and others. In order not to get an uneven and slightly flattened image, you will have to set the dimensions yourself.

Where to Find a Document Scanner on iPhone

When closely interacting with the gadget, users regularly come across the Notes application, which is located on the main screen. In addition to its standard functions, it is able to connect a scanner for documentation, storage and publication in the iCloud program.

After going through the options, you must click the plus sign, which will open a new blank page for inserting or adding documents. The selected files will be ready to be duplicated.

How to scan a document on iPhone

The eleventh operating system has hidden functionality. in the “Notes” application, you can make duplicates and send them to the space of the same name on the iPhone or iPad. The performance of the application is rather weak when compared with third-party utilities. Despite this, its equipment has the necessary parameters:

  • automatic work with border recognition;
  • the ability to duplicate a large number of files;
  • turning on the mode with a gray tint, etc.

The scanner application for any iPhone uses digital processing, thereby simulating the work of the present. It can remove shadows, unnecessary information and inclusions from the generated image. The output is text material of the correct format.

Important! In the first version, the software is responsible for the operation, in the second. the bright light. Final documentation practically does not differ from duplicates on standard equipment. If desired, it can be printed through a personal computer or by connecting a printer to a gadget.

List of popular third-party scanners for iPhone

The question of how you can scan documentation on an iPhone is easy to answer. To carry out the process, just use one of the following utilities.


Refers to fast and convenient document scanners iOS, has the functionality of automatic border recognition, resolution. up to 200 dpi, can be used as a QR code recognizer. To take a photo, just aim the lens at the papers and instantly get their digital version.

Quality optimization is carried out using several color modes, if the procedure is carried out hastily, then the text is immediately recognized and uploaded to the cloud. For important information, the application has Face ID and Touch ID protection.

How to scan documents in iOS 13

How you can scan documents on iPhone: iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 introduced great functionality to duplicate documents right from the Files app. After the end of the process, it can be saved to any place convenient for the user. This approach allows you to save money on paying for using third-party applications for creating duplicate texts.

Important! The procedure is carried out according to the above algorithm and does not take much time.

Scan documents through Files on iPhone

  • Open the “Files” utility and click on the 3 dots located in the upper corner of the display on the right side.
  • Click on the “Scan Documents” shortcut. For the best digital duplicate quality, the system will display the viewfinder window and a line with the settings.
  • Turn on flash. when in a low-light room.
  • Color options. used depending on the type of documentation. “Color” is needed for color files, “grayscale” is used for black and white papers with pictures, “black and white” is used for ordinary text.
  • To digitize old photographs, select the “Photo” option.
  • Shooting mode. when “auto” is turned on, the smartphone itself determines the boundaries of the text and automatically takes a picture; with the “manual” option, it allows the user to independently determine the amount of documentation.
  • During the procedure, the iPhone is pointed at the paper and a photo is taken, the borders are corrected by dragging the points located at the corners of the image.
  • If everything suits you, then click “Leave”, if not, then turn on the “Resume” button.
  • After shooting all pages, press the “Save” button and indicate the number of.
  • Enter the name of the documentation and select the location of the PDF file: in an external cloud service (Dropbox or Google Drive), in iCloud.

Important! The user can carry out the operation in landscape mode. To do this, the device must be turned over.

How to locate documents received via WhatsApp in iPhone?

The built-in scanner on iPhone, located in the Files utility, allows you to create digital duplicates of paper documents and store them in a convenient and accessible place. When the instruction is executed, the process execution does not cause problems even for beginners.

ABBYY Fine Scanner

The free scanner application for the iZhone is characterized by the ability to select one image from three created. The process takes place automatically and is selected by the system itself. Experts assure that among the photographs taken without focusing, the utility accurately recognizes and saves the best.

She carries out high-quality cropping of the image, precisely defining its contours. During saving, you can select the appropriate category, set tags that will help you easily find the current documentation in the future.

Important! The application supports saving to cloud storage, photo gallery and allows you to send photos to email. It is considered the best among the free content versions.

Method one. using Notes

Not all even advanced users are aware that the standard Notes application is very useful. It allows you not only to write down the necessary information, like in a notepad, but also quickly and easily scan documents without installing any additional programs! The function is very convenient, especially when you are in a hurry, and there is no need for any “advanced” image processing / editing options, while the scan is almost like a professional scanner. for household use this is a great solution.

  • We go to the Notes application, open a previously created record in it, or create a new one:

To scan on iPhone, go to Notes

To open the scanner on the iPhone, go to any entry or create a new one by clicking on the paper and pen icon at the bottom of the screen

  • In the note that opens, click on the icon on the toolbar: either the plus sign (in older versions of iOS), or the camera (in the latest). A context menu will appear in front of us, in it we select the option “Scan documents“.

Selecting the camera icon to open the scanner function

From the options offered, select “Scan documents”

  • We point the iPhone camera at the document, check that the necessary information is in the frame, and press the shutter button. After scanning, we can manually edit the boundaries of the scan on the display (as well as flip, shade through the filter for a better look), or make a new one if this scan did not work out properly.

Gently point the scanner at the document and take a picture

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Done! This method does not provide a full set of professional scanner options, but it will do for most everyday issues and will help you quickly scan the documents you need, wherever you are.

For which devices the article is suitable

The option to scan documents using a smartphone is in demand among all iPhone owners, and all Apple devices that are currently in use and sold provide this opportunity. Therefore, the methods that we will talk about today are suitable for the following iPhone models:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 6/6 plus
  • iPhone 7/7 plus
  • iPhone 8/8 plus
  • iPhone X / XS / XR / XS Max
  • iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 / 12mini / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max.

How to scan documents on iPhone?

We use our mobile devices every day for more than just communication. smartphones help us cope with a wide variety of tasks. One of the most relevant and useful options both in work and in everyday life. scanning documents. In today’s article, we will tell you in detail in which basic application on the iPhone the scanner is located, and how to make a scan on the iPhone in another way. All explanations for the convenience of the reader will be provided with detailed photo and video Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Method two. using a third party application

If for a number of reasons you are not satisfied with the standard scanner on the iPhone, or you need more special features for working with text, you can use one of the special applications with a scanner by downloading them from the AppStore. A little more functions have been added to them (for example, recognition of text from a scanned document, including in other languages, with the subsequent transfer of text for editing in another application, and so on). There are many options for such applications, their interface is generally the same and intuitive. Let’s consider an example of working with one of them, the most popular among Apple lovers. iScanner

The convenience of this portable scanner lies in the fact that in addition to a variety of scanning modes for a wide variety of documents (office text A4, passports, receipts, etc.), it can also scan mathematical formulas and provide detailed solutions for them, can scan documents and immediately translate them into jpg and PDF formats, recognizes QR codes, and much more.

  • After downloading from the AppStore, open the application; click on the plus sign to start scanning.

Press the “” sign to scan on the iPhone in the iScanner application

To start scanning, we choose whether we will do a scan using a camera, or from documents stored on the iPhone.

  • Next, select the type of scan (standard, passport, ID-cards, mathematical formulas. To solve them), also select the quality. We point the camera at the document so that it fits into the specified boundaries, and we scan by pressing the camera button.

We configure all the options and make a scan by pressing the camera button

So, today in the article we learned how the iPhone can help us in working with documents and act as a scanner. We have covered two ways on how to make a scanner on iPhone. via the standard Notes application, or via a separate scanner application from the AppStore.

We hope our tips with photo and video instructions turned out to be simple and understandable for readers, and now everyone will choose a convenient way to scan on iPhone.

Keep your iPhones productive and help with documents!

How to scan documents on iPhone

Point the camera at the document. iPhone will automatically take a photo. You can also create a scan manually by clicking on the “Photo” button.

After that, you can edit the scanned document. for example, move the borders of the corners to highlight the necessary text or simply give the document the desired shape. The resulting file can be saved on iPhone, in iCloud Drive or, for example, sent by mail.

How scanning differs from photography

Scanning uses digital processing to simulate the operation of a real document scanner, removing shadows and other unwanted data and artifacts from the scanned image so that you get only the text you want in the correct format. While a conventional scanner uses bright light, in this case, the software is solely responsible for the operation.

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If you try to make a “scan” using a regular photo, it will be just a snapshot, but no more. You just have to try it yourself and experiment with both formats to feel the difference. So if you need to scan a text document. for example, a receipt, an invoice, an article in a magazine, and so on. then “scan” is useful to you.

The only thing is that so far this feature does not have text recognition (OCR) support, which would be a great feature, so let’s hope that Apple will add it soon.

Of course, the stock scanner does not have advanced options, but the basic functionality will be quite enough for most users.

How to scan documents in the Files app in iOS 13

Many people know that the built-in Notes application has a very useful feature. to scan documents or any other information from paper media. This feature dates back to iOS 11, but some are still surprised by its presence on the iPhone. With iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, Apple took it a step further and provided more functionality to the Files app: now it can also scan documents and save them wherever you want.

You can scan documents not only with the Notes application

At the very beginning of its existence, the scanning process was incredibly complex. First, it was necessary to find space for a large device with an opening lid. Second, install the software and place the document on the right side. And, finally, wait until the end of the lengthy recognition process, which, depending on the size of the photo, could take a couple of minutes. Now it will take you a few seconds.

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