How to find out how many inches the monitor is on the computer

from technical characteristics

The first thing you need to do is find out the model of your device. For a TV or monitor, this information can be found on the shield, which is usually located on the back. In the case of laptops, you need to turn the device over and look at the sticker at the bottom of it. Information about the phone or tablet model can be found in the settings, section “About the device”.

Next, using a search engine, find the technical characteristics of the device on the Internet. This is where the desired value of the diagonal will be indicated.

How to view the diagonal of the monitor on a computer?

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To find out the diagonal of a laptop screen, look at its technical specifications on the Internet, measure the display with a tape measure and convert centimeters to inches, or use the capabilities of the AIDA64 program.

We look at the documentation

The manual or technical manual that comes with the device can provide detailed information and technical specifications about the purchased device, including the size of the display. It is enough to open the documentation and view the data of interest.

If the document was lost or thrown away, you can find it on the Internet by entering the appropriate query in any search engine.

Screen resolution and pixel density

The quality and clarity of the broadcast image directly depends on the screen resolution. Therefore, experts do not recommend purchasing displays with low resolution, even if the monitor will be used for simple tasks. With long-term work with such a device, the eyes will start to get tired of a low-quality picture. Full HD monitors are required for high-quality rendering with high detail.

For the office. The recommended threshold for an office is 1280×1024. Although today this is already an obsolete resolution, it is often chosen for working with text and tables, for example, for accounting. The absence of small details strains the eyes less, which means less fatigue. For home use, it is better not to consider such options.

For fun. The most common format is considered to be 1920 × 1080, it is suitable for comfortable watching a movie, playing games or even working with graphics in Full HD and viewing angle from 170 °, which is provided by the IPS matrix. This is the best value for money.

For working with graphics. If you are a professional graphic designer or photographer, or you need a device for 3D modeling and design, the standard Full HD may no longer be enough. you should pay attention to a higher resolution, for example, 2560×1440. But Honor’s point is that if you also intend to play, then you will have to set this resolution as native in the video card (with a lower image it will seem too fuzzy), which means there will be an increased load on the video card, which will lead to a decrease in performance in games.

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If you need a not very expensive option, you can consider the DELL U2415. Even though it has only 24 inches, but good viewing angles, high brightness and contrast, a comfortable stand with adjustments.

If you have a sufficient budget, you can choose monitors with modern 4K resolution. You will have to pay for the pleasure, but the quality and realism will not make you regret your choice. As we wrote above, for ultra-high resolution you will also need a powerful video card.

How to find out the diagonal of the screen | @.kak | IT

In this guide, we will show you how to find out the diagonal of your TV, laptop, computer monitor or phone display.

The diagonal of the display of any device is considered to be in inches. We will look at three different ways to find out the diagonal of the device.

How to convert inches to centimeters correctly

Inch (2.54 cm) is not the most popular unit of measurement. Despite this, this unit of measurement continues to be used. This value is considered a little outdated today based on the new SI rules. over, there are plans to even withdraw inches from circulation.

At the moment, this has not yet happened, so this unit is used when indicating the size of the device, especially by TV manufacturers. Companies designate screen size this way. Despite the fact that it is easier and more familiar to calculate the screen diagonal in centimeters, calculations are still carried out in inches.

The key parameter of the TV screen is the distance, which is measured between the left and right corners of the matrix. Use special automated converters. These online services allow you to convert different units of measurement. At the same time, these programs will not answer you the question of how to determine the diagonal. But they give information about how many centimeters are in a particular value. Consider an example, a calculated screen of 40 inches is about 102 cm.

Before finally choosing the model and size of TV, it is recommended to look at the table of base values ​​and get information about how many cm in a particular screen, then make your own calculations.

In order not to waste time converting the diagonal to centimeters, use this table:

How to find out the diagonal of the TV? There are several ways. Often the box of equipment is thrown away, but the instructions cannot be found, then you can choose one of the options presented:

  • Find TV model on the Internet.

How to measure the diagonal of a TV? For this process, you need to arm yourself with: a tape measure, a meter (you can use a ruler), a sheet of paper and a pen. If you are not sure of the correctness of the calculations made in your mind, it is better to take a calculator.

Consider a guide on how to manually measure the diagonal:

  • From the corners of the screen of the upper right to the lower left, we stretch a tape measure (meter). Please note that the body of the device is not taken into account. After that, we check the tightness of the tape along the entire length. If there is no tape measure, then you need to take the thread, pull it along the TV and cut or mark another corner. Then measure the length of the thread using a ruler.
  • We take a pen and paper, indicate the obtained measurements in cm.
  • We carry out simple calculations. Accordingly, you will need to convert cm to inches. The resulting measurements in cm are divided by 1 inch (2.54). If it is difficult to divide into a column, use a calculator.
  • When the meter is not enough to calculate the size of the device, you can use the second calculation option. You will need to measure the sides (width, height) separately.
  • Now you need to carry out calculations according to the Pythagorean theorem. We square the length and width, add them and extract the square root from the resulting sum. To avoid oversights, use a calculator. The result must be converted to inches (divide by 2.54).
  • Another easy way to find out the diagonal of a TV is to take a close look at the TV case. Often it is not the diagonal of the display that is indicated, but simply the distance from the top to the bottom of the screen frame. Therefore, using this option, you need to be careful.
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To make sure that the information is correct, it is best to look at the warranty card or technical passport of the device, if such has been preserved. You can often see how many inches are on the TV on the cover of your passport.

What is the relationship between the diagonal of the screen and the size of the TV? We will answer this question further.

Determine the diagonal of the monitor: we will describe all the nuances

The purpose of this article is to help you determine the diagonal of your monitor. You can measure or calculate the exact size of the screen of a computer or smartphone in several ways.

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How to find out how many Hertz is in a Windows 10 monitor

How to find out how many hertz is in a Windows 10 monitor, you will learn from this article. First of all, I must clarify for beginners that hertz is the frame rate.

That is, how many times the image on the screen changes in one second, this indicator will tell you. For example, 60 HZ. means that 60 frames will flash in front of us in a second.

Screen refresh rate is the most commonly encountered parameter on a computer monitor. I also want to clarify that the frame rate depends only on what kind of monitor you have.

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The operating system installed on the computer does not affect this indicator in any way. It doesn’t matter if you have a seven or a ten, as it depends only on the technical characteristics of the monitor.

How to find out how many hertz are in the monitor

As I said above, this parameter means changing the number of frames in 1 second. It is customary to measure the refresh rate in hertz (Hz). The more frequently the frames are refreshed, the higher the refresh rate.

To find out the value of the screen refresh rate in Windows 10, you need to open the context menu on the monitor desktop.

  • Right-click on a free space on the desktop and in the context menu that opens, go to the penultimate item “Display settings”.
  • In the Display settings section, scroll down to the “Additional display settings”.
  • In the window that opens, all the necessary parameters and information about the display are listed: desktop resolution, active signal resolution, refresh rate, bit depth, color format, color space.
  • If there is a need to configure this parameter manually, then you need to go to the link “Properties of the video adapter for the display”, go to the Monitor tab in the pop-up information window and set the required display flicker parameter.

Refresh rate value

On older CRT monitors, screen flicker rate was an important metric, but for LCD monitors it is not so important. For simple office work, a minimum display refresh rate of 60 Hz is sufficient.

But, if we talk about gaming monitors, then for some this parameter can reach 240 Hz. That allows you to maintain a high refresh rate.

Thanks to this indicator, all the details of the game are displayed correctly on the screen, textures are smooth, the transition between game scenes is smooth without jerking.

When viewing multimedia content, a monitor with a higher resolution will automatically switch to a lower frame rate. No higher than 60 Hz is required for the monitor to display multimedia video in 4K format.

But for a better video viewing without compression for lovers of a high-quality picture, this is not enough. Therefore, a frequency of 120 Hz is acceptable for viewing 2K video, and 240 Hz for a FullHD video format.

The refresh rate of a monitor is one of the important characteristics of a monitor. Now, using the information received, you have an idea of ​​the image quality and the ability to change it depending on the tasks being performed.

In fact, there are many different ways to find out the hertz of a monitor. For example, look in the documents on the monitor, in the technical characteristics section.

You can hammer your monitor model into the search and find the characteristics of the screen (display) in the search results. So Yandex with Google to help.

And who still did not understand anything can watch the video below.

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